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traveleorzea · 51 minutes ago
@the-wip-project #100daysofwriting Day Twenty-four
Have you ever read a thing in a book or seen in a show/movie where you thought: "Oh, this is good, I'm gonna steal that!" What was it?
Tumblr media
Not sure I'd say I ever wanted to "steal" it exactly, but I've always admired the intentional use of Bathos and the character dynamics of the found family ensemble casts of both Joss Whedon's "Firefly" and Nickelodeon's "Avatar: The Last Airbender" series. It's a style that I personally find very entertaining, and thought that each series managed to strike a balance that really worked for them between light-hearted, comedic moments and more serious, dramatic ones, demonstrating character development and plot points in keeping with the characters' individual drives/motivations, and personalities. Of course, the casting and skill of the actors and voice actors really made each come to life, but they were given good material to work with in the first place. While the genre of my own WIP is markedly different from those series, I've been having fun using it as my own means of practicing how to construct and implement a similar narrative style, but on a much smaller interpersonal scale with my own tiny cast of The Red Team.
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avictimofthejazz · 58 minutes ago
✨ for all our ships on this one. =)
Amy/Face “Oh,” Face didn’t even hesitate when the question was poised. He just grinned, “Your legs….and…you know…higher…around where It meets your back.” Maggie/Hannibal “Your grin,” Maggie had to admit with a grin of her own. “Of course, usually I see it when you’re about to do something insane…but I still like it.” Bonnie/Michael Shoving a hand through his thick curls, Michael shifted his weight. “I like your hands. Does that sound weird?” He asked worriedly.
Kelly/Murdock “Oh,” Kelly blushed and looked down at her hands, “I couldn’t pick. I just like HM as he is…though I do like how he’s always wearing baseball caps. Even the one with the wings on it.” Gina/Murphy “It’s your eyes,” Murph ducked his head shyly, “I can’t imagine how anyone could look at you and not notice them.”
Trudy/BA BA reached up to run a gentle hand through Trudy’s thick hair, “This right here, Trudy.”
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im gonna start posting abt rob zombie movies like yall do saw
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farmerace · 2 hours ago
Hey Ace. Aceeeeeeeee. Ace. Bouillab-ace. What's your most meaningful tattoo?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pixel art portraits done by Hime Tarts.
Dialogue done by me!
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princessfirefly · 2 hours ago
Me? Designing a Luca OC and adding them to my Artfight line up? It's more likely than you think
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mizurda · 3 hours ago
saw the first firefly of the year when i went out for the strawberry moon. it’s officially summer now
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fireflier · 3 hours ago
I'm so tired so I'm probably gonna sleep within the next half hour to an hour, so if. 🌕 if you don't see this before then. If you do still want shufflemancies then is there any like. Specific things you want or don't want in the request? Also Firefly I'm sorry for using you as a messenger pigeon here but in my defense. ... That's the end of the sentence -📀❤️
ah yeah, i’m pretty sure they’d be fine with whatever but i can’t fully speak for em !! if you’re asleep now that’s chill tOO sorry i just dropped off for a bit 😔😔
and LMAO no worries, with the nature of this communication i just have to be a messenger pigeon sometimes !!! B)
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nedsseveredhead · 4 hours ago
You will meet people so kind that, for a moment, you’ll be able to forget everyone who’s ever been cruel to you.
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travelerswife4life · 4 hours ago
Fresh Scars - Guest Post
Fresh Scars by @DonnaMumma1 - Guest Post "What Inspires You?" Via @JustreadTours + #Giveaway!
Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for Fresh Scars by Donna Mumma, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours! About the Book Title: Fresh Scars Author: Donna Mumma Publisher: Firefly Southern Fiction (Iron Stream Media) Release Date: June 15, 2021 Genre: Southern Fiction Time heals all wounds . . . or does it? Asia Butler and her sister, Ivy Butler Morelli, have not spoken in fifteen years. As children,…
Tumblr media
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willowstea · 5 hours ago
The fireflies are out tonight 💙
It feels like forever since I've seen one.
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princessfirefly · 5 hours ago
How the fuck am I supposed to choose between steampunk and cyberpunk, Artfight??? Why are you making me choose??
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radiant-flutterbun · 6 hours ago
Everyone stop selling pretty dragons I don't have lair space
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yukariluna · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chance of finding fireflies✨✨✨ #firefly #hotaru #japan #riverside #jalanjalan #promenade #nature #蛍 #ほたる #川沿い #せせらぎ #自然
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"Hi! I decided to make a blog for me and fatgum. Occasionally, I'll let my daughter Abigail answer some questions but please keep any questions for her kid friendly. She's 5 and I'd appreciate it if you guys don't ask her inappropriate questions. Also don't ask about her dad...she doesn't know him."
Tumblr media
"Mum? What are you doing?"
Tumblr media
"Making something for us to do."
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firefly-in-darkness · 9 hours ago
Are you taking requests for dividers?
My requests are currently closed, I'll announce over @firefly-graphics when they are reopening 💙
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slasherhaven · 9 hours ago
slasher forehead kisses and/or braiding their hair!! (2nd one goes 4 slashers w long hair skendk)
The Slashers and Forehead Kisses (and Hair Braiding):
Thomas Hewitt 
Thomas’ heart melts whenever you take his face in your hands and press a kiss to his forehead.
You kiss his forehead and temples a lot since they’re parts of his face that his mask doesn’t cover.
He just thinks the gesture is so soft. Especially when he hasn’t started removing his mask around you, it’s like you’re at least showing affection to the parts of him that he does allow you to see. It just makes him smile.
If Luda May ever catches one of you giving the other a little forehead kiss, she will absolutely gush about it. As is her right to do so.
Tommy has pretty long hair, definitely a good length for a few little braids. And if you ask, he will definitely let you braid it. Sitting on the floor between your legs as you sit on the bed behind him, happily playing with his hair.
Michael Myers
You have managed to give Michael a forehead kiss or two but it’s quite the challenge. He’s much taller than you so you can’t really do it when he’s standing and you doubted he would allow the act of affection most of the time.
But once you started to feel more comfortable around him, you started to make moves in showing affection.
The first few times you kiss his forehead, the top of his head, or his masked face at all, it confuses Michael and you receive a curious stare. He slowly becomes used to it and stops reacting to it much at all.
Remember, if Michael isn’t stopping you, he probably doesn’t mind and might even like it.
His equivalent to a kiss on the forehead is a pat on the head. We take what we can get.
Obviously not all versions of Michael have long hair so this only applies to the ones that do.
While the idea of braiding Michael’s hair puts a smile on your face, you’re cautious about it because,’s Michael.
He’s not great at caring for his hair in general so eventually he starts to let you detangle it for him, always watching you carefully. 
How you managed to tame Michael Myers enough to have him sit still while you got carried away and started braiding his hair it a miracle.
Jason Voorhees
Of course Jason loves forehead kisses! They’re so sweet, why wouldn’t he love them?
You gave him little forehead kisses to his mask from time to time before you were even dating, and they would always make him smile and blush.
They would just become a common little act of affection between the two of you.
Finally, when Jason removes the mask around you, he can begin properly returning the tender little kisses.
Brahms Heelshire 
Brahms loves forehead kisses, or kisses of any form.
You’ll often press a gentle kiss to the forehead of his mask or the top of his head when he was sitting down and you were just walking past him.
You can’t really kiss his forehead when he’s standing up since he’s just so tall.
He can’t help but smile when he rests his head against your shoulder and you kiss his forehead affectionately.
Before he takes the mask off around you, he gives you a few forehead kisses as well. Since he can’t actually kiss you, he’ll touch the lips of his mask to your forehead in his soft, tender moments.
Bo Sinclair
Bo isn’t normally the easiest person to give a forehead kiss too but you do so when he’s tired, when he’s falling asleep beside you.
He never really comments on it and if he did, he would probably scoff, complain, or tease. He’s just not used to gentleness and love like this, so he avoids addressing it as much as he can.
He also isn’t one to give you a sweet forehead kiss but he does it occasionally. 
Normally when you’ve argued or he’s been in a bad mood and snapped at you. Later on, probably while you’re already in bed, he’ll silently join you and press a kiss to your forehead, his version of an apology. He’ll know that you forgive him when you shift closer to his side before settling down again.
Vincent Sinclair 
Vincent loves forehead kisses, he just thinks they’re really sweet and tender.
When you press a kiss to his forehead, whether he’s wearing the mask or not, it just makes him feel loved and cared about.
He also likes to kiss your forehead from time to him, just leaning down and quickly pressing a kiss (or the mouth of his mask) to your forehead to express some affection.
Will often kiss the top of your head when you fall asleep against him, just smiling to himself.
Absolutely would let you braid his hair without complaint. He actually appreciates when you do it before he starts working with wax because it prevents him from getting wax in his hair. It’s just practical. 
But even if you’re just sitting around, enjoying a moment of peace, he will happily relax and let you play with and braid his hair.
Lester Sinclair 
Lester loves cute little acts of affections like forehead kisses, cheek kisses, or nose kisses. 
And you give them to each other all the time.
After a long day, the two of you will be sitting together, Lester’s head on your shoulder. And he just can’t help but smile when you press a little kiss to his forehead.
When you fall asleep and Lester is just overcome with love for you, he doesn’t want to wake you and so just leans over and presses a light kiss to your forehead.
Bubba Sawyer 
Bubba loves face kisses of any kind, he’s more likely to plant various kisses over your face than just one on your forehead.
You often kiss his forehead when he’s sad or having a bad day, it’s a sweet little gesture to remind him that you’re there for him. 
You don’t even think about it but it comforts him and makes him smile.
He’ll give you a little forehead kiss every now and again, giving you a joyful smile afterwards.
Billy Lenz
You kiss Billy’s forehead all the time and he loves it.
He loves any sort of affection like that. When you kiss his forehead, his cheek, the top of his head, when you hold him and play with his hair, letting him rest his head against your chest.
He always smiles and cuddles closer when you’re holding him, his head on your chest, and you lean down to press a kiss to his forehead.
He kisses your forehead when you’re asleep. If he wakes up in the middle of the night, he’ll kiss your forehead before settling back down. If he’s joining you in bed later, he will crawl into bed with you, kissing your forehead before laying down and falling asleep.
Asa Emory (The Collector)
While Asa isn’t one for ‘cute’ or ‘gentle’ acts of affection, he does actually give his fair share of forehead kisses, it’s just in his own way.
They’re almost like a reward from Asa, he knows how to use praise and affection the exact way you desire.
Each forehead kiss is a silent ‘good girl/boy’, and it always makes you smile.
(NSFW) A gentle, reassuring kiss to your forehead after a rough session with Asa always makes you melt. And at the same time, it grounds you and comforts you.
Jesse Cromeans (Chromeskull)
Jesse is a tall man so you’re not going to easily plant a kiss on his forehead but he can do so to you with ease, and he does. You get your fair share of forehead kisses from Jesse.
He will normally kiss your forehead after he’s fondly teased you about something, as if making it up to you. Because how can you be mad at him when he’s being so sweet?
You give Jesse most of his forehead kisses when he’s working (the less murder-y side of his work), because he’s sitting down and you can actually reach...
You’ll affectionately kiss his forehead before letting him continue to work.
Depending on his mood, he will just smile and let you leave, or he will grab you and pull you down onto his lap.
Otis Driftwood
Otis finds forehead kisses surprisingly...tender, and he isn’t too sure how he feels about that.
He would never stop you from doing it but it’s just so damn soft.
In the end, he doesn’t see the point of them. If you’re going to kiss him, you better do it like you mean it, and will often grab you to pull you back for a real kiss before releasing you again.
Braiding Otis’ hair?...he doesn’t like it.
He will mutter and complain the whole time you’re braiding his hair, but he isn’t going to stop you. He will continue to tell you how much he hates it and how stupid this is, but still allows you to do it...
You have him wrapped around your finger more than either of you realise.
Baby Firefly 
Baby is all for forehead kisses, any kisses really.
They’re normally more playful than tender but she has her calmer moments where kisses are more gentle and tender.
She more likely to kiss you on the cheek or even nose rather than forehead, but she thinks it’s sweet when you kiss hers.
Of course Baby will let you braid her hair, as long as she can do your hair in return.
Yautja (Predator)
Look at that forehead! So much room for forehead kisses!
And he loves them. It’s just so...human, just so you.
He just gets all happy whenever you plant a kiss on him, taking his face into your hands and pressing a kiss to the top of his head with a smile on your face.
He thinks you’re adorable. 
Will probably let out a little affectionate purr when you do so.
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