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Eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) wrestling near the Great Ocean Road in Australia

Céline Schneider & Michel Kohler

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Chapter 20 - as in the midst of battle

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(TW: toxic relationships, mild gore/fighting)

(The title of the chapter comes from “Sonnet XXV” by George Santayana)

Roman led his friends back into the forest, trying to ignore the sour feeling growing in his gut. It was high noon, and the sun filtered down through the trees in broken rays. The woods looked so different in the daytime. Almost beautiful. Despite how upset it would make them both, and the points to the contrary they’d posed, Roman still thought Patton and Logan would be safer away from the fight. Roman had learned to deal with dangerous situations with nothing but his own skills and quick thinking. Three more people, two of which that were far more vulnerable, increased the number of things he had to think about tenfold. Not to mention their plan was rather half-baked and incoherent at this point. Roman simply hoped that by the time they got to the meadow, the ideas would start coming. Ursula could show up at any moment. They had to be ready to act.

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dim lights

It was afternoon in April,

when the pain starts to tingle

and the tears start streaming

down your face as if it’s calming

but deep inside you know it isn’t —

your face fell,

the heart starts racing

and you started to scream

but it seems no one wants to listen,

your eyes are closing,

lights are dimming

as if its’s decoding

the pain your feeling,

and all the stabbing

from the inside that’s killing

for a long time what you’re fighting.

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Two “internet famous” medieval reenactors will be fighting each other with real armor and steel weapons for charity on the 28th of March. Thought you might find it interesting

For those confused, about who these guys are (as it’s not instantly obvious), it’s the Viking who used a chair to deck a knight, and the tall knight who shield bashed a guy after saying “tell me how the grass tastes little man!”.

Not easily recognised outside of the memes, but pretty funny nonetheless, and I admire the fact they decided to collaborate for the homeless community.

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<span>I don’t think it’s too late for us to do the things we want and what is right. Everyday is a fucking chance. It may takes us a year to find the motivation to move forward but its never gonna be too late.</span>
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Instead of being content of having the law enforcement and military around, you should learn to be independent. That is to say that you must make an effort to know how you could defend yourself. Take note that trained personnel isn’t always available. There are some cases wherein people are left to fend for themselves because of threats. So don’t wait for something like that to happen to you. As early as possible, know how to fight because fighting for your life is something that can let you live longer.

Have a commitment to know how to do combat so that you would feel more confident about yourself. Make it your life lesson to teach yourself about overcoming physical battles. You shouldn’t be satisfied with knowing how to punch and kick either. You must study the art of honest and dirty fighting plus the techniques that fighters use to gain the upper hand. After all, in a real brawl, there are no rules and referees. There’s you, the person or people against you, and bystanders or the crowd. Often, fighting without witnesses happen too. Still, even weapons are involved. So be prepared for that.

Now you might say that you’re busy. That is completely understood. But you need to dedicate some of your time to training. It’s not an excuse to ignore the possibility of having threats present. As a human being, you should be compelled to work on your survival skills and that includes fighting.

On your own, you could watch videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo to get free martial arts lessons. Likewise, you have the option to download instructional books. What’s important is that you have to have the discipline to study and practice. Also, think outside the box by researching about real fights and not just those in organized competitions.

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Life has never been easy for me. My parents separated when I was still a kid, and seeing your family slowly getting destructed is like tearing yourself into a tiny pieces. I had a lot of trauma as a kid that I think, I will never forget for the rest of my life. I experienced a lot of bad things. I heard a lot of painful words. I’ve been treated worse. I was once bullied. I was rejected, denied, and fooled. I can’t even count the bad memories I have, to the point that I wanted to just disappear. I tried so hard to be appreciated, to be seen, to be felt. I did my best to pass the standard of the society to be called worthy. I’ve been judged by the people I barely know. In order for me to have friends, I tried my best to at least fit, so I don’t have to feel left out. But all of that did nothing good for my well-being. I came across to some people whom I thought will stay with me, through thick and thin, like what they said.

I also have problems. I can be one of the worst person you’ll ever meet, I can be also one of your best of friend. The extent of my insecurity is greater than my personality. I am not perfect in this life, no one is. But despite of all the pain I came through, do I regret my life? No. Because I still believe that there’s more in this life. Maybe it’s true that I could fathom the reason why I am alive, but I still hope that before I close my eyes to rest, I will have no regret, for I lived my life like how I wanted it to be. I don’t want to blame myself in the end. I don’t want to feel guilty or even pity for myself, because that’s the last thing I’ll ever want. To die with a very heavy heart is not in my bucket list.

All of us have our own difficulties. We have our own problems. We have our own battles that we are silently fighting. It’s okay to be tired, it’s okay to take a break. Sometimes there are conflicts that seems too hard for us, and leaves us no choice but to give it up, but it’s fine. It’s fine to leave the battle when you know it’s too much for you. It’s okay to lose, because you are not the winner every time. Do not compare your hurting to anyone. It’s normal to feel bad at times, bad days are normal too. Just take it easy and always give time for yourself.

You only live once, but when you do it right, once is enough. I’ve read that somewhere, and up until now I couldn’t take it out of my head because of how relatable it is. Dark times are inevitable in life, that’s why it’s better for you to always strengthen yourself. Expect the unexpected. It’s easy to say these words, but only if you are determined to live your life without worrying that you might regret tomorrow, I promise you that it will make a difference. I couldn’t see the way you perceive life, but I wish this will somehow make a change in your point of view.

In closing, I hope you will finally find the enlightenment that your heart desires. I hope all of you will live your life happily. You are alive because you have a purpose, maybe you can’t see it now, but sooner or later you will find out. Keep on fighting, keep on hoping. Hang in there just a little bit more, because life has more to offer. Someday, you will look back at your darkest moment, and you will be grateful because you stayed strong.

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Statement for the Movement Project

For my movement project, I started by brainstorming ideas around movement. The ideas that appealed to me the most were about motion, action, expression and storytelling. I developed my motion idea into fighting. My interest in DnD, dungeons and dragons - a rolepaying fantasy game, allowed me to explore a bit of my storytelling idea in my fighting theme. I developed my fighting theme in my electives through animations of two figures fighting, fashion drawings of high fashion with a theme of armour and sculptures of clay armour pieces.

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Viking Spirits Never Die: Long Live the Vikings in Modern Culture

Viking Spirits Never Die: Long Live the Vikings in Modern Culture

How does a particular culture capture the imagination of the masses and live on well after its demise? Well, if it were possible, we’d ask a Viking. Native to Southern Scandinavia from the 8th to the 11th century, the Vikings are a warrior race that not only conquered almost everything they clapped eyes on, but did it in such a way that people have never forgotten. Of course, it wasn’t all…


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