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neelrahh · 5 hours ago
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the duality of the Little Man
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things4your · 12 days ago
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Ekko - Arcane Headers
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evelestrange · 7 days ago
i can't love you again!
my arcane masterlist
Act 3 spoilers.
┊pairing: Vi x firelight!fem!reader
┊warnings: mentions of injuries, brief mentions of experimentation and addiction, swearing, a whole lot of emotions
┊wordcount: 2.2k
┊genre: angst, hurt/comfort
┊summary: Vi being held hostage at the firelights base turned to be one of the most eventful days she could've had by meeting her lost lover again, but when her girl can't seem to trust her how will that end?
┊notes: i just wanted to say thank you so much for all the love on my last post! i appreciate it more than you guys could ever imagine.
Tumblr media
You sat beside Mirio and his baby, Walna. The bubble-like giggles resounded through the valley, contributing to to warm atmosphere it gave off.
"We're glad you're okay," Mirio offered as Walna waddled over to you, her dusty purple skin shining in the sun. You scooped her into your arms, throwing her into the air and catching her, only to repeat it.
"I'm glad too, Rio." The (h/c) girl smiled brightly at him as she held Walna close to her chest. "You were knocked out for a while. We started preparing for the worst."
Your heart dropped to your stomach as your expression fell at the confession. "I-It was just a bullet wound, it couldn't have been that bad," she reasoned. Mirio shook his head. "Shnarples." Y/n's breath stuttered as he spoke.
"Yeah, you gave us a real good scare."
"I'll try not to do it again, old man." She smiled.
"Oh you little-"
As Mirio was about to dig into you about the 'offensive' name, you felt a heavy hand smack you upside the head. You whipped around with your hand covering your crown. "Jesus Christ what was that for-"
"That was for getting shot by Jinx." The boy hit you again on the opposite side. "That was for scaring us to the point where they started sketching you to put you on the damn wall."
You sighed, shoving your hands in your pockets so you wouldn't fidget. His platinum twists swayed in the wind as he stared at her with narrow eyes.
"When I say retreat, you retreat."
"Since when were you the one calling all the shots? Did you forget that we both built this place from the ground up." Your voice was laced with venom.
"Since your emotions started getting in the way." You could tell he didn't mean to say that out loud, but he didn't regret what he said.
"Fuck you, Ekko. I bet if you had the chance, you wouldn't put a bullet in her brain. Cause you still see what I see," her next words were emphasized as she stepped to the taller male.
"You. Still. See. Powder." Each word sounded like a statement in itself. Ekko's face twisted in anger and annoyance. He turned his back to you, and in that moment something clicked as you panicked slightly.
"I promise I'll never walk away from you angry. We don't have the luxury of a guaranteed tomorrow."
"You pinky promise?"
Mylo, Claggors, Ekko, Powder, and Vi all looked in your direction as you all linked your pinkies together, promising to never leave another mad.
"Ekko!" Tears started to form in your eyes as you yelled after him from where he was walking inside the wall, into the keeping room.
"Don't you dare walk away from me angry." Her jaw clenched as she limped her way to the doorway. Ekko let out an annoyed groan as he took half your weight.
"I'm not angry at you, so chill out."
"Sure as hell seemed like it," you hissed.
"I wouldn't break that promise even if it was years ago," his face softened as he turned his head to face you.
Over the years of creating the firelights, you and Ekko were all the other had. Powder went batshit crazy, and kill Mylo, Claggors, Vi, and Vander. The bond you two had was unbreakable as you grew into the adults you are today.
"I know you haven't been...back on duty for a while but, there's something you need to see."
Ekko stood in front of the built woman, who's voice sounded vaguely familiar. Your white, crafted masks were secured around your head as you listened to the woman hiss profanities.
You were crouched, one bent knee holding all of your weight as the other stuck out to your side. Mirio had removed the sack from over her face.
Suddenly you were incredibly grateful for the mask covering your face, preventing anyone from seeing your teary eyes and dropped jaw. Ekko nudged his head, telling Mirio to leave you alone with the girl.
"You shy- or just ugly?"
'I see she didn't lose her hot head.'
Ekko stepped to her, dropping the pipe in his hand.
His mask hissed as it dropped to his side.
Yours did the same from your place next to him.
"I look good for a dead girl." Ekko introduced.
You snorted a laugh as you got a good look at her. "What variation of shimmer did they give you, i need some of that shit." You scoffed, trying to detach your heart from your head.
All you wanted to do was throw your arms around her and never let go.
But why is she here? Where has she been? Why now?
"Ekko? Shit, Y-Y/n?"
"What do you know about this?" Ekko called out as he opened the mobile chamber, revealing a glowing blue stone.
"What the ever-living-fuck are you doing with hextech?" You scolded Ekko as he gestured to Vi. "She was helping Jinx protect it."
"Nothing. What the hell is this all about?" You kept your eye locked onto her facial expressions.
Her face twitched when she lied, it always has.
You gave Ekko a look, lightly nodding your head.
"What were you doing with Jinx?"
"You were with Jinx?!"
"Her name is Powder, And I just found her when you and your goons showed up."
"That's not Powder. Not anymore."Your hands were in your pockets as you shuffled around your foot.
She scoffed, "It's me. Vi."
"The same person who used to take you down to the junk heap and hose you down when you got covered in grease." Her head turned to you as she seemed to struggled to find the right thing to say.
"The same person who would sneak into Piltover to get you Violets to stick in your hair." Your heart skipped a beat as Ekko glanced at you before turning back to the pinkette.
"That was a long time ago. People change."
"Yeah, I'm getting that."
"Are you working for Silco?" Ekko questioned. You and Vi had mirrored expressions as you looked at him like he had two heads.
"Fuck. You."
Ekko stammered as he spoke "I-I-I- I thought you were dead."
You put and arm out in front of Ekko, limping as you stepped in front of him. "Where the hell have you been, Vi?"
"No, Y/n, cause now she shows up with a Piltie and decided to give her a tour of the Lanes."
"You were following us? Why didn't you say something?"
"You're working with an enforcer?"
"No- I-I mean yes, but it's not like that. She's not like that."
"I didn't know if I could trust you!"
"Not exactly like she gave us a reason to."
" you just come out swinging?"
"Gee, I wonder who we learned that from," Ekko swung his arm around your shoulder as he gave Vi a look of exasperation.
"Ah, well, you shoulda learned more. You still punch like a little boy."
"And you still block with your face!"
Vi sighed, her expression fell slightly as she glanced at you, then down at the ground.
"I remember when you wouldn't stand up to me." The shackles clattered to the ground as you and Ekko slightly stepped back. Ekko shoved you back, you fell on your ass as you got ready to stand up and swing.
But your arms lowered as you saw Vi wrap her arms around your friend.
"I missed you, little man."
You seemed to stare as you watched them have their moment.
"How long have you had those off?"
"How long have you been whining?"
Ekko dug his head into her shoulder, wrapping his arms around her in a tight embrace. Vi opened her eyes, meeting your gaze as she reached her hand out to you.
"I miss you too, Princess."
Your eyes stung as you took her hand, she hauled you to your feet and into one of her arms as she held you just as close.
"You have no idea, Vi."
Ekko winked at you as he walked away with Caitlyn to give her a tour of the base, leaving you and Vi to your own devices. You were on one off the tree's balconies that wrapped around the trunk, Vi's shoulder was pushed against yours as you stood there, pushing yourself against the railing.
"You guys built all of this?" She inquired.
"Not alone," you smiled as you remembered the days where every day and night was spent with laughter as you built the safe haven.
"After Vander...passed," you carefully spoke. "The streets were flooded with shimmer. Everyone here is either an addict or a victim." You confessed.
"And you?
"Back when we first started the firelights, Ekko and I were scouting for people we already knew. Trustworthy people." Your (e/c) eyes glazed over as you reminisced. "Ekko and I split up in the Lanes. I went to see a few people I grew up with...they ratted me out to Silco."
Your breathing labored as you closed your eyes, trying to prevent your tears.
"I was used to experiment the different variations of shimmer and how it affected people. Took me three years to get off of it, I was miserable the entire time."
"Everytime i see that glowing purple liquid death, it brings me back to my days in that lab." Your gaze was somewhere far away, and you hadn't noticed your own tears until Vi took your face in her hands, wiping them away with her fingertips.
"I'm sorry. For not being there for you, for everyone. I should've been here."
"That's one way to drive yourself crazy." Your smile brought up her spirits.
"(n/n)! (n/n)!" Walna called out to you from her spot at the base of the tree, her father lifting her up to see her better.
"Hi Munchkin!" You waved and blew her a kiss, a dopey smile on your face.
"You had a kid without me?" Vi spoke in mock offence.
"Like I'd have one with you," you scoffed.
There was a brief pause as you two just stood, encasing the fleeting moment that you had with her into your brain, and burning it into your memory.
"Remember when we used to talk about getting married?" Her pink hair blew in the wind as rays of sun danced across her cheeks.
'She's beautiful,' you thought.
"Yeah, we were in over our heads, weren't we?" You voice was dipped in sadness as you longingly gazed at the woman in front of you.
How could she be so close, but so out of reach?
"I don't think it was that far fetched," she slid her hand to yours on the railing, brushing the tips of her fingers against the back of your hand, tracing the structure of your hand.
"Don't do that, Violet."
"Don't do what?" She sighed as you pulled away from her.
"Don't make me have hope when you're just going to leave again, especially when there's someone else." Your heart was heavy in your chest as you tried to do the right thing.
"Someone else? I- What the hell are you talking about?"
"The girl! The woman you've been with since you got out of prison. The way you spoke about her in the keeping care for her, Vi. And if i stand correct, I just-" you turned your head away from her as you finished.
"I can't love you again."
Vi's heart seemed to break as she reached out, pulling your body against hers as she held you as close to her heart as she could.
"Yes, because she's saved my ass ten thousand times. She's a friend to me, Princess." She pulled away, just barely. Her hands went to hold the sides of your neck, her thumbs caressed your jaw, swiping back a forth with purpose.
"Okay, so maybe you're not in love with her, but that doesn't change the fact that you're going to leave with her."
"I'm not going anywhere."
"So you're going to stay? Here? Become a firelight?" You sarcastically remarked as you started to pull your face away from her hold. The woman in front of you quickly brought your gaze back to her as she looked you in the eyes, the most serious look on her features.
"Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. I talked to Ekko, he said I can stay as long as he doesn't hear our 'sappy shit." She laughed as she pressed her nose to yours.
"You're really staying?"
"I'm really staying."
With her reassurance you brought your hands behind her neck, pushing her down to meet your lips. You smiled into the kiss as her hands went down to your waist, pulling you impossibly closer as she savored the moment.
She pulled away from you, a smirk on her face with an arched brow.
"Think you can love me again?" She sassed, as she ran her thumb over your lips.
You rolled your eyes as you trailed your hands down her back, hooking your fingers into her belt loops.
"Yo! I said you could stay if i didn't see the sappy shit!"
"You said hear, Dipshit!"
"You two never stop, do you?"
-taglist: @bitchylittlejellyfish @1-danid @holysmokesblog @brooks-lyanna
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jiinxd · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
just noticed that in ep. 4, when silco goes to check on jinx during progress day, u can see her working on her firelight bomb(s) ;;;
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mellointheory · 13 days ago
Mello, you say. Mello, are you getting overly attached to a background character again?
The answer is yes! Welcome to my absolute favorite boy and the crown jewel of Arcane: some bat dude.
Why do you like him so much, you ask? I have a few simple answers.
1. Mask Sexy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
literally, look at that mask. It's dope. It has cool teeth and everything.
2. Cool Vibes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look at that. He has a skateboard that he flies on and a cool spear and also claws. How could you not love that?
3. Strong and vicious...but kind...
Tumblr media
In his first appearances we see him take on some of Silco's crew with his spear, and also fight hand-to-hand with Vi using his claws. He's on the verge of stabbing her when Ekko stops him. However, after we're introduce to the Firelight's hideout we see another side of him. Namely, him with a small child/sibling.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I actually have a large amount of knowledge about League lore and characters, which allows me to make some assumptions about him and his species. In the League world of Runeterra, many different animalistic species exist, known as vastaya. These vastaya often live for much longer than humans do and are descended from ancient nature spirits. Vastayan birth rates are declining, although the birth of half Vastayans such as Sett (well known for being a sexy fox man) is more common.
Anyway, I don't know his name but he's hot and I love him.
Tumblr media
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dreamdropxxx · 11 days ago
It is very heartbreaking to think about the Firelight girl that died during the battle on the airship.
She most definitely saw Vi‘s portrait on the wall of her home from a young age on and heard Ekko tell the stories about this brave, strong, badass friend who would teach him how to fight and always stand up for what is right. And she would think: I want to be like her. So she got the same haircut, probably dyed her hair, imitated Vi’s style and started fighting alongside Ekko for what is right.
And then she meets Jinx, who immediately has a bad episode upon seeing her because she looks SO MUCH like her idol and everything is over.
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hextechmaturgy · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
if it turns out that the firelight leader really isn't ekko i will gladly put on my clown shoes but until then, i celebrate
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arcane-ish · 6 days ago
Ekko x Jinx + firelights
So, there are these bug things that are are the firelights. 
Ekko explains what they are and I think we see Jinx interacting with them as well and they also show up in the bridge scene? 
I wonder if anybody has done/could do a gifset on it? Like maybe they symbolize Ekko and so it’s meaningful that Jinx has interacted with them? 
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quietscrappyart · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Apparently his name is Scar
🧡 Come follow and chat with me on Twitter and Instagram. 💚
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einthebusinessdeer · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Though he seems like the strong silent type, I bet it would be pleasant to talk to this Firelight
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randomgooseguy · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Firelights in my life.
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gh0ulfri3nd · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
This rat dude
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sketchinthetimeaway · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
In this gothic underground city, we all sin.
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