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#finn mikaelson

blood. klaus mikaelson

word count: 2159

warnings: mention of blood and tiny bit of swearing

requested: nope

plot: you and klaus butt heads until you.. don’t

a/n: this has been sitting around for ages, i wrote it months and months ago but i really like it and hopefully you do to! i have so many imagines already written (for everyone except oscar i’m afraid which is why the requests take so long) and waiting to be posted! so will probs be posting quite a bit for the time being. anyway, hope u enjoy!


“oh,” you stopped. your eyes followed from his head to his toes, you’d never seen so much blood. klaus stopped before he could bump into you. he wasn’t expecting to see you before he’d cleaned himself up. his mouth opened as if he was going to say something, but nothing came out.


Originally posted by multi-fandom-imagines8

“hey,” you mumbled, trying to ease any tension.

you hadn’t seen klaus since you argued a couple hours ago. you were living with the mikaelson’s while you were in town, you had known them for a pretty long time, they were always very accommodating whenever you needed it. you first met in mystic falls when you were young, and caught up with the salvatores. klaus had taken a liking to you, and you became fast friends despite his gruesome reputation.

but since he uprooted his family to new orleans, you didn’t see him as much as you wanted to.

you’d been arguing about nothing. you’d be out late the night before with kol drinking, and you had an unfortunate encounter with another vampire. kol handled of course, but not before you received some bumps and bruises. but you were fine, you didn’t think it was a big enough deal to tell klaus. but he did, apparently. he was pretty mad at you when you tried to argue it was none of his business whether you were safe or not. and klaus stormed out and you hadn’t seen him since.

you knew klaus liked to let off a little steam, but he looked like he’d been up to much worse.

he didn’t look so angry anymore, he looked tired.

“is—is that your blood?” your head tilted slightly. you almost wanted it to be his blood, because you certainly didn’t want it to be anyone else’s. you weren’t scared of klaus, he’d never done anything to warrant you being scared of him. you’d heard stories, mainly from damon and stefan, but you never really paid attention. klaus was nice to you, so it didn’t matter to you how he used to behave.

klaus glanced down at his hands, soaked in blood, along with his shirt and his neck and his face. “no,” he gulped. “this happens to be the blood of your enemies.”

your furrowed your brows. “my enemies? i don’t think i have any enemies.”

“that man,” klaus spoke again. “the one that tried to harm you just last night. he was a part of a bigger group, preying on drunk, human girls. i took care of them.”

your mouth hung open slightly. klaus looked away, he couldn’t bear another argument with you about his murderous tendencies or his uncontrollable temper. he was sick of you looking at him like that, like he had two heads.

“oh,” you were confused. klaus was mad at you the last time you saw him, and now he comes home telling you he’s taken care of your enemies. “uh— i guess they deserved what they got.”

klaus nodded. “if you don’t mind, love, i’m going to clean myself up,” he motioned to move past you, and you stepped out of his way, your mind was all over the place.

“wait,” you grabbed his hand before he walked away. you quickly pulled away when he turned around, noticing the blood transferred now onto your fingers. you always hated the smell of blood. you pushed the thought aside. “are you still mad at me?”

he furrowed his brows. “no,” he shook his head. “it wasn’t your fault. those men were pigs.”

you nodded, recalling what had occurred with the man the night before. you’d only lost kol for a split second. “right,” you felt a twinge where the cut on your temple lay, your mind wandered. klaus noticed your lack of concentration.

“i was mad at myself,” he admitted. his eyes were locked on you, boring into you. “i try to keep you safe. and you got hurt.”

you shook your head, adjusting your attention to klaus’s face again. “you weren’t to know,” you shrugged. you noticed klaus’s eyes drifting from your eyes, to the cut on your forehead. you lifted your hand and touched the sore, scrunching up your nose a little. “it’s not even that bad,” you shrugged. klaus wasn’t comforted by any of this though. “kol found me before things got too messed up.”

“my stupid little brother should never have left your side,” klaus snapped.

“klaus, come on,” you pleaded. you couldn’t get into this with him again. you couldn’t handle him when he was angry, he was unreasonable. “if it wasn’t for your stupid little brother i’d probably be dead in an alleyway somewhere—”

“enough,” he stopped you.

“i’m just saying,” you sighed, getting nowhere once again with klaus. he was so stubborn and angry all the time. “maybe you should just go take a shower.”

his jaw clenched, taking one last look at you before turning away again and heading to take a shower as you suggested.

you knocked gently. “hey,” pushing the door open that led to his bedroom, you saw him sat in his armchair, a drink in his hand. “sorry to interrupt.”

he shook his head. “you’re not,” he gulped what was left in his glass, before standing to meet you at his door. “what?” he frowned when you looked down at your feet. “what’s wrong?”

“nothing,” you shook your head quickly after hearing the urgency in his voice. you ran your fingers through your hair, pulling at the ends like you did when you were uncomfortable. “i just wanted to apologise.”

“apologise?” he repeated. “to me?”

“yes— obviously to you,” your eyes met with his. he looked calmer than he had done in a while. you sighed. “i was being rude earlier, and i never thanked you for looking out for me.”

klaus glanced away for a second. “you don’t need to explain yourself to me.”

“i know. but still,” you shrugged. “i’m sorry.”

he paused before he answered again. “don’t be. we both spoke without thinking.”

you nodded. you wanted to tell him. you weren’t sure whether it was the way he was looking at you, or how he’d behaved in the past twenty four hours, or if it was just you overthinking again. you opened your mouth to speak but thought against it. you didn’t want to open a can of worms. if klaus wanted to cross that bridge with you, you were sure he would’ve done it already.

“ok,” you mumbled instead of what you really wanted to say. you took a step back. “i’m gonna go now.”

“you sure?” klaus wore a slight smile. he always knew when you were holding your tongue. but this time, it was better for the both of you if you held your tongue. “you sure you don’t want to confess your undying love for me while we’re at it?” he was joking, but it still caught you off guard. clearly your face showed it. “kidding, love.”

you let out a strained bout of laughter, taking a couple steps further back so you could leave his room. “good one,” was all you could think of to say. “see ya’,” you turned to leave quickly before this got any more uncomfortable, but when you did, klaus was standing in front of you again. startled, you hit his chest. “i hate it when you speed around like that.”

“what just happened?” he queried, his eyebrows furrowed with a small confused smile on his lips. you tried to walk around him but he stopped you. his hand touched your waist and you pulled away. he frowned.

“i don’t wanna talk about it right now,” you admitted.

“wait,” he pleaded, standing in your way when you tried to move around him again. he really didn’t understand half the things you did. he wanted you to be able to talk to him. “is this because of that joke?”

“leave it alone, klaus,” you huffed.

of course you had feelings for him. it was impossible not to. but he definitely didn’t need to know about it. you two were good as friends, and if he’d ever felt the same way towards you he surely would’ve said something before now. so there was no need to get into it with him. it would only mess things up.

“what? did you actually want to confess your undying love for me? it was a joke, love,” he let out a short laugh, confused by the way you were acting so suddenly towards him. then the thought occurred to him. “oh.”

“yeah,” you looked away from him for a second, sighing when he backed up. he hadn’t expected this from you. you knew he would react like this, which is exactly why you hadn’t planned on telling him.

oh,” he repeated.

“hey,” you frowned, shaking your head. “don’t worry about it. i know you’re a loner type and i also know you don’t feel that way about me. so, don’t worry,” it killed you to say it but you knew it was true. you told yourself the same thing every time you felt yourself feel things for him. it was your way of talking yourself out of it. though it hadn’t worked so far.

“wait— i—” it was the first time you’d actually seen klaus speechless. he really had no clue. “you fancy me?” he let out a choked laugh.

“alright,” you scoffed. “no need to be mean about it,” you really couldn’t see what he was thinking. he looked like a mixture of emotions.

“no,” he shook his head. “i always thought you indifferent,” he wore a teasing smile on his lips now, one you’d seen many times before. “i always thought you had a thing for my little brother.”

“kol?” you frowned, letting out a small laugh. “ew, no.”

“interesting,” he was trying to process it. you continued to wear a frown, you didn’t know where he was going with any of this.

“i’m gonna go before you make fun of me anymore,” you moved around him, but he grabbed your wrist before you got far. you groaned. “klaus, what? you’ve had your fun with it, but it’s really just mean to tease me about it.”

he shook his head with that same small smile. “i’ve always fancied you, love.”

your face softened, klaus melted watching you react to his words. your hands fell to your side. "don’t tease me.”

“i promise you, i’m not.”

“what?” you stated, rather than questioning. you shook your head. it was your turn to be stunned now. you never expected this from him. you dreamt of him feeling this same, but you’d always convinced yourself he never would. “i never thought you’d feel the same. klaus, your the most self-isolating person i’ve ever met. you could’ve hinted something to me so i’d know.”

“sorry,” he snorted. “i thought murdering a group of men for bothering you was hint enough.”

you opened your mouth but closed it again quickly. “yeah,” you nodded. “i guess you’re right. i just didn’t see it.”

“are we all up to speed now?” he checked. you smiled softly, nodding.

“i guess so,” you didn’t know how to act now.

“good. can i kiss you now?” you nodded, freezing once klaus wasted no time in stepping closer to you. his hands cupped your face, his lips pressing to yours. you gasped softly, your hands moving to his shirt, you fisted the material and pulled him closer to you, deepening the kiss. he backed you up until you hit a wall, his hands moving to either side of your head. you moaned softly, your hands moving to his shoulders, gripping them tight to hold yourself up.

finally you pulled away to catch a breath, klaus moving his lips to your neck, where he peppered you with kisses. your chest was moving up and down pretty fast, the smile on your face growing.

you ran your fingers through his hair. “i wish i’d slipped up sooner, holy shit,” you laughed, his face moving back up to yours and kissing your lips once more sweetly.

he hummed contently, a smirk on his lips. you took him all in. “i could get used to this.”

“you,” his hands slipped onto your waist, pinning you against the wall. “are beautiful,” his fingers slipping under your shirt, running across your skin. “i don’t think i’ve met anyone who puts up with me quite like you do.”

you laughed, rolling your eyes. “yeah, you’re kind of a handful,” he squeezed your sides, causing you to squeal. he laughed, enjoying this side of you so much more already.

“watch it,” he teased.

“kidding,” you muttered, you leaned forward slightly, your lips almost touching his. “i wouldn’t have you any other way.”

klaus was in disbelief that someone could be so perfect. you knew him inside and out and you were still completely here for him. he loved you for it.

100 notes

hi!! thank you so much for the ask!! (is it sam? i know i follow you on spotify and i’ve seen you asking my mutuals stuff but i might be wrong anyways lol) kaleo’s one of my favourite bands, i just discovered them a few months ago and they’re super underrated, but my favourite song?? gonna say ‘no good’, ‘all the pretty girls’ & ‘vor í vaglaskógi b/c they’re all bops and everyone needs to listen to them jflakfjdslkf they were one of the first songs i found from them and i played them on repeat for four months so jflakfjdslkf anyways i’m really glad you like them!! i’ve checked out your playlists a few months ago and you have great taste in music <3

and uh, oh god favourite to/tvd character?? jflakfjdslkf HOOOOOO BOY HOW CAN I CHOOSE skdhskjsbdjdh????flsndksbfjdbdj???skdjfdhfjdk???okay god on the one hand, you have klaus who had some of the best character development i’ve seen in a show, he’s paranoid and narcisstic and so afraid of losing his siblings that he locked them in coffins so they wouldn’t leave him, or if they did anything against him, and he’s traumatised by his father’s abuse, killed his own mother and framed him for the act, and when they first went on the run from mikael he was probably so scared of letting them all down because like, he was the reason that mikael was hunting them down, yet they still gave up themselves to protect him, especially elijah and rebekah, and he must have been so scared of proving mikael right, that he really is weak, pathetic boy who can’t protect his own family, he’s just desperately trying to find love and imagine how broken he must’ve been after aurora said she didn’t want to go with him like jflakfjdslkfjflakfjdslkf UGH

and then???? there’s elijah??? i fucking love him and relate to him so much with the whole guilt associated with family and he knows that he’s a bad person but he really fucking believes that by helping klaus find redemption and being there for his family would make him seem like the good guy, he could just pretend that everything he did was for family and therefore all his actions are justified, but that’s so wrong and he knows that he’s not noble or honourable or good in any way shape or form and ughhh it’s just jflakfjdslkfjflakfjdslkf like also the strix???? he created it to form a group of like-minded people and finally had people to care about other than his own family, but that all must’ve come crashing down when they had to leave, but anything for klaus, even if they got slaughtered

but then like???? finn??? like he knew mikael before he was abusive and idolised him, and he was traumatised by seeing his own sister being dragged away by dahlia and his mother doing nothing, so he probably never saw mikael the same way as his siblings, and he hated being a vampire so so much to the point of being suicidal, and his siblings would never understand what it was like for him, and while they embraced their vampirism finn never could, and purely because of that they locked him in a coffin for nine hundred years, like oh my GOD imagine what that would do to a person i jflakfjdslkf

and like??? rebekah too?? the older brother who gave her a wooden knight and tucked her in b/c she was scared of a thunderstorm was just a bloodthirsty monster and she’d seen all the abuse and suffering he went through and even tried to kill her own father for klaus, but like elijah stopped her and tried himself but still couldn’t do it, and klaus started abusing her and never let her find happiness or love because it was always family first, klaus first. like god she so badly to be there for klaus because she’s so guilty that she let elijah stop her from killing mikael, and her own brother doesn’t deserve to be hunted down and killed rt??how could she ever think about putting her own happiness over her brother jflakfjdslkf


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Just a prank!


Originally posted by svnkissedskies

GIF credits: @svnkissedskies

Request : Hey hope you’re okay ! For the request thing, can you write a Klaus and rebekah fluff ? As brother and sister. Just them please. By @originalbarbieklaus

The vampire diaries : Klaus and Rebekah Mikaelson  + Kol ( no OC )

Warning :  Mikaelson sibling fun .

Author’s note : it’s klaus’s birthday + Finn is alive and Freya is there too, no hope and Hayley or Marcel.

“Rebekahhhhh!” Klaus shouted while walking out of the kitchen covered in whipped cream with a note in his hand :

‘Happy birthday brother!  -Rebekah xoxo 💋’

Kol fell of the couch at his brother, terrified. “Oh god! Our time is here. He’s gonna dagger us on his birthday isn’t he ?” Kol asked the three eldest Mikaelson siblings (Freya, Finn and Elijah ) who shook their head at his childish behavior.

Klaus came inside the living room where all Mikaelson siblings except Rebekah were. “ Where is Rebekah !?”

Rebekah who was standing on the balcony in foyer indicated the four other Mikaelsons not to tell where she is. “We don’t know.” Freya and Finn said in unison.

“Calm down Niklaus. Our sister was playing just a harmless prank.” Elijah offered him a drink which he declined.

Kol remembers the time when Rebekah blamed his when it wasn’t really his fault. To take revenge he revealed where the youngest Mikaelson is. “Nik she’s standing on the foyer balcony!” He pointed at Rebekah who widened her eyes and looked around for a place to hide.

Before she could klaus caught her and pulled her down with him to the kitchen. There he took a can of whipped cream and sprayed it on her hair and face. 


Soon they started to play with food. Klaus forgot that he was angry on his youngest sister . They were laughing like children . After some time both of them were covered in food. they sat down against the counter and looked at each other still laughing.

“We should really clean up, well I think I should, cause you threw chicken stew on me and now I stink !” Rebekah said before getting up and moving towards her room, but she stopped on her way and turned. “You know I have make things Evan with Kol… Are you in?”

“Hell yeah!” Both of them made their way to shore and change.


In the afternoon the two siblings were setting up their prank in Kol’s room. “You know Nik, you should ask Hayley out? She’d say yes.”

“That’s why I don’t ask!”

“Too shy or too scared?”

“Too busy!”

Rebekah scoffed and turned, “ You are never busy Klaus! You just roam around and have bourbon all day.”

“You don’t know sister I’m a very busy person.” Just then they heard footsteps approaching up the hall. They took a good look around the room. Testing that the camera is set up all good and then using their vampire speed The escape the room through the balcony and jumped to finn’s balcony and went into the living room. Rebekah took her phone out so that they could watch Kol’s things tortured him.

“Ohh. Didn’t thought it hunted that hard” Klaus said as a metal can hit Kol’s head.

The rest of the day was fun for the two but for Kol Mikaelson …. not really.

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drunken night. klaus mikaelson

word count: 1698

warnings: none just a bit of swearing

requested: no something i wrote ageees ago

plot: your night is spoiled and klaus comes to the rescue

a/n: something different? let me know if you like or not oop— i have many more. also some kol imagines and bucky / peter p / marvel imagines i could post??? dunno lemme know whatcha think i’m nervous


“oh, hey klaus,“ your eyes shifted around the compound when you stumbled across the wrong mikaelson brother. you’d been looking for your best friend, kol, you were supposed to go out drinking tonight. you’d had a particularly lousy week at work, and you were certainly ready to start the weekend off right by getting absolutely drunk out of your mind. and kol was the perfect person to do this with. "is kol around?”

klaus’ eyes shifted from the book in his hands to you when you entered the compound. you wore your hair down which you didn’t do often, and dressed up just a little more than usual. klaus couldn’t keep his eyes off you, you didn’t notice as you were preoccupied with kol’s whereabouts.

“can’t say i’ve seen him, love,” you nodded. pulling your phone out your back pocket you began to dial kol’s number when a message popped up. it was from kol.

i’m caught up with something. rain-check?

you huffed when you saw the message. you understood but it was still annoying. you really needed this night out. you just responded with a quick no prob. see you later. before shutting off your phone.

“kol?” klaus raised an eyebrow when he heard your phone ding, followed by your sigh. you nodded.

“he’s cancelling on me,” you frowned slightly, looking up to see the hybrid was watching you with a smile. you ignored it, he always wore a smirk on his face. he was always amused, or ready to tease you about something, it was in his nature.

“he’s always been a bit flaky, that brother of mine,” he shrugged, putting his bookmark in between the page he was on and put it down. his full attention was on you now. “what did you have planned?”

you trudged over to where klaus was sitting, and plonked yourself next to him like a child throwing a strop. klaus smirked in amusement. he always had a bit of a soft spot for you, not that he’d ever tell a living soul. but ever since you became friends with kol a couple years ago, klaus had his eye on you. he always made an effort to talk to you when you weren’t preoccupied with his brother. he liked the way you smiled when he spoke to you. you were kind and inviting, and funny. but you held your ground, and defended yourself and the people you loved fiercely. he just felt better when you were around.

“we were supposed to go out drinking,” you wore a slight pout. you were always oblivious to the way klaus behaved around you. you thought he was handsome, no doubt, and his accent always made you feel a little weak, but he was kol’s brother. and he had a reputation, so you never went there. you just figured he was nice to you because he had to be. kol was very protective over you, he wouldn’t stand for klaus, or any of his siblings, being rude to you. “and boy do i need a drink.”

you rested, ready to up and leave after you spent a moment being angry with kol so you could move on from it. you just needed to get it out your system quickly and then you could go home and mope about it. “you know, i work hard at my job,” suddenly you found yourself unloading everything on klaus. “and do i get any recognition? does my hard work pay off?” you couldn’t stop now you’d started. klaus was the next best thing to kol, and he wasn’t complaining yet so you kept going. “no! you know what i get? a big fat load of nothing.”

"and then i think— you know what— screw them. what do i care? i can spend the night getting drunk, forgetting about my shitty job and my shitty coworkers, and my shitty boss. but what happens?—”

“kol dumps you,” klaus intervened.

“kol dumps me!” you repeated. you huffed, sinking back into the seat.

“you really should find better company than my brother, he’s always been a bit of a letdown,” klaus shrugged, teasing in hopes to ease the tension you were feeling. instead, you slapped his chest, giving him a look that made him think that was the wrong thing to say.

“he’s your brother, and my best friend, don’t be mean,” klaus stifled a laugh and nodded his head. he didn’t dare argue with you, you were on a roll. you could easily rip into him and he didn’t want to hear it right now. “anyway,” your attention moved away from klaus again and you sighed, your shoulders slumping. “point is, i’m sick of people.”

he smiled, nodding again. “welcome to my world, love.”

you glanced at him for a second. you always liked when he would use that nickname with you, it made you feel a little bit nervous. he was this big, scary hybrid, that so many people feared. but he would sit with you and let you rant about work, tease you and call you love. it was almost comforting. you liked klaus, despite what anyone said. which worried you.

“i should go,” your eyebrows furrowed the longer you lingered. “sorry for unloading all that on you,” you let out an uncomfortable laugh, realising you’d been sitting hear talking his ear off whilst he was being so polite and taking it all in. you stood up, making your way towards the door. “see you around, klaus.”

as you turned to leave through the front gates, you found klaus now standing in front of you. you jolted backwards, caught off guard by his fast movements.

“stay and have a drink with me,” klaus proposed. you furrowed your brows again, taken aback.

“i think i should probably go home.”

"come on love, you made it pretty clear what you needed is a stiff drink and some company. and here i am, offering you both,” the smirk on his lips was enough to entice anybody. you couldn’t resit accepting him.

you were quiet for a moment. klaus shook his head. “i’m not all bad, promise.”

“ok, fine.”

hours later and you were absolutely rotten drunk. your words slurred, your eyes stung, and you laughed at anything that klaus said at this point. but you were enjoying yourself. klaus turned out to be pretty good company after all. his tolerance was obviously much than yours, so he watched in amusement as you got more and more intoxicated as the night went on. he was just glad you were feeling better.

“i hope you told him where to shove it,” klaus responded to your story about this man that had cat called you on your walk to the compound earlier.

you rolled your eyes, wearing a soft smile. “of course i did. i’m not completely helpless,” you were lying down on the couch, klaus sat on the chair next to you, watching you stare at the ceiling and occasionally stealing glances at him. he only found himself growing more and more fond of you, the more time he spent with you. you let out a content sigh, your eyes drooping slightly the longer you lay flat on your back staring up at the ceiling. you were growing tired, it was pretty late now. “you’re not as mean as people say you are, klaus,” you mumbled quietly, your eyes glancing upwards to where he sat watching you with a drink in his hand. “in—in fact, you’re perfectly nice,” you hiccuped.

“well, if i was this nice to everyone, i wouldn’t have much of a reputation, now, would i?” his quirked his eyebrow and sipped his drink. you sat up, turning around so you could face him.

“huh, i guess,” you hummed as you thought about it. he was right. but why you? “you know, when we first met, before i knew who you were, i thought you were pretty hot,” you chuckled, holding your stomach as it began to feel unsettled. you weren’t thinking about anything that was coming out of your mouth at this point.

“before you knew who i was?” he frowned for a split second, you always didn’t catch the expression.

“yeah, before i knew you were kol’s brother,” you shrugged. “kol’s like a brother to me and i couldn’t go around crushing on my brothers brothers— brothers best friend?— best—best friends brother? yep. that’s the one,” you smiled, your eyes fluttering. it didn’t occur to you that you were admitting this all to klaus.

“crushing?” klaus teased. he knew you were drunk, but he also knew you’d never have the confidence to say any of this to his face sober. so he was revelling in it a bit. “you crushed on me?”

you pointed a finger at him, wearing a smile. “don’t make fun of me.”

“i’m not,” he shook his head, still wearing a soft smirk. “but you do need to get to bed i think, come on,” he held out his hand, helping you onto your feet. as you stood up you felt the blood rush your head. klaus clutched onto your arms as you wobbled. “yep. bed time for you, love.”

you didn’t argue. you allowed klaus to guide you up the stairs, carefully, one step as a time. his arm wrapped around your waist, and you clutched onto both his arms tightly. he guided you to the guest room where you’d spent many drunken nights, after nights like this with kol.

“i got it from here,” you turned to face klaus, his hand lingering on your waist as you now stood face to face. you swayed forwards, grabbing his forearm. you wore a soft smile, your face inches apart and you couldn’t stop yourself. you leaned closer, pressing your lips to his. his lips moved against you, pushing you backwards until your back hit the doorframe and he pulled away. his hands on your hips and yours just touching his chest. you let out a smile. your faces still pretty close together. “don’t tell kol i did that.”

klaus mimicked your smile. “i won’t tell if you don’t.”

did klaus like you back?

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Something about the implicit threat of that smile calms her the way nothing else could. Forces her to rise to the challenge as she feels him out.

She smiles back. She doesn’t have fangs, of course, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have teeth just as sharp. Sharper. “Good things, I hope”.


Her fingers link with Finn’s. The edge of his ring grinds into her fingers.

She can feel him glance down at her when she threads their fingers together, but she doesn’t look up at him. Concentrates instead on screwing her face into a suitably frightened expression. Creased brow, worried lip–nothing too over the top.

Fairytale Ending Chapter 54 by livlepretre

For Liv, because she is the best and gives me and everyone who reads her fic everything we could ever ask for. Multiple chapters, slow burn relationships (and hot), well written, and perfectly characterized fic. Go forth and read!

21 notes

“The bond of family blesses us with an immeasurable power. But we also must accept what comes with it. It gives us a responsibility to love without condition, without apology. We can never waver from the power of that bond, even if it’s tested. The bond nourishes us, gives us strength. Without that power, we are nothing.” -Elijah Mikaelson

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data-peepr="{&quot;tumblelog&quot;:&quot;pleasantdreamqueen&quot;,&quot;postId&quot;:&quot;164782112822&quot;}">Originally posted by pleasantdreamqueen</a></p></figure><p>“Centuries later each of us is broken. We are the strongest creatures in the world, and yet we are damaged beyond repair. We live without hope, but we will never die. We are the definition of cursed. Always and forever.”<br></p> </div><span>The broken</span>
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the writers knew what they were doing during season 3 of the originals

  • klaus w/his curly hair UGH
  • elijah looks extra HOT
  • kol looks HOT THIS SEASON
  • also even FINN when he comes back, he looks scrumptious
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Coffee Shop AU

pairing: finn mikaelson x reader


summary: (Y/N) is a barista in New York, a new business man comes in one day and catches her eye. she decides to be daring a writes her number on the cup.

note: i was inspired by ‘i like you a latte’ by @elijahs-wife, a fanfic i love so much! so go check out her blog!

taglist: @elijahs-wife @hellotvshowtrash @njeancastro316 @soul-revoir @dumble-daddy


(Y/N) looked up when she heard the familiar ding of the bell. When she did she had to take a double look at the customer that walked through the door.

Is that an angel?

“No love, I am a real person with a drink order.” A british accent cut through (Y/N)’s thoughts as she blushed.

“Ok, what would you like to order today?” the girl said with a genuine smile gracing her lips. For other customers it would have probably been a fake one, but this man had her feeling something with just his looks.

“I would like a black coffee with…”

While he was ordering his drink (Y/N) decided to stare at the man who walked through her workplace looking so fine. She noticed the finely pressed suit, with no tie, and the key card that was clamped to his right pant pocket. Trying to read the name on it.

The man cleared his throat and that brought her back to herself.

“What what name will that be under?” (Y/N) asked, with distinct sweetness dripping from her tone.

“Finn, Finn Mikealson.”

The name made her stop, a Mikaelson? That family is the meaning of a family business, each of the sibling were apart of their massive company. She knew from looking at magazines and websites that the gene pool was gorgeous, but not that gorgeous!

Finn laughed at the barista’s shocked expression.

“Yep. I am a Mikaelson, no shock there.” He just laughed it off.

 (Y/N) giggled in return, and turned to get his order ready.

While pouring his coffee (Y/N) had an idea. She was going to shoot her shot with the suave business man that carried himself in such a strong way.

After debating the pros and cons in her head she did it. She wrote her name and number underneath the coffee sleeve, hoping he would see it before he threw his cup away.

“Black coffee for Finn!” (Y/N) shouted out amongst the morning rush of people trying to get their daily dose of caffeine.

The man rushed through the crowd, picking up his coffee and mumbling a small ‘thank you’ then leaving.

This made (Y/N) question her decisions.

What if there wasn’t anything in between us? Was I wrong?

She couldn’t do anything now. She was now waiting for him to make his move.


hello good friends! i hope y’all liked this one. i don’t usually write for finn, but should i make a part two?

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Day 4- My least favorite character is Finn. I just don’t like him. he helped his mother try to kill his siblings, he hates his siblings, he was just mean but i felt bad for him in his last episode. ( where he died for real) I felt like he didn’t deserve to die like that but he also said he caught a glimpse of the promise Always and Forever.

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Part number thirteen of this drag-along-roast series, where I’m such a bitter bitch, and I like to loathe the ship that is Kolvina, and insult it in anyway possible. Because I hate myself, and yes, I don’t have a life, and I’m such a negative person, but that’s just who I am, cause I have logic. Anywho, let’s get started people I make this post longer than it needs to be.

The Hollow resurrecting Davina, for obvious fanservice


Both sides of my brain arguing when Davina locks Finn in his body cause Kol wouldn’t have sex with her


When Freya says to Kol, ‘Davina didn’t want revenge’


Me to people saying that Kol cared for Davina more than Marcel did, at least Marcel turned against the Mikaelson’s for the sake of Davina, and Kol didn’t, sooooo……


Me and other Anti-Kolvina shippers on Tumblr getting insulted by KD shippers for our own opinions we like to express, in the correct tags


My calm side, without trying to go insane, saying to Kol when he says, 'Dust off that fancy dress, cause tonight we’re going dancing’


Everyone now realizing how awful the ship actually is, and it shouldn’t have gotten endgame


Me hearing that KD fans want a spin off about Kol and Davina, saying how fun that would be.


When I heard Kol call Davina gorgeous, brilliant, and powerful


Also me during this scene


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Elijah Mikaelson


Originally posted by elejah-wonderland

Gif credits: @elejah-wonderland

The vampire diaries: Elijah x reader

Damon pulled the car up at the Mikaelson Mansion and you got out. He had offered to carpool and you gladly accepted. At the door, you handed the man your coat and walked further into the grand house. Your long, beautiful Y/D/C dress trailed behind you as you walked gracefully into the ballroom. You spotted Elena standing with Stefan and Damon and walked over to them.

        After you got to them, all the Mikaelsons lined up on the grand staircase. First Finn, then Rebekah, then a man you did not know. He was wearing a dashing tux and his hair was slicked back. His eyes met your haze and you looked away, trying to make it seem like you weren’t looking at him. then it was Klaus, Kol, and a woman, who you guessed was Esther.

        "My mother wanted to have this ball to celebrate our family becoming whole again. tonight’s dance is a century old waltz. Now, if you’d all get a dance partner and follow me to the ballroom.“ Elijah announced. Soon, everyone had a partner and were out on the dance floor.

        You danced with Stefan since Damon had asked Elena. You got spun into another pair of arms and you looked up to see who it was. The spawn of Satan himself. "Hello, love.” Klaus greeted with a smile. “Good evening, Klaus. Your mother did a good job. It looks like the whole town is here.” You told him. “Well, Y/N, that’s my mother for you. She out does herself.” Klaus told you before you were spun into another pair of arms.

        This time, it was Damon. “Fancy seeing you here.” You said to Damon with a smirk. He rolled his eyes, but he had a small smile on his lips. “What were you and Klaus talking about?” Damon asked, bluntly. “I just told him that his mother did an excellent job on the ball.” You told him. Damon looked suspicious, but before he could say anything, you were spun into another pair of arms.

        The mystery Original looked down at you as if he was a hawk and you were a mouse. “Hello, darling. I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. My name is Elijah Mikaelson.” Elijah told you. “Y/N Y/L/N.” You told him simply. “A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” He flirted. A light pink rose to your cheeks at his compliment.

        Elijah couldn’t help but smile at the reaction he got out of you. The dance ended and you pulled away from him. You noticed that Damon, Stefan, and Elena were all lacking presences in the room. Suddenly, waiters started coming out with glasses of champagne. Everyone went back into the first room and Esther stood on the staircase, a glass of champagne in her hand as well.

        "I’d like to make a toast, I have waited a long time to get my family back together. Now we can truly be a family again.“ Esther said before raising her glass in the air. Everyone raised their glasses as well. You and Elijah clinked your glasses together and took a small sip of the bubbly drink. Damon came over to you and pulled you away from Elijah.

        Once you were far enough away, Damon stopped and turned around to face you angrily. "What’s wrong, Damon?” You asked him. “Stefan snapped my neck so that Elena could go and talk to Esther. Then, I wake up and find you and Elijah making goo goo eyes at each other.” Damon snapped. You blushes at the second part of his statement, but you still kept your gazes locked.

        "Why would Elena want to go and see Esther?“ You asked Damon. He just shrugged his shoulders and the two of you walked back into the ballroom. Damon left you to go talk to Elena and you stood against the wall, admiring the art work on the walls. Elijah stood at the opposite side of the room, leaning against the wall. He gazed at you and your dress and couldn’t help but feel his stomach twisting in knots.

        "Why am I feeling this way? She’s just a mere human. But she is so beautiful.” Elijah thought to himself. You felt eyes on you and turned to see who it was. The deep, chocolate brown eyes lost themselves in your Y/E/C orbs. You both stayed that way for a few moments before you snapped out of it and looked down towards you shoes. In the blink of an eye, Elijah was standing in front of you, putting his fingers under your chin and lifting your eyes up to meet his again.

        "Don’t hide your eyes, Y/N. They are magical.“ Elijah told you, making you blush again. He backed away and walked out of the room. "What just happened?” You thought to yourself.

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Soft snow dusted her face as the beginnings of the spell tumbled from her lips like a silent prayer.

A thick coating of snow covered the ground they sat on, pressed up against the cover of the tree they leant against, his teeth lodged in the soft flesh of her neck whist the heavy pulsing of magic flowed around them, ancient words spilling from Hazels lips as Kol slowly drank from her helping induce a state of weakness and near death.

Like pale ghosts almost invisible against the glistening snow, they came to her. One by one each of them appeared called forward through time by the old magic that tied their fates together the same fate that had cursed them and forced them to endure a continual cycle of devastation, loss and death.

Slowly each presence gently approached the pair, though only visible to Hazel, Kol could feel that they were no longer alone through the bond of magic that enclosed the pair. It was almost as if they sensed that she was finally weak enough, the slow and steady blood loss now making her all the more vulnerable that they then converged on the couple, each one gently placing their hand upon Hazel’s chest, the contact forcing a cry from the young girls lips and each figures touch brought forth their memories, as they took their first breath and then their last, every memory filtering into her own, until the very last, the Original, the reason they where here in the first place.

“Genevieve!” the name tumbles from her lips, and from behind her Kol’s arms tighten every so slightly around the young girl’s waist.

Genevieve’s figure is far clearer and well-formed compared to her other companions, a sad smile pulled across her lips, her features a perfect mirroring of Hazel’s they were in a way one in the same. Her hands are cold but gentle against Hazel’s cheeks as Genevieve leans in to press their foreheads together.

The air smells of crisp autumn winds and in the field before her Hazel watches as a young pair of children run screaming and laughing through the field of brightly colored flower, she blinks and the memory shifts again and again, Genevieve’s whole life playing out before her eyes. Her family’s coming to the new world, her birth, growing and up and befriending the Mikaelson family, falling in love, discovering magic, and then the moment that would seal their fates for the rest of time, Her death. 

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