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Baked my first clay batch in months! Finally got myself to knead some clay again after playing some Cafe Mix inspired me.

They may be imperfect and a bit dusty, but I’m happy to have made SOMETHING.

The pikachu are new, I prefer the first attempt (3) over the second (2) and they’re wearing the cafe uniform pika has in game.

The others are older unfinished projects I decided I should at least bake and try to salvage or continue somehow


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Got some more painting done today, will now start planning out the costume! 

(Also thank you for the notes on the previous post! I’m really enjoying this project so far!!)

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Tanti dolcetti pronti per le casette…

Gli elfi di Babbo Natale stanno lavorando.. Christmas is coming
Ciao ciao

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#christmas #natale #regalodinatale #christmasgift
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Working on another art doll in my free time, just got most of the painting done and will be trying to figure out how to make the outfit! I might make some of the other characters in the future…

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So I noticed that the first batch was alittle too big for earrings so I made a second batch and made them smaller, I’m not too sure if you can tell the size difference in these photos

I dont want first batch to go to waist so I’m going to sell them as christmas ornaments

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Baby Len being Curious about what Mam is making. Honestly not sure where im going with this i was really bored and this is what happens as for what i am making we will see where this goes when it is done.

Baby Len belongs to @twinklephoenix

Normally i just make my characters like len never tried to make anything else like a bed so we will see how this goes.

#Clay #making #fimoclay #Creating #BabyLen #Bed #Baby #Kawaii #Pastel #workinprogress #bedforbaby #Birdy #Mycharacter #Twinklephoenix

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