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fire 火

It’s cold and rainy

But my soul

It’s on fire

It’s burning so brightly

With passion

But as the rain falls

It’s putting the fire out

Making me melt

I’m falling apart, being put down to nothing but a small ember

But when the wind blows it brings me back up

It sparks something in me

And this time when I catch fire

I’m ready to burn it all

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May 28 2020 - Protesters in LA demanding justice for George Floyd burned a flag, and smashed the windows of a police car when it drove into the crowd. One protester was injured when he fell of the hood of the escaping police car, after which the crowd attacked another cop car nearby. [video]

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MAARI, Queen in the Mud
Yes. Those whose primary element is water are highly valued for their ability to heal wounds and even, over time, regrow lost body parts. Combat applications of water are myriad. While not as destructive as fire, not as swift as wind, and not as resolute as earth, water is versatile.
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Fuck Minneapolis 12 they protect MURDERERS!!

Multiple buildings have been lot to the sky ans most stores have been looted !! After math is on twitter

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throwback to when I was 15 and my bestfriend and I heard that doritos were flammable, so we got a package and a lighter and went under the bridge near my house so we could be next to the creek so we had water if it got out of hand (cause safety) and some random adult man walked up in the middle of this and asked if we had any drugs or alcohol, we said no, then he asked if we wanted to buy any and then we told him, verbatim: “No, we don’t do any drugs or alcohol, we’re just lighting dorito fires.” and then he said ok and left like he was a little scared of us.

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