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So exciting to see them click so fast. It is exciting to think what they can do leading up to the Games. The bar for U.S pairs is pretty low. They could achieve some of our best results in awhile if they keep building and keep the consistency, which has been an issue for both of them in their careers with their past partnerships.

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Im likely buying Jackson Debuts since that is what worked best for me at my fitting but I HATE how they look, they have the gray heels and sole and those tacky fake gemstones that are in bedded in the leather and it’s completely not my style. What can I do about this?are the debuts premade or can I get them customized? He forgot to check for me before I left weather I can. The website didn’t have an obvious answer for me. If they are premade, should I just suck it up or could I remove the gems safely without sacrificing the boot?

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Hello! Long time lurcher first time poster etc. etc.Have recently been falling in love with Papadakis & Cizeron’s routines, after not being too keen on their style for a while. I’ve noticed that every now and then the commentators mention (or there are some not so nice comments on the Youtube video saying this) that Cizeron is the better skater of the two. I was wondering if anyone could break it down for me a little more as I am trying to get better at identifying good skating skills. What is it that he’s doing that she is not? How good a skater is she in comparison to other female ice dancers?Thanks!

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So I’m considering getting my own skates and will probably make the decision about whether I want to continue with skating and therefore buy my own skates within the next two weeks or so.The seller gave me these three options for blades. Any thoughts on which one I should get (in order of cheapest to most expensive)? Or if there are other blades you want to recommend, please feel free to share! :-)-MK Flight Blades - straight cut smaller toe pick, 8" rocker-MK Galaxy Blades - crosscut larger toe pick, 8" rocker-Jacksons Ultima Mirage Blades - straight cut larger toe pick, 8" rocker

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“It’s s so funny when people in the fandom are like, ‘well if you’re gonna talk about *issue* then why are you ignoring THIS AWFUL TRAGEDY THING THAT HAPPENED AT THE 2002 OLYMPICS!’ And, I have to be like no… I was fresh out the womb, I’m not ignoring anything, I just don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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