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Part 4 of the Big Sister Aranea verse

She is snarling. The beast is snarling back at her. Good, she thinks. She bares her teeth a bit more and falls into a fighting stance that’ll allow her to easily attack or dodge depending on how the creature will react.

She doesn’t take her eyes off it, but she feels comforted by the fact that Prompto is quietly snoring against her chest, safe in his rag-cocoon, unseen by the beast and still blissfully unaware of the danger.

A year ago, she would have fought everything daring to threaten her. She was proud of having survived so far.

But now she is trying to avoid fights unless there really is no other option. She has promised to herself (and the baby, even if he didn’t understand a word of it) that she’ll keep him safe and alive and so far, she has never broken a promise.

She especially isn’t going to break this one, so she won’t start today.

She snarls again and pulls out her daggers when the beast breaks into a sprint.

Aranea Highwind & Prompto Argentum (FFXV) © Square Enix / art © Murderous-Coffeebean

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Noctis picks up on the game somehow and he inevitably get everyone in on it!!!

I have the game and am willing to try and make up the characters. I must tell you though, if you get in on this, JUMP THE GUN QUICK! I ONLY HAVE TWO SLOTS OPEN!!!! I’m pretty confident on what builds everyone would run (and this includes everyone not just the Bro’s so feel free to ask for outside them as well, and so I know that it is your Ask please leave a psudo-name I can use as the Avatar leading the one that you requested around)

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Something i thought of when i started playing Final Fantasy XV.

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“Screw that behemoth

Screw Deadeye

I just wanted to take a chocobo for a ride. „

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Happy New Year! We have the first part of the IgNoct Exchange to share. You can also find the entire collection here

As always, reminder to mind the tags! We have only listed title, author, and summary. 

In and of Itself by SerAnneliese 

One wound is tended but a thousand words are left unsaid. 

Rewrite the Stars by amitiel 

It’s been a year since Noctis defeated Ardyn. Now that they have worked hard to restore much of Eos, the one thing Ignis and Noctis haven’t had time to work on is their relationship.

Ignis decides it’s time for a break for the two of them. While Gladio and Prompto take care of the throne for them, Ignis takes Noctis to Galdin Quay for a weekend getaway… and to rekindle the love had never been lost between them.

A Life for a Life by blackstyx 

“I shouldn’t be here.”

“In this place?”

Dark hair moves softly, mingling with the white fur, when Noctis shakes his head no. “I shouldn’t be alive.”

Ignis inhales sharply. The prophecy. A fate they all fought successfully and their price sat now in front of him. Uncertain and scared.

“I know he is looking for me. So I hide here, but I know he will take me eventually.”

The First of Many by Knight of Flames (beetroot_of_doubt) 

Noctis has had a major crush on his Advisor for ages but he’s decided now is the time that he’ll so something about it and ask Ignis out. That is, he would if he could just work up the courage and figure out how to. Then when he does, will he be gently rejected, or will this be, as he hopes, the first of many?

Morning’s Light by denilmo 

Ignis was always meant to guide Noctis, and he would defy fate to see him to the ending that they all deserve.

A New Beginning by LemonCake1328 

After so many years, King Noctis can no longer keep silent for all that he always felt for his faithful advisor and friend Ignis. A New Years memory shows him that it is time to break the silence

Cygnus by DenialSubroutine 

Ignis gets hurt during a routine hunt. Things change after that.

As It Should Be by Lhugy_for_short 

Exactly one year after the Dawn, and with King Noctis set to return from negotiations abroad, nearly everyone in Insomnia is in a festive mood.

Everyone except Ignis, for whom the last three weeks have been a painful reminder of life without Noct close at hand.

Blooming In Blue by ThatScottishShipper

In Altissia, at night, there is said to be a secret walkway where the spirits of the unrequited drift in the waters.

The Chocobros investigate, but Noctis and Ignis are split off from the other two, and have to come to terms with their own feelings.

Before it’s too late.

Breakfast in Bed by memoriesofrain

It’s a quiet morning for Ignis and Noctis and in a surprise turn-of-events, Noctis wakes up first. So he decides he’s going to do something that Ignis always does for him: make him breakfast so Ignis can have breakfast in bed.

Prickly Thorn, Sweetly Worn by Railyard_Ghosts

With the Winter sun setting in, Ignis loses track of time easily when he gets too wrapped up in work – but lucky for him, Noctis is always eager to call it a day and drag him off to bed.

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Please show your love for artist Raziel! As a talented artist, Raziel brings a great piece to the zine! We’re so excited to have him on our team!

Follow him on Twitter!

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Headcanon - King Somnus with Princess Aliqua

Probably out scouting the woods and surroundings for perfect hunting spots, where Somnus can teach his daughter how to hunt when time allows him. Of course riding on Somnus’ white Chocobo. Included the scars the use of the Ring leaves on Somnus’ body creeping up to his face.

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Hi everyone! I finally got it all together so I can sell these adorable stickers I made!

They’ll be on sale for $3 each, $10 for all four (with free shipping in the US!) There’s limited stock so if you’re wanting them act fast!

DM me on ig or twitter if you’re interested!

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