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#final fantasy 7
dyradoodles · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Idk what he's looking at. Probably Zack being... Zack 😂
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astraios-art · a day ago
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Aerith Gainsborough 🌼
I just played ff7 for the first time, I loved it :D
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ff7ogzine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
☆彡 Contributor Spotlight ☆彡
Next up is the incredible @birdblacksocialclub, a longtime FF7 fan!  
In her own words:
Artist & freelance illustrator, summoner of nothing in particular.
Bird Black will be joining us as an artist. Please give her a warm welcome! 
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firstsurugi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✨ acrylic charm interest check ✨
would u all be interested in purchasing something like these as charm designs in the future?
enter your poll response here!! 💕
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little-leeu · 2 days ago
This is for our lovely @electric-turks Sexy stuff under cut. Hope you feel better soon XX ~~
|  |
“Bla bla blaaaa….”
Reno yawned as he leaned on his hand fighting sleep. These Weekly report meetings were getting boring. He heard Rude cough beside him and he looked up at the man before going back to his routine of fighting sleep. It didn’t help that the room was warm and dark. It also didn’t help that he’d been on nights for the last few days.
His phone buzzed, yawning he pulled out his phone and looked down. A picture message from a friend of a friend. With a quick glance at Tseng, who’s voice was still droning on, he opened the message. He grinned broadly.
Within the message, you were stood in front of a mirror, black lacy bra barely covering your breasts. Under the image you’d written, what do you think? The message wasn’t for Reno but he couldn’t help himself.
Very nice, I prefer red though. Are there panties to match?
When you received the message back your cheeks burned. You knew Reno via a friend but hadn’t really chatted much, you’d always admired him from a distance to embarrassed to approach. He was good looking and from the moment you met him the crush had set in deep. Right there and then you could have died.
“Merde!” you groaned into your hands before stopping.
No… if you wanted to have him, this was the right time and moment. So you took the bra off and put your top back on, picking out some fine red lace bra and matching underwear. Heading back towards the changing room you were filled with confidence.
Stripping off and slipping the clothing on, you leaned back making sure you were very revealing and took a photo. You bit your lip feeling a little wet at the thought of Reno seeing the images. With a tap of your fingers you sent it over.
Reno grinned looking down at the image. His dick grew hard in his trousers as he looked down at the image of you in lacy red underwear.
He messaged you
Nice very nice buy it! Tonight, I want to test drive it!
“RENO!” Tsengs snapped, voice cutting through the thoughts Reno had of you. Thoughts to slowly pulling those panties off with his teeth.
“Yes sir?” Reno asked taking a breath to steady himself.
“What did I say?” Tseng asked folding his hands behind his back.
“Right… So again for Reno’s benefit…” Tseng began his lecture again, to groans from the other Turks.
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calamitys-artbin · a day ago
Tumblr media
annual safer sephiroth icon for twitter
don’t know what possessed me to render it like this but can it happen more often please? cause d a m n
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theignishypehouse · 17 hours ago
Hello! I'd like to request a headcanon for Reno, Rufus and Cloud who has befriended Reader who has the ability to shape-shift into a griffin (half-lion, half-eagle).
I got ya
Tumblr media
• He’s a little shook when he sees them shape-shift
• Like his face is like 😯😮
• He wonders, how it be helpful in battle if you do fight
• If you don’t, he encourages you to try, that skill might help a lot of people he thinks
• Once the shock of you’re shape shifting abilitieswears down for him, he didn’t treat you any different from anyone he meets
• He values as a friend and confidant, even if he doesn’t admit it out loud
Tumblr media
• He thinks that’s fucking cool that you can shape shift
• He truly thought he seen it all before he met you but damn was he wrong
• He may or may not ask you to transform just so he can see those forms 👀 but I won’t say for certain
• He doesn’t treat you any different per say, he just thinks you’re cooler than a lot of other people he’s ever met sorry tseng
• He’s glad he befriended
Tumblr media
• I’m gonna do post ff7 Rufus, cause past Rufus won’t be very…. Ethical
• He’s fascinated to say the least about your abilities
• He’s never heard of shape shifting abilities in people, especially when it’s half lion and half eagle
• He gets really concerned about your safety since, there are bad people who would try to manipulate you for their own gain, so he personally hired security for you, for protection
• Also he asks questions about you’re powers, to better understand you and your abilities
• He of course sees more than just your powers.
• He’s too near death experiences have deeply soften him up and taught him to see more in people besides what they can give him.
• And he sees you as a close friend who just so happens to have interesting abilities
• He hopes you see that, even if others can’t 
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gjalleon · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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ff7ogzine · a day ago
Tumblr media
☆彡 Contributor Spotlight ☆彡
Next up is the fantastic @birdsandivory, a Cid enthusiast!  
In their own words: 
This is a Cid Highwind lovebot. Has no respect before high tea and loves space. 
Birdsandivory will be joining us as a fanfiction writer. Please give them a warm welcome! 
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