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Linhardt to Hapi: I think your amazing and having been around me this long- I wish for us to stay togther. No one understands me like you do-

Hapi: Stop joking around you idiot. People are gonna get the wrong idea! Your lucky i’ve know you for so long.

Professor about to have a fucking stroke: I hate both of you so fucking much.

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Hubert approaches the woman who is bent down at the table, silently pouring through various tomes and books in the library. He coughs into his fist. “You have requested my presence?”

You look up suddenly and stand erect, making a respectful bow. “General Von Vestra, thank you so much for gracing me with a few moments of your valuable time.”

“Yes, my time is quite valuable. Proceed.” Hubert eyes the woman cautiously. He has seen her around for several months but does not recall working with her directly.

“I am a cleric, in General Von Hevring’s battalion. I also work in the medical tents treating the wounded. Sometimes Linhardt will discuss his research with me. This particular subject is one that he has lost interest in, however I believe this is something I must share with you.”

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I decided to mess around a bit, since FE3H didn’t really show us all of the mentioned characters. I started with the Gautier house, so here’s an attempt to reverse engineer Sylvain and Miklan’s parents through their traits combined. Though which ended up on either side was left up to statistical chance, it was a fun little experiment to see Sylvain coming out looking more like his mother.

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Spoilers for Ashe’s character on various FE3H routes

I’m still trying to puzzle out inheritance rules in FE3H. Considering Ashe’s endings, it’s clear that he has claim to Gaspard, which is a landed title. So why does he end up serving under House Rowe during the time skip? Was Rowe his regent since he hadn’t reached his age of majority? 

(Who has hold of Gaspard after Lonato’s death? It’s clearly not Ashe. The Central Church while they investigate the Western Church? Did Ashe think pre-time skip that he was basically disinherited and that Gaspard had been usurped by Rhea?)

Do we know what the age of majority is in the FE3H world? By the end of the Academy phase, Dimitri is 18 and still has a regent, so clearly he wasn’t old enough to rule on his own yet. Felix and Claude are both old enough to rule without regents post-time skip. So–sometime between 18 and 23 must be the tipping point. (In that age range, 20 seems like a reasonable, round number? But we don’t have an exact timeline from what I can tell as to when Claude got his title, and everyone else who had their title before him overthrew/usurped their parents, so they’re not a good guide. XD)

If so, that means that means the odds are in Ashe’s favor that he came of age during the time skip. So why is he not head of Gaspard?

It makes sense in the Azure Moon route/unrecruited Crimson Flower route that Ashe would serve under Rowe (if Rowe were his regent) prior to Rowe falling in line with the Empire, and then abandoning the lot of them afterwards. He wouldn’t be leading Gaspard then. I don’t have any problems with that.

But on Verdant Wind/Silver Snow, when Ashe shows up as an enemy regardless of recruitment, why isn’t he head of Gaspard? He most likely was of age, he’s on the side of the Empire, and the Church has fallen apart.

(And in the chaos of war, why didn’t Rowe just murder Ashe in his sleep and annex Gaspard? And if Rowe DIDN’T do that, why not, and what happens to Rowe after the war? 

Not that I want Ashe murdered in his sleep–though an assassination attempt or two would be fun–I’m just questioning why it didn’t happen and why he spends at least some time in every route pledged to Rowe when he should have inherited a landed title.) 

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