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I logged into my animal crossing game tonight and since it had been a month or so, I had completely forgotten I was dressed up as Sho Kusakabe from the last island party I hosted lol

So I dressed him up and later ended up sketching him and Shinra in the seasonal kimonos celebrating the fireworks festival;


It’s a simple sketch for the time being, but once I get work out of the way (start new courses tomorrow lol) I’ll get right on it! : )

Also, side note; seeing Sho smiling, having fun and just being a kid would make Shinra cry happily and no one can tell me otherwise

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Scanned in the sketch! : D

I have NO idea what to do with this sketch; I would fully colour it but I have no idea what exact colour the uh ‘other guy’s’ hair is…

I might just make the picture either replicating the manga or using my usual colour palette of reds, blacks, greys and whites ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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