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Brand Channels the Tofu warrior after his vegan fight training with the Veggie Gamer!  Cash chugs many turkeys 📺  and the bros beat up the Anime versions of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to free the city from their rule. 

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Story time!~

I drew this in april last year and it was supposed to be a fully shaded painting. However while I drew this, the file of the image got so huge.. that my laptop wasn’t able to open it anymore haha. Every time when I tried, I got warnings, saying I don’t have enough ram or my laptop would simply crash.

I tried everything to maybe save it but nothing worked and I gave up, slowly forgetting/avoiding the project.

14 months later and me having a better computer and boom. I was able to finally open the file, without it crashing! (However I still got a warning, saying I don’t have enough ram to do certain things, which is kinda ridiculous.)

But yeah here it is! The lost image! I’m probably never going to be able to finish it, since the file is so weird and I also would need to redraw Ink completely.. but I still thought the image deserved to be shown :3

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Two-Face vs Batman | Batman Speedpaint [Art Trade] 

This is an art trade I started back in 2019 with my friend Fraubble1802.
We both got incredibly busy and didn’t find the time to finish our drawings, but I finally coloured mine.

The lineart is a little dated due to it being drawn in 2019, and this was back when I used PaintTool Sai.

But I hope you like it all the same!

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See, kids, sex is cool and all, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing your time and effort spent labbing moves in practice mode pay off with sick moments like this. Also, Artorias DLC for SC6 when?
Be sure to follow me for more video game pics and clips!
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We stand united with our brothers and sisters around the world. This is not a time to stay neutral or silent, it’s time to speak up. End Police Brutality. End inequality. END RACISM.

We’re joining in with the world for BlackOutTuesday, Wallpapers scheduled for release today have been postponed until tomorrow.


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【ストEX+EX LAYER+SNK】スカロマニア-Skullomania- 超必殺技集-Special Moves-【Evolution】
#ストリートファイター #streetfighter #marvel #xmen #superstreetfighter #ヴァンパイア #vampire #kof #kingoffighters #👍 #pewdiepie #つるっぱげゲームズ #boss #finalboss #vs #ゲーム #game #turuppagegames #fighting #youtube #evolution #akuma #geese #esports #samurai #interesting #pleasant #cool #japan #best

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That is a difficult question of only because when it is proves useful in a fight, it stops being an inappropriate weapon. But as far as unconventional weapons go, probably the most surprisingly best are glass bottles - if they have a rather long and thin neck and the bottom is thick and sturdy, they serve as rather good clubs and maces. Wine bottles are even usually well balanced for that. Hard liquor is flammable, and Morrowind mulled wine is a well acknowledge replacement of regular fireballs.

Anything heavy that you can tie on a rope is going to be effective. Messy, chaotic, somewhat unpredictable, but effective.

Speaking of those two, a fire-juggler’s kit is something not usually seen as a weapon, but its content makes a great one.

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