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chisaikoring · 2 days ago
its really happening... fire force is gonna end at chapter 299,.,,,,
here is arthur in chapter 299 (from atsushi ohkubo's twitter)
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giggly-squiggily · 23 hours ago
Heyo friend!! If you still have slots open you know I gotta officially indulge in my newfound love for Fire Force! I'd love to see either lee Shinra or lee Viktor (I recently learned I'd been spelling his name wrong, whoops)! Either one would honestly be amazing; I ended up loving both of them pretty much equally by the end! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Welcome back! ^^
Heyo friend! (I’m writing both arekdakrearkejk I can’t resist- so this is the first of two requests!) This is such perfect timing I'm not even gonna lie- the desire to write for lee!Viktor was strong! :3 I hope you like it!
“We know what you’re hiding Viktor. Tell us, now.” Shinra’s voice was laced with unreadable coldness, eyes narrowing as he slowly approached the nervous scientist. Viktor felt his heart drop into his stomach, hands twitching as he slowly backed up in his wheely chair. “W-What? What are you talking about? I’ve already told you everything I know-”
“Silence villain!” Arthur cut him off, making him jump. “Don’t try to deceive the Knight King and His Devilous comrad!” beside them, Tamaki shot him a look, lightly wacking his arm with the back of her hand. “Erm…villain may have been a tad too strong of a word. My apologies.”
Still, Viktor felt his pulse race with anxiety, trying to think of everything he never told them. Did they find out about his research? What about his connections with Joker? Oh…oh god- was it that they still didn’t trust him because of his former ties to Hajima? He knew that would be an uphill climb to gain trust with that but still-
“Viktor…tell us now, where’s the ramen?”
“The super special limited edition spicy ramen you always have for lunch!” Tamaki cried, cheeks puffing with determination. “We wanted to try some, but it’s nowhere to be found!”
“Tell us, old wizard, or we’ll be forced to perform interrogation!” Arthur declared, earning an eye roll from his friends. Well- it was better than “villain”.
“The spicy….what now?” Viktor was at a loss. He hadn’t realized they’d been paying attention to his eating habits. The fact was, he had no idea where the ramen cups came from. A bag of them would always be found on his desk back at his apartment with a note saying “Eat”, the only indication Joker had stopped by.
Of course, he couldn’t exactly say that to these three.
“I…erm, forgot.” Viktor offered, backing up when the three closed in, determined eyed and scary. “Forgot, or won't tell us?” Shinra questioned. “Spill the beans, Viktor.” Tamaki glowered. “Or we’ll torture you!” Arthur finished.
“I….I don’t know! I swear- I just found them in my apartment-Whoa!” There was a scuffle and a crash. Before long, Shinra was sitting on him, his back pinned to the ground and eyes wide as Arthur and Tamaki got into position. “Wait! Shinra, Arthur, Tamaki! Let’s talk about this!”
“The time for talk is over!” Shinra declared, raising his hands and wiggling his fingers. “Prepare for Hero Shinra’s ultimate attack! Ready, guys?”
“Shinra- Shinra waiahahhahahahahahhahahait!” Viktor jerked with a yelp, twisting to and from, giggling helplessly beneath the self proclaimed hero. Shinra’s fingers danced along his ribs, tapping away at the bones and bringing out the nerdiest of giggles. “Hohohooohohohld ohohohoohohohon! Dohohohohonh’t! Ihihihiihihihm tihihiihihihicklish!”
“Oh, are you?” Shinra teased, delighted by the reaction he got. “Are you ticklish, hm? Is the great scientist Viktor ticklish? How about here? What about there?” He teased. He looked up at his companions, nodding. “Come on, tickle him!”
“Shihihihihiihihihn-ahahhhahahaha! Tahahahahhamakihihihihi!” The scientist all but squealed when the catgirl attacked, her knees gently pinning his hands above his head and her delicate nails tracing his ears and collarbone. “Hm? What’s wrong? Does it tickle?” She gave his scalpe a quick ruffle, making him squeak. “I’ve never met someone with a ticklish scalp before! We should get one of those weird massage things to try!”
“Nohohohohohoho! Nohohohohohoho mahahhahahahsahhahhhahahge thihihihihihihngs! Gahhahahahahhaha Shihihihihihinra plehahhahahahhahahse!” Viktor cackled, feeling the other drill into his hips. “Hm…nah! I like seeing you laugh!” Shinra grinned.
Behind him, Arthur sat on Viktor’s calves, debating on his plan of attack. “The old wizard is resistant. So it be, I shall get our answers!” He tossed away Viktor’s worn sneakers, fingers scribbling into the socked soles. “Take this! And this!” His other hand squeezed along Viktor’s knee, making the older man shriek.
“GUHUHUHUUHUHUHUHUHUHYS WHAHAHAHAHAHHAIT!” Viktor’s cheeks were redder than wine, his usually cooky smile wide and bright with mirth. All his squirming tossed his fluffy hair into his eyes, nearly blinding him through the mirthful tears. “OHOHOOHOHKAY! OHOOHOHOHKAY I GIHIHIHIIHIVE!”
Instantly the trio stopped, eyes bright with mischief as they watched Viktor catch his breath. “I’d knew you see it our way!” Tamaki teased, reaching out and gently brushing Viktor’s bangs out of his eyes. “Yeah! So…” Shinra waited until the other was mostly composed. “Where’d you get the ramen?”
“Heh…hehe…I seehee you won't let this go…” Viktor smiled with a huff of laughter. “Fihine. I get it from a friend. I don’t know where he gets it, but he always brings me some whenever he drops by.” He closed his eyes as he took in a steady breath. “So there’s…the answer.”
“That’s it? Ahh!” Tamaki groaned lightly, pouting. Shinra laughed and scratched his neck. “So the origin shall never be known. Pity.” Arthur sighed dramatically. “Sorry for the interrogation.”
“It’s fine…” Seeing their pouting faces, Viktor held up his hands. “Okay, tell you what? I have too much of it anyway. I’ll bring a few tomorrow so you guys can try some.” The three’s eyes lit up, pouts replaced with bright smiles immediately. “Really? Thanks Viktor!” “You're the greatest, old wizard!” “Don’t call him that- but thank you Viktor!”
The scientist just shook his head as the three got off him, helping him to his feet before running off to do who knows what.
He really did like being here at Company 8.
I hope this was good!
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zan85 · 2 days ago
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mariposa-madrigal · 2 months ago
Anime fans and directors, I beg you. You want to be popular? Black characters. They are ALWAYS the best ones. The finest. And black people LOVE anime. We are obsessed. Like Black Anime Characters are TOP TIER.
OGUN? Literal actual Fire!
Tumblr media
Look at these.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I just want more. You know how hard it is to look up “black anime characters” and then see Katara or Scar? (Who I love but canonically brown ≠ canonically black)
And look at how amazing it is when people make black character edits!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(all of these are by blkitachi on twitter btw)
Hell, even just black VAs! Remember how the ratings exploded when Zeno Robinson debuted as Hawks?
Just saying. There is a world of audience that wants that sweet, sweet, black beauty sakuga.
Tumblr media
Anyway, black art, lives and representation matters.
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natsujutsu · a year ago
Toonami: Black Lives Matter.
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gojogotswag · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m sensing a pattern here…. 
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leepoon-06 · 5 days ago
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despisersevern · 9 days ago
My favorite female character just died in the manga that I just read. And the story continues the way of her males friends who they develop and grow while she, she’s offside.
Why it’s always the females characters who are underdeveloped ? People answer me “Well it’s a shounen, and shounen means young boy. Young boys don’t care about females characters, just accept it. And if you’re not happy just read a shoujo.”
The problem is shoujo (with a few exceptions) always talking about romance. People think when you are a young girl, you obviously love romance.
Who say a young girl can’t love fight ? You know I dream of a manga like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Dr.Stone, Fire Force, Tokyo Revengers etc… who is a shoujo but with the scenario of a shounen.
The protagonist and the deuteragonist are females and the tritagonist is a male. The powerful sensei is a woman and the powerful villain too. The major characters are females and for once they move the plot.
A manga where the females characters are not sexualized (since it will be a shoujo, there should be no reason), their motivations are for them and not for men, they can be feminine without being dumb and strong without being masculine…
If there is someone in this world who can create a manga like this please, I’m begging you, do it. Even the females characters who have good characterization and great powers are either killed or put aside, they are always wasted potentials. I have enough of these manga that make millions of sales but it’s always the male characters who take all the glory.
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playwithmydarkestdemons · 5 months ago
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giveamadeuschohisownmovie · a month ago
Random anime/manga as YouTube titles:
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Giant Robots Are Giving Me An EXISTENTIAL CRISIS - ShinJesus Vlogs
Black Butler: I Named My Butler Demon After My DOG!!! - GhostHive Vlogs
Blue Exorcist: We Get GROUNDED By The Devil (Spoilers: That's Our Dad!) - The Okumura Twins Vlogs
Demon Slayer: killing demons on a tuesday with my bro *vlog* - NeonFireLord Vlogs
The Promised Neverland: I Think The Orphanage is Trying to KILL US!??! - Getting Over the Wall Challenge
Food Wars: Cooking Steak For My FRIENDS!!! (GONE SEXUAL) - Chef Soma Vlogs
Kaguya-Sama Love is War: TRY NOT TO CRINGE CHALLENGE! (Confessing Your LOVE Edition)
Death Parade: Bartender REACTS to Unfortunate Souls! - Reincarnation or Void? | Experts React
Attack on Titan: WAS I THE VILLAIN THIS WHOLE TIME?!?! - YeagerBomb Vlogs
Soul Eater: Collecting SOULS With Soul! (GONE DARK?) - SoulMaka Vlogs
Spy x Family: Is My Dad A SPY? Is My Mom An ASSASSIN?!!? - Folger's Coffee Fam Vlogs
Violet Evergarden: What They Don't Tell You After You Leave the Army - Army Veteran Speaks
Fire Force: This Job Is LIT (LITERALLY!) + Ayo, These Girls are Kinda Bad Tho - Devil's Footprints Vlogs
Dr. Stone: REBUILDING SOCIETY WITH MY FRIENDS!!! - high school scientist vlogs
Carole & Tuesday: Backstage At Our FIRST Gig! | C&T (yes it's actually us)
Ace Attorney: I Can't BELIEVE This Happened at TRIAL (objection went BRRRR) - LegalPhoenix Vlogs
Danganronpa: YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE!!! (lol goteem) - LopeHuck Vlogs
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tuturoo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐁𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐮 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐦𝐨𝐧 ♡
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tanjirou-enjoyer · 4 months ago
time to consume a new piece of media!! hopefully i dont get sucked into it to the point of obsession!!
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mrawkweird · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gains that can save and destroy the universe.
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aycons · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
─ 𖥻 𝖲𝗁𝗂𝗇𝗆𝗈𝗇 𝖡𝖾𝗇𝗂𝗆𝖺𝗋𝗎.
pls like or reblog if you save my icons.♡︎
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waifusommelier2 · 7 months ago
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mangawhore · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Benimaru would be the type to fuck you raw after work to blow off steam
Warning: smut, overstimulation, dark themes, inappropriate language, size kink, implied daddy kink UNDERAGED DNI
Pairing: Benimaru ShinmonxFem Reader
Wc: 255 (small smut)
“nghh feel so good for me.” benimaru moans as he hoisted you up in the wall, your small figure pinned so easily being fucked just right. Thrust after thrust your thoughts slowly turns to nothingness only focused on how good he made you feel, his head nuzzled in your neck bottoming out with his already pink tip brushing the tip of your cervix “beni, s’too much i can’t take it!” you sob, your grip on his back growing tighter leaving crescent marks on him from your nails. “you can take it your taking me so well” he coos his hips snapping into you at a malicious pace. even with your face covered in tears, mascara and drool you couldn’t get over the fact of how good benimaru felt around your velvety walls the girth of his throbbing cock hitting your cervix over and over again. His lips finds it’s way to your neck biting down to cover muffled moans spilling from his mouth “shit- i’m so close“ benimaru grunts as his chest presses to yours and his pace grows the words “cum in me” falls from your lips like a mantra and who is benimaru if he doesn’t oblige to his baby’s needs? benimaru finds his thrusts growing sloppy as he comes undone in your convulsing cunt. His head finding its way back into the crook of your neck breathing heavily with your heart beats beating simultaneously with each other. You swear you can hear him mumble “One day I’m going to marry you…”
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groovydude269 · 3 months ago
Some of Ohkubo's drawings that he posted on twitter.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Other Art that he posted
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mrskurono · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
title: Sensible Sake || IBenimaru Shinmon x fem!Reader a/n: this anon gave me the best thirst in my entire life and now they get a fic and a kiss on the lips; fair warning I blacked out writing this and came back horny af word count: 2k tags: fem!Reader, alcohol consumption, everyone is very willing participants, pwp, grinding, groping, thigh/pussy job, unprotected sex, vaginal sex, creampie, light on the mommy kink, unedited character(s): Benimaru Shinmon (Fire Force) synopsis: Waka can’t handle his booze - based on this ask
Tumblr media
Everyone in Asakusa could out drink Shinmon.
From the old woman down the street who constantly made too much daifuku. To even the newest greenhorns to Company Seven’s fire brigade. Even Konro on a Tuesday evening could drink more than Shinmon could ever hold.
This was to say poor Waka was the lightest drinker in Asakusa.
What was comfortably tipsy to you and Konro. Was nearly a passed out Shinmon in the living area of the barracks. You looked over at Konro as you sipped the last of your sake. Letting the lieutenant know it was getting close to getting the poor captain asleep.
“I stayed with him last time,” Konro shook his head, “It’s your turn.”
Lips on your drink you can’t help but roll your eyes with a smile, “Fine. But you have to get the mats.”
There was no argument there. Konro was more than happy to get the sleeping arrangements made up if it meant he got to go back and sleep in his own room. Not that you minded. A normally passed out Shinmon didn’t move much after he was ushered into bed. 
Which he was easy to get into bed. He never argued at least when he was like this and you and Konro got him laid down. Good nights were said. Leaving you alone with the captain curled up next to you on his mat. Nothing but the sliver of moonlight pouring in from the window overlooking the garden.
With his soft breathing beside you. It was easy to doze on and off. Swimming in a comfortably murky daze induced by the sake. Enjoying your quiet time when you felt something rub against your hip.
Eyebrow arching up. You roll over to find Shinmon having moved closer to you. His eyes still completely closed as he mumbled something in a slur.
“C’mere, you big baby,” You sigh with a smile as it was clear he was trying to snuggle up against the nearest warmth. 
Shinmon pressed his face against your breast. Close as he could get as the rest of him followed. Needy hands gripping fistfuls of your sides as you propped yourself up on your elbow. Mindless hands going through his soft black hair. You can’t help the smile living on your lips in your comfortable tipsy state as Shinmon rubs up against you.
“This happens every time you drink y’know?” You murmur in the quiet space between you.
“I know....’m just warm...” He mumbled against your breast. Nuzzling his face against your soft warmth as his hands roamed and traveled as they wanted. 
Touching down your side and grabbing your squishy sides. His hips moving on their own as he rubbed against you. Shinmon’s mass of black hair tucked close to your chest as you traced small circles through his hairline. Just letting the man give off the tiniest moans as he ground himself into you.
Again you sighed but it was all for show. The smile still sitting on your lips when you pulled your kimono aside. Allowing your breasts to spill from them and taking him no time to latch his mouth onto one of them. Shinmon’s free hand coming up to grope and massage the one he couldn’t also have in his mouth. 
“Waka-” You gasp softly, hand at the back of his head pulling him close as his tongue washes over your sensitive nipple and his other hand pulls gently at the other, “Mmm you know they’re sensitive when we drink.”
He moaned something inaudible against your breast. Didn’t matter what he would say as you just held him closer to you. Shinmon’s hips pressed against yours as you felt him grind his clothed hard on against your front. Gaining any friction he could between his robes and yours. A string of little mewls leaving his lips as he couldn’t be torn from your tits even for a second.
Turning better onto your side. Room spinning only slightly from your sake. You giggle as he switches breasts and lavishes the other in his warm tongue just as his hips rut against your thigh. Through a few fumbles and snickers and moans. It takes only a second before the front of both your robes are open and pushed to the side. Bare bodies against one another with skin soft and warm to the touch.
Attention entirely on his fixation. Shinmon can’t and won’t be moved from your breasts. Latched on as he nurses at them while his hips have another idea. All while his poor leaking cock prods against your thigh.
Adjusting a little. His cock goes from brushing against your upper leg. To being sandwiched between your thighs. A very clear improvement when the man groans against your tit. His cock slipping between your thighs as well as rubbing against your pussy as he tilts his hips up.
The top of his cock grinding along your cunt lips. Soaked from the attention and the alcohol in your system. Leaving the two of you extra sensitive when his hips begin to move on their own.
“Ah~ M-Mommy-” Shinmon groans against your boob.
“Shhh- Don’t wake anyone Waka.” You coo quietly to the man fucking himself between your thighs. Each swip of his cock between your legs making his length wetter with your juices. Making it even easier for his cock to grind against your throbbing clit as his length slips between your cunt lips, “F-Fuck Waka- Feels good-”
Back with his lips latched to your breast. He can’t be swayed from sucking on them. Tongue swirling around your hard bud and sucking as much into his mouth as he could. Shinmon moans muffled by your breast as his cock thrusts between your thighs. The warmth of your pussy right there but the drunk man far too into his movements to be able to tear himself away from it.
Cock head gliding against your aching clit. You can’t help but join in his movements. Rutting your hips to the motion of his thrusts. Feeling your juices coat not only his cock but also your thighs as Shinmon groans against your breast. Consumed in the ache that grinding on his cock leaves you with. It takes you a moment to register the warmth dripping down the back of your thigh and his movements stalling.
“Aww, Waka, did you cum?” You whisper as his cum drips down the back of your thigh and you can feel his dick throbbing between your thighs.
He nods with your tit still in his mouth. Eyes blissfully closed as his hair hangs heavy in his face. Moaning each time you move your hips and drag your cunt along his cock. 
Clearly not going away. And now covered in your juices and having your core riled up. There’s no real other option for the two of you.
Shinmon reluctantly lets go of your tit. Both of them hard as could be from his incessant attention. But as the man flops over onto his back. Cock standing at attention still with the glistening of your juices and his cum slathered all over him. You come up on top of him. Caging him between your arms and pinning him down with your hips. Both of your moan the second you grind yourself along the underside of his cock.
“Warm- Shit so warm-” Shinmon groans. Head tipped back as he grabs fistfuls of the futon under you both, “M-Mommy-”
“Wanna fuck me Waka?” Your words a little slurred as you keep grinding on him. Fighting the urge to sink down right away on his cock, “You wanna put your cock in me that bad huh?”
The captain nods. Almost desperately as he rolls his head back and ruts his hips up against yours. Feeling your hard clit along the underside of his cock. Already sensitive from cumming. But it won’t ruin how desperate he is. 
It’s hard to argue with both your needs. Lifting yourself up just a little bit. Reaching down best you can to position him at your entrance and not fall off. It’s the second his cock presses against your core is when you sit all your weight back down on his hips. Cock slipping inside you with ease and meeting with the flutter of your aching cunt in no time.
“Fuck- Waka-” You can’t help your nails dig into his chest as you rest comfortably on his hips. Savoring the feeling of his cock stretching you out and adjusting to him. Every single one of your nerve endings feeling ultra sensitive as he unknowing flexes his cock inside you. Sending a shiver right up your spine, “Ah fuck~”
Leaning down to catch his slightly parted lips on your own. What follows is the way his cock rubs against your insides as he threatens to pull out of you at this angle. Doing your best to grind back down on him as the two of you kiss. 
Sloppy as it is. Tasting like sake on both your lips. Shinmon groans into your lips as he can hardly focus enough to raise his hands and cup your face. Doing the same to hold him gently in your palms as the two of you kiss and grind on one another. His cock reaching deeper inside you until you have to have more.
Sitting back and feeling all of him slip back into you. Your core tightens around him, “Mmm needy baby.”
“Mommy more-” Shinmon slurs his moans as he reaches up to grab your tits.
Leaning forward and hands placed on his chest. His warm bare skin under your touch. Your laugh turns easily into a moan when you feel yourself moving on his cock. Hips staring on their own. Lazily bouncing and grinding yourself on his length. Shinmon’s moans bubbling up under you as you ride him.
The slight lewd noises of your skin slapping against his. No real rhythm to the way you bounce and grind yourself on his cock. Chasing the stomach tightening ache each time his cock hits your deepest parts. 
“Look at you....all hard for me, for mommy?” You manage between your moans. Watching with half lidded eyes as Shinmon looks like a beautiful fucked out mess under you, “Want mommy to cum?”
He nods. Almost desperately, “Please. Mommy- Please cum-”
 Even if he had said no. You weren’t sure you could stop it. The shudder in your core as your bouncing turned to grinding. His cock deep inside you as your clit grinded against his dark bush. Your hips having a mind of their own as your voice lost itself to the moans escaping you.
“Shit- Fuck Waka- Waka I’m cumming~” Lewd noises choked in your throat. Your hips shudder erratically on his. Your core tightening around his length as you rode out your orgasm above him. Clit throbbing as your couldn’t grind against him enough. Your back arching and breath stolen from your lungs as your orgasm overtook you.
Followed shortly by his deep groans below you. The friction too much even if he already came. Shinmon groaning desperately under you as his cock throbbed inside you. Another load. This time being left inside your quivering cunt instead of all over it. His cum seeping into your deepest parts as the two of your grinded against each other until nothing but your panting could be heard.
Sticky and breathing heavily. You looked down at the man under you. A blissful smile on his face that you couldn’t say no to. Slowly pulling off his length until you felt the first glob of cum leave you. Dripping back down onto his spent cock as you leaned forward and pressed your tits into his face.
Shinmon more than happy to take them back into his mouth. You relax on top of him and savor the warmth of not just the alcohol in your system now. His mouth latched to your tit and his cum leaking out of you in the mostly dim room. Shinmon’s  soft breath tickling your tit as you kissed his forehead and combed your fingers through his hair. 
Maybe for Konro’s sake, you’d take care of watching Waka every time the three of you drank. He was the lightest drink in all of Asakusa. It was only right of you to look after your captain. 
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gojy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⭐ EYES 🐈
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