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#fine women + fine food
janicealice52962864 · 2 months ago
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domperignonubroughtit · 10 months ago
#eating disorder tw#so I’m going to preface this by saying eating disorders in any form are so hard and life changing often in the worst way#but this evening one of my housemates stayed behind while I did everyone’s dishes as per#and she said she just wanted to check up on me since she’d noticed I hadn’t eaten anything in over a day#I mean I’m fine I did once have a rather questionable relationship with what I ate but whenever I’m not at home that’s not a problem#but it meant so much to me that like.... like it took less than 48 hours and she felt like she could say that#like I effectively met this girl at the start of this year when we moved in and she genuinely cares??#bit of a stark contrast to the ex friend I had been living with who low key just made fun of me a lot for what I eat#but no like it feels lonely and stressful a lot here but that was so supportive and caring I just felt so lucky#(to clarify this is def a bit of an overshare but my body just rejects food for like the day before and first day of my period)#(I have learned ways to get in some nutrients but it’s grim and so I just avoid for those two days)#(I also know I should probably see someone about it but women’s health and a small town you know)#(it’s also probably partly due to not being even fairly regular until age 21 bc of various childhood things so)#(don’t end up like me - take care of yourself :) you’re worth it :))#also!!! if you’ve made it this far in the tags and you also feel lonely and/or stressed a lot my inbox is always open#I’m on BST/GMT and do have a lot of work going on rn but if ever you need someone to talk to :)
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thethief1996 · 2 months ago
In the last weeks in Palestine
They keep demolishing homes in Silwan, and families are having to choose between demolishing their homes themselves or pay a fine to the Israeli government. Children are sleeping in their cars as their homes are demolished against their will.
Musa Hassouneh was shot and killed by a mob in Lydd. On the 13th, her father had to leave the city after the Israeli mayor threatened to kill him
IOF demolished the village of Khirbet Humsa for the sixth time in less than an year, throwing their belongings, including food packages, 7 miles away
The IOF also demolished another village in Humsa, the Jordan Valley. Here's a video of a child asking where the army is coming from
IOF pepper sprayed a one year old while confiscating a tractor in Um Al Jamal in the Jordan Valley. Here's a video of the child receiving care after the attack
Israel shut down the office of the Palestinian agricultural union in Ramallah
Settlers from a nearby settlement raided and threw stones at homes in Huwara, in the West Bank. IOF provided cover for the settlers to walk back to their settlement. In a separate episode, they injured a child who was herding their cattle.
IOF confiscated a health facility in Masafar Yatta, in the West Bank. Here's a video of them brutalizing an elder protesting the confiscation
Israel has demolished the home of a prisoner as punishment. On July 14, a group of Birzeit University students visited the family to show support and all 45 of them were arrested. The IOF had the audacity to tweet the youth they arrested were a part of a Hamas student cell in Ramallah
Even though they announced they would retreat the colonizer settlement in Beita, the IOF is still building a military base and a religious school there. Palestinians have been resisting everyday for months and have been brutally repressed
In June 9th, the IOF injured 411 people in Beita, including a child named Mohammad Hamayel who was shot with live bullets to his spleen and shrapnel to his waist.
These kind of bullets with explosive shrapnel are prohibited under international law, but have been used consistently against Beita residents. On top of that, they've been making access of ambulances and other medical services difficult to residents.
IOF shot a shepherd in Beita because he refused to follow orders. On another episode, 19 year old Hussam Asaira was killed trying to protect his village
The IOF has been consistently brutalizing Palestinians in Jerusalem. Here's a video of protesters being attacked in the Damascus Gate.
IOF keeps brutalizing residents in Sheikh Jarrah. Here's a video of an attack that ended up injuring Aref Hammad, an elder resident in risk of displacement
Yesterday (July 18th) settlers and IOF soldiers raided Al Aqsa mosque. They beat women, attacked worshippers and shot live bullets inside the mosque to make way for Israeli Jewish visitors
This thread talks about how settlers want to demolish Al Aqsa to build a biblical park, exactly like they're doing with Silwan
Here's a video of the attacks and this thread shows videos of IOF brutalizing women, including attacking and stealing a woman's prayer mat
They bolted the doors to the mosque to stop Palestinians from praying.
Don't look away from Palestine. Israel will keep on doing these crimes if they think they can get away with it. The best we can do is to clog zionist propaganda. Palestinians have been systemically silenced on social media and news outlets, and Muna El Kurd, one of the leaders of the Save Sheikh Jarrah movement, has already said that spreading the word is very important to fight zionism.
Be angry and amplify Palestinian voices. The above links go back to activist accounts, follow them and share their updates. Attend protests (here's a constantly updating list of pro Palestine protests) and follow organizations to know when the next ones will be held. Some of them: USCPR, Palestinian Youth Movement, Within our Lifetime, Arab Resource and Organizing Center, and Mohammed El Kurd (he often posts calls for action from all over the world on his stories).
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