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blue-lions-thoughts · 2 minutes ago
I cant stop thinking that Sylvain would high-key identify with a lot of Marina's music. Like, How To Be A Heartbreaker, Oh No, Bubblegum Bitch.
For consideration, these lyrics:
Got a figure like a pin-up, got a figure like a doll
Don't care if you think I'm dumb, I don't care at all
Candy bear, sweetie pie, wanna be adored
I'm the girl you'd die for
I'll chew you up and I'll spit you out
'Cause that's what young love is all about
So pull me closer and kiss me hard
I'm gonna pop your bubblegum heart
-Bubblegum Bitch
You cannot tell me a lot of Marina's music that is a cynical view of society but with a catchy beat isn't essentially Sylvain in a nutshell.
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raf-23 · 2 minutes ago
Am I like the only person who isn’t interested in brettsey? I could care less for their love story or whatever development they have. No hate on Sylvie or anything but Dawson to me was his best relationship ever. No one will ever match that.
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fakecrfan · 2 minutes ago
I think I have said several times in tags that Georgie was never going to be able to help Jon and just, to elaborate on that quickly--
It’s not that Georgie is Not Good Enough at emotional support. It’s not that Jon is Uniquely Stubborn About Getting Better. It not that either of them don’t love each other enough, or aren’t good enough people, or aren’t good friends. It’s just--
Sometimes when you have a problem that brings you shame, you can’t bring yourself to be honest about it to anyone who doesn’t also have the problem. Like, if you drink every night to sleep and your friend makes an offhand comment about how alcoholism ruined their family and so they’ve never had a drink and are never going to--are you going to open up about your alcohol habit to that friend?
It’s not that your friend is wrong for saying that. But you feel ashamed to talk to them specifically about it, because they’re doing better than you in this one thing. What if they judge you? What if they can’t see you the same way?
It’s easier to talk to someone who has the same struggle. Someone who can hear “I can’t sleep unless I’ve had three glasses of wine” and go “hey, yeah, I’ve been there. I‘ve gotten down to one a night, though. Wanna talk more about it?”
So Georgie was never gonna be able to help Jon. Jon was never gonna let her really try to help him.
But Daisy--Daisy could help him.
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gloamglozergay · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
K I hit another 200 followers on Twitter and took requests again and I’ll post more of them later but I like this one and I’m posting it now
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holding-hands-with-solkar · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
half-assed kind of agnes montague <3 shortish ids under the cut
FIRST IMAGE: they sit in front of an overgrown wooden structure, tucked into a gap between trees. one hand is on the plank of wood in front of them, and the other rests on their leg. they look up and to their left thoughtfully, biting their lip.
FIRST IMAGE: they sit in front of an overgrown wooden structure, tucked into a gap between trees. one hand is on the plank of wood in front of them, and the other rests on their leg. they look up and to their left thoughtfully, biting their lip.
SECOND IMAGE: they sit in the same place, now also wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat set far back on their head. they sit up taller than before, hands gathered around their legs, now looking a little above the camera.
THIRD IMAGE: they lay on the grass, leaning against a grey brick outdoor firepit, right arm in their lap and left across the brick behind them. their eyes are shut and they look peaceful.
FOURTH IMAGE: the stand in front of a large, mossy tree, legs partially crossed and their right arm on a branch. they look up and out, attempting a melancholy expression, and are partially in shadow.
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keepingupwiththeboltons · 11 minutes ago
I want to like lady stonehart but i miss beric so much that it over rides any logic of how cool stonehaert is
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alexromero · 19 minutes ago
Ted looks like he’s always on the verge of going down on her bourgeoisie ass and revolutionizing her p*ssy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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how2skinatiger · 19 minutes ago
Fire salamander
Fire salamander by hehaden || CC BY-NC 2.0
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emblemxeno · 20 minutes ago
Imagine if fire emblem fans got into elder scrolls
Imagine the empire fans vs stormcloak fans arguments
I know next to nothing about the Elder Scrolls games except for memes, but I can still picture the hell that some FE fans would bring if they got into it.
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daddyhgreen · 23 minutes ago
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thursdaygirlgn · 24 minutes ago
the “i was there. where were you?” line absolutely kills me because no he wasn’t and then he spends the next season agonizing over the fact that he feels he didn’t do enough
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indigowallbreaker · 27 minutes ago
can i have kiss prompt 9 for claudeleth please?
(gonna kick off prompts opening up with some requests I got while they were closed! link to my ko-fi in my pinned post for anyone interested. catto I hope you don’t mind I made this Myleth since I don’t think I’ve written Male Byleth with Claude?)
9. “War’s End” kiss
The celebration after Nemesis’ demise had ended only when the sun began to lighten the sky in the east. One by one, the Alliance army stumbled its way to bed-- some still giddy, some barely upright, some with company. 
Exhausted as he was, Claude didn’t follow. Teach had left the party hours ago but not in the direction of the dorms. Claude walked the same way now, keeping his gait casual as he looked around.
He spotted Byleth on the outer walls of Garreg Mach. Claude climbed up, intentionally scuffing his feet so Byleth would hear him. The last thing Claude wanted was the Sword at his neck after just celebrating their survival.
Arms folded over the ledge, Byleth didn’t turn when he said, “You should be in bed.”
“You too.” Claude stood beside Byleth, mimicking his position. “What brings you up here?”
Byleth jerked his chin out towards the grounds. “Keeping watch.”
“We have people for that. Not everyone went to the feast, you know.”
“I would like to watch myself.”
It wasn’t quite the truth, that much was plain for Claude to see. Claude pressed their shoulders together. “What are you waiting for, Teach?” He asked, keeping his voice soft and just between the two of them. 
Byleth swallowed. After a moment, he leaned into Claude as well. “The next thing.”
“What’s next?”
“I don’t know. Whatever Seteth will wake me up in the middle of the night to warn me about. The next catastrophe.” Byleth had yet to look at Claude, eyes still scanning the world bellow as if there was an army approaching as they spoke.
Claude wanted to say that they were safe. What could be a greater enemy than Nemesis himself? Any further threat paled in compassion to a long-dead king and his long-dead army.
But there was no way for Claude to know that. Before fighting Those Who Slither In The Dark, he couldn’t have thought up a bigger threat than the Empire. Then, after the battle in Shambhala, Nemesis has surfaced. There was no telling what other horrors lay in wait.
For lack of anything promising to say, Claude gently lay a hand over Byleth’s. Gradually, Byleth unfolded his tightly grasped hands and let Claude take one. “Whatever we need to fight next,” Claude said, “we’ll need to be rested for it. Teach, look at me.”
Byleth did so. His usually expressionless face was overflowing with nerves, betraying his tension in a way his monotone voice hadn’t. Claude leaned over and brushed their lips together. “Nothing is coming tonight,” he murmured, as if talking Byleth down from a nightmare. Which, in a way, he was.
A sharp inhale. “You can’t promise that.”
“No. But I need to believe that to get any sleep.” Another barely-there kiss. “The war’s over, Byleth. For now.”
Byleth’s nod brought them ever closer. “For now.” 
He let Claude guide him into a real kiss, his other hand finally leaving the wall to tentatively caress Claude’s beard. For a few precious moments there was no wall. Nothing to defend, nothing to fight, nothing to plan for. There was just Claude trying to calm his teacher, his friend, his... whatever this moment made them. And Byleth was letting him do it.
At last they parted. Claude let go of Byleth’s hand only to gently hold him by the shoulders, pressing their foreheads together with purpose. “Let’s get you to bed.”
“Come with me?”
Claude snorted. “Going a little fast, aren’t we?”
“I’d just... feel better. If I wasn’t alone.” Byleth leaned into a feather light kiss. “Please.”
“Yeah. Alright.” Claude stepped away, sliding a hand back down to hold Byleth’s again, and lead them back toward the dorms.   
(Kiss prompts list!)
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agender-space-goblin · 29 minutes ago
big shout out to the lady from the city fire department who put up with my needle despising ass for today’s stabby stab
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