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Fiona sketch…. because I’m exhausted 🥰

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Something that won’t happen but would be really funny: The bomb is about to go off and destroy Mantle, but then Fiona sucks in up into her pocket dimension. There’s a beat, then a muffled “boom” and smoke comes out of her ears and nostrils. 

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Weiss: *taking slow deep breaths as she held Lin, feeding her* If they killed him, I’ll be… I… I dont know how I’ll be. 

Weiss: *sighing and looked to the doorway, watching a maskless Adam point his sword to her* You’re… you’re not really there…

Adam: *grinning* I’m always here, Schnee. You’re lucky I only took your leg. Next time we meet, it’ll be your life. You’re worthless. You couldnt save Blake and you couldnt save yourself. 

Weiss: *watching as the room around her started changing to look like Beacon again, burning around her* I…You’re not real! 

Adam: *walking closer to Weiss, moving is sword up* You keep saying that, but you know that’s not true. You know I’m just as real as you are. You just can’t admit it. 

Weiss: *shaking and holding Lin close* Y-you’re just in my head. You’re not really there. You’re never there…

Adam: *swinging his sword down at Weiss* I’m the last thing you’ll ever see! 

Weiss: *screaming as she curled around her child* 

Fiona: *walking into the room* Weiss? Is everything okay? 

Weiss: *slowly looking up to see Fiona in the room* I… I just… I’m fine… 

Fiona: *looking sadly at Weiss and sitting down* It’s okay if you’re not. It might surprise you, but all of us here have our own issues. May is haunted by her family, Joanna grew up in the streets. I dealt with getting beat at Atlas when I went to school there. And Robyn… that’s her’s to tell. 

Weiss: *nodding slowly and rocking a fussing Lin* How do you all deal with it? 

Fiona: We take things one day at a time. And Pietro has helped us with finding the help we needed. He can help you too.

Weiss: Pietro? 

Fiona: Pietro Polendina. I can take you to him tomorrow. I think he can help you with your problem. 

Weiss: Y-yeah, I… I can try that.

13 notes

Ruby: hi..

Velvet: hello

May: hey. Hows it going

Fiona: is that sword or are you just happy to see me?

Emerald: i didnt know you trimmed

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Greensheep wandavision au…???? Maybe….????? Who knows???

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Robyn: goood luck you’re gonna need it



May:… you’re gonna die

Harriet: dont say i didnt warn you

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[gently strokes laptop screen]

i just want to see fi and joanna again

i miss my wives–

41 notes

Ruby: heeeee

Nora: damn right

Neo: *smirks*




Fiona: *happy sheep noises*

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Hot take: faunus with animal ears shouldn’t have human ears

27 notes

May - [down below in Mantle, on video call] Things are real bad kids !

Ruby - How bad ?

[May adjusts the camera to show Fiona]

Fiona -[running at the ships with her hand outstretched] VOOOOOOOOOOOORRREEEEEE


Writing Requests are OPEN

81 notes

Ruby: *smiles*

Yang: blush* hey im the cheesy one

Fiona: *smirks*

Blake: *sigh* you goober

46 notes

Bleiss Unwhipped

Prelude To Blackguard/ Bleiss’s Big Dick Energy/ Breaking Hearts/ Meeting Bleiss/ Team PMMB (Pombe)/ How Neo Joined/ Meeting The Malachites/ Best Kept Secret/ A Good Influence

Bleiss: FUCK!!!

The ravenette’s head shot back into the sheets as above the Harriet pounded away at the bitch with a cruel piledriver, her hips moving at mach 1 as she worked that thick black dildo into the bitchy little Gelé. Fluids squirt as she gave to her body spraying her femcum out. Harriet smiled broadly down to the blacksheep.

Harriet: See told you you couldn’t last a minute, next time you open your mouth to talk shit how about you-Whoa, the fuck!?

Several Glyphs manifested pushing the Ace-Op back unto the bed shocked her glared ready to get up before finding another Glyph formed before the Blacksheep’s cunt were a pure white majestic cock manifested into reality.

Harriet: The fuck?

Bleiss: Like it? Got it form some thug asshole who tried to drug Neon at a club a few days back. Decided I could make better use of it then that asshole.

She let it hit the mocha skinned Ace-Op’s face.

Bleiss: Get ready bitch it’s your turn.

From the glyphs several hands shot out gripping her legs and tearing off her bottoms to show her raw soaking crotch as Bleiss readied to show her senior up.

-Meanwhile in Mantle-

Fiona: Stupid Bleiss! Going all starstruck over those dumb Ace-Op! They aren’t even all that great, right Joanna. Joanna?

Joanna: Hey do you think that Elm chick was single -///-

May: Heard a rumor her and that Vine guy have a thing going.

Joanna: Dammit why are all the sexy ones straight or married!?

Fiona: Oum Dammit you two stop fangirling and support me I’m hurting here! >///<

May: *Rolls Eyes* If you don’t like Gelé sleeping around then ask her out already.

Fiona: What!? O///O

Joanna: Yeah, she totally into you, but her dumbass is as scared about it as you.

May: Except her way of dealing with it is fucking every cute girl she see’s.

-Back in Atlas-

The bed creaked as Harriet hissed back, the Schnee blacksheep sucking her tit while she pressed her hips in deep with an unforgettable mating press.

Bleiss: ‘Pop’ Fuck, you do taste like chocolate.

Harriet: Shit!

Bleiss: that feel good bitch, well just wait I’m almost, fuck almost there!

Harriet: Wait what!?

Bleiss: Fuck! Take it!

Heat surged inside her as she was suddenly filled with a deep payload, above Bleiss exhaled sweat trailing down her brow before she fell into the thicclet’s chest.

Harriet: did, did you just cum?

Bleiss: ‘Pant pant’ Neat right… ‘Phew’ Best part is those little bastard will disappear in a  few minutes so all the fun of a creampie with none of the fucking mess. Not that I’m into that shit given my strictly pussy diet.

Harriet felt her grope her tits, her red eyes trained on her as she leaned in to suck on them again whisper a question before she did.

Bleiss: So I’m guessing you and that Lyel douchebag are over, that or you’re the kinda slut who’d sleep around on your man in which case me and you are fighting for getting me involved in that shit.

Harriet: Yeah we’re over little bitch couldn’t take taking a girl with a higher rank then him.

Bleiss: Fucking Pussy, well then fuck it go ahead and tell me which feels better? his or mine?

-Back in Mantle-

May: C’mon just ask her already.

Joanna: she fucking a lot of Milf if her Scroll messages are any indication, and you know how attacted thirst bitches get to her.

Fiona: Fine I’ll ask her out already! You happy! >///<

Joanna: Not as much as you’ll be once she says yes.

Fiona: Shut Up! >///<

May: Man were not gonna see you and Gelé leave her apartment for a week.

Fiona: Lalala I can’t hear you! >///<

-Back in Atlas-

Bleiss: Whoa someone’s been needing some dick.

She watched as Harriet’s head bobbed the Ace-Op glaring.

Harriet: ‘Pop’ Shut up, its been a minute.

Bleiss: Didn’t you and the Bitch Greene only break up recently?

Harriet: I wouldn’t call what he was packing a dick, actually a one pump chump like you ain’t exactly hot shit either.

Bleiss: Hey, this shit take a lot of aura to use bitch! Besides I doubt theres a guy out there packing a bitch breaker like this who could manage more then a blast or two.

-Meanwhile in Ansel-

Jaune: ‘Achoo!’

Arc Sister: Gesundeit.

Jaune: ‘Sniff’ Thanks.

Mama Arc: Oh sweetie are you getting a cold?

Papa Arc: Maybe someones talkign bout our boy.

Mama Arc: Oh Maybe it’s a girl! 😆💕

Jaune: Mom -///-

Like that’d happen 😔

52 notes

Fiona; I’m not a baby!

Joanna; you sleep with a stuffed animal…


Fiona; this is why Mr. fluffers doesn’t like you.

49 notes

Scarlet sketch… plus a mini Euegne because I love these babies

18 notes

Joanna, almost dropping the baby; oops-

Fiona; OOPS!? You almost drop out baby and you say oops!?

Joanna;…. oopsie daisie…?

5 notes

Fiona: HEY!.

May: wow. You really are strong

Elm: not bad.

Yang: hey! Jaune! Im suppose to lift you!

Blake: *not paying attention* hi jaunw

53 notes

Adrian: confused baby noises*

Jaune: im so sorry kid.

39 notes