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acourtofmidnight · 11 days ago
“You...” Azriel coughed, a delicate blush sweeping his cheekbones. “You read up on me?”
Teaser for Chapter 12 of Fireflies! 
I’m currently fixing to move across the country for a very hectic summer job (eek), so it really is just going to be a case of writing whenever I have a spare minute for the next 2/3 months - will likely mean either shorter chapters or bigger gaps between them (honestly, if there’s a preference let me know ✨).
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acourtofmidnight · 17 days ago
✨Fireflies Update✨
Chapter 11 of Fireflies is live! Be sure to let me know your thoughts either here or over on AO3 - as always, my asks are open and I ADORE hearing your reactions 🥰
Chapter Song: Baltimore’s Fireflies (Woodkid)
Tagging: @imsointobooks (let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapter updates!)
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acourtofmidnight · 18 days ago
“Would you...” she tried, feeling suddenly shy. She placed her hands on her hips, felt immediately stupid, and dropped them back to her sides. “Would you fly me down?”
Final teaser for Chapter 11 of Fireflies!
This easily has some of my favourite scenes from the fic so far (eek!) - I have a day of editing ahead of me, but tomorrow is my self-imposed deadline for publishing it 🥰
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acourtofmidnight · 21 days ago
Azriel still couldn’t quite believe he’d punched an actual bat square in the face. On purpose. In self-defence.
Teaser for Chapter 11 of Fireflies! 
So, real talk, I’ve over-indulged in screens this week (between job applications and binge-reading the FBAA series) to the point of making my eyes physically hurt and turn red. My irresponsibility means the new chapter is still a couple of days away, because this is the first time I’ve been able to stare at my word document without wanting to hiss and crawl under the covers :))
Also just to say a BIG thank you for all the love on last week’s chapter - it means a huge amount (comments really do be the soul food of fanfic writers and the kind words do not go unnoticed)!!
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acourtofmidnight · 28 days ago
Post-ACOSF. Gwynriel. WIP.
Current Word Count: 38,206
Synopsis: They were not stars at all, but fireflies. Hundreds of them. He watched as more and more winked into existence. Watched as, one by one, they drifted towards Gwyn, circling and pulsing to a melody all of their own. Gwyn stretched out her arms, eyes alight with wonder. A myriad of constellations formed and reformed with her at their centre.
It was the most beautiful thing Azriel had ever seen.
A/N: I have a full outline for this nestled happily on my computer - I’m predicting over forty chapters at this point, but we shall see! If you love Gwynriel, and slow-burn friends-to-soulmates lovers (and I really do mean slow-burn), then have a cheeky look over on AO3. I’ve tried to build the plot around feasible post-acosf headcanons (so expect Koschei, the Autumn Court, the Valkyries and the IC to feature heavily too).
Tumblr media
AO3: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11
Playlist: Where the Shadow Ends - Acoustic (BANNERS) | Blue Healer (Birdtalker) | Fight or Flight (Stereophonics) | I Get Overwhelmed (Dark Rooms) | Baltimore’s Fireflies (Woodkid)
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acourtofmidnight · 29 days ago
Gwyn stumbled a step towards him, batting matted hair out of eyes. Her plait was little more than a fraying rope at her back, her fingers coarse with grime. She had little doubt that a mirror would reveal more dishevelment. Not that she cared in the slightest. Each graze and stain had been hard won. Fought for.
Final teaser for Chapter 10 of Fireflies! I’ll be publishing it around lunch tomorrow - another 5k+ monster that’s taken me a stupid amount of time to edit. Super excited to share it with you all! <3
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acourtofmidnight · a month ago
He looked set to say something self-effacing again, so she tugged uselessly at his armoured arm and said, “Take off your shirt.”
Teaser for Chapter 10 of Fireflies!
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acourtofmidnight · a month ago
The iron tang of blood shoved its way up her nose as she stalked behind Mor, the scent reeking of terror and pain. So many mingling scents that she had to focus her mind to cut through them all—embers and musk, lightning and dust, rock and soil and peat. But there—the faintest trace of maple, and the icy kiss of mist. That, at least, was familiar.
Chapter 9 of Fireflies is live! Warrior-Gwynriel holds a special little place in my heart, because we all know that those who slay together stay together xoxo
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acourtofmidnight · a month ago
And that’s how the Night Court had risen to such powerful heights. Because they put pride and hierarchies aside in the name of bettering themselves, and each other. In utilising strengths, not punishing weaknesses.
Teaser for Chapter 9 of Fireflies! Between re-reading ACOSF and applying for summer jobs, I’ve had a busy week but imma try my absolute damndest to have this out sometime tomorrow. These next few chapters contain scenes that essentially inspired the entire fic, so I can’t wait to share them with you :)
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acourtofmidnight · a month ago
If he ever called her Red, she would chuck him off the side of the gods-damned mountain.
Final teaser for Chapter 8 of Fireflies! I know I said it would be up today, but there’s still some rewriting/editing I want to get done, so it’ll be tomorrow instead. The good news is it’s a hefty 2000 words longer than usual, so the wait will be worth it :)
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acourtofmidnight · a month ago
He still wasn’t entirely used to the idea of being an uncle, but his nephew had already wheedled his way past Azriel’s defences, and into his dark and twisty heart. He dreaded the day when Nyx could eventually speak—make demands— because he didn’t think he would be able to say no; to deny the tiny Illyrian anything at all.
Teaser for Chapter 8 of Fireflies!
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acourtofmidnight · a month ago
“I haven’t seen you up here in a while.”
She spoke the words so softly that human hearing might have struggled to discern them. Barely a whisper.
“You saw me up here this morning,” Azriel said.
The deflection was feeble. And had no bite. By the way he shifted his weight from one foot to the other, he knew it too.
She wondered if he remembered the offer she’d made that very morning: I’m here. If you ever want to talk about anything that’s bothering you. Any time or place. Day or night. I’m here to listen.
Was she overstepping? Had she been wrong to assume—To assume that their burgeoning friendship might result in that kind of honesty? That frankness she so treasured with Nesta and Emerie. Perhaps he did not experience the same levity with her that she had come to feel around him. The weightlessness that came from spending time with someone who understood. Who did not judge or pity.
Chapter 7 of Fireflies is live! Catch the full thing over on AO3. Thank you so much for the kind words over the last week or so - I can’t wait to continue this adventure
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acourtofmidnight · a month ago
“You don’t have to have a reason, Azriel,” she said. “To feel the way you do. Perhaps, on some days, it’s possible to trace it to a source. And on others, you may never find it.” She gave his hand a gentle squeeze, felt those calluses and scars beneath her fingers. “And on the days where those voices get to be too loud, come and find me.”
Final teaser for Chapter 7 of Fireflies! I’m still working on it, and it’s taken longer than I thought it would (blame S&B), but fingers crossed it’ll be finished tomorrow :)
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acourtofmidnight · a month ago
“The next time you decide to throw someone off a ledge, I would recommend checking if they have wings first,” Azriel said, peering over the wall. “Or it may not have the desired outcome.”
Teaser for Chapter 7 of Fireflies!
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acourtofmidnight · a month ago
“Azriel?” a voice came out of nowhere.
He turned, with such wild, uncontrolled speed, that his right foot slipped out from under him. Slipped over the abyss—the hundreds of metres of empty air.
And then he was falling.
He caught a quick glimpse of Gwyn’s wide, teal eyes, before he lost her over the lip of the training ring wall.
For two seconds, heart pounding, he was in freefall. Complete and utter freefall, down the side of the mountain.
Only instinct had him snapping out his wings, seeking an updraft. He found one almost immediately, angling himself into its current, following the curve of it up and around, past the far side of the training ring. As swift as an arrow. He circled until he was hovering above the flat space, some twenty metres above the ground.
How—How had she snuck up on him like that?
Gwyn is here a shadow murmured.
It sounded smug.
Azriel swore. Because his shadows hadn’t told him, that’s how.
Extract from Chapter 6 of Fireflies.
I’ll hopefully have the next chapter out in a couple of days! And will post a sneak-peek here beforehand :)
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acourtofmidnight · 2 months ago
Just who are you, Gwyneth Berdara?
Merrill’s words rang again in her ears. But this time she wouldn’t let their ugliness touch her. Wouldn’t let their weight drag her down. She would fight that void; fight it with tooth and nail and sword and shield. She would carve out that space for herself. And maybe—just maybe, she would find her answer.
New extract from my Fireflies Fanfic - be sure to check it out over on AO3!
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acourtofmidnight · 2 months ago
I love writing these goons so much <3
“You’re not… afraid of it?” Azriel asked.
Gwyn shook her head, smiling.
She slowly retracted her hand, letting the little shadow spool back into his palm.
They were a part of him. What did she possibly have to fear?
He must have found something there to reassure him, some sincerity in her expression, because the smile he gave her now was unlike anything she’d ever seen.
Her heart stuttered in her chest.
By the Cauldron, he had dimples. Where had they been hiding?
She ducked her head, blushing furiously, to find the shadow in his palm was still angling itself towards her. It certainly was a curious little thing. She watched it for a moment longer.
“I’m going to call you Tyke,” she declared, “because you are little and mischievous and apparently don’t do as you’re told.”
Extract taken from my fic Fireflies
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