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#finals week

{ late night assignments }

And this is what happens when you have 3 finals , 3 final projects and poor task management skills .

Not giving up tho! This is only a week , the most important week of the semester.

Remember , a grade is NOT worth risking your health. Drink water , eat something sugary if you feel lightheaded , eat lots of veggies and protein!

“Lets get it “

-Jeon Jungkook .

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Based on the prompt “I brought food.”

Rey was, well, exhausted. She’d been up until 4 am the night before studying for her history final and now she was struggling to complete a paper for her English class.

She sat down on the carpeted flooring of her bedroom with her knees pulled up to her chest. Textbooks and notes circled around her like a homework halo. She was, in a sense, drowning in schoolwork.

Rey leaned her head back against the bed and sighed. She had 5 more pages type tonight before she could to go bed. She had to meet her deadline.

Ben slowly opened the bedroom door then and peered down at Rey. “Sweetheart…” He started. “I brought food.”

Rey looked up at her caring boyfriend with her wide doe eyes from the floor. “You did?”

Ben nodded. “From that restaurant Chinese House, just down the street. Orange chicken with extra sauce, just how you like it.” He leaned down and set the bag in front of her along with a glass of water.

“You didn’t have to bring me food…I was going to get up and make a grilled cheese.” Rey immediately dug her hand into the bag and pulled out the takeaway box and tiny plastic fork.

“Honey you can barely make your oatmeal in the microwave when I’m not here. I wanted to do this for you.” He paused and got down on the floor next to her. “You’ve been working so hard the last few weeks on your finals. You deserve it.”

Rey shook her head before stuffing a forkful of orange chicken into her mouth. “Tham oo Ben”

Ben chuckled and kissed the top of her head before mumbling, “You’re welcome sunflower.”

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What’s in front of me on the last day of finals?

  • My laptop as I work tutoring online
  • My water bottle and some berries because my habits have been shitty and I gotta take care of myself
  • Some to-do lists with video ideas that I want to do now that I will have more time available

My last final is today, and I’m excited to finish it because there’s so much I want to do

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Ravenclaw: it’s finals week, which means:

A. I haven’t slept in five-eight days, even I don’t know which one.

B. I have had fourteen espresso shots in the past twenty minutes.

C. I haven’t eaten in days.

D. I’m starting to have hallucinations.

E. That dog is driving a car.

F. All of the above.

Hufflepuff: do you want me to take you to the hospital?

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