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Also Pipe the fuck down im the only one that love you right now. Also take a shower an a nap.

Claude fucking made out of the 5 years on fucking top. I mean he came back hot as fuck. Blue lion its like-

Professor: You are going to therapy and your going to take your medication.

Dimitri: yes…

Professor: then were gonna go to bed and get 8 hours of sleep and eat a full meal.

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20 FE3H Writing Prompts!

Send me a number and two characters for me to write a short fic about. :)

The relationship between the two characters can be platonic or romantic! All will take place post-timeskip.

  1. Reunion at Dawn
  2. a close call
  3. cats and dogs
  4. cooking
  5. cheering up
  6. monastery chores
  7. training
  8. “you’ve changed these past five years”
  9. “since when did you care so much about me?”
  10. “please take care of yourself.”
  11. post-war celebration
  12. embarrassment
  13. secrets
  14. guard duty
  15. working together
  16. tea time
  17. favorite gifts
  18. gardening
  19. Fodlan traditions (can be any)
  20. stargazing 
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Ashe cried for Dedue.😭I did too.

And apparently Dimitri doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Do they give you enough time to unlock all his supports? His were the ones I was looking forward to the most :( 

On the plus side, this wayyyyyy to long series of Monastery days off will be shorter than the grind CF, SS, and VW were since I can’t see any of Dimitri’s supports. 

He won’t let me tea time either 😭(well, guess my Professor Points will go towards smarter things for a bit). I’m about to buy all of the Chamomile Tea for when the time comes. 

And Felix 😭😭😭 every other route he was in the training room, but he’s watching over Dimitri. He’s being a proper tsundere, still with that dehumanization though. 

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I haven’t had a chance to start Black Eagles route yet, but the little murder goth has grown on me.  So here’s a little fluffy scenario with Hubert.

“Is he asleep?” Hubert whispered as he came up behind you and planted a kiss on the top of your head.

“Just about,” you whispered back, slowly rocking the small infant in your arms.  The poor thing had been up all last night and today with a fever but it just broke not too long ago so hopefully he would be able to sleep through the night.  

Taking a seat next to you, Hubert watching you with a small smile on his lips as he watched his son, with the same emerald green eyes as his, slowly drift off.  “You are an amazing mother,” Hubert said, leaning in to peck your cheek.

“You aren’t too shabby of a father yourself,” you said back.  “He does miss you when you are gone all day.”

“I’m not the one that gets him to stop crying,” Hubert scoffed.  The idea of having a child scared him even after you reassured that he would be just fine.  And while he doesn’t regret having a child, he is still apprehensive about it.  Some things still scare him.  He can be calm and collected in the face of battle or with a knife to his throat but the second his son starts crying he is freaking out.

“You just need to practice a little more,” you said.  “Here, why don’t you put him to bed,” you suggested, carefully handing the small child over to him.

Hubert took the boy and held him to his chest, the small thing sucking on his thumb.  “I will, I just want to hold him for a moment though,” he said.  “You as well,” he said, holding his other arm out for you to snuggle into. 

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requested Seteth from Fire Emblem 3 Houses. 

If you are interested in requesting your own fe3h character button badge, check out my ko-fi . com / insomniel  (take out the spaces) for relatively inexpensive commissions or shop all of the previous designs that got taken down on other platforms lol 

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Byleth (FE3H) 2.0

I got the chance to make another Byleth costume! This time in a different size, but I had all the base patterns I needed to build this one. The only major change I had to make was to the outer jacket. I needed to change the material for it, because I was unable to get the same material I used for the original one. I ended up with a linen that I dyed the color of grey that I needed. And it worked out pretty well. The linen really had a good look for the setting of the game. 

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New Chapter for Castle of the Crimson Flower (Edeleth Multichapter Story)


Originally posted by weenie-moon

I apologize for the late update! Got a little busy with life but I hope the wait for this chapter is worth it!

There’s also a surprise near the end of the chapter :)

As always, thank you all for the kudos and comments, they really do mean a lot :)

Chapter Summary:

After their meeting with Claude and the Golden Deer, Byleth and the Emperor’s entourage makes its way back to Enbarr. Yet it’s now impossible for them to ignore the connection Byleth has to Garreg Mach and the Knights of Seiros.


What have you been able to uncover about the mercenary the Emperor has chosen to employ as her personal guard?” Thales asks him.

“Nothing too particular.” they answer. “She seems very capable, only the Emperor herself being able to match her skill and ability. When we asked other mercenaries about her, all they could tell us was that she’s also known as the Ashen Demon.”

“The Ashen Demon… Why was she given such a name?”

“For her skill and coldness on the battlefield, with some claiming that she wasn’t human.”

This makes Thales think, wondering if such a thing could be possible or if it was just an exaggeration built out of fear.

Regardless of the reason, he was interested in knowing more about her.

“This Byleth woman sounds interesting.” he smiles darkly. “Interesting enough for me to make a personal visit.” he chuckles. “Now return and keep me updated about any changes. And do find where it was that Emperor Edelgard went to.” he orders and watches their spy rush out of the room.

“It is worrisome that she’s been acting behind our backs.” Solon adds from behind him.

“Is it really that unexpected?” Thales asks him. “We’ve been doing the same. Besides, she wouldn’t be the pawn we know she can be if she just stayed still and waited for us to tell her what to do. No Solon, in order for our revenge to come to fruition, we need the world to see Emperor Edelgard as the bringer of darkness. Our involvement, our revenge, must remain hidden in the shadows as it has always been.”

“You overestimate the hold you have on that girl.” Solon refutes. “She’s not as weak as you think she is.”

“Isn’t she?” he laughs. “Edelgard may be outspoken in her disagreement with our plans…” he agrees with him on that. “But she has yet to betray or hinder us. And with our main enemy the same…” he smirks. “By the time we are done with the Church, the Emperor won’t realize that she’s next.”

Click to Read Chapter 10 of Castle of the Crimson Flower on AO3

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When the two hug, Byleth isn’t capable of putting into words what she’s feeling. It was all so much that she felt tears falling from her eyes; whimpers also making their way out into Edelgard’s neck. 

“I’m here for you.” Edelgard promises her as she holds her, caressing her back with one of her hands. 

“You really want me to stay?” Byleth cries vulnerably and the sight almost breaks Edelgard’s heart. 

“I do.” she tells her with a smile. “It would make me very sad if you left.” 

From Castle of the Crimson Flower

Click here to go to the latest chapter

Thank you so much hedgeesn for the beautiful art based on the latest Castle of the Crimson Flower chapter! 

Please make sure to follow her on her Tumblr! :) 

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Felix and Sylvain make assumptions. They really shouldn’t.


The one where it’s Future Sylvain’s turn to give young Felix some context.

Pairing: Sylvix

Chapter Index
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