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#fill the entire tag myself thats what
oh-for-fic-sake · 8 months ago
What will daddy Henry do if his little is sad because someone took something valuable from her?
So i wanst sure what to base this on entirely, so I'm going to go with something I went through over the last few weeks. I had a little bit of anon hate, which I deleted but the words stuck with me making me second guess everything i was working on and the confidence i had in my writing was taken away. so this is like a shameful self indulgent fantasy that im going to read to myself when ever im down.
Warnings: Pretty Personal For Me, Angsty, Fluffy, Self Doubt, Happy Ending, DDLG, Long!!
Tagging: @viking-raider @isitmine @tinabean37 @loserrlauraa  @msblkfire84 @henrythickcavill @plainbrunettelbl @dummiesshort @cynic-spirit @pandaxnienke  @two-unbeatable-beaters @libbymouse @wolfieash @eldarwen333 @princesssterek @mom2000aggie @blackestpinkworld 
(not sure who to tag in headcannons? these are the ones on my everything taglist)
Tumblr media
Henry watched quietly with a frown as you sat down in the living room, eyes cast down at the tablet in front of you shoulders slumped.
"poppet what's wrong love?"
"n-nothing da-addy" you said with a small stutter
Henry shifted on his feet looking at you critically before coming over to you.
"nothing? So your sitting here almost in tears over nothing" he stated sceptically rounding the sofa sitting next to you.
"I'm not cryin" you sniffled trying to bite your lower lip to stop it from wobbling.
"not yet, but close enough poppet, hand it over" he said holding out his hand waiting for the tablet.
You whined not wanting to hand it to him at first but after a mini battle of wills you placed the colourful tablet in his hand.
Your head was cast down and you rubbed your eyes trying to catch the tears before they were noticeable.
"okay then, so this is your new story?" he asked scrolling through the page not reading it all but scanning the words, it was well written like always.
At the beginning of the pandemic he suggested you started a blog, and you had. A writing blog all full of fanfictions of... Him.
He didn't mind he actually love you doing something constructive, it kept you happy and busy which helped him because there wasn't many free days even in lockdown. He was working out, reading scripts or rearranging covid tests and travel.
Plus knew these smut blogs existed, even lurked on a few.
"y-yeah" you mumbled leaning on him hugging his arm scanning the page as he scrolled, you knew he wasn't reading everything maybe every few lines
"sooo what's the problem?" he said not finding an issue with the writing.
"i... I cant post it" you muttered looking down avoiding his gaze
"why?" he asked frowning not liking the defeated tone you had.
"j-just because..."
"ah I see, you have lost your confidence" he said quickly figuring out the problem, the downside to writing was everything was personal preference so tiny comments could knock your confidence.
In a way it was like his work, you put your heart and soul into it and then people don't like it? It was always a bummer. But he was used to it, you were not.
You nodded to him it was true you'd lost your confidence, you hadn't wrote for a while.
You couldn't seem to find the words to fit together anymore.
You felt silly, they were just a few mean comments, words from a nasty troll who didn't have anything better to do but it hurt, you poured your heart into every chapter and then for people to rip it to shreds? It stung.
"y-yes I... They didn't like it" you hummed fiddling with your fingers, drawing deep breaths trying not to cry
"and so what?" he said shrugging making you snap your gaze to him.
"it doesn't matter love, so a few people didn't like it, lots of people do, I love your stories"
"you have to your my daddy"
Henry huffed and shook his head at you ruffling your hair pressing a kiss to your head amused that you thought that's the only reason he liked your writing.
"don't stop writing just because of a few mean people nugget, it takes a lot of skill to write and a lot of bravery to share it. Your a brave talented little baby and I'm very proud of you"
He said cooing as that seemed to be the final push sending you over the edge making you burst out into tears.
He hugged you moving the tablet out of the way before pulling you to his lap, unbuttoning his shirt half way and squished you into his bare chest knowing you needed to feel him, not a shirt.
"shh its okay babygirl, your stories are wonderful, and you have fun writing them don't you baby?"
You nodded crying harder trying to get the words out but you just couldn't instead whining incoherently into him.
"and you enjoy making the little banners? And collect all your photos and gifs?"
"y-yeah but they di-dn't like it last time!"
"they don't have to like everything you do sweety"
"but I don't wana upset them!"
"did you do the warnings?" he asked knowing all about the do's and don'ts of posting your erotica.
You nodded whining you always did warnings on stuff to be safe.
"and make the little cut thingy you were telling me about?" again you nodded at him
"so your telling me they read the warnings, clicked to see it and then were mean?" you sniffled biting your lip trying to calm down but nodded to him humming quietly.
"well then it sounds to me like they were going out of their way, looking for someone to pick on" he said slowly rocking you slightly.
You fell quiet resting your head on his chest as he rubbed your back and patted your bottom soothing you.
"but what if they wasn't? What if my stories are bad- and encourage bad stuff!" you cried tucking yourself into him tighter.
"no-no you repeat after me, fiction is fiction" he said pulling you back wiping your tears waiting for you to say it out loud.
"fic-tion is f-fiction" you repeated
"I did everything I could to warn people"
"I-I did everyth-ing I could to w-warn people" he smiled at you as you drew a huge breath calming yourself down.
"and they are jealous because I'm an adorable, smart, funny kind and caring babygirl who has the cutest little peach butt in the world~" he said smirking at you from above holding you tightly to him pressing a kiss to your head.
"and they- daddy! Noo! I can't say that~" you gasped flushing as you realised what he had said
"oh yes you can because its the truth now come here let daddy bite that peach~" he growled playfully snapping his jaws at you.
"ah-no!" you screeched giggleing as he began tickling you all over wrestling you playfully trying to lean over and bite your but through your shorts.
He landed two solid bite's on your bottom before pulling back. Even though he had cheered you up he could see you were still doubting yourself.
Henry cast a glance to the tablet and smirked forming a plan that might just get you back on track. He was not going to let anyone steal your sparkle.
"come on you you've spent enough time writing go play in the garden with Kal"
Once you left henry got to work swiping up the tablet and going on your one drive seeing the meticulously organized notebooks, recognising a few by name.
A few weeks later Henry came in to the living room with a medium size box and plopped it on the sofa next to you.
"here we go nugget!" he said placing the gift next to you, they couldn't have come quickly enough, he had noticed you hadn't been writing at all, which upset him because he knew how much you loved it.
"what's that daddy?" you asked peering over the box not expecting any gifts.
"why don't you open it and find out?" he said sitting the other side of the box handing you a pair of scissors to slice the tape.
You moved slowly cutting it open and pulled the box open then froze.
"d-daddy? What thats my..." you trailed off pulling out the hard back books your banner on the front cover.
"your stories? Yes poppet, I realised that you were putting so much work into these things but could loose them, they are soo good that daddy wanted to read them over and over and now we can!" he said pleased with himself as you sat there shocked looking at the small collection of a5 books.
"but their- i dont..." you said happy but completely shocked, flicking through the pages, there were even a few comments in the margins from henry pointing out the pits he liked making your heart swell with pride.
Henry moved to stand behind you pressing a kiss to your hair.
"They are brilliant! So good I'm so proud of every thing you have achieved and I want them on our book shelf, in the living room" he said making you tear up.
"Really? You... You think their that good?" you whined eyes blurring with tears as you hugged the first book to your chest.
"absolutely poppet now go on, you do the honours~" he said pressing your shoulder urging you to go to the cube bookshelf.
You tiptoed over to it and slowly pulled out each little custom book with your banner on the front.
You sat down placing each one delicately on the shelf the five books each lining up with one another half filling the empty cube shelf.
"oh no baby look? The shelf isn't full is it? You know what that means" he said standing looking
"I-I've gotta write?" you asked sniffling weeping softly but this time because you were happy.
"exactly! You need to fill the whole shelf, so you keep up the good work and tell daddy when you finish your next story and we can keep adding to it!" he said cheerfully walking over handing you the tablet.
You smiled to yourself and looked to the books, your books- actual real life books on a shelf!
You grinned throwing yourself at him latching onto him feeling your confidence come back just from seeing how much you had done.
Suddenly the hate didn't matter, your daddy like them enough to make them into real life books! And even annotated them himself?
And if your writing was good enough for your daddy then it was good enough for you.
"daddy, can I have my screen time now, I want to write!!" you said jumping up and down on the spot excited to start your next chapter.
Henry grinned nodding deciding you can have as much screen time today as you wanted as long as it meant you wasn't giving up your new hobby.
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arachn1111d · 8 months ago
“Except You” Luke Patterson X Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: This idea came from @poppin-potter ! Im not sure if anyone else has done a fic based off it but if they have let me know so i can tag them as well!! (also this is my first one-shot posted here so i hope its okay <3)
Warnings: cussing/bad language
Pairing: Luke Patterson x Reader (Gender Neutral, Alive!au)
Song: Treehouse by Alex G
Word Count: 2.2k
“Y/N!” His familiar voice forced you to shove your notebook shut quickly, looking up to see the boy run up to you.
“Sorry! Sorry I'm late! Mrs. Donavan wanted to talk to me about a test and i tried to-“
“It's okay Luke. I was just waiting.” You cut him off, giving him time to catch his breath. You shove the notebook into your backpack and stand up next to Luke.
“What were you writing?” He asks, nudging your shoulder as you both walk out of the school. You could tell it was killing him not to ask before.
“Just rewriting something old.” You reply as nonchalantly as you can. He can tell you're lying through your teeth, and you can tell he knows. But neither of you are the type to say anything.
“You got band practice today?” You ask as you both near your parking spot in the back of the school. Luke started walking you to the bus everyday freshman year, continuing the tradition once you got your license earlier this year.
“Yeah! But I have some ideas I wanna run by you before I talk to Julie and the guys about them, so I'll be over later?” He asks, patiently waiting for a verbal yes from you.
“You’re always welcome there, you can find me in my studio.” You reply as you get into the driver's seat, seeing Lukes face light up as he waves goodbye and runs off to meet up with his bandmates.
Band practice was going amazing as usual, though Julie had called for a snack break. Luke was sitting on the couch tuning his guitar as his bandmates went to grab snacks. They came back with juice packs and chip bags, throwing one of each to Luke before sitting all around him.
“It's really weird when you guys dont talk.” Luke began saying, noticing his friends were all looking at him.
“I knew this would be weird guys!” Reggie exclaimed, eyeing Alex and Julie.
“We know you like y/n.” Julie said bluntly, the words causing Luke to blush.
“I do not!” He said, faking confidence. Looking at all of his friends' unimpressed stares he let out a big sigh. “Okay! You got me! I do! But I can't do anything about it.” Luke finally admitted.
“Why not?” Alex questioned him, invading his personal space as he asked.
“Because they obviously don’t like me back? We’ve been friends since freshman year! Thats a four year friendship I don’t wanna fuck up.” Luke said, obviously uncomfortable with the topic as he adjusted his guitar strings frantically.
“I mean we dated and that didn't mess up anything.” Reggie cut in.
“You guys?!?” Julie points to Reggie and Luke, clearly shocked. “Okay, you know what, not the point right now. Luke you’re lying to yourself if you actually believe that.” Julie adds.
“Can we just get back to band practice?” Luke says clearly not wanting to discuss the topic anymore. The rest of the bandmates decide to drop it for now.
Sitting in your studio, the sun began to set outside the windows. Half of the small room was covered in paint and messy canvases while the other had a small recording area with instruments, mainly things Luke had left. Sitting on a small couch by the recording equipment you sat, notebook and pen in hand.
Do Not Enter written on the doorway
Why can’t everyone just go away?
Except you
You can stay
Humming a small melody in your head as you wrote down each lyric, you found yourself thinking back to Luke. He had been there when you needed him most. He had recently added a new member to the band Julie and though you were happy for him, it slightly hurt. You never spoke up about it though since Luke always found a way to remind you that in his world you still came first. Simple things like running songs by you before he showed them to his bandmates, etc.
What do you think of my treehouse?
It's where I sit and talk really loud
I'm all by myself
For years, this studio was a place where you could find peace. Sneaking out to it in the middle of the night to paint out your frustrations or simply to have a quiet place to think. But soon after meeting Luke you noticed that he had found a home in the small studio you shared. Countless nights spent sleeping on the small couch after getting into another fight with his parents.-
A knock at the studio door made you jump back to reality. Quickly shoving the notebook closed and on a nearby desk, you shot up to open the door. “Coming!” You yell, watching the door open as you take another step closer.
“Hi-“ Luke begins, running right into you. “Shit! Sorry! You okay?” He asks, backing up, keeping a hand on your shoulder. You look into his eyes thinking of an answer.
“I- yeah! Fine!” You muster out quickly, walking to the back of the room to sit on the couch. “How was band practice!” You ask.
There's a slight change to his demeanor after that. You can tell he's thinking of something that he isn't saying as he answers. “It was good! I have a couple of songs I want to show you though.” He smiles, picking up an acoustic guitar and sitting on the edge of the couch.
He sings a few samples of songs he's been working on for you. You love them as you always do, not being able to help smiling at him while he sings to you. Once he's done he puts the guitar back down sitting next to you. He pulls out a small notebook of his, opening to the newest filled pages showing you the lyrics. You two spend the next hours talking about music, by the end of the night Luke having two complete songs to show his bandmates.
“It’s getting late, you should head up.” Luke mentions after watching you yawn for the fifth time in a row.
“Are you staying the night?” You question, noticing him not mentioning leaving.
“Not tonight, we’ve actually been okay recently. Now that Julies is in the band we have more “school first” rules anyways. I was gonna sit and record some things.” He says, noticing how you’re half asleep by the time he’s finished. “Okay, okay, goodnight y/n.” He whispers, placing his drug rug jacket on you like a blanket. By the time he leaves you’re softly snoring on the couch.
Waking up to birds chirping, you can see sunlight peeking through the studio windows. Looking around, you crack your neck, and find yourself covered in Luke's jacket. You pull it off of you and toss it gently to the side of the couch. Standing up, you notice your neck hurts like a bitch and make a mental note to never sleep on the couch ever again. You also make another mental note to at least get an air mattress for Luke if he ever needs to crash there again.
Checking your phone for the time you notice you already missed the first period. You rush to get ready, throwing your song notebook in your school bag. Grabbing Luke's jacket at the last minute and throwing it on, thinking to yourself that it'll make it easier to give it back to him. Arriving at school just before the start of third period which luckily is your study hall. You walk to your usual place in the library, in the back surrounded by books.
Pulling out the notebook once again, you think back to last night with Luke, quickly finishing the song that confesses your feelings about him. Shocking you out of your head is Julie, who's knocking on the bookcase you're sitting against.
“Hey!” She awkwardly says, drawing out her words. You shut your notebook as she sits next to you.
“Hi?” You reply to her hesitantly waiting for her to continue talking.
“Okay listen- wait.” She pauses looking you up and down and then grabbing the jacket you're wearing. “He did it?!” She exclaims, instantly being shushed by you and the entire library.
“Did what?” You ask completely oblivious as to what she’s talking about.
“What do you mean did what? You're wearing Luke's jacket!” She exclaims once again, this time in a hushed tone.
“Yeah because I fell asleep in my studio when he came over last night. Which by the way, never sleep on that couch.” You say cracking your next once again.
“So he didn't.” Julie says, mainly speaking to herself.
“Wait so what was he supposed to do?” You ask nervously.
“Do you like Luke?” Julie asks bluntly.
“What.” You say, mind panicking as you blush.
“You do!” She exclaims once again in a hushed tone. “Is that what you were writing about? Can I see?” She asks, nudging your side and looking at the closed notebook in your hand. You sigh, opening the notebook and showing her the song. Before you can tell her reaction she rips out the page, running away. Sitting there stunned you pick up your notebook, putting it in your notebook before running after Julie. Spending the rest of third period walking across the school looking for Julie, you resort to spamming her with texts. You decide to leave it alone until you finish the rest of your classes.
Fifth period you get a text back.
Julie [Today 11:05AM]
“im sorry! trust me!”
After school, Luke walks to his locker grabbing his books before he goes to meet up with you. Opening his locker door, a folded piece of paper floats onto the floor. He picks it up, opening it to read what the paper says. Instantly recognizing the handwriting, he smiles reading the lyrics printed down. Shoving it into his pocket, swinging his locker closed rushing to go meet up with you.
“Y/n!” Luke calls out as he finds you pacing around your locker looking down to your phone.
“Oh! Hey Luke!” You smile nervously, shoving your phone into your pocket. You notice his eyes flicker up and down, feeling weird under his gaze.
“My- my jacket!” He exclaims, his face practically glowing.
“Oh! Uh, here-“ You begin taking it off but Luke stops you.
“Keep it. You ready?” He asks, walking ahead of you. Lost in thought you don't realize what he's asking at first.
“Oh-hm? Oh! Yeah!” You quickly rush next to him, walking to the senior parking lot.
“Uhm actually, i was hoping you could come by later? To band practice I mean. I just wanted you to be there when I show the guys the songs we worked on.” Luke says as he fumbles over his own words, though he still seems to talk smoothly.
“Yeah! I’d love to! What time?” You ask before stepping inside your car.
“5?” He asks, the same patient look he always wears while waiting for you to say yes.
“5.” You repeat with a smile before getting ready to leave.
Luke meets up with Reggie and Alex, bouncing up and down with excitement as he races to get their attention.
“Guys! Reggie! Luke! We have a gig! Tonight! One guest!” He exclaims, practically vibrating with excitement. Reggie and Alex burst out laughing as Julie had already texted them explaining the stolen note.
“Let's go practice then!” Alex exclaims as they all race to Julie's house.
Band practice begins as they try to find a melody that would fit the lyrics you had written down. Eventually, just before 5, they end up getting the perfect take. Nervousness finally settling into Lukes system, he stands off to the side fiddling with his guitar waiting for y/n to show. His bandmates talked together quietly, deciding which one should be the one who gives Luke a pep talk. Just before picking one, there's a knock on the studio doors.
You knock on Julie's studio doors, standing back as you wait for a response. Julie walks up, opening up the door, leading you in and directing you to sit on the couch. You sit down, watching as she goes back to her place behind a keyboard. You look at all of them, eyes landing on Luke before they begin. He begins playing as his bandmates soon chime in afterwards. The tune isn't like something you guys made last night, but also doesn’t sound like anything Luke has made in the past either. The two of you lock eyes as he begins singing
“Do Not Enter written on the doorway
Why can’t everyone just go away?
Except you
You can stay”
As he sings, Luke moves closer to you. A small blush starts to cover your cheeks as you realize what Julie did with your lyrics.
“What do you think of my treehouse?
It's where I sit and talk really loud
I'm all by myself”
Luke puts his hand out for you, walking you around the coffee table and out into the open studio. You continue to hold hands as he finishes singing.
“I’m the captain but you can be the deputy
I'm really glad you think I'm so funny
I don't think i'm ever gonna let you leave”
As he finishes singing the last lyrics he whispers, “i feel the same” into the mic. Before thinking twice about it, you close the space between the two of you, kissing Luke.
A series of cheers is heard in the background as you kiss him, Reggie, Alex, and Julie all high fiving for doing their job. Luke's hands wrap around your waist as you both pull away from the kiss, holding you closely.
“I'm still mad at you Julie.” You say, half joking, as you pull away from Luke. Julie looks offended before sighing.
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antiloreolympus · 2 months ago
9 Anti LO Asks
1. anyone else notice echo is colored similar to hades too? so hades has the hots for a tiny hot pink variant of his mom, and hera (apparently) wants to sleep around with a female version of hades? rachel you know there are other colors, right? tell me you know that
2. hi, im someone who dated someone who was extremely hateful but considered me one of the "good ones" of my race: hera doing that with echo is extremely dehumanizing and, seeing as nymphs are a different race in LO, really racist! i understand there's no actually IRL races involved in LO, but the fantasy racism allegory is still there, and they all look bad! very, very bad! why am i not surprised the well off white lady would have unintentionally bad race takes in her comic! big yikes!
3. server x royal and boss x worker is VERY popular on webtoons in general, but at the very least the majority of them are all 21+ characters with emphasis on them being, well, adults. LO stands out because hades is depicted so much like an old man even by WT standards (40s according to RS) and persephone is ... not, she in canon is stuck at 19, so she's more akin to a high school MC than the MCs from adult/sex-filled romance comics that LO tries to be. It's kinda creepy for that fact, tbh.
4. with recent anons i have to say again that it's unlikely RS puts any of the harmful shit into her work with any ill intent. she's just ignorant and also doesn't think. except maybe that classism because it's so blatant that it's hard to believe RS really doesn't notice it??? is she ever going to bring it up??
5. thats what i dont get about the stans. they've been flooding every single mythology and pagan tag for years now where they shouldnt be, they've harassed and threatened pagans and greeks for not bowing to LO and RS's "genius", they've tried to tamper with actual wikipedia pages, and have doxxed and sent death/r*pe threats to critics and fans alike, but they act like tumblr having a broken tag system is our fault and we must accommodate them? these are grown adults acting like entitled children.
6. i dunno if anyone remembers the "Our company's Women of Color" meme that was just a bunch of white women in rainbow-colored shirts, but ... lore olympus. that's lore olympus. i havent seen that meme since 2015 but its LO to a fault. rachel thinks women of color means purple and pink.
7. wait is rs going to make hera x echo a canon thing? didnt hera torture and basically magic murder echo in myth? how is that a healthy relationship? then again this whole comic is about romanticizing a r*pist and his kidnapping and forced marriage of his victim into a "love story", so i guess its not shocking rachel has some bad takes on "improved" pairings for her girlboss, karen version of hera.
8. As a response to your most recent anon, as a Greek myself, the story is just the same old boring cliche of romanticizing a part of our mythology, same as Percy Jackson or Song of Achilles (another cheap attempt of making profit out of a culture that doesn't belong to them, but eh)...Our mythology has been SO overused and 'defiled' that honestly, it is mostly makes me indifferent than it makes me displeased..Not only Americans but also Europeans have been leeching off of our cultural history for EONS and no matter what we do, they will continue to do word of advice to anyone thinking they are offending Greece or smthng by enjoying these pieces of media is that it is okay if you like them, some of us like them too, some of us don't, it happens..just remember that whatever you read is most certainly a retelling and that the actual material is much less 'enjoyable'
9. So I dropped Lore Olympus a while back...I liked it at first, considering it just a simple piece of media to consume but some people criticizing it had some really good after some consideration I stopped reading it..but lemme just say, the death threats and blatant hate ain't is entirely possible to like a story AND being able to see the flaws in it...all the antis sending death threats to fan content creators and calling fans "apologists" was too extreme...everyone is allowed to have their own opinion on the media they choose to consume and sending hate to one another is a completely pointless notion🤷
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fuckblizzardbearlover · 5 months ago
Here is definitely an aggressive and True “HOT Take” (as opposed to what ppl call “hot takes’ which are usually just mean spirited wrong opinions)
For like 2 months almost every day to entertain myself i’d go into the tags of shows i loved that just came out. The Nevers, Wandavision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. and in between the occasional post talking about the show, loving the characters, critiquing the themes and wondering about the future of the story were blatant mean spirited ones insulting the writers and showrunners. This is to be expected, However what was astounding was the sheer amount and prevalence of it. that is because i’d say at least 1/2 of the ones who praised the show (the thing made by the writers and showrunners) also SIMULTANEOUSLY attacked the showrunners and writers for “queerbaiting” and “being cowards about it”
Now for those that dont know, there has been LITERALLY NOTHING to even suggest that the two main characters of TFATW and The Nevers have romantic or sexual interest in anyone of their same gender. I will be the FIRST one to point out that “if these two characters were ‘man ‘ and ‘woman’ and acted this way then the shipping would be obvious and even lampshaded by the writers.
However the three major problems are First: despite the writers neither saying they are romantic in interviews or with the shows narratives these people say it is true and then insult the writers for not committing to it. Yes queerbaiting exists however ACTUAL cases of that are supported by evidenced interviews, intentional talks by the creators and actors. But Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson BOTH have cannoncially been straight since they were created decades ago (bucky being a child when he was first created), and True and Penance MULTIPLE times showing interest in men. In otherwords the writers are telling the audience through their WRITING that these characters are allegedly straight. Of course same sex attraction does not mean one isnt bisexual however the issue is ‘fans” (if you can call people that when they hate the show and the creators) ATTACKING and INSULTING the makers of the thing they claim to care about because of Evidence that DOES NOT EXIST.
“But what about that interview” well yea that was kinda dumb move. but honestly what do you expect. No not that AAA companies dont care about us (they dont, but thats not the reason). The interviewer DIRECTLY asked him a question that if he answered in the affirmative or negative would possibly Spoil the story. Confirming or denying that a character is gay, straight or bi means fans can immediately extrapulate what characters they might end up with. I.e. if they suggested Bucky was straight that might mean people would think he was going to go with sharon carter, if they suggested he might be bi they might think he was going to go with sam even though they might be planning a romance 3 years from now. The interviewer was basically asking him to spoil the MCU for the next several years, which he did not have the authority to do. So he cave a pat answer.  THAT is why.
2nd:The “Evidence’ these people have ALWAYS relies on the ideas that men and women cannot care about each other. Which of course is intrinsically homophobic. As a gay man i find it increadily insulting that people seriously say “he saved his life, they must be gay”  “he is proud of his friend, must be gay”. Its so freaking frustrating that homophobic sexist men AND these people are both out here saying that “if a guy cares about another guy they must be fags”. NO when gay men act gay they talk about gay stuff, they admire butts, they talk about how handsome another guy is. they find cheap excuses to flirt, they get flustered. I think there is evidence enough that True and Penance MIGHT end up as a thing, there is grounds for it but all the Sam/bucky stuff is b.s. Bucky being happy that Sam got what he deserved isnt gay. Bucky looking at sams butt, or blushing and his heart racing after being forced to embrace would be. Not saving each others lives. not helping each other out. That is NOT gay. caring about people isnt gay. Thats not what it is.
and 3: thats the thing,all the talk IGNORES homosexuality and bisexuality. There is nothing same sex attraction in all this evidence. its not just insulting that they push this idea that caring about someone means you want to screw them, its that it ignores that gay people exist. What we do, how we act around each other. this is sorta repeating the last half of that paragraph, but gay ppl flirt, they act a certain way, they try to get with each other. they have coded language, they are associated with the deviant and poor parts of society. The other day i put more effort into talking to a customer and listened to him info dump on me about how healthy almonds were cus i thought he was hot and a part of me was hoping beyond hope that he might feel that twinge of brotherhood that turns into something more intimate...
And again while we skirt the line with penance and true and i hope with that asshole gone maybe they can do it without getting gross about it there was NONE of that with bucky/sam. And None of that with Stucky. “i will support you against the entire us army if i have to” is not “i want to get married” jesus christ.
And the reason i made this post is because last night i was watching episode 6 of season 3 of Disenchantment. And it made me SOOO happy. 30 minutes of Bean and her new friend a mermaid talking, listening to each other, joking and info dumping. and then it turns into talking about their lives and comforting each other. Genuine love and affection, sidelong glances that turn into intentional stairs. Introducing each other to the family, a song about how the other means to her. it was 30 minutes of pure lesbionic gay pining, romance and love. And while it ended in a sort of tragic sense (bean thinks it was all a dream, but before the screen fades to black we see her gift was real suggesting that the Mermaid freaked out and ran) her pain at finally being happy for the first time in her life continued in the next episode where she gets help dealing with her grief from her step mom.
Like i legitimately had these toxic ‘fans’ making shit up about a show and then insulting the people who made these shows and stories i love, tricking me into thinking maybe i was being a sourpuss. But no, i was right. I LOVE gay stories, they make me so happy and it made me so happy to see these two girls make each other so happy. and while it didnt work out (and i still hope it does) i know bean is better for it for having a romance for the first time in her life that was respectful and good for her.
There is nothing wrong with WANTING more, I WANT more. But you just disrespect yourself when you fill yourself with anger at the writers for not making a character gay that was never going to be. Give constructive criticism and dont fill the fandom and the tags with attacks and insults. Learn to enjoy your fanfiction and ideas of how a thing could be better without having to be angry about it. Respect yourself, respect your own time and respect other fans and RESPECT the showrunners, actors and writers that make something you love. And if you cant, keep it to yourself.
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iaminlovewithtrr · 10 months ago
Christmas with a stranger
This is my submission for 'gift of cheer' by @cordonianroyalty and @texaskitten30. This is the fluff one shot requested by @anjanettaexcordonia.
Characters belong to pixelberry
A/N: this is the first fic I have ever written, so i apologize for any mistakes. Criticism is openly accepted, negative or otherwise. Feel free to say anything!
Tags: @texaskitten30 @cordonianroyalty
@kat-tia801 @eadanga @xxrainbow-princessxx @knightthunderis @kingliam2019 @anjanettexcordonia @stuti-singh @queenrileyrose @bbrandy2002 @twinkleallnight @bebepac @ladyrileyrussel @hopelessromanticsposts @dcbbw
Summary: Two strangers spend Christmas day with which each other, which changes the rest of their lives.....
Song inspiration: All I want for Christmas is you
Word count:2683
Tumblr media
I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
Don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I don't need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus won't make me happy
With a toy on Christmas Day
I just want you for my own
It was the morning of Christmas, and Riley was overly excited. She always waited for this time of the year, especially Christmas. Nothing is more enjoyable than sipping cider in the presence of her beloved and enjoying the Christmas meal, she always thoughts. Orphaned at 4 ,she didn't had a blood family to celebrate with , but was blessed with a great deal of foster family and friends. Every year, during Christmas, as a sort of tribute, she spends the entire day celebrating with the children of her previous foster care. Watching those kids playing merrily reminded her of her own good days in the past.
She quickly ate her breakfast and made her way out of her NY apartment, whistling and softly humming to the tune of All I want for Christmas is you, her favorite song.
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you
She was so engrossed in her little singing gig that she barely registered the stranger coming towards her, and crashed right into his broad chest, spilling her reticule's content on the sidewalk.
"Oof"she yelped, rubbing her forhead.
"Oh! I'm so sorry! Let me help with those! " the stranger apologized.
Riley and the stranger kneeled down at the same moment to collect her scattered belonging, and for the first time the two glanced into each others eyes. Ocean blue eyes locking onto dark ones. Damn... Those eyes.. Riley swallowed.
"Ahem" she softy cleared her thought, quickly collected her belongings, and stood up.
"Sorry for that. Should've watched my steps. " then she quickly disappeared into the crowd, not noticing the stranger eyes on her from behind.
Riley finally arrived at the foster care. Loving hearts. A bit strange name, but filling her chest with warmth nonetheless. She rummaged through her reticule for her Digital key card, but it was not there.
"Uh...?"she muttered. "Where the hell is my keycard? "
After a few moment of searching she gave up. "Im not going to get in there without my key card...."
"Excuse me Miss.... But I belive this is yours. " a voice behind her startled her.
Riley turned around and found herself staring at the pair of those same dark eyes she encountered earlier. I'd recognise those eyes anywhere, even though I had stared at his eyes for less than 5 seconds. The (cute) guy i bumped with!
"Ahem" the stranger let out a exaggerated cough and riley realised that she has been staring at his face for a solid 10 seconds.
"Right.. Ahem... Sorry... I mean... Thank you for returning this. You totally saved my ass--, i mean". Way to make a fool of yourself Riley.
The stranger laughed quitly. "Well then I am glad I could save your job. But I should get going."
Just as he turned, a little voice in the back of her head called out to her, and instinctively she reached out and grabbed his sleeve.
"Er... Sir... I know this is extremly forward of me... But if you would be kind enough to spend the day with volunteering at the orphanage I work at? We are kinda short-staffed tonight, and there aren't much volunteers. Those children at the orphanage will be quite happy to see a new face. You could spend the with them. And me. If you are free, that is?
Crap. Crap. Crap. This i really asked a random hot stranger to volunteer?! Snap the hell out of it Riley!
Plz say yes. Plz say yes. The little voice inside her screamed.
To her surprise, he gave her a smile. "Id be happy to. I don't have any special plans for today. Btw. "
He smiled, and stuck out her hand to shake hers.
"Liam Rys"
"Riley Brooks". She said she she shook his hand. A familiar electric tinge sparked through her veins as she held his hand. His hand impossibly smooth underneath her. Woah! Are guys even supposed to have this soft hands? I wonder what kind of moisturiser he uses....
"Miss Brooks --"
"Call me Riley. "
"Well ahem, Riley.. it is rather cold outside. What say we make it inside? "
"Oh right."
She quickly swiped her keycard and stepped inside, sighing contentedly as the warm air from the heaters enveloped her. She melted a little inside as she felt Liam's warm body alongside her. Brushing this aside, she focused her attention on the scenario in front of her. Numerous gift boxes piled beneath the Christmas tree... Children merrily running and there... Volunteers mingling with each other and the children... The aroma of the food... And the Christmas songs softly playing in the background. A wide smile played on her lips.
While Riley was busy observing the surroundings, Liam found his sight stuck on the beautiful women he had known for not more than 15 minutes. She was beautiful, in a way that the noble ladies back at home in Cordonia arn't. And seeing her here in here element, smiling widely without giving a damn about public decorum or whatsoever, he found himself attracted to her. And without a second thought, he agreed to volunteer. We'll see how the day goes...
Liam cleared his throat, claiming her attention. "So what needs to be done? "
"As you can see this is a orphanage, so the children here dont have any families to celebrate the holidays with. So each year, myself and many other gather here to celebrate the celebrate with them. Thats what we have to do. Mingle with the children, play with them... And make them feel loved. "
"Sure. I can definately do that. I actually volunteered too at orphanages back home."
"If I may ask, Where are you from?
Liam immediately stiffened at the question. When he asked his father for a quiet getaway before the beginning of the social season, meeting Riley was not on the itinerary. And the fact that he was leaving Tommorow didnt helped either. The last thing he wanted to do was to lie with her, but he wasn't going to destroy these good moments he had with her by revealing that he was the crown prince of cordonia.
"I'm actually from one of the small islands surrounding Greece. "
Before she could open her mouth to ask more, Liam immediately turned away to play with one of the children.
The day went on quite peacefully and quite enjoyable for Liam. Holidays back home were anything besides spending with families. It was all about press conferences and photo ops and disguised motives hidden away in gifts. But here I was a lot more different, the sight of children playfully jostling each other without giving a damn made him smile, as that was the part of childhood he missed.
He suddenly felt a small hand on his shoulder and his pulse quickened at the feel of skin over his clothes. Behind her was Riley, holding a eggnog mug in her hands.
"Not to ruin your volunteering gig, but I got you something. "She said as she handed him the mug. Their fingers brushed, and lingered for just a moment longer.
"Ahem. Thank you. " Liam blushed, his ears turning pink.
Riley chucked softly at his antics. He is already so cute, and looks extra cute while he blushes.
Night came quickly. After winding up all the activities for the day including the gift exchanging and christmas dinner, all the children were put to bed and the volunteers were bidding their goodbyes. Only the foster care staff plus liam was left behind.
Riley glanced around. All the staff were mingling on the rooftop, with only her and Liam left in the main hall.
"Hey.... " she softly asked Liam, who was lounging in a chair beside her.
"Yeah? "
"Will you accompany me for a little walk around the times square? I just wanna clear my head a bit. " And hopefully spend some time with you...
He smiled. "Sure! Just let me get my coats. "
The pair walker out of the building and into the cold, brisk night. Celebrations were in full swing outside. Its called the city who never sleeps for Nothing.
Outside was really cold, and with the softly falling snow Riley barely suppressed the shiver that ran up het spine. Suddenly she felt strong arms around her shoulders and a moment later a coat was wrapped around them.
"I would be a terrible gentleman if a let a beautiful lady like you freeze to death. "
"Beautiful, huh? " she teased.
He blushed. That blush.
They both arrived at the square, staring at the enormous Christmas tree situated in the very middle. The glow of the lights and mini bulbs bathing them both in a gentle bluish light.
"Its really beautiful, isnt it? Riley asked. Just as she turned her head towards him liam's eyes quickly found their ways towards the decoration. Was he really admiring me than the beautiful decoration in front of him? Was it possible that he was feeling the same fluttering in his heart that she felt whenever they interacted? No, it can't be. I am reading onto this too much. We are strangers. Strangers.
"Indeed it is. " Liam quitly whispered, hiding the blush in his cheeks. Crap, she caught him staring at her. I hope she doesnt think i am creep or something. To Liam even the most beautiful decorations paled in front of her, she was more beautiful than any sights he had laid his eyes on. Don't get too attached, Liam. Its temporary. You are going to leave tomorrow. There can nothing be between you and her. You have a duty back home. This is just a little escape from reality. They are strangers. Strangers.
Just then the local band striked up a a waltz. All around them peoples paired up, with Riley watching the couples with a hopeful gleam in her eyes... which didnt went unnoticed by Liam. And in that moment, he knew what he had to do.
Liam bowed a little in front of her, and held out his hand, his other arm draped around his back. "May I have this dance? "
She smiled as she put her hand into his, her pulse quickning, "It would be my pleasure. "
She awkwardly bowed, earning a chuckle from Liam as he sweeped her in his arms, her one hand on his shoulder, his on her waist, their free hand twined together. They elegantly twirled together on the makeswift dance floor, stepping in time to each rhythm. As they glided together, liam couldnt help but gaze down at her angelic face, illuminated by the surroundings. His gaze strayed to her lips just as Riley glanced at him, they met each other halfway as their lips come together in a magnetic kiss. Time seemed to stopped when his lips met hers, and the flutter in their chest intensified. Riley's finger gently curled in his coat as liam tangled his hands in her soft brown curls. She smelled like jasmine, a scent that liam is all too familiar with. Their hands tighten around each other, almost desperately, refusing to let go, their lips moving against each other in perfect harmony. Liam tightened his arm around her waist, pulling her into his chest, and Riley softly sighed as she breathed in the scent of him.
For that moment it was only the two of them in the entire world, all the surroundings fading into nothing. Their little bubble of heaven was broken as the pair heard the the sound of clapping and soft cheering. Flustered, Liam grasped her hand and led both of them out of the dance floor and into the streets, grinning all the way.
The two of them found themselves at the threshold of a quint restaurant, and they both collapsed onto the stairs, still holding each other while wearing goofy smiles.
"So... That was.... Something else.. " Riley chuckled.
"Indeed it was. " Liam snickered.
As he glanced down at the lady in his arms, Liam felt a sudden tinge of guilt in his chest. I still haven't told her who I am. I have to tell her.
After her laughter had subsided, Liam gently took her shoulders in his hands and looked square in her eyes. "Riley, can I have a word with you? "
"Yeah... What happened? "
"I haven't told you where I am from, or what I am doing alone in a unknown city without my family. The truth is I am the Crown Prince of a small country called Cordonia. "
Riley stared at him, then burst into laughter. "Haha, Liam, nice joke. If you are a crown prince then i'm Kate Middleton." She stopped laughing when she saw the look on his face. "Oh, you are serious?"
Liam nodded. "Of course. I have no reason to lie to you. I just wanted to let you know that....that...." He struggled to move forward. "That i'll be leaving for Cordonia Tommorow morning. My social season will commence once I get back. I have to choose a bride from all the noble ladies presented to me as suitors. "
Her face fell. "You... You are really going back... I just thought we.... " She trailed off.
"I knew Riley, and I am sorry that I didn't told you sooner. I understand if you are mad--"
"Of course im not mad Liam. You did what you thought was the best. You just wanted a nice time without wandering about your duties."
"I... I wished we had more time together Riley." He whispered.
"Then lets make the most of it. We just have this night tonight, Liam. And I want to make it count. For just this one night let's just be Riley and Liam, two peoples without any obligations.
Riley pointed to the mistletoe over their head, then leaned forward to capture his lips in a heated kiss. He immediately responded, his hand cupping the side of her neck tenderly as she ran her hair through his dark hair. They pulled apart, staring into each others eyes, then their lips came together again, more passionately this time.
"Merry Christmas, Riley."
"Merry Christmas, Liam."
The night was spend together in Liam's suite, tangled in the sheets and in each other's arms.
The next morning
Liam woke up in his room.... Alone. He glanced around, none of Riley's belongings were in sight. A single note was on the coffee table beside the bed.
I want you to know that the short time I have spend with you more to me than I could describe. You gave me the one thing I wanted most for Christmas...Family. I'm grateful for that. I'm sorry that I had to convey this to you by a letter, but i thought it would be better for both of us. Perhaps we will meet again.
Liam reached and wiped the lone tear that has escaped on his cheek. "I'm grateful for our time together too, Riley.
It was the evening of the masquerade ball in the palace. Liam was dressed in his usual black regalia with a matching ornate mask. No matter how hard he tried, his thoughts managed to make their way back to Riley. Be a good prince, Liam. She's gone.
Liam stood in the huge elegant ballroom, a queue of noble ladies in front of him. Each lady he encountered, whether it was the poodle loving lady Penelope, the diplomat's daughter Kiara, or his best friend Olivia, made him realize that none of them were her.
The next lady approached, who was adorned in a white angel costume, with a literal halo above her head, her blue eyes peeking out of the glittering mask. Why are those eyes familiar...
"Hello..." Liam greeted her politely. "I don't believe we have met... Have we?"
The women smiled, then reached behind the back of her head to loosen the mask strings, Liam caught a glimpse of a familiar face as she removed her mask.
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coffeequill · 4 months ago
Fanfic Writer Interview
(Tagged by @captainkappa , tyyy love)
Name: Coffee / Quill (depends)
Fandoms: The Mandalorian, Venom, Left4Dead, Turn.
Two-shot: I was actually like “no I don’t have any of these” but I have Skies of Blue. I really either do one shots or more chapters? I’ve always known I wouldn’t be a short story author because my stories are always really short or really long.
Most popular multichapter: Source of Warmth by far. It has over 30k hits and over 3k kudos. That series is my absolute baby.
Actual worst part of writing: Fucking. Midsections. Transitions. All the boring bits between the cookie scenes. I’m so so tired and I have an entire 80-something page doc (only part 3 of that story) that would be significantly longer if I stopped just skipping scenes I don’t wanna write.
How you choose your titles: Something that fits the vibe. Sometimes it’s a song I keep listening to while writing (”Saturn” by Sleeping At Last for Rings of Saturn while the “Source of” in Love Like You just came bc I wanted continuity after my first fic title.
Do you outline: What the hell would I do without an outline? Go off the rails. That’s what. In actuality I don’t outline if the fic is a short oneshot, unless it’s going to be convoluted, but for anything multi-chapter I either have a detailed outline or discord chat messages to reference.
Ideas I probably won’t get around to, but wouldn’t it be nice?: My force-sensitive Din fic will happen eventually, but probably my Din clone one. 
Callouts @ me: Don’t write things just because you’re expected to or it’s your “brand”. Writing what you’re in the mood for is significantly more fun than forcing yourself to put in less-than-fun ideas bc that’s what your audience expects. There’s an audience even for the niche.
Best writing traits: Emotion. Which is funny, bc I find it insanely difficult to describe what I’m feeling myself at any time (alexithymia). But I’ve been told my writing can have a distinct shift to when I’m in my element and emotions have taken center stage. 
Spicy tangential opinion: I’m too tired to really fill this part out but I have /reader blacklisted ig thats spicy
Tagging: @withercrown @neverfeedthesarlacc @asiminthering @ladydisdayne2-0 @mydetheturk all the Bobadin folks lol
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sydwritess · a year ago
Can you please do a oneshot w either Flip or Charlie on like you’re out somewhere public and you’re having a contest on who can get the other one worked up the most? Until he shoves you somewhere out of the way fucks you until you can’t walk straight lol Thank you!!!!
second request: You and Charlie enjoying fucking in public a little too much and getting caught?!! I’m a pervert but I love that idea bc he’s so proper! Could that be made into a one shot? Only if you like my pervy idea
A Roll in the Hay—combined anon requests
A/N: i’m in such a fall mood!! i blame @safarigirlsp entirely for making all the headers for our collab fics (coming soon, by the way) and sending them to me 😩🤪 thank you to these lovely anons for sending their requests in and i hope y’all like it!
PAIRING: charlie barber x new wife reader
WARNINGS: porn with (more) plot. semi-public smut. piv sex. sex on a hay bale.
SUMMARY: a trip to the pumpkins patch and a vacant hay barn. what could go wrong for charlie and y/n?
enjoy, my thirsty friends ;)
A Roll in the Hay
Halloween was quickly approaching and the only person that was more excited than you was Henry Barber. You loved fall, always decorating the house with fake leaves and pumpkins, but Halloween was a whole different ballgame.
Especially with your new stepson, Henry. It was your first official stepmom Halloween with the youngest Barber, so you took him to the local store to buy a shit ton of halloween decorations to put up all over the new house. Fake cobwebs, plastic leaves, signs, kettles, skeletons, ghosts, even a giant blow up haunted house for the front yard.
Charlie was probably going to kill you when y’all came back with several big bags of decorations, but you really didn’t care.
You quickly paid for the stuff and Henry ran out to the car, excited to get home and start decorating. The drive home was brief and before you could even get out of the car, Henry had already sprinted inside to get Charlie.
He smiled at you and brought you in for a quick kiss. “Never seen him this excited about anything before.”
You chuckled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Well, Mr. Barber, I hope you like fake cobwebs and skeletons because that’s all Henry wanted to put up.”
Charlie smiled and kissed you again. “I’m okay with anything, Mrs. Barber.”
You and Charlie had only been married for a little over a month now, so everything was still so exciting and new. You always felt giddy around him and all of it still felt like a dream, but that’s what you guessed it was like when you’ve finally married your soulmate. Charlie told you that he felt the exact same way and if you were being honest, you had never seen him this happy before.
Both of you just stood and looked into each other’s eyes before Henry tugged on your coat, wanting you to come inside and start decorating with him. Charlie ruffled his hair playfully, accusing him of stealing his wife with a laugh before letting the two of you go, in awe of how much his son loved you.
He walked up the stairs and into the house with a dopey smile on his face, unable to think of anything else but how lucky he was to have you in his life.
Tumblr media
After a long day of covering the entire inside of the house with cobwebs, fake bugs, and skeletons, you were more than ready to go to bed after finishing your nightly glass of wine with Charlie. He saw your lids getting heavy and pulled you into his side, taking your wine glass and placing it on the table in front of the sofa before placing a kiss on top of your head.
“Henry had so much fun with you today, thank you.”
You looked up at him and smiled softly. “He really is a great kid, Charlie. You and Nicole did a good job with him.”
He slightly cringed at the mention of his ex-wife but then smiled, pulling you in for a quick tender kiss.
“He likes you a lot, he always tells me how much fun you are.”
Your eyes looked away sheepishly before his hands came to grab your hips, pulling you onto his lap while his lips came to your neck. He pulled your hips forward, grinding them overtop his prominent bulge as he let out a throaty grunt.
“Can you feel how thankful I am for you, Y/N?”
You inhaled sharply as he pushed his hips up off the couch, lips beginning to plant soft wet kisses on your neck. As much as you wanted to go to bed, how could you deny your husband the opportunity to thank you like this?
Your hips began grinding harder against him, taking over the rhythm as his kisses on your neck steadily got rougher with each passing minute. His lips traveled down to nibble at your collarbones as your back arched into him while you let out a soft sigh.
“Charlie...” You whined, wrapping your hands in his hair.
He moaned against your skin, pushing his hands up and under your top before starting to pull it up over your head but you stopped him with a rough kiss.
You pulled away and nibbled at his earlobe. “Just take me Charlie, please, I need you now baby.”
He chuckles while you get off his lap and take your pants off as Charlie pulls his length out from underneath his pants, stroking it a few times before you crawled back up onto his lap. You licked your fingers before rubbing them against Charlie’s head and lining yourself up on top of him. Both of you moaned when you sunk down onto his length, Charlie burying his face into your neck before you began to bounce up and down.
“F-Fuck Y/N, you’re too good to me. Love you so much my angel, my beautiful wife.” He whimpered into your neck before planting some soft kisses on the skin while you rode him.
Your back arched and your head tilted back, letting out a deep sigh as you picked up your pace. “Oh Charlie, I love you too baby. So much, so fucking much.”
Charlie’s hips began to thrust up into you as he felt your walls throb and tighten around him before growling into your skin, “Mmmm...Mrs. Barber, you’re so tight for me. Fuck, you might kill me if you keep squeezing my cock like that.”
You chuckled and bounced on him faster, kissing him before resting your forehead on his. “Can’t stop when you’re cock is so big inside of me, Mr. Barber. Are you close baby?”
He nodded and tilted his head up to nip at your lips teasingly. “So close Y/N. Keep riding me just like this angel, fuck.”
Suddenly, a small shadow catches your eye and you look up to find Henry standing in the kitchen.
“H-Henry!” You blurt out, causing Charlie’s head to whip around and look at his son. Luckily, he couldn’t see over the couch and you were thanking whatever higher power there was that you’d left your shirt on.
Charlie smiled at his son, trying to look somewhat normal considering he was still inside of you. “Hey buddy, what’s up?”
He blushed slightly. “What are you and Y/N doing?”
His face goes beet red before you quickly jump in.
“Your father was just thanking me for helping with decorations today. With kisses and hugs.”
Henry nodded, seemingly satisfied with the answer. “I-I was wondering if Y/N would come read me a story, I can’t fall asleep.”
You smiled widely and nodded at the young boy. “Absolutely, Henry. Let me just get myself together and I’ll be right up, okay?”
He nodded eagerly. “Okay! Thank you, Y/N!”
Once Henry had bounded up the stairs, you pouted at Charlie. “Sorry baby, but my other man is waiting for me.”
Charlie chuckled before bringing your hand to his lips, kissing it all over before you stood up and put your pants back on. He whimpered at the loss of you around his still hard dick as you pulled up your pants and leaned over for one last kiss. To tease him, you grabbed his length and gave it a few strokes before standing up straight.
“Sorry, but it looks like it’ll be just you and your hand tonight, Mr. Barber.” You laughed before walking away, hearing his low groan as you rounded the corner and made your way up the steps to Henry’s room.
Tumblr media
You woke up the next morning to an empty bed beside you, nothing out of the ordinary on a Saturday morning. The smell of fresh bacon and pancakes filled your nostrils, causing your stomach to growl as you threw a robe on and decended the stairs.
To your delight, you saw Charlie and Henry laughing and goofing off as they helped each other stir more pancake batter. You smiled as you padded into the kitchen, met with a hug from Henry and a kiss from your husband.
After filling your mug up with some coffee, you sat at the island while Charlie prepared you a plate and then sat down next to you.
“Guess what Henry wants to do today?”
You look over at him with raised eyebrows. “What?”
He looks over at Henry and tilts his head towards you. “Tell her, bud.”
Henry looks at you with a smile. “Going to the pumpkin patch with Grandma and Grandpa!”
This was much more of a daunting task then it appeared to be, considering the last time you met Charlie’s parents, it did not end well. At one point the word “whore” was thrown around since you were about seven years younger than Charlie. Of course, he got super pissed and told them off before storming out of the house with you under his arm.
You forced a smile back at Henry. “Sounds like a lovely idea.”
Charlie looked at you with apologetic eyes. “Are you sure you want to come?”
Henry added in, “Please come, Y/N! It’ll be so much more fun with you there!”
You nodded. “Sure, I’ll tag along.”
Charlie smiled while Henry jumped down from his seat and cheered all the way up the stairs before closing his door, muffling the noises.
You got up to put your dishes in the sink before you felt him come up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist before kissing the back of your neck and across your exposed shoulder.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” He whispered before kissing the spot just behind your ear.
You nodded, bringing your hand back to run through his hair. “It’ll be okay Charlie. They usually don’t say anything when Henry’s around and even if they do, it really doesn’t bother me that much. I know why I’m with you and if other people can’t understand that, then thats their problem.”
He spun you around and pulled you into a deep kiss, moaning into your mouth before pulling away. “You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, have I told you that before?”
Chuckling, you reply, “Only pretty much every single day.”
He laughs and pulls you into his chest for a big bear hug. “Mmmm...I’m slipping then, I used to say it twice a day.”
Your shared laughter radiates through the kitchen before you pull apart and walk upstairs together to get ready for the day.
Tumblr media
It was going well so far, you thought as you walked alongside Charlie through the pumpkin patch. He held you close to his side and kept you there as much as he could throughout the day, which you were appreciative of.
You were finally starting to smile when Henry came up and asked Charlie, “Dad, what’s a whore?”
He almost choked on the sip of cider he’d just taken. “W-What? Where did you hear that?”
Henry turned around and pointed at Charlie’s parents. “I heard them say it about Y/N. Is it a good thing?”
Your stomach dropped and you detached from Charlie’s arm. “I’m just going to go over here.”
“Y/N, wait...” Charlie began but was quickly tugged back by Henry, who really didn’t know what it meant.
Charlie glared over at his parents and told Henry to go play on the playground while he talked to his parents and Y/N. He marched over to his parents, clearly very upset and angry.
“Henry heard what you said about Y/N and then came over and asked what it meant. First of all, that is no way to speak when you know that a child could hear you and secondly, stop treating Y/N so badly.”
His mother just huffed. “We’re just worried that she’s with you for the wrong reasons...she is younger and more immature, Charlie.”
“Yes, she is younger than me, but she is no less mature than I am. In fact, right now, she’s more mature than the two of you. How dare you speak about my wife like that, especially around my son who loves and adores her? I love Y/N and I don’t care what both of you think.” He ran his hands through his hair. “She wanted to come today, for Henry because she is a great stepmother and she loves him so much. Fuck, I love her so much!”
Both of his parents seemed shocked. His father began, “Son...”
Charlie put his hand up. “Just watch Henry while I go and find Y/N. It was clearly a mistake coming here today.”
With that, he stormed off in the direction of the corn maze, where you were standing off to the side. The moment he saw the tears on your cheeks, he ran up and pulled you into a warm hug. You pulled away and he held your face, kissing the stream of tears on your cheeks while whispering, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
You sighed. “Charlie, I’m okay. It was just shocking because I thought it was going well. How’s Henry? He didn’t find out, did he?”
His face grew into a smile. “You just got called a whore by my parents and you’re asking how Henry is?” He kissed you. “Fuck, I love you so much.”
You smiled. “I just don’t want him thinking differently of me because of your parents and I definitely don’t want him to understand what exactly ‘whore’ means. He’s way too young for that shit.”
Charlie laughs and pulls you in for another hug. “I hope you know that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m really, really sorry about all of this.”
He placed a soft kiss on your lips before leading you back over to the playground. When Henry saw you, he immediately rushed over and gave you a big hug, the gesture made you almost cry again bit you held it in, opting for a loving smile instead.
You couldn’t make eye contact with his parents and Charlie kind of put himself in front of you while he spoke to them.
“I’m taking Y/N over to the cider booth. I expect that my son won’t learn anymore new words from the two of you while we’re gone.”
He didn’t even give them a chance to respond before he walked away with you on his arm. You two walked and lightly chatted before he took a sudden sharp turn towards the field of pumpkins.
“Charlie, the booth is this way...”
Once he looked over at you and gave you a mischievous smirk, you knew exactly what was going on.
“Here, really?”
He nodded, smirking before bending over to whisper in your ear, “Meet me in the barn.”
You look around and spot a small barn off to the side and turn around to look back at Charlie, whowe eyes were blown black.
“Are you sure it’s vacant?”
He nods. “I may or may not have asked one of the’s completely vacant, don’t worry.”
You bite you lip and start making your way over to the big red doors, Charlie following casually behind you. Once you reached the small structure, you quickly slid open the door and waited for Charlie to come in behind you before shutting it quickly. Right when you turned around, your lips were instantly captured in a desperate kiss. Charlie’s large arms wrapped around your body and pulled you against him, where you felt his hardening erection press against your stomach.
He pulled away, slightly out of breath. “Never got to finish our activities last night, been hard for you all day. My hand wasn’t good enough, not nearly as good as your sweet little pussy.”
You moaned as his lips traveled down to your neck, sucking quick marks into your skin before picking you up and placing you onto the bales of hay stacked to the side of the door. He waisted no time pushing your long dress up your hips and pulling your underwear down to your ankles before pulling himself out of his pants. He grunted softly as he stroked himself a few times before getting on top of you and lining up with your dripping entrance.
He pushed in right away, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before someone walked by or found you. His hips started pounding into you, hay poking you through the thin fabric of your dress as you rock back and forth on the hay bale.
“Oh, oh Charlie fuck!” You moaned, earning yourself a heavy groan from your handsome husband as his hips picked up their pace.
His hands held your face as he fucked you, coming down to capture your lips in a series of quick kisses.
“Fuck, I’m not gonna last much longer.” He growled as he buried his face into your chest.
Your back arched up off of the bale as you feel Charlie pulse inside of you before one of his hands came down to rub your clit. You cried out and your walls clenched tightly around him as you instantly fell into your orgasm with a loud moan.
“Yes Charlie, yes baby fuck! I’m coming!”
He growled and pounded you with everything he had left, but your walls were so tight around him that he couldn’t hold out much longer after you came around him.
“Love you so much, Y/N, fuck! Gonna fill you up with my cum, shit!”
You moaned again as you felt his warm seed fill you up, hands running through his hair as he growled into your chest. He began planting light kisses all over your skin and you were both enjoying your post-orgasmic highs...
Until the barn doors fly open to reveal Charlie’s mother, who wore a very disapproving look on her face. Charlie’s eyes went wide and he leaned farther over to hold you in his arms, protecting what was left of your dignity from his mother.
“Henry’s wondering where you both are and I’m running out of excuses.”
She took one last look at you and shook her head before walking away, closing the doors behind her. You look up at Charlie and both of you break out into laughter.
“Fuck Charlie, now your mother really thinks I’m a whore.”
i enjoyed writing this and i hope that y’all liked it! <3
xoxo, sydneyssmut
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The Duty of a Captain - Part Two
A/N: Hello Everyone! So this is the first fic that I have written like this. Posting chapters once I’m finished with them. I usually try and write the whole thing and then post each chapter on a schedule, but I was just so excited to tell Doc’s story that I thought I’d try this! If you want to be tagged whenever I post a new chapter of Doc’s story, please message me and let me know! Oh! Ad the italics are Docs thoughts (sorry if thats not clear, Im still a learner lol).
Length: ~2600 words (damn I did not mean to make it that long. I thought maybe 1000 lol)
Warnings: mentions of death, blood, abuse, pong krell, angst
It had taken more time than usual to get all of the field equipment back to the Jedi cruiser Tolerance. With so many men being lost, there were not as many hands to get the usual post battle procedures done and General Krell was not happy with the delay.
 Doc had been called back to the cruiser before the rest of his men down on the surface to deliver the mission report to the Jedi council alongside the Besalisk Jedi. He had finished the troop requisitions and mission report hours ago and had begun helping the others load up equipment when he got the transmission.
 Now, as he held onto the handle of the gunship that had been sent to pick him up, he held his breath. He had never spoken to the Jedi council before, but he had heard stories. He remembered hearing his captain talking about how intimidating it was. How even from across the galaxy, they could feel the slightest thing. How the combined power of all of those Jedi masters was a force to be reckoned with. At least, that is what the general had told his former captain.
He was afraid to face that much power. If the other Jedi were anything like his general, he wanted the meeting with them to go by as fast as possible.
 He imagined what they might be like. He envisioned powerful warriors, all huge and intimidating like his general. With merciless eyes and a scowl that sent fear through the bodies of anyone who dared to look upon it. He imagined their lightsabers never being too far away from their hands, ready to be ignited and run through something or someone at a moment’s notice.
 Doc was pulled from his thoughts when the voice of the pilot came through his comms and he felt the ship being maneuvered into the main hanger. “We’re here sir.” The doors opened as the ship was set down, revealing Krell waiting in the hanger with his arms crossed behind his back.
 “Thanks for the lift Short-stuff,” Doc said as he stepped out onto the metal floor of the hanger.
 “Anytime sir.” The doors to the ship closed behind Doc as he began walking away, his hands reaching up to take off his helmet. “Oh, and sir?”
 Doc briefly stopped and looked up toward the cockpit, his hands halting on the sides of his head as the man stared back at him.
 “Good luck.”
 Doc finished pulling off his helmet, a small smile gracing his features as he gave the pilot a quick nod.
 “CT-5770, start moving! I have a mission report to give and will not be blamed for you making me late.”
 Doc spun around, quickly making his way to follow the general out of the hanger. “Yes, sir. My apologies, sir.”
 Krell dismissively waved his hand, not bothering to look behind him at Doc as he spoke. “Am I correct in assuming that you are ill equipped for this situation?”
 Doc furrowed his brow, thinking through what he had already done. He had already turned in the mission report, and the casualty and damage reports. What more could he do to be prepared? “Excuse me, sir,” he asked, confusion lightly lacing his voice.
 “Feeble minded clones,” Krell muttered under his breath. He stopped and spun around, looming over the captain. “You have never given a mission report to any Jedi before? Correct?”
 Doc swallowed and stood straighter, coming to attention. “Yes, sir. That is correct, but all troops are trained on Kamino to be knowledgeable about—”
 “Enough. I do not care about the laboratory that bred you or what you claim to know. Since you have never done it, let me give you some rules that I expect you to follow exactly. Is that understood?”
 “Of course, sir.”
 “Good.” Krell turned back around and kept walking toward the bridge. “You are to stand behind me at all times unless told otherwise. Understood?”
 “Yes, sir.”
 “You will remain silent and will only speak when spoken to directly by myself or the council.”
 “Yes, sir.”
 “When you are asked a question, you stick to the description of the battle that I give. The council does not have time to listen to your view of the smaller picture. Is that clear?”
 Doc hesitated for a moment. “Why would the battle descriptions be different?”
 The door to the bridge whooshed open and Krell walked up to the command table. “Do I make myself clear CT-5770,” Krell snapped over his shoulder.
 “Yes, sir,” Doc said, the hesitation still apparent in his voice.
 Krell threw a cold look over his shoulder as he stepped back, waiting for the transmission to begin. “Good.”
 Doc felt a shiver run down his back as he came to attention behind Krell. He took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves, afraid that the Jedi council would be able to sense his fear of them. Or worse, that Krell would be able to sense his unease about his presence alone.
 “Incoming transmission from Coruscant, sir.”
 “Put it through.”
 Nine blue figures suddenly appeared on the table and Doc’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise before he catches himself and returns to a neutral face.
 They don’t look anything like Doc had imagined them. All of them are wearing soft looking robes with their hands resting gently in front of them. Their lightsabers are tucked away, either out on a hip, or hidden within the fabrics they wear, far away from the hands that might wield them.
 They do not dress like warriors, not wearing any armor. Those that do only wear basic arm and leg guards.
 None of them look particularly threatening, especially considering that one is not even as tall as Doc’s knee.
 They all share the peaceful demeanor and kind eyes that one would find in the company of an old friend.
 “This can’t be right,” he thinks to himself. “This has to be some kind of trick to get me to slip up. Jedi aren’t kind.”
 Krell does a small bow. “Shall we wait for the other three members of the council to arrive, Master Yoda?”
 Doc once again has to keep himself from making a face when the small creature directly across from Krell speaks.
 “Masters Shaak Ti, Kenobi, and Billaba, busy they are with other matters. Hear your report without them, we will.”
 “That’s Grand Master Yoda? The head of the Jedi Council? The Jedi who leveled nearly one thousand battle droids by himself?”
 “Very well,” Krell said. “The mission was a success. The planet Castell is now under Republic control and a treaty has been drafted for the mining resources that the planet possesses. They have also agreed to a Republic base being built there should we desire it.”
 The Jedi to the left of Master Yoda shifts. “Yes, however this battle did take longer than expected. This has set our timeline for the entire system back.”
 “I am aware, Master Windu.”
 “And, many casualties your battalion has suffered,” Yoda said gravely.
 “Yes,” Krell considered. “There were some… unforeseen circumstances that could not be avoided.”
 “Hmm. A new captain you have gained I see,” Yoda said as he gestured to Doc.
 Doc stiffened, the fear he had before returning to him.
 “Yes,” Krell said. “The previous captain was killed on this campaign.”
 “Hmm.” Yoda brought his hand up to his chin as he looked over Doc. “Step forward Captain.”
 Doc swallowed and stepped forward, his body never leaving attention as he stared directly in front of him.
 All the eyes of the council were on him. He could feel them looking over him, taking in everything that they could see of his fear filled body.
 “What is your name trooper?”
 “My designation is CT-5770, sir,” he replied stiffly, not turning his eyes away from directly in front of him to look at the Jedi who had addressed him.
 “Your name son,” came a different voice. It was soft and gentle, like the person it came from actually cared.
 Doc faltered slightly, turning toward the voice to face the Kel-Dor Jedi. “It’s- It’s uhh, Doc, sir,” he said cautiously before turning back to attention.
 “Please, at ease be Captain.”
 Doc looked back at Krell and was met with a neutral face, giving him no indication to stay at attention. Looking back at Yoda, he awkwardly shuffled into a stiff parade rest.
 “Captain Doc,”
 Doc’s eyebrows shot up at the sound of his name being said by someone other than his brothers before he quickly forced them back down, hoping that none of the Jedi noticed. All of them did.
 “Agree with Master Krell’s description of the battle, do you?”
 “Yes, sir,” he said without hesitation, his fear of disobeying Krell’s rules pulsing in the back of his mind.
 The council hesitated for a moment, all of the members on it exchanging quick glances before looking back at Doc.
 “I sense much fear in you Captain,” the Kel-Dor Jedi said lightly.
 Doc sucked in a breath, trying to quiet his mind.
 The Kel-Dor leans forward, pointing at Doc. “You mustn’t be afraid to tell us information that we may not be pleased to hear.”
 “Yes,” Yoda says. “Tell us the truth you must, so that better prepared we can be for future battles.”
 Doc swallows, looking between the three Jedi who look at him with questioning faces.
 “I do not fear telling you the truth Master Jedi,” he lies as he looks at each member of the council.
 “So then Captain, tell us,” Windu says. “Do you agree with Master Krell’s description of the battle?”
 Doc hesitates for a moment, looking back at Krell and seeing hard eyes staring back at him. He takes a deep breath, turning his attention back toward Master Windu.
 “Well… I…” He quickly looks down, before bringing his head back up high.
 The members of the council lean forward, urging him to finish his thought.
 “I do think that there were ways we could have avoided so many casualties had we tried… different strategies.”
 The Jedi all look at each other, nodding. “Then discuss that with your general, you will,” Yoda says.
 He looks at Krell, whose expression Doc cannot see. “A discussion with your new captain, you will have. Then reassess the information you give in reports, you will. A discussion with you, I will have at a later date. Talk about what you and your captain agreed on, we will.”
 Krell’s voice cuts through the tight tension that has taken over the bridge as the deck officers take turns staring at the meeting. “Yes, master.”
 “Very good.” Master Windu looks around at all of the Jedi, who give him a soft nod. “Your next assignment will be transmitted to you within a few days. In that time, you are to travel to Kamino to pick up your new troopers.”
 Windu nodded at Krell and then Doc. “May the Force be with you.”
 One by one, the blue images of the Jedi faded out until only Yoda remained. “Much fear there is in you young one,” he said as he pointed at Doc. “Know not what it is you fear, but learn to control it, you must. Yes.”
 Doc looks at the ground before looking back at Yoda, nodding his head. “I will try sir.”
 “You will. Of that, certain I am.” He gives one final smile to Doc, and then his image disappears.
 Doc steps back from the table and instantly spins around toward his general, frantically trying to apologize. “Sir, I am so sorry. I didn’t know that they would—”
 Doc yelps as a huge arm hits him hard across the face, sending him tumbling backwards onto the ground. His helmet clatters as it hits the ground and is sent flying across the floor.
 He can feel his left eye pulsing as blood rushes to the area that was hit. He looks up to see his general towering over him with rage filling his eyes and a snarl covering his face.
 “Sir, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to—”
 “You will stand at attention when you speak to me clone!” Krell’s voice booms out across the silent bridge.
 Every pair of eyes stares at him in fear, while breath is held in anticipation.
 Doc begins pushing himself off of the floor, sucking in a sharp breath. “Yes, sir,” he says meekly.
 He comes back to attention, looking up at the furious Jedi, before Krell’s left arm comes up to backhand Doc once again, sending him to the floor.
 “How dare you embarrass me in front of the council!”
 Doc begins standing up once again, trying to come to attention. “I’m sorry sir! I didn’t mean to—”
 He feels Krell’s fist on his face again before he can fully get up and is sent to the floor once again.
 “Consider this a warning clone,” Krell says, his voice a menacing growl. “You will learn your place. Understood?”
 Doc brings his hand to his lip as he slowly gets up. He pulls it away to see blood on his glove before pulling his hand down to come to attention. He looks up at Krell defiantly, his left eye already beginning to swell and obstruct his vision. “Yes, sir.”
 Krell looks around at the troopers on the bridge that have been staring at them with wide eyes. “Understood?”
 As quick as lightning, they all snap to attention before saying in unison, “Sir, yes sir!”
 With that, Krell turned and began storming out of the bridge, stopping just before he got to the door. He turned around walking back up to Doc and getting in his space. “I still expect those reports to be filled out on time, Captain.”
 “Of course, sir,” Doc says, keeping his voice level.
 He watches Krell leave before looking around at the shocked and terrified faces of his brothers. He sighs, bringing his hand back up to his bleeding lip. “It’s alright,” he says softly, trying to comfort them. “Everyone just try to get back to your work so that this day might end a bit better than it began.”
 He looks around, seeing all of the fear on his brothers faces as they silently turn back to their duties. None of them are much older than him. Maybe three of the men he can see are the same age as him, but the rest are all younger.
 He sighs, trying not to think about how terrified they must be. He needs to be strong for them like his brothers were for him when he first began the never-ending nightmare of serving in the 904th.
 “Lieutenant,” he says.
 “Yes, sir?”
 “I am going to go to the med bay. Could you have someone go to the captain’s quarters and bring the data pad here? I am going to work on the bridge once I am done.”
 “Of course, sir.”
 Doc gives a small smile. “Thank you.” He lowers his voice. “Have someone notify me once the General has returned to his quarters for the night cycle. Once it has been cleared with me, begin phase one of the geode protocol. Can you do that?”
 The lieutenant pulls back, his eyes lighting up slightly at the mention of the secret order. “Of course, sir.”
 Doc puts his hand on the trooper’s shoulder, giving it a small squeeze. “Thank you.” He began to walk out of the bridge, stopping to turn back toward the lieutenant. “Comm me if anything is needed. Got it?”
 “Yes, sir.”
 With that, Doc began his walk toward the medbay, his lip dripping blood onto his plain white armor the entire time.
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cummingforkylo · a year ago
Savage- Chapter Two (NSFW)
Read it on AO3
here we are, releasing chapter two of Savage...this one is fun if I do say so myself. Hopefully I can have chapter 3 up by the end of the week or next week sometime.
Tumblr media
Chapter Two- Thirsty 
Rating: Explicit, this Chapter is NSFW
CW: Crackfic, Rough sex, angry sex
Chapter Summary: Kylo learns all about thirst traps, and becomes enraged when he realizes that Reader appreciates all the tiktoks made about him. He feels she needs to be put in her place because of this.
Word Count: 2,877
Panic surged through you as you watched the confusion and fury mix on his face. Remnants of excitement from when you thought he was about to punish you for dancing like that on tiktok were still coursing through you and you were trying to recover and figure out what you were going to say, before you could think of hat to say he was speaking again,
“Answer me.” His voice was strained, his jaw clenched shut. You were surprised he actually managed to get the words out, but you knew you needed to answer him before he became more enraged.
“I…I’m n-not entirely sure why people do it.” You said, that was obviously not going to do so you immediately kept going, “B-but it’s kind of a trend on Tiktok…”
“To  talk about me!?” He snarled, his eyes were on your phone, staring at the still image of the video.
“Not just talking about you…people make videos of you looking um…particularly handsome? And thirst after you-“
“I want this destroyed, I want to get rid of it. How dare they!? Are you putting things out there?!” Kylo’s head snapped around towards you, his eyes boring into you.
“No!” You said honestly, “You can go watch all of my videos if you want, I don’t ever mention you!”
“But you watch them,” His eyes went from studying your face back down to the video on your phone. For someone who knew absolutely nothing about tiktok, he was picking up on it fast. He seemed to understand that you’d only get videos on your For You Page that involved things that you already interacted with. You swallowed,
“N-Not really, I just-“
“I want to see some of the other videos.” He told you. You were sure the shock shown on your face because he seemed to register it there, his eyes darting over your face. “Now.” He added. You swallowed and with shaking fingers tapped the tag “KyloRen” that accompanied the video he had just seen. You clicked one of the more popular ones and handed him the phone. You couldn’t stomach watching with him, you knew he was going to get upset, you knew he was going to be angry at you for knowing this existed and not showing him. You sat cross legged facing Kylo, deciding to watch him instead of the video. You listened to the audio, it was from a song and it just went, ”For you, I’ma let ya hit it for free.” And you knew without watching it was just a bunch of pictures of Kylo. Kylo stared at the video, his brows contracted and you watched as his upper lip quivered. The audio started again and he just stared at the video again,
“Swipe up to see the next-“
Before you finished he had scrolled and started the next video, it was a different song, a little darker sounding and it was obviously more pictures and videos of Kylo. He kept scrolling, his face got stonier, his eyes darker, they sparkled with dangerous and excited fury. It was the look he got when he fought, when he was turned on. Your heart hammered in your chest as you watched him look through the videos. He disapproved but at the same time…he liked it. You could read it all over his face.
“What does…thirst mean?” Kylo asked, looking up from your phone. How was this the same man who often ordered you onto your knees, who taught you the meaning of pleasure and laughed when he had found out you had never been fucked before?
“Yes!” he growled impatiently.
“Um…It means like…like if someone is thirsty for you it means they’re like…horny for you?” You explained. You watched his eyes grow wide and he stared at you, as if he was shocked that you knew what it had meant and he hadn’t.
“Did you learn that from this?” he asked, gesturing to the phone. You almost giggled, he sounded ridiculous, you managed to hold it back though. You didn’t want that bight sparkle in his eyes to fade, that would only leave the anger and that was when Kylo became actually dangerous. You shifted a little towards him, wanting to temper his anger even more.
“Maybe,” you said quietly, you reached out for the phone to try and take it out of his hand but he pulled it away from you.
“This,” he said, shaking the phone in his hand, “Is disgusting and disrespectful.” He said. “And you enjoy it, don’t you?” He asked, there was a heated note in his voice, a almost purr at the ends of the words that immediately lit something inside of you. Not only did it light the excitement inside of you, it also made you a little triumphant. You knew he had liked the videos, you had seen it in his eyes. His ego was properly stroked by the ones he saw and that was the best thing you could hope for coming out of this. You smiled a little and shook your head,
“No…I just happen to see them.”
“Don’t lie. Not only are you putting yourself onto the holonet for anyone to look at, you’re participating in a disgusting trend of trying degrade your Supreme Leader.” He said. Before you could argue with him anymore, his hand shot out and grabbed your jaw, he dragged you forward on the bed so you were on your knees in front of him. He was sitting and bending to be level with you. “Dirty girl.” He growled. You made a noise that was similar to a little,
“Unf,” as you half struggled to get out of his grip, for whatever reason, you always felt like you had to struggle a little with him, just to prove that you still would. His hand redoubled its grip on your face, his fingers digging into your jaw.
“If you’re so thirsty for me, I’ll let you get me off,” He said. Kylo’s eyes were mesmerizing when they were like this, they were the only thing about him that gave away the tiniest hint of how he was really feeling. It was always mixed emotions though. Anger and excitement went hand in hand, rage and hurt went together too. Passion and joy were rare but they were always together. Now, he was teetering on the edge of excitement and rage, he was actually angry but he was channeling it into his lust which was the best way he could handle it, in your opinion.“If you do a good enough job, I won’t punish you for being a nasty little whore,” He snarled. Learning to read his eyes and speech patterns had taken a lot of pain, a lot of trial and error but you had managed and now you knew how to react. You let out a nervous little whine and his lip twitched towards a smirk, “Get going, slut. You’ve got some work to do, you’re going to ride me.” Your heart dropped and your stomach clenched. The last time you had been on top you felt like it had been a disaster; he had gotten frustrated by how hard it was for you to get the motion, by how long it took you to take his cock because of how big it felt inside of you and ended up flipping you over to fuck you until you cried. Now, you were supposed to get him off, by the way it sounded, he wouldn’t be willing to do any of the work.
Get him off or be punished. Kylo fell back against the pillows and instantly your hands dropped to his trousers, undoing them, tugging them down, your fingers grazing over the prominent bulge there. He was already hard, and you were getting wetter by the second at the idea of climbing on top of him and sinking down. You tried not to think about how you needed to do a good job or face his punishment which could range from fun to cruel. You tugged desperately at his trousers until you managed to get them down, his cock springing free and laying thick and heavy across his belly. Your mouth actually started to water at the site and you had to take a deep breath to control yourself.
“Desperate, girl?” He asked.
“Y-yes, sir.” You managed.
“Get up here, then.” He said. Instead of immediately crawling on top of him you slipped off the side of the bed, standing next to it. Kylo looked at you, he was about to open his mouth and order you back there but you reached up under your dress and tugged your underwear down and he smirked.
“Take it all off.” He said. Your face flushed, of course you had to undress when he remained fully clothed. His big hand had wrapped around his own hard cock, rubbing it in slow, languid motions, as if getting it as hard and as big as it could possibly be for you. You heart was hammering with nerves. You hesitated for a half a beat and his lip twitched up, “Strip. I want you naked.” He said. You pulled your dress off over your head and let it drop to the ground, “Thats better. Thats the way I like you.” That purr in his voice seemed to vibrate through your body.  You put on knee on the bed beside his hip and swung your other leg over him, sitting up on your knees.
“You could move your hips in those videos, I want to see it now.” He egged you on. You knew you had to get going, he was going to get impatient so you took his cock in your hand. It always surprised you how thick it felt in your hand, how heavy it was. You wrapped your fingers around it and rubbed it, squeezing a little as you pumped your hand up and down. Carefully you positioned yourself over it, it was challenging because of how small you were compared to him and how big his cock was. Kylo’s hands found your hips and he helped you for a second, lifting your hips a little so you could line the tip of his dick up with your entrance. His eyes shot to yours, trapping you in his gaze for a moment, embarrassment and fluttering excitement filled you as he stared you down,
“You’re cunt is already dripping onto my cock already, you filthy girl.” He growled. “This should be easy for you.” His hands dropped from your hips and you inched yourself down on his cock. The swollen head spread your lips as it started to press into you. Your stomach contracted and you gasped as you took it inside. Your pussy was twitching around it, wanting more. You let out a little gasp, you started to take more of the length. Even after all this time, all the times he had bent you over and fucked you as hard as he could, he still felt huge inside of you. Every time you had sex, when he first penetrated you it felt like he had to loosen you up all over again. Kylo seemed to be thinking the same thing because his eyes had fluttered and he groaned around a clenched jaw,
“You’re pussy is always so fucking tight, exactly like the first time I fucked you every single time.” You couldn’t help but smile as you pressed yourself down farther.
“Feels…so good…so big,” you gasped as you finally took all of it and you sat astride him with his cock buried all the way inside of you. You reveled in the feeling of it for a moment, your cunt clenched involuntarily around his cock and you shuddered. Kylo grunted and jerked his hips forward,
“Fuck,” he breathed, “This isn’t about you, whore. I want to see you bounce on my cock. Go.” He ordered and you started to rock your hips, moving them back and forth. It felt so good you wanted more, you wanted his fingers on your clit and you wanted to feel him rocking his hips into you but you knew it was up to you to get the feeling you needed so you moved your hips forward and back.
“Good girl,” he breathed, you blushed  at the compliment. Hearing those words spilling out of his mouth made you melt. You leaned forward a little, lifting your hips off his cock and then lowering them again. Kylo’s cock dragged out of you and then you brought yourself back down.
“Oh! Stars!” it felt so good like that, his hands reflexively grabbed at your hips, his fingers melting into your flesh.  You pushed back on his chest, your small hands splaying over the large spanse of his pale skin and you used it as leverage, bouncing up and down on his cock. Your tits bounced with each of your movements and his eyes were on you, he looked pleased with himself and he smirked as he saw you notice. He reached up and cupped your tits, his thumbs running over your hardened nipples. You shivered as he squeezed your breasts, pointer finger rand thumb closing over your nipple, twisting until you gasped with pain. Your face was red with need, with embarrassment and exertion.
“K-kylo!” You gasped, “Feels…so…oh stars!” You moaned. His smirk dropped from his face as he heard your moan,
“Don’t you fucking dare cum, slut.” He growled.
“I…i can’t- Oh…yes…” You didn’t think you’d actually come but before you could get another word out his arm had wrapped around your waist and flipped you over so you were on your back and he was over you.
“No, no, no, no!” you whined in frustration, wanting to stay on top, wanting to get him off like he had asked.
“Too late.” He growled. Kylo shoved himself all the way inside of you again, knocking the wind out of you. You gasped and he slammed himself into you, you could feel his huge cock stretching you open, pummeling against your cervix. You whined and threw your head back, gasping for breath.
“I wasn’t going to cum..I wasn’t-“ your voice sounded strangled and whiny. Kylo’s big hand covered your mouth,
“You were. I could hear it in your voice. You don’t even know your own body the way I do.” He growled. He grunted and pumped himself in and out, over and over. You could feel him tensing up, he was going to cum and it wouldn’t be because you had done what you were supposed to. You were bound to get punished for it. Maybe not now, but sometime soon. Kylo thrust himself deep inside of you and you could feel his cock spasm inside of you. You could feel the heat of his cum filling you and you gasped. He stayed inside of you for a moment and then slowly pulled away and lay back against the bed, his chest heaving. Everything was quiet for a while and you lay there, wishing you could ask for me, wishing you had the guts to ask if you’d be punished.
Only a couple hours later Kylo was putting his boots back on, readying himself to leave. He had slept ever since he had finished and now he was off to train again. This was how he was, only sleeping for a few hours at a time. You were watching him.
“Did you sleep at all?” he asked in a flat voice, like he didn’t necessarily care if you had.
“A little.” You mumbled.
“You should sleep now. I’ll be back later.” He glanced towards the door. You smiled to yourself, running your fingers over the blanket.
“To punish me?” You asked, your eyes snapping up to look at him.  It was a dangerous game to play, he hadn’t punished you immediately so you thought maybe you had gotten away with it. He stiffened for a moment and then turned back to you,
“Don’t test me.” He warned. You cocked an eyebrow and shrugged.
“Will you be in a tiktok with me?” You asked suddenly, another surefire way to test his nerves.
“What?” he asked, pausing as he picked up his gloves off of the table.
“We’d get so many views I think tiktok would explode if you were in a video with me, it could be anything you’d like. I could teach you a dance.” You suggested. He stared at you like you had gone completely insane.
“You’re fucking joking.” He said. You shrugged, still going from playing with a little bit of string on the blanket to looking at him and then back again. “There is no way. Not in this galaxy or any other.” He said. You watched him stomp towards the door but you noticed him glance back at you and there it was, the playful glint in his eyes, the smirk that played over his lips that  was reserved for only you. It disappeared a second later as he put his mask on and he marched out the door, leaving you alone with nothing but tiktok for entertainment.
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mother-snake · a year ago
self-destruction pt.1
(welcome to a new series! this will be angsty... but thats to be accepted by now...) tags: @idkanameatall warnings: self-hurt, crying, tears. general angst thrown out the window words:4646 next: n/a
-janus wakes up to a voice in his head he hasnt heard since the day he was created. things can only go down hill from there, cant they?-
She asked me, "Son, when I grow old, Will you buy me a house of gold? And when your father turns to stone, Will you take care of me?"
Nothing had been okay for a while. And no one had realised how much it had been affecting a certain side. the split… Virgil leaving… Remus leaving…
And now he was alone. Something he wished he never was. it had hurt to wake up each morning and make breakfast, only to call on Remus to remember that he was gone. he didn’t know how long he cried when the deep green door wasn’t in its place. The three dark sides had promised each other that no one would be left behind… yet… here he was.
Alone, cold and done. The lines on his arms showing the pain that seemed to break over the surface. maybe that’s why it hadn’t been such a surprise when he woke up late one day, a heavy weight draping over him.
He had laid there for a while before standing up to at least make himself look presentable despite the fact no one was there… old habits die hard.
And when he looked into the mirror. He had been surprised. His once shiny brown hair was duller, grey streaks mixed in, making him look like he had aged years over night. even his scales had matched his grey hair, just darker… his eye was still yellow. Just duller.
He stared at his reflection curiously. Reaching up and running his had along his scales. He flinched as he felt how cold they were. Not warm like they used to be. But now ice cold.
Then he froze in place. A small voice. One he had not heard since the day he was created. But it had stuck with him. And it spoke something that sent a shiver down his back.
“I’m sorry self-destruction,”
And just like that…it was gone.
Had that really been what had happened… had his core shifted? Become something new? this… wasn’t like a split. He would have known if there was one present. Anyone would have.
A weak smile grew on his face. he truly had changed. There was no way the others could trust him when he looked even more like a villain.
he looked around his room. Nothing had changed much to his confusion. Everything was still bright yellow and pitch black.
His eyes landed on his hat. He walked over and picked it up. he brought it up to his chest and held it tight. it was a gift. From the one person who hadn’t deliberately left him. The one gift he had ever gotten… and it had been from Romulus.
He placed it back on his vanity. It was time to retire the hat… things were changing. And maybe it was time to start from fresh. Completely.
“just listen to me!” he jumped at the voice that screamed in his head with such agony. this… was Logan’s voice? What?
He felt himself sinking down before he knew what was happening. Drawn like a moth to a flame. His mind reeling from the sudden noise and overwhelming sensation of sadness that had swept over him.
When he arrived. he had been rather surprised. He was in Logan’s room. The walls covered in graphs and papers. It was bigger than his room. Almost double.
His eyes landed on a figure hunched over at a desk. The light sound of tears made his heart ache. But… that was it. he didn’t seem to care as much as he used to. Maybe it was the lack of feeling in his chest.
“Logan?” he said. the logical side seemed to tense at the spoken word. “Logan, are you alright?” Janus said as he made his way over, trying to avoid knocking over the several towers of books.
Logan took a breath and looked over to where the deceitful side was. he blinked and rubbed his eyes… what the… what had happened?
He wasn’t sure what to focus on really.
His hair, scales, eye or the thin lines on his arms that were scabbed and fading. “Janus… what happened to you?” he said as he stared at the other. “that’s not why I’m here,” Janus stated coldly, sending a shiver up Logan’s spine, “I want to know if you’re alright.”
“I… I am fine Janus, I assure you?” “really then?” he said as his lips twitched up, “so you’re not bothered by the fact the others wont listen to you then?”
Logan froze as he turned back to his computer. “what?” his head snapped over to look at the other.
“you’re being ignored by everyone… and its causing you stress. But instead of facing it, you’re over working yourself,” Janus stated. “why do you care deceit,” he spat back. “one, that’s not my title… two because I care. If Thomas’s logic burned himself out due to over working, things could get bad. That and despite the fact you say you have no emotions; there you were not just five minuets ago crying due to the others not listening and messing up the schedule.”
Logan was at a loss for words. He glared at the snake. “falsehood,” he said as he stood up, “im logic. Emotions don’t matter to me. they only get in the way. if this is an attempt to make me join the dark side, I suggest you leave.” he glared at the other. Anger boiling in his chest.
“go talk to the others,” Janus muttered as he cast his eyes away, “tell them that they are making you work over time. That’s all I want to say.”
The small smile was replaced with a blank stare. And he was gone just as quickly as he had come. leaving a puzzled Logan in place. Wondering one thing. what had he meant by deceit no longer being his title…
She asked me, "Son, when I grow old, Will you buy me a house of gold? And when your father turns to stone, Will you take care of me?"
 Janus sunk to his knees when he arrived back in his room. Silent gasps filled the air as tears poured from his eyes. he thought that maybe Logan would be able to see past all he had done. Think logically about why he was there in the first place.
He guessed wrong. And the words that had fallen out of Logan’s mouth were like knives to his soul. He would be telling the truth when he said that it had taken so much energy not to break down at his words then and there.
Why had it hurt so much? was it because after several weeks of being alone, that was the first thing anyone had said to him? or was it because of his new core… he didn’t know. But he just wanted to stop crying.
 it had taken half an hour before he stopped crying. He moved himself off the floor and onto his bed. he laid sprawled out, weakly holding onto the blanket under him. Burying into the fluff and warmth.
Little to no energy left. The lack of sleep from the previous night getting to him, making it hard to keep his eyes open. soon he caved in, grasping onto the sleep.
Logan had been concerned, the more he thought about what Janus had said. and it was slowly getting to him. “Logan? Are you alright?” Patton asked.
Ah. He was just staring at his toast. Had he been so caught up in thought? “after breakfast I would like to talk to you all, if that’s alright. But I will have something to do first,” he sighed, slumping his shoulders. “of course! But may I ask why you’d like to talk to us dear nerd?” roman asked. “it’s about the schedule. With everything that keeps coming up I’m constantly trying to fix it. and at the minuet I don’t know how Thomas is going to get everything done,” “so you need help cutting some things out?” Virgil said as he took a sip from a purple cup. “basically… yes.” “no problem specks,” Virgil said as he shrugged his shoulders.
“anyways, where will you be going?” “ah… I will be visiting Janus later,” roman and Virgil froze at his words. “why?” roman said with a raised eyebrow. “he… was the one to bring up the fact I was burning myself out. I said some harsh things. I also have a question to ask him.”
The other four sides looked between each other with confusion and worry.
 He was outside Janus’s door sooner than he would have liked. But he was okay with that. Patton had sent him away with a box of cookies for the snake. Worried about him as they hadn’t spoken since the Lilly-Patton incident. he unconsciously rubbed his neck.
He sent three sharp knocks on the door. But much to his surprise, the movement had pushed the door open, the deceitful side must not have closed the door properly.
He nudged it open just enough to peek inside. A sharp pain filled his heart as he saw Janus sprawled on the bed that sat in the furthest corner of the room. another thing he realised was just how cold it was. like an icy blanket that covered the entire room.
He entered cautiously, placing the tub of cookies down by Janus’s hat. he looked over to the sleeping side with worry. He had never seen him looking so peaceful. It was kind of worrying truthfully.
He summoned a blanket and draped it over Janus, hoping it would keep him warm for now. he reached into his pocket. A small sorry letter he had written in case Janus wasn’t in. but sleeping was also another reason he hadn’t thought about.
He placed it at the end of the bed. Hoping the other would find it when he woke up. and if he didn’t, that wouldn’t stop him from apologising in person. he knew when he was wrong about something. And he knew he was wrong to say the things he had.
I will make you queen of everything you see, I'll put you on the map, I'll cure you of disease.
He had been surprised when he was slowly waking up. something warm was covering him like the worlds best hug. He would be lying if he said he didn’t pull it further over himself.
But as he slowly woke up, he cracked his eyes open and almost broke. He stared at the blanket that was covering himself only to see the deep blue colour. Logan had been here?
He sat up quickly, scanning his room quickly to see if the side was there. Not to his surprise… he wasn’t there. his alarm clock told him he had been asleep for a while. Lunch rolling around the corner soon.
He pulled the blue blanket over his shoulders and tied the ends like a cape. He forgot how cold he was for a couple seconds.
He looked over to his hat, a small plastic box sitting next to it. a small part of him thought he was asleep. There was no way that a light side would willingly come over… right?
He picked up the container and opened it up. chocolate chip cookies stared back at him. yes… he was definitely still asleep. There was no other way this was happening. Yeah… he would wake up in a couple seconds and he would be alone once again. None of this would be here.
He sighed and reached into the box, pulling out a cookie. a tiny smile formed on his face. he knew Logan couldn’t cook. So, there was a high chance that it was Patton’s or romans cooking.
He placed it back into the box and closed it over. But he held the container in his hands a little longer before placing it down.
Any warmth that had filled him before seemed to dull down as he realised that despite everything. He was still alone. For all he knew they were doing this to keep him away for a while longer…
“why can’t I do anything right!” the voice yelled in his mind. this one he could tell was Patton’s.
He sighed. Today was going to be a long day. He could already tell. he snapped his fingers and changed out of his pyjamas and into something else.
Black dress pants and a yellow button up. his caplet draped over his shoulders. Logan’s blanket still tied around himself like a cape.
And soon he found himself sinking down.
Let's say we up and left this town, And turned our future upside down. We'll make pretend that you and me, Lived ever after happily.
Janus arrived in the light side’s kitchen. Patton stood staring at the wall. he let out a cough, grabbing Patton attention almost immediately. “oh! Hello Jan- “he cut himself off as he looked at the snake with shock, “you…seem to have changed quite a bit there,”
Janus simply rolled his eyes, not as bothered as he felt he should have been by morality’s words. “anyways… I came to ask if you were okay,” he moved himself over to Patton's side.
“I’m… I’m okay kiddo,” Patton said, plastering a fake smile on his face.
Janus returned the smile with a blank look on his face,” that’s a lie. Isn’t it?” he sighed. “I don’t know what you mean?” “you’re bottling it up. you feel like you keep hurting those around you with everything you do,” Janus felt like such a hypocrite, “and you feel like you’re driving them away in the process. Am I wrong?”
Patton felt tears pricking his eyes as he looked at Janus. “what do I do?” he said, “I don’t want to lose them…”
Janus stayed silent. His face scrunched up in thought. His fingers rapped over the counter. “I don’t know truthfully… but maybe you should just confront it head on. Don’t skirt around the issue…” don’t do what I did, that’s what he meant.
Patton looked at him with a sad smile. “would you like to join us for lunch Janus?” he said as he rubbed his eyes, getting rid of the tears that messed with his vision. “as much as I’d love to, I know roman and Virgil wouldn’t want me there,” he said sadly. Patton could feel the small amounts of sadness coming from him. But it was blocked off by something else. As if it was being hidden by something else. Whatever it was, he couldn’t sense it. “well, if you change your mind, you’re welcome to join us.”
Janus gave a weak smile in Patton's direction and turned to leave but froze as he saw who was standing at the door.
Virgil glared at him but he could see the confusion in his eyes. “why are you here deceit,” he growled. “one, that’s not my title any more. And two… Patton simply needed some assistance. I was happy to help,” he said, keeping his eyes of the anxious side.
“excuse me?” Virgil said startled, “what the hell do you mean deceit isn’t your title anymore?” Janus shifted uncomfortably under the gaze of the other. “you can call me self-destruction from now on,” he said coldly, glancing up an connecting his eyes with the purple of Virgil’s.
Neither side knew what to say at what the now self-destruction side had said. This was new. sure, there had been splits… but never a full core change… “Janus…” Patton said as he took a step closer. “don’t,” Janus said, holding a hand up. Patton stopped walking towards Janus. His concern for the side growing even more.
Virgil didn’t know what to do, he just stood there dumbfounded. This was the last thing he had been expecting. Okay sure, he had been startled when he saw Janus’s new look. but this… his title shifting to something new. something like that? he didn’t know what to do. And he didn’t like not knowing things…
“how long,” Virgil said as he stared at the snake. “only this morning… no one else knows,” Janus said.
They shifted uncomfortably for a couple more seconds. “well… if you don’t mind, I think it would be best if I left for now,” Janus said, making his way over to the door Virgil had been blocking.
“no,” the anxious side said, “we don’t know what you can do now. How do we know if you wont effect Thomas,” he said staring at Janus. “please, you didn’t care about me before, why change that now?”
Virgil felt his chest tighten at the words spoken by Janus. “as much as I hate to say it… Virge has a point. With a new title… you will have to learn new things about yourself. And having people around might help,” he said carefully, trying to block out the words Janus had previously spoken.
“just let me go,” he muttered, swaying as he stood as still as possible. “Janus are you- Janus!” Patton yelled as he caught the side who had toppled over.
Janus was unconscious before he heard Patton yell his name.
Virgil was by their sides in seconds. Panic spreading through his veins. “Janus… Janus,” he said as he shook the snake, hoping to wake him up. “he’s like ice!” Patton said as he jerked his hand away from his head.
“get the others and tell them that Janus will be staying with us for a while,” Patton said as he picked Janus up bridal style. Trying his best not to shiver under the coldness of the others skin.
She asked me, "Son, when I grow old, Will you buy me a house of gold? And when your father turns to stone, Will you take care of me?"
Virgil gave a sharp nod before bolting out the room and making his way to the bedroom hallway. the first door he came to was Logan’s. he pounded on the door, hoping it would startle Logan out of his work. he heard shuffling on the other side before his door creaked open. Logan looked at Virgil rather surprised.
“get your ass down stairs,” Virgil said before shooting of to the twins shared room and pounding on the door in a hurry.
The door opened on its own and he flung the door open irritably. “get your asses down stairs, now,” he said as he looked at the twins who seemed startled by his sudden appearance, most likely thinking he was Patton.
But non the less they both stood up and made their way down the stairs after Virgil and a rather confused Logan. the three of them got closer to the living room. The sound of shuffling and Virgil pacing was all they could hear until they reached the room.
Patton was draping a blanket over something on the couch as Virgil moved something, placing a pillow underneath. and as the three of them got closer. They stopped moving.
“Janus,” Logan said before making his way over to the other two sides. he knelt down next to the unconscious side, “what happened?” he asked looking at the moral side. “we don’t know, we were talking and he started to sway before falling unconscious. I managed to catch him before he hit the ground, but he’s so cold. Almost like ice,” Patton muttered.
Logan reached his hand and placed it gently on the sides head. Patton was correct. He was cold as ice. “keep him wrapped up in the blankets,” he said before turning to the twins, “can one of you come with me to Janus’s room? I need to check something out from earlier,” he said as he stood up. “oh, and Virgil. Go into my room and get the medical box from under the bathroom sink. His arms need to be covered,”
Virgil stared at Logan, “what do you mean by that specks,” he whispered. even Remus who was normally loud and yelling, his eyes glazed over at his words, “he said he stopped…” he whispered horrified.
“ill come with you then dear nerd, we shall be back soon,” he said as he sunk out with Logan not too far behind.
I will make you queen of everything you see, I'll put you on the map, I'll cure you of disease.
 Logan and roman appeared in Janus’s room. The first thing roman did was curse under his breath at how cold it was. “no wonder he was so cold specks… his rooms colder than the artic!” “but why…” Logan said as he began to look around.
The room was much smaller than his own. But it was much more cluttered. A wall of trophies Thomas had won sat high and on display. musical posters and photographs hung the walls. a bookshelf sat facing Janus’s bed. Filled to the brim with books on philosophers and snakes.
Then his eyes landed on something. A small leather-bound book that looked far older than anything on the book case. “roman,” he said, causing the side to look up from his position, looking in a small wooden box. he made his way over as Logan removed the book. it didn’t take too long for him to realise what he was holding. “looks like a diary,” he muttered.
What had caught roman was the symbol printed into the front. One he hadn’t seen in on much. but knew all to well. “why does he have Romulus’s diary?” he said to himself, but it didn’t go unheard by the other in the room.
“no… its Janus’s,” he said as he flicked through the pages, “each one was signed of by Janus. Not Romulus- wait look here,” he said.
The hand writing and use of pen had changed from black to a multi coloured one. Red and green ink swirling on the page. he read over what was written.
They re read what was written. Guilt seemed to flood into them as the read it over and over again. had Romulus and Janus been that close that… oh god… a sick feeling laid planted in romans chest. he didn’t know much about the person he had split from. But he knew that Janus had always played a part in his past. He thought that maybe he had been the cause of the split.
Not that Romulus split on purpose in hopes to better balance out the mind scape for everyone’s sake. Maybe… he would discuss his plan with his twin later. “we should keep looking. And if we don’t find anything… we can put it down to his core shifting and messing with his room,” Logan said; he only getting a nod in response.
Ohhhh... And since we know that dreams are dead, And life turns plan’s up on their head, I will plan to be a bum, So I just might become someone.
Janus needed to stop falling asleep. He was going to mess with his sleep schedule. he noticed three things as he began to wake up for the third time that day. one, he was warm. Not Logan’s blanket, just keeping out the cold. This was full on Patton hug level of warmth. second was the smell of cookies that hung in the air. It was comforting to some extent. Only he knew he hadn’t done any cooking in a long time. third was that he was lying on something soft. His bed had always been stiff and hard. This, he was able to melt into like putty.
He didn’t want to move. He was perfectly fine being here for the rest of eternity. but he was curious as to where he was. so despite his body complaining against waking up, he tried his best to crack his eyes open. A bright light filled his vision, causing him to et out a small hiss of pain.
Then noise filled his ears, the sounds of people shouting and moving filled his head as he finally got his eyes open. he didn’t expect to see all the light sides surrounding him.
“Janus! Are you alright?” Patton asked. he didn’t know what to do. His mind ran at several miles an hour, a light panic setting into his chest as he realised how close they were to him.
Virgil seemed to know the look on Janus’s face, “everyone back away, you’re crowding him. He’s already starting to panic,” he said as he shuffled away slightly.
The others followed suit as they realised Janus was indeed internally panicking. they waited a couple minutes before Patton turned to Logan who gave him a quick nod. He stood up and made his way out of the room. “sorry,” Janus muttered as he bowed his head down. “it’s alright Jannie,” Remus said as he smiled at Janus.
He looked around the room once again. Still confused as to why they weren’t being hostile as before… “what happened?” he asked as he looked at them. Virgil shifted uncomfortably, grabbing Janus’s attention, “you fell unconscious after I confronted you in the kitchen. Patton caught you before you hit the ground,” he said, keeping his eyes away from Janus.
The room fell quiet. But it wasn’t bad… it felt calm. “well, should I put a movie on in the mean time?” roman asked everyone. “I have no quarry with that,” Logan said as he adjusted his glasses. “same here princy,” Virgil said. “sure thing bitch,” Remus said punching his twins arm getting a wince in response.
Janus nodded, moving his hand to rub his arm before looking down, realising he wasn’t touching his coarse skin. Once again, he felt himself freeze in place. They had seen them…
Well he was fucked. “Janus- “he looked up from his arms and towards roman. “is there anything you’d like to watch?” Janus didn’t respond, he only looked at roman before casting his eyes back to his wrists.
It was at that moment Patton entered the room with a bowl of soup. He gave it over to the grey scaled side with a smile. “you missed lunch and dinners still a while away, I thought you might get hungry,” he said cheerfully.
He held the bowl staring at it for a couple seconds. The soup seemed to ripple for a couple seconds. And it was then that he realised he had begun to cry. a pair of hands moved the bowl from him and someone wrapped him up in a hug. That only seemed to make him cry harder despite the fact he had clung onto the person.
“I’m sorry,” he hiccupped as tears continued to pour. he tried to stop crying, but the tears continued to pour despite his best efforts. “it’s okay Janus, you’ve been too strong for a long time, its our turn to return the favour,” Virgil whispered into his ear. another several sets of arms wrapped around him to the best of their abilities.
She asked me, "Son, when I grow old, Will you buy me a house of gold? And when your father turns to stone, Will you take care of me?"
Things were far from fine. That was for sure. But in that moment… he knew why he was crying and it wasn’t from sadness or loneliness or the never-ending coldness that laid over his heart that slowly seemed to be filling up with something warm.
The tears were from the overwhelming love he felt the others giving him despite all he had done. the warm looks given his way. he didn’t deserve them. But it felt so nice.
I will make you queen of everything you see, I'll put you on the map, I'll cure you of disease.
He himself was by no means going to be okay for a long time… but this?
This was a start.
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crunchity-munchity · 11 months ago
Hi hello more gushing about the last dragon chronicles cuz I scrolled throught the entire tag and am not satisfied
I absolutly love how the series starts off as something cute with a touch of magic and then slowly turns more and more intense and lore filled untill you get to the absolutly amazing mind fuck that is the last two books, and I mean multiple dimensions time travel and pretty much anything else you can think of its so incredibly amazing!
I remember when I was in 6th grade I decided to try and finish the series so I picked up where I had left off and read the 5th book called Dark Fire. Dark Fire was so good it immediately became my favorite and I cannot tell you how much I've re read the ending, the unicorn, the dragon coming out if the ground, the fight, the last part with Gadzooks! Its so cool! (I even have fanart lmao)
Dark Fire remained my fave for quite some time and then I checked out the last two at my library and HOLY SHIT!! So fucking cool it absolutly blew my child mind the last two books are so incredibly good im restraining myself from spoiling everything cuz I can talk about them for hours!! I also just remembered that I had this assignment once (idk if it was for school or smthn) but it was where I had to draw my idea of the perfect place to live (it could be anything I wanted), so I drew the very very tall library from Fire Assending (?? I think thats the one its from)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here's what it looks like! I never finished it, also on the back i wrote a bunch of the characters names from memory lol
This also reminds me that I have a shrinky dink Keychain that I made around that time of the firebirds but I cant get to it right now sadly
Side note, I found the fanart that I made of Dark Fire! I already made a separate post about it but I figure I should add it here too
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading! Sorry this is so long I just really wanted to talk about this series a little cuz I love it so much and its so cool!
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stayarmytinyzenmoa-l · 9 months ago
Important Asks/Interesting Theories
Beware, this post is filled with spoilers for Zemblanity! Read after you’ve finished the main series, as it’s constructed so that everything makes sense in the end. But if you’re still curious or confused, here’s the guide you need!
Be sure to look at the date of when any of the asks were posted before you send me a new one saying ‘but this isn’t possible because [insert reasoning here]’ especially for the theories. I tried to put a ‘Prior to’ section for all of them but yeahhhhh just check the dates.
So these were originally individual asks on my blog but I got rather lazy to reblog and tag everything (and I’m kind of afraid of hitting the post limit again), so I’ll just type them out here.
Tumblr media
Table of Contents so You Don’t Have to Keep Scrolling:
Asks About Zemblanity in Case You Are Confused
Confused about the timelines?
So if TL8 Ten and TL9 Ten merged that means they have the same memories and behaviors? That’s why he remembered to save (Y/N)?
Does jumping from timeline to timeline affect Sector V? For all timelines is there only one Sector V?
So why are (Y/N)’s dreams a thing?
Can you explain the whole TL8 Ten getting sent back to TL9 and everything that resulted?
So why does Kunhang want to drown the system?
So is Yangyang actually in love with (Y/N) or is it just infatuation?
[Not an Ask] Regarding the Dream Sequences in Zemblanity
Interesting Theories About Zemblanity
{Prior to TWN4} Mark Lee is the True Culprit (Personal Favorite of Mine)
{Prior to TIR0} Maybe Yangyang is the best friend in Ch. 4’s dreams…
{Prior to TIR1} Maybe Xiaojun is the best friend in Ch. 4’s dreams…
{Prior to TIR2} Maybe (Y/N) and Ten coming up to the moon in 2004 was a lie?
{Prior to TIR4} Maybe (Y/N)’s dreams aren’t hers and she’s living through someone else’s memories?
{Prior to TIR4} Hendery might have gotten into an accident that involved severe burns…
{Prior to TIR5} Xuxi’s definitely the man in Chapter 2’s dream sequences
{Prior to Chapter 5} Xiaojun knows everything
{Prior to Chapter 5} Xiaojun is the man in the Newton’s Cradle dream
{Prior to TWN5} Hendery definitely has D.I.D.
{Prior to Chapter 6} The Dream Guy in Chapter 5 is Hendery
{Prior to Chapter 6} The Multiple Timeline Theory (Note that many people contributed to these so they may not be consistent)
{Prior to Chapter 7 and TWN6} The Matrix Theory
{Prior to Chapter 7’s Release} Maybe Xiaojun’s the Inmate in TIR6
{Prior to Chapter 8’s Release} The inmate from 2022 (mentioned in TIR6 and TIR8) is Ten
Special Questions
So, what happened to the 2004 Flight Records?
Who was the eighth inmate who killed himself?
Tumblr media
Asks About Zemblanity in case you are confused
Confused about the timelines?
Q: Hi, i hope you get this question because it's the first time I'm asking something on Tumblr (I've been here for like a month or so 😅). And I hope I don't annoy with this question or maybe someone asked this already but what about the TL6? Chapter 8 honestly got me so confused that I locked up who belongs to which Timeline and I think we got like 9? TL1-5 is Kun, Xuxi, Xiaojun, Sicheng, Hendery. TL7 is Yangyang and TL8&9 is Ten because they got merged??
A: Hi there!! Welcome to tumblr! I’m honored to be your first ask, love ❤️ Also, fear not, asks never annoy me, I’m actually quite fond of them, because if one person is a bit confused, chances are others are too. Plus, I love to hear from my readers! No one has asked yet, so I don’t mind answering your question! To break it down, the timelines are as follows:
TL1 - Kun TL2 - Xuxi TL3 - Xiaojun TL4 - Sicheng TL5 - Guanheng (Hendery/Kunhang) TL6 - Ten (inmate Ten from TL8) TL7 - Yangyang TL8 - The events prior to Zemblanity, Sector V is established, all 7 members of WayV are inmates. Ten has memories from both TL6 and TL8 TL9 - Main Zemblanity timeline. TL8 Ten is sent back in time within the Warden’s lifespan and merges with TL9 Ten as a result, he loses his memories and starts life again from the age 8 and retains memories from TL9 Ten up to that point.
So technically Ten has been through three timelines (6, 8, 9) Good for him.
So if TL8 Ten and TL9 Ten merged that means they have the same memories and behaviors? That’s why he remembered to save (Y/N)?
Q: question questiooon hehe did tl8 ten and tl9 ten merged?? Like their memories and behavior?? Thats why he remembered to save (y/n) and yet has a different behavior?
A: Yeah basically.
When the Warden sent Ten back during his (the Warden’s) lifetime, Ten ended up replacing TL9’s Ten, or merging, as you called it. Luckily due to Ten’s lack of memories of TL8 it wasn’t a horrible merge, and it allowed him to grow up completely differently than he did in TL8. I’d say that he just wanted to save (Y/N) cuz bestie things, but maybe there was a hidden subconscious feeling of “I must protect this girl with my life”
I could be wrong, but I think I once mentioned how (Y/N) felt that Ten was rather overprotective of her.
Does jumping from timeline to timeline affect Sector V? For all timelines is there only one Sector V?
Q: another question hehe so jumping from timeline to timeline and changing things doesnt affect sector v?? Like for all timelines there is only 1 sector v?? As in it merges all timelines??
A: [I kind of worded this one weirdly in the original post, so let me rewrite it a little] 
How I wrote it in my outline, verbatim, is “Due to Sector V being a locating where neither time nor reality follow their set laws, it remains independent of the other timelines, this allows people of other timelines to be able to walk amongst each other without dire consequence. Although it may sometimes pick up on rifts within the timelines closest to it.”
Amendment: So basically it is entirely possible for another to exist, as long as their timelines aren’t right next to each other (as in there aren’t too many major events, or even small choices that overlap or are similar within both timelines).
Amendment: But when someone, in this case Ten, who is closely linked to the Sector is purposely messing with people who are associated with it (since he was jumping into timelines the inmates were in), this causes the rifts in the Sector.
So why are (Y/N)’s dreams a thing?
Q: OH. so the dreams y/n got while inside the sector were caused by ten jumping thru the timelines??? i guess that would explain why the very last ones she had were of ten in that dark ass room..... but now i cant stop thinking abt how yangyang keeps trying to kill xiaojun because he probably did kill his timeline's xiaojun and now i wanna know yy's story
A: I originally answered this one prior to the story being finished, so allow me to amend this one too.
Yup yup! Our boy royally FUCKED up the timelines.
Amendment: I based this off of the old saying that Dreams are windows to other versions of ourselves, past, present, future, other dimensions, etc. Basically, Ten was trying to merge the timelines enough to get into one of these dreams to communicate with (Y/N), but by the time he succeeded he ended up ripping the fabric of time enough so that (Y/N) was able to talk to the other inmates long before she even got trapped in the Sector.
Also, since this ask spoke about the dreams, the dreams are direct reflections of that inmate’s state of mind. Do with that what you will.
Can you explain the whole TL8 Ten getting sent back to TL9 and everything that resulted?
Q: my brain hurts 🤠 so serial killer ten was sent back in time (and to another timeline?) and had his memories erased... and then he jumped thru timelines to get back to a time before y/n died.... so he can help y/n get out..... 🤠 i'll just go listen to domino on repeat call me when yall are done killing poor y/n HSNSJSJ
A: Time is such a kunfusing kuncept (😀) but that’s pretty much it yeah. If you want the full thing…
So Ten was sent back in time, however in order to keep some events of the timeline (in this case the Sector, the Station, etc.) the Warden sent him back to a time during his lifetime and due to some timey wimey bull shit this not only caused Ten to lose his memories but also caused him to become significantly younger. Hence why he and (Y/N) have memories of them being younger, because they actually did grow up together. 
Later in the story, Ten did travel to six different timelines, all in order to establish that side effect connection that results from fucking with the timelines to get in contact with (Y/N), all of which were both unsuccessful and resulted in (Y/N) being linked to the inmates instead (hence the dreams). The original plan was for him to establish a stable connection with (Y/N) since the server in the Sector is blocked and nearly impossible to get into from the outside and tell her how to get out from there, but we all saw how that ended up 🙃
So why does Kunhang want to drown the system?
Q: “So it’s safe to say that it is this alter who I see trying to drown the body.” IM SCREAMING- WHO IS TRYING TO DO W H A T?! OOOH. WOW. I-
A: The definition of a persecutor, to put it in simple terms, is a “misguided protector.” They typically hold the more traumatic memories of the body that the other alters or the host don’t. Often times the persecutors see it as it’s them against the system (in this case Kunhang against the other alters), and they see things as “oh, the abuser can’t do this to me if I do it myself” then it gets worse from there. Often times they punish the body (and by extension the other alters) by making them relive the trauma. (Note that it’s very rare for Persecutors to take their anger out on other people, it happens, but it’s rare, often times the rage is turned against the system)
So knowing that it’s Kunhang who forces the body to drown…. do with that what you may.
Amendment: In greater context of the story it’s explained in his ending that he was kidnapped and held for ransom by the rivaling kingdom and upon his return it was discovered that he developed DID while in captivity.
Of course through therapy they can be taught that what they’re doing is wrong, which is what we see through Kunhang present day. But yeahhhhhhh
Poor Guanheng :(
So is Yangyang actually in love with (Y/N) or is it just infatuation?
Q: So is Yangyang actually in love with her or is it just infatuation? Ik you said you've changed it a lot but still,,, also the way the only named connections towards Yangyang are "avoid at all costs", "weirded out", and "doesn't want to die" is both scary and amusing
A: When I first drafted Zemblanity (yes there is a first draft that you guys will likely never see) it was pure, unabashed infatuation. In the first draft I actually planned for each inmate to have a certain type of complex (god complex, father complex, etc.) but I figured the topic was both too information loaded and delicate to write about accurately in a fanfiction (I’m already juggling enough with the mental disorders, I’m planning to minor in psychology so I’ve taken a few of the classes before, so I luckily have notes from there I can turn to, all I need is some brushing up) Yangyang’s complex involved him seeking the need for stability, so at the time it was indeed just pure infatuation with no feelings of actual love.
Now it’s a bit different, I can’t give you the full answer for obvious reasons, but I will say he does feel genuine love for (Y/N), and so do the rest of the inmates, there are a few things attached to that genuine love though, but then again who doesn’t have some strings attached. The only thing that separates love from infatuation are those extra things hanging on to the feelings, after all.
Amendment: So now that the series is over, I can explain in full detail. Basically it’s some form of guilt that Yangyang felt, which is explained in his ending. And it was also the need to get closure for how she died, a mix of both. His mental state has already been in disarray, so when (Y/N) showed up at the Sector I think it’s safe to say it wholly broke. And it became something of “I knew she was still alive.”
Also yeah that’s what happens when you’re tipsy and story boarding at the same time, you come up with interesting character relationships lol 😂
[Not an Ask] Regarding the Dream Sequences in Zemblanity
One would do well to distinguish which dream sequences happen real time and which ones happened in the past. In this case I’ll spell it out easy peasy, each dream sequence that is happening real time is linked by one deciding factor: Ten. Often times he’s in the background and is described as trying to tell (Y/N) something important, but she can’t understand him.
Otherwise, the dream sequence happened in the past with exception of Kun’s dream sequences in Chapter 1, which happened real time.
Tumblr media
Interesting Theories About Zemblanity
{Prior to TWN4} Mark Lee is the True Culprit (Personal Favorite of Mine)
Theory: Okay so like I know we're all tossing out Zemblanity theories but like consider this: Who was the one who was in charge of all the years? Who else do we know has access to a computer? Who else is associated to (Y/N). That's right. Mark Lee.
That’s it. Anon figured it out. I gotta rewrite all of Zemblanity now
I’m joking of course but this is TOO FUCKING FUNNY I 😂😂 YOU GUYS ARE SO CREATUVE
Was it Correct? As expected, no.
{Prior to TIR0} Maybe Yangyang is the best friend in Ch. 4’s dreams…
T: Lmaoo my theory is that YangYang was the best friend and whoever he murdered was the boyfriend of y/n. Hes severely mentally unstable so thats possibly why he is projecting the image of that person onto Xiaojun and why he hates him so much. Thats why he knows so much about y/n and why he had her locket.... he was also quite abusive to y/n. Maybe she had her memories of him erased somehow but he feels she abandoned him personally and thats why he tied her up??? Hmmm. Just a theory though
R: But that’s just a theory! A Zemblanity theory! Thanks for reading!
God I hope at least some of y’all get the reference
I will say, you’re not too far off the mark, but you’re not 100% there either. 👀
WIC? Not completely. They did get Yangyang being the best friend correct and that he murdered (Y/N)’s toxic boyfriend (who just happened to be Xiaojun). But that’s about it, and I applaud you on getting that close!
{Prior to TIR1} Maybe Xiaojun is the best friend in Ch. 4’s dreams…
T: OKAY HEAR ME OUT: I think is the case as to why Xiaojun and Yang² hate each other (apart from the theories I left under chp 4). I really think that Xiaojun was actually her best friend and that he helped her out of her relationship with Yang²... and I think Yang² said "he hurt her" cause hes lowkey delusional? And psychotic so he thinks everyone's put to get him. As for Ten, he needed to be her best friend since Xiaojun is an inmate WHICH IS WHY THERES NO RECORDS OF THE DAY SHE CAME TO THE MOON
R: Interesting theory, but like the others, not too far off the mark, but not quite there. Also the lack of records of the day she went to the moon, there’s a reason, but that’s not quite the reason, ahhh that’s confusing but it’s the only way I can say it without revealing too much.
Hint: Look back at the Warden’s Notes, I usually drop spoilers in them on accident and I just forget to delete it
WIC? Ah, Vicky, Vicky, Vicky, you’re gonna give me a run for my money some day. You were SO close I got scared, haha. But, sadly, incorrect. Yangyang was the best friend and Xiaojun was the toxic boyfriend. As for the records part, I thought I left enough evidence for y’all to figure out, but I suppose not.
{Prior to TIR2} Maybe (Y/N) and Ten coming up to the moon in 2004 was a lie?
T: maybe y/n and ten being brought to the moon when they were very little was a lie and thats why the records for 2004 arent there 🤡 im just a simple dumbass i'll just wait until someone smarter puts together a sound theory HSNSKS ALSO ALSO ateez concepts are always so cool i 😔🥺 always my faves
R: Awww but you’re plenty smart, love 🥺 the fact that you can put together even the smallest theory is amazing!!!
But I acknowledge your theory and will put it up like the rest ❤️
WIC? Sadly, no. And I think I should just say it at this point and ruin the spoiler but hmm... I’ll put it at the end, how about that?
{Prior to TIR4} Maybe (Y/N)’s dreams aren’t hers and she’s living through someone else’s memories?
T: WAIT CRYS- WAIIIIT WAIIIIIT WAIIIIT.... okay okay okay are the dreams or memories that appear in the chapters uniquely Yn's? 👁👄👁 (please donr make me feel like a clown cause 😣✌🏾). This is me b4 you answer my last ask BUT what if the memories arent... hers.... what if most of the inmates had girlfriends and for those who committed murder, it was linked to the s/o..? Since Kun has OCD it would explain some questionable and almost controlling behaviour towards a lover and same applies to Yang². Just a thought. A far fetched thought that doesnt make sense (not to add but if Xuxi had a lover, kidnapping would apply to the s/o or another party 👀) ✌🏾... so uh again just a thought... the memories arent... lets say consistent(?). Lkke in one of them, shes a secretary, in the other shes a teacher... okay I'm really gonna go with the theory I had. What if the dreams arent hers? Let's remember she and Ten dont have recollecting of coming to the Moon... and in that one Wardens Note Ten was shocked about info he learned at the end... I'm lost lmao. The memories arent hers, in each chapter theres a memory that may(be) include a character which is why the person is never mentioned. Another thing is that in some of the memories, she explicitly says that she has no control over what shes saying or doing which means that they happened in the past and since she has no recollection of them happening, theres a strong chance that shes experiencing it for the first time... which means that she is experiencing the dream through the original person 🤡
R: I had such half assed responses to these so lets just not type those out--
WIC? No, but also a little. The concept is there, but not really. But you were on the right track with Kun and Yangyang. But this did come out before we established that multiple timelines are a thing in Zemblanity, so I liked where you were going with this one! Technically, the memories aren’t hers, but at the same time they are.
{Prior to TIR4} Hendery might have gotten into an accident that involved severe burns…
T: Actually, I think Hendery got in a severe accident that involved 1st degree burns... and I read somewhere that if you get burned that you should put the wound underwater for 20 mins or waiting for paramedics (I'm waiting til you debunk this hehe) sO then baby was burned and since they in space... you know- gravity! And then since gravity is there, he needs to stay underwater so that he doesnt die cause of his burns 🤠
R: I mean, yes? Like medically yeah it’s best to put burns underwater as soon as you can (cold water preferably) but imagine having to stay underwater for 16 hours for a burn?I like it.HENDERY SWEETIE TOUCH THE STOVE-
WIC? Nah.
{Prior to TIR5} Xuxi’s definitely the man in Chapter 2’s dream sequences
T: OKAY SO LIKE- I'm positive of one of two things, the second chapter dream is (Y/n) and Xuxi cause in the interrogation room part 4, he mentioned how his wife is clumsy and that they havent been married for long and in that memory, the invisible person said how (Y/n) was clumsy and she mentioned how they were waiting to start a family which is a hint that they're married. So I'm pretty sure (watch me be wrong) that Xuxi was the invisible person in Chapter 2 illuding to yn being his wife now ----- but now wouldnt that mean that (Y/n)'s dead since she killed herself? Now listen, we all remember that theory of it being multiple versions of her being with all the inmates right? Well let's say that that theory is true, we basically have some sort of evidence illuding to that. Both versions so far of the wife/girlfriend has died and if it's all those timelines crashed together, itll make sense as to why they all know her (one way or another)... 👁👄👁
R: Ooooh interesting, alright how about the other dreams now 😗 I’m interested in this theory, That is also true, according to the basic logic of the multiple lives/timelines theory
But is it what’s happening in Zemblanity?😗
WIC? Yup. I actually never intended for the dreams to be purposely hidden, like literally the dreams subjects are who’s featured in the chapter HAHA but yeah. The only thing off about the theory is the last part tbh.
{Prior to Chapter 5} Xiaojun knows everything
T: Okay so the girl always dies and there has to be something about her that warrants that. Xiaojun said he knows/remembers more than the other inmates so that could be what he is holding back from the warden.. Maybe he knows the reason why? Maybe he has some other information? All I know is, from what we've learned, Xiaojun really did do "what he had to do" and there has to be some other thing he did that would have warranted him going to Sector V because that can't be it.
R: Maybe so 😗
But that will be revealed with time
WIC? Xiaojun does know what happened in the last timeline, so whatever he learned back there transferred over. So yeah, kind of
{Prior to Chapter 6} The Dream Guy in Chapter 5 is Hendery
T: the dream guy in chapter 5 is hendery cuz the dreams seem royal-ish and the guy gave me “prince” feels and technically hendery’s a prince so yeah. and he said his true self will be hiding behind a facade and hendery seems like he has a split personality. so basically he got his new personality by repressing memories of (y/n) (he was the only one who seem to not know (y/n) when they met). and also the way the “king/prince” said “Don’t.” (tea scenario) and hendery said “Don’t” gave me chills
R: Nice catch 😏 I’ll admit you’re on the same path as many other readers, very good 👍
WIC? Yuuup.
{Prior to Chapter 6} The Multiple Timeline Theory (Note that many people contributed to these so they may not be consistent)
T1: So like my theory is that the boys had met (y/n) in different timelines?? Like for example Kun is timeline 1, and (y/n) had died there??? — jongin smth. And theen on her next time line— she met lucas idk its smth like reincarnation or just like because sector v has a unique time and reality. Like they all lived in different realities but sector v connects all of those realities— in which (y/n) was also in. And another theory (since best friend and boyfriend conflict goes on throughout the previous chapters) each wayv member is like the bestfriend or boyfriend of (y/n) each timeline— like ten in this present timeline Buuuut i cant explain why yangyang is the one on 7th timeline whilst ten was currently the one (y/n) knows personally
Add on: I was reading anons theory and I was thinking the same thing. Because time is different In the sector that allows them to be in the same timeline. (Think ATEEZ new concept where they all knew each other but got separated, but are coming together again.) This would also explain all of the different voices that Y/N hears and how in the warden noted that Ten is starting to piece things together.
R: (½) I said this in the previous post but I actually really like this theory, it’s a very interesting take on what’s going on. Posting this one first so it appears below the first part!! Ooooh this one’s different from the ones I’ve read so far, I like where you’re going with this one anon, props to you for cutting from a different fabric!
Ooooh and the theory deepens, you guys are so creative I love it 🥰
WIC? Not far off the mark, but not a bullseye.
{Prior to Chapter 8’s Release} The inmate from 2022 (mentioned in TIR6 and TIR8) is Ten
T1: So I wanted to write it in the comments but I have an idea and wanted to write "directly" (I also don't use ask option a lot so also It will be multiple part so sorry 🥺🙏) I got a sudden idea while looking at the dates of the newest interrogation room and the dates of when the Inmates were brought to Sector V and... I think I got something... Kun, who was the first one to come to sector V, first came in February but the Interrogation takes place in January and a whole ass moth before it. 
So I came to a sudden realization that there was a 7th Inmate who allegedly killed himself. And then my mind made a connection to Ten who in the MV and promotion shots was shown to have the same V tattoo as the others. Could it be that Ten was the original Inmate? It would kinda add up i think. Like there is a possibility that The Warden (our Father) was fed up with him and killed him but filed it in reports as a suicide. 
It could be that it isn't our Ten because if my Multiverse Theory is right that would open a lot of possibilities. It could be a wierd coincidence to have two Ten's in the same Building (not that I'm complaining) so it could be less likely. But I have two versions of the theory. The second being that neither Ten or we have a recollection of how and why we were brought to the moon station. Which in on itself is pretty fishy. But to assume for a second that Ten was convinced of Murder... 
And maybe he was tortured to the point of amnesia and/or memory loss and then tossed out of the Sector with some false memories but somewhere in his head he “remembers” (something like deja vu) about what happened “last time” and when she wants to meet the others he tries to prevent it. 
Underneath there, somewhere in his mind he knows what he did wrong and tries to prevent it from happening again. He knows that whatever happened to us can happen again if we meet the others. Or we are all in a loop and Ten is like Sans from Undertale and knows it all and has godlike powers. Idk mate it's 1 Am in Germany and I'm basically sleeping at this point. But remember it's just a theory. A Zembalty Theory. (hopefully I wrote it right) also sorry for spamming your inbox 🙏🥺Love you
R: Yessssss, also I like this theory, more answers will be revealed soon. 
That is true 👀 But if I recall correctly, I believe it was the eighth inmate that offend himself 🤔 but it is an interesting theory, I’ll give you that. 
I have grown very fond of the multiverse theory, there’s a lot of space for it to grow. But as for your second theory it would tie in the missing files from both 2004 and 2019 😗
WIC? Ten was, indeed, the original inmate. Also I did allude to their being a “time loop” of sorts in much of Xiaojun’s parts.
T2: Theory time hehehe The inmate from 2022 was actually Ten- and he was bargaining with (y/n)’s father (who i assumed did not die in the original timeline) for smth (like he requested Ten to go back in time since he mentioned that Ten figured out a way to travel through time) *i connected the time paradox here wherein one goes back in time so things change in the future. 
But then Ten betrayed the previous warden and killed him (past of warden)— thats why his death is still a mystery—- and this leads to the current timeline where Ten becomes the warden instead of (y/n)’s father living up till 2022— and this also leads to Ten not knowing what he did on the other “future” and probably not being a criminal— (but that would also mean the deal wont happen right? Idk anymore)
and probably the old warden requested him to go back to 2004??? “As long as you refrain from killing anyone else, you should be fine, I’m sure you’ll remember at least that much.” Also take note of this— its like if Ten* refrains from killinganyone else from the past then he’ll remember atleast some parts of their deal when the future changes
So ye this is me trying to understand the masterpiece called Zemblanity. Kudos to you for making my brain active during quarantine 🥰
oof i forgot a detail —- thats why Ten (as (y/n)’s bestfriend and warden) doubts if he could even trust himself— and why his populace records is a mystery to (y/n) Anyways thank you for taking your time to read these! 🥰☺️
R: Now this is a theory I enjoy! Very well thought out, but I must say, although it hasn’t been explicitly stated I assume is implicitly understood, the Warden has some control over the timelines considering that each inmate is, theoretically, from a different timeline. For Ten to be able to do it, assuming he is the unknown inmate, he would have to have already gained the status of Warden, which is impossible considering that the old Warden is still alive.
Ah yes, a classic time paradox, we certainly love those, don’t we? If only we were at that part in Zemblanity where the rules of Time were strictly laid out, but alas, we are not. So for now we will settle for this paradox that if Ten was thrown back in time and killed the Warden, the conversation will never have taken place, and Ten would have never, theoretically, been sent back in time.But then again if the Warden wasn’t killed and the conversation did take place, that would establish an entire time loop, wouldn’t it? Just Ten constantly going back to 2004 and reliving everything only to be sent back again, and again, I wonder what needs to be done differently, hmm…
This is a possibility, and I was going to mention it in the (2) of this ask, but I actually found that it would make more sense to put it in here. If Ten was, theoretically, sent back in time, how would you explain (Y/N) and Ten having memories of when they were toddlers? Assuming you’re intending that if Ten was sent back in time he’d still be a full age adult.
It’s no problem, I’m trying my best to keep your minds sharp while we all spend our days in our homes hehe… Ohhh and thank you! I’m so glad you enjoy my little (okay actually huge) story of Zemblanity!!!
This is a theory I like a lot, I can tell you put a lot of thought into it! But it would explain why there are some lapses in Ten’s judgment as to who he can trust, and it would also explain why (Y/N) had to search up Ten’s name in her Records database
WIC? Actually, this is probably the closest one to the truth anyone has ever gotten. Props to you, anon!
T3: Did they agree to have Ten stay out of it so he was there to protect YN since none of them could do it cause they clingy af and would of started a war and killed each other 👀🙊 and cause they mental health is deteriorating more and more in the Sector they willing to throw Ten out the way to get her back 🤔🤔🤔
AAAAAAALSO!!!!! Rereading the Warden Notes, there was mentioned of 8 inmates but the 8th killed himself so it was decided to be maxed out at 7.......who be the 7th inmate..... I swear tf if I'm right about Ten imma be needing at least 4 bottles of wine to cope, however if I'm wrong! I'm still gonna need them 🙊 (I'm so sorry, these were all EUREKA moments.....i didn't mean to spam)
R: Ooh I like this one, but I do have to say why Ten? But if this is true, I’d argue that either Kun or Hendery could’ve done it too, Kun’s a patient character and Hendery’s pretty chill. Plus according to the story line Ten and (Y/N) came when they were toddlers and both have memories of such, hmm…. 🤔
FOUR BOTTLES AHAHAHAHA. Also noooo I don’t mind spam at all, love, so don’t worry ❤️ But yes I do acknowledge that I wrote that the Sector is maxed out at 7 but I will also say that it doesn’t necessarily mean that there were seven at the start of the story 👀
WIC? Sadly, no :(
Tumblr media
Special Questions
So... what happened to the 2004 Flight Records?
To put it simply, the Warden (Park Hyunjun) destroyed them. The Sector works in strange ways, as seen when the tapes from TL8 transferred over to TL9 for (Y/N) to see them. This is a special power of the Warden, the ability to allow items to transcend different timelines, which is only possible in Sector V (due to it’s independence of most of the rules of time). During his final negotiation with TL8 Ten, prior to sending him back in time to prevent the total destruction of the moon colony, he implies that he’d leave everything in place for the paradox item to find it’s way to Ten, and he’d keep him under watch.
However, Ten didn’t come to the moon in 2004. Now this is on me, I never explicitly said it, only left clues for it to be found. The records were damaged, but why? Every inmate has access to the Records room, but none have an incentive to destroy it, except for the one person it would apply to, in this case Ten. The Warden is implied to have special abilities in the Moon Colony, usually to prioritize the greater good of the Colony (i.e. calling the shots for executions, destroying cards, withholding evidence, etc.)
Now, TL9 Ten couldn’t have destroyed the records, why would he? But, I’ve mentioned on occassion that Ten was “always at war with himself” and, I quote from Ch. 1, “Sometimes [he has] to remind [himself] that [he’s] the Warden.”
There isn’t significant evidence that Ten wasn’t on that flight, but on the other hand there isn’t evidence that he was. All we have to go off of is the damaged flight records and what the Warden said in his tapes prior to being killed.
Do with that what you may.
Who was the eighth inmate who killed himself?
Sadly, no one actually important to the main story. He was just there so I can establish why there were only six inmates in the Sector at the beginning of Zemblanity, and why Ten was able to get convicted in there after the fact.
What about 2019′s records?
That was just a way to throw you all off, haha, it seemed like it worked. I never said that there weren’t any 2019 records, they were just tampered with and Mark had to reenter them, and I’ve long established that their Supervisor tends to make them work more since he’s that shitty a person.
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viotrio2407 · 3 months ago
His Life He Faces.
"What do you call perfect day? Filled with happiness?Filled with safety? Filled with freedom? Filled with pride? "said the anonymous man who stood in front of me ,he was pale, dressed in a grey suit, wearing accessories matching his scarlet tie and black shoes. His coal black eyes and sky blue hair stood out the most of his exquisite appearance. The first thought of him that popped in my mind was that he was 'Pitiful '.Filled with the urge to help him, I took a step forward and anxiously reached out my hand to him, almost immediately after my action of aid, the man disappeared into thin air ,so as well my surroundings and everything went blank. “Wake up Jamey! ”exclaimed my mum splashing a cup of water right onto my face. “You don't wanna be late of the first day of 9th grade do you ,my son!? " The late realization of this obvious fact resulted me in being late on the first day of school. What an embarrassment today, I guess luck isn't on my side today. By the end of the fourth period it is break for about 15 minutes , well I won't be surprised if nobody's gonna converse with me, if I were them I won't talk to a late comer either but I guess I was wrong, not everyone is ignorant. “Hey, late comer, why're you late, perhaps you overslept? ”said the light brown skinned girl holding her tiffin box in her hands, she had curly brown hair cut short above her shoulders ,black eyes and she was neatly dressed. ‘Well may I sit with you? ’’ ‘’Yes, you may. I would like an introduction if you don't mind "said I. “Yes ofcourse I don't mind at all.The names Monica Hunter, until today I was a student in Florida, U.S,I am of Indian origins not of the U. S.You missed my introduction earlier in the morning and so may I have an introduction from you as well? ” “My name is Vlad James Anderson, and the same as you ,I arrived in India after graduating elementary school in New Orleans U. S, I am of Indian origins and yes I overslept today” She looked surprised and suddenly fell in doubt as she stared into my eyes and asked, “But your eyes are blue? ” “Oh, my mum says I inherit them from my great grandpa ,he was of the U. S ,once again my citizenship is of India.Mum never spoke of any of my family member save my great grandpa and dad, I wonder why?” “Looks like there's a bit of mystery in the air ”said she grinning, it gave me chills up my spine and something told me ,my life just turned upside down. We conversed throughout the entire break .I am not the type for long conversations and yet I felt at peace. As speaking of myself, I am pretty good at academics and sports but socializing is not in my blood.I am tall and good looking ,my black hair is buzz cut ,blue eyes as mentioned before. And I certainly wonder why people distance themselves from me. School hours were over, it was time to go home, as I got ready Monica invited herself to tag along on the way home. And I asked her about her opinion on why people distance themselves from me and why out of the blue she decided to converse with me , it was certainly odd to me. As I stared at her for an answer she suddenly burst into laughter. “Oh, are you sure you don't know yourself! ” “I wouldn't have asked if I knew ”said I upset “Come on, don't pout. I'll tell ya” “well what are you waiting for, start already ” “Despite being good looking with excellent academics and sports grades you look quite -wait that's not right you look so ferociously angry. Thats the expression you have on your face all the time. When you entered the classroom, didn't you wonder why nobody mocked and laughed at you? ” “Well it looks like I'll have to smile once in a while. And your reason for conversing with me? ” “They say not to judge a book by its cover so I decided to converse with you, I don't need a big reason to talk to a person ” “Oh I see, so where's your house? ” “It's down this road ” Well after conversing down the road I reached home and was quite surprised to find out that she was my neighbor .Well  now I know her reasons to converse with me, well she wasn't surprised at all. After refreshing myself,
I'd normally sit to study but being the first day, no teachers have started off with anything. So some free time for me, i got relaxed and stretched myself on the sofa ,getting ready to watch some TV and before I knew my mum popped into the living room standing in front of me with a sneaky smile. “Jamey is free right, so why not go run errands for me? ” She got me cornered, I had to go run errands to the nearby convenience store, things just don't go as I planned when I'm free. After purchasing the stuff needed for mum, I started heading home not that I had to do anything else. Walking by I came across Monica's house, it seemed locked, all the lights were out. They were  switched on when on my way to the store. Looks like she and her family went out ,well I can't imagine anybody going to bed as early as 6:00pm . I arrived home and handed over the stuff to my mom and headed to my room. Just before I headed in ,the door bell rang. Curious enough couldn't imagine who would come to visit us ,mum wore the same expression as me and we both headed to the door to see who had come, we didn't expect delivery as we don't order anything. I answered the door  to see a man probably in his 30s or so, smiling ,who was fair ,tall,fit had black eyes, neatly combed black hair was dressed in a suit of black with neat polished shoes, wearing a cheap watch and a tie with a piercing in one his ears. “Jacob! ”exclaimed mum. I was quite surprised mum knew who he was, I mean to me he looked like a rather normal business man. “Who is He? ”asked I Mum totally ignored me and welcomed him into the house and the man named Jacob sat on the couch sipping tea which mum prepared . “The tea is always amazing prepared by Vanessa”he complimented mum. Is this man a relative of ours?  I thought, well he must've had mum's tea before according to his statement. I had numerous questions about in my head. “Dear Jamey, how's high school, going well? ”asked the man, as if he knew me from a long time. “Sorry but I have no idea who you are or if you have come here for some business, you look like a business man to me ”said I blandly “Ha! Looks like you've become quite observant Jamey I am a business man but you aren't observant enough to realize that I am your father”said he. I was shocked to realize that this man was my father I too realized that he quite resembled the photos of back in the day when I was 4 but the facts didn't add up as mum told me that dad had passed away in the car crash when I was five. Me and mum survived but dad was not to be found, it was as if he disappeared into thin air. I remember mum crying horribly over dads death. “What is the meaning of this mum, didn't dad die in the car crash in New Orleans?!! ” I interrogated my mum. Mum showed a guilty expression towards me and the man who introduced as my father. “What Vanessa haven't you told our dear son about me? ”said the man “How could I say it dear, for the love of God, how could I ?! .Its not something I could tell our son back then but when I thought he was ready to know about his father ,he had started enjoying his life without you and I couldn't bear his happiness just going away and so I kept quite”said mum in fear. “I understand dear.. ”He then looked at me “Will you accept me as father again ”He said with an expression  as of almost he was gonna cry, his words held strength but his eyes seemed they were breaking down to pieces. “I will dad, I will but I wanna know now, what happened back then, please ”said I. He felt relieved and then clenched his fists tight and requested mum to leave to her room and rest ,he then told me to sit down and I did and then he closed his eyes, took the sign of the cross and looked at me. “All was well when we went for a trip that day not until our car crashed down resulting us getting involved with an accident, but do you know Jamey what caused that accident,? ”I felt scared to know but I responded to him, “I don't dad, please proceed" “Sure son, this might be a little new to you but I had a twin brother who looked exactly like me and
who ferociously hated me to death, I kept a secret to him of my marriage and of you but he hunted me down all the way from Karnataka to New Orleans.He was the one who deliberately hit and ran, that damned man he didn't even care for a women and child in the car and took out his anger of me ,upon all of us. He laughed at me and said, “Oh dear brother, you never cared of me in the least and I don't care if your petty wife or child don't die well it doesn't matter even if they did I just want you to die, ”  He stood on my neck until I passed out, after that I was taken to the hospital and there I barely survived. The chance of my survival was just a percent out of 100 and guess what ?I survived, the operation was successful but I deliberately told them to tell Vanessa -your mother that I died and begged them to fake a death certificate, your mother cried to her fullest of depression with you right next to her. I thought it was best if my damned brother never knew that I was alive so at least your lives wouldn't be at stake. But your mom spotted me, she was clever enough to spot me that she didn't even that think I was a Dopple ganger or so, she didn't know about my twin brother though .She beat me a lot for lying as she cried  after she was sober I explained the situation to her and pleaded her that she wouldn't tell anyone save you but looks like she couldn't tell you and put your life in danger .I had to quit my job and find some other job and I have been in Florida ever since.And now I just found out that my brother had died of typhoid but I couldn't believe it what if he faked his death too, but his corpse was laid out right in front of me, I believed and I decided to comeback to you. ” He took a long breath after he was done explaining and he looked as if he lifted a heavy boulder of his shoulders. Nevertheless  I asked ,“Dad why was your brother angry towards you so much that he hated you to death, there has to be some reason right? ” Dad replied quite fast“It was of our achievements we both grew together but he wasn't willed enough to pursue his goals, I had put a lot of effort into my goals and had achieved them, he never saw me putting effort since he always went out with his friends slacking around. As his brother I told him to work a bit harder so that he won't lose to me but he took it as an insult and treated me like stranger when I had won awards and so he looked at me with anger on his face and a few days later he and I fought and he went on and on how I cheated and won those awards and that God never took his side and hated him. He had attempted to kill me and so I in fear left him and fled away. Sometimes I think maybe I should've made effort to help my brother ”He looked down to the floor as he said those words. “You still care about your brother don't you dad, if you hated him you would've complained on him to the police but you didn't, you hoped he would change one day didn't you”said I comforting my poor father and then he looked at me and said, “I've got a great son and I'm proud to be your father”said he as tears fell from his eyes. After wards I told my mum that all was well and we had  a family reunion dinner. I felt happy ,I've never felt this happy before .Despite being late to school and having to run errands in my free time, today almost felt like a perfect day.It wasn't possible to express my feelings through words because I felt various feelings which resonated in my heart, I just couldn't stop smiling.After dinner, I kissed my mum and dad good night and went in to my room to have a good nights sleep. I fell asleep quite quickly. “A perfect day, can be possessed of different events good or bad but didn't you know there's always a price to be paid when crime is committed and there's always a price when you feel happiness. There's nothing in this world that comes quite free ” said the anonymous man, he was the same as before ,dressed exquisitely but the word I felt to describe him was pitiful. I took a step forward and said, "What price should I pay for my happiness? " Looks like I asked
something from deep within my heart, I was never the type to bother others for the sake of my happiness.And again same as before the man disappeared into thin air and so the surroundings and then I woke up gasping, “Oh Jesus Christ, it wasn't scary but I feel really scared ” I felt something bad was gonna happen today. I looked at the time on my alarm clock it was 6 in the morning, I woke on time for school this time. I got refreshed ,went down to join for breakfast and this time not only mum but dad was also there.They seemed to be waiting for my arrival , so I quickly got seated at the table ,there was a really soothing atmosphere that filled our home and it was perfect to have breakfast. When came an end to our breakfast ,dad picked up the newspaper lying at the edge of the table and glanced through the headlines and columns, the soothing smile on his face suddenly dropped , “Vanessa our neighbors are the Hunters,- you mentioned yesterday? ”he asked calmly . “Yes dear, they just joined the day before yesterday, ” replied mum. “It's just Mr. Hunter ,his son and younger daughter. ” Dad engaged, “Dear, Mr. Hunter passed way due to cardial arrest yesterday evening, seems he was returning home from a colleague reunion ,he was found breaking down by two security officers patrolling the area and  was immediately taken to the hospital but it was too late by the time he got admitted. This agony was soon mentioned to his son and daughter, they were in plenty shock hearing this .The mourning funeral is being held today at 5 in the evening at Our Lady of Fatima Church ,Thannirbavi . ”Mum  went silent and asked after moments ,“ I don't think so we can attend the funeral we haven't known them well and —” “I'll go mum, Monica Hunter is my friend ”I interupted “I know her well even though, it was just a day meeting her. ” Dad and mum slowly smiled at me, I'm sure they felt light at heart after my words .It is utterly horrible that when one receives good another finds themselves in agony. I decided to go to school. Monica was absent which was to be expected ,and our class teacher had narrated the incident which dad had mentioned at breakfast to all of us and we approached a moment of silence for Mr. Hunter . After school, I returned home, got refreshed and got ready for the funeral of Mr. Hunter, I couldn't imagine what must Monica be going through.When I thought dad had died I didn't feel much as I was young ,I didn't how to react to such a situation but in her case she has lost her mother too. Even if I was of no help to console her, it was better than sitting at home. At the funeral, there were many people, a lot seemed to be colleagues and friends, many were American. Mr. Hunter i.e Richard Hunter was a successful business man in Florida and had come to India for lucrative business branches, explains why he was mentioned in the newspaper -obviously he was a famous man. The only family of his were Monica who was neatly dressed in a black frock and black accessories to match ,and her elder brother Layon Hunter—Layon ,who was a tall man probably in his 20's , had brown curly hair and light brown skin with black eyes and was neatly dressed in a black suit ,they both stood downcast looking at their dead father. Admist the mourning silence Monica spot me and our eyes met, she was startled, perhaps she never thought I'd see her this gloomy ,she couldn't smile even though she wanted to .After the funeral, people started departing back ,i thought maybe I could speak with Monica so I waited until most were gone but then I changed my mind, it would be a bit of a bother at a time like this .Just as I turned my back to leave, I was stopped by a hand at my shoulder, and I turned to see, “Are you perhaps Monica's friend ? I saw her looking at you for a second there , I couldn't help but be curious ”said Layon -Monica's brother, this was surely an unexpected meet. “Curiosity fills the family blood I suppose and yes I am her friend we met in class yesterday , by the way the names Vlad . ”said I He looked surprised at my statement and
engaged in talk, “You just met yesterday? I thought you were her best friend to make a visit to a funeral. I think it was her first day yesterday,.If I am right she should've made plenty friends in a day, just like she used to back in the day in U. S.," . Well ,looks like I made another friend ,just observing him would give plenty of his personality ,he was the most obvious among all people I've met. “Actually, I don't know any of her friends, she just conversed with me yesterday as much as I know."said I. “Oh, well that's surprising ”said he. “You aren't living with Monica and your father are you?, ”asked I doubtfully “I wasn't, how did you know, did she mention me ?" Looks like I was right, I do like deducing, I don't get it right all the time ,very seldom in case. “She never mentioned much of herself, leaving only the fact that she came from Florida. " “Then How did —” “You learn medicine, if I am not wrong ,even though you showered or used perfume to cover the awful smell of concentrated bases, the faint smell still remains.Its Probably from your left piercing ,I smelled it when you touched my shoulder earlier. The smell is fresh and the fact you used a lot perfume to cover it up means you have been in the lab quite recently and you are living here way before your father and sister arrived ,you probably experiment more than 6 hours a day and you were in the midst of experimenting when you came to know about your father death, and forgot to shower  and that smell got enough time to attach onto you . You also were gloves alot like anyone who deals with chemistry , there are marks in your wrists. "said I. To be honest I felt so proud of myself for deducing, for a moment there, I thought I should become a detective. Although it's pretty much  impossible for me. “Wow! You're right ,all of it, But how did you know that I was admist experimenting, I could have just been lazy” “You were probably informed after Monica as she left her house between 5:55 and 6 o clock. Again the smell proves alot, it was a hot day yesterday, there was no way someone would be lazy enough not to bathe especially if they  stink ,the heat outside caused much more effect " .Well I hoped I was right.. "To be honest, I was informed first, I then informed Monica about the news. "said he. "Well, I'm dissapointed in myself, and here I though I got it right "said I sighing, "You were right about me being a medical student and living here before father and Monica's arrival and yes, I was in the middle of an experiment when I got a call from the hospital."said he At least I was right, about some facts.Though I wanted to talk to Monica, I ended up talking to her brother instead . I asked him if Monica will be able to attend school tomorrow and he sighed and said, “I being her elder brother should know alot about her but we aren't that close, I don't know what it is, but she always distances from me, even when I met her at the hospital ,she didn't look at me one bit ” “ In other words ,some drama happened in the family ”said I smirking ,pointing my finger at him. He set aside my hand and said sighing, “Whatever it is ,you should go ask her yourself. ” “OK I will, ” “Well, see you some other time. Get along with my sister. ”He smiled, waved goodbye and headed out. After he left, I again thought of meeting Monica and then leaving .It was half past 7 but the girl supposedly in,  never came out . Since it was getting late, I headed back home and had dinner,had some family talk which was something new to dad ,did our daily rosary(prayer)and left to my room a bit earlier than usual, about quarter to 10, other wise it'd be somewhere past 11. After the mourning night passed by, It was the next day, waking up, I hoped the melancholy in the air would fade. Getting ready for school, I could feel the warmth in house flowing, I could sense the mood of mum and dad was fair and good.Heading out,waving them goodbye, shutting the door behind, looking ahead, I was astonished to see Monica standing outside the gate, waiting for my arrival. She turned around
looking at me ,she wore a bright smile and greeted morning. I never expected her to wait right infront of my house, well whatever, I returned my greetings and we were off to school. I never imagined that after we greeted morning that there wouldn't be a single word of conversation,as much as she smiled looking forward walking, I could totally sense awkwardness between us even though she didn't give out the vibe. When we almost reached, I decided to break the awkwardness,“Hey ,You've been silent all along the way, whats up with you?! ”I cried She stopped, looked up to the cloudless sky, and then looked at me with a serious face and replied,“To be honest, I don't wanna talk to you, but I want to talk to you ” “What on earth does that mean?” “You seriously didn't have to come yesterday ” “But I came” “You didn't even know anybody there, except me, and I bet you didn't engage with anyone there”she exclaimed pointing her finger at me. “Oh I did, I conversed  with your Brother ”I replied quick She went pale and her voiced went bitter.  “What business did you have with him, ” “You might not know that your brother cares for you alot, he was really happy to know that you have a friend like me ” “You know nothing about him and who told you that I'm your friend ”she said in anger Her words raged me alot. “You're nothing like of how you were on the first day we met,was it all an act?!”I interrogated her. She showed a sign of denial. “My changes are probably of father's passing ” My anger flowed through my veins and thus couldn't be controlled any more .I rose my hand and slapped her,..... I couldn't believe what I did for God's Word, but I spoke my mind. “You really think your father would be proud of you to change like this, he would be ashamed, Layon is  enduring as much as this and he was able to stop and put up a smile for you while conversing with me. Don't blame the dead man for your arrogance ” “But.. but ,I cant do anything that , mother 's  gone ,fathers gone, Brother hates me and really I can't —” I grabbed her hand, and scolded looking at her furiously. “It's not that you can't do anything, you're just not doing anything, no one has the right to judge others Even if you feel unfair. Life's just that way. ” She looked at me , her eyes filled with tears running down her cheeks. “You should go and talk to your brother ”I insisted I released her .I felt my anger easing down, and just as I relaxed myself I realized that we reached school and that she was holding my hand and was trembling , looking to the ground as we entered school. She was dull in the morning classes and when the clock struck twelve she seemed to be in her fair mood again. Well, I was at ease.Twelve o clock meant lunch break as I took out my lunch preceding Monica approached me with her lunch wearing a upset face ,stood fair and  smacked me in the head . “That's what you deserve for making me cry, You are really scary you know, Your looks and your anger sync alot ”she said squinting her eyes. “and I thought you would never be angry as your face suggested ,so much for' Don't judge a book by its cover '.Guess not everyone's by the quote. ” “Ha ha ha, I bet my slap hurt much more than this ”I laughed I totally regret saying that, she started smacking my head countlessly . But her bright smile was back onto her bright face again.
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dragonologist-phd · 9 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age (Video Games) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Female Cousland/Anora Mac Tir Characters: Anora Mac Tir, Female Cousland (Dragon Age) Additional Tags: Gay yearning, thats it just a lot of gay yearning, I'm Sorry, pre-game Summary:
Anora Mac Tir knows what she wants- she wants to marry Cailan and become the greatest Queen Ferelden has ever known. But on the eve of her wedding, a visit from Sirena Cousland reminds her that there might be other she wants, as well.
(Alternatively, read below!)
It was the night before Anora was to be married, and try as she might she simply couldn’t get a wink of sleep.
Of course she couldn’t. How could anyone expect her to, with such a momentous event looming on the horizon? She’d known her entire life that she was meant to one day become Queen of Ferelden; tomorrow, with her marriage into the Therein family, that destiny would become official. And while any wedding had its share of preparations, the marriage of a future king and queen required a good deal more than a gown and a recitation of vows before a Chantry mother. There were public appearances to be made in front of the Denerim crowds, long speeches to be delivered beneath the Chantry roof, and of course a reception to be held for the visiting nobility who were traveling from all across the country to witness the union.
Anora had never been one to sit back and let others make arrangements in her stead; she had been involved in every step of the preparations, and had poured hours of effort into ensuring that everything would go exactly according to plan. Truth be told, she would be quite relieved when the whole thing was over and done with- the trappings of the wedding were important, a vital part of the image she and Cailan needed to display to the country, but Anora was long ready to turn her attentions to something a bit more stimulating.
She would have the freedom soon enough, she kept reminding herself. She just needed to get through the coming day. And although she knew a proper night’s sleep would help with that, that logic didn’t help as her mind continued to circle over the details she had so carefully planned out for her future.
The restless energy buzzed through Anora like a gnat she couldn’t swat away, filling her with the need to do… something. At last she threw her sheets to the side and rose from her bed, abandoning the pretense of peaceful slumber. What she needed was to move, to occupy herself, to do anything other than sit still and wait for morning. At the very least she could wander the palace gardens- perhaps the fresh air would be enough to free her mind until fatigue finally caught up with her.
As she pulled a warm woolen cloak over her shoulders, Anora told herself she wouldn’t be long. The last thing she wanted was for someone to come across her like this, with undone hair and tired eyes; or worse, for someone drop by her empty room and think her missing.
But as she stepped outside Anora was greeted by a gust of refreshingly chilled wind, and the night sky above was clear and full of stars, and for the first time that day she felt some of the tension leave her body. Even as the hour grew later and later, Anora found herself lingering, her thoughts drifting as she strolled aimlessly along the dirt paths. Perhaps there was no need to rush, after all. She’d memorized the guard’s schedules long ago, and knew how to avoid them; no servants had any business in the gardens this late; any nobles still awake were probably deep in their cups, just as Cailan likely was.
Just as Anora had convinced herself that her solitude was complete, however, a voice rang out across the gardens.
“Anora? What in the world are you doing out here?”
The sudden voice made Anora jump, and she heaved a sigh of annoyance as she realized she’d been spotted. The annoyance fled, however, once she realized who it was that had done the spotting.
“Lady Sirena? Is that you?”
A closer look revealed that it was indeed the Lady Sirena Cousland, who for some reason was perched on a garden wall, one leg hanging carelessly off the side. She laughed and leapt from the wall, heading towards Anora with a grin. “Oh please, don’t lead with the Lady. If you do, I’ll have to call you ‘soon-to-be Future Queen Anora of Ferelden’, and as lovely a title as that is, it’s quite a mouthful.”
Anora fought back a smile. Nobody else would ever speak to her in such a way, but this was Sirena- always ready with a teasing response, hardly worried about any offense she might cause. The Couslands ruled over Highever, and were, along with the Mac Tirs, one of the most respected noble families of Ferelden. That reputation, coupled with Sirena’s disarming smile and easy temperament, was a perfect recipe for the effortless confidence that constantly radiated from the youngest Cousland child.
That disarming smile was now turned upon Anora in full force as Sirena asked, “Really, what are you doing out here?” She tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me I’m interrupting a clandestine meeting under the moonlight? And on the eve of your own wedding?”
A huff of laughter escaped Anora’s lips even as she rolled her eyes. “Oh, banish the thought. I was just thinking how pleased I was to see you, and now you’re making me change my mind.”
Sirena just laughed again and wrapped an arm around Anora’s shoulders, pulling her close for a hug. Her long dark hair smelled of rain, and she wore a thick fur cloak over plain traveling clothes; she must have arrived very recently.
“How was the journey from Highever?”
“Too long, as always,” Sirena answered with a shrug. “But you don’t want to hear about a boring carriage trip through the rain and mud. How are you? I am genuinely curious as to what brings out so late on this of all nights.”
Anora waved a dismissive hand in the air. “It’s not that late. And I couldn’t sleep.”
“Too excited?”
“Too preoccupied, rather. There’s so much to think about for tomorrow. Every time I close my eyes, I remember yet another detail that I want to check up on.”
“I don’t doubt that,” Sirena said. “But don’t you have people to do that sort of work for you?”
“Of course I do,” Anora admitted. “But if you want something done correctly…”
“Do it yourself,” Sirena finished. “You’ve been living that motto since we were children.”
“And it’s still true,” Anora pointed out wryly. “Anyway, I could ask the same question of you. How did you end up out here instead of in our rather lovely guest chambers?”
Sirena shrugged and looked back in the direction she’d come from, her gaze traveling over the garden, toward the training ground, beyond the towers that looked over the Denerim marketplace. “Oh, traveling always leaves me nostalgic. I was just wandering around, revisiting a few spots before they’re filled up with people tomorrow.”
Anora could guess as to which memories Sirena was reliving. They had both spent many days at the Denerim palace, watching their parents go about the duties of nobility, knowing that someday they would take their places.
That knowledge had been with Anora for as long as she could remember; her entire life, she reflected, was a preparation for rulership, and it had always been a perfect fit. Even as a child, Anora had loved listening in on the courtly proceedings and hearings, things that bored Cailan to tears as he dutifully followed her lead. In sharp contrast, the silly games and childish play of the other children had always seemed, to Anora, to all be horribly dull.
But even at a young age, Sirena was hard to miss. Always something of a troublemaker, she was direct and honest and said things as they were without layers of political machinations. Her friendship with Anora was something of a mystery, even to Anora herself. But she had to admit there was something about Sirena’s easy confidence and strangely insightful remarks that managed to hold Anora’s interest where few others could.
“It’s been too long since you’ve visited,” Anora remarked, and Sirena’s focus shifted from the palace grounds back to Anora. Her dark eyes were, for a moment, unexpectedly thoughtful. But only for a moment- they quickly brightened again as Sirena gave Anora a warm smile.
“It really has, hasn’t it? We should catch up. And you obviously need to relax a little.” Her grin took on a mischievous edge. “And I have just the thing for that.”
“I need to sleep, not drink myself into a stupor.”
Sirena gave a bark of laughter as she poured the liquor into two glasses and held one out to Anora. “Cailan and his buddies are getting good and drunk out in the courtyard as we speak. Why should they get all the fun?”
The two women were back in Anora’s quarters, having quietly returned after making a quick detour in the kitchens to pilfer a bottle of spirits. Sirena now sat cross-legged on Anora’s carpet, the very picture of temptation as she waggled the glass in her hand towards Anora.
Anora simply rolled her eyes. “You’re relentless.” And yet despite the scoffing she sat down anyway, gathering her skirts around knees, and graciously took the glass. Sirena had chosen a strong liquor, one of the more expensive selections from the wine cellar; today, the choice seemed appropriate. “But I suppose I can’t refuse a toast on the eve of my wedding.”
“Exactly.” Sirena turned her attention to her own glass, carefully measuring out the drink before holding it aloft. “To the bride, and future Queen of Ferelden.”
Anora brought her glass to meet Sirena’s with a soft clink, and then swiftly lifted it to her lips and swallowed the entire drink in one quick gulp.
Sirena downed her drink as well, then laughed in delight. “That’s the spirit I was looking for! I must say, I’m impressed.”
“Don’t tell me this comes as a surprise,” Anora said with a smirk. “Handling one’s drink is a requisite of Ferelden nobility.”
“Ah, yes, I almost forgot. They fit that right between the lessons on Andrastian recitations and history of the Fereldan Rebellion.
With a grin, Anora held out her glass for more liquor, and Sirena happily obliged. As they drank they fell into conversation, a simple rhythm of chatting and drinking between two longtime friends. It was, Anora had to admit, a situation that she was not particularly accustomed to. Cailan was the one who happily entertained others for hours on end, the one who brought about conversation and laughter. Anora was the one who already was known as serious, severe, domineering. This reputation rarely bothered her- it was a good reputation for a future queen to have.
But simply being a woman chatting amicably with pleasant company was nice, too.
“Tired yet?” Sirena asked eventually. She gave Anora a look that was half-joking, half-sincere. “You can tell me to leave whenever I start to get annoying. Believe me, you wouldn’t be the first to kick me out of a room.”
“No, no, stay,” Anora assured her. “If you begin to annoy me, I will certainly let you know.” She giggled- an effect of the drink, of course, for under normal circumstances Anora was most certainly not a giggler. “Believe me, you wouldn’t be the first I’ve kicked out of a room. I’m not exactly known for my gentle disposition, am I?”
“Oh, please,” Sirena said, rolling her eyes as she poured another glass. “Who needs a gentle disposition?”
“My thoughts exactly,” Anora agreed. “Better that they think my too hard than think they control me. I decided that a long time ago.”
“I’ll drink to that,” Sirena said, raising her cup. She was quiet for a moment then, and Anora thought she may be dozing off. But although her eyes held a distant look, they did not close, and eventually Sirena said, “Anyone who would try to control you is an idiot, by the way. You’re smarter than everyone in this castle combined. They should just…get out of your way and let you work your miracles.”
Anora smiled, surprised to feel heat rushing to her cheeks at the compliments. She blamed the drink for that, as well; she knew her own worth and was hardly unaccustomed to recognition. A simple compliment from Sirena Cousland shouldn’t have such an effect on its own. She looked away, hoping the redness in her face wasn’t obvious to the other woman. “Thank you.”
“And you’re going to make a marvelous queen!” Sirena continued. “Ferelden is lucky to have you. I mean that, truly. Nobody else could do a better job.”
“Well, I should hope not,” Anora said. “I have been preparing for this my entire life, you know.” She sighed, tilting her head back as she thought of all the work she had put forth, and all that lay ahead of her.
Lost in her thoughts, she almost missed the next words spoken quietly by Sirena. “Cailan is lucky, too.”
Anora blinked, startled by the apparent change in subject. Recovering quickly, she gave a thin smile. “Ah, yes. I’m certain he’s thanking the stars that he will have someone to handle the details of his future rule. He’s wonderful with people, of course, but try to talk to him about economics or resource distribution and he’s completely lost.”
“That’s true enough,” Sirena agreed, pushing back a long lock of hair from her face. “Although I did mean something more along the lines of…” She paused, and seemed to fumble for words for a moment. “He’s lucky to be marrying someone he’s actually fond of.”
“Oh.” Anora wanted to say more, but she didn’t quite know how to respond to that. It felt such an odd subject to bring up- but her wedding was tomorrow, after all. Perhaps it was a natural point of conversation, after all.
“Not to pry, of course,” Sirena said quickly, noticing Anora’s hesitation. She paused, chewing on her lip for short moment as she regarded Anora with curious, measuring eyes. “I mean, you are fond of each other, aren’t you?”
“Of course,” Anora said at once. Realizing her reply came a tad too quickly, she sighed and leaned back against the wall, resting her head against the cool stone. “I’m certain you’ve heard me complain about him, and he can be quite the fool at times. But he has his talents, and he loves Ferelden, and he knows better than to try and order me about. We make a good team, he and I. We know each other, our strengths and weaknesses. As far as arrangements go, it could have been far worse.”
Sirena nodded, turning over Anora’s words in silence. She shifted her position until she, too, was leaning against the wall, close enough that their shoulders brushed against each other. “Do you think you could grow to love him at all?”
This time, the question did not take Anora by surprise; in fact, it was something she had often asked herself. “I don’t know,” she said truthfully. “But I hardly think that’s the most important thing in marriage. Especially between rulers.”
That earned her a chuckle from Sirena. “You’ve always been a pragmatic one.” Anora frowned, and Sirena gave her an apologetic smile before she playfully bumped her shoulder with her own. “And right, of course, I know you are. I only hope I’m that lucky if I ever get married.”
Anora was so relieved by the lack of judgement from Sirena that she nearly missed the implication in her words. Almost. Her brow furrowed, and she gave Sirena a questioning look. “If? Certainly you have your pick of suitors.” It only made sense- the Couslands were a family of wealth and renown, and Sirena herself was certainly not lacking in beauty. More than that, she was intelligent and skilled with a blade and easy to speak with; any lord would be lucky to win her hand.
But Sirena only shrugged, a playfully crooked smile on her lips. “Oh, there are plenty of men sniffing around for a chance at marrying into the Couslands. Some are even somewhat tolerable. But…”
“But none quite meet your standards?” Anora finished. Her tone was teasing, but she knew the feeling well enough. After all, if she hadn’t been promised to the future king at such a young age, she would probably have found herself in a very similar situation.
“They’re fine enough. Fine enough for flirting and dancing with at parties. But fine enough isn’t something I went to settle for in the long run.” Sirena sighed and looked down, tracing her finger around the rim of her glass. “It’s just that I grew up watching my parents, never realizing what a rare thing they had. They’re so in love that people have written songs about them. That sort of thing doesn’t happen often. Not when marriage is something for duty and politics and…”
“And pragmatism?” Anora asked pointedly, and Sirena gave her another apologetic grin.
“No offense. Like I said, you have the right of it. Eventually I shall likely choose someone, and I’m sure it won’t be as bad as I’m making it out to be. I know my parents would never marry me off to someone I dislike.” Her eyes flicked up to Anora’s face. “I just don’t think the odds of marrying for love are very high.”
Sirena’s voice was low and sorrowful, a startling change from her usual light tone. Without thinking, Anora reached out and put her hand over Sirena’s. “You never know. The future may surprise you.”
Sirena seemed startled at the contact, and Anora wondered for a moment if she was being too forward. But she didn’t pull away, and neither did Sirena- in fact, the other woman shifted her fingers, securing the grip. They stayed that way for a long moment, until at last Sirena recovered herself enough to straighten her shoulders and give Anora a bright smile. “I don’t know about that. But we’ll see.”
Something unfinished still lingered in her words, but for now she at least seemed comforted by Anora’s presence. Anora knew she wasn’t the most comforting sort of person, even at the best of times, but she was happy that she seemed to be doing some good. She gave a firm nod and continued, “And should you never get married, you would be just as well off. If I had been born to royalty on my own, well…as I said, Cailan and I make a good team. But he needs me far more than I need him.” Anora felt a small twinge of guilt saying that out loud, but it was true, and they both knew it, and saying it made Sirena laugh.
“You’ll hear no dispute from me,” she said. “In any case, I have far more exciting things to look forward to than marriage.” She stopped suddenly, and closed her eyes in apparent embarrassment. “Which is probably not what I should say to someone about to get married, is it? We’re supposed to be celebrating you, and I’ve gone and turned it bleak!”
“Oh, please,” Anora said with a laugh of her own. “I believe I’ve made my position on the whole situation rather clear. And I’m interested in hearing more of these grand plans of yours.”
Sirena still looked sheepish, but she obliged. “Well, Fergus will inherit rule of Highever. First-born gets all the perks. But I’ll still be around to assist. I’ll likely take command of our troops.” A small smile crept onto her face. “That’s something I’d be good at. I’d have them all whipped into shape in no time.”
“And if a lord swept you off your feet, you’d have an entire arling of your own to whip into shape. Troops and all,” Anora pointed out. Sirena looked unconvinced, and on impulse Anora added, “Or you could always come here to Denerim. Become a staple of the court. We certainly have plenty of troops that need the help. And I wouldn’t mind having a…”
Anora stumbled over the word friend. Even under the influence of the drink, it was difficult to let something like that slip out so easily. Anora was not accustomed to having friends. She had Cailan, of course; she had her father; she had servants and fellow nobles whom she trusted to varying degrees. But her friendship with Sirena was something different from any of that.
“…a confidante,” she said finally, hoping Sirena hadn’t noticed her momentary conflict. She glanced at the woman from the corner of her eyes, and was satisfied to see that she looked pleased at the notion.
“A tempting offer, I admit,” Sirena said. A smirk played on her lips. “What would my duties as a confidante entail?”
That smirk made Anora oddly flustered, and she had to glance away before she could respond. “Oh…this sort of thing, really. Keeping me company. Listening to me complain. Suppling me with alcohol.” She smiled and raised her empty glass in the air as an example. “You’re doing a splendid job already.”
“And those are just a few of many talents,” Sirena laughed. “I’m honored by the offer. I’m sure there must be fierce competition.”
“Oh, certainly,” Anora agreed. “But most of the other competitors care less about me and more about the power I will wield. They simply want to be close to the Queen.” She grimaced. “Or the King. It’s difficult enough to reign him in without my own companions making eyes at him.”
“Their loss,” Sirena said definitively. “All of them. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend, and as…well, Cailan is an idiot and a fool if he even looks at another woman when he has you.”
Maker, Anora could feel herself blushing. She straightened her shoulders, trying desperately not to show her sudden nerves. “I admit, it’s a pleasant change of pace for someone to rush to my defense like this. I certainly tell Cailan the same often enough. Honestly, I would hardly mind if he could at least be discreet about it. But he never thinks of things in such a way. And it certainly doesn’t help that he’s found so many who are ever so eager to indulge him. I’d be thankful to have at least one woman around who’s not chasing after him.”
It was a jest, but the possibility was a heavy weight in Anora’s chest, and she would be lying if she said it didn’t lighten when Sirena wrinkled her nose in obvious distaste. “Cailan? Maker, no.” Her expression faded into something more contemplative as she looked at Anora. “If I’m to be honest…I was always chasing after someone else.”
That was unexpected- it took Anora a moment to process her words. That same heaviness was back, which made no sense; why should she care if Sirena was holding a torch for someone after all, so long as it was not Cailan? “That’s an unexpected revelation if I’ve ever heard one. What happened to never finding love?”
“Ah. That.” Sirena looked abashed and quickly shook her head. “It would never have worked out. Not with me. They’ve got other things in their life. Other people.”
“Not married, are they?” Anora inquired. She didn’t know why she was still pressing. She didn’t want to know about this person, didn’t want to know who it was Sirena was pining after. But she couldn’t stop the questions from coming.
Sirena was quiet for a moment, although her dark eyes never left Anora’s face. “Engaged, actually.”
Anora’s breath caught, and when she spoke the words were soft and quiet. “Engaged?”
“But only for one more night.”
There was soft moment of realization, a quiet oh in the back of Anora’s mind, and before she could think better of it she whispered, “Then you still have time.”
And suddenly Sirena was kissing her. It was soft at first, uncertain, her lips barely hovering against Anora’s, but as Anora leaned in she became more confident and soon enough the kiss had deepened. Sirena brought a hand to Anora’s face, gently caressing her cheek, and Anora threaded her fingers through Sirena’s long hair as she pulled her even closer. It was like nothing Anora had ever experienced; this was no polite show of carefully cultured affection, no hesitant testing of what was expected of her. This was passionate and earnest and real.
Anora wanted more. She wanted to pull Sirena to her bed, to get even closer, to explore every inch of her body, to completely and utterly forget about everything else in the world-
And then it was over. Anora’s eyes fluttered open, and she realized Sirena and was hastily rising from the floor, muttering hurried, half-formed apologies. “I’m sorry- that was stupid of me- I didn’t intend-and tomorrow you’re-Maker, I’m sorry-”
Anora hurriedly stood as well, reaching out for Sirena as the woman was turning for the door. Her fingers brushed Sirena’s wrist, and although the touch was light Sirena froze in place.
“Sirena, I…”
Anora faltered. She was accustomed to knowing what to say. Knowing exactly what she wanted, and how to get it. But now…now she had no idea. She wanted to be the Queen Ferelden needed. She wanted to follow through on the promises she’d made. She wanted Sirena to stay. She wanted too many things, and those desire could not exist in the same space.
She couldn’t hold on to everything. And that wasn’t fair, not to her or Sirena. But it was the way things were.
“I’m sorry, too,” Anora whispered as she pulled back her hand. As she let Sirena go.
Sirena closed her eyes for moment, then nodded and left the room without another word. Anora numbly reached for the bottle she’d left behind and drained what little remained, trying to chase away the taste of Sirena’s lips. Then she went to bed, and once again she did not sleep.
Sirena almost didn’t show her face the next day.
But if she hid out all day she’d eventually have to explain why. So the next morning she dragged herself out of bed, threw cold water on her face, donned her formal attire, and watched Anora get married.
The ceremony passed in a blur, with the songs of the Chant and the words of endless speeches lulling the day into a hazy rhythm. The only moment that stood out was when Anora entered the Chantry. She walked in with her head held high, the picture of beauty and confidence draped in gold and ivory-white. Just looking at her sent a piercing pain through Sirena’s chest.
She was being ridiculous. Childish. Selfish. Sirena cared about Anora, and she knew this was what she wanted, and she had no right to the longing and jealously that burned through her.
What had she been thinking last night? She’d done so well all these years, fighting back those feelings, telling herself it was a passing crush…and then last night it had all come crashing out. Maybe it was Anora’s suggestion to come to Denerim. The idea of seeing her every day, of being so close to her…all while she was married to Cailan.
Sirena wasn’t capable of such cruelty towards herself. But oh, she’d been tempted.
At least the slip in her defenses hadn’t ruined Anora’s wedding. She was still here, betraying not a single doubt or worry as she recited her vows with clarity before the Maker.
And that was a good thing, Sirena told herself throughout the ceremony. The only thing worse than Anora rejecting her advances would be Anora risking everything she had and everything she wanted over her. That was what Sirena told herself during procession back to the palace. That was what she told herself in the reception held in the ballroom for the new husband and wife, when drinks were had in honor of the happy new couple.
Someone thrust a glass of wine in her hand, and Sirena realized with a start she was being called upon to make a toast. She wavered for a moment, looking across the room and meeting Anora eye to eye.
For the first time that day, Sirena thought she caught a hint of something mournful through Anora’s well-practiced mask of assured certainty. She remembered Anora’s lips against hers, wanting, drawing her in closer. She remembered Anora’s hand on her wrist, silently pleading for something she couldn’t voice. She remembered those whispered words. I am sorry.
Sirena raised a glass and gave the room a smile, big and bright, just what they expected from the ostentatious Cousland girl. “To the bride and groom,” she said, her eyes never leaving Anora’s. “To your bright future. I know you will do amazing things for Ferelden, and it is my truest hope that this life brings you every happiness.”
Anora smiled at her- a small, sad smile that that spoke volumes more than any speech and utterly broke Sirena’s heart. It was there and gone in an instant, wiped away as the next person stood to make their toast. But every now and then her gaze would return to Sirena, and that smile would come back. Never for long. Never noticed by anybody else. But Sirena saw it, and she knew she would never forget it as long as she lived.
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Tumblr media
As Snow Falls 
Summary: There’s nothing like waking up on a cold winter day and watching snow coat the bustling city down below while you’re safe in the arms of the man you love most. that's it. thats the fic. oh yeah, plus, getting caught by the entire team when Loki can’t help himself...
Word Count: 1547
Rating: v spicy, 18+
Warnings: get ready for your heart to melt like snow on a sunny day!
Authors note: gonna be re-posting all the Loki fics I deleted during the ban so get ready! decided I’d just post the christmas/winter ones first to get in the spirit! 
♡if you enjoy this fic you’re welcome to leave a reblog/like/comment! feedback is not only welcomed but encouraged!♡
You rolled over onto your side, hearing the man next to you groan. When you looked out the window you instantly became excited, your eyes widening. His voice was still groggy, “What is it love?”.
You got out of bed, pulling one of his long green tunics over your body. You were in your room in Stark towers, which included huge windows. Walking over to the glass you looked down, watching the snowflakes coat the entire city.
You heard him groan softly, and get out of bed to join you. He stood behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, “You are such a remarkable creature my pet”. You smirked to yourself, “Is that a compliment Loki?”.
Loki laughed lightly as he started to place light kisses down your neck. Smirking he said, “I only mean to say that you find joy in the most innocent and overlooked things, and that is something I have grown to love dearly”.
Your smile only grew, “Oh so you love me dearly now?”. You turned around to face him, finally seeing that devilish smirk of his. Loki bit his lip, “Would I be here admiring the snow with you if I didn’t?”. You rolled your eyes, and Loki laughed.
He kissed up your jaw, and purred into your ear, “Of course I love you (y/n)”. You smiled while wrapping your arms around his neck. You knew how Loki felt about you, but it always felt good to hear him say it.
You knew that expressing his feelings didn’t come easily, but he always made sure you knew just how much you meant to him. Pulling him down you kissed him passionately.
Loki quickly melted into the kiss, letting himself get lost in you. To his surprise you pulled away all too quickly and turned once again to face the window.
He watched as you were nearly pressed against the glass, and he smiled to himself while admiring you. You looked down at the city, watching all of the different people go all their different ways.
Softly you said, “Isn’t it beautiful”. Loki, being the secret hopeless romantic that he was, started to kiss down your neck again. In between kisses he said, “I have to say I’m quite fond of the view in front of me”. Loki was of course talking about you.
His hands slid up your thighs, taking the shirt you were wearing up with them..his shirt. One of his hands moved down, parting your legs. Breathlessly you said, “Loki..we can't.''
Loki tugged lightly on your earlobe, “I can’t help myself love”. His fingers slid up and down your slit, teasing you through your panties. You rested your head in the crook of his neck, melting into his touch.
You looked up to him with hooded eyes, moaning his name. Loki slid your panties to the side, no more barriers between his clit and your fingers. His was grinning wildly, “You look so beautiful my pet”.
The moment was ruined when you heard knocking on the door, and it quickly slid open. Loki turned around, still blocking you. There stood Thor accompanied by Steve and Bucky, “Brother we were going too-”.
There you and Loki both stood, Loki’s bare chest exposed and the majority of your legs showing. Loki rolled his eyes and groaned, “The door was closed for a reason brother-”. You stepped out from behind him, still only wearing his oversized shirt. You watched as their mouths fell open, not expecting you and Loki to be together.
Thor grinned, “Hello lady (y/n)”. You found yourself smiling at how happy for his brother Thor looked. Bucky teased, “So this is where you’ve been sneaking off to huh doll?”. You nodded your head, and took Loki’s hand in yours.
Loki looked somewhat tense, but calmed down the second he felt you touch him. Steve was just as happy but explained, “Sorry to interrupt, we just wanted to invite guys to watch some christmas movies with us”.
You beamed with excitement, and Loki found himself smiling as he watched you. Grinning you said, “Let us change and we’ll be right there”. Bucky raised his eyebrows suggestively at you before leaving with the other men.
You walked over to Loki’s closet, going right to the section where your clothes were. Loki had his arms crossed over his chest, “So are we going to talk about what just happened?”.
You were looking for your favorite pair of sweatpants, “What do you mean?”. By now he was leaning against the wall closest to the closet, “That fact that everyone now knows our secret, and I’m not currently in a holding cell”.
You finally found the pair you were looking for, they were perfectly christmas themed. Laughing you walked towards him, “Loki are you kidding me?”. Your mood changed when you saw how serious he looked.
You put the pants on the bed, and then stood in front of him. You uncrossed his arms, taking his hands in yours, “I wish you could realize that you’re no longer a threat to all of them Loki...the entire team has noticed how much you’ve changed”.
Part of the reason you’d kept your relationship with Loki secret was because he was scared. His worst fear was that everyone would disapprove, and he’d be creating this divide in your life.
You brought one of his hands to your mouth and kissed it, “Everyone is starting to see the man that I love...the truth behind this hard exterior you’ve put up Loki”. Loki pretended to be tough, reserved, emotionless, but you all knew those were lies.
His expression softened so you continued, “I love you Loki..more than I thought someone could love ...and the rest of the team is starting to see all of the things that make me so head over heels for you”.
You let go of his hands, and instead cupped his face. Before kissing him softly you said, “You’re safe with us’re apart of this family and nothing will ever change that.'' You watched as Loki laughed lightly, a single tear falling from his eyes.
When the kiss was over he’d wrapped his arms around you. Looking down to you he said, “What have I ever done to deserve someone as beautiful and kind as you (y/n) are so remarkable”.
You buried your face into his chest, “All you did Loki was open up and let me see the real you”. His grip around you tightened, wanting to hold onto this moment for the rest of his life. You words were like magic to him, taking his worst fears and making them disappear.
Smiling you let go and put the pants on. He smiled, “This is going to be my first Christmas movie love”. Once again you beamed with excitement, taking his hand and leading him towards the living room.
Grinning you said, “the first of many Loki”. Loki laughed, but then stopped walking altogether. He pulled you into him, leaning against the wall of the hallway. Loki tilted your chin up, “Is that a threat?”.
Your lips were inches from him, “It’s a promise..a promise of many years to come”. Loki nodded his head while grinning. He continued walking with you, “Well then I quite like that promise”.
Finally you both entered the living room, and saw the team all scattered around the room. On one couch sat Steve, stuck in between Bucky and Sam. Wanda and vision where sharing one loveseat, while Nat sat on the edge of Clint’s chair.
Thor had his own big chair to him, and Tony was just walking into the room. There was one couch left, only Peter Parker sitting on the end. When Tony saw you and Loki he smirked, “Would you look at that…(y/n)’s tamed reindeer games”.
Looking across the room you couldn’t help but be filled with happiness, all of your friends looked so genuinely excited for you and Loki. You looked at Loki out of the corner of your eye and loved what you saw.
Loki was laughing, while a light blush formed on his cheeks. He answered Tony, “I guess that nickname is quite fitting now”. Tony looked at you and winked before sitting in his own chair.
You pulled Loki to come sit down with you, “So what are we watching you guys?”. You nuzzled into Loki’s side, his arm draped around you as your legs intertwined. Tony smirked once again, “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, I thought Loki could learn a thing or two”.
Those who understood the joke, basically everyone but Thor and Loki laughed along. You placed a kiss on Loki’s cheek, “I guess we’re all on the island of misfit toys huh?”. The entire room nodded, realizing how true that was.
Tony hummed, “But we wouldn’t have it any other way would we?”. Laughing you shook your head. You intertwined your fingers with Loki's, “No...I wouldn’t have it any other way.''
Loki kissed your forehead before leaning back into the couch getting ready to watch the movie. He let out a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding in, and for once in his entire life Loki felt safe.
Tumblr media
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sweetmercysystem · 6 months ago
Hi everyone, I’m Blair. I created this blog for the rest of our alters to use, since our host has their own blog already. This is our introduction post. A few things to keep in mind: If Jax is fronting, it is probably not the best idea to interact too much, as he can be aggressive. Absolutely NO nsfw will be tolerated here, along with bigotry or hatred directed at our alters or followers.
Name: Blair
Age: 18
Gender/pronouns: I’m a cis guy, so he/him
Sexuality: pansexual
Role: protector, caretaker, co host. Also, I’m pretty sure I was originally an “imaginary friend” to the host.
Relationship status: taken (I’m dating Rhett)
Extra: I’m from California, but the body isn’t. I’m also a lot taller than the body. (I’m 6’1) I have dark brown, shoulder length wavy hair. Also, I’m pretty sure I have a sister but the body does not. I enjoy being outdoors, so this pandemic hasn’t been the most fun for me. Also, I’m not great at introductions, but I do love talking to people and would like to make some friends.
Tag: #blair here
Name: rhett
Age: 20
Gender/pronouns: demiboy, he/they
Sexuality: bisexual, female-preferring
Role: trauma holder
Relationship status: taken (by blair)
Extra: i don’t like talking about myself. also i just don’t like talking. you all probably won’t see me much.
Tag: #rhett speaks
Name: Jemma!
Age: 4 or 16, depending.
Gender/pronouns: cis girl, she/her!
Sexuality: idk yet!
Role: I’m a little/age regressor!
Relationship status: single and NOT looking!
Extra: Hi guys! I’m Jemma! I probably won’t use this that much but I think this is a really cool idea! Ummmm….. Blair is my bestest friend and I can’t really think of anything else to say. So bye bye for now!!
Tag: #hi its jemma
Name: jax
Age: why tf do you care
Gender/pronouns: he/him
Sexuality: gay
Role: ex persecutor
Relationship status: single
Extra: blair made me do this. dont talk to me if im on here. thats it.
Tag: #jax was here
Name: Jett
Age: ageless
Gender/pronouns: non-binary, xe/xem
Sexuality: aroace
Role: gatekeeper
Relationship status: single
Extra: hey all, I’m Jett. I don’t front super often but when I do, you are welcome to come and talk to me! A few fun facts about me: I don't consider myself entirely human, but I’m not sure what I am exactly. My name, Jett, is kind of due to the fact that in the headspace I’m entirely black. If we had an artist in the system I’d have them draw me, but alas, we don’t. Anyways, goodbye for now!
Tag: #jett talks
Name: Kasey
Age: 36
Gender/pronouns: genderfluid, ask me for my pronouns. (they is usually good, though)
Sexuality: abrosexual
Role: caretaker
Relationship status: single
Extra: I’m Kasey, sort of the parent of the system. Most of my responsibilities take place in the headspace, so I’m not out very often, but if you need a parental figure to talk to, I’m here!
Tag: #kasey here
Name: arrow
Age: eternal/ageless
Gender/pronouns: it/its
Sexuality: aroace
Role: trauma holder. protector.
Relationship status: single. not interested.
Extra: you don’t need to know too much about me.
Tag: #arrow speaking
Name: Jacob (Kasey here. Jacob needed some help, so I filled this out for him)
Age: 5
Gender/pronouns: he is a cis boy and uses he/him pronouns.
Sexuality: he doesn’t know just yet
Role: little
Relationship status: he is single, DO NOT try to change that as he is 5.
Extra: I’m Jacob, I like playing dress up with Jemma and also I like cars.
Tag: #jacobs words
Name: Nico diAngelo
Age: 15
Gender/pronouns: I’m a cis guy, so he/him
Sexuality: gay
Relationship status: taken by Will
Extra: I’m Italian, shy, and gay that’s it.
Tag: #diangelo whispers to the void
We have a few other alters who are not included here either because they did not want to, have been silent for a while, or because Kasey or I (Blair) decided that they should not interact. If more alters present themselves or decide they would like to participate in our blog, we will update this post.
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cool-crap-daily · 10 months ago
Ok I am about to say something that is going to give you extreme paranoia, but I promise I will follow it up with something that will make you feel important and cancel the first part out, so whatever you do, don't stop reading this post halfway through.
If the many world's theory is true, there are an infinite number of universes filled with dark planets, which in turn are filled with all manners of eldritch and evil creatures. weird right? but guess what? an infinite number of those creatures are aware of YOUR existence, and are actively hating you and wanting to harm and kill specifically YOU right now.
ok, ok, thats weird, but eh you don't really care, because that is just some abstract reality and infinite distance away that can never reach you.
if there are infinite universes though, them there are an infinite number of those dark beings of all shapes and sizes that hate you, objectivly, not for any reason except that they must hate you, the many world's theory forces them to exist simply to want to kill you. currently there are endless planets of these beings funneling 100% of their efforts into creating a way for them to travel to our universe and eliminate you. if there are unlimited planets doing that right now, well, there must be some that will, and/or, have developed that technology, as well as infinite other technologies and abilities to make killing you easier.
RIGHT NOW these things are hopping from reality to reality, lurking in the shadows, meticulously searching every world and planet for you, specifically you. it's only a matter of time before that find you, in fact, they should have found you already, so why haven't they? maybe one of these Nemises will find you before you finish reading this message, and torture you in unimaginable, unknowable ways before ending your life. maybe they've already found you and are leaning over your shoulder right now, watching you read this, and are just invisible to you.
I bet you looked behind you, but the strange thing is it wasn't there. These Eternal Nemises MUST exist if there are infinite universes, so why arent they here? maybe it's proof the Many Worlds Theory is false? no, it's not proof and I will tell you why.
These things ARE out there, combing through reality after reality trying to find YOU right now. but they have a problem, a barrier so unconquerable that they can't touch you. it's a barrier you have protecting you, that you created just by existing.
If there are any infinite number of these Lovecraftian Nemises out there, then there MUST be something else out there too.
If the many world's theory is true, there are an infinite number of universes filled with light planets, which in turn are filled with all manners of pure and good creatures. weird right? but guess what? an infinite number of those creatures are aware of YOUR existence, and are actively loving you and wanting to help and save specifically YOU right now.
This cosmic struggle has been raging for an abstract eternity and neither side can win. for every Nemisis trying to kill you, there is a Guardian trying to save you. for every Nemisis standing behind you, preparing to eliminate you in some abstract way, whether with a knife or a blast of cosmic force, there MUST be an equal and opposite Guardian fighting with another weapon sacrificing its self out of pure, honest, unconditional, love to save you, annihilating itself and its foe, leaving you none the wiser. there IS a planet full of beings that dedicate their entire lives to save you and help you in every way possible. sadly they can never win, because for every breakthrough one of them has, the Enemy has an equal breakthrough to counter it. They are perfect foes, infinite legions of beings powerful enough to obliterate whole planets, using their unbelievable power to hunt you down and save you, or slaughter you. take comfort in knowing that none of this means anything to you, and it CANT ever affect you. but it IS true, if you accept that the many world's theory is true, and that interdimensional travel is achievable.
I call this Burner's Paradox, for reasons I don't have to share, but if you want to share it or discuss it, the tag is #burnersparadox
I came up with this thought experiment while reading about strange sightings of cryptids and shadow people, as well as sightings and encounters with benevolent forces (guardian angels etc.). in my life I have had many experiences where I see some kind of demon/shadow stalking me and hating me, but I have also had experiences where I felt like something had its hand over me, protecting me, understanding what I'm going through, and loving me. strange lights in the sky, a strange coincidence that seems impossible but happened anyways.
I thought to myself, maybe there are things out there, aware that they were created to help me, and that these feelings were given to them and aren't their own, but choosing to follow them anyways out of care for ME.
I don't know if this was a cursed post or a wholesome post or if anyone will even read this, and honestly, despite some evidence for the many world's theory, I don't believe it's true. none of this is true to me, but it's interesting to consider, and it should rock your world if you are a solid believer in the MWT. know this though, no matter how many cosmic demons are out there, or how many guardians you have around you, you have a friend in me, if no one else, so maybe the battle is just the smallest bit tipped in your favor, and I won't say I'm not fighting cosmic demons right now for your sake.😉
Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
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thefamily · a year ago
Chapter Six: 1824 October 11th Hush boy
Jacks P.O.V.
T.W. Blood
        ‘It’s alright πυγολαμπίδα, you never have to deal with this place again. So just… relax my love.’ At those words I can feel my self relax, the relief that over comes me causes me to cry a little at the thought of never returning to that hellhole again. I feel my conscious drift away from the chaotic scene and I can feel petals wrap around me as I slide through them green lightning curving from my body(?) every now and again until I hear a someone humming to themselves as I hear the sound of someone carving wood. As I turn towards them I can see I’m in a dark room lit only by the candle on the desk with a boy(?) probably only around seventeen or so with… teal… hair? And I think I can see his eyes glowing gold from here.
        I take a step towards him examining trying to see if I can recognize him despite the familiarity radiating from him. He suddenly sits up straight causing me to jump back a bit and as I examine the back of his neck and I can feel a bit of hope fill my heart. There is two soul-marks on the back of his neck that hooked in each-other one of a stray green bolt of lightning and one of a wisp of the universe. Just like…
        “JJ?” I whisper out, shock over taking me as I take a step forward, but as I do every single doll and figurine turned their heads towards me, their eyes glowing an eerie yellow, giving a similar feeling to the forest. I instinctively reach to him to get him away from the dolls not even bothering to notice there really wasn’t a way out. As he turns to me I can see he has a rather annoyed expression that quickly fades into shock as his glowing gold eyes land on me, and just as I go to step towards him, the floor beneath me falls away.
        I can feel the petals again pulling me through the colorful void as I try to fight against them, trying to get back to JJ but I quickly stop, the smell of the petals relaxing me. I allow my self to drift until I hear a familiar voice calling for me.
        “Come here Sunon.” It’s Henrik’s voice, I know it is, I don’t know how but I do, he’s older maybe twenty, and he has a German accent but I can hear the little bit of Irish lingering in the back of his voice. It sounds happy but more of a sad… happy, if that makes sense.
        “Sunon, come here.” The voice calls again and it’s almost pleading and I jolt in shock, bolts of lightning curving from my body, as I recognize the voice.
        “Henrik?” The voice that comes from me sound like my seven year old self, confusion washes over me before at the sound of my voice until I can see what’s happening again.
        ‘Oh,’ I think as I look around, somehow without moving my body. ‘this is the day before Henrik got adopted.’ I remember it well enough to know that I didn’t leave his side the entire day. I feel my body move on it own accord at the sound of Henrik’s voice again.
        “I’m over here Sunon.” I look around and see him sitting on top of a large rock still wet from swimming the lake. It was one of those rare warm sunny days during the summer where Henrik would take me to a lake deep in the forest. Everything looked the same from that except, he looked different. His instead of their normal sky blue, they’re a soft, green with the same color veins going from the iris to the whites of his eyes to the area surrounding his eyes. And though his hair was the same length, long enough for a small pony tail, his usual light brown hair, was a soft green on the top and brown and a twinge of silver in it.
        Other than that though he was the same, with the same pale skin, Marvin's mark on his forehead just like me, the rest of my brothers and the other one was Liru’s… mark. ‘Oh my god. She’s all of our soulmate! How did I not realize that!’ She doesn’t even know either, I never bothered to mention it because I forgot ‘How the hell did I forget that?!’
        “Sunon?” Henrik’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts and I can feel my six year old body move and speak on it’s own accord.
        “Coming Hen” I got up and I could feel the left over water on my skin drying from the sun as I went over to him forgetting my shirt completely as I climbed up to the rock, sitting in front of him and for a split second I think it’s gonna fall out beneath me as well. I look up at him and I can feel a forced smile on my face as I look up at him. His eyes are sad as he looks at me but he has a soft smile as he looks at me. I watch as he reaches up around his neck and undoing the leather cord with a silver band that had a sigil Marvin carved into it.
        I watched as he had picked up the one of my hands the one with his mark on my upper arm and puts the ring and cord in my hand and covering it. My eyes water as he does and I try to hold my tears back but fall miserable. I launch at him, hugging him tightly not even bother with the fact I nearly knocked us both off the rock, burying my faces into his chest and crying my eyes out. He wraps an arm around me my torso and puts a hand on the back of my head as he buries his nose in my hair lightly and I can hear him mutter those words that were once comforting and now just painful to hear.
        “It’s okay Sunon. Everything will be okay, I’ll come back for you, ten years top. I promise.” As he said those words the world around me faded before leaving surrounded in the void of petal.
        Except they weren’t petals anymore, they were slimy, black than black, smelled like death, sulfur and burning flesh, it made me want to puke. They weren’t guiding me anymore they were yanking me down and this time I fought.
        I struggled and scratched and pulled, lightning breaking from my body and striking at the faux petals, burning them making the smells stronger to the point where I want to throw up. After a full minute of fighting against the pull the petals yank me down through them and I fall about a couple of stories landing on my back letting out a loud wheeze of pain as I feel the air whoosh out of my body as I struggle to regain it as I force myself up wincing in pain.
        As I stand up I freeze, every hair on my body stands up on end and I can feel my heart fall to my stomach then my stomach fall through the floor. In front of me was this large disgusting creature, it had a round body with useless legs dragging behind it as it uses it’s to small for it’s body wings, to hover in one spot and it was the color of if someone threw up and mixed ink into it. Thats not the worst part though was the to many long, spindly needle sharp arms holding up an almost identical copy of me, the only differences was the one black eye with a neon green iris and the other a Blue Lapis color and a slit throat.
        “Anti…?” My voice is quiet and breaking a I speak, the disbelief quickly become of over come with rage and sadness. Now I really wanna throw up and wake up. The creature’s spindly needle sharp arms wear pierced through his lower arms, hands, every one of his fingers, his feet and what seemed to be his head. And the way it was keeping him up, made Anti look like a puppet. The thing grins it’s beady white eyes almost closing from the wide grin showing off brown jagged over grown human teeth, with a sick sense of joy as it seems to speak and I could barely make out what it was saying.
        “D̎ͪ̽͢ir̙͇̫u͍̥ͤ̐͜ ͯͦ̿s͑͌͂͢a͉͆l̥̥͙utő̵̬n̖ͭ ̕a͉̙ľ̻͝ v̤̀i̵a ̞ͬfŗ͉̖͌̓a̡t̩ͩo,̶̅ P̶ṳ̃p̬͕̈͐p̓e̛͗̃͑t̲̆.͔̹̈̽” I watch in horror as Anti seems to jerk before whispering out in a dead voice,
“J̢acḱ?” I let out a chocked sob as the rage falls away leaving nothing but sadness behind. I watch as his eyes flash for a second full of confusion then fear, then straight up terror and panic and with each emotion I see, the slit in his neck begins to bleed heavier than before.
        “JA̧ĆK!́” His voice is desperate pleading and I can see more of the demons spindly arms begin to reach towards me and I can feel all of the rage suddenly slam into at once as green lightning explodes everywhere as I let out a scream of rage and the demon recoils as the lightning bursting from my body strikes it’s arms causing it to let out a shriek of pain.
        “ŖUN̷ JA̡CK ́P͢L̸EASE!͞” Anti’s voice breaks through the noise and I can see the demon quickly regrow the burned limbs as it lets out a roar that makes my head pound painfully.
        “P҉LEASE̸-” Anti’s desperate cry is cut off my the sound of him gurgling and blood pour out his mouth his neck practically a fountain of blood now. I can feel tears streaming down my face as I begin to move forward towards Anti, but as I do the creature lunges forward and before I can move, I wake up staring into Liru’s night blue, worried eyes.
Sunon = Sun
Say hello to your brother = Diru saluton al via frato
Thank you @antis-gauge for helping give me motivation to write
Don’t forget to reblog
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daulaires · 12 months ago
Taco Espionage 1
28 followers | taco espionage- something original! | 1134 words
a/n: okay, okay, I AM still working on One Day More but I wanted to keep putting other work out there in the meantime. Here’s the first chapter of a short(ish) original story I’ve been working on featuring my boy Camren and the folks at Del’s Tacos.
A gap year sounded nice. Take a break from studying, make some better friends, get a job, maybe save up a little. I guess only my parents can tell you why in the nine circles of hell I was saving for a degree I didn't even know I wanted. In all honesty, though, I actually accomplished more of my goals this year than I have in… well, my entire life. I'm not exactly a perfectionist, okay? That being said, I think anyone can agree that getting a job, setting up a career path, and establishing a network of friends and/or likable business associates who can kill me in seventy different ways is a pretty good start to adult life.
It all started with a really intense craving for Mexican food one Saturday afternoon. I'm not talking a "hey, I could really go for some Mexican food right now" type of craving- I mean like an "it's three in the afternoon and I didn't eat lunch because nothing but Mexican food will live up to my brain's expectations of what good food is right now. great job, Camren!" kind of craving. Should I have made a sandwich from my fridge to conserve the already-low funds in my bank account? Maybe. I did tell you I'm not a perfectionist, though, right? This may not have been my finest moment, but it had been a rough week and I figured some self-care was in order after a long seven days of sitting at home, filling out job applications, and gracefully ignoring the comments my parents made about my future and/or the state of my bedroom. I swiped my keys from the hook by the front door and turned to grab my wallet and bent over to check my hair in the hallway mirror. Kind of ruffled but cute. Okay. Outfit? Pretty proud of that, too- although I couldn’t see most of it since I’m, like, six feet tall and, in all honesty, fairly wide, too. I definitely got a little fatter after quitting swim. Back at the front door, I called back, "I'm getting food, be back in an hour." Dead silence. I winced. It was Saturday, so Mom was grocery shopping and Dad was out with friends. I  was talking to an empty house. It wasn't the first time, but still.
In an effort to not eat boring food, I scanned Google Maps for some not-totally-disgusting pictures of tacos. Remember how I said I’m not a perfectionist? I meant in all areas except for food. If the experience of eating something isn’t mind-blowing, I don’t want to eat whatever it is. I usually make it to at least the second page of results when I’m looking for a new restaurant, but this time something right at the top caught my eye. Mouth-watering (yes, I mean literally mouth-watering) pictures of tamales, frijoles, and burritos greeted me. I didn’t bother getting more details than the pictures and the place’s four-and-a-half-star rating. This was it. 
Fifteen minutes later, I pulled into a shopping center that looked like the owner had just googled “modern-looking but cheap to decorate buildings” and showed the results to the re-modelers. When I had parked and found my way to the front of the restaurant, all I could do was stare for a moment. It was like a taco shop out of time- a purple and green neon sign at the top read "Del's" and the facade was painted a refreshing orange-ish pink. It was the only storefront that didn’t look soul-suckingly average. Inside, past the glare of a blue and red "open" sign against the kind-of-tinted glass, I could just barely make out a walk-up counter and some booths. The place was totally empty except for a woman in a purple polo shirt and visor behind the counter. By the time I reached the counter myself, I was ready to empty my entire bank account to get whatever it was that was making this place smell so good. The woman smiled calmly and walked over to me. 
By the time she got within a few feet of me at the counter, I almost felt like I knew her already. She looked exactly like my mom. Her dark, tightly coiled curls were just barely visible tied up in a tight knot over her visor. She had creases in her forehead but her skin was still a deep, warm brown. I half expected her to give me a look and ask if I had filled out any more job applications. Just then, though, a woman burst through the doors and advanced to hover at the counter. The person behind the counter, whose name tag read “Zenia”, raised her eyebrows and turned back to me without a word to the other customer. “Welcome to Del’s. What can I get you?”  I was about to open my mouth to ask about their tacos when the sound of the insistently clacking nails of the other customer (we’ll call her Karen as a placeholder) gave way to a sharp bark. “Excuse me, could I get some service here?” Karen broke in. Zenia turned to her, eyebrows somehow arching higher than before, and, without a word, she motioned to someone back in the kitchen. I managed to place my order in peace. As Zenia printed my receipt and strode back to the kitchen, though, I began to hear snatches of an escalating conversation to my right.
“What do you mean you won’t take my credit card? It’s valid, isn’t it?” Karen was jabbing her finger down at the person helping her on the other side of the counter. I wouldn’t really have been concerned, but that person, also wearing a purple polo, was about one good shove away from falling off the stool she was standing on. The girl behind the counter inhaled sharply, squared her shoulders, and resolutely looked up from the register. “Apparently not, no. I’m sorry, we can’t accept the card.” I didn’t remember Karen’s nails looking quite as deadly as they did just then. They really matched the death glare she had going on. With a face redder than the vinyl booths behind us, Karen reared her finger back, flexed her jaw muscles, and let loose a strangled and vaguely well-contained whine. “This is ridiculous! I pay my card off every month and you’re telling me you can’t make your stupid machine take my money?”
“...Yes? If you wanna pay with another card or cash, then I can-”
“No, I don’t have another card. What’s wrong with the one I have?”
“Like I said, it’s been decli-”
“What kind of business is this? You think you can just tell me I’m not allowed to buy food here? I’ve never had such awful customer service in my life!”
At this point I had pretty much frozen in place at the register, unsure whether this was something I should involve myself in or not. Zenia materialized next to the girl on the stool, laying a hand on her shoulder, and settled a steely gaze on Karen. “Excuse me, what’s the problem here?”
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