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#figueroth faeth

took too long of a break from tumblr and forgot to post this when it first came out but!! i participated in the dimension 20 big bang and wrote a 10k piece about figayda!!

promise me a place //


There is someone else in the library.

Well. Library is only a half-truth. The Compass Points, is, by all definitions, a bookstore. Meant to be a venue where one can purchase books that intrigue them. But so few people come to purchase books that Ayda tends to think of it as her library.

Semantics. There is someone in the library, between the shelf that contains books on friendship and the tall standing shelf that spins and squeaks and holds the popular divination books. She is short — shorter than Ayda — and her skin is bright red, her hair in a neat plait. Her clothes are different, more similar in aesthetic to the patrons of Garthy’s tattoo shop than her own library — a leather jacket covered in patches, torn fishnets, a red skirt that clashes most beautifully with her skin, a t-shirt with a faded logo.

In her hand, a glowing cigarette.

“You cannot smoke in the library,” Ayda says.

The woman turns to look at Ayda. “Why not? You’re made of fire.”


or, in which fig and ayda meet in the streets of bastion city, and share a whirlwind night together.

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Figueroth Faeth has adhd

First I’d like to say that I think Fig is both inattentive and hyperactive, and both of these affect her in different ways


  • Stimming
  • When Emily portrays Fig she often wiggles in her seat and taps her fingers and generally just doesn’t sit still.
  • Fig always has her bass in her hand and sometimes just absentmindedly plucks at the strings
  • Impulsivity
  • Struggles with self control
  • Fig is definitely an act first think later type of gal.
  • Examples: the U-turn, often quickly grabbing someone and dimension door-ing, and even kissing Ayda and skateboarding away.
  • Hilda Hilda
  • Loud
  • I don’t know how to categorize this but every person with hyperactive adhd that I personally know doesn’t have volume control and talk A LOT
  • Fig has so many thoughts and it seems like her mouth is always catching up to the rest of her. Sometimes she interrupts Riz or Adaine when they are investigating.
  • Example: when Ayda is naming Adaine and Gorgug the two greatest wizards of the age Fig drops her disguise as Rawlings and says to make it three [greatest wizards]. She has a hard time not interrupting
  • Constant movement
  • I don’t actually have justifications for this but Fig just seems to be in constant motion, like she doesn’t have an off switch. The only times I think we see fig without some sort of energy (including angry rebellious energy) is when she’s hearing the self doubt whispers after losing Ayda and her mother to the forest.


  • Doesn’t listen when spoken to (I actually have trouble with this criteria because it’s not that we’re not listening it’s that our brain doesn’t actually realize that you are speaking to us)
  • Fig often asks questions about things that were just told to her moments before
  • Example: when Fig asks Aelwyn where she parties when just moments before Aelwyn had revealed that the party she crashed was primarily where she partied and that this was her first palimpsest attempt
  • Fig also does the common adhd thing where she will interrupt someone when they say something that sparks a thought. It’s not that she doesn’t want to hear what they have to say, just that she’s excited about the connection she just made!
  • Short attention span
  • Fig switches between ideas and topics quickly and can’t stay in one conversation for a long time without switching topics
  • However this often leads to new information sparking an old memory like when she made the connection that Penelope was trying to become eternal prom queen when Riz figured out the crowning of a king and queen was part of Kalvaxis’ curse.

This is getting pretty long so I’m gonna discuss Fig’s RSD and hyperfocus more in depth in a separate post

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started fantasy high so!! have a fig (+ alt version under the cut because i think it looks cool)

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It is my true nature to make terrible memes

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this goes out to the MAYBE two people in the intersection of drawga and dimension 20. two bisexual teenage tieflings with a taste for pleated skirts, leather boots, dip-dyed hair and fame??? gets you thinking

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i have so many thought about the bad kids being in prison for several months. like do they ever think about being stuck in confinement at such a young age?? we don’t even know what they were treated like, and considering that they did big murder did they like,, get interrogated and stuff? also if they ever casually drop this info to people and when they ask what they were in for its like “murder”, “omg were you framed??”, “no we did a lot of murder and property damage.” how you you even react to that

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I was possessed by a resurgance of my Fantasy High hyperfixation and had to draw my favorite wlw pairing

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y’know despite her whole rebellious “i’m not the same bubbly little kid i was a year ago” attitude, fig choosing to become a bard in freshman year is still a direct continuation of her being a cheerleader in middle school. what is bardic inspiration if not cheering on your team so well it literally improves their performance?

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anon wouldn’t you know it, i actually had detailed instructions for a bad kids full party clothing swap in my to-do list from like. october. so thank you for finally giving me the excuse to draw it out >:)

text-less versions + more context abt the clothes under the cut!

(also yes fabian’s (borrowed-from-fig) shirt says “microwavable thot pockets.” it’s a fake band name my dear friend zeez threw out into the groupchat ages ago that i stole. he doesn’t go here but this is for him)

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