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gmariam19 · 2 days ago
Flufftober - Day 21
Finn and Poe this Thursday, though they're not quite Finnpoe yet...
THANK YOU for all the likes and reblogs! I'm so glad people are reading these and enjoying them. I appreciate every comment! Ten more to go, with only four left to write... Day 21 - Knuckle Kiss
“You didn’t have to do that,” Poe murmurs, cleaning the blood from Finn’s knuckles.
“Of course I did,” Finn tells him. He can’t help but feel defensive: his right hand is bruised and bloody, and yet Poe is telling him he shouldn’t have hit the Cephalon. “Why’d you let him push you around, talk to you like that?”
Poe ducks his head as he dabs something on Finn’s hand that stings like hell. Finn hisses and reflexively pulls away, but Poe holds tight, blowing gently on Finn’s fingers. The cool air lessens the pain.
“Look, I appreciate the chivalry, I really do.” Poe smiles at him, and Finn can tell he means it. Poe Dameron has a lot of different smiles, but this one is genuine, and it’s for only for Finn. “But we needed the intel.”
“Not that bad,” Finn grumbles. Poe rubs some bacta onto Finn’s knuckles. It is cold, and he shudders at the unexpected touch.
“No, we really needed it,” Poe replies. “So yeah, I’ll let a guy handle me a bit if it gets me what I want.” He shrugs. “I don’t like it, but I’ve learned the hard way how to play these things.”
“The hard way?” Finn asks.
“Last time I did what you did, I broke three fingers,” Poe tells him. “So you’re lucky.” He starts wrapping gauze around Finn’s knuckles. “Especially because Cephalons have hard skin, like a shell.”
“I know that,” Finn says. “Now.”
“So you won’t go punching any of our other contacts?” Poe asks. “Even if they’re slimeballs?”
Finn sighs. “Look, I’ll try, but no promises. I don’t like it.”
“Don’t like what?” Poe asks with a frown. “Low-lifes like that Cephalon?”
“Staying quiet.” Finn tries to explain. “In the First Order, we couldn’t stand up for ourselves, or for each other. We had to take it. Now that I’m out, I don’t like seeing stuff like that and not saying something, not doing anything. Because I can now. I want to stand up for people.”
Poe stares at him for so long, Finn thinks he said something wrong. Finally Poe nods, but he looks sad. “I’m sorry,” he says. “I shouldn’t have put you in that position.”
“No!” Finn exclaims. “It’s not your fault. You said we needed that intel, and you got the intel. I’ll figure it out.”
“You shouldn’t have to,” Poe replies. He takes Finn’s hands, his eyes intense. “Finn, you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. You shouldn’t have to hold it back.” He sighs. “But the world is more complicated than either side thinks.”
“I’m learning,” Finn says, his voice dry. “Maybe just give me a heads up next time.”
Poe nods again, then brings Finn’s injured hand to his lips and kisses his bandaged knuckles, slow and gentle. “I will, but don’t change. Don’t ever change, Finn.”
He heads up to the cockpit of the Falcon, leaving Finn speechless as he gazes down at his knuckles. More complicated, indeed.
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joagainsttheworld · 3 months ago
i love it when i can tell that a mutual has found a new interest. look at you shipping yet another queerbaiting ship that most likely will never be canon! good on you!
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lesbianlecter · 9 months ago
touch starved introverted gays that grew up in toxic households and crave affection and stability are into friends to lovers, and lonely depressed gays with a superiority complex and a longing for someone to truly understand them that constantly fantasize about faking their own death and running away are into enemies to lovers
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shipperssafehaven · 2 months ago
i want tv show & movie writers to understand that it's more likely for there to be a token straight friend than there is for there to be a token gay friend
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artseamoni · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Poe & Finn cards <3
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mandalor-the-gay · 8 months ago
“Having that many gay people would be unrealistic” BULLSHIT. After I came out, my whole friendgroup turned gay one after the other. We flock together automatically. We’re like a bunch of queer fucking birds, bitch.
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gmariam19 · 21 hours ago
Flufftober - Day 23
Finn and Poe and BB-8 being totally ridiculous but also a bit cute. And there may be a sequel next week. 😉
@mssr-mcknickers - did you give me this idea or the other one or both? Dedicating to you either way - hope you like Finn's arms 😁 - thanks for all your help and support!
Day 23 - Hold me in your arms
The rain falls in heavy sheets, soaking them to the skin. Poe pushes his hair out of his eyes, glances down when his boot sinks into the mud and comes out with a squelch. He swears under his breath. Behind him, BB-8 beeps forlornly.
Turning around, he sees the astromech far behind him. Finn is squatting down, talking to the little droid. But Finn is still learning binary, and Poe can see they’re having trouble communicating. With a sigh, Poe turns around and trudges back through the mud.
“BB-8, you can’t stop now,” Finn is saying. “We’re almost there. If we keep moving then we’ll be out of the rain.”
BB-8 sees Poe and turns his dome, whistles something to Poe. “I know it’s hard, buddy, but Finn’s right. We keep going, we’ll get back to the ship faster.”
The droid’s dome droops, and he trills at Poe, who frowns. “You’ve made it through worse terrain than this,” he replies. “What’s wrong?”
The response is almost too fast to follow. BB-8 turns to Finn when he finishes, whistles one final question. Poe bursts out laughing.
“What?” Finn asks, looking around like something is coming. “What’s wrong? What did he say?”
BB-8 repeats his plea with a sad beep. Poe struggles to put on a straight face, as the astromech seems genuinely upset.
“He wants you to hold him,” Poe replies. “In your arms.”
“What?” Finn looks down at the droid, back up to Poe. “Are you kriffing serious?”
BB-8 bumps into Finn’s legs, says something about the mud that Poe translates. “He’s worried he’ll get stuck in the mud. Which has happened before, so he’s got a point. If he moves fast enough, he should be okay, but…”
BB-8 trills something and Poe snorts, covers his mouth.
“What is it?” Finn demands. “What’s he really saying?”
“He says you have big strong arms and it would be easy for you to carry him,” Poe tells his friend, unable to hold back a grin. “He’s not wrong, you know.”
Finn glances at his arms with a frown, shakes his head. “I can’t believe your droid notices these things about people.”
BB-8 says something about Poe noticing it months ago, but Poe doesn’t translate that and hopes he’s not blushing. “Like I said—he’s got a point. And he’s not as heavy as he looks.”
“As heavy as he—are you serious?” Finn shakes his head. “You’re serious. You actually want me to carry your droid through the mud.”
“It’d be very chivalrous.” BB-8 whistles that Poe would be very grateful for the help and appreciative of the view, but Poe waves at him to stop. “You don’t have to. We can rig something up and—”
Finn bends down, grabs BB-8’s round body, and hoists him up. He gives Poe a look that may include a wink as he starts walking again. BB-8 whistles something at Poe, who can only nod and stare.
“Thanks, buddy,” he murmurs. “I definitely appreciate the view.”
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boonki · 8 months ago
if I’ve ever commented on your fic:
please know that there’s a good chance I’m reading it at the ass crack of dawn half asleep so when I leave a comment saying “akdkf omg I loved this, so good friend” it actually means:
“This piece was so gorgeous, eloquent, and so brilliantly written that I felt like you dug your hands into my chest and gave my heart a tender squeeze. Your use of symbolism and mood was incredibly nuanced and beautiful, and I appreciate all the thought that went into writing this. Please know your work is appreciated and I support you as an author. Thank you for writing this!”
but I simply do not have the brain cells left to write that out
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ashleyrguillory · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Designed some stickers in collaboration with my friend Chase (aka That Gay Jedi) to raise some money for Howard Brown this Halloween season!
This design and two other Star Wars Halloween designs can be found over on the Buir & Buir etsy shop.
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janeyis · 11 months ago
I would just like to congratulations this child on successfully dragging all of Tumblr in 8 seconds
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anabimelo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I had so much fun making this commission, thank you! THE POTENTIAL!!!
Edited, I actually liked this version more haha
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