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#find something to do alone. i can be a little bit cold
ajaxxed · a day ago
bungou stray dogs x sick!reader headcannons
includes: fyodor, nikolai, dazai, chuuya, atsushi, and kunikida x gn reader
this is my first work so please have mercy on me
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝘍𝘺𝘰𝘥𝘰𝘳 𝘋𝘰𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘦𝘷𝘴𝘬𝘺
i feel like he has a weak immune system, so he gets sick often yet is used to it so he doesn’t show any symptoms
with that being said, this including his smarts means that you will likely be better in 1-2 business days
he almost IMMEDIATELY notices you’re sick the minute you show anything close to a symptom
“symptom” could be something as small as being more tired to him, he’s just very observant
he rushes you to bed to make sure you’re laying down before it really hits you
cause when it does it’s HELL
he makes sure there’s water, medicine, and crackers on your bedside table at all times
he also leaves extra blankets on your bed if you get too cold
he’s obviously a busy man (yk taking over yokohama, as he should) so he can’t be by your side as much as he would prefer, but he checks on you every 30-90 minutes
he also makes sure that at the designated times you take your medicine
and if you don’t he shoves it down your throat!
also makes sure you’re drinking plenty water and eating
Tumblr media
𝘕𝘪𝘬𝘰𝘭𝘢𝘪 𝘎𝘰𝘨𝘰𝘭
surprisingly very observant?? and calm?? like sir what
“oh you aren’t feeling good are you. huh? yeah i was able to tell this morning”
he tries to stay as not-like-himself as possible to hopefully not give you a headache because he knows how much those suck
but the minute your in bed and he’s out your room on a mission to get you medicine and stuff he’s freaking the actual fuck out
if you guys don’t have anything in your medicine cabinet he just goes to the nearest drug store and steals some, not without leaving you with no water of course
if you’re not done with the water by the time he’s back he’s making you down it with the medicine by the way
for an insane clown he’s very keen on water
tries to be by your side as much as he can, if he can’t, he tries to check up on you as much as possible
same case if you wanna be left alone for a bit or you wanna sleep
even with your illness he still tries to kiss you a ton, you have to stop him cause you don’t want him getting ill
does it anyways
in the case you are asleep or something, he goes and does something on his own, like watching tv for example
maybe even going out to cause mayhem depends on his mood
whenever he gets back from… that, he checks to see if you need anything that he could help you with
if there is, he gets it done immediately
like record time type shit
Tumblr media
𝘖𝘴𝘢𝘮𝘶 𝘋𝘢𝘻𝘢𝘪
uses this as an excuse to stay home from work
taunts you a liiittle bit for getting sick, but it’s really just him fucking with you
of course, he hates seeing you like this and tries to help with you with anything and everything
he makes sure that you don’t feel uncomfortable in the slightest, and if you do he does anything he can to fix it
making sure you have enough blankets, food, water, whatever your heart may desire he gets it for you
while he isn’t an amazing cook in the slightest, he tries to make you your favorite canned soup
most likely by default if they didn’t have the one you like he’s getting you chicken noodle with the little noodle shapes
like disney princesses or stars just cause
he can and will feed it to you wether you can eat on your own or not
“open your mouth or [name] i swear you’re gonna get hot broth all over your shirt.”
also might try to add medicine to your soup
why not, it’s a fun lil touch to the princess noodle soup and you have to take it anyways so
Tumblr media
𝘕𝘢𝘬𝘢𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘢 𝘊𝘩𝘶𝘶𝘺𝘢
he absolutely hates anything involving illness
wether it be him being sick, hearing about sickness, seeing someone sick, etc it makes him grossed out for some reason
so when he finds out you aren’t feeling good he has a decision to make
help you, his beloved s/o, or leave you to help yourself
he obviously helps you. yes he may kill several people per month but he isn’t a monster
he isn’t in the room with you a ton though, as expected but he does make sure you aren’t dying and you’re taking your medicine and stuff
and don’t get me wrong: he cares about and loves you more than you could imagine, but he physically cannot handle sickness
he does make you tea though, especially if you have a sore throat
if you fall asleep expect to wake up to water and or tea, some fruit, medicine and a little paper crane on your bedside
he didn’t know if the crane would cheer you up
he also didn’t know what else to give you based on the limited amount of experience he has
sure, while he was in the sheep if a member was ill he would try to help
the sheep is also where is disgust with sickness started
if you’re someone who gets sick often though he will try his best to get over his issue with sickness as best as he can
he will still try to make sure he doesn’t catch whatever the hell you have though
Tumblr media
𝘈𝘵𝘴𝘶𝘴𝘩𝘪 𝘕𝘢𝘬𝘢𝘫𝘪𝘮𝘢
growing up he had a really weak immune system, with time however it strengthened
so with that being said, while in the orphanage he would get sick often and had to treat himself
therefore he knows more about how to treat sicknesses than one could imagine
he would make you tea on rice (and a bowl for him as well) to help your throat if it was dry/sore, giving you water with it
he makes sure you drink a ton of water too
you also will have medicine shoved down your throat
on the topic of medicine, he doesn’t know exactly what to get you
in the orphanage he wasn’t able to have medicine so he resorted to a ton of water and hot foods he could keep down
so now he doesn’t know what medicine to have
he feels extremely bad for it but he calls kunikida (and if he doesn’t wanna disturb him he calls yosano) for help since they’re good with this kinda stuff
with their info he goes to a nearby drugstore to get tylenol and whatever else they tell him
when he gets back though is when it’s shoved down your throat
is by your side 24/7 making sure you’re ok
if you want to rest he will go do something else quietly, making sure not to disrupt you in the slightest
Tumblr media
𝘒𝘶𝘯𝘪𝘬𝘪𝘥𝘢 𝘋𝘰𝘱𝘱𝘰
kinda inconvenienced by it because of the fact it changes his entire schedule
so as soon as he finds out, he lets out the deepest sigh and rips out the paper in his notebook to redo his schedule
“i don’t feel that go-“ RIIIIIP
he obviously doesn’t wanna get sick as well, so he tries to distance himself a bit
he still will stay by you no matter what but he doesn’t hug/kiss you due to it
he does kiss you on your forehead if you get pouty about it though
unlike dazai he’s a great cook, so he makes you some of the best soup you’ve ever had so you can keep down good food
every few hours he makes sure you have your medicine, and if you’re asleep at the time he just waits a little bit
i feel like during his time as a teacher he had accumulated a ton of fluffy blankets so he gives you those
most of those are gifts from his former students
you will also get refilled on water every hour because he’s well…. him
again this is my first time writing and posting it so please lmk if this is ok 😭 also PLEASE SEND IN REQUESTS!!!! whatever you want with whichever character works lol
also if you’re an active writer on here please give me tips i’m begging
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andsheloved · 2 days ago
(fall)ing for you
Tumblr media
pairing ~ bucky barnes x gn!reader
summary ~ spending a halloween date with bucky barnes!
word count ~ 1.4k
warnings ~ fluff! stereotypical halloween/fall celebration things, pre-established relationship, bucky being a dork, vague descriptions of a haunted house (a clown jumps out at some point but nothing too spooky, i just wanted to make sure i tag it just in case!), mention of (fake!) skulls and bones
a/n ~ so, i moved to a new area a while ago and there is an absolute disturbing lack of halloween things, coming from an area that celebrates halloween and general fall-exciting-times like crazy, i am talking EVERYONE has pumpkins out, corn mazes and haunted houses wherever you step, specialty drinks and foods for halloween and fall at all the local places, i very much find the lack of the fall/halloween spirit disturbing, SO i decided, why not do some fun headcanons about a lil halloween date to fill the pumpkin shaped hole in my heart! i hope you all enjoy this lil dash of fall fluffy goodness! mwauh!
Tumblr media
It definitely is not his idea to go all out with celebrating Halloween, in fact, he can’t even really remember the last time he put out any type of decoration. Maybe before… everything, he might have seen his mom put a pumpkin or two out on his front porch in October, but he never actually did anything for Halloween. So when you brought up going to a fall festival, he was a bit, confused, to say the least.
“C’mon! It’ll be fun!”
I mean, how could he ever say no to you when you smiled at him like that.
Though he can’t quite wrap his head around what ‘it’ is.
But you two set a date for it anyway, even though he kind of has absolutely no clue what he’s getting himself into, and that fact alone makes him a bit nervous, being honest with himself, he’s pretty sure he would follow you anywhere, regardless of whether he knew where he was going or not.
When he picks you up for your little fall soiree, he doesn’t bring flowers, oh no, he decides to go with the theme.
Bucky shows up at your front door with a tiny bouquet of the most vivid, colorful bunch of fall foliage you have ever seen. All wrapped together tightly with some twine that you can tell must have taken him ages to tie together.
“Happy Fall, Doll”
He looks up at you from the bouquet with the biggest, almost annoyingly proud grin on his face, holding out the (can he even call it a bouquet? It’s just leaves? Okay well he’s going to call it a bouquet) bouquet to you.
It’s the type of smile a child gives their teacher when they’re presenting a science project.
But gosh, what you wouldn’t give to just have him stay just right there while you grab your camera to take a photo of him.
When you finally get to the festival, the sun is just beginning to set, and the sky looks like something out of a postcard. It is absolutely perfect fall weather, if not a bit chilly, but you learn you don’t actually mind the cold all that much when Bucky throws his jacket around you.
And he really doesn’t mind the way you look in it. He figures that even if he were freezing to death, he would still let you wear it.
You couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit silly wearing it. You can tell it was modified a bit to fit, well, you know, a highly trained super-soldier and former assassin, but you can’t really bring yourself to care when you’re surrounded by the warmth of him, and the tangible reminder that he’s yours, just as much as you’re his.
Pumpkin picking! He couldn’t lie, he did think it was a little stupid at first, “Why would I go try to find a pumpkin, covered in dirt, when I can go into any craft store and find a perfect, plastic one of my own there?” But about three minutes into your search, you notice he is now fully inspecting each pumpkin you point at.
He is picking each one up, testing the weight of each one, holding them and handling them with the utmost care, brushing off any extra bit of mud or hay, fully scanning every inch of it for any moldy spots or bruises. He is very, very serious about it now.
“What about this one?!” You point at what you believe to be the most faultless Pumpkin you have ever seen, even when you pick it up, you think it looks absolutely perfect.
Bucky thinks otherwise.
“Look at it! It’s all lopsided! And it’s all green and black on the bottom!” You gasp a little when he takes it from you, tossing it lightly up into the air. “See! Baby, it’s not even weighted properly! You don’t want it rolling around your front porch every time some wind rolls by.” He hands the pumpkin back to you, only to grab another one from the ground, holding it barely an inch from your face for you to see. “Now this one, this one is perfect. I mean look at it!”
You can’t deny that his is absolutely the most perfect pumpkin you have ever seen, like something out of a Homes and Gardens magazine. Not a single brown spot or any speck of dirt, and as he throws it just as he did the last pumpkin, you notice the almost blinding glint in his eye as he sighs dreamily “It’s perfect.”
You didn’t know anyone could look at a pumpkin with so much love, and even though you did see a bit of bruising on the pumpkin yourself, maybe it was the fact that he loved it so much that made it so perfect.
Guess that makes you pretty perfect too.
“Well, I guess that’s the one!” You exclaim, and you can’t help but smile at the excited gasp that escapes his lips. You almost tumble into the dirt with the force at which he kisses you.
Maybe you should take him to pumpkin patches more often.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you” he repeats, making sure to place gentle kisses all along your cheeks and on the tip of your nose.
When it gets a bit darker, and a bit ~spookier~, you notice he tenses up just a little.
“Hey, are you doing alright? You know we don’t have to go through the haunted hou-”
“Are you crazy! We are doing the haunted house, I’m sure it’s not even really that scary anyway…:
You look at him for a bit longer after he responds, making sure that he’s not just saying that to say it.
But he smiles at you and squeezes your hand like he can read your mind.
So you two set off towards the haunted house.
The facade is a little cheesy; a massive cutout made from flimsy wood panels, secured to what looks to be a massive tent, shaped to look like an eerie castle, with a faint strobe light flashing up at it. For a moment you think to yourself how Bucky is probably right ‘I’m sure it’s not even really that scary anyway…’ But as soon as you step inside, you realize you couldn’t be more wrong.
You glare up at Bucky as he holds you securely in front of him, “Doll, how am I supposed to protect you if you’re behind me” He winks, and you grumble something to yourself about ‘stupidmanhandlingsupersoilders’
But as a man in a clown mask jumps out at the two of you, forcing you to press further against Bucky’s chest, you’re suddenly very thankful for your personal man handling super-soldier.
You couldn’t really say you paid any attention to the rest of the house, focusing on looking straight ahead and straight ahead only as you placed your hands over Bucky's around your waist. His low chuckle brought you just the slightest bit of comfort every time an actor popped out from a window or hidden door.
“You’re okay Doll, look! They’re not even real!”
You slowly gathered the courage to look around you, turning your head to see some very obviously plastic skulls and bones surrounding you in the fake graveyard.
You could almost roll your eyes at yourself, this is what you were afraid of? Some styrofoam bones? You found yourself giggling at the thought
“See? I told you it wasn’t that bad” He added, squeezing his arms around you a little tighter.
The two of you walked through the rest of the house like that, laughing at the almost hilariously unrealistic props, pointing out where you thought someone would be jumping out at you, it almost became a game.
“What did I say! I told you it wasn’t gonna be that scary!”
You wished you could wipe the wicked smirk from his face, “I was terrified!”
“You had fun!”
“Yeah, but I was terrified!”
“Weren’t you the one asking me if I even wanted to go through it?”
If you weren’t so exhausted from attempting to contain yourself from bolting through the house as fast as you could, you would’ve kissed that stupid knowing smile off his lips.
Well, maybe you weren’t that tired.
When you two finally got back to your apartment, Bucky suddenly stopped in front of your doorstep.
“Is everything oka-”
In an instant, he was running back to the car with a speed you don’t ever think you have seen him sprint at before.
You squinted to see what he was digging for
But then he ducked his head out of the back seat, holding triumphantly, the pumpkin.
“Almost forgot,” he said, returning to place it ever so gently beside your front door, “Perfect” he sighed.
“Yeah” You replied, leaning your head against his shoulder as you turned to look up at him, “Just perfect."
Tumblr media
thank you so so much for reading! i really do appreciate it! want more bucky? check out my masterlist ! i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did writing it! bucky + autumn is just, mm, so good! my heart is warm! anyways, i hope you are all doing so very well! mwauh! and happy fall (and halloween if you celebrate) to you all! i hope it is filled with all the happiness and warmth you could ever ask for!
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cozymoko · 2 days ago
What does Hachiro Furukawa feel about the reader now that he is older and has spent more time with them? And how does he act towards them? Also, He seems so interesting! I hope there would be more to read about him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Note: They're speaking about an OC that I've made, here Hachiro. I also decided to show yandere and no yandere sides.
By the way: I do want to write for my OCs and I was hoping more people would request for them so thank you.
Pairing: Hachiro Furukawa x gn! reader
Warnings: None
Format: Headcanons
Tumblr media
With time, his cold exterior began to melt away; its absence leaving the Hachiro rather vulnerable. To your words, your touch, it all seemed more desirable than ever before. The need to have more slowly crept up his spine like a spider that wandered a bit too far from its web.
The little things he critiqued you for have become something he loves, admires. Loosing up quite a bit on you and his duties, allowing his image to crack quite a bit. You were no simple person, you couldn't be! Not being so strange, content with the smallest things. The feeling of being wanted was almost foreign until your confession.
Though not being clear to the naked eye, his obsession grows inside of him more as the days pass. Like fuel being tossed into a burning fire, it's scorching heat burning everything it touches. That fact becoming rather noticeable as you grow older. Not being too hard on you, praising you for the most simple things, tasks that a mere child could do. Even so much as inviting you to his office
PERSISTENCE: It's common that one's perception of someone can vary over time, correct? Hachiro is a prime example. The more you pushed him to do such lovey-dovey actions, the more it rubbed off on him, clung to his being. Indirectly showing him that you were here to stay...until he doesn't allow it at least. Perhaps that's why he put a ring on your finger?
You've turned him selfish, nearly out of character. From a stoic man to a lovesick fool. One who would go to such extreme lengths to have you, who has put tremendous amounts on the line for just a mere ounce of your amiration. A drop of your affection, your love, anything you could offer! What a world.
Dotes on you quite a bit, far more than he would have in your school years. Oh, how lenient he's become. It helps little that he's fallen under your spell, your enchantment. Causing him to grow rather possessive, entitled to your time. Soon not being able to bear the moment without knowing your whereabouts, who you've spoken to. A man of his stature has no problem finding out such if it comes down to it.
Even so much as inviting you to his office, studying your lovely features. Counting the breathes you take as your chest slowly rises at each one. As a young boy perhaps he would interrupt you, to see your face glow an unnatural shade of red as you puffed out your cheeks. But times have changed, he's grown quite soft. Well, only for you that is.
GENUINE: That drew him closer to you, fed his everlasting need for you. Acknowledging your innocence in your actions, when asking him for little things. "Let's go on a date!" You went, showing no intention to spend his money, attempt to suck him dry. That alone makes you one of a kind, more than the average fool.
"All I want is you. All I ever wanted was you."
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wildfaewhump · a day ago
Whumptober2021 No. 25 | Hide and Seek
cw: institutionalized dehumanization, referenced child whumpee (child is kidnapped offscreen), brief death threats
Elias shakes their head. The detective doesn’t take it for the rebuff they intend, and simply sets it down on the low wall they’re leaning on and sips her own. Her gloves are knit in little snowflake patterns. It’s a bit ridiculous, they think, to evoke cold on something meant to keep you warm. 
“The crime scene techs will be finishing up in a couple minutes, then it’s all yours.” 
“Sounds good.” 
“What do you think you’ll find?” 
Elias sighs internally. People seem to react one of three ways on finding out they’re a Path handler or having to work with them in that capacity. Fear, hostility, or curiosity. They much prefer the first two. 
“My Path will read the floor, the walls, objects, et cetera,” they recite. “He will sift through the thoughts, memories, and emotions of the people who touched them for useful information, and relay it back to me. I’ll coordinate with your department to make sure you have everything relevant he finds. Today, we’ll be looking first for any indication of where the kidnappers went from here.” 
"Mind if I tag along?" 
"It's best if we work alone," Elias says carefully. "Extra people around can disrupt the Path's concentration, or even cover up the evidence we're looking for with new imprints." 
"Fair enough. I'll stick around out here then, you can report to me when you're done." She nods to a swarm of paper-booted techs leaving the warehouse. "Looks like the scene's all yours." 
Is it truth, they wonder, to say thanks if the detective takes it as such, even if they feel no gratitude towards her at all? They shake off the thought as they return to their car and open the back door to retrieve their Path. 
"We're going inside the warehouse where the kidnappers held the boy," they tell him as they steer him towards the building. He shivers lightly under the low winter clouds, but he'll be back in the heated car soon enough. A little cold never hurt anyone. 
"They're not there now?" he asks, trying to inch closer to them. They stiffen their arm to keep him at a comfortable distance. 
"No, they anticipated the raid somehow. They were gone by the time the police got here, that's why we were called in." 
Once they're inside, Elias parks their Path in the center of the long empty room. To one side, they see a few scattered drops of blood around a lone chair. Earlier, they had watched the crime scene techs carry out a baggie of playing cards. The kidnappers are getting careless, leaving things that might carry fingerprints behind. They glance across the rest of the warehouse. It's empty, and the doors at either end are both shut. 
"Alright, here's what's going to happen," they start. "We're going to go back out in a few minutes, and we're going to tell them that you read one of the kidnappers saying they're taking the boy to the docks, but that the pursuit is getting too hot to keep him for more than another day. That another agrees, and they plan to kill him if they don't get the ransom within twenty-four hours. You read their sincerity. They're nervous but determined, and they won't hesitate to take a life, but that all they truly want is the ransom. We'll tell them that you read the boy's fear, and that he's mostly unharmed, just scared." 
"Oh. But-" their Path crosses his arms, tucking his hands under his elbows. "But I haven't read any of that, I haven't read anything yet. How do you know what's here?" 
"That's not important for you to know. What's important is that you remember what I just said so you can repeat it if necessary. I'll do most of the talking, but they may ask you anyway. Go on, try it." 
"Um. You said- no, I read," he corrects himself, "I read that one of the kidnappers said they're taking him to the docks next. And that it's, they can't keep him for more than another day. That they'll kill him if they don't get the ransom in twenty-four hours, but they'd rather have the ransom. And that the boy was, he's afraid, but not hurt." 
"Good job. Try it again, and then we'll go back out. If everything goes well we'll stop for coffee on the way back, alright?" 
He brightens visibly and repeats their lines back again. Elias decides that a careful hair ruffle is in order, and distributes it with another word or two of praise before leading him back out again. 
Outside, they pass the information to the detective, who takes it down without hesitation. 
"We'll contact the family," she says. "We'll search the docks, but sometimes under a deadline like that they elect to pay. We'll let you know if we need you again." 
"Thank you. You'll have an invoice for our services by the end of the day." 
They bundle their Path into the back seat of the car and head for a nearby coffee shop. "Mocha latte with sprinkles, right?" they ask. 
"Yes please! Um. Handler Elias?" 
"Um. I know it's not important for me. But, I was wondering, is it okay if you tell me how you knew all that?" 
Elias pulls into the drive thru and orders his mocha latte with sprinkles and a hazelnut cappuccino for themself. They pay at the window, then pass his cup back and pull back out onto the road before answering. 
"It's not something you need to know. All you need to do is let me guide you on what you read- and when to read. That's my job, and when you and I do our jobs everything works well. Doesn't it?" 
"Yes, Handler. You take good care of me. I'm sorry, I was, um. I was being nosy." 
In the rear view mirror, they see the way his hands tighten around the cup as his shoulders hunch towards his ears. Distaste tightens their own fingers around the steering wheel. They've never struck him, but they're not his first handler. 
"I'm not angry at you. You did well today, and questions are alright when we're alone. Do you understand?" 
"Yes Handler." 
The rest of the drive back to the agency passes in silence. Elias doesn't listen to the radio with Paths in the car; they can't control what will come on, and there's no sense introducing ideas that will only disrupt their Path when quiet is a perfectly acceptable alternative. 
Back at the agency, they deposit their Path in his cubby, then pick up some paperwork to bring home and clock out. 
Their day isn't over yet, though; first, they have one more meeting. They drive to a park near the edge of town and wait with their headlights off. 
The passenger door opens seven minutes after they arrive, and a woman gets in. 
"The police?" 
"Searching the docks. They'll pass the deadline on to the family as well." 
"Good. If the ransom comes through, your portion will be wired to the same account as last time." 
"Do you have a plan in place for if it doesn't?" 
"That's not your concern. All you have to do is keep your little cog in this machine running smoothly, and everyone wins." 
She gets out. They close their eyes and count to one hundred before driving home. 
Tomorrow, they'll sweep the car for bugs before going back to work. It's cold and late, and the kidnapping ring knows where they live anyway. They can listen to Elias drive in silence if they want. 
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spxllcxstxr · 2 days ago
Merry and Pippin Domestic Life • Headcanons
Tumblr media
(Gif not mine)
Request: Ma’am I humbly beg you for Merry and/or Pippin domestic headcanons please and thank you 🙏🙏❤️ -- @bisexualbumblebeeblogs
Warnings: I guess you can consider that you’re married, but I don’t really specify that? It’s just like the two of you live together and are all domestic, I tried to (like always) keep this as gender neutral and inclusive as possible!, mentions of food and eating and alcohol (though you would all be of age)
A.N: oops I did both lmao, I just love them both, I have more Merry and Pippin works on their way!
Meriadoc Brandybuck
He is one sweet hobbit in my opinion
Like he’ll hand you some pretty flowers one day and you’re all like
“Alright, Meriadoc, whose garden did you steal these from?”
“No one’s, dear! I can’t just pick some flowers for the hobbit I love--”
The look you’d fucking give him as he flushes bright red
But it’s paired wonderfully with that shit eating grin he always has on when he pulls some trick on the inhabitants of the Shire
So yeah
Sweet, but still mischievous as fuck 
Brings you to the Green Dragon all the time 
And when you, Merry, and Pippin aren’t singing your little hearts out on the table tops, Merry is spinning you around and dancing with you
Just loves watching you twirl
Loves how in the morning you make sure the buttons of his waistcoat are done properly and how you run your fingers over the material
okokok, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but like, Merry lets you pick the color for the door to your shared hobbit hole
Merry is a great cook
And I mean it
He can spend hours in the kitchen or in the market buying ingredients 
Merry definitely learns how to make your favorite dishes and he has countless recipes from his family 
If you like to create things he will 100% put them around the house to show off
I feel like he’s a tip of the nose kisser
Like just soft kisses on the tip of your nose throughout the day 
And that he would have his arm thrown across your shoulder when out and about 
Always tries to make you laugh
“Merry, my love, you’re an idiot!” You’d laugh after he’s done something beyond stupid
“Yes, (Y/n) dear, but I’m your idiot!”
And he’s completely right
Merry would be one of those people that would flirt with you in public even after you’re a couple, like constant winks and cheesy pick-up lines 
All of the hobbits are cottagecore as fuck and I wish I was them lmao
Peregrin Took
Pippin is......Pippin
He’s so sweet and caring
And kinda oblivious
Calls you honey or pumpkin because he finds them delectable and appropriate for the one he loves
You know that dorky scarf he wears in the films?
Yeah that’s yours now
You always steal it when you’re a bit cold and the tips of his ears go bright pink when he sees you wearing it
“You’re adorable, Pip!”
Is big on just being around you all the time
Whether it’s cuddling by the fire or holding your hand in the Green Dragon, he just eats that shit up
Pippin blushes easily and you exploit this fact so fucking hard 
“(Y/n)! You’re making me go all red!” He’d whine
“And you’re so cute like that Pip! I swear!”
The two of you have a little garden so he and Merry don’t have to keep going to Farmer Maggot’s to steal crops
(Though he still does it anyway)
Loves singing and dancing a whole lot
So you guys create your own drinking songs and songs to perform at parties
This hobbit is a complete menace 
So please do not trust him alone in a kitchen 
Pippin simply can’t handle that 
His eyes go wide when you call him Peregrin 
Loves taking you on walks through the Shire 
Falling asleep by the river or near the Party Tree
Kisses on the cheeks is super big
He might be a handful, but he is just lovely to be around every single day
Lord of the Rings Taglist: @jazzybug163​
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humansdni · 14 days ago
i need to not pick up my phone i'll go straight to airplane mode
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weepingvoidpenguin · 5 months ago
Unfortunately Yours
Summary: When you and Bucky successfully infiltrate a HYDRA auction, you’re told to stay another day due to max capacity on the jet. But how are you going to survive a night alone with this insufferable Super Soldier? Especially considering the miniscule size of the room and the obvious dilemma presented; who gets the bed?
Warning: S M U T , the smuttiest thing I’ve ever written, language, spit kink, daddy kink, ptsd symptoms, slight voyeurism, slight exhibitionism, hate-s e x, rough, more like enemies-to-lovers kind of thing, gagging, m!receiving, f!receiving, lots of receiving lol, 18+, M
Word Count: 10.6K (Whhhyyyyy)
Tumblr media
   Your body burned with exhaustion and the sheer weight of your extremities felt enough to drag you to the floor and mirror a coma with the length of your hibernation. You no longer had the minimal strength required to pick up your feet properly which resulted in the sound of shuffling to fill the small, and by small you meant miniscule, room you’d been assigned to. 
   Well, you and Bucky had been assigned to.
   You’d both played your parts well enough over the course of the last few hours. You’d sauntered into the ran-shacked looking bar with Bucky’s arm tossed lazily over your shoulder, his distaste for the assignment evident on his face, but he’d cleared it away the second his foot crossed the threshold. He pulled you in tighter to his body and raised his chin into the air, emitting the energy of a man not to be trifled with. You’d portrayed your role as a damsel just as, if not more, convincing as Barnes’ opposite. Your shoulders hunched over and your steps were small and quivering, the wig on your head a tool used to curtain the hair in your face. 
   You were the lamb to this White Wolf.
   Word had traveled through the dark and twisted grapevine that a certain showing of sorts took place tonight and a high-ranking target was rumored to be amongst its audience. You and Barnes were on the first flight to Germany within minutes.
   Bucky had pulled you through the crowd moving along to the thundering music in the background and halted at the edge of the bar. His grip on your shoulder tightened once he’d caught the man’s attention and you winced, his fingers digging a little too deep for your liking.
   The bartender scanned you over and took in your frame, making you feel smaller than you had already displayed yourself to be. It took him a while to conclude but when he took in Bucky’s domineering gaze, a look as if to say Deny me, I dare you, he nodded once and wrote something down on a napkin, sliding it over to Bucky.
   Scum. All of them. 
   You nearly blew your cover trying to throw Bucky a look but you refrained from the hellfire clawing its way out of you. You had to be perfectly in control, emotions and beliefs aside. You were a damsel and you had to make certain they believed that. You knew they were watching; they always were.
   “Relax,” Bucky hissed, pulling you under his arm and bringing his lips to your ear.
   “When you pretend you’re the one being put up for auction, then you can tell me to relax,” you muttered, never looking up from the ground.
   “I have been.” When you paused your movement, he pulled away to scan the room, “Nothing’s gonna happen to you. I promise.” He led you backstage and turned the corner to a dimly lit hallway, barren of any decoration in sharp contrast to every other section of the building, “Besides, once they realize how insufferable you are, they’ll be begging me to take you back,”
   He opened an iron door and pushed you into the room, sending you tumbling down onto the carpet. He tsked, stepping over you and not looking back after shutting the door behind himself. You counted thirteen pairs of feet and judging by the way some of them were turned towards you, they had to be watching. You observed your hands for a second, counting slowly until you figured you’d stalled long enough and sent your trembling gaze to the exit. Bucky let out a low chuckle and clasped his hand around your upper arm, launching you back onto your feet and twisting your body to face him.
   Oh, darling, German fluently escaped his tongue and you nearly rolled your eyes at the condescending tone settled in his words, You know better than that, don’t you?
   His hold tightened and you winced, holding back the whimper in your throat. If you saw any hint of a bruise forming on your arm, you would give him hell later . . . and possibly even if you didn’t.
   You bit your tongue and let him lead you towards a leather chair before he pulled you swiftly down onto his lap where his hand remained on your thigh, brushing the inside softly. Had you not been so annoyed, you’d have been humiliated at all the stares devouring the scene unfolding before them. 
   Good girl, he drawled and pressed your back flat up against his chest where he could put you on display.
   You knew you should’ve been annoyed, or at least settled so into your role as his temporary whore-for-sale that the sensation coming alive between your thighs shouldn’t have made an appearance. But sometimes, the way Bucky brought his voice down real low and cooed an insult or jest your way just had an affect that your body would not deny. It kept you awake a lot.
   Instead, you swallowed hard and let yourself be splayed against him. You ignored the scent of sandalwood in his cologne.
   Your body trembled from the cold breeze floating around in the room and you shifted in Bucky’s lap to block everyone’s sight from the way your chest reacted to the change in temperature.
   Don’t be shy, he murmured and removed your arms from your breasts, letting the thin, practically see-through fabric show you to the world.
   “Buc-” You started, your panic creeping through the cracks at the cheshire sneers sent your way, but at the first sign of your discomfort, he retracted his hands and twisted you around gently, throwing your legs over the side of the chair and spreading them but forcing your upper half to face him. Effectively, cutting your chest off from their line of sight.
   You trembled out a sigh and he grabbed your face tightly, drawing your eyes to his. He examined you, his hardened gaze shouting words he couldn’t currently say. But you understood. He could be a jerk, but he wasn’t a bad man.
   Your body instinctively leaned into him for warmth as another breeze engulfed you, resulting in a shiver that made its way up your spine. “Are they still looking?” you inquired and he gripped your neck with a ferocity that made you squirm in his lap. Fuck.
   He pulled your ear to his lips and licked the helix. You whimpered. “No,” he whispered, running his thumb along your jawline, “But if you don’t quit fucking squirming you’re gonna have a problem, Doll,”
   You opened your mouth in question when you felt a sudden twitch on your backside and you swallowed. Hard. He never broke eye contact with you, instead choosing to raise a brow in mocking. Your chest heaved up and down and how you could feel his breath grazing on your cheek almost had you rubbing your legs together for some form of desperate friction. No, you had to keep yourself composed, keep the act going. But he’d seen it. All of it.
   You nod your head and slowed your breathing down until he released his grip around your throat and turned his attention towards the dim stage. You leaned back into him and followed suit, making sure to keep your attention downcast and appear disheveled. 
   “There,” Bucky whispered after a few minutes and you lifted your head only to find the man you had come all this way for walking straight towards you.
   Like a moth to a flame.
   “How much?” The older man inquired, his grotesque gaze settled on your spread legs.
   Bucky looked up at the balding man as if this was the first time he’d noticed his presence, “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?” 
   The man lifted his brow, or what would’ve been, and smiled wickedly, “I’ll give you double your price if you give her to me now,” he offered, his eyes slithering up to the apex of your thighs and this time you didn’t have to fake the shiver running up your spine. 
   A small smirk formed on Bucky’s face and he waved his hand dismissively at him, “Get in line,”
   The old man sneered but Bucky was right, most everyone had their attention fixated on what was happening currently and it was apparent there was, indeed, a line. 
   Bucky rested his gloved hand on your upper thigh and gripped tight, whether to refrain from hitting the guy or just to touch you, he wasn’t sure but he couldn’t keep you away when the man said, “I’ll give you four times the asking price but I want her now,” 
   Bucky’s grip on your thigh tightened and you squeaked at the pain, jumping slightly in his lap. “How about I give her to you for free for ten minutes and you tell me if you can handle her,”
   You jerked your head towards Bucky and furrowed your brows. Free? Dick. You nearly scoffed.
   The man gripped onto your calf and you shifted to kick his hand away when Bucky’s own shot out and and ripped his off of you, “Don’t touch my stuff,” he spit and the man let out a yell but that only spurred Bucky on and he tightened his fist, “Until terms are agreed upon, she remains mine to do with as I please. Understood?”
   The man nodded hastily and Bucky threw you off his lap when he stood up. “Anyone else?” Bucky shouted to the room, daring others to test his limits when it came to you. After a few moments of silence Bucky scoffed, “I didn’t fucking think so,”
   Bucky’s grip on the man remained and he stared down at the hunched figure, “Now, you,” he addressed and the room remained silent. This was allowed here. 
   Normally, merchandise couldn’t be touched until it was purchased. No buying before the auction, no discussing what you’re offering, no negotiating but most importantly don’t try to steal from anyone. These are criminals and that being said, they handle things amongst themselves. They know the rules and the risks they take breaking them.
   So, when Bucky drags the poor bastard away, you follow right behind him. Not a protest to be heard. Bucky throws open the door we entered through and finds the nearest room before chucking the HYDRA agent inside and locking the door behind you. 
   The room was brightly lit, with all four walls a dull cream color and dark brown couches strewn casually about. There’s no real order to this place. All cement corners and LED bulbs. Pure business. 
   “Let ‘em know,” Bucky orders and you turn around to argue only to find the man pulling a gun out of his jacket pocket.
   You jerk suddenly and kick Bucky square in the stomach, launching him towards one of the couches just as a shot rings out. You blanch at the sound, the noise filling your head and drowning everything else out. You hear yelling but you can’t make out the words, only the panic intermingled within them. Your hand reaches out around you and you grip the small button lined into your thin clothing, pressing it four times how you’d been instructed.
   Everything moved slowly and people began filing into the room. How did they get here so fast? No. It wasn’t possible, they were a quarter mile down the road, there was no way they were your backup. 
   Hands began flying in the air and you were picked up and dropped multiple times, each time landing harder than the last. You tried to blink back the spinning but the blows landing on your face and torso made it all the worse. 
   Instinctively, you threw your hands up to protect your face and fought to find some footing to help. Bucky was good but he wasn’t a God, he would need help. When the first blow met your forearms you reached out to grasp the hand and used your other to drive your fist right into the person’s nose. The bone crunched under your blow.
   You took a hit, then another when you managed to analyze the enemy’s fight pattern and waited until he left himself open before driving your knee into his rib cage. He bent over in pain and you grabbed him by the hair, hearing another crack when you shoved your elbow upwards against his nose. 
   You heard a shout and whipped your head over to see Bucky on his back, a looming figure with a gun aimed straight towards him. You galvanized towards them and threw yourself in the air, using your weight to kick him off of Bucky when another shot rang out. 
   Bucky shot up and crushed the gun with his metal arm. You scoured the room for the familiar HYDRA agent but found him nowhere. You shot out of the room, knocking into an opposing wall as you turned the corner and ducked when the sound of a bullet whizzed past you. 
   This is not going good. You had lost your target and rummaged through room after room until you’d become lost. Fuck. Where the hell did he run off to? You winced after breaking out into a sprint but pressed on, not allowing yourself to slow down. There was no way you were going to fail this mission, especially after coming so close to success.
   Sweat trailed down your face and your muscles screamed at you to halt, their exhaustion beginning to wear you down. Your breathing grew rapid and your vision blurred and just as you went to lean on a wall to rest, your shoulder exploded out in pain and you collapsed with a cry.
   “Dirty whore,” the HYDRA man seethed, a cane raised over his head. He brought it down and you spun to the side, feeling the air breeze past your ear.
   Your hand latched onto the cane and you shoved it into his gut, pushing him away. SHIELD wanted this guy alive, so alive they would receive him. That didn’t mean he had to come in one piece though. 
   You tore the walker out of his hand just as he tumbled onto his ass. You stood up, grunting along the way and hovered over his body, fear sprawled along his features. 
   “You can either stay still or get beat with your own cane, it’s your choice,” you offered, aching to bring the walker down onto his face. “Please test me. Please.” You begged.
   His gaze shifted between you and the weapon and he brought his trembling hands up in defeat. He must’ve been an agent of some Intelligence branch because his fighting abilities were evidently subpar at best.
   You sighed, sad to see the opportunity go but brought the cane down none the less. “That’s unfortunate,”
   You turned your attention to the sound of running coming around the corner and moved to drag and hide your captive in a nearby closet only to roll your eyes when Bucky came ‘round. You tossed the cane back and forth between your hands and smiled proudly towards the agent on the floor.
   “Look who I caught,” you toyed and were met with a grunt.
   “Only because you let him get away,” he retorted, pulling the balding man up to his feet.
   Everything began to slow and the hellfire you’d kept under mounds of ice had finally melted through its freezing cage. “What?”
   He turned his back towards you and trudged the hesitant man behind him towards the exit.
   “I said,” you hollered, not caring how the halls carried your echo, “What?”
   “I heard what you said,” he called back to you, not bothering to turn around.
   And there you were left, frozen and dumbfounded for five solid minutes before you could pull yourself together enough to stomp your way back towards the rendezvous point. You remained hazy for the most part while debriefing. You tried to recount everything but the way your anger engulfed you in its flame obscured your memory so you kept it short. 
   It was quickly brought up that SHIELD captured more HYDRA agents than expected and were gonna be at max capacity so you and Bucky had to stay at a base a few miles down the road. You grumbled in compliance but Bucky didn’t respond, not even a godforsaken grunt.
   What SHIELD had failed to mention though, was that this bunker was clearly meant for one. It barely counted as a room. There was a small bathroom in the corner just big enough for a shower and toilet. No sink. And a small counter with just enough space for a stove, microwave and radio. If you were to lay down vertically or horizontally you’d nearly be touching wall each way. Not to mention the singular bed.
   And that’s how you got to where you were now. Miniscule room. Exhausted body. Drained mind. Patience long gone. 
   You huffed and dropped your bag in front of the entrance before walking to the bathroom and turning to slam the door closed. You turned the faucet on and ripped the wig off, discarding your clothes in a pile before stepping into the shower. The warm water was nice and welcoming but your body already felt aflame so you twisted the knob and held your breath when the cold stream trickled down your body. It was difficult to breathe at first, but your body soon adjusted to the temperature and you began wiping the muck off your skin with the bar of soap supplied. But that’s all the was supplied. Clearly, this place was meant to be a quick pit stop. 
   You sat on the hard floor as the water streamed onto your body. You could nearly fall asleep to its rhythm; It was only when your head hit the wall that you realized you were so you begrudgingly stood up and shut off the water. You grabbed the only towel in the bathroom and pat yourself dry, noticing just then that you left your clothes outside.
   You let out a long sigh and twisted open the doorknob to find Bucky toying with the radio on the counter; not even purposefully, just looking for something to do while he waited. 
   You opened your mouth to ask him to hand you your bag but after what he said to you earlier you’d sooner eat hot coals than ask him to do anything for you. You stepped out of the bathroom, towel wrapped neatly around your chest and you bent over to open your bag. The shuffling on the radio stopped. 
   “You could’ve at least left me some warm water,” he grumbled and you rolled your eyes.
   You searched in your bag for the fresh clothes residing there only to turn around when you found them and have the bathroom door shut in your face. 
   “Are you fucking kidding me?” You shouted, pounding your fist against the door.
   You could hear the water running and you groaned, pounding harder. The door opened for a split second and you were hit in the face with the clothes you’d left inside only for it to instantly be slammed shut again.
   You punched the door with all the frustration built up over the past few hours and felt the wood crack with your force. Why did this man have to be incredibly baffling? You were not nearly paid enough to deal with such an unbearable partner. He would have you bald from stress before you knew it. 
   You spent the next few minutes grumbling to yourself after you changed and scribbled your frustration onto a small notebook you took with you everywhere. It was only when you heard the water shut off did you remember something. You still had the only towel. A villainous smirk tugged at your lips and you placed the folded towel on the edge of the bed, away from the door.
   Then you heard the creak. “I will walk out naked if you don’t give me the towel,” Bucky threatened.
   You shrugged despite him not being able to see you from your position on the bed, “I’ll just laugh at your dick,” 
   “You weren’t laughing earlier,” he shot back.
   Oh. So he did remember. Good. You thought he’d gotten amnesia within the past few hours, maybe he was just too ashamed to mention it.
   “Too disgusted to insult. Plus, I was playing a character,”
   “Fine,” he responded and quickly came into view, haughtily sauntering over to your side and you shouted.
   “Dear God!” You held the towel up to block your sight of his barren body. It was disgusting. He was all wet, hair dripping onto his muscled torso, water gleaming off his taut skin, 5 o’clock shadow drenched and straight out of a wet dream. Jesus.
   “Prude,” he commented, snatching the towel from your grasp and wrapping it around himself. 
   “Respectable,” you corrected, crossing your arms and shoving him away. “You get the floor,”
   He lifted his duffle off the ground and rummaged through it. “Then I get the blanket,”
   “You get fuck all,” you stated, flipping off the lamp beside you and snuggling into the warm cot.
   When the shuffling stopped and the bathroom light was shut off, you shut your eyes and let the wear of the day grab at you, lulling you into the beginning of slumber. That is, until the blanket was hauled from around you, damn near throwing you onto the floor. You shouted out and caught yourself last minute. 
   “Barnes!” You yelled, steadying yourself and reaching over the edge to grab the blanket back. Your hand fisted at the faux fur and you pulled with all your might to no avail. 
   He swatted you away as though you were a pesky fly and reached over to turn the light of the lamp on. You glowered at him and stood, wrapping the blanket around your arm and pulling upwards. Your arm strained to its capacity but the man on the floor didn’t budge. Only turned his back to you and shut his eyes. You reached over yourself and flipped the switch of the lamp, once again immersing yourself in the comforting darkness. 
   Bucky stiffened and opened his eyes then turned and froze you in your spot with his stare. He reached around and lit the lamp, slowly retracting his arm and daring you to turn it off again. So you did.
   He yanked the blanket from your grasp and threw you back onto the bed, bringing light into the room. “Light stays on,” he growled.
   “No! You’ve had your goddamn way since you stepped foot into this room. Light goes off and I get the blanket!” You shouted, not concerned about anyone else hearing considering the room was soundproof.
   “No. You get the bed so I get the blanket. Tell me how that doesn’t make sense,” he countered.
   You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of admitting that it did, in fact, make sense. The floor here was wooden and clearly uncomfortable, plus he hadn’t even argued about the bed situation. 
   You retreated, “Fine, light still goes off,”
   Silence fell between the two of you but you weren’t budging. Barnes had faced plenty of monsters, he could handle the dark. 
   “I need the noise to fall asleep,” he admitted and it was then you could hear the slight hum the bulb emitted.
   You didn’t speak for a while but reared back and pulled out your phone, “What do you want to listen to?” You scrolled through a few sounds you had stored on your phone, “We’ve got: nature sounds, frequencies, guided meditations, etc. You name it, but I’m not sleeping with this forsaken light on,”
   Bucky studied you, his expression changing a mile a minute but the one of indifference conquered, “Rain,” 
   You nodded once and selected the audio, placing the phone face up on the nightstand and turning the light off for the last time. Hopefully. You hunkered down into the thin mattress and reached down, grasping at the thick blanket. When you pulled, there was some give. He’d let you get just enough needed to cover your body if you laid at the very edge and your hand hovered in the air when you laid your arm over the side.
   Minutes flew by with your eyes shut and the exhaustion slithered over your body but your mind ran wild with the events from earlier. You tried not to get angry or sad or . . . bothered. Your breathing deepened when you began to succumb to your body’s fatigue and you drifted inch by inch into the welcoming void lulling your name.
   You didn’t hear when he shifted, only managed to register the faint tracing of his fingertips on your hand before finally giving out.
   You weren’t sure what time it was when you opened your eyes for the first time that night. This regularly happened. You’d wake up multiple times during the night to shift positions or throw off the sheets, no matter how insignificant the desire, your body always found a way to wake you for it.
   You opened your eyes slowly to a hazy vision and blinked at the sitting figure on the floor, “Bucky?” You croaked, bringing a hand up to wipe at your face, “What time is it?”
   “It’s almost one, go back to sleep,”
   “What are you doing?” You persisted, ignoring his demand and sitting up slowly, “Why aren’t you sleeping?”
   A heartbeat. Then another. And another. He didn’t care to elaborate.
   “Do you want the bed?” You offered, stretching yourself out and already placing yourself down on the floor, “It’s too hot up there, anyway,”
   His attention turned to you for the first time but you’d already began closing your eyes, not really having the energy to argue with him. You could hear shuffling from his spot and the ground disappeared below you, strong hands grasping your body and lifting you up to place you gently back onto the cot.
   “I prefer the floor,” he insisted, wrapping the blanket around you, “Besides, you’re a horrendous liar,”
   You didn’t hold back the singular chuckle, your haze still enveloping you. “Then why aren’t you sleeping?”
   He sat at the foot of the bed, his hand hovering over your leg in hesitation, “It’s complicated.” He dropped his hand to his side.
   “Isn’t the rain helping?” you mumbled, your sight now adjusting to the dark.
   “Then what?” 
   “I just . . . don’t want to wake you,”
   “Well, I’m already awake if that makes you feel better,” you jeered, a small smile forming on your lips.
   “It doesn’t,”
   “Nothing does,” you retorted, the inevitable annoyance you always felt when conversing with him already made its way up into your tone.
   He scoffed and stood from the bed, placing himself in the same spot on the floor with his head leaned up against the wall and his arm resting on his perched knee. 
   “Oh, so now you can’t handle a little attitude,” your tone came out incredulous, “You didn’t have any issues earlier when you blamed me for that guy’s escape. Which, he didn’t even get to do, might I add,”
   “I was projecting,” he replied, gaze still focused on the door opposite to him.
   You blinked, “Are you so tired that you’re actually admitting to being a dick?”
   “I know I can be a dick, but you threw yourself straight into the line of fire twice today. So I don’t really give a shit if I was mean to you,”
   “I only did that because you almost got shot twice today. Don’t take your anger out on me for your incompetence. Just say ‘thank you’ and move on already,”
   “Incompetence?” His head jerked in your direction. “What was incompetent was that you couldn’t keep yourself composed,”
   You sat up. “What in the hell are you talking about? My behavior is what got our target to basically give himself up to us! It was me that trapped him, not you!” His composure tensed and you crossed your arms over your chest, “You’re just mad your dick got hard so if anything you’re the one who couldn’t keep their compos-” His hand was wrapped around your throat and you were pinned to the mattress before you could finish your sentence.
   “Shut the fuck up,” he hissed at you, his face mere inches from yours.
   “Why?” You spoke hoarsely around his tightening grip, “Does the Big Bad Wolf not like that he was turned on? Who’s the prude now?”
   “Turned on?” He spat, his free hand resting by your head to cage you in, “You think what you did earlier turned me on?”
   You grasped at the hand around your throat and pried slightly to speak, “Fight me or fuck me, Barnes. But stop lying to yourself, it’s getting old,”
   The room seemed to freeze over and Bucky paused. His hesitation was enough to elicit the fire from earlier and your legs squirmed a little underneath him. God, you hoped he chose the latter.
   Then his lips crashed against yours. 
   You squeaked at the sudden onslaught but threw your arms around his shoulders and pulled him in tighter against you. He dropped when you intertwined your legs, his full weight pressing against you deliciously. You ground up against him, your core aching from the previous hours and the small friction elicited a moan from the both of you. 
   “So impatient,” he scolded, bringing the hand from around your throat down to your hips and pressing you into the bed. “What a whore,”
   His breath danced along your cheek and you mewled at his words. Gods, he was going to be the death of you. Or the beginning. 
   You breathed in deeply, his sandalwood scent intoxicating you in a manner that alcohol never could. When you drank, you were just drunk. But when you took a sip from the tall glass that was Bucky, it brought you to life. Your body sang melodies wherever you were plastered against each other and your skin burned with need.
   Touch me, your body screamed, touch me.
   “Fuck off,” you groaned and Bucky jerked your head to the side, exposing your neck for him to scavenge.
   The goosebumps that danced across your skin when he ran his warm tongue up from the curve of your neck to the bottom of your ear brought an arrogant smirk onto Bucky’s face. You ran your fingers through his hair and tugged when he reached a particularly sensitive spot that had your legs shaking when he kissed it sloppily. 
   Your mouth hung open in silent pleasure and your breaths were short and rapid, your body betraying all forms of control you previously had over yourself. The hand that wasn’t residing in his hair trailed down his muscled arm and you gripped at the brawn this man possessed. His skin reminisced lightly of silk despite the rough texture of his hands. 
  The same hands that now made its way into your hair and tugged at the strands at the base of your neck, jolting your chin higher into the air. Your grip tightened around his biceps and the strength they emitted sent a pool rushing to your core. You continued hunting until you found the hem of his black, cotton shirt and you made your way up his taut abdomen. You let out a sigh and he jumped lightly at the sensation of your cool fingertips across his scorching skin. It was a nice contrast for him. 
   You gripped at the shirt and hastily ripped the cotton upward. Bucky broke away from his descent down to your chest to let you remove the fabric and you’d suddenly wished you’d turned the lights on first. He mimicked your action and tossed your shirt in a deserted corner of the room to potentially be abandoned. You gasped when the cold air of the room grazed upon the perked mounds of your breasts. 
   His lips returned to their spot on the dip of your neck and his tongue slithered down in between your breasts. Your breath hitched when his wet muscle made its way up to the apex of your chest. His right hand mirrored his tongue and swirled around your nipple, his teeth pulling eagerly every so often and you hissed at the delectable pain. Your eyes devoured the scene unfolding on your chest and you reached over to flick the light on, desperate for a clearer image.
   Bucky halted and his metal arm reached over to switch the light back off but you swatted his hand away and he backed up lightly, his irritation evident on his face.
   “I want to watch,” you grumbled and shifted up to bring your lips back up to his. He let you. He pushed back lightly with his own lips and leaned in sync with your movements. He parted his mouth slightly and you followed suit, letting him lead his way into yours with the same muscle he’d just had flicking across your breasts.
   The light went off.
   You pushed him away and shot towards the switch but metal met your wrist firmly enough to keep you in place. “Bucky.” You wrestled against his hold and turned your full attention back to the figure hovering above, “I want to see you,” 
   Despite the darkness, you noticed his mouth twitch but his grip on your wrist remained solid. You sprawled back onto the bed and wrapped your free hand around the back of his neck and pulled him down onto you, pressing his surprisingly soft lips onto yours. You broke apart, his lips a hair’s breadth away from your own. “I want to see you,” 
   He didn’t move, only scanned your face over a few times and you brought him back down into a kiss. This one wasn’t like before. This one was warm, soft, patient. A ballet compared to its previous mosh pit. He danced along with you, an admission hidden somewhere in his tenderness.
   You hadn’t realized you’d been freed of his hold until you were wrapping that arm over his shoulder and the sound of a light humming began.
   “Fucker,” you jeered and the previous gentleness dissipated.
   “Shut up,” he ordered, pinning you back onto the bed and resumed his ministration on your breasts.
   The moan slipped past your lips at the sight and your chest heaved upwards, desperate for more stimulation. You licked your lips at how his mouth encased your nipple, his tongue flicking against the perked skin and you dropped your head back, shutting your eyes. You centered all of your attention anywhere that his bare skin touched your body and rubbed your aching clit against his v-line. 
   Your chest was pressed against the mattress before you could register what happened and the hard smack that met your ass evoked a yelp. Bucky pressed fully against your backside and he ground his dick down into your ass. He groaned at the sensation and you raised your ass onto him. You yelped again when Bucky ripped your leggings down and smacked the exposed skin on your ass.
   “Try something like that again and I’ll gag you around my cock ‘til you’re crying,” he growled, “Understood?”
   You nodded, wide-eyed and a mewling mess from the threatening promise of this God. 
   “Good girl,” he cooed, rubbing at the raw skin. “Now stay still for Daddy,”
  Bucky’s hand lingered on your reddening ass and the mattress dipped when he shifted to your side. He traced gentle circles onto your backside and pressed his lips on your shoulder blade, the butterfly kisses making their way down towards your spine and then lower. Your breathing grew uneven from the sheer amount of restraint you displayed. Your grip on the edge of the bed tightened when his tongue dragged from the point where your thigh and ass met all the way up to the bottom of your spine.
   “Fuck,” You shuddered, white-knuckling the blanket beneath you.
   Your skin blazed when you were met with another harsh slap. You mewled at the sensation, loving the fire that spread across your flesh and relaxed when his metal hand cooled the area. 
   Then his teeth bit into the cooling flesh and you jerked away despite yourself. Bucky tsked lowly and you chuckled at the hint of fear sprouting in your chest; you did not want to see whatever sinister expression resided on his face. 
   A strong hand gripped the roots of your hair and hauled you up. You followed his direction and knelt onto the ground between Bucky’s sprawled out legs, settling in your new position.
   “Oh, Doll,” he chastised, “you were so close,”
   “That shouldn’t count,” you retorted while Bucky pulled the blanket off the bed and lifted you up with his metal arm, shoving the barrier between your knees and the hard ground.
   “But it does.” His hands dove into his underwear and sprung his cock out onto your lips. “Now get to work,”
   Your eyes widened at the sight before you and you had to physically hold back from gulping. You were ashamed to admit your mouth watered in anticipation. You lifted your hands from his sculpted thighs and wrapped them around his length, enveloping just the tip past your parted lips. Bucky sighed and twitched in your mouth.
   You welcomed him in fully, or as much as you could anyway, and got straight to work, not bothering to act abashed at your desire. Your tongue swirled around his tip and you leaned into him until he hit the back of your mouth but you continued on, gagging around him when he’d gotten inside your throat. Bucky groaned when your throat tightened around him and he threw his head back, using his flesh hand to guide you up and down his shaft, showing you what he liked and didn’t. 
   “Fuck, Doll,” he groaned, “Just how I imagined your mouth would feel,”
   You pulled off him to comment when he shoved you all the way down to the hilt and you threw your hands up onto his thighs to hold yourself back. He used his metal arm to hold himself up and thrusted up into your salivating mouth desperately. He continuously hit the back of your throat and thick saliva coated his cock. Just as he promised, tears prickled at the corners of your eyes and he didn’t stop until your cheeks were drenched in the liquid.
   You let your jaw hang open, your tongue no longer swiveling around meticulous spots that you knew would make his legs buckle. No, you let him have the reigns. Let him fuck your mouth ‘til your throat grew bruised and jaw ached with fatigue. You committed his cries of pleasure to memory, the sounds euphoric to your ears. 
   He lifted his head and stared down at you with half-closed eyes. He was in heaven and you knew it. He watched you, how the tears trailed down, how your hands gripped at his thighs, how you stuck out your tongue just as you’d made it to the base of his cock to lick his balls in the most intoxicating way. Fuck. You were the intoxicating one. You brought out this side of him. This carnal desire that became him until he’d had to step out of the room just to compose himself. And he didn’t like being out of control. That’s why he always kept you at an arm’s distance.
   But now, watching as you sat between him with your mouth agape like the good girl that you were for him, he knew he’d never deny himself this pleasure again. Especially since you were so fucking good at it.
   He groaned, pulling you off his cock and grabbed tightly at your cheeks, nearly pinching your mouth together. “Tongue out.” He growled, waiting for your compliance.
   Your jaw ached with exhaustion but you managed to stick out the wet muscle as he pulled you closer into him and watched when he parted his lips above you, letting the saliva trail down from his mouth into yours. 
   “Swallow,” he ordered.
   But it was already done, and you left your mouth hanging open for more.
   “Jesus fucking Christ,” Bucky grumbled, putting his face right up against yours and feeding you once again; this time with a sloppy kiss that coated both your mouths in saliva.
   He brought you up from the floor and tossed you onto the bed before settling between your legs. The excitement in your eyes grew and he indulged in every minute of it. Bucky’s hand trailed down from your lower abdomen right above your pubic bone and pressed his palm into your neglected clit. The cry you let out was the unholiest thing he’d ever heard. 
   He slid his finger under the waistband of your underwear and flitted his gaze back up to your eyes, “Can I?”
   You nodded eagerly, dumbfounded that he would even ask and fought the temptation to grab your phone from the nightstand and record everything that was about to unfold. 
   At the first nod, Bucky slid your underwear down your legs and made a show of bringing the material up to his face. Your own went red hot and you hid behind your hands, poking through every millisecond to shamefully watch. He threw the panties into his open duffel and you squirmed in anticipation.
   “Remember the rules?” Bucky asked, brow lifted and already descending to your inner thigh.
   You nodded again.
   “I need to hear it, Doll,” he mumbled, kissing the inner part of your thigh, each placement closer and closer to where you needed him most.
   “Yes,” you whimpered out, “I remember the rules,”
   Bucky wanted to dive right in, he really did, but the way you sprawled yourself out so vulnerable for him, it incited a new pace that he wanted to follow. So, he did. He looked at you for a few moments, watched how the anticipation danced in your eyes, how your legs shook in wait and how you were already so goddamn wet for him.
   “This all for me?” he teased, mesmerized at your desire for him.
   You dropped a hand down to your side, near where his hands were wrapped around your thighs to keep you in place - and against his face. He cocked his head to the side, waiting for your answer.
   You nodded sheepishly and when he lifted an eyebrow in mock confusion you said, “You. Just you,”
   Like music to his ears. Just him. You weren’t for anyone else. He thought he felt his heart palpitate.
   He lowered himself down to your core and kissed your lip, drawing a desperate plea from you. You couldn’t wait anymore, couldn’t deal with the teasing. You were wet enough, needy enough, ready enough to take him, all of him. You’d been ready damn near the moment you first laid eyes on his arrogant smirk.
   “Buck - please,” you cried, drawling out the final word.
   The first kiss placed upon your soaked cunt erupted a sigh of relief and you laid back on the pillow, your eyes closed and mind gone with the sensation of those sloppy kisses blessing your needs. He flattened his tongue on your lips and licked upwards, stopping when your hips twitched into his mouth.
   “Sorry!” You apologized, fighting the desire to grind into his wet muscle. He’d just gotten started and you certainly didn’t want it to end so soon.
   He lifted his gaze up to you and you bit into your fist at the view, using the extremity to hold back your moans. He flicked his attention down again and repeated his motion, lapping at your fluids ‘til his beard was soaked in it. He shook his head into your cunt and his nose rubbed along your clit. The mewling that left your mouth urged him on and when you felt his muscle prodding at your entrance you threw your head back.
   “Please, Bucky.” You begged, bringing a hand up to tease your nipple.
   He prodded some more, his tongue gliding up from your clit and back down to your entrance, poking through enough to frustrate you. He wanted you to break for him. To lose all composure and control and just let him. He wanted you to submit to him but it wasn’t just that, it was more that he wanted to destroy you for any future experience you may have without him. He wanted you to come back to him, to need him, to beg for him and leave you with the understanding that nothing - no one - could compare to him. He wanted you. To himself. 
   So, when he could no longer refrain and had to use his metal arm to hold your hips down from squirming beneath him, he slipped two thick, rough fingers into your begging cunt. And the sound you emitted caused that carnal instinct to claw at the barriers caging it in.
   Your hand shot down, tangling itself into his hair and pushing him harder against you. He allowed it. Your thighs held him in place, crushing him with your soft skin and he groaned at the warmth you gave off. You pulled your hand away from your mouth and grabbed at his metal one resting on your pubic bone, pulling it up to your chest and wrapping his fingers on the sensitive bud for him to tease. He slowly retracted from your chest and brought it back down onto your hips and you huffed in annoyance. You looked down at Bucky but his eyes were shut, completely engrossed in the feast before him. You bucked when his fingers glazed across that sensitive spot inside your velvety walls.
   “There!” You cried, your fist tightening in his hair when the all-too-familiar wave of ecstasy began to pool together, waiting for its release.
   Bucky complied, dragging the pads of his fingers up against that spot over and over again. Your legs caged him in tighter as his tongue swirled over the hyper-sensitive bundle of nerves and you cried out at the way your body tensed.
   “Fuck,” you cried, your hands desperately grasping onto Bucky’s metal wrist and tugging at the roots of his hair. Bucky’s groan of pleasure was what tipped you over the edge.
   You gasped when the pool building released, your body shaking with euphoria and the flood crashed down onto you. And apparently, onto Bucky as well. He pulled his mouth away but continued rubbing at your clit when warm liquid squirted onto his face and his expression of surprise mirrored your own.
   When Bucky looked up at you, your face burned with embarrassment and you threw your head back, using your hand to cover your countenance. Not to mention the sight of him with your juices all over his mouth was one of the hottest things you’d ever witnessed.
   Bucky chuckled at your sheepish apology and removed your hand from your face, bringing his soaked mouth up to yours and having you taste yourself. You devoured each other, your arms wrapped tightly around the other, pulling so fiercely at the innate desire to become one in shared pleasure. He could feel his pride swell at your hidden confession. You’d never squirted before and he was lucky enough to be the one to give you that experience for the first time. 
   You clawed at him, divulging in the warmth his body radiated and intoxicating yourself in everything that was Bucky. You couldn’t get enough of it, of him. It was nearly too much.
   His hand trailed up to your gaping mouth and he inserted his fingers, “Clean them,” he ordered.
   Your hand gripped his wrist and pulled his fingers deeper into your mouth, never breaking eye contact with him, loving the way he ate up everything he was seeing. You noticed the way he swallowed.
   He retracted his hand and wrapped it gently behind your head so you were resting on him. He brought his full weight down onto your body and a warmth emanated in your chest when he brought his lips up against your forehead, each kiss closer and closer to your lips until they met their destination. When you parted your mouth against his, it wasn’t merely an action of carnal desire, it was like you were exchanging life forces. Merging and meeting in a manner that had your body exploding and crying out for more of the faint familiarity. Like seeing an old friend for the first time in years.
   Bucky looked down between your bodies at where you were about to connect before staring back up at you, taking you in as if he would never have this opportunity again. His thumb brushed your cheek and came to a rest on your bottom lip. “Ready?”
   You chuckled, “Fuck me,”
   He shoved inside in one clean motion and a breath of pleasure slid past both of your lips.
   “Fuck,” he groaned, his hand tightening slightly around your neck and he pulled out slowly then shot back inside and you moaned.
   You were still so sensitive from your previous climax that every brush against your clit sent you into a whirlwind of pleasure, the sensations shooting through every nerve in your body. 
   “Bucky,” you whined when his pace quickened and the sheer force of his thrusts drove you deeper into euphoria.
   He filled you just right, his girth and length impressive and you wondered why you hadn’t tried to screw him earlier. He slid past your tight walls, each thrust causing the room to echo with the sounds of skin slapping and moans of ecstasy. 
   He kept his actions controlled, not wanting to build up to something so intense just for it to fall short and end fast. No. Despite how good you felt wrapped around his aching and swollen cock, despite how warm and welcoming you were, how you spread yourself out for him to consume, he had to leash himself. This was going to be just as good for you as it was for him. 
   He kissed you one last time before gripping the back of your knees and bringing your thighs up to your chest, a shout of praise falling off your lips. He was drunk on the sight of his cock going in and out of your cunt and he threw his head back with a groan.
   “What a fucking pretty pussy,” he breathed out and you whimpered, biting your lip at the welcome profanities.
   At this angle, he was fucking against your g-spot and using his pubic bone to rub against your clit and watching the thin layer of sweat sheen off his skin was all too much to keep yourself put together. His eyebrows scrunched together and you caught him taking in your form, watching how your pleasure displayed itself on your face for him to bear witness to. Only him.
   He growled at the intrusion of thoughts that came to him. He pictured someone else in his position, someone else witnessing you so vulnerable and open to them, someone else fucking you and making you beg for them. It disgusted him. He brought his torso down and latched his teeth to your neck, biting down hard enough to have you tearing up.
   “Mine,” he growled into your ear and lulled his head forward when you tightened around him.
   A sinister smirk came to his face and he licked the shell of your ear, your breathy moans feeding him, “You like that?” He asked, pistoling further into your cunt and you shouted at the increase of pace, “You like when I tell you who you belong to?”
   Your mouth hung agape and the one arm wrapped around his shoulder pulled him closer to you, your desperation for his warmth taking control. “Fuck . . . off,” you hissed between breaths.
   He pulled out and yanked you up by your hair, twisting you around and pressing your torso into the wall but keeping your ass propped up for him to admire. You hissed at the pain when a sharp smack met your ass and your hands gripped at the wall for any way to ground yourself and prevent from becoming putty in his hands.
   Another hard smack met your ass and you lurched forward to get away from the sting. Bucky kept your head pinned to the cement, his hand holding your cheek from scraping the wall but applying a pressure that had your tongue lolling out of your mouth. 
   You moaned at the intrusion in your pussy and he plummeted in and out, a mix of your grunts and groans bouncing around the room. His pace constantly changed. One second it was fast, the next it was slow but filling, going so far as to hit your cervix a few times and leave you a crying mess under his hold. Your shoulder scraped along the wall and you fought to push away only to have your chest slammed harder against the cement.
   You brought a hand out, reaching behind yourself and grasping for Bucky’s hip, pushing him deeper into you when he slowed. Your nails dug into his flesh and the sound of his hiss shot straight to your core. 
   “What a goddamn whore,” he spat, bringing his teeth down onto your neck and you gripped at his hair.
   You laughed at his statement, “You’re the one that can’t get enough of this pussy. Why so desperate to claim it? Afraid I'll fuck someone else?” Bucky pulled you back and slammed you against the wall with vigor, causing you to flinch
   He stopped his thrusts altogether, “My patience only goes so far, Doll,” he threatened, tugging at your hair and you bit back a cry, “Choose your words wisely,”
   You nodded hastily, the rough texture of the wall digging into your cheek and splitting skin. You wriggled up against him to continue moving but he retracted completely and flipped you over so he was laying on the bed and you were straddling him.
   “Move,” he ordered, his hands digging bruises into your waist.
   You leaned over, pressing your chest against his to lift your hips up and down on him but he pushed you back up and held your arms behind your back to keep you in place. You whimpered but the cry quieted when you rubbed your clit against him and your pussy clenched at the friction. You moaned out a breathy fuck and swiveled your hips around his, noting how much deeper he filled you in this position.
   “Buck-” you huffed, eyes glued to the glistening abs beneath you. “I’m gonna cum,”
   “Already?” He jeered, an eyebrow raised in amusement.
   You’d lost all energy to sneer at him, your focus solely on how the sensation grew and began pooling in your cunt. “Cock . . . so good,” you breathed out, barely able to keep yourself from melting into him.
   “What was that, Doll?” He stilled your movements and you groaned in annoyance.
   You wriggled in his hold and you could tell by the furrow of his brow that he was fighting to keep control as well. You leaned over him, your lips hovering over his, “Mine,”
   His grip flew to the back of your neck and he crashed your lips onto his, giving you full reign again. You bounced your hips on his dick, slamming down vigorously and rubbing your clit in effect. It didn’t take long for your climax to build again.
   “’M gonna . . .” you whispered and Bucky placed you back up, gripping your hips and swiveling you around how you were earlier.
   “Cum, Doll,” he allowed, “Cum all over this cock,”
   You cried out, your toes curling as the dam in your core snapped and your climax washed over you. You hadn’t realized your fingers were intertwined with Bucky's until you came back down from your high, your chest heaving for breath.
   He sat up slowly and pressed his lips against your neck. “You’re beautiful,”
   Your body tensed at his words and you pulled away to give him a look of confusion. But he didn’t take his statement back, only slipped his hands around your back and gently placed you onto the bed, hovering over you.
   He moved with caution, like his gentleness might scare you off if he touched you too tenderly or stared too long in admiration. But he couldn’t help it, he did admire you.
   He spread your legs open and nestled between them, pushing into you slowly until your hips met and you both breathed out. His movements weren’t nearly as brutal as they were earlier, these thrusts were slow and deep and full of intention. He brought his torso down onto yours and you wrapped your legs around his waist, bringing him closer to you.
   He ran his hand, the only one he allowed himself to touch you affectionately with, through your hair and stared down at you, waiting. His gaze shifted between your lips to your eyes and he ran his thumb delicately along your mouth.
   You looked at him then, really looked at him with fresh eyes and your heart leapt into your throat at the realization. “Kiss me,” you whispered and he lowered himself onto your lips, setting off an explosion in your chest.
   “I’m yours,” he whispered, not able to bring himself to look at you, “I’ve been yours,”
   You opened your mouth to respond but he silenced you with a deep thrust and a moan erupted instead. He quickened his pace, watching where you connected and pushed deeper and harder, your cries of pleasure driving him. He had to fuck you, he couldn’t love you, he couldn’t make love to you, just fuck. That’s it. He couldn’t allow himself to replay your look of shock at his confession, though the scene would surely be on loop for the next few days until he could get over it. Just fuck. Nothing more. Not with that look of disbelief on your face.
   He held himself up with his forearms but you pressed him against you and wrapped your legs tighter around him. “Harder,” you whispered and he complied.
   He groaned when your tits bounced and brought his mouth to a nipple, the faint taste of sweat lingering on your skin. You brought his metal hand up to your chest and made him grip the flesh there but he pulled it back and placed it beside your head instead.
   “Bucky,” you whimpered and grabbed his hand again, bringing his open palm up to your lips and placing delicate kisses on the metal. “You can feel with it, right?”
   He nodded, hesitance sprawled on his face.
   “Then touch me,” you urged, bringing the hand down between your bodies and pressing the cold metal against your clit, “Feel me,”
   His brows furrowed slightly but the look of your certainty forced him to dismiss his own perceptions of his body; or rather, that arm. And when he began rubbing circles into your bundle of nerves the expression on your face made him hate it a little less. Only a little.
   You stared up at him, his pace growing erratic and sloppy and you knew he was close. “You wanna cum?” 
   He nodded, his hot breath coming out haggard and strained. You placed your hand on his cheek and brought him up to your kiss.
   “Then cum,” 
   He shook his head, “You first,” he swirled his finger around your swollen clit and you gasped at the force of his thrust.
   Your body tensed and you centered all your focus on his ministrations, “A little more pressure,” you directed and he quickly found a pressure that had you wobbling in the knees. “Close,” you murmured, gripping Bucky’s side and bringing your lips up to his neck to pepper the skin there.
   He groaned and judging by the way his dick twitched inside you, you knew he wasn’t far behind. 
   “Bucky,” you whispered, pulling his attention towards you and his gaze brought you closer to the edge, “I’m yours,”
   He blinked and his pace faltered for half a beat. He examined your facial expression, like he didn’t believe the words you’d spoken. Not like he couldn’t believe them, but like you’d said them just to appease him. 
   You placed your forehead against his, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath to center yourself in the haze of this fucking. “Yours,” you repeated, all the emotion residing in your chest poured into the singular word. 
   And then he was back to drilling you into the mattress, a new vigor fueling his thrusts. You cried out and Bucky pressed his sweaty torso flat against your own and it felt like the essence, the being, in your chest intermingled with his own and all the climaxes you’d previously experienced couldn’t hold a match to the flame, the intensity, the rawness of the one that washed over the both of you in that moment.
   Bucky moaned out, his hips bucking into yours and you rode out both of your highs. The sensation consuming and overwhelming and welcome on both ends as it flooded through your bodies, meeting at your point of contact.
   His arms flexed above you with the ferocity of his climax and the display had you writhing beneath him, already desperate for more.
   “Buck,” you whispered when his breathing evened out after he collapsed onto you.
   He didn’t respond, afraid it had all been a dream, a trick, despite still being inside you. He didn’t want to move, didn’t want to shatter the perfection of this moment. What if you’d only said that to get him to finish faster? What if you’d only fed him what he wanted to hear? What if-
   “Buck,” you repeated, pulling him from his daze and he lifted his head only slightly. You gripped his chin lightly and forced him to look you in the eye. “You’re . . . mine?”
   He wanted to shake his head, to tell you that he got caught up in the moment but instead he said, “Yours,” because he knew anything else would be a lie and he was tired of lying.
   You studied him and nodded, “Yours,” you stated, already rolling your eyes from the smirk forming on his face, “Unfortunately,”
   He brought your face to his and planted a tender kiss on your lips. He started shifting his position and grabbed the underwear he’d been wearing earlier before pulling out and using the cloth to clean the mess pooling out of you. But not before taking a mental picture, of course. 
   After a few minutes of laying together, his hand playing with a few strands of hair, you felt the warm welcome of sleep beginning to drag you into its embrace. You opened your eyes groggily and looked up at Bucky who was already looking down at you, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips.
   “I know about your night terrors,” you whispered and his actions halted momentarily before returning to brush through your hair, “I hear you sometimes. And I understand why you don’t want to go to sleep but,” you sat up slowly and placed the thick blanket down on the floor, dragging the pillow down with you and patting the open space beside you, “you should rest. I’ll be here to calm you or stay up with you. Whichever one you need,”
   He didn’t move at first, his ears drowning out any thought he could have while processing what you’d said. He’d stayed silent so long you’d thought you’d crossed a line.
   “I can always sleep on the bed if you’d prefer, though,”
   Bucky shook himself from his thoughts and edged closer to the floor, slowly descending into the available space and wrapping the blanket around the both of you as much as he could. “No,” he said, “I want you here,”
   You hummed in response and snuggled into his waiting arms, lightly wrapping your own around him, making sure to kiss the part of himself he hated the most before fatigue swept you up into its clutches. Bucky followed soon after. 
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itadorey · 6 months ago
caught in the act || fushiguro m.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: fushiguro megumi x reader summary: five times his fellow jujutsu sorcerers catch him staring at you, and the one time he catches you. genre: fluff, for once. warnings: ummm none?  word count: ~4.5k
also, this was more of a character study for me to try out writing for jjk so sorry if it’s a little ooc </3 and a special thank you to the best person i know for beta-ing this <3
[reblogs are appreciated <3]
Tumblr media
fushiguro megumi is many things. he’s a talented jujutsu sorcerer, proven time and time again by the missions he gets sent on. he’s also intelligent, observant not only in battle but also when it comes to others, always able to tell when something’s wrong. however, his most noticeable trait, according to itadori and kugisaki, is that he’s extremely secretive.
it’s not a bad thing, not to him. there are better things to do with his time than sit and discuss his life story with his friends, even though he thinks that gojo might say otherwise just to piss him off. 
besides, being secretive means that no one can use any of his weaknesses against him. and that’s especially handy considering that one of his weaknesses is you.
he’s not exactly sure when it started. maybe it was the day that gojo sent him to pick you up at the train station alone, claiming that he had important business to attend to and that it was the least that megumi could do considering that gojo had been sent on so many missions lately. or maybe it was the day the two of you had been assigned to a mission together. you had been kind to him even when he remained cold and silent, eventually catching onto the fact that he didn’t want to make small talk and instead switching the conversation to the curse that awaited you. 
he had been surprised when you came up with such a foolproof plan to exorcise the curse, and it had worked perfectly with the exception of a gash on his upper arm. when you had knelt down to check on him, you had gently brushed him off, smiling widely as you complimented his technique and pet one of his divine dogs. 
“come on, let’s get you back so that shoko can check that out,” you had said, gently grabbing his hand and pulling him to his feet. he had stumbled lightly upon standing, causing you to wrap an arm around his waist to try and steady him. “are you alright, fushiguro?”
in that moment, megumi couldn’t stop the light blush that dusted his cheeks as he pulled away from you slightly, stating that he was fine and that he was ready to go. neither one of you mentioned the fact that your hand didn’t leave his on your way back to the school.
ever since that day, he had been hyper aware of your presence. if he was busy training with the upperclassmen and you happened to walk by, he knew. and he often ended up getting knocked down on his ass. if you decided to go to the city on your day off, he knew, usually because gojo was just that nosy. it bothered him to no end yet he couldn’t say that he hated it. seeing your smile quickly became the highlight of his day, and he often found himself staring at you whenever you were in the same place. 
in fact, he was doing it at that very moment. 
“eh? fushiguro, what are you doing?” nobara asked, leaning over to catch a glimpse of his face. megumi scowled as kugisaki’s face came into his view, and he tore his eyes away from where you were standing a few feet away with maki. 
“nothing,” megumi replied instantly, shoving his hands into his pocket as norbara kept talking. the two of them were called over by maki, who grinned and wrapped an arm around your shoulder as they approached. 
“good news!” she proclaimed, smirking at the two other first years. “(y/n) has just agreed to joining us for the exchange event! they’ll be training with us from now on.”
nobara cheered softly as she followed maki, the two of them heading off and leaving you alone with megumi. you gave him a teasing smile, elbowing him lightly as you spoke. 
“how lucky are you?” you asked, taking a few steps before pausing and waiting for him to join you. “now you get to see my pretty face more often!”
that’s the problem, megumi thought to himself, sighing softly. he could already feel himself getting distracted during training, and he didn’t want to think about the punishment maki would give him if he allowed himself to get distracted at the actual event. he followed you towards the field, watching as panda faced off against kugisaki. when it was your turn, maki turned to megumi before tilting her head towards the field, silently telling the blue-eyed boy to join you. 
to say that he was shocked when you ended up taking him down in less than five minutes would be a lie. everyone else however, was surprised at the outcome and megumi couldn’t hide the embarrassment on his face as he walked back to the sidelines. maki grabbed his arm gently before he could get too far, leaning in close and whispering into his ear.
“i hope your personal feelings won’t be an issue here.”
megumi paused, scowling at her and ignoring her slight smirk before pulling away and taking a seat a few feet away. his eyes never left you for the rest of training and he could feel kugisaki’s curious gaze burning into him. 
“you’re doing it again,” nobara sang, bouncing up to megumi when the session was over. “if i didn’t know any better, i’d say that you were staring at (y/n).”
“good thing you know better, then,” megumi replied, hoping that nobara hadn’t noticed the way he had flinched at her words. she had. kugisaki laughed as she pushed past megumi, walking up to you and proceeding to strike up a conversation. the two of you looked over at megumi before turning back to each other, causing megumi’s heart to pound just a little bit faster. he watched as you walked past him, sending him yet another soft smile as you headed towards the dorms. nobara only sent him a thumbs up before following after you. 
Tumblr media
things had been… complicated since itadori’s death, and neither megumi, nobara, or you had found the time to truly sit around and mourn.
training for the exchange event took up more of your time than you cared to admit, and you were slightly disappointed at the fact that you hadn’t even gotten the chance to truly say goodbye to your friend.
but luckily, the students from kyoto were a good distraction. 
you huffed lightly as you looked around, eyes bouncing in between megumi and the much bigger boy that stood in front of him. 
“what kind of woman is your type? hurry up and answer. if you prefer men that’s fine too.”
the silence that followed was slightly awkward, and you couldn’t prevent the heat from rushing to your cheeks when megumi’s eyes drifted over to you. todo followed megumi’s line of sight, eyes taking in your features before he nodded firmly and turned back to megumi. 
“i don't have a particular preference,” megumi said before todo could speak. “as long as they have an unshakable character, i won't ask for more.”
“not a bad answer,” nobara chimed, slinging an arm around your shoulder as you contemplated his words. “if you had said something like ‘big boobs’ i would’ve killed you.”
the snort that left you brought megumi’s attention back to you, and todo was able to notice the way his eyes softened as he watched you giggle at nobara’s words. 
“i knew it! you’re boring, fushiguro,” todo proclaimed, chest puffing up as he approached the shorter boy. when he was close enough, he lowered his voice, granting him the courtesy of not having you hear his next words. “you spend all your time staring at your ideal person, but i doubt you’ll ever actually make a move.”
megumi bristled at todo’s words, but before anyone could say anything, he had been sent flying by a powerful punch. 
“megumi!” you cried out, trying to rush over to him before being stopped by nobara’s shout. you turned to her, seeing her being held tightly by the other zenin girl as she pointed her pistol at her. 
“move and i shoot,” mai said, smirking as you scowled at her. you sent one last look towards megumi before slumping slightly, feeling annoyed at the fact that mai had the nerve to threaten your friend. 
when the second years finally showed up, you couldn’t help but let out a relieved sigh, the fight coming to an end fairly quick. you checked on nobara first, making sure she was okay before sprinting in the direction todo had thrown megumi. you were met with the sight of megumi walking alongside panda, a slight limp in his step as he tried to swat panda away. you immediately began to fuss over him, reaching up to wipe away the blood that was dripping towards his eyes. 
megumi couldn’t find it in him to swat you away, and he sighed softly as you muttered your concerns out loud, asking if he needed anything at the moment. it went quiet as you all waited for megumi’s response, his eyes trained on you as you looked at him expectantly.
“tuna,” inumaki’s voice broke through the silence, and megumi shook his head lightly as he tore his eyes away from you to look at his upperclassman. inumaki’s eyes were crinkled slightly, and megumi could tell that he was smiling at the scene playing out in front of him. 
“oh my god, do you have a concussion?” you asked, a little worried by his blank stare a few seconds ago. 
“salmon,” inumaki chimed, causing you to bite your lip before nodding softly. 
“you’re right,” you said, grabbing megumi’s hand before turning around. “come on, let’s get you to shoko.”
megumi shot one last look behind him, knowing damn well that he did not have a concussion. the only thing he was met with were the snickers of both panda and inumaki, a thumbs up aimed at him from the former. when he glanced at inumaki, the boy simply gave him a playful wink, waving him along as you dragged him away. 
Tumblr media
“if you keep staring at them, they’re going to think you’re a creep,” nobara said, interrupting megumi’s thoughts as she took a seat next to him. he tried his best to ignore her, giving up when she leaned over and plucked the book he was holding out of his grasp, tossing it to the side with a small huff.
“i was reading that,” megumi stated, a scowl making its way onto his face as he tried to reach for it.
“no you weren’t,” nobara retorted, pushing him back and forcing him to sit. “now tell me, why do you keep staring at them?”
the large grin on her face let megumi know that nobara already knew why he was acting that way, she just wanted to hear him say it. he refused to speak, leaning back on the steps they were sitting on and crossing his legs. he looked off to the side, grunting softly when nobara began to poke his side. 
“fushiguro! i’m talking to you, don’t be rude,” she whined, gasping when his hand came up to envelope her face to try and push her away. she struggled against him, failing miserably and only stopping when you approached.
“i’m sorry, i need to pass through,” you said, stifling a laugh as they froze in place. the two of them scrambled up from their seats when they realized they had been blocking the entire pathway, bowing their heads slightly in apology as you passed by. you gave them a small ‘thank you’, only pausing to pick up the book that had been thrown aside earlier.
“this is a good book!” you chirped, eyes lighting up in recognition as you gently dusted off the cover. you held it out to megumi, waiting for him to take it from your grasp. “one of my favorites.”
he stared at you for a few seconds, and you found yourself shifting your weight as you waited for him to take the book from you. when it became clear that he wasn’t going to make a move, nobara leapt forwards, grabbing the book from you as she chuckled softly.
“it is a good book!” she said, smiling a little bit too widely as you nodded in agreement. you paused slightly, looking back at megumi once again before shaking your head and turning around. 
“well i’ll see you later,” you said, waving to the two of them before walking away. as soon as you were out of sight, nobara smacked megumi with the book in her hand, breaking him out of his daze. he glared at her, huffing lightly when she shoved the book into his chest.
“you’re hopeless” nobara muttered, walking off in the same direction you had. megumi sighed before taking his seat once more and cracking open his book. 
Tumblr media
“i don’t understand why we had to come,” megumi said, sounding exasperated as he trailed after gojo. the tall man had pulled you, megumi, itadori, and nobara out for a day in the city, claiming that he wanted to see how much you had improved. it wasn’t until you had been a good distance away from the school that he told you that he was only testing nobara and yuji, especially since the latter had technically been missing for a while. that meant that you and megumi had no reason to be there. “it’s a weekend!”
“don’t worry! we can go get food while they’re fighting the curses,” you said, coming up beside megumi and nudging him with your shoulder. he hummed in response, trying to act unbothered as he noticed the look nobara was giving him. 
the five of you came to a stop in the middle of an empty street, looking at a deceivingly cozy house. you shivered as a breeze blew through the street, and you smiled at yuji as he came to a stop beside you. 
“are you cold?” he asked, eyes wide with concern as he looked at you. “you can have my jacket!”
you smiled gratefully as he began to unzip the hoodie he had chosen to wear for the day, flinching when you heard a loud voice. 
“itadori! get over here!”
“just a minute!” yuji called back, ignoring gojo’s words as he fiddled with his zipper.
“now!” nobara snapped, tapping her foot before tilting her head to beckon yuji over to her side. 
“why are you so- oh!” yuji said, eyes lighting up with some kind of recognition before he gave you an apologetic smile. “i’ll be right back.”
you nodded in understanding, crossing your arms as the breeze hit you, itadori’s body no longer blocking the cool air. you let your gaze wander over to gojo and your friends, noticing the way they glanced at the house with concern a few times before nodding in agreement.
“here, you can have my sweater.”
you turned your head at the familiar voice, noticing megumi holding out his sweatshirt. he didn’t meet your eye as you took it, but he still noticed the bright smile you gave him before slipping it on.  
“thanks, megumi!” you said, unconsciously snuggling into the fabric before taking a seat on the curb. megumi took a few steps away from you, pacing for a bit and shooting concerned looks towards your companions before finally taking a seat. he let his elbows rest on his knees, his chin resting comfortably on his palm as he observed the house where the curses were supposed to reside. gojo had chosen not to mention what grade the curses were, and he mentally prepared himself to fight just in case. 
frustrated at the fact that he couldn’t hear what gojo was telling his friends, megumi let a scowl crawl onto his face as he looked away, only for his gaze to land on you. feeling the weight of his stare, you glanced up, sticking your tongue out at him and giggling when he rolled his eyes. his gaze lingered on you as you turned back to whatever you had been doing, and megumi smiled softly when he saw you plucking a few flowers before attempting to weave them together. 
he watched your fingers as they braided the stems, trying to create a daisy chain. he got lost in thought as his eyes traveled to your face, watching the way your brows furrowed in concentration as you focused on your tasks. he smiled slightly when your eyes lit up, evidently proud of your progress as you held up the chain of blue flowers. 
a blush spread across his cheeks and down his neck when you suddenly looked at him, raising an eyebrow in a silent question as you tilted your head. megumi couldn’t help but think that you looked cute when you were confused, simply shaking his head and looking away before he could say something embarrassing. 
“here,” you said softly, shuffling closer and gently grabbing megumi’s shoulder to turn him towards you. you leaned in slightly, reaching up to place the flower crown you had been making on his messy hair. he could feel his breath hitch at the close proximity, and he tried his best to silently remind himself to keep breathing. “i made that for you because the blue flowers reminded me of your eyes!”
this time, megumi couldn’t keep his eyes from widening and he knew that his cheeks were now bright red. he murmured a soft thank you, clearing his throat awkwardly as you replied and began to pick flowers again. this time, they were pink. 
he watched you weave the stems together again, although this time you didn’t look as concentrated as you had been. it wasn’t until gojo interrupted that megumi realized that he had been staring at you for quite a while. 
“hey! lovebird! stop staring at them and get over here,” gojo shouted, jolting the two of you back to reality. megumi refused to meet your gaze, instead choosing to scowl at gojo. the tall man was wearing a big smile, satisfied with the reaction he had drawn out from megumi before waving him over. “hurry up! i think yuji and nobara might need your help.”
“good luck, megumi,” you said softly, looking up at him before giving him a thumbs up. he smiled faintly, nodding once before making his way over to gojo. the white-haired man’s smile didn’t fade as he approached, his smile only getting wider when he held an arm out to stop megumi. 
“let me take this,” gojo said, plucking the flower crown off of megumi’s head and holding it gently. “we wouldn’t want this to get ruined now, would we? although i’m surprised it didn’t spontaneously combust with the way you were staring at them while they made it!”
megumi gave gojo one last glare before clenching his jaw and walking towards the entrance of the house, trying to ignore gojo’s laughter and focus on the mission at hand.
Tumblr media
you stopped in your tracks, the sound of itadori’s voice bringing a small smile to your face as you turned around. your smile only grew when you noticed megumi trailing behind him, hands shoved deep into his pockets as he looked down at the ground. 
“are you busy right now?” yuji asked, coming to a stop in front of you. you shook your head slowly, wondering what he had planned. “fushiguro and i were gonna go out to eat. would you like to join us?”
“i’d love to,” you uttered, earning a wide smile from yuji. you snickered under your breath, his excitement reminding you of a puppy. 
“great! then let’s go! i’ve been wanting to check this place out for ages.”
you trailed behind yuji, throwing the occasional glance back at megumi until you eventually slowed down to walk beside him. the messy-haired boy shot you a quick glance, looking away when he saw you giving him a curious glance. 
“what’s up?” you asked, stepping closer and nudging his shoulder with yours. megumi huffed, shaking his head in response as he kept his eyes down. 
“nothing,” he said after a while, wondering if you would keep the conversation going. you didn’t, but you didn’t leave his side either, choosing to remain by his side and simply call out your replies to whatever questions itadori was asking you as he walked on ahead. 
“you two go on ahead without me,” you said once the three of you were a few shops away from the place itadori wanted to check out. “i need to buy a few things but i’ll be there in a few minutes!”
itadori gave you a sound of acknowledgment before turning and walking away, pausing when he noticed megumi wasn’t at his side. turning around, he saw the blue-eyed boy standing where you had left him, his gaze focused on you as you headed back down the street in the direction they had come from. 
“fushiguro! are you coming?” yuji called out, biting back a smile at the flicker of embarrassment that crossed his face. he pretended not to acknowledge his brief distraction as they entered the restaurant, taking a seat before casting a cursory glance at the menu. “do you know what you’re going to get?”
“no,” megumi replied, glancing out the window. “i think i’ll wait for (y/n) to get here before i order.”
yuji smiled at megumi’s words, forcing himself to look back down at the menu in an attempt to act nonchalant. “so how long have you had feelings for them?”
megumi’s eyes widened at yuji’s words, and he found himself mentallly berating himself for being too obvious with his feelings. he had to be, especially if itadori had been able to figure it out. he remained silent, letting his eyes drop down to the table. 
“you should tell them,” yuji said, catching megumi off guard. he risked a glance at the boy, noticing how he was also looking down at the table. his words were genuine, no teasing present whatsoever. 
“i’m serious,” yuji said. “you should tell them. i think the two of you work together very well.”
“what exactly am i supposed to say?” megumi asked, shifting uncomfortably before attempting to make eye contact with itadori. the pink-haired boy didn’t look up. “(y/n) i really like you and i stare at you a lot because i don’t know how to tell you?”
itadori snorted at his words, opening his mouth to reply before being cut off.
“you like me?”
the two boys looked up in a panic when they saw you standing next to their table, a small bag held tightly in one of your hands. itadori gave megumi an apologetic smile which the blue-eyed boy ignored, knowing that both of them had been too distracted to notice you approaching. 
“i’m gonna… go order,” yuji said, sliding out of the booth and heading up to the counter. he turned to give megumi a thumbs up behind your back, nodding his head as he mouthed the words ‘go for it!’. megumi turned his attention to you when you slid into the seat across from him, giving him a smile before grabbing the menu itadori had left behind. an awkward silence settled upon the table, and you couldn’t stop yourself from shooting furtive glances at megumi every few seconds.
“so,” you said, breaking the silence and putting the menu down. he looked up, blue eyes meeting yours as you sighed softly. “you like me?”
megumi hesitated, watching the way your brows furrowed slightly as you waited for his response. 
“yes,” he finally said, looking back out the window to avoid your gaze. he stiffened when he heard you let out a sigh, giggling softly before speaking.
“well that’s good,” you said, causing megumi to turn back to face you. you rummaged through the bag, pulling out a book before handing it to him. it was the sequel to the book he had been reading a while back, the one you had picked up when nobara had tossed it aside. “i was hoping to give this to you at some point, and perhaps ask you out when i did so.”
megumi’s cheeks warmed as he smiled at you, neither one of you noticing the way yuji pumped his fist into the air a few feet away. 
Tumblr media
+ one
you let your eyes drift up from your phone and land on megumi, who was currently lying next to you as he read the book you had bought him. the two of you were lounging in your room, with you sitting up against the headboard while he laid back on your pillows. 
his eyes were focused on the words he was reading, and you took the opportunity to study him quietly. his hair was a mess like always, but you chose to hold back from running your hands through it in order to keep watching him. your eyes traced the slope of his nose, trailing down to his lips before following his jawline and finally settling on his eyes. you sat there admiring him, thinking that it was unfair of him to have such long lashes that brushed against his cheeks every time he blinked. 
you bit back a gasp when blue eyes suddenly met yours, and you quickly looked back down at your phone in an attempt to hide your embarrassment. megumi’s gaze never left you, and you shifted uneasily before shyly looking back up at him. 
“what?” you asked, cheeks burning as you tried to play innocent.
“i was just wondering if you were done staring at me?” megumi asked casually, a faint smile on his face as he looked back down at his book. you gaped at him for a few seconds before finding the right words to respond with.
“i was not staring!” you cried out, scrunching your nose when megumi gave you a disbelieving look. you sighed softly, shuffling closer to him and poking his cheek. “besides, if my memory is correct, you got caught staring at me by literally everyone else.”
megumi’s rolled his eyes as he sat up, sitting shoulder to shoulder with you before shaking his head. 
“besides,” you continued, not giving him the chance to speak. “what’s so wrong with staring at my boyfriend.”
a red tint filled megumi’s cheeks at your words and he merely scoffed before turning the page. you rested your head on his shoulder, glancing down at the book and attempting to read along with him. when you noticed he hadn’t flipped the page in a while, you glanced up, only to see him staring down at you. you smiled at him, earning a soft smile in return before you leaned up to press a kiss to the corner of his mouth. he opened his mouth to speak, but you beat him to it, your words causing him to groan lightly. 
“now who’s staring?”
Tumblr media
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nezuscribe · a month ago
their reaction to you dying in their arms - jjk x reader men
Jujutsu Kaisen Masterlist
Warnings: Death (obviously), blood
His voice is so quiet, so unsure
"Hey there sweety," He gently drops down to your discarded frame, not caring that his hands were dyed red and that his fingernails were caked with blood.
"I'm here," He whispers, "It's okay, I'm here,"
"Oh," He muttered, picking you up, your limp body moving with his movements, "Oh no," He'll say over and over again as he checks for your pulse, a flutter of your eyelids, anything to show that you're alive
"No, no," He squeezes your cold hand, once, twice, three times, something you two made to be your signal of love
He waits so patiently for that small squeeze back, that small sign that he would kill to have once more
"Y/n, darling," He chokes out, his voice limited by his lungs closing up, "I'm here. You fought so well, did you know? You did so well," He kisses your bloody hand, pressing the back of it to his watery lips
"I'm so proud of you, Y/n, so proud," His tears make the crimson color staining the two of you a watery and unlikable red
"I'm so sorry I wasn't here to help, Y/n, but I'm here now." He kisses your other hand, squeezing it again in hopes you might respond to this one
He wants to say more, to apologize, to tell you how much he loves you, to tell you of the future he planned, but Gojo couldn't
So he pressed his forehead to yours, one final farewell until he'd have to leave you for the medics to the find
A final farewell made for destined lovers and destined death
"Hey," He calls over his shoulder, draping his muddied coat over the door frame, not looking at your figure on the bed as he shrugged off the rest of his clothing
"Do you wanna check out that new ramen place down the street tomorrow?" He asks as he goes into the bathroom, scrubbing his face clean of any grim from the day
"You already asleep?" He calls out, but this time a bit softer in case you actually were sleeping
He chuckled softly to himself when he got no response, drying his hands out on the towel, walking out as he went towards the master bed
But he stopped just a few feet short of it, his heart lurching into his throat at the sight of blood
His eyes snapped up to the bed sheets only to see your side drowning in the color
He fumbled over his feet, running to your side, throwing the blanket off only to see a knife sticking out from your heart, the dagger lining with cursed energy
Your eyes were starring up, still open, still the same shade he remembered them being, however a little bit duller
"Shit," He says over and over again, checking for a pulse, trying to see if he can do anything to help
But he knew that with the amount of blood loss, with the knife sticking out from your heart, there was no way to save you
He couldn't guess who must have done, but he narrowed it down to one of the many people who wanted either him or someone he cared about dead
"Y/n?" Toji didn't trust himself to say your name, wiping off some blood from your cheek, trying to rid your beautiful face of the ghastly thing
"I'm sorry, love," He dropped to his knees, encasing your small hand around his two large ones, bringing your closed fist to his lips as he gingerly kissed them, not knowing what else to do
"I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner, Y/n,"
"I'm so sorry to have failed you, Y/n, to break my promise, I don't know," And the words died down as everything began to register in his head
"I"m so sorry Y/n,"
"But you're going to have to wait for a little longer for me."
"The jasmine smell extraordinary this year, don't you think?" You mused and watched as your husband grunted, looking at the blooming flowers with fake boredom
Walking alone with him was a rare occurrence, and rarely were you too sable to get some time to spend freely by yourselves, so a stroll in the estate garden was something you didn't take for granted
And despite his groans and moans about not wanting to come, the way he held your hand so tightly in his told you otherwise
"Are you leaving again tomorrow?" You ask him, looking up to match his stare, smiling softly as he rubbed his thumb off the back of your hand
"Only for a couple of days. Not like last time." He answered back, not trying to sound reassuring, but he squeezed your hand and you knew he was trying his best
"Alright, well if you need any-"
He waited for you to finish your sentence but he looked back down, eyes widening as he stared at your crumpled form on the ground
There was a large arrow splitting through your stomach, its head dripping red and blue
He touched it, smelling it to know that belladonna was lacing it, surely to kill you quicker
He looked back up at the hill from where the shot had come from, and he saw a hurried shadow running away
He yelled for the guards to go after the masked person, but he could only do so much as he raced your body towards the infirmary
The healers ushered him out, but he pushed them forward, saying that there was no way in the living hell that he was going to leave you now
He watched as they struggled to revive you, no amount of reverse curse energy bringing you back
They all hung their heads low when they told him the news, and as they quietly left he walked slow paces towards your bed, the events still not settling in his brain
He struggled to come up with any words, anything to summarize how he felt, but Naoya couldn't
He couldn't say anything meaningful or loving enough that would honor your
So he just continued to hold your hand, just like how he had been, just like how he knew how to do
And he let himself cry silently as he felt your fingers grow colder against his
"Y/n? Are you there?" He'll call out, his katana draped over his shoulders as he made way through the field of bodies
"Come on now, don't play shy with me," he'd tease, his eyebrows raising slightly as he saw the work you had done on the sorcerers, a sense of proudness growing in him
"Did one of them finally kick your ass then?" Sukuna would joke, rubbing the fly that whizzed past his head away in annoyance
He'd walk a bit more, keeping his lookout for you, careful not to step on anyone as he wove through the maze of the dead
"Y/n, my dear, I'm tired, let's go home." He'd say after a while, some weariness growing on him after countless days and nights of fighting with no sleep
"Y/n?" Sukuna calls out again, but no when he's faced with no response, a strange feeling of worry washed over him
"Y/n, are you here?" He's yelling now, dropping the sword on the ground, picking up his pace as he whips his head around, looking for your familiar figure
But only when he looks down does he find what he's looking for
There, lying ever so gracefully on a patch of grass in you, your hand weakly clutching your wounded side, your eyes closed in an almost dreamlike state
"Y/n?" He'd drop down to his knees, pulling you into hi slap as he tries to do what he can to salvage you
"Y/n, holy fuck, shit," He's cursing as he's failing to bring you back, his cursed magic doing a pitiful amount of work to help you
Had you been alive you almost would have laughed at the fear in his voice
Sukuna? The king of curses? Brought down to his knees by a mortal girl?
But he would fall to his knees countless times again, surrender himself over to those wretched sorcerers if it meant bringing you back
But as Sukuna held you tight to his chest, running his hands shakily through your hair as he apologized over and over again,
He knew that wishing for the dead could only do so much, let alone bring them back alive
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mypoisonedvine · 6 months ago
𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭-𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐬 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐜𝐞 || helmut zemo, bucky barnes and sam wilson x reader
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 : your sugar daddy boyfriend is finally out of prison and he brought a few friends to show you off to.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 : just over 4k
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 : smut (foursome/group sex, oral m receiving, spitroast; sliiiight dubcon???), established zemo x reader, sugar daddy relationship, ‘sir’ kink, ‘daddy’ kink, pussy spanking, one regular spank, orgasm control, overstimulation, creampie, a bit of cockwarming, exhibitionism, possessiveness (kinda? but also not at all lmao it’s hard to explain), a bit of degradation but plenty of praise as well, subtle cuckolding but without the usual power dynamics there, shitty reconstructed “sokovian” (I wrote it in the latin alphabet but the cyrillic and translations are at the end), unexpected and unnecessary fluff, very subtle angst (basically all in a flashback anyways)
Tumblr media
                  You were needlessly anxious as you waited for him to arrive.  It had been your own idea to wait in the jet, and yet you spent every other second glancing out the tiny window, desperate for a glance of the man you missed so dearly.
If someone had told you all those years ago, when this arrangement first began, how easily he would have you wrapped around his finger… you couldn’t have believed them.  It’s just about the money, you would’ve told them, but you would’ve been impossibly wrong.
For a lot of women in this sort of situation, it really was just about the money; likewise, for a lot of men in his situation, it was just about the sex.  But the two of you had something entirely unique, nearly indescribable in fact, that very few could ever understand.  In the beginning it became clear to you that he was more in need of a companion than a lover or girlfriend, specifically.  He was still grieving his wife, still devoted to her completely, but lonely right to his core… angry, even, at the prospect of a life without his family.  You were a shoulder to cry on, first and foremost.
You thought maybe he enjoyed spending money on you because it was his way to protect you, in a way he felt he had failed to protect his family before.
And it was you that fell for him first, for his passion and his kindness before his riches or looks.  Just when you feared that he’d only ever see you as a status symbol or dress-up doll, he returned your affections in spite of his guilt at first and the two of you were inseparable ever since.
Except, of course, when you were separated, and he was imprisoned, and you were left on your own again.  Not that spending his money wasn’t fun or anything, but his loneliness was more sympathetic with each night you spent in that massive bed by yourself, wanting just to feel the warmth of him beside you again.
So, it should be understandable why you were so on edge in anticipation of his arrival.  Your painted fingernails toyed with the hem of the dress you remembered he liked on you most— the silk one that barely covered your legs and was only held up by absurdly thin straps crossing at your back.
The night he bought it for you was clear in your mind like it was only yesterday; his voice in your ear telling you how he couldn’t resist taking such a thoughtful, intelligent woman like yourself and dressing you up like a mindless drolja… or ‘slut’ as it might be said in English.  Just remembering the way he said things like that sent a shiver down your spine as strong as really hearing it, your thighs clenching together on top of the plush leather seat.
Just as you thought you might go crazy waiting for him, you saw the car pull up— your Helmut at the wheel and his two associates in tow— and your heart soared.
Longer than all the years apart combined was the minute you spent waiting to descend the jet’s staircase, hoping to meet him on the taxiway at the exact right moment.  You made sure the jewelry around your wrists and neck was laying just right before finally making your appearance.
The way he looked up at you as you started to walk down towards him… it wasn’t so different from the way he’d looked at you through the glass for the past few years, really, but it felt different.  He certainly looked different to you, without the prisoner’s uniform and looking rather imposing with that massive coat instead.
You were careful to still walk slowly, since you were wearing stilettos and all, even when you wanted more than anything to run to him and jump into his arms.  Instead, you came face to face with him, loving that confident smirk which never seemed to leave his expression, and slipped your arms around his fur-adorned neck.
“Dobrodošla nazad, ljubavi,” you hummed, pressing your lips to his and almost letting out a squeal of surprise when he immediately slipped his tongue into your mouth, kissing you aggressively as his gloved hands gripped you at the waist.
He was rarely so bold, but then again he had been alone in prison for so long with only your words to try to satisfy him.  As much as you cherished being in his arms again, you also got the impression that this wasn’t just about making up for lost time— if that were true, he would’ve skipped the kiss entirely and taken you in the back of his car the moment he saw you.  No, this was a show of dominance, and not only for your benefit; that was clear when one of the men with him cleared his throat loudly and Helmut still didn’t stop.  
But that was very much like him: he was never finished with you until he was satisfied, and not a moment sooner.  His power over you was so effortless because you didn’t mind at all being his plaything… so much so that it was you leaning in for more when he pulled back, making him laugh softly.
“Did you miss me, lutka?” he purred, and you nodded as you bit your lip slightly.
“Always, Helmut,” you nodded, finally taking a moment to look away from him and at the visibly uncomfortable men at his side.  “I heard you freed him,” you said to the man you knew to be James Barnes, “thank you.”
“I’m still not over that,” the other— Sam, as you’d heard— added with a scoff.
“Come on, darling, let’s board the jet and we can talk there,” Helmut suggested, and you nodded as you turned to let them follow.
Of course, you couldn’t be totally sure, but you were pretty confident you could feel three pairs of eyes on your ass as you climbed the stairs.  Honestly, with how short the dress was, there was a risk of your thong being exposed as well, exactly the sort of almost-subtle teasing your Baron loved the most.
Once inside, Helmut showed James and Sam to their seats, and took his own as he instantly pulled you into his lap.  You caught the other two men glancing to the empty fourth seat, knowing there was plenty of room for you two to stay apart, but could they really blame you after how long you’d been alone?
Throughout the takeoff, one of his strong hands rested comfortably on your crossed legs as the other held his glass of champagne, and Sam’s gaze was attached to the way his thumb gently stroked your thigh while James seemed to be doing his best to look literally anywhere else.
“I noticed you haven’t introduced us to your… friend…” Sam trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck.
“Oh, yes,” Helmut chuckled as if he actually forgot, “this is the woman who has been managing my estate in my unfortunate absence.”
“You’re trying to tell us this is your accountant?” James grumbled.
“She’s also my lover,” Helmut relented.
“Obviously,” Sam replied, unamused.
“She’s beautiful, no?” Helmut prompted as he ran his fingertips higher up your thigh, only glancing at the other men as he focused mainly on nuzzling against your neck. 
“Yeah, the finest money can buy,” Sam quipped, earning a cold glare from you and your man.  
“Are you with me for my money, draga?” Helmut asked you quietly as he planted a gentle kiss to the spot right where your neck met your shoulder.  You smiled and shook your head, staring right at Sam’s nervous expression.
“No, sir,” you answered aloud, and the title clearly made both of the other men uncomfortable… if, perhaps, in different ways.
“Uncross your legs,” he demanded, though his tone was still soft, and you obeyed right away as he started to lightly move his touch between your thighs.
James began adjusting in his seat and never really stopped, tugging at his jeans in an obvious attempt to conceal the growing bulge between his legs, but you only laughed at his clear embarrassment.
“See how respectful she is?” he cooed his praise, addressing the other men but keeping his eyes on you.  “I know exactly the words to make her obey to my every whim… James, you and her share that quality.”
The man sneered as you suppressed a giggle, squirming in Helmut’s lap impatiently.
“She’s loyal, too, unendingly dedicated,” he continued.  “You know she visited me weekly in Munich, at the very least?  Always by my side… like any good pet.”
A whimper escaped your throat at that term, your gut burning with need as he balanced praise and degradation effortlessly.  You didn’t find it truly demeaning only because you loved being his plaything so much, and because you knew mutual respect was at the core of your relationship with him.  But, still, it was nice to feel small when he was there to keep you safe.
James watched with a small snarl and Helmut slipped his hand into your panties, and Sam licked his lips but shifted his stare to your face instead, just as your eyes started to roll back and your head fell weakly on Helmut’s shoulder.
“And such a precious little pussy as well,” he added darkly, giving you a spank between your legs to make you choke on a squeal.  “Sweet, delicate… much like a Turkish delight, but even more addictive.”
“Please, sir,” you whispered under your breath.
“You want more, don’t you?  Tako očajno…” he chuckled.  You nodded, already starting to soak through the lace and rock your hips.  “You want to be fucked, yes?”
“Yes,” you moaned.
“Be polite and take care of our guests first, draga,” he encouraged, kissing your neck one more time before releasing you from his embrace.
Although you were most interested in being with the man you loved, you were happy to obey whatever he wished— and, frankly, sinking to your knees on the jet’s carpeted floor to crawl towards James wasn’t exactly lacking in its own appeal.
James’ eyes narrowed as Sam’s widened, and you sat up between the spread, denim-clad thighs as you blinked up at him and licked your lips.
He tensed up slightly as your hands delicately slid up his legs, his Adam's apple bobbing with a dry swallow when you grabbed his belt buckle and began to open it.
“You… you don’t have to…” he mumbled, apparently too distracted to finish his sentence.
“Yes I do,” you denied.  “Because he told me to.”
Sam winced and looked away as you unzipped James’ fly and pulled his jeans and boxers down to expose his cock, already hard and leaking a bit from the tip.  You smiled proudly, but chose not to tease him for his eagerness and instead just get right to work; you gripped him at the base and gave a few kitten licks over his shaft, savoring the taste of his precum and looking up at his expression that was equal parts shocked and sultry.
You only spent a moment suckling on the head before skipping right ahead and deepthroating him all the way to base.
“Oh, fuck,” James choked, reaching up grab the seat behind his head as his back arched, making you want to smile though you thankfully kept it down.
“Well-trained, isn’t she?” Helmut interjected proudly.
“Y-yeah,” he answered, his other hand grabbing your shoulder tightly as you began to bob your head.
Occasionally, in your peripheral, you caught Sam looking, and it made you wiggle your hips with the desire to rub your throbbing clit against the floor.  
You got a chance to breathe whenever you pulled back to suck the head and stroke the rest with your hand, and in a few minutes you had already found all the little spots that made him moan the loudest, or made his legs quiver a bit by your sides.
“Stop,” Helmut instructed, and you were already starting to pull off when James hissed and grabbed your head to hold you down.
“N-no, please,” he blurted out.
“She’ll come back to you but Sam is looking rather lonely in the corner over there,” Helmut explained, and James hesitated but let you go.  You wiped your lips and started to move towards Sam, but he shook his head.
“I don’t roll like that, man,” Sam explained, “I don’t want her doing it just because you said so.”
“Darling, won’t you tell us how badly you want to service your new friends?” Helmut challenged, and you swallowed nervously because you were a bit embarrassed to say too much and potentially anger him.  But the sparkle in his eyes didn’t seem like he was leading you into a trap… even if the other two men were confident that was what it meant.  “You find them attractive, don’t you?”
“Um, yes, sir,” you answered hesitantly, “I… saw them, and I wanted to know what their cocks looked like.  And tasted like.”
Helmut smiled and leaned forward, giving you a spank of approval through your dress (which was riding up to show most of your butt anyways).
You looked at Sam expectantly.  “May I please suck your cock, Mr. Wilson?”
His eyes darkened and you knew you were on the right track.  “What happened to ‘sir’?” he asked coyly.
“I only call Helmut ‘sir,’” you explained, “but I could call you something else.”
His finger curled to encourage you to come closer and you crawled up to sit between his legs.
“Call me ‘daddy,’” he finally instructed, opening his belt and pants for you.
“Yes, daddy,” you nodded, keeping your mouth slack for him to push his cock into.  You hummed as the head slid over your tongue, looking up at him as he bit his lip and thrust back into your throat.
“Shit, that’s good,” he whispered, guiding your head at the speed he wanted.  “Who taught you how to suck cock so good, baby?”
Helmut raised his hand and James snorted.
Sam was a bit longer but he was still no challenge to swallow all the way down, and you heard him breathing through his teeth but let your eyes fall shut to focus on your work.
“Is this… how you treat all your guests?” Sam asked tensely between heavy breaths.
“Only those who are at the right place at the right time,” Helmut answered cryptically, but you happened to know this sort of occasion was incredibly rare.  Although it might seem counterintuitive to some, this was his way to re-stake his claim over you, and after so much time apart apparently he felt he had a lot to prove.  “Keep going, but don’t let him come,” another instruction echoed from behind you.  
You pulled back to stroke Sam’s length while you croaked: “yes, sir.”
Helmut had you go back and forth for a while, keeping both men on edge and occasionally allowing you to stroke one while you sucked the other, your own need growing so quickly as you dreamed to have something inside you, anything really.
Obviously, he knew exactly how much having a cock down your throat made you wet and desperate.  And he knew that such a taboo act of, in a certain sense, breaking fidelity with a man as he not only watched but commanded you to do it would get you right on the edge in no time.
He had gotten in your head so quickly after meeting you, memorized everything that made you tick, and not once had he forgotten.  
“I-I’m close,” James warned as you sucked his head, making you slide the tip of your tongue over his slit before you took a break to suck his swollen balls into your mouth.  “Fuck, can I come?”
“Not yet,” Helmut instructed sternly.
You felt him tug you back and into his lap suddenly, and he quickly yanked your dress down to expose your breasts to the men in front of you.
“Her tits are hard, no?” Helmut prompted them, and you watched them both nod as a warm hand reached around from behind you to tweak your hardened nipples.  “Yes, she really loves to get on her knees and choke on cock.  I’d let her do the same to me but I have greater plans for her…”
As if it weren’t obvious what those plans were, he pulled your skirt up to your waist as well, spreading your legs and pulling your flimsy panties aside.  
“Is she wet?” he asked the men and they nodded again.
“Drenched,” Sam chimed in.
Helmut gave another spank to your clit as you shuddered, then rubbing slowly as if to soothe the sting.  “I’ll teach you what happens when you get wet for another man, little girl,” Helmut growled against your ear, “not to mention two.  And they’re Americans, do you have no shame?”
“I’m sorry, sir,” you whispered.
“No, you have nothing to be sorry for,” he corrected.  “I love seeing you act like a whore all for me.”
You hadn’t even realized he’d taken his cock out of his trousers until you felt the thick tip of him prodding at your entrance.  It was already a lot just by itself, but then you had these strangers staring at you and for some reason it only turned you on more.
That ‘some’ reason of course being that you loved your Baron taking ownership over you for anyone to see.  Clearly, prison had given him much more creative ideas than just fucking on a balcony or against the glass of a window.  
“Are you ready for me?” he asked in a hushed voice against your skin which seemed to be burning hot all of a sudden.  
“Yes, sir,” you whispered.
It took a lot not to cry out as he pulled you down and filled you in one deep stroke, your nails digging into the leather of the chair’s armrests at either side.  But more than the sting of pain it felt so perfect, so fundamentally right, and just after your gasp of shock was a sigh of relief.
He sighed along with you and let his forehead fall between your shoulder blades, clearly a bit overwhelmed at being inside you again for the first time in so long.  “Draga...” he breathed, “not that I ever doubted… but you must have been faithful to me; you’re so tight, I know no one has touched you since I left.”
“Only you, sir, nobody but you,” you agreed breathlessly, eyes falling shut.  
He kissed your back as he started to move your body on top of his, the hands at your waist tightening and tugging on the remaining fabric of your dress.  “Tako dobro,” he hissed, “you feel so good, darling, you can’t imagine how long I spent dreaming of being inside you again.”
A tear rolled down your cheek, and it would be impossible to say for sure what caused it— a little bit of everything, really.  
Opening your eyes and noticing the way they were staring at you, you leaned forward and took each of the other men’s hard cocks in your hands, stroking in time with the way you bounced your hips on top of Helmut’s.
The both of them had been on the edge for a bit too long, Sam already biting his lip as James thrust himself up into your palm.
“Fuck, please,” James moaned, “I need to come in your mouth.”
“Come closer then,” you breathed, watching him stand up and bring his cock right to your lips which you eagerly gagged on, any pretense long gone as you sloppily sucked and stroked while Helmut thrust up to slam into you.
“Ohh, fuck, that’s it— gonna come,” he grunted as he reached up to press his hand against the ceiling of the jet, and it all must have hit him rather unexpectedly since the moment his musky taste began to coat your tongue, you heard a clanging sound and realized he had pushed up so hard that he bent the steel interior, his other hand tightening into a fist in your hair.
You moaned happily as you swallowed every drop, still sucking even as James’ moans became loud and higher in pitch.
“Fuck, don’t stop, oh god,” he whined, cock throbbing even after he stopped filling your throat with come.  You reached between his legs and squeezed his balls a bit and you could tell his knees nearly buckled, causing him to finally pull back and tilt your chin up to stare down at you.  “You’re somethin’ else,” he panted, taking a moment to catch his breath before falling back and slumping into his chair.
You looked over at Sam and saw his hand was still lazily guiding yours to stroke over his cock although come already painted his abs and dripped down from his swollen head over your fingers.  “Can I clean up your mess, please, daddy?” you asked, voice a bit hoarse though you couldn’t be sure if that was from the deepthroating or just how hard Helmut was fucking you now.
Pulling your hand back, Sam’s eyes followed as you lapped the thick, hot come from your hand, moaning openly at the taste.  You sucked your fingers down into your throat, not leaving a drop behind.
He leaned back in his chair and began to catch his breath, both of them now staring at you with that exhausted, glazed-over expression.  They looked satisfied, and you considered it your reward for a job well done.
"A belly full of come and a pussy full of my cock, you must be feeling ecstatic," Helmut presumed.
"Yes, sir," you agreed quickly.
All at once he began to fuck you faster, harder, deeper which you hadn't even realized was an option.  He growled a string of the filthiest curses in your ear, in Sokovian so the other men wouldn’t understand, with one hand wrapped around your neck as the other pinched your clit almost too roughly.  Even in your native language you could barely understand it: how could you when he was so deep inside you?
“Will you come, draga?” he finally asked, voice rough with his own desperation.
“Not until you let me, sir,” you moaned, and he chuckled a bit.
“Good girl.”
But wow, the way he rubbed your clit was impossible to ignore, like he was trying to make your promise impossible to keep.  You tightened your jaw, moaning through your teeth now as you fought to keep your orgasm at bay.  
“Please sir, I need to come, please— so close, I’m so close,” you mewled.
“I won’t be much longer, either,” he warned.  "Too long without you has taken its toll, I need to finish."
“Inside me, sir, please,” you begged, “come inside me.”
You felt him nod against the back of your neck.  “Come for me,” he instructed simply, and as obedient as ever, you felt your walls pulsing as pleasure overtook you.  Not even meaning to, you threw your head back, and he had to hold you tightly to keep you from shaking too violently as the waves of sensation washed over you.
The heat of him spilling inside you warmed you from the inside out, making you smile happily through the fog of your high and intentionally tighten your walls around him.  He hissed and throbbed within you, his fingers digging into your hips now as he held you down against him.
He gave a few more lazy thrusts until finally slowing to a stop, both of you catching your breath eventually.
"My... accountant will be keeping my cock warm for the remainder of the flight," Helmut informed the other men, "I hope you don't mind?
"No, no, go ahead," James approved as his head fell back against his chair.
It was still quite a ways to your final destination so it wasn't much of a surprise that you ended up falling asleep in the Baron's arms, something you used to do every night that had been only a dream for years.  Perhaps this afternoon wasn't the reunion you expected, but it was somehow even more perfect than you could've ever wished for.
dobrodošla nazad, ljubavi = добродошла назад, љубави = “welcome home, love”
lutka = лутка = “doll”
draga = драга = “dear/beloved”
tako očajno = тако очајно = "so desperate"
tako dobro = тако добро = "so good"
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yanbub · 2 months ago
them falling in love w/ u as ur best friend
albedo, xiao, kazuha and thoma x gn!reader
hcs, sfw, crack/fluff, cw: my favoritism on albedo, modern!au, 796 words
reblog or else kazuha is gonna cry
note: im leaving ? possibly but whatever. dont mind the possible typos, i don't proofread ok
Tumblr media
albedo ;
albedo is usually smart but once he starts to notice some changes to how he feels about you, he doesn’t have an answer. you know that albedo has the tendency to be touch deprived — so touch deprived that people would’ve thought you were a couple already before you explain that you’re just best friends. but why does it whenever he holds your hand, his grips seem tighter lately? as if he doesn’t plan or want to let go of his grip? it’s possible that you’re overthinking but you know albedo. he was never this desperate.
him realizing that he fell in love with you as a big “oh shit” moment. it just came crashing to him and he didn’t even think of it thoroughly. with the wind blowing onto your hair on a late afternoon in the streets, albedo finally realized that he likes you. he realized a lot of things during that moment — he realized how he sometimes loses his rationality around you, how he’s becoming what’s lesser on how he usually is, and how you’re the person who can only make him unfold in such ways. albedo shook his head at you and smiled and you looked at him in confusion.
“albedo? what are you smiling so stupidly at?” you asked. “nothing. i’ll walk you home now, it’s getting quite late.” he replied.
xiao ;
the shy one, always wanting to keep your business to yourselves. you two still bond in public but it may just look like you’re just friends and not “best friends”. however, behind closed doors, xiao gets a bit of an attitude. he acts more childish alone with you — something that’s very much unexpected from the usually composed xiao people would see. but you find it cute on how his eyes sparkle at his favorite food if you get for him.
if albedo was confused about his feelings, xiao is even worse. he’d go through multiple stages on how to realize if he’s in love with you. it’ll probably be a slow burn too, since he has no idea if his feelings are actually romantic towards you or if it’s just platonic since he’s your best friend. he’s very much conflicted but wouldn’t him staring at you longer (than usual) be one of of the many explanations on how he’s in love? how about him being the shoulder you’d cry on every time it’s hard for you, and how about those times where he’d want to hold your hand longer?
he’ll need to clarify his emotions soon.
thoma ;
malewife (literally) and he acts like a mother to you. if you wouldn’t take care of yourself then he will. god, you can’t forget how antsy he gets every time you’re sick. make it a small fever or a cold he’ll be taking care of you. he knows that you know how much he cares about you, but sometimes he wonders if your relationship is really just platonic as your best friend. but how? how can it possibly be platonic when your lips would almost meet when you look at each other, squished at the large crowd? how can it even be platonic when he’d take you out on little dates (and yes, a date even though you’re “best friends”) during the weekend?
it’s frustrating. it was frustrating that thoma couldn’t even know if your relationship is even platonic at this point. he knows he loves you, he just doesn’t want to ruin what you have now and he doesn’t know how to tell you these big feelings he’s been holding onto.
kazuha ;
messing around the fucking library, watching movies together, it may seem that kazuha doesn’t hold romantic feelings to you as your best friend but he does. it’s visible on how he looks at you. everyone can see it — everyone but you. he knows that you can get… rather oblivious at some instances but this time it’s really obvious. he doesn’t get why you haven’t noticed it yet. were you in denial? do you not want to get faced with these hints he leaves every now and then? kazuha can usually read you (he’s your best friend after all) but at this issue, he gets so conflicted.
with a flick to your forehead, you yelp at the short period of pain that rushed at you because of kazuha. he sighs at you again before correcting you for what it seems like the nth time today, all because of your homework. he too is having other thoughts as he teaches you — why haven’t you noticed it yet? when will you ever take notice of his feelings? but he gave up on thinking about the matter.
kazuha is after all willing to wait patiently for you, anyways.
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sauza · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
dabi x f!reader
Tumblr media
you've gone to the tattoo and piercing parlor that sits between the two family-owned restaurants before, never for yourself but as support for friends. The man with jet black hair who does a majority of the work always makes small talk with you, encouraging you to stop by for yourself. Your curiosity is piqued, if they can do it why can't you? It won't hurt that bad, right? It's not like his gaze alone lights a fire deep in your core.
tattoo-parlor au, no quirks, dom!dabi, needles, nipple play, piercing nipples, cock piercings, biting, vibrator, semi-public sex, masturbation, minor dacryphilia, overstimulation, teasing, squirting.
Tumblr media
"You're here again," You look up from your bag to the raven-haired man behind the parlor counter, "Are you finally here for yourself?" His tone is husky, creating a string of chills that rush down the length of your spine. He always asks you the same question whenever you step through the doors, you come here often because of your friends as sort of an "emotional support". You've never actually gotten a tattoo or piercing for yourself, and you don't really want one quite yet.
Your friend stumbling in behind you already gives him his answer, he gives an overly dramatic sigh and tuts, "C'mon, stop by for yourself, I promise to take good care of you. You'd look good with just about anything..." He leans in to examine your face, chuckling at how you sheepishly lean back. Your friend clears her throat, you know why she and your other friends always come here... for him. It is so obvious in the outfits they wear and their change in behavior, suddenly picking on you to get him to laugh is on their agenda. Not to mention how any ounce of attention he gives to you, they fight to win back.
Dabi, you learned that was his name a few weeks ago, hands her the clipboard before turning back to you. His arms lean against the counter, decorated in an array of traditional tattoos you cannot quite decipher but you find stunning, "Maybe a nose ring?" He asks, "You'd look cute with a little one right here..." He pokes your bottom lip, purposely dragging it down just a bit. You shove his hand away flustered, shaking off his suggestions with a simple I'd probably pass out.
He traces your features, humming at your words, and trying to picture something on you. He is genuine when he says anything would look great on you, but he finds your face so cute as it is, he would feel almost bad piercing a hole through it. He wonders how your supple breasts look, two metal bars through your nipples, he can imagine you holding up your shirt for him, so innocent you can't even realize his excessive groping is unprofessional. All the things he could do to you, and you probably would not even say anything, just take it. 
The clipboard hits the counter, his turquoise eyes snapping to your friend who has her arms crossed beneath her breasts, gradually growing impatient with the lack of acknowledgment. You tuck your bag under your arm and back away, knowing that you're only obstructing her chance at getting his number. Ever since the third time you visited the shop, Dabi has been talking a lot more with you. It was strange how suddenly his attention was diverting from your friends, who always looked stunning, to you who showed up in either pajamas or your casual attire from the day.
He always asks you about your day, you find it sweet that he cares enough, but lately, your friends have grown a little malicious due to him "choosing" you over them. It has not been fun, to say the least, having girls who you thought were your friends instigate you over some man.
"So, what're you getting?" Dabi asks, not even bothering to read what she wrote on the form. She answers a quiet tongue piercing, using that sultry sweet tone she is known for. He only hums, not really interested in details, before motioning for you both to follow him into the back.
Your friend doesn't appear happy with him waving for you both, which doesn't make sense since you always go into the back room with them, "Does she have to come in the back?" Your friend, Izumo, asks. You look to her with confusion, then back at Dabi, backing away slightly as to not cause any trouble.
"Well, no..." He says with a shrug, "But there isn't anyone to work the counter right now, so it'd be easier to have her in the back... she looks all sweet, but I bet behind that cute smile she's a klepto." Dabi looks down at you with a smirk, bringing his hand to the top of your head and guiding you to keep walking, "There's plenty of room, a tongue piercing is quick." 
There is no way to describe the tension, thick and anything but comforting. Between Dabi drumming his fingers on the top of your head, and your friend sauntering behind you both, you're sure she will tell you off after about letting him get all cozy with you. Truly, you don't mean for it to happen, but you don't want to be rude and act cold with him. He is really nice to you, and it isn't every day a guy bothers to ask about your day and give you attention.
The backroom is fairly spacious, the cold table set up where Izumo makes herself comfortable, Dabi pulling a chair from the neighboring room so you can have somewhere to sit. It smells just like him, which you can assume is from the small bottle of cologne on the counter where he has his personal belongings. He reeks of smoke, disinfectant, and that masculine cologne that has this lemony under smell to it.
"What about your eyebrow?" He picks up right where he left off, nagging you about ideas that just don't appeal to you, "Or maybe one on your ear? There's gotta be something you want..." He washes his hands in the sink beside you, looking at you fumble with your phone shyly, "If you don't want a piercing, I'll happily tattoo you." The sound of the glove squeezing over his fingers and snapping against his wrist fill the silence, other than his talking and you humming a small nope to him.
"You do tattoos, too?" Your friend pipes up, you and Dabi look at her on the table, "I didn't know that... what do you like to do?" It is clear what she is trying to do, Dabi knows this game, girls do it all the time. They scrape and fight for his affection or the slightest acknowledgment. He's seen how your friends treat you and it only makes him want to smother you more just to piss them off, as well as see you giggle and turn red in the ears.
He doesn't answer right away, laying out the tools he needs for the quick piercing, "Uhh," He puts on the tray a clamp, a needle, the tongue bar, and some pads to wipe around the tongue for before and after the piercing, "It kinda depends, I don't always tattoo clients... depends on if I like them or not, I'm not comfortable tattooing strangers." He sets the tray beside her on the table and stands in front of her spread legs.
"Oh, that's a shame..." She tilts her head with a frown, both disappointed in his answer and the fact he doesn't catch on to the fact her legs are spread open for him to stand between them, "Guess that means I'll just have to visit you more often, hm?" 
"Sure, as long as you make an appointment." He unwraps the clamp from its packaging and tests it, making sure it works properly. He uses the pads to swipe at the area of her tongue he is piercing, not wanting any saliva to obstruct the process, "Stick out your tongue as far as you can and don't move." As he swabs her tongue, collecting the saliva before grabbing the marker to spot where the needle will go in and out from, he calls out to you.
"Psst," He says over his shoulder, "C'mere, think you can order my lunch while I do this?" You look to your friend nervously, knowing she will be upset, but it would be rude to decline him. You cautiously approach him, following his vision to his phone, "Get that, the code is just a bunch of sixes... it'll automatically open once the right amount goes in." You follow his instructions, grabbing his phone, which isn't in the best shape, and press the six on the code pad until it unlocks, "Now go to the third folder, at the bottom should be that app... it's like bootleg Uber Eats."
At the bottom of the folder is the app you assume he is describing, opening it to see a bunch of recommendations based on previous orders, "Surprise me with something, I've been eating the same shit all week." His fingers wipe at the mark he made, adjusting it to sit more at the center of her tongue before applying the clamp, "Oh, actually... Thai sounds fucking great right now." 
You listen to him babbling about what he likes, inputting his order bit by bit, and making sure you get it right, "Isn't this a lot for just lunch...?" He hums, peering over your shoulder and pointing at what he could live without. You place the order, letting him know when it should arrive before putting his phone back where you picked it up from.
"Thanks, doll face," He coos at you, "Now when do I get to stick a needle in you?" You groan at his insistence, unaware of the growing aggravation of Izumo who watches the way he treats you. She had thought your mutual friends were exaggerating, but seeing how friendly he is with you in comparison to her, the jealousy in her stomach bubbles up. Here she is dressed up, her chest practically hanging out, and you're just sitting there and being shy... what is it that you have and she doesn't?
Internally, he is laughing at the absolute look of both confusion and distaste your friend is being consumed by, but he is also disgusted by how girls can so easily disregard their friends over a guy. You haven't done anything but sit there, he is almost embarrassed for the girl, bringing the piercing needle to the top of her tongue and lining it with the mark he made, "I'm going to do it now, okay?" She nods and closes her eyes, face scrunching up as the needle stabs through her tongue.
You watch him replace the needle with the metal bar, twisting the rounded ball onto the end of it whilst wiping at the blood and saliva that sticks to her tongue and chin. He draws away and hands her a mirror to examine the final product, Dabi silently cleans up the area, not saying much to either of you while your friend babbles about how good it looks, the reason she wanted it, and thanking him for taking care of her. Dabi brushes her off with a bland it is my job, making you slightly giggle.
"Ah, so she does laugh a little," Dabi leans over to look you in the eyes with a lazy smile, "Now it's your turn, cutie, get on the table." He nods his head to the table, to which you quickly shake your head, "Aw, c'mon, it'll only pinch a little... I think I know exactly what I wanna give you." His eyes trail down from your neck to your chest, smirking at the flustered expression that immediately crosses her face.
"She wouldn't be able to handle it," Izumo pipes up snarkily, coming to a stand and grabbing her things, "Last year we and a couple of friends wanted to get matching tattoos, but she chickened out on the spot." She flashes the small tattoo at her wrist that you were also supposed to have, you were shocked she would bring that up, especially since you cried an apology to them after the whole ordeal. You felt guilty for ruining the trip, and they even said it was fine, so why did she have to bring it up now?
The raven-haired man wipes his hands on his pants with a monotonous expression, "Well, they say matching tattoos are bad luck," He looks down at you, "Plus, it would be a hassle to get a cover-up if any of you were to stop being friends... she'll get a tattoo when she's ready," He traces down your body and swipes his tongue over his teeth, "And I'm gonna be the one to pop her tattoo cherry." 
His play of words has your abdomen tightening, you hate that you love his attention, how every time he talks to one of your friends he has to bring you into the mix, that you're the focus of his attention during these trips. You hate that you love seeing your friends get jealous and sneer at you, but it's just a little fun... right? Your friend heads for the door, smoking practically pouring from her ears at how he treats you.
Dabi moves behind you, sneaky fingers running down your back and pushing something into your pocket, "You have some strange friends," He whispers into your ear, fingers digging into the curve of your ass before he pulls his hand away, "When am I gonna get to be alone with you? Promise it won't hurt too much..."
"U-Um, I don't know..." You look down at the hand he keeps on your waist, "I-I'll think about it, maybe something new wouldn't be too bad..." He smiles at that, he just wants to have an excuse to be with you alone. You're such a pretty piece of ass, so naive and cute, he wants to ravish you and ruin you... but at the same time see how long he can keep you on the hook. See what you have hidden behind your innocent smiles and shy pouts.
You look over your shoulder at him, waving your friends as a farewell before you slip out the door with your friend. She immediately turns to you with a look you have seen before, "Ugh, what was that? Hinami said he would be all over you, but I thought she was exaggerating." You follow her to your car, unlocking the door, "Next time, remind me not to invite you, m'kay? You didn't even try to shove him away or anything, if you don't want him just say it so some of us can get a bit of that."
You don't really pay attention, whatever he slipped in your back pocket is practically burning a hole in your cheek, all you want is to reach back and see what it is. Though you know if you do, Izumo will only be in your business and raise her voice more. You definitely need some new friends, as soon as possible.
The drive is tense, but after dropping her off at her apartment complex, the tenacity from before evaporates into thin air and you finally have the chance to reach into your pocket. You pull out a folded piece of paper, his name messily scrawled on the front with a silly little smiley face, On the inside reads his phone number, and just below it is a note reading, 'text me when you get the chance, I'm gonna convince you to stop by for yourself one of these days.'
His words shouldn't make you smile, and you shouldn't add his number into your phone... he is no good, he has that look to him, one that reads trouble. You are sure he has his share of affairs, side flings. He reads heartbreaker, but part of you believes he didn't give you his number to be anything serious, knowing that will at least keep you from getting too close with him.
Nonetheless, you put in his number and text him. A few words won't harm anyone, right?
'Hi, Dabi... right? I just got the chance to read the note. I'll get a tattoo or piercing if I want, none of your convincing will change my mind, sorry! <3'
You send the rather light message, not expecting him to text you back, or at least not right away. You drive the rest of the way home, unaware that he so quickly texted you back. He had been waiting for your message, after all. To say that he was on the edge of his seat since you left would be an accurate description, he honestly did not expect for you to even acknowledge the note, but the moment an unknown number popped up and he read the text... he knew it was you.
When you get inside, and only after changing into pajamas and grabbing a snack from your kitchen cupboard, do you check the list of notifications on your phone; social media, the news, emails, miscellaneous... Dabi. The message burns into your phone and you almost think not to look at it, should you? You should, you did text him first. 
I didn't think you'd message me, pretty girl... did you just get home?
You give him affirmation that you're home, chewing the chip you just popped into your mouth. Not even the television is as interesting as this right now, you don't like how excited you are to see him waiting on your every response. So quickly texting you back, it makes butterflies come to life in your stomach.
That's good. Now about that piercing... how about the lip? Like a little vertical labret? 
He lists off different piercings, tattoo ideas... more than just dedicated to persuading you. Each time you give him cheeky rejections, reminding him about how you wouldn't be able to handle it. Dabi finds you amusing, he can almost picture you now in your cute pajamas in bed, looking at his messages. What he would give to see you, tight shorts and no bra beneath your shirt. 
You ask him about his day, to which he gives you a flirty little, 'Sucked until I got to see you walk in again, visit me more often.' It's such a cheesy comment, one that shouldn't make you smile against your hand, he shouldn't be making you feel like this. It is humiliating, but it's just a bit of flirting... no strings attached.
The message is sent before you even properly think it through, fingers quickly typing up, 'What do you think would look best on me?' The three dancing dots almost pop up immediately, as if he had been waiting for that specific question. You wait patiently, the dots appearing and disappearing, clearly, he is trying to word his message correctly.
As you wait, you think of all the times you have visited the shop. You're familiar with the faces who work there, aside from Dabi you have seen a blonde-haired young man with golden eyes and a slight scruff on his chin. You never spoke to him, but he did smile at you once, that was as far as the exchange went. Another face was a lanky figure with white locks, eyes red as blood and he looked to have a skin condition. He was not bad looking at all, and you spoke to him a few times after he recognized a charm on your keychain.
Of course, you have no seen him for some time, but that is as far as the exchange went, discussing mutual interests in shows or games. He was nice, a bit standoffish and vague, but still nice to talk with when your friends wanted Dabi to themselves. You wonder if Dabi had not picked interest in you if you would have found yourself chatting with the white-haired young man. You never caught his real name but you're sure you have heard the others refer to him as Shiggy. 
The message goes through and you look at your screen, the message is a bit longer, but nothing that you aren't willing to read.
Well, I was thinking of a lip piercing, but your face is so pretty... it would be a shame to poke any holes in it. Maybe something more hidden? A septum, a smiley... maybe I could do a tongue piercing on you, too?
They all sound fine, you would prefer something more hidden, but you've heard some disaster stories regarding both smileys and septums. A tongue piercing doesn't sound awful, but supposedly they are bad for your teeth and you're sure your friend will accuse you of copying her. Dabi finds your thinking amusing, turning each suggestion down with a more than valid reason. You're cute, not letting yourself live a little and take the risks.
You're just making my job a little difficult... what about one on your pussy?
Your eyes widen at the message, it is a bit much, the idea of having a needle near down there sounds painful. Your bottom lip is captured between your teeth, words failing you at the mere image of him between your legs. The pain would only be a second, his lips kissing it better... it sends shocks to your core and you find your legs crossing to secure the involuntary arousal his text caused.
Once again you decline the suggestion, fearful of this effect he has on you. You should not let yourself get drunk on his words, wait on his messages. Yet here you are watching your screen, watching him type, watching that delivered turn into read.  What does he see in you? It's humiliating to have someone so attractive hang over your shoulder. He is far out of your league on several levels.
You're killing me, babe. Come into the parlor sometime, I'll convince you to get something. (;
Of course, he will, you know he will somehow convince you. It is impossible for you to ignore the way his words have you wanting to please him, to impress him. It feels like high school again, doing anything to grasp the awareness of your crush, for them to notice you and set you apart from the rest. You hate this giddy feeling in your tummy, like a million little butterflies dancing and spinning, throwing a party simply over a few words some man sent you.
To say the least, it is humiliating. You need to end the conversation now before that heat between your legs begins to get hotter, or the palpations of your chest cause an attack. Your fingers quickly type a goodnight, 'I'll think about it! You've given me ideas to think about... maybe you'll see me soon. But I have to go to bed, it's been a long day. Get some rest soon, Dabi. (:'
He returns a cheeky, 'Good night, pretty girl who just so happens to be extremely stubborn.' You smile at the message, partially choking yourself out for ending the conversation so soon. It is for the best, you remind yourself, you need to understand boundaries. Your thighs rub together slowly, relieving only a sliver of the pressure, but you crave more than you want to give yourself. The embarrassment, the shame of touching yourself to the thought of someone you barely know.
But he won't know... not unless he has cameras set up in your room. Dabi doesn't have to know that you are slipping your fingers own your abdomen, imagining it is his tattooed hands doing it. You wonder how they would feel on bare skin, you have never felt his skin against yourself, but you can imagine his palms are rough from hours of accurately and precisely sticking needles in someone.
The thought of rough fingers tugging down your shorts and panties, leaving them to hang at your knees in favor of grazing the slick that covers your swollen cunny. What would he tell you? He'd probably call you pretty girl or babe, whispering about how wet you are, how your slick is sticking to his rings and countless rings that adorn his knuckles. You always admire the jewelry that graces his skin, the chains that hang from his neck, the tongue piercing that glistens against the light when he talks, no to mention the several studs and size 14mm gauges that pierce his ears.
He makes it all look so elegant, so mysterious. The piercings and tattoos going hand in hand, like a story over his body. You imagine your nails tracing the spirals and splashes of color along his skin, his raspy voice whispering the story of each into your ear. Sweat coating your bodies and sticking together all at once, your fingers speed up in their mission to have you cum. The knot in your stomach twisting but never quite snapping, edging yourself just so you can think of him longer.
Is his cock covered in piercings, too? Ladder bars running along the underside of his shaft with a metal ball piercing the crown of his cock, the thought of each metal piece dragging along your gummy walls, rubbing against your throat. Would it hurt? It shouldn't, right? You wonder if he would whisper sweet nothings in your ear, words of praise on how well you take his dick, how pretty you look beneath him... 
Your toes curl as the tips of your fingers rub that small patch, massaging the sweet spot that brings you right onto the edge. A spill of his name bleeds from your throat, filthy and soft, whimpering and whining as your fingers pump faster with intent. It feels so good, but you're sure he could make you feel a lot better than this. 
Finally, you pull your fingers from your tight cunny and watch as a drop of your cum splashes onto your pulled down shorts, ears tinted red and face scrunched up with pleasure. You sigh a final saying of his name, patting your swollen cunny to ease yourself through that sensitive stage of your high. Only when your poor clit loses reaction to your touches, do you roll over and take the walk of shame to your bathroom. You can feel your slick sticking to your thighs, a reminder that you had just fingered yourself over a man who you texted for no more than five minutes.
In all your years of living, not once have you touched yourself to the thought of someone. It always feels so awkward, strange. You fear that somehow, despite being alone in your room, they will know that the night before they were on your mind whilst your fingers touched places far too private. You go to bed that night sick, not necessarily with guilt anymore, but with something unfamiliar. A sick sense of want, an urge to visit him as he asked.
Maybe, just maybe, you will find yourself in the parlor for yourself.
A week goes by, small talk exchanged between you both, Dabi constantly trying to persuade you to let him take you out for lunch, and you cheekily declining. He is hooked on your game of cat and mouse, leading him on before declining any plans he tries to make with you. You're playing hard to get and he loves it, he finds himself craving your presence, texting you more often than he cares to admit.
Even his coworker, Tomura, noticed his strange behavior. He hates how easy he is to read, they know his games, when he finds a chick he is interested in Dabi likes to play a bit before taking what he wants and ghosting them. But you seem to know his game well, twisting and turning around every jab he tries to give. A dance between you both that he continues to stumble over. He wants to see you again, even if you're accompanying one of your many obnoxious friends, he wants to see you so bad it is frustrating.
So when he hears the bell of the door ring on a lazy Wednesday afternoon, he expects it to be a regular or an appointment made. His eyes casting up, but he catches sight of familiar legs he has ogled over a hundred times before, clad in the cutest stockings he has ever seen. He travels further up, over the curve of hips and chest, meeting your shy eyes. Part of him believes manifestation is real, that all this time he spent thinking of you is what got you to appear. Though he waits for a plus one to come in after you.
But they never do.
You quickly approach the counter, clutching that same bag you always bring, "I-I..." You look down at the outfit you put together, specifically for him, "I realized it wasn't your... um, lunch break after I was halfway here." Turquoise eyes trace your figure snug in the cute little dress you have on, you know how to get him riled up, if he had known you looked so good all dressed up... he would have been more persistent on taking you out.
Dabi watches you point to something, the clipboard to sign in, "You're getting something done?" His voice comes out a bit louder than intended, a tone of disbelief tainting his smoke-flavored tongue. You only nod, playing with your fingers, nails neatly polished, and taking the pen he offers you, "Did you figure out what you want?"
"I think so," You say, neatly scribbling your information on the paper, "B-But I wanted to talk with you about it... just a little nervous." He watches you bring the pen to input what you want, eyes glue to the paper as you quickly write down the one piercing he did not expect you to choose. His eyes falling from their sockets, rereading what you wrote at least five times. Dabi even rubs at the ink, making sure it was actually imprinted in the paper before accepting that those are your words.
His tongue swipes over his teeth, a devilish grin overcoming the look of shock he previously wore, "Well, it's my job to make sure you feel comfortable, right?" You nod and allow him to smoothly snake an arm around your waist, "You make me wait almost a month, begging you to let me have you on my table..." His fingers rub soothing circles against your side, side-eyeing his coworkers who peek out to confirm their suspicions that their friend finally has what he wants, "And you choose my favorite thing to pierce, babe?"
You enter the room you have been in many times before,  the same familiar scent of him surrounding you in a thick cloud. The only thing different from previous visits is that you're the one climbing onto the table and not someone else, your bag occupying the chair you have sat in up until this point. Dabi hates the giddiness in his chest seeing you there, so cute and scared, clawing at your dress and doing your best to hide the fear in your eyes. He can see through you, the anxiety and faint look of humiliation.
"What're you so nervous about, sweetheart?" He sighs, coming to stand right in front of you, closer than he would be if it were one of your friends on this table. He wants you to part your supple thighs to let him in, for you to lean forward and coo at him, begging for his attention. He wants you to be a ditsy little whore, but you just sit there and can barely meet his gaze without quickly looking away.
The question echoes in your head, so many things could be the answer to that. Maybe it's the fact you're going to be pulling down the front of your dress to show him your tits? The fact that he's going to have to hold them whilst piercing a middle through the hardened flesh of your nipples? All of it has a tingly sensation vibrating in your stomach, one that makes you hold your legs tighter together.
"I'm just not a fan of needles," You partially lie, "Will it hurt a lot?" He melts at the way you dwell on the little things, scared of the pain rather than him being able to easily take advantage of the fact you'll have your dress pulled down, "I just don't want it to be a hassle or anything." 
Dabi leans forward, hands on either side of your hips, his nose nearly brushing against yours. The action has your breath catching in your throat, he doesn't miss the way you clench your thighs together, crossing them just slightly to hide the fact you are aroused. He grins at that, thumbs caressing where your hips meet your thighs, "I'll take care of you. Let me start with seeing what I'm working with, is that fine?" His minty, smoke tainted breath wafts against your face in a warm cloud, the action alone making a shiver run down your arms.
He draws away to give you space, watching you slowly slip the bands of your dress over your shoulders, the elastic of your bra strap falling with it. The fabric of the dress falls around your abdomen, revealing the lace of your bra to his eyes. You can feel his eyes on you, the action making you more than just a little self-conscious. Do you look okay? Is he disappointed?
The cups of your bra hang loose when you unclasp the back and finally you remove the article of clothing and set it beside you. Dabi's eyes never once leave you, printing the image of your supple, perfect tits forever in his memory. He comes closer, "You mind?" Playfully making grabby hands at your chest, it is hard not to laugh just a little, giving him that nod of approval he needs. Calloused palms, just as you had imagined that first night, cup the mounds, feeling them a bit more sensually than you would have expected.
His fingers dig into the plush skin, feeling around the curve and tracing the tip of his nail over and around your nipple. He watches the little buds harden under his touch, your chest rises and falls in his very palm, and he doesn't miss the soft little whine that bubbles in the back of your throat, "I-Is something wrong?" You ask, looking at tattooed fingers against your skin, the cold rings the wrap around his fingers making you twitch and shiver, like cold little ice cubes tickling you.
"Nope," His voice is an octave lower, like a deep growl in the pit of his lungs, "You have nice tits." He gives your left nipple a playful squeeze, chuckling at the jut of your hips and scrunched up expression. The girly little whine making his cock ache in his pants, "You're a little sensitive here, though... so it'll probably hurt a little more than most." Your nipples are rolled between his fingers, taking in your held back reactions, shame written in your failed attempts at keeping your soft sighs and whimpers inside.
You hate the thought of pain, even worse crying in front of him, but he promised to be good with you, to take care of you. He has said it plenty of times and you want to believe him. Dabi pulls his hands from your chest, smiling at your conflicted expression, "I won't tell if you cry a little," He hums, fingers dancing across the exposed skin of your tummy, "Can be our secret... you can hold onto me if it'll make you feel a little better." His voice is so soothing, carrying such reassuring words. You hate how the soft smiles and sweet tone he pulls with you makes you feel safe.
Dabi briefly pulls away from you, feather-like touches still lingering on your torso, going to gather what he needs. You wait patiently, what else can you do? You never noticed the tattoos curl around to his back, faintly making them out through the collar of his shirt. He is handsome, you can see why your friends went crazy for him, but you feel like there is more to his character than just a shit ton of tattoos and even more piercings.
The familiar ringing of your phone interrupts your thought, Dabi glancing away from what he was going to your bag, "I got it, which pocket?" He asks, setting down the jewelry he picked to fit you. Last you remember, your phone was in the large middle pocket. His hand digs in there, feeling the vibration of your phone, he successfully pulls it out but not without noticing something else. A grin plasters across his face and he gives you that look, one that says 'Well what do we have here?'
You don't exactly know what he is giving you that look for, you made sure to empty your bag of anything embarrassing! Could you have missed something? Maybe it is just something silly like a bag of candy or one of your menstrual items... but you're not even close to your period date. He is making you nervous, bringing your dress up to cover your chest before shimmying off the counter and hurrying to see what he is focusing on.
"I-I..." Your heart just about stops at the embarrassing realization that your bullet vibrator is still tucked away in your bag, you don't use it often but sometimes it's nice to have it in while driving or just shopping. The subtle vibration always calming you, but you don't remember slipping it in your bag at all this week. Could it be that it fell in when you grabbed something else? Maybe you just forgot to take it out?
"You're adorable," He laughs and hands you your phone, "Wasn't judging, but you should do a better job of hiding that." You look at the name on your screen, seeing it is Izumo, the friend you came with about a week ago. You roll your eyes and toss aside the phone, letting it fall into your bag, "Someone you don't like?"
Dabi looks at your arms hiding your chest with the front of your dress, a shame that you aren't standing here with them out for him to look at while preparing his set up for you, "Kinda... um, remember the friend from last week? You did her tongue." He shrugs, giving you one of those I'm not sure sort of expressions, "She wanted to invite me to some cafe, but I'm still a little upset after last week."
"About the whole crying thing?" You nod, Dabi puts his gloves on and carries the tray to the table, patting the spot for you to come to sit, "Well, don't be embarrassed... I'm sure you look cute when you cry." The comment makes your stomach flip, it's a strange thing to tell a client, but you assume he is only making you feel better. You let the dress fall and reveal your chest, using an alcohol pad to clean up the area on your nipple and around it. He lays down the pad and looks in your eyes, "You okay? Look like you're gonna pass out..."
"Y-Yeah... just... that needles a kinda big, no?" You're getting a bit standoffish, squirming in place and fiddling with your fingers, "I just... just thought it would be a little-" Dabi shushes you with a sadistic grin, though you mistake it for one of playful amusement. His hands feel so good on your thighs, you wish you could continue to feel them without the added pain of that needle piercing your tender buds. 
Hands pry open your legs, allowing his hips to move between, your thighs sit snugly around his waist and squeeze him just a bit. He tickles your waist and shifts you just a tad closer, pressing flush against your, "You're shaking," He comments while feeling up your sides, stopping only when he has your face in his palms, "Poor baby, so scared over a little needle..." He muses and leans in until you feel his breath over your lips, "Maybe you need a little distraction, right?"
Two fingers run up your thigh and stop at the elastic of your panties, they're warm against your cold skin, making you shiver in his grasp, "Relax," The two fingers rub against your panties, massaging that little pearl right above your entrance, "You like that, princess? Makes you feel a little better, right?" He relishes in the sweet whines you let him hear, not to mention your soft fingers wrapping around his wrist to keep his hand close, "Good girl, just focus on that..."
While he distracts you with his index and middle fingers, each rubbing against your panties and teasing the top of the flimsy fabric, he eyes your tender breasts and makes sure that the marks he made line up. You don't even notice him continuing his work, so focused on the little surges of pleasure that wrack through you with every little curl and tap of his finger against your swollen clit.
A particularly loud whimper falls from your honeyed tongue, thighs squeezing around his waist tighter, "D-Dabi," You curl up at the intrusion of his fingers caressing the walls of your poor cunny, "N-Not there... too much-" His thumb presses down on your clit, making you shut up immediately. You become so submissive without him putting any effort, such a dirty girl, opening her thighs just for him.
"Alright sweetheart, I need both hands," His fingers are pulled from your sloppy entrance, but something small easily replaces it, "But you're such a smart girl for bringing that little toy," It turns on, buzzing inside of your cunny at the soft spot he had previously been poking and prodding against, "Now sit still for me, alright? Then I'll make sure to kiss it better..."
The buzzing against your walls makes it difficult to sit still, but Dabi lets you hold onto him for stabilization, checking the marks on your nipples one more time before he is lining up the sharp end of the needle with the target. You are so distracted by the buzzing of your bullet vibrator, you barely feel the pinch of the needle penetrating your nipple. In fact, Dabi notices the way your hips arch against him, sputtering at the flickering pain that bubbles on your breast mixed with the pulsating pleasure. He grins at the smallest sliver of drool that sticks to your lips, finding you to look your best when drunk on pleasure.
"Fuck, baby..." He replaces the needle with the straight bar, twisting the ball onto the end of it, "There's one, you did so well... and they look great on these pretty tits of yours." Palms cup your chest, making you giggle and roll your hips against him, "Shit, okay... one more and then I'll play with this cute little pussy, making a mess all over my table." He cups your next breast and once again checks the markings, repeating the process. The stinging of the needle stabbing through tenderized skin has you flinching just a bit, a soft moan bubbling on the inside of your throat.
"Nngh, gonna cum-" You look up at him with a lazy expression, not even caring that your poor tits are sore from being pierced, "W-Wanna cum, Dabi~" He finishes the second jewelry, taking a brief step back to look at you with your legs spread, panties pulled to the side and the little pink vibratory peeking out of your little entrance just a bit. You look so perfect, sweat stuck to your brow, whimpers of gonna cum and Dabi spilling over your little pink tongue, and your nipples swollen and shimmering from the metal bars through them.
If he could, he would take a picture, but right now he wants to see you fall apart in his hands, "Yeah?" He muses while pushing the little vibrator deeper inside of you, "You gonna cum for me, princess? Make a mess on my table?" Your head is bobbing up and down quickly, strangled gasps getting caught in the back of your throat as the seconds pass, "Mm, you're such good girl... gonna make sure you cum all over my dick once I'm done with you."
He drops to his knees in front of you, thighs are thrown over his shoulders, and mouth sloppily kissing the slick entrance of your pussy a few times. He relishes in the sweet little whimpers and whines of his name that sound so sugary when coming from you, he wants to enjoy your flavor, your delicious pussy. He wants to taste you more than he knows, but for now, settles on suckling the bud of your neglected clit.
Every lap of his tongue against your clit leaves your knees weak, a hand clasped over your mouth to try and quiet the noises spilling from you. The last thing you want is for anyone to hear, but Dabi does not seem even the slightest bit concerned about how loud you are. He is engulfed in the taste of you on his tongue, sucking every last drop into his mouth and savoring it.
"D-Dabi, gonna cum- oh, please~! Gonna cum, please, please, please... hah~!" His fingers bite the flesh of your thighs, keeping you in place as your high is met, a splash of your climax hitting his lips and tongue. He hungrily devours what little you can offer, considering he was practically eating you dry. You convulse within his grasp, hips flinch at the smallest of stimulation to your body.
You look so delicate, so worn. Your eyes rolled back and body rebooting to try and recover from the blissful euphoria you just experienced at the hands of his tongue and the still buzzing vibrator inside of you. Dabi peels his gloves off with a grin, grabbing you by the chin and tilting your head at the perfect angle for him to slot his mouth against yours, allowing you to taste yourself in his mouth. You are so eager to abide by him, lapping at his tongue with yours and tracing over his straight teeth, to distracted to feel his fingers fishing out the little vibrator.
The device is turned off and put aside, hands tugging at your dress so it's entirety is bundled around your waist, "You're so fucking hot," His fingers bite your thigh and spread them open to look at the mess you created, "Fuuuck, all that is for me?" You nod quickly and reach between your thighs to spread yourself open, allowing him to peer at your slick covered hole, "Damn it, babe. Give me a fucking break, gonna make me bust before I even stick it in."
His hands guide you to lay back on the table and your hands instinctively hold under your thighs to keep them to your chest, "Wanna feel you, Dabi... please." You're so greedy, so needy for him to give it to you despite having just cum. Your hole is noticeably clenching around nothing, watching his inked fingers pull open his pants, shoving them as well as his boxers down to hang around his thighs. 
"Calm down," He growls and brings your lower half to hang off the table, his cock adorned in piercings just as you expected, a pretty Prince Albert at the tip and a line of Jacob's Ladder piercings running down the underside of his cock. They sparkle against the light of the room, taunting you, mocking you for being so excited, "Think you can take my cock, babe?"
Why would he ask such a question? This is all you have been thinking about for a week and maybe more, to chicken out now would be a crime. You wiggle your hips and spread yourself wider for him, "Just put it in!" You whine while bringing your fingers to your swollen cunny, "Otherwise, I'm leaving." Your mindless pleas are all he needs to hear to convince him to edge himself closer. His cock feels heavy and warm on your soft lips, dragging each piercing over your throbbing clit to gather your slimy slick on his shaft.
Dabi brings his right knee onto the table and your left thigh hanging over it, he brings his tip to prod at your entrance, "So wet, you're so fucking sexy..." His hand spanks the inside of your thigh, laughing at the heightened yelp that cracks in your throat. As he gradually sinks his member into your entrance, the position he is standing in provides the perfect angle for his cock to drag along that spongy spot inside of you.
"Nngh~! Dabi... t-too much, please-" He spanks your thigh again, "A-Ah!" And again, the little sounds you make earning you a ruthless smack to your poor thigh. He lets his cock sit inside of you, admiring how pretty you look beneath him. Your face flushed and covered in a sheen of sweat, the faintest trail of saliva on your chin, and your perfect tits still a little swollen but so pretty with the metal bars through them.
He leans in and drags his tongue to gather your saliva, leaving a wet trail from the bottom of your chin up to your lips, sinking further to capture them in a sensual kiss. You moan instantly, fingers reaching up to brace against his shoulder and curl into the black strands of his hair. You're so vulnerable and yet you could care less, jutting your hips up to try and feel something.
Your actions are met with the dragging of his cock from your insides, all of his piercings clawing at your walls until he sits with his tip hanging inside of you. This time, the thrust is quick and pushes straight through you, the hottest moan muffled into his shoulder, "Fuck, there you go, take it..." He does the same thing, grinning as you give a similar reaction, "Damn it, don't squeeze me like that, princess... you're too tense- shit."
Dabi is drunk on the feeling of your velvet walls hugging his member, squeezing it with each thrust in and pull out. You feel perfect, like a sleeve meant for his cock alone, tailored to be his own little toy. No pussy has ever felt quite like yours, and despite having barely fucked you yet, he is addicted to this newfound tension you have caused within him. 
The thrusts begin long and fast, dragging his dick out before jamming it as deep as your walls will allow. Every snap of his hips sends your body back on the table, the force causing you to bounce off of him. You're so wet and it makes it so easy to just slip inside of you, you're body takes him so well and accommodates his length effortlessly. 
"Dabi, 's so big..." Your head tilts back against the cold table and your fingers dig into his back, "Ahh, can't... can't take it, too much~!" He feeds off of the tears that prick the corners of your eyes, dripping down the length of your cheeks. Your sniffles are adorable, he hates how badly he wants to hear more of them, you've been so good to him and all he wants is to fuck you silly.
"You can take it, look at you," His hips pick up the base, the table rocking under both of your weights, "Fuck, baby... you can take it, yes you can... you're takin' it right now." His words leave you high and in need of more, you want to be his good girl so bad. To make him feel good, to let him fill you up, for him to be proud of you. He makes you feel so good, you just wanna return the favor!
His hands take your thighs and fold you in half, exposing everything to his eyes. Your slick drools around his dick and down your ass, staining the clean metal of the table beneath you, "Haaah~ Please, please go faster! D-Dabi," You squeak when his hips snap against your ass, "Y-Yes! Like that, nngh..." He continues to the same pace that you seemed delighted in, snapping his hips against your stinging ass. His cock fucks your hole sloppily, not even caring about the sound of skin smacking skin, the table scraping against the floor, and your used cunny swallowing his cock.
A hand grabs the back of your neck and pulls you to his lips, smothering you in a messy, wet kiss. His tongue is uncoordinated and teeth clashing together in a fit of bliss, the two of you simply chasing your highs and unbothered by the world around you. Neither of you even hear the snickering on the other end of the closed door, no doubt his coworkers amused by the result of his long-awaited fantasies coming true.
Though, they have to admit you do sound cute.
You bury your face against his neck to try and muffle your sobs, whining about it being too much and it feels so good all at once. The sounds you make are intoxicating and he wishes he could hear them forever, but the squelching wetness of your pussy gradually growing closer and closer to that running high reminds him that you both are like ticking clock.
"You gonna cum?" He whispers in your ear, not letting up on the painful pace of his cock railing in you, "Cum for me, baby, cum on my cock..." He kisses your sore nipples, laughing at the little ow and no that your squeal. He can't wait for them to heal, that way he can pinch and play with your tits a much as he wants. 
"Y-Yeah, gonna cum... wanna cum for you so bad, can I cum? Can I cum on you, Dabi?" You're a babbling mess, no coherent words forming, all you are doing is weakly spouting nonsense. Your mind fried, all because of the fact you are being drilled into faster than you can process.
Dabi spanks your thigh, grinning at your cute giggle mixed with a whine, "Of course, sweetheart, don't even have to ask. Gonna fill you up if you're a good girl and cream on my dick, you hear me?" All you can do is nod along to his words, watching where he meets you, watching every inch sink inside and pull back out covered in your milky juices. It is so disgustingly erotic, to be fucking somewhere you shouldn't, to be making such a big mess for a man you still barely know. 
But it's so fucking addicting.
Two fingers meet the bud of your clit, fingering the soft little button while you wail and beg him not to. It's too much, it's making you feel funny! Poor girl, can't even take a few meek rubs to your petty little cunny. Your nails claw at his back, but are only met with the barrier of his fitted t-shirt, "G-Gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum!"
Your body tenses up, the sudden cold wave of your high washing over you forces every muscle in your body to lock up. Dabi pulls his hands from your thigh and pulls your body against his, keeping you from spasming too much while he continues to fuck your weak hole. He laughs into your shoulder at the warm feeling of you squirting all over his thighs and cock, making a spoiled mess of yourself and him in the process.
"Good fucking girl," He kisses your neck, the squeeze of your tight walls stimulating every nerve in his member, driving him straight over the cliff, "Fucking- gonna cum, ready? Gonna take my cum in that tight little pussy?" You can only tiredly nod your head, whimpering and holding onto him for dear life. The overstimulation of his hips slapping against yours making it difficult for you to enjoy the afterglow of your orgasm.
Dabi's cock pounds into yours a few more times, his breath fanning against your exposed neck, and just as his hips sputter in the wake of his climax, he bites into your shoulder to muffle his loud groans. His cock twitches inside, his seed hot and thick staining your walls white.  He falls limp in your arms, dragging his dick in and out painfully slow just to ride it out, smearing his cum all inside of your velvet walls. 
Finally, he drags himself out of you, watching his cum mixed with your spill from you and onto the table, He taps his softening tip against your clit, amused by the little jerks and twitches of your hips to get away from his abuse. Dabi pries away from your hold and presses his lips against the corner of your lips, holding your body tight against his for a few minutes to enjoy that stage of comfort that comes with the afterglow of hot sex.
"Fuck, babe..." He pants, fisting his cock a few times before pushing open your thighs to see the slick and cum sticking to your skin, "Let's get you cleaned up, then maybe I'll think about taking you out for dinner."
Your heavy eyes look up at him, a wicked grin pulling at the corners of your lips, "Who said I wanted to do this again?" Your words make him freeze, poor guy looks as if he was caught in headlights. It is amusing, to say the least, looking at his dropped expression and the confusion written in his eyes, "If you pay for dessert, maybe we can do it again...?" Dabi takes your hand and helps you off the table, ashamed he fell from your trick, but nonetheless you have his attention.
"You're gonna be the death of me, sweetheart."
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kybabi · 7 months ago
making their s/o sleep on the couch after a fight
w/ oikawa, iwaizumi, and atsumu!
(a/n: whewww this prompt hurts🙂i took some inspo from @doingitforbokuto (who is an amazing writer btw) !! pls go check them out💞 edit: OH AND BUB @luvbub HER SERIES IS AMAZING
ALSO NOTE: this fic mentions the reader being picked up by the character! it’s a little bit of a touchy subject BUT i just wanna remind y’all that our boys are strong asf and would have absolutely no problem hauling you over their shoulder :’))
anyways i hope i did this prompt justice :) all are written in the timeskip!)
Tumblr media
the whole fight started when you came home two hours after you’d promised to
you’d spent those hours with a coworker doing some extra work, as he needed some assistance and you were there
but oikawa was upset; you’d spent time he’d been planning to have with you with someone else
“babe, i had to! he needed help, and—”
“what, so now i’m just not important to you anymore?”
you didn’t think he’d be so mad, but from the looks of it, he was far more hurt than you’d expected
“tooru, i already told you i was sorry!” you yell again, frustration leaking into your tone.
“yeah, well, i don’t care. you should’ve told me.”
“i didn’t have time, okay? work was busy, and i didn’t have a minute to call you!” you explain, and he rolls his eyes. “can you stop being petty for two seconds?”
he glares at you, heading toward the bedroom.
“hey! you can’t just leave while i’m talking to you!” you shout after him, and he turns around.
“you know what? since you obviously don’t give a fuck about our time together, why don’t you just take the couch?” he spits, slamming the door in your face and locking it.
you jump back, stunned, and try the knob, even though it’s locked. you hopelessly try to open the door, but there’s no response.
“tooru?” you ask weakly. “w-we can talk about this, okay? just,” you try, hand on the wood. “just open the door. please?”
no response.
you knock on it twice, hoping maybe he’ll come to his senses and let you in so the two of you can talk, but you’re met by silence on his side.
instead, you walk over to the couch and lie down, pulling the thin blanket over your figure. it’s cold and scratchy, and you hate it.
you don’t understand what you did wrong. you didn’t mean to upset him; you really truly had to stay for work. it’s not like you wanted to be away from him.
tears pool in your eyes, stinging hotly, and you shut your eyes tightly, burying your face into the cushion. the sensitivity brought out by your fight leaves you feeling vulnerable, and you hate it.
tooru huffs, irritation in the gesture, and gets into bed, violently pulling the covers up to his chin. he shuts his eyes and prepares to fall asleep.
but something is poking at his chest, and he can’t ignore it. it feels like something is wrong.
truthfully, oikawa knows he overreacted. he knows you would never lie to him and that you wanted to spend time together just as much as he did.
but when he heard that you’d been spending it with some man he doesn’t even know, he got angry, and he took it out on you. and now both of you are even further away from each other than before.
his pride makes him want to shut his eyes and force himself to sleep, but he’s missed you all day. the only thing both of you did together was fight, and he would rather do anything than fall asleep mad at you.
so, he musters up all the willpower he has, and gets out of bed, pulling open the door gently. his eyes find you on the couch.
you’re sniffling softly, curled up in a little ball, and his chest squeezes painfully.
he approaches you silently and crawls onto the couch behind you, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you in.
“‘m sorry, baby,” he mumbles, barely audible, and buries his face into your neck. “i shouldn’t have gotten so angry at you.”
you turn around to see him, eyes puffy and red, and he noses at your cheek softly. “i didn’t mean to stay so late, i just—”
“i know,” he whispers, effectively cutting you off. he holds you like this for a little while, and you let him kiss you gently. “come back to bed with me, okay?” he asks, and you nod eagerly.
“thank you, tooru.”
Tumblr media
honestly, the fight itself really was kind of dumb
he didn’t text you the entire day and you had no idea where he was
and when he came home, you bombarded him with questions, to which he became irritated with
“hajime, you can’t just go out and cut off all communication for the entire day! do you even know how much you stressed me out?”
“this isn’t even about you, okay? i had some things to do!”
you were getting on his nerves, and he really just needed some peace and quiet
“i understand if you don’t wanna tell me about what you did, but you could’ve at LEAST called me and told me you were okay!”
iwaizumi scoffs, rolling his eyes.
“look, i think i’m capable of taking care of myself. i don’t need you to smother me every time you don’t trust me!”
you gape at him, disbelieving. “of course i trust you, hajime! all i asked was that you would let me know if you were okay!”
“and i’m telling you that you were worried for literally no reason!” he yells, fists clenched.
“is it SO HARD for you to just listen to me?!” you plead, stepping up and getting in his face in an attempt to make him do so.
but it’s getting to be all too much for him, so he turns on his heel and walks away, right into the bedroom.
“hajime, what the fuck—?!”
“you know what? i don’t wanna put up with your bullshit tonight. sleep on the couch for all i care!” he shouts, shutting the door immediately after and leaving you on the other side.
you stare at the wood, baffled, and start to panic.
“hajime, no! just... just come out, okay? we don’t even have to fight, i just,” you plead, desperate.
but it’s obvious that he’s angry with you and that he doesn’t want anything to do with you tonight. “never mind,” you mumble, defeated. you figure one night on the sofa isn’t all that bad, right?
but when you finally settle onto the couch, making futile attempts to make yourself comfortable, you realize it’s a lot harder than it looks.
the couch is cold and you’ve never felt more alone, and involuntary tears start to sting at the back of your eyes. you curl into yourself, cursing you and your stupid sensitivity.
iwaizumi regrets it the second he slams the door. something ugly and bitter pools at the bottom of his stomach and he feels sick.
he goes and sits on the edge of the bed, head resting in his hands.
he realizes that you were right; he should’ve texted you at least once today. you must have been scared out of your mind, and you were only trying to make sure he was safe.
he didn’t mean to get so mad at you. and he definitely didn’t mean to shut you out like that.
once he’s completely cooled off, guilt being the only thing remaining, he stands up and walks over to the door. when he presses his ear to the wood he can hear you sobbing quietly, and his heart breaks at the sound.
he slowly opens the door and sees you on the couch, shivering from the cold air, hiccuping softly. he sighs and pads over to you, coming up behind you and sitting down. you stiffen at his presence, but he rubs a hand over your back, and you relax.
he leans down over you and presses a kiss to the sensitive spot behind your ear, a silent apology in the gesture. you turn to look at him, and you’re surprised to see how soft his expression is; how great the contrast is from his mood from earlier.
“i’m sorry for yelling at you,” he mumbles, burying his face in your chest to hide. “and for making you sleep out here. i shouldn’t have shut you out like that.”
you exhale shakily, forcing him to stop hiding from you, and the look in his eyes is genuine.
“i’m sorry for not being understanding,” you murmur regretfully, and he nods, kissing you softly.
“so, does this mean you’ll come back to bed with me?” he asks, hopeful. you giggle.
“only if you cuddle me.”
Tumblr media
well... to put it frankly, atsumu was jealous
he came to your work to surprise you only to see that you were having dinner with some random guy in the break room
the entire ride home was silent and you couldn’t understand why atsumu was so mad
but when you got home, he started going off about how your coworker was giving him bad vibes
“are you just completely oblivious? he was totally into you!”
“oh my god, tsumu. not every man i talk to wants to date me!”
and it went on like this for a while until he finally snapped
“you should’ve seen the way he was looking at you! like you hung the damn moon,” he sneers, bitter.
“atsumu, why the hell are you so pissed? why can’t you just trust me?!” you reply angrily. he scoffs, rolling his eyes.
“this isn’t about trust, y/n. this is about you letting guys think they have a chance with you and not doing anything about it!” he yells, and you laugh incredulously.
“seriously? god, you’re such a pain sometimes! why does it matter if other people are into me?! i don’t care about them!”
the jealousy simmering in atsumu’s gut crawls up his throat, tasting sour.
“yeah? well if i’m such a pain, why don’t you go date him instead?” he shouts, livid.
“are you seriously that insecure?!” you gape, astounded. at that, he scoffs, turning on his heel and storming into the bedroom.
“you know what? fuck this. if you hate me so much, don’t bother spending the night in my bed!” he spits venomously, before slamming the door loudly.
“fine! i’m better off without you anyway!” you blurt angrily, frustrated tears brimming hot behind your eyes.
you stomp over to the couch and throw yourself onto it, rolling onto your side and stuffing your face into the cushion there. you want to yell and scream and kick and there’s just so much anger inside you that you feel like you’re going to explode.
but instead, the only things escaping you are heavy sobs, wracking your body and making it hard to breathe. it feels like everything is going wrong and you don’t know how to fix it.
so for the time being, you wrap your arms around your waist and attempt to wait it out.
atsumu buries his face in his pillow, helplessly trying to ignore the hot tears pricking at his eyes.
he forces himself to take deep breaths, in and out, and tries to cool off a little.
but the longer he sits there, the more his head begins to clear, and the easier it is for him to be overcome with guilt.
now that everything has calmed down, atsumu can’t believe the things he said to you. he’d really lost his temper for no reason at all, separating the two of you even further.
he paws at his eyes, trying to wipe away the regret and the shame he’s feeling, but it’s futile. he still feels just as terrible, maybe even worse.
when the guilt gets so bad that he just can’t bear it anymore, he stands up.
he opens the door quietly, and makes his way over to the couch, where you seem to be in a similar state. you’re sobbing into the couch, the sounds muffled by the fabric, and atsumu has never felt so bad in his life.
he sits down on the side that isn’t occupied, afraid to speak.
“hey,” is all he manages to utter, uncharacteristically quiet, and you look up, sniffling.
the two of you exchange glances awkwardly, and atsumu hates himself for making it this way. so he does the only thing he knows how, and opens his arms hesitantly, praying you’ll accept the offering.
your lip begins to quiver, eyes filling up all over again, and you dash into his lap, clutching onto him tightly.
his eyes widen, and he wraps his arms around you, keeping you flush against his chest.
“i’m so sorry, baby,” he whispers, chest stinging at the sight of you sobbing into his shirt. “i let myself lose my temper and i took it out on you when it wasn’t your fault.”
your breathing starts to slow down and you begin to relax against him, inhaling and exhaling slowly.
“please come to bed with me?” he asks, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. you nod, but don’t make any move to get off him. “come on, baby,” he coaxes, but you don’t budge.
he sighs, nudging at you gently.
“alright. looks like we’re doing this the hard way, then,” he shrugs, hauling you up and carrying you away. you squeal, protesting, but he ignores you.
“tsumu, stop!” you yell, laughing.
“never,” he whispers.
Tumblr media
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reidsnose · 7 months ago
tally marks
Tumblr media
overview: the team cant help but notice reader and spencer's obvious affections towards eachother, so they start keeping track.
genre: fluff
a/n: i think this is cute can u tell i love mutual pining lmaooo but yeah this is a short one sorry anyway lmk if you guys like it :)
everyone had their little thing that stayed on the jet. go bags come and go, hell, even agents come and go. but for their time being, everyone had a jet item that never left the plane.
for morgan it was his soundproof headphones. for hotch it was a very specific notebook. for you it was a small pillow that you adored. so on and so fourth
for spencer it was his blanket. his and only his because everyone has icky germs and a blanket lays all over someone when they sleep its a microscopic bloodbath. and he did not need any of that. he kept it on his unassigned assigned seat and would take it with him to sleep on the jets couch seat. so it really only ever touched him. it was his blanket that he never ever shared with anyone ever.
except for when he shared it with you.
one time, after a case that was particularly draining for you, he insisted you take the long seat on the jet so you could try and get some decent sleep. and you were out like a light but it looked to be a very uncomfortable slumber. your face was contorted with worry and your shoulders shook slightly every so minutes when a shiver would run down your spine. the jet was pretty cold and you looked like you could really use a comfy, warm blanket.
he pondered it for a second. did he mind your germs? no, not really. should he mind them? yes. but he doesn't. for whatever reason he would even be completely ok with you using him as your own personal blanket. he felt his cheeks heat up at the thought of being so physically close to you.
wordlessly, and selectively oblivious to the confused stares he was receiving from the team, he walked over to you and draped the blanket across your body; pulling it up to reach your neck and ensure maximum warmth. after all, humans lose 90% of their body heat through their head and neck. immediately the shivering stopped. you snuggled it closer and he couldn't help but smile watching you quickly find peace and comfort.
jj nudged Emily who cocked an eyebrow at Derek who smirked at Rossi who tapped hotch and they all took a second to watch the scene unfolding at the front of the jet. they could tell Spencer was already smitten before he even figured it out himself. they had their suspicions for a while, and morgan now owes prentiss $5, because this act of affection was confirmation enough for all of them.
Spencer felt a warmth grow in his chest, something he really only felt when he was around you. or thinking of you. or talking to you. basically, having anything to do with you. so he stifled his smile and went back to his seat, opening up his book and trying to ignore the teams eyes boring into him.
when you were shaken awake you were warm and safe and everything smelled like Spencer. and then you recognized Spencer's blanket had been draped across your body and you were holding one of the corners close to your chest. smiling at the mere thought of spencer, you looked up and were met with a smirking Derek.
"come on pretty girl, you're the last one on the jet again," he chuckled, helping you up.
"you can go without me i need to grab my things," you yawned.
he nodded and walked off leaving you alone with Spencer's blanket. you folded it neatly before placing it on Spencer's usual unassigned assigned seat.
the next time you guys were heading home on the jet you could tell Spencer was visibly very tired. a perfect coincidence set up by God himself to help you repay him for letting you use his blanket. you watched him scrunch up his cardigan countless times trying to make it a pillow comfortable enough to sleep ok but it just was not working. though, it was adorable watching his curls bounce around with each movement of his head, you wished some peace would grace his features once again.
you simply couldn't watch him struggle anymore so you walked over to him, gently lifted his head, and placed the pillow beneath it. he looked up confused but when he saw it was you and realized what you were doing he gave you a smile that made you melt.
the team once again took notice of this and started keeping a track of you guys in hotch's notebook. anytime you two did something couple adjacent, a tally mark would be made and bets were even placed on how many tallies it would take for you guys to realize your feelings. Derek told Penelope about it when they landed (because she was originally the one who had been trying to set you two up together from the moment you walked into the bullpen) and she had to be lead into another room to squeal. she was given an update on the tallies after each flight and often gave her own observations when you were all in office.
and so, they watched as you gave each other the blanket and pillow, brought one another coffee, read to each other, left work together, listened to each others none sense ramblings, hugs lingered, hands touched, smiles radiated, eyes met. they were rooting for you nerds to finally realize you were in love.
after one case, you had gotten a little bit injured. nothing major, just a cut on your hand after tackling the unsub, but it was enough to make Spencer fret. it was dangerous, and you shouldn't have been there alone. it could have ended so badly. but he couldn't even be mad at you. so you sat next together on the jet, silent and thinking, just glad to be in each other's presence. Spencer saw your eyelids drooping, looking more adorable than ever to him. he took the blanket that was bunched up next to him and draped it over the both of you.
you smiled at him, taking the pillow from behind your head and handing it to him.
"no you were using this." he whispered.
"its ok ill use your arm instead." you sighed sleepily, snuggling into his arm.
the two of you were bright red and absolutely soaring from being this close. dopey smiles were etched on both of your faces.
"how many is this?" prentiss asked, looking expectedly at hotch.
"this would be number..." he scanned the pages in his notebook, "87"
"for a couple of profilers they sure are bad at seeing the signs," Rossi chuckled.
they looked over and watched as Spencer pressed a kiss to the top of your head before resting his own on it as you snuggled closer to it.
"make that 88."
ultra mega super cool taglist:
@mac99martin @imhreid @spencersmagic @hollydaisy23 @raelady1184 @a-broken-pact @padfootswife @hey-there-angels @star-stuff-in-the-cosmos @sonnydoesrandomshit @averyhotchner @laurakirsten0502 @reidyoulikeabook @rem-ariiana @spencerreid9 @vampire-overlord @takeyourleap-of-faith @s1utformgg @violetspoetic @aperrywilliams
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datsecretlovechild · 6 months ago
KiriBaku evidence ✨
This order will be random.
- Bakugou doing Kirishima’s signature pose in the 3rd movie poster This evidence is surreal!!
- Funimation releasing an Ad promoting Two Heroes and saying ‘Celebrate PlusUltra love!’ then continuing to show KiriBaku
- Horikoshi changing a scene in smash from Kirishima being jealous of Uraraka and Tsu he instead gets jealous of Todoroki (who was grabbing onto Bakugou’s leg which seemed to be the trigger)
Tumblr media
- Horikoshi apparently has to approve the smash comics before released so he approved of every 𝓯𝓻𝓾𝓲𝓽𝔂 moment between Kirishima and Bakugou.
-Kirishima dropping everything to take care of Bakugou who had a fever and even sleeping on the floor in case something happened throughout the night
-Absolutely blowing off Jirou who was trying to ask him out because he noticed Bakugou was there with them
- Kirishima constantly blushing at Bakugou
- T h i s
Tumblr media
-Kirishima and Bakugou doing couples costumes for Halloween
-This comic speaks for itself
Tumblr media
Bakugou could’ve gone after Kirishima for giving him the suit but he rather went after Midoriya.
-Bakugou accidentally throwing his embarrassing looking lunch his Mother made for him into Kirishima’s face and Sero saying, “Trouble in paradise you two?”
Tumblr media
-Bakugou accidentally breaking Kirishima’s night vision goggles and going through as many embarrassing jobs as possible just to get the money to pay him back. He didn’t tell Kirishima when he was doing this but when he was caught doing a job Kirishima thought he was struggling for money, thus he convinced the class to pitch in money for him
- The headline beneath Kirishima and Bakugou talking about if they’ll go hiking together for the Christmas holidays pointing out Christmas is a romantic holiday in Japan they didn’t need to put that there but it happened o-o
-Smash comics describes Kirishima as “Chicken soup for Bakugou’s soul”
-‘He believed he was the only one who could fit the role of this kid’s partner’ (It isn’t entirely romantic, I take what I get ok? Don’t come for me)
Tumblr media
Apparently in that one panel Bakugou is hit with a bishonen quirk, which twists the things he says into flirts. During a training exercise, he tells Kirishima, “You can try and tie me up all you want, but you’ll never be able to tie down my heart!” Kirishima responds, “Interesting! A challenge to see which of our hearts will submit first!”
A Little at a Time: During a spar, Kirishima ends up crumbled from Katsuki’s explosions. Bakugou becomes concerned and softly asks if they should stop, but is told no. Eventually, Kirishima is reduced to shards and to which Bakugou gathers with a look of regret. As if he never wanted to hurt him.
Kirishima takes a sip of Bakugou’s spicy drink because he felt dehydrated (INDIRECT KISS).
Kirishima finds Bakugou mountain climbing, and drags him to join a similar class outing. As they walk together, he (and Jirou) tease him about being “masochistic”.
Kirishima inviting Bakugou out to a restaurant
Apparently from the same storyline as Sulky-Shima is quirked into a dog, and uses this to get embarrassingly close to Bakugou.
Bakugou thanks Kirishima for saving him from a villain, although Kirishima doesn’t hear him properly. Bakugou is too embarrassed to say it to his face, so Todoroki does it for him.
- Bakugou giving Kirishima his festival jacket and Deku not understanding he gave it to him and thinking he gave it to a pretty girl who was cold, implying it was a romantic gesture since that is one of the most popular cliches.
Tumblr media
-Kirishima being the only one who can practically lean over and touch Bakugou without making him mad
-Bakugou eventually learning to like Kirishima so much he trusts him in many situations with no doubt, this is clearly shown in the Do-Or-Die Survival training OVA just as an example
- Bakugou giving Kirishima advice and motivating him when he was opening up about his insecurities with his quirk when no one else would and that alone being able to inspire Kirishima enough to unlock unbreakable when he really needs to
- In a preview to the game ‘My Hero Ones Justice 2’ Kirishima repeated those inspiring words Bakugou said to him when fighting him in battle.
- In the Two Heroes movie Bakugou is shown worrying for Kirishima’s safety a lot, he was even running to go help him when the villain first attacked and when Kirishima pushed Bakugou out of the way so he wouldn’t get hurt at the expense of himself. Bakugou looked back for him and screamed out his name, a clear look of fear on his face. Afterwards, when he checks up on Kirishima to see if he’s ok he thanks him for having his back to which Kirishima blushes at this.
“Thank you..”
“Whoa! Where did that come from? Don’t worry about it!”
And obviously to keep up his heartless warrior rep he gets all defensive and says, “I’M NOT WORRIED”
Tumblr media
- Kirishima bringing Bakugou a suit so he can go somewhere fancy with him and somehow knowing his exact measurements?
-Also this (Sorry I forgot to put the photo and now I’ve forgotten what’s supposed to be here 😀) I FOUND IT! I FREAKIN REMEMBERED!
-Let’s explain this thoroughly. Bakugou had to option to bring a Plus 1 to a private island where he didn’t know anyone he knew was gonna be at and instead of choosing family or simply no one he chose Kirishima to come with him where they shared a honeymoon suite together and didn’t plan on doing anything for the night, he just planned to stay there with Kirishima and not go to a gathering where huge pro heroes would be until Kirishima convinced Bakugou to get them to the party
-Even Mineta was suspicious as to how Kirishima and Bakugou randomly managed to get all the way up to the 80th floor while just trying to find the party
- Kirishima being the only one Bakugou would seek help from when he needed to escape Kamino.
-Kirishima going in to hold Bakugou’s hand again once more in the crowd after grabbing his hand earlier.
-During the kidnapping arc Kirishima seemed so distraught and frustrated that he wasn’t allowed to go help Bakugou and looked utterly depressed once realising he had been taken, the screen specifically showed his face. Even willing to yell at fellow classmates because he wanted to go rescue him so bad and saying he wouldn’t be a man anymore if he didn’t.
Tumblr media
-Anyone else see how Bakugou seems to glow when Kirishima imagines him?
Tumblr media
This last photo was shown directly after Kirishima’s reaction to Bakugou’s kidnapping happened.
-I would show all of the official arts they are in but apparently this thing has a photo limit so.. Yeah. Maybe I’ll add a link to a separate post of it all.
- I don’t read the team up missions but I’m sure there are clues there, anyway back to the list. I’ve only read one so far, they’re good. It’s called ‘Thats totally overdoing the illusion’
- Fun Fact: In the Fantasy AU Kirishima actually belongs to Bakugou, he is his dragon and Bakugou has a tattoo on his left shoulder in a dragon-like heart with a backwards E & then a K inside.
- Instead of studying with a pretty rich girl with a big chest who lets all of his friends study in her mansion and just so happens to be the smartest in the class Kirishima would rather study with Bakugou.
- Eijiro Kirishima, favourites things: Tough guys and meat. (Bakugou is usually perceived as a rough guy:
-Katsuki Bakugou, favourite things: spicy food and mountain climbing. (Kirishima just so happens to be named after a mountain??
-Bakugou somehow found out Kirishima used up a lot of his money to get night vision goggles because it might help their mission to save him so when he noticed Kirishima was feeling down about getting people in trouble he used Kaminari’s short circuiting to distract everyone and give him the money in return which seemed to cheer Kirishima up a bit.
-Kirishima and Bakugou arrived to the pool together and left together leaving us to believe the two may have had a sleep over together.
- Kirishima and Bakugou having one of those sunset walk scenes also seen between Tamaki and Mirio and Midoryia and Uraraka
- Kirishima saving Bakugou from Shishikura in the anime was a surprise to manga readers since it apparently didn’t appear in the manga, it just cut right to him being a meatball.
- Parallels:
• Yaoyorozu: “You’re amazing, Todoroki!”
• TetsuTetsu: “You’re amazing, Kendo!”
• Kirishima: “You’re amazing, Bakugou!”
- In Season 5 Episode 0 Kirishima had to be sitting on Bakugou’s lap during the ride to the situation in order for their plan of attack to work.
- In the new Season 5 Outro Bakugou is seen grabbing a bottle of Crimson Riot hot sauce. We assume it’s for Kirishima right?
- There are a lot of KiriBaku scenes in the MHA light novels, after trying so hard to find all of them I’ve forgotten what most of them are and it’s not that easy to find them anyway. This is what I remember they have little moments in:
•Kirishima making sure Bakugou eats and eventually feeding Bakugou lasagne after school festival and not accepting it at first but then he ends up liking it and them talking about his drumming
•Study Dates, specifically when they were at the library since Bakugou let out a genuine laugh because he saw a flustered Kirishima
• Also in the study dates when Bakugou’s old friends question how him and Bakugou are even friends and Kirishima giving a big inspiring speech about how amazing Bakugou is
• At the arcade where Kirishima was playing against Todoroki in a zombie shooting game
•Moving into the dorms they had some moments, search it up 😌 seriously, search it up. You’ll not regret it.
Tumblr media
-The c a r d s
-Please don’t forget the official arts, god I wish I could put them down.
- In the manga Vol.29 on the first page the headline is Bakugou Katsuki Rising and a picture of Kirishima wearing a leather jacket with his logo on it. On the next page there are lots of pictures of the characters wearing casual clothing and Bakugou is seen wearing a leather jacket. People came up with a headcannon that he could possibly be wearing it.
-According to Deku, Bakugou never goes hiking with anyone and just goes alone but it’s clearly not the case for Kirishima. He’s the first person he’s ever brought with him.
- I can’t send the picture but there’s a scene in the manga that goes like this:
Kaminari: “Thanks to the band!”
Kirishima: “Thanks to the drums, yeah?”
- MANGA SPOILERS: The look of how proud Kirishima was when he watched Bakugou save Jirou from that opponent in class 1B.
- Hey, remember when Mineta wondered if Bakugou’s taste ran in THAT direction during the sports festival?
-the first thing that came to Bakugou’s mind after Aizawa gave the speech about how he could’ve expelled all of the students who participated in the rescue was Kirishima.
- Bakugou somehow found out Kirishima spent all of that money on night vision goggles, so how did he exactly? How could he tell Kirishima would do something like they’ll at? How much digging did he do?
- In Heroes Rising do you remember that longingly look Kirishima gave Bakugou while reassuring him there were no villains? Kirishima your heart eyes are showing.
- the fact everyone was standing so far apart from each other except for KiriBaku
-If not canon why are their quirks literally compatible with one and other therefore making them the perfect duo because they get along so well?💃🏼
-This is merely a coincidence but on April 19-20th (depends on time zones) Mount Kirishima actually erupted back in 2018 I think. Even Mother Nature ships KiriBaku lol.
-I’m sure we’ve all seen the photographic evidence of Bakugou and Kirishima wearing matching bracelets and sometimes even clothing right? I’ll link it if I find it.
- Kirishima spent almost all of his money on night vision goggles when Yaoyorozu could’ve easily made them with her quirk? Excuse me son?
-Bakugou in the manga explaining his body no longer felt fatigue once he held Kirishima’s hand. As if he felt everything was suddenly gonna be ok
- This is small but Kirishima is the first person Bakugou would bother to call by name
- Kirishima and Bakugou together in the opening, Kirishima seems to like the view 😂
- “Whoever Bakugou starts to care for more, whether their hair be brown or whether their hair be red.. Cuz it’s not gonna be green” -Clifford Chaplin
-The Japanese VAs tend to spread their liking for KiriBaku to the fans and sometimes even roleplay scenes. One being Kirishima saying It want to see your cute face’ to Bakugou and Bakugou replying with ‘...You idiot...’ to much surprise
- Kirishima having a marble-like patterned shirt and Bakugou having a marble-like patterned jacket
-I’m sorry just look at his little smile he gives🥺
-Hi, here’s something I found: In some official game, certain characters provide power boosts to others on a range from 1-3. The strength of the boost appears to depend on the strength of the canon bonds between characters. Eijiro provides the max boost for Katsuki, and vice versa. It’s interesting to note that this occurs with several other popular pairings, such as TodoMomo, IzuOcha , and KamiJirou to name a few. 👍👍
-Kirishima said “There he is! The star of the show!” About Bakugou when the main character was right there / In the dub he instead called him the Big Bang which was how the universe was created and all the stars in it were made. He is Kirishima’s star
-Here is an official art where Kaminari is pretending to be like Jirou singing and Kirishima pretending to drum like Bakugou.
- I discussed all of this before on TikTok and apparently somebody has some more evidence for us. If you have anymore evidence tell us.
Here’s what they said:
@aninnocentperson:Lol also in the ( light novels) after bakugo fought with deku- bakugo went to Kirishima and Kirishima comfort him. That’s what kiri told fatgum.
I’ll try see if this is true if I can.
-People usually say ‘Kirishima only looks up to tough guys’ when hearing his favourite thing is tough guys but then it’s not the same argument when on Mineta’s page it says his favourite thing is girls. That’s why we class it as evidence.
- Bakugou setting out the impression that he hated everyone but when talking about Kirishima he admits ‘He’s an idiot but I don’t hate him’ r a r e
-Kirishima and Bakugou actually have bring a tent/tents to mountain climbing with them as you can see on the list in the back
-Apparently you can make Kirishima and Bakugou’s fingers intertwine perfectly just by a quick placement in photoshop.
-Just Wanna day that in the game My Hero Ones Justice 2 in the Bakusquad’s cutscene just would high five and fist bump Kiri without complaint but then explode Kaminari when he tries lol
-In the fantasy AU Bakugou is shown the have the bottom of his cape ripped and torn to make it look rough but when you look at Kirishima you find out he wears the bottom and Bakugou’s cape wrapped around his waist
-I have a feeling I’ve still missed a lot, probably because it needs ✨PHOTOGRAPHS✨like things to point out in the animation. That one sunset scene with them, Kirishima looking from afar and blushing, the getting him food in the credits of the movie which is more just a friend thing but still sweet, the official art which I will do soon and link when I have the time
-In the Ones Justice game how the screen lit up white and dark petals started to fall around them as they held hands :)
-The Bakugou blushing thing: Future me this is your reminder to add this - Here you go :)
-That whole Kanji thing to do with meanings behind Kirishima’s bio which I’m too dumb to write out and the next time I see someone explaining it I will send it here.
-I’ve noticed how in Ones Justice 2 after Bakugou succeeds to defeat someone he usually gives them a harsh comment as a final word (You can buy these speeches in the shop) but meanwhile with the ‘VS Eijiro Kirishima’ he says, “There’s more to you than being tough..” with quite a calm tone
The official song ‘Long Hope Faria’ go watch it and pay close attention to the part about Kirishina and Bakugou- Which is most of it.
- There is an official stage play. Like genuinely official apparently, I thought it wasn’t but apparently that is not the case. I will come back later on and link KrBk moments from the stage play right here once found.
-In Japan study dates are very popular among couples and we all know Kirishima and Bakugou go on them together
- This is also a very good PowerPoint about KrBk @laurart_tbrn -!Am8eghJrX-JRxXXdpB6SrfECKL5I
I will definitely stall on doing this cuz I’m a lazy shit)
If I have missed anything PLEASE tell me!
I feel like I have missed something out, a few things in fact. I wrote some stuff down but then Tumblr rest and it got erased but I can’t remember what it was
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xiaowhore · 10 months ago
skinship hcs
includes: diluc, kaeya, venti & razor !
Tumblr media
not very fond of pda—diluc doesn't want to make the two of you a spectacle for others to witness.
...well he honestly just doesn't want to be seen by kaeya acting all lovey-dovey with you because he's sure his stupid brother wouldn't let the opportunity to tease him slip by so easily lmao
behind closed doors, however, is another matter altogether.
diluc is a very affectionate lover, often wrapping his arms around you into a hug whenever given the chance. he does it out of impulse, without any special reason to do it, despite being awkward with affection at the start of your relationship. he's come to enjoy it soon enough, so much that he even initiates a lot of it himself now.
he likes to keep you in his lap when he did work at home, looking over your shoulder to view his own paperwork while you read a book.
at times when the workload is worse than normal and he's burned out for the day, he likes to sleep while laying his head on your lap. he also appreciates how you run your hands through his hair, massaging his scalp lightly, and he dozes off so quick even though he only intended to nap for half an hour because of how calming it was. you didn't wake him up; you wanted to let him sleep before he'd throw himself to work yet again.
when he leaves for a job that'll have to take place outside mondstadt, it's always apparent how much he doesn't want to go. his last embrace before he leaves lasts a lot longer than his usual hugs, and his touch lingers, tracing along your arm before he returns his hands to his sides. before he actually leaves, though, he smooths your bangs over your head to give your forehead a loving peck.
meanwhile, diluc's actual kisses are slow, since he likes to take his time with you. he wants to savor each second he moves his lips against yours, wants to cherish the little moans you give, and wants to hear more, so he presses even harder, brings you even closer, and won't pull away until you're entirely breathless.
(adelinde had the misfortune of walking in on you several times now, and not once had diluc stopped kissing you in each of those encounters.)
no matter how much affection you give him, he'll be a touch-starved lover—make sure to satisfy him before it gets even worse, okay?
Tumblr media
touchy. that's it. super touchy. will not go for a day without kissing you ten times.
sometimes, he tests your patience. he'll peck your lips, even though you asked for a real kiss, and he'd laugh, giving you another light peck as if it was any better.
other times, he's greedy. he'll caress your cheeks gently as he kisses you, a stark contrast to his rougher treatment to your mouth while you claw at his back. he bites on your bottom lip relentlessly, eager to slip his tongue inside your mouth as if planning to devour you whole. when he pulls away with a smirk, he swipes a thumb along your swollen lips, enjoying the view of your florid complexion.
he doesn't care if it's in private or not; he'll kiss you whenever he wants to. his coworkers from the knights of favonius are pretty much used to his shenanigans so they don't give much reactions, while diluc still sneers at him because he really didn't need to see his brother eating face with his significant other. (diluc doesn't fault you for it. in fact, he's nothing but sympathetic. he wonders how you can manage to deal with kaeya's shit for this long when it only takes him five seconds conversing with his brother to want to throw him out of a window.)
kaeya likes to keep his arm around your waist while you walk around; he fends off the men who'd dare to try to steal you for themselves, and he gets to hold you too. two birds with one stone. you feel safe in his arms, and he adores it when you cling to his side.
if he doesn't have his arm busy wrapped around you, then he must have his hand hold yours. he finds your hands quite adorable. they're significantly softer than his, free from the calluses you'd acquire from holding a sword, and he'd rather much let them stay that way; he truly wishes you'd never feel the need to defend yourself from danger with a weapon, because he'd sworn to protect you at all costs.
when he's doing patrols looking for troublemakers, he actively searches for your figure too. in the chance that you are around, he'd grab you away and slip into an alleyway, stealing a kiss for an ‘energy boost’ and would leave you wanting for more when he leaves.
no worries; he'd be glad to be of service when you both get home.
Tumblr media
the handsiest guy ever. will not leave you alone.
prefers intertwining fingers with you than just holding your hand, always. it doesn't matter even if it's a little uncomfortable at times, he just wants to feel a little closer to you.
likes to pepper your face with kisses; to your forehead, to your eyelids, to your nose, to your cheeks. and after all is said and done, he kisses your lips—not just a light peck this time, but a real one that lasted longer than the others. you'd be caught off guard with warmth spreading to the tips of your ears, and he'll grin cheekily, eyes bright with triumph.
sneak attacks! be careful of this boy. you'll never know what you'll receive from him.
when he feels just a bit childish, he'll decide to go for a peck on the cheek. if he feels playful, he'd tickle your sides. if he feels a bit more loving, he'd embrace you from behind, whispering words of love into your ear. if he feels mischievous, he'd tap your shoulder, and when you obliviously turn to face him, you're met with a sudden kiss to the lips.
if he feels like being an absolute brat, he'd kiss your neck and blow hot air to your ear.
which, in turn, will cause you to release an embarrassing whimper that'll leave him laughing in days.
getting revenge on him is nearly impossible. he doesn't get flustered like you do, and it's too hard to rile him up. no matter what you do, he just laughs, tone light and airy, and he'd tell you it was a nice try.
vexed, you push him down to the nearest flat surface in retaliation without a verbal response. to your credit, he does seem a little surprised; his eyes widened a little, and his lips are parted agape.
without thinking, you clash your lips against his, cupping his jaw to a better angle before you remembered you were absolute shit at kissing and didn't know what to do next, so you hurriedly pull away in embarrassment, ashamed of your actions.
‘t-that one doesn't count!’ you'd reason. ‘let me try ag-’
you're cut off when he reels you back in by pushing the back of your head, chasing your lips, and it feels like something is different, this time.
it's... less innocent, more aggressive, with all the movement he's making. he's never been so direct before, all soft touches and gentle caresses prior, and he's-! poking his tongue inside and-?! ah, now he's grabbing your waist!
you could hardly keep up, left clutching on his arm for dear life, and it's not until he finishes sneaking a couple more extra kisses in when you finally get a chance to properly speak—not that any of your thoughts were relatively coherent.
‘v-venti?’ you stammer when he lets you go. he's less composed than earlier, with pink dusting the tips of his ears, and he can't look you in the eye. it's a strange look on him.
‘sorry...’ he drags a hand down his face. ‘i couldn't help myself, you were just too much...’
you stay still on your spot for a few minutes, basking in an awkward silence, until venti shyly asks if he can do that again.
( now you knew his weakness, but at what cost?)
Tumblr media
prior to leaving his pack, he never really interacted with humans much, so naturally, forms of affection would be a foreign subject to him.
(pure wolf boi needs his headpats. please give him his headpats.)
he never received hugs?? when he felt cold, he would just huddle for warmth with the other wolves, but now that wasn't an option... the blanket you gave him feels odd, too.
so when you tried hugging him, he went oh. oh damn.
he finds out quickly that he likes it.
well, he likes it, but he doesn't know where to put his arms at first lmao.
he just focuses on the warm sensation spreading through his chest—his cheeks too, now that he thinks about it—and wow... you actually smell... really nice...
hesitantly, he loops his arms around your torso to return the hug. he buries his face into your neck, breathing in deeply, and sighs in satisfaction before relaxing in your hold.
since then, he hugs you at every given opportunity.
when it comes to hand holding, he feels a bit iffy about it. he does like holding your hand, no questions there, but he wonders why you would want to hold his.
his hands are rough and callused, numerous scars marring his flesh, so he's always reluctant to take off his gloves when you ask him to. he needs a lot of reassurance, so make sure you give your support to your lovely boyfriend! he needs it.
you really like playing with his hair! at first, it was tangled everywhere, but after you took the time to brush it, it turned out to be really soft and fluffy. your favorite past time is to tie his hair into a giant braid. razor doesn't really mind; he loves seeing you happy.
in the matter of kisses, razor is... horribly inexperienced. awkward pauses, clashing of teeth; name every fail and you probably would've experienced it at the beginning of your relationship.
he gets sad when he fails ;-; his head droops like a sad puppy and you want nothing more than to comfort him by peppering kisses all over his cheeks.
(he's not good with words, so all he has are actions—he wants to show how much he loves you, but he can't, so he gets sad over that.)
but when he does get it right, oh boy.
you are in for a ride.
when he becomes comfortable with kissing, he doesn't hesitate anymore; he goes straight for the kill. he'd easily slip his tongue inside, ravaging your mouth, and you would be left gasping, clawing at his back until he's satisfied.
he also becomes rather fond of marking you all over, so when he's had his fill of you, expect to see a lot of love bites around your neck.
but he'd never hurt you! he would bite a couple of times, sure, but none of them would leave wounds or whatever; he treats you with nothing but care. he'd even apologize if he got too aggressive, looking like an innocent kicked puppy once again like he wasn't the same person who kissed you until you felt like you'd die.
all in all, he's just a good boy who loves your touch! give him plenty of it and he'd be drunk with love~
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babydai · 5 months ago
Ahhh I am such a sucker for hurt + comfort hcs, your sleeping on the couch one gave me CRAZY butterflies 🥰 could I request a hurt/comfort hc of arguing with the character and you unexpectedly start crying/sounding like you just want to give up arguing with Kyotani, Iwaizumi, Ushijima, Tsukki, and Atsumu?
Kyotani, Ushijima, Tsukishima
a/n: hurt/comfort always gives me butterflies too aksjsjsks. I'm sorry only do three characters per headcanon :( but I'll keep your other characters in mind if I do a part 2! Hope you enjoy love!
(italicized is boys speaking)
warnings: arguing, crying, set in time skip (no spoilers)
Tumblr media
You and Kyotani hardly ever fought, mostly because he babies you, but he’d never admit that. That being said, wow was he good at it. He just gets very defensive, which ends up spiraling into an unnecessary argument.
It was just past 1 A.M. and your boyfriend’s yelling was starting to fade into gibberish as other thoughts occupied your mind. You knew that Kyotani could be aggressive, but he was usually so sweet to you, it only made the insults and yelling hurt more. You could only take so much before your emotions overwhelmed you and tears started rolling down your cheeks.
“You’re so mean sometimes tarō,” you whispered trying your best to wipe away the tears that couldn’t seem to stop falling.
Kyotani fell silent as realization washed over his face while he watched you leave the living room and head towards your bedroom, the only sound left in the apartment was your quiet sniffles.
He didn’t mean to take the fight that far, let alone hurt your feelings. He only said those things out of frustration, but he was hoping you knew he didn’t mean them. No one had ever loved him the way you did, and the last thing he wanted was to lose you.
He gave you a couple of minutes before walking into the bedroom to see you laying on the far side of the bed, back facing him. He slotted himself under the blanket without a word and pulled you into his chest.
“I‘m so sorry,” he whispered as he pulled you in tighter. You didn’t give him any reaction, simply staring at the wall in front of you.
“I didn’t mean any of it, baby I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, please don’t leave me” his voice cracking as he tries to get the words out. He finally takes a sigh of relief when you relax into his arms.
“I love you.”
“Love you too tarō,” you mumbled back sleepily. You knew you’d talk it out in the morning, but for now, this was perfect.
Fights with Ushijima were more frustrating than anything else because he always had trouble grasping how much certain things actually affected you. This usually led to him dismissing you, not on purpose but it hurt nonetheless.
It’s been 40 minutes of arguing and you’ve reached your breaking point. He continued to speak as you finally let the hot tears spill down your face. You maintained your eye contact with the ground as your crying intensified, finally catching his attention.
“I don’t wanna do this anymore,” you mumbled as coherently as you could while your crying started to intensify. You didn’t know if you were crying out of frustration or hurt, probably both, but the tears were there nonetheless.
He rushed to you immediately with panic filling his eyes, pulling you into his chest and holding you tightly. You didn’t fight him, but you don’t hug him back either.
He didn’t realize how insensitive he was being by insisting that there was nothing wrong. The only reason he felt that way was because you were always so perfect for him, how could he have relationship problems with someone as perfect as you?
“I’m sorry love, I didn’t realize,” he said softly as he leaned down to leave a kiss on the top of your head.
You continued crying into his chest as he ran his large hand up and down your back comfortingly, whispering apologies into your hair every few minutes.
“I think we should get some rest and talk about this tomorrow, I know I haven’t been the best lately but I’ll try harder.”
You nodded softly as you wiped away the remaining tears before finally hugging him back.
“Are we okay?”
“Yeah Toshi, we’re okay,” you responded nuzzling your face further into his chest.
Arguing with Tsukki was the worst because he never realizes the weight of his words until after they’ve come out of his mouth. He often forgets that most people are a bit more sensitive than him, you included.
You could only listen to so much before your tears got the best of you, betraying the cold facade you put up.
“God, I’m so sick of this Tsukki, I’m going for a drive you can finish criticizing everything I do when I get back,” Bitterness was laced in your tone as you grabbed your car keys and wiped your face with the sleeves of your sweatshirt.
Before he could respond you left the apartment and headed towards your car. Your drive was far longer than you anticipated but strangely it helped a great deal. Your crying subsided a few minutes into the drive and soon after you got a text from your boyfriend that read,
I’m sorry. Please drive safe, I love you.
You knew he didn’t intend for his words to be so harsh, you just weren’t used to that behavior from him considering how little you two fought. You took the time to relax and start forgiving him.
You made it back to the apartment 40 minutes later and walked into a worried-looking Tsukki rushing to the door.
“I know I upset you but you could’ve at least texted back, I was worried,” his rambling fading off as he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you into his body.
“I’m sorry for being mean, I have no idea why I said all that. I never want to make you cry,” he uttered the last part shamefully.
“I know.” He felt you nod as you hugged him back for a few minutes before he pulled away.
“I have something for you,” he muttered as his cheeks began to flush. He led you into the living room to find a pile of pillows and blankets on the couch and your favorite fast food on the coffee table.
“I really am sorry.”
You giggled thinking about how frustrated he must have been setting it all up.
“Thank you Kei, I’m sorry too I know I said things I shouldn’t have,” you told him sincerely as you leaned up to peck his lips.
“I love you, brat.”
Tumblr media
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windblooms · 11 months ago
liyue boys – how they touch their s/o
headcanons and scenarios of how childe, chongyun, scaramouche, xiao, xingqiu, and zhongli would romantically interact with their s/o.
gender-neutral reader.  sfw scenarios for each character, with additional suggestive implications for childe, scaramouche, xiao, and zhongli (since they’re confirmed legal).  2309 words.
Tumblr media
the Touchiest of the liyue boys
he just really, really fond of touching you, whether it be with his fingers through your hair or having you a hand on your lap. 
the first time he wanted to touch you, he actually asked (yes, verbally) if you were okay with him doing so
at least one of his acts with you could be orthodox, yeah?  although, looking back on it now, he supposes that he was attempting to be a bit more serious and wasn’t sure how to convey the sentiment when his reputation often preceded him
since then, he’s made a habit to have you next to him at all times
you don’t mind, since his attention is admittedly nice, but understandably neither of you want to display affection towards each other in the presence of his coworkers.  
if you were to be in public, such as walking down the streets of liyue, then he’d have his fingers laced between yours
if he were to be in a particularly good mood that day, he’d actually have you hook your arm around his.  you’re not sure why – but maybe it’s because more of you would be pressed against him that way.
an avid displayer of fleeting touches.  some are playful, like tapping his finger on your nose to get your attention, while others are slightly more teasing, like trailing his fingers up your thigh when you’re working and really shouldn’t be getting distracted. 
“i can’t help it.  your expressions are always the best part.”
so long as you’re next to him, he’ll find any excuse possible to have himself on you.
you’re cold?  take his coat, but also a complimentary hug because wow he’s kinda sorta warm for a snezhnayan native. 
got work to do?  he’ll stroll over to you every once in a while, claim he’s checking on you, and then place a kiss on your cheek as “encouragement.”
just got home from a long day out?  take some time to lay on top of him, he makes for a comfy mattress
his favorite ways to touch you: gloves off, thumb rubs against the back of your hand, hands cradling your neck or squeezing your hips in more passionate moments.  especially enjoys contact the more of your body he feels.  not sexual all the time, but definitely sensually pleasing.  he’s reassured when he feels you next to him. 
Tumblr media
chongyun is relatively inexperienced in acting out his romantic impulses.  
hand holding?  yeah, sure, he knows it’s what people do, but apparently there something about interlacing fingers . . . ?
also, there are different ways to hug?  he thought that just wrapping his arms around your shoulders would be fine, but is there a specific instance where he should “back hug” you?  
he thinks there should be a lover’s manual for how to go about with physical touch, but sadly there isn’t, and he’s left by himself to make sense of his confusion.
he’ll have to learn first-hand – something he quickly realizes he won’t mind.
chongyun’s touches will reflect his nature: gentle and initially somewhat shy, but he will gradually become more confident as time goes on.
the first time he tries to initiate hand-holding with you, you’re sitting next to each other on the couch
you can tell something’s a bit off by how he’s staring straight into your skull, as if he’s conflicted over something even when there’s nothing to be distressed about –
and he lifts his hand, hesitantly, and you swear that he’s shaking, before he mumbles something along the lines of “screw this” and just
places the tips of his fingers over the back of your hand and
just leaves them there
and you’re blinking, not quite sure what to make of his awkwardness, before connecting the dots when you see him absolutely red in the face. 
he’s startled when he hears you laugh, and especially when you move your hand to securely grasp his own. 
you’re warm, incredibly so, and when he looks up from his lap to affirm that he hasn’t made a complete mess of the mood, you’re there to give him a pat on the head.
“y-yeah.  can we stay like this?  hey!  no, don't laugh – ”
the take-away: soft boy.  will realize that he loves it when you squeeze his hands but will be flustered when admitting it.  also internally enjoys it when you put your chin atop his head, and when you let him put his hand on your shoulder.  will become more confident over time with showing affection, whether it be through light touches or shy pecks. 
Tumblr media
scaramouche is admittedly one of the more destructive harbingers
meaning he wouldn’t be one to be gentle in the slightest
probably doesn't even know that hugging is supposed to be an act of affection and instead registers it as another method to crush someone’s chest
the least likely out of the liyue boy to even be in a romantic relationship 
but in the off chance that he is, 
warm affection won’t be on the menu unless you’re in a dream sequence.
yes, he might not be as irritable around you.  yes, he won’t immediately scowl at your presence, and maybe even request for you to be beside him once in a while.
but that is a far cry from assuming stable, healthy intimacy.
the closest he’s ever gone to touching you kindly is by pulling you towards him – nearly winding you with his forcefulness – and insisting that you play with his hair
(definitely a pushy one, and it would be endearing if not for the fact that he does not know how to interact constructively with others.)
so it’ll take time, lots of explanations and dialogue to tell him that no, he doesn’t have to be so rough with his grasp, and yes, it does bother you and you’d insist that he learn to be gentler before touching you again.
he won’t strike you down for speaking your mind – that’s exactly why he’s with you to begin with, since you were able to back up your wit with fight.
he’ll grumble, as if you had told him the most unpleasant of news (which you suppose you just have), but nonetheless attempts to mimic touches you would approve of.
scaramouche is, admittedly, easy to vex.  while he might generally be a hassle to handle, the only time you do let him give in to his harsh tendencies are when you two are kissing each other a bit too hard or grabbing each others’ clothes too eagerly.
in other words, making out.
it’s obvious that he enjoys these more aggressive instances over the ones you’ve convinced him to be satisfied with.  it’s an agreement that both of you have come to terms with: if he’s to  command  ask for little things, he better be respectful about it.  but when you decide to reward him for exercising restraint publicly, it’s behind his door where you let him go unrestrained. 
“so long as you’ll still let me do this, then i might tolerate your . . . other preferences.”
Tumblr media
he’s not sure when you became more comfortable with one another, but for some reason he’s certain that it had to be after you commented on his hair
something about it being soft and appealing to braid – not that he would ever let you,
okay, maybe if you ask enough times.  but for now the answer is definitely no.
you were actually the one to ask to hug him first.  he was a bit perplexed, wondering what you were thinking that prompted you to ask, but then realized that neither of you had been physically affectionate before.  
as in, not even hand holding.  or hand squeezes.  or anything else that would be considered basic between partners.
as quickly as you asked, he affirmed that it was all right, and has since become attuned to your need for physical assurance.
something about him “feeling like home” and “safe.”  at the time, he wasn’t sure what feeling like a home meant, however through time he realized that you felt like home as well.
soothing.  as if automatic, he fits your body into his and holds the back of your head against his chest, lets you twirl your fingers in your hair, and carries you into bed.
under the covers, he feels more alone with you, as if the closed door isn’t already enough.
even in the dark, his eyes will roam all over your face, and he’ll run his fingers over your cheeks, down your neck, and over your collarbones. 
he can feel you shudder slightly under his touch, and he’ll always stop immediately, concerned for your discomfort. 
but when you take his hand to your lips and press kisses on his fingers, he’s relieved that he’s still doing right by you. 
so long as you’re sure, he’ll continue his ministrations.  whether it be holding your form flush against him as you drift to sleep, or crooking his finger under your chin so he can mold your lips together just the way you like, so long as you both know you’re safe with him.
in short: inexperienced, but always concerned for you.  won’t do anything unless you ask or suggest, and even then, his care for you is more obvious than the wake of day with the sunrise. 
“i’ll hold you as long as you let me – if you’d have me be with you.”
Tumblr media
simple: dramatic.
if you thought that the novels he’s written have gotten to his head, then you would be completely right, because he does not miss an opportunity to add in some flair to your relationship. 
produces a glaze lily out of thin air each time he greets you after your day of work, “fairest, this is for thou,” and has the audacity to look pleased with himself.
a nerd at heart, and you might unironically think it’s cute if not for the laughs he allows himself afterwards.
is always smiling when you touch, even if you’re just bumping into him accidentally.
it doesn’t take much to make him happy, you realize, but that assumption morphs into wow he just.  really loves with his whole heart.
xingqiu’s a magnet when it comes to your shoulder, somehow always leaning against you when given the opportunity
you could be sitting next to each other at the table, or even standing up talking to other people, and he’ll latch onto your shoulder.
“i’ve got you right next to me.  why not capitalize on the moment?”
absolutely adores it when you let him play with your hair.  you’re not sure what it’s about, but after his obvious attachment to your arm, you just decided that he was a very physical lover and you’d be more than willing to indulge him.
if you come visit him when he’s reading or writing, he gets especially excited because!!!  head rest!!!!
and consider yourself occupied for easily the next hour as he rattles off yet another plot of a novel, or attempts to woo you with sappy lines that he decided to mentally bookmark just to tease you with later.
in the instances when he isn’t occupying your lap or shoulder, he actually likes it when you lean on him as well, especially if you’re sleepy.  he finds the whole act endearing, either you being too lazy to move to bed or finding him comfortable. 
so long as you don’t tire of his antics, he’ll be sure to indulge you in the same. 
Tumblr media
despite being what some would call oblivious when it comes to human interaction, zhongli is surprisingly romantically competent so long as you give him time to adjust.
he’s quick to notice things you like and hones in on them with relative ease.  admittedly, the first time you hugged him, he was a bit stiff, but was actually the one to initiate physical affection the following time.
 it gives you hope that there aren’t actually cobwebs still in that thousand year-old brain of his. 
already a traditional man, you soon realize that he’s fond of more innocent touches, such as when you slot your fingers against his or unbind his hair to play with the strands. 
he might even fall asleep if you comb his hair long enough, enjoying being spoiled.
forehead kisses!
at least twice a day, he’ll brush aside your bangs and place pecks on your forehead.  if not your forehead, then definitely your cheeks.
lowkey wants to pinch your cheeks.  you’re not sure why.  maybe it’s the childish curiosity that peaks out of him every so often, and he’ll absent-mindedly comment that your cheeks remind him of crystal shrimp balls.
you’d stutter every time, finding his sense in compliments endearing yet flustering at once, and he’d just blink, the sincere man he is.
“but they do.  flush with color.”  a pause.  “could i maybe have a bite?”
ah, yes, when he does want a bite –
his touches will be unbearably soft.  so much so that you’re not even sure he’s real, with the tenderness on his fingers and warmth in his voice.
zhongli cherishes you as if he’s waited a thousand years for you.  in the back of his head afraid that if he’s any more present then he might break you, as if he would ever capable of doing something like that –
he’ll have your thighs around his waist, body above your own and mouth leaving fleeting pressures along your neck
each time his lips press into your skin, he leaves sweet words behind.
he only wishes to enjoy the moments he has with you, so long as you enjoy yourself as well.  zhongli will be attuned to your preferences, and take delight in spoiling you rotten – even if he might be a bit unorthodox with his speech, his sentiment is never in question. 
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rae-writes · 7 months ago
Mcyt - “Parental SMP” pt.6
Philza, Tommyinnit, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, Dream, Sapnap, Badboyhalo, Ranboo, The_Eret, Awesamdude, Glattbur x reader (separate and platonic/family love)
word count : 2.k
requested/suggested by : @dwarf-bee 
warnings : none (you’re cursing a bit in this, though)
synopsis : Your biological family tries to get you back because they feel guilty, but they weren’t counting on you having a new family (aka protective fathers over their children and protective children over their fathers because this gives me serotonin) You are about 10 years old now!
author’s note : This took forever- gOD, I am so sorry guys. On a better note, though, the age in this series is gonna go up to the teens next just because there are so many prompts I can do then than with a small child-
You’d been spotted by someone in your biological family out in town, who told the rest, and they’d followed you back to your house. After knocking and kindly asking to come inside, they reveal what they came for. 
“The child you’re with right now is ours, and we feel extremely guilty for leaving them, so we’ve come to ask for them back.” 
Phil, first and foremost, is furious. 
“You bastards leave a helpless infant out in the goddamn Tundra, alone, and expect to walk into my house and take them back?” 
Wilbur and Techno are right behind their dad, backing him up while towering over the people in your bio family 
Tommy has you wrapped in his arms a good 5 feet away 
“They’re our child-”
“NO THEY ARE MY CHILD!” Phil rarely ever raised his voice, which showed you just how serious the situation was 
A girl around Tommy’s age crouched down and looked at you, “C’mon little sibling, you can come back home with us! We’re your real family.”
Tommy’s grip tightened, “You don’t even know their name.” 
Phil was in a fighting stance, reading to knock some bitch out if need be until you yelled ‘stop’
Everyone turned to look at you and you just huffed, “My name is Y/n. Dadza is my father and Tech, Wilby, and TomTom are my siblings. This tundra is my home, so if you could kindly get out of our house, we’d like to have dinner.” 
Phil smiled at your calm, proper tone and walked over to pick you up despite you being a bit too old for that, “Y/n is absolutely right, we were just about to have dinner. Techno, escort them out, please.” 
The cheers of the night goes to you and Phil even makes a cake! You wouldn’t leave your family for anything in the world. 
Tommy gets angry and defensive, marching up to the group of people in his house and shouting, “They aren’t Phil’s kid, they’re mine! Which means you can shove off!” 
Your bio father starts to laugh, “You’re a child, you can’t take care of another child!” 
That’s when you and Uncle Tubbo start to get mad-
“Says the irresponsible assholes who left my niece in the woods by herself! Tommy has been doing an amazing job from day one taking care of Y/n, so as he said, you can kindly fuck. off.” 
It was always a bad day when your Uncle cussed this much and you were living for it. 
Uncle Techno and Wilbur were ready to fight for you, almost bodying the teenage boy who tried to come closer to you, until you spoke up
“Listen here, bitch boys, I ain’t goin with ya.” You skipped up to your father and grabbed his white and red shirt, “This here is my Dad and these ones over here are my Uncles and Grandpa.”
Tubbo started cheering you on quietly and even Phil cracked a smile at your cussing and smart tone
“Now I’m gonna repeat what Uncle Tubbo and Dad said so you better listen carefully. FUCK. OFF. AND THERE’S THE DOOR!” 
Tommy cheered loudly, scooping you up and yelling happily while Tubbo grinned and shooed the intruders out
This was a legendary day for the Innit Family 
They wouldn’t have even made it in the house if Phil wasn’t there- who let them in 
The voices were there, effective immediately, so Techno obviously was not in a charitable mood and after scaring the other family into submission with his glare, he called you downstairs 
“These people claim to be your real family and they want you back.” Techno smirked and tilted his head, “What do you have to say about that, brat?” 
You smirked back at your dad and shrugged, “Get em outta here.” 
“W-what? But we’re-”
“I don’t care who you are. Last time I checked, you left me out in the middle of nowhere cause you didn’t want me, so let me guess. You’re here cause you feel guilty about that- not cause you want me back.” 
Techno nodded along, listening to his dad’s chuckling and peeked open an eye to look at your stunned bio family 
“Yeah well, I don’t do pity or charity. This is my dad and that’s final, now I’d leave before the voices get antsy.” 
That was Techno’s que to push off the doorway and grab his axe, showing off his red hues by taking his glasses off, “I’ll give you till the count of 3-” 
After they left and Phil went to go make dinner, Tech sighed and patted your head, “Thank you.” 
You grinned, “I wouldn’t trade you for all the gold in the world, Dad!”
What a duo the two of you were.  
Wilbur is more stunned by their audacity than anything, it’s actually Fundy who’s screaming his head off 
“Who the actual fuck do you think you are, coming into our house, and asking for my little sibling back after you abandoned them?!”
Wilbur was content on letting his son handle it until your bio family said something about a “Disgusting hybrid” trying to tell them what’s best for you
Sees red immediately 
“Listen here, mates, Y/n is my child and Fundy’s sibling, and you aren’t getting them at all- much less without a fight. You wanna be assholes? Go ahead, we aren’t the ones who're trying to subdue their guilt by stealing a child’s family away.”
Wilbur’s words are cold and calculated and they hit the family in front of him right in the heart. He’s just about to let Fundy have the first punch when you skip through the doorway
“Uncle Techno got me a guitar, Dad, look!” You’re giggling and smiling and running up to Fundy to jump on his back, “I can play for you now, Big brother!”
The room gets even more tense, making you slightly shrink, “Who are they, Dad?”
“We’re your real family, darling.”
“No you’re not.”
Fundy chokes out a surprised laugh and Wilbur raises his eyebrows in delight
“Dad and Big brother are my real family and you’re intruding.” 
Wilbur escorts them out while you and Fundy tune your guitar, ready for a family sing along
You and Dream were actually out on patrol- Sapnap, Punz, and George answered the door 
So when you came back, you heard the sounds of very heated arguing- most of which was the trio starting to raise their voices 
“I told you to leave, pricks, they ain’t going with you.” 
“What the hell is going on here?” Everyone in the room jumped, slightly or violently, at your father’s commanding tone while you skipped up to Punz
The blonde lifted you into his arms, “They say they’re Y/n’s biological family and they waltzed in, demanding our lil fighter back.” 
You frowned at the group in front of your uncles, grinning slightly when your dad brought out ‘Nightmare’ 
“Sapnap is completely right, my child is going nowhere with you. Especially not after you abandoned them.” 
You nodded along, giving a thumbs up to a worried looking George, “you tell ‘em, Dad.” 
Your bio mother looked at you incredulously, “you can’t-“ 
“I can do whatever I want.” You wiggled from Punz’s grip and dropped down in front of the woman, “I’m Dream’s child, which means I always get what I want. And what I want is to stay with my real family and if you don’t leave in the next couple of seconds, you’ll find out what happens when I don’t get my way.” 
Sapnap and George yelled loudly, lifting you up and cheering while Punz escorted them out
Dream took you in his arms next, smiling brightly at you, “That’s my kid.” 
If it weren’t for Alex and Karl, their asses would’ve been toasted 
Karl, being the more calm one of the 3, spoke for everyone, “No. Y/n stays with us- with her Dads and with her family.” 
“Dads? Oh god- you mean to tell me the three of you are in a relationship? That’s revolting-“ 
“Watch it, bitch.” You jumped down from the stairs, landing in front of your bio mother. 
“Y/n?! I thought you were out with Bad?” 
“Came home early...these people bothering you Dad, Papa, Daddy?” 
“You little brat-!” 
Sapnap held his sword at your bio Dad’s throat while Alex flew in place above you with a bow drawn back. Karl held his book tightly and raised an eyebrow daringly
“You’ve quickly learned that no one messes with our family and gets away with it, so you have two options. Fight back and my fiancé will murder you-”
Sapnap grinned in response 
“Or my other fiancé will shoot you.” 
Alex flapped his wings angrily, calming down once you pushed them out the door and slammed it shut
“Well. That was eventful. Movie night anyone?” 
“Aw, hell yes, look at our badass child guys- hey, wait! I wanna pick the movie!” 
You know how Bad is canonically 9 feet tall? Well, usually he keeps his height around 5”8 so he can chill with the rest of you, but…
“What the-!” 
Bad towered over everyone, white eyes glaring down at the intruders, “Wanna repeat that?” His voice was so much more demonic now
Skeppy cheered before pointing at your bio family, “I wouldn’t make him mad- well, more than he already is. You sure have some audacity.”
A single high pitched whistle from the diamond man made Sam and Ant file in the room, eyebrows raising at Bad’s natural height 
“Wait- you’re telling me these bastards came to take little Y/n away from us? HA-” Ant laughed so hard he had to kneel over
“WOW DAD! YOU’RE SO TALL!” You ran up to him, jumping excitedly. Sapnap joined you, chuckling quietly
Until he noticed the guests. “Who’re they?” 
“Nobody, they were just leaving.” Sam nodded up at Bad, taking out his trident and pointing it at the group, “Weren’t you?”
You didn’t care who those people were, really, you just wanted to ride on your dad’s shoulders! “Can me and Sappy ride on your shoulders?”
“Skeppy too!” Zak pulled you into a half hug, grinning cheekily up at the demon
Bad huffed, even though he was smiling, “Muffinheads. Come on-”
‘Best family ever!’ you thought
- protective Babyboo pog 
Hope they like endermen- 
His mouth immediately starts to split as purple particles form around his body. Ranboo wasn’t gonna lose you to nobody 
Your bio family stands their ground though, as Ranboo doesn’t fully transform, and soon you’re waltzing into the room with Michael settled on your hip 
“Da- who are you people and why are you aggravating my father?” You gripped Michael tighter and brought out a diamond sword
They backed up at that, staring at the person you held in your arms, “Oh, honey, what have these monsters done to you?”
You snarled, marching up to your bio mother with fire in your eyes, “Get the hell out of my house. If I ever hear some shit like that come out of your mouth again- no, if I even see you ever again, it won’t be pretty.” 
Being held at sword point, they all quickly fled the house. You dropped your sword quickly and went over to your dad, “Dadboo? You okay?” 
Ranboo smiled, blinking away the mist in his eyes, “I’m perfectly fine, Babyboo. Thank you for sticking up for me and your brother-”
“I’d do it without hesitation anyday. You’re the best Dadboo ever!”
Tells Phil, Tubbo, and Techno about it later and they are all very impressed
Laughed in their faces- he didn’t even get mad, “You do realize who you’re talking to, right? I’m the King-” 
You stood to the side with Dream, looking back and forth between him and your dad, “Mister Dream? Who are they?” 
“I assume they’re your biological family.” 
You made a face, “Well I want to stay with dad.”
Eret stood there, silently, as your bio family started making complaints and demands before motioning you to come over, “C’mere, darling.” 
You skipped over happily, gripping onto your dad’s cape by habit, “Yes?” 
“They want to take you with them.” Eret didn’t bother asking if you wanted to go with them, he’d heard your conversation with Dream. It filled him with pride.
“No!” You huffed, burying your face into Eret’s stomach, “I wanna stay with you!” 
“Alright then.” Eret petted your hair softly, glancing over at Dream, “Would you please, Dream?” 
He took you back over to the throne and sat with you, not being afraid to tell you how much he appreciated you staying with him- and with no hesitation at that. 
“Duh! I love it here, and I love you, Dad!” 
An immediate “ssss” noise starts emitting from Sam’s body and Fran jumps at that, barking at the group standing in front of her caretaker 
“They are my kid- they have been since the day Fran found them, alone and abandoned, in the woods.”
“Like you could take better care of them than we could! You’re a creeper hybrid- a freak!”
Sam’s freckles started flashing, indicating there would be an explosion soon but a sudden hand gripped his, making the hissing go away 
“Dad?” You looked up at your father with a smile, free hand going to pet Fran, “No need to get so worked up. I’d never leave you.” 
Sam hummed at that, leaning down to pick you up and set you on his shoulders, “Yes, indeed, little creeper. Fran? Show them the way out won’t you girl?” 
Ponk poked his head out from behind the doorway, “My goodness, Sammy, I thought you were actually gonna explode for a second there! Phew-” 
Sam smiled fondly as you slid off his shoulders to go make fun of Ponk for being scared, nodding at Fran when she came back, “My family.” 
As soon as “we want them back” falls from your bio dad’s lips, Bur is immediately agitated 
Glatt is the first to step up, growling and brandishing his horns off menacingly, “what the fuck did you just say to us?”
The room starts to get a bit colder as Ghosty’s demeanor changes. His head tilts to the side and he has this glint in his eyes that resembles pogtopia!Alivebur 
They both phase through your bio parents, making them stumble back from the shock of the coldness 
You walk in moments later, confused as to why there are random people in your house, “Papa? Dad? What’s going on?” 
Ghostbur is suddenly back to normal, “Nothing, my little superstar! Glatt was just showing these lovely people the way out!” 
You smile as your dad wraps his arms around you, ushering your Papa to do the same once those people have left 
You didn’t tell them, but you heard and watched the entire thing- you wouldn’t leave your family for the world, so it was touching to see them fight without hesitation to keep you.
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yandere-daydreams · 11 days ago
Picture this: you’re a hiker lost deep, deep in the wilderness in a foreign country. Seemed like it would be a fun trip, but now you’re lost and it’s the dead of winter. Your days are numbered. But then. Someone finds you, takes you to their cabin to recover. They take a liking to you. But then as you’re ready to leave, you’re snowed in. Now you’re stuck in a cabin with a person whose language you can’t understand, miles and miles from anyone else, and oh did I mention they’re a werewolf? I imagine they’d resort to other methods to show their affection when you can’t understand their words.
tw - isolation, implied non-con, intimidation, mentions of hypothermia, mentions of animal death, generalized monster-fucking.
I think that kind of 'lost in the forest and saved by an oh-so-benevolent stranger who couldn't possibly be more than they seem' might be one of my favorite tropes. I mean, just imagine how scared you'd be, cold and alone, separated from your group and terribly, terribly lost, any recognizable landmark or trail marker blocked out by the snow, too thick for any human being to see through without the proper gear. You collapse, eventually, and you wake up somewhere else, somewhere warm, stripped of all your heavy, wet clothes and laid out in front of a raging fireplace, your quiet savior kneeling patiently at your side. They give you time to panic, to call them a dozen awful names and list off your accusations, and after you apologize and calm down and promise to listen, they explain that they found you while they were hunting, that you were already well into the first few stages of hypothermia.
They tell you that you're free to leave whenever you'd like to, but they wouldn't recommend going further than the front porch. Blizzards are worse, in the mountains, tend to last for weeks at a time, and the two of you are miles away from the nearest road, let alone the closest town. They have a heavy accent, occasionally struggling or skipping over words, but it's not a difficult message to understand. You ask them if you can stay until the storm passes, and you thank them, when they say you can.
They're nice enough, if a bit reclusive. They're used to the climate, used to the terrain, and they spend most of the day hunting, or checking traps, or doing whatever they do when they leave before sunrise and come back after dark with deer slung over their back, or a bloody rabbit, or something else that you'll hesitantly offer to skin and cook, not that they ever let you pull your own weight. It's not a big cabin, but they give you the only bedroom, insist that you stay as comfortable as you can while you're still recovering, and when you do go outside, desperate for fresh air, they make sure you're properly dressed, properly warned about the snow leopards and the feral wolves that roam the mountainside. They're protective, but they did find you unconscious, exhausted, another hour of exposure away from dying. They get to be a little over-bearing, after that.
They get to be a little strange, too. They're used to being alone, to fending for themself, and they don't seem to be used to... people, for lack of a kinder way to put it. They go days without talking, sometimes, only communicating in low grunts and other low, guttural sounds. They warn you about wild animals, but they never seem to have an issue with going out on their hunts without a gun, without a knife, even if the bodies they bring home are always bloody, always mutilated, often beyond recognition. They touch you, a lot, as much as they can, leaving a hand on your waist for a second too long, slotting themself against you whenever the two of you share the same space, slipping into your bed, at night, hovering over when they think you're asleep, letting pointed fangs ghost over your neck and staring at you with those wide, reflective eyes, too bright and too golden to be mistake for human. You feel claws, sometimes, a rough tongue on your chest, your thighs, other, worse places, less easily forgotten, and when you 'wake up' the next morning, when they come back from their latest hunt with their newest kill, you don't bring it up. You don't mention the bruises on your shoulder, the bite marks, or how clear the weather has been, lately, how many days its been since the last snowfall.
Wolves are known to be possessive, after all, hesitant to relinquish what they've already marked.
You doubt they'd be willing to give up what they already consider theirs.
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