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#finding nemo reference

We, my family, bought a small boat last week, and we have now come to an agreement. That the name of the boat is to be “Bøvsen”, which is the danish version of “The Butt”.

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Shawn stands in front of the weed field. “…I’ve put a lot of time into these plants… Welp! Time to name them! This half will be Riley Jr. And this half will be Shawn Jr.”

A pause.

“Okay, I’m done!”

He goes to walk away but turns to a weed plant that was slightly taller than the rest. “But you will be…..” He pauses for a moment, rubbing his chin.


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Steeljaw: (watching Thunderhoof dreamily)
Thunderhoof: ...What?
Steeljaw: Remember how we met on Cybertron?
Thunderhoof: Well ah try not ta.
Steeljaw: Well I do (walks to him) Excuse me sir--
Thunderhoof: eek! Steelie! (Trying not to laugh)
Steeljaw: Can you check to see if I have some bone pieces in my teeth?
Thunderhoof: Steeljaw-- (shakes his helm giggling)
Steeljaw: You'll have to look closer it's really in there (kisses him)
Thunderhoof: (covers face squealing)
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Okay I could just destroy the Tumblr app.

Okay, so if you were talking to me in the past four or five days and I haven’t replied, there’s a good chance the app may have glitched and didn’t send my response.

I’ve been trying to fix that tonight but I just wanted peeps to know!

Also, if you sent me something and I haven’t replied to it and you are nervous/anxious, feel free to send it again or send me an ask and check that I got it.

The problem with the app was that I had supposedly reached “ask limit” before I even sent a message. So it shouldn’t have kept messages from being received, just sent, but things happen.

I’m serious though, please, if you were talking to me and don’t know where I went, lemme know!

Currently trying to figure out how to reply to some peeps and processing a few things atm, but always available to talk!

Sorry for all the delay. I’m a delay fish. It’s what I do.

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