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#fight me motherfucker

You might have read my post about E-plier being the only ego I wanted to punt into the sun the first time I saw him, and thought that I had forgotten about Derek Derekson

But no, I just want to go loose on that guy with a baseball bat. Multiple times.

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I’m a real life actual street thug bitch.Cum @ me

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Han Solo and Leonard Snart are alive and getting drinks together.

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ya’ll pissin me off. don’t drag the structural beauty of the cinderella remake dress just to tout feminist ideals of going corset-less in the belle remake dress. wearing a corset didn’t make cinderella any less than who she was, and that dress was a work of fucking art that costumers aspire to achieve. i’m talking yumissima and steel, 250 meters of fabric and crystals motherfucker. its a fucking juxtaposition of itself, a metaphorical match to cinderella’s personality.  i’m sure the belle one is very pretty in motion, which is what the look was tailored for,  but you put hands on both you’ll see which one is higher quality

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How did you get a hickey-esque bruise... From a car seat belt?

look i bruise really easily ok

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When I get old and become a bigger alcoholic I can imagine myself sitting in a bar chatting people up about demons just to see how they react.

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as soon as they said they were going past the border of Polis with weapons I knew this was the real trap.

goddammit Bel. you tried.

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u get that close to me again weird meth addict i snap ur neck dont think i won’t :)))))

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I had the audacity to write an opinion piece on Patrick Kane. I wanted to share one of the comments I got on it:

“I am asking for you to apologize for insulting remarks…By now you know that you fucked up through the message and emails you have received but you cant and will never own up to the mistakes you made in this article. If you are hoping to write and practice journalism as a professional I am going to advise you against it. You’ve shown your unable to be unbiased and form assumption not opinion. So tuck your tail and run away till this diatribe is under the rug along with the girls rape accusations that have no evidence to support the statement she made.”

You want me to run with my tail between my legs?
Yeah. Good luck with that.

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i am about to fuck up a moth

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@ the salty anon come off anon and fight me

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i wwill fight evvery casteist asshole

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What are u, depornable's fucking guard dog ?? Your shit is trash to you motherfucker, idgaf what you say. Go somewhere

and if i am? what are you gonna do about it anon? send me another stupid fucking message I’ll probably laugh about??? also…who hurt you so bad that you gotta try and tear people the fuck down that have done nothing wrong to you personally? get the fuck outta here you goddamn coward, I don’t have time for this shit. you don’t have the fucking balls to say it off anon. 

also..before you even start with this bullshit…go head, send my shit to the boys. idgaf. they don’t know who i am, and you don’t either. you don’t know my name, my background, where i live, what i’ve done, what i’ve been through….so just go fuck yourself bc im done. 

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Um yes hello i am here to make a public announcement JADE IS THE CRUSTY SHIT THAT U GET ON THE LIP OF MILK JUGS STFU JADE

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looking up how to cite a footnote because apparently that’s how this paper wants to play it

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<div> A+ girlfriending </div>
Do you wanna fight me? Do you? Because you can. I'll fuckin fight you. Wanna fight? Wanna get eaten? Well? Huh? fu ck in fi ght me
Can we cuddle instead?
no i wanna fight.
...cuddle after?
No. fight and death
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