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#firelord zuko

did someone say… daddy

Do not repost! If you see this post without this caption, it is not from the original artist (me!! @hello080500 !!!) Please let me know if you see stolen artwork of mine so I can report it as such. Thank you.

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au where older zuko is occasionally pulled through time and always ends up by his sixteen year old self’s side

the first time it happens, he was talking about educational reforms (because like. all of it is propaganada?? ALL OF IT) and then is tossed on a rocking ship with absolutely no warning and his first thought is ‘who do i have to fight now?’ because OBVIOUSLY he’s been kidnapped somehow.

except?? he’s seeing DEAD PEOPLE?? he’s seeing the wani just as it was when it was BLOWN UP?? mother of FUCK, is that HIM??? THREE YEARS AGO??

“aang,” zuko mutters reflexively under his breath because THIS is the type of shit that happens when you’re friends with a LITERAL SPIRIT, AGNI SAVE HIM, so therefore any vaguely spirit-adjescent nonsense MUST be aang’s fault (even though aang was halfway across the world at the moment) unless it’s a spirit that he himself pissed off during his three years of banishment, in which case he will only take responsibility if the spirit is gunning for him specifically and then blame it on aang the rest of the time.

“who the fuck is aang,” his literal sixteen year old self says, scowling. older zuko looks at his hair, goes through the seven stages of grief (two of which he invented himself), and wishes that the hairstyle for banished, honourless people wasn’t absolutely hideous. “actually, who the fuck are you.”

zuko knows that tone. he knows that tone intimately, seeing as he’s the one who uses it exclusively. and also because he was just like that–and still is, if the many illegal midnight jaunts he gets up to with toph sometimes as the blue spirit are any indication–when he was sixteen. that’s his i-will-go-for-your-groin-with-fire-mercilessly-if-you-tell-me-something-i-don’t-like-because-i-don’t-give-a-shit-about-your-continued-well-being-AT-ALL voice.

of course, because he’s still a fucking gremlin even at the oh-so-mature age of turning eighteen in two months, he gives a small, polite, wicked smile that his council, his advisers, the entire palace, and anyone else who’s come into contact with him in the, oh, last seventeen years of his life has learned to fear.

“i’m you,” he says, cheerfully. and then he lets his smile blossom into a shit-eating smirk as he leans back and looks down his nose at younger-him, who’s still the same fucking height as him except maybe an inch or two shorter because he’s doomed to never be taller than anyone except maybe toph for the rest of his life, and gleefully notes how some of the smarter crew members shift back at the sight of it, looking much warier than before. “except smarter.

it’s a lie, of course–although he would like to think that he’s become slightly less rash, but if the one month long trip to get a dragon a year ago is any indication, he’s really not–but he does have the advantage of hindsight to influence younger-him’s decisions.

he also has the petty desire to get revenge on his friends for shit they’ve pulled–particularly sokka and the several dozen fox-squirrels in the caldera a month ago. several dozen hog-monkey’s invading the south pole is an acceptable revenge, he thinks.

but right now, he makes direct eye contact with his younger self, and he can see the moment younger-zuko fucking snaps, uncle’s reassuring hand on his shoulder or no.

in the second before younger-him’s flames make sure he can never reproduce, he’s transported back to his meeting, where no time has passed.

still smirking.

his council sweats.

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I think after learning about the propaganda being taught in the schools, Firelord Zuko would make it his mission, with the help of his friends and with historians from all the nations, to get a full and accurate view of the war and the Fire Nation, and then insert that into the school curriculum.

Talking to Aang about Air Nomad military tactics (which they didn’t have) to properly present Sozen’s methods of battle, consulting the Dragonbone Catacombs to find final testimonies of Firelords past, reaching out to other nations to find documentation they have of the war, and to cross refrence the information the Fire Nation already has.

I think Zuko would really do his homework on this, and not shy away from showing his citizens what actually happened during the war, because they deserve to know what wrongdoings took place, and that the Fire Nation needs to be held accountable.

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Send “Who are YOU?” to meet a Muse from one of Muns other blogs!


I don’t have another blog, but I have been thinking a lot about this jerk since I finished ATLA so for your consideration I give you Firelord Zuko. 

“Alright.” He nodded in the mirror, looking every bit the Firelord he was. “I’m ready.” 

“That’s good, buddy because there’s about ten thousand people out there.” Sokka’s muffled voice came through the heavy red curtain. 

Zuko’s eyes widened in panic as they found Aang’s own, and his voice pitched up. “I lied. I’m not ready.” He began to pace. “Who am I kidding. Why would any of these people want me as their leader? I’m just a kid, half of them don’t even remember who I am, and the other half remember my failings.” He shook his head. “How can I be a great leader with so much DOUBT.” He turned and punched the wall leaving a hole in it. 

He felt a hand on his shoulder. “A great leader always questions himself.” Iroh answered calmingly. “How can a man grow if he cannot see his flaws?”

Zuko smiled and nodded. His Uncle always knew exactly what to say. “I’m glad you’re here. All of you.” He took in one more deep breath and nodded. “Alright, Now I’m ready.” 

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Can you imagine the gaang playing the floor is lava together, except they make it extremely competitive by knocking each other to the floor as violently as possible

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Not really feeling this one but it was good. I like what I tried to do with the burned paper thing, but the weird backdrop maybe should have only been connected to the Fade-out at the bottom. It’s like that in all the versions.

The other two versions of this are under the cut

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The whole Zuko is a stronger bender or smarter in any way than Azula discource, starts because we think being weak is fundamentally wrong and bad.

I mean Azula is way more talented and smarter than him. It is a fact.

Idk why, some Zuko fans are angry abt it.

There are worse things than being week, like being a bad person……

No matter his great strength or cool bending Ozai was shit because of this reason.

This is also why Azula redemption is important. To show that just because Azula and Zuko are equals in personality does not make Zuko bad.

Idk why I think people are scared that Azula redemption will destroy Zuko. If anything it will just help his character too.

I always thought Zuko was not to be the firelord but a great diplomat and stuff, he was to be an ambassador of kindness, peace and a revolutionary. I wanted to see fire throne destroyed and stuff. I also wanted to see Azula’s rise as a politician or some other country official, helping and protecting her people.

I wanted to see a confused Azula asking Zuko if it made her evil if she fired someone. I wanted to see a warm, happy, relaxed Zuko Pat her head and say it kinda did but not if he was like evil himself???

Zuko and azula are bro and sis and they both deserve to be together happy and have normal siing fights over tv remotes.

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Ambassador sokka going over marraige specifics before he and Firelord Zuko are married

Advisor: and your title will be firelord consort

Sokka: i think the fuck not. I will be Firelord Sokka, not Firelord Consort, shut your mouth with that nasty consort word.

Advisor who has just lost 10 years off his life from hearing this tall buff SWT man tell him “i think the fuck not” and to “shut your mouth”: yes sir, of course sir

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ooooo yes! haven’t ever written a modern AU, this’ll be fun! thank you !!! <3

this didn’t turn out how I thought but I tried !! I might remake it when I get better at different aus



the library

warnings: fluff? idk not much, I haven’t ever written a modern AU so I’m not good @ that, set during sophomore year for my americanos (15-16y/o) also this is platonic no romance here sorry babes

word count: 300

no music recs for this 1 :-(


Zuko wasn’t exactly the nicest kid you’d ever been asked to tutor.

Your history teacher had asked you specifically to tutor him and get him back on track to pass the class.

You were nothing but nice to him, even before you started studying with him.

He was a known troublemaker at your school, constantly pulling pranks, skipping class, and overall being disrespectful.

Though, for some reason, it made you want to be friends with him.


“Hey, Y/N! Guess what?” Zuko jogged up to you during a passing period.

“Hey, what’s up?” You said, slipping your phone into your back pocket.

“I got a B on the last test!” He exclaimed, his eyes sparkling. You almost gushed, seeing this boy so excited.

“That’s great! Do you still want to study tonight?” You smiled, grabbing the straps of your bag.

“Pff, of course I do. I’ll see you in a few hours?” He asked, starting to turn around and head the other direction.

You nodded and gave him a small wave. It was so nice seeing your impact.


“Hey,” Zuko whispered, sliding into the seat next to you.

You had chosen a table in the far corner of the library, shielded by tall shelves of books.

“Hey, I was just about to get started.” You whispered back, pulling out your notebook and some pens.

You saw out of the corner of your eye that he was offering an earbud to you. You smiled, cheeks warming up as you places it in your ear.

This is how most of your tutoring lessons went. You would listen to music and study together, and he would occasionally ask you a question or two for clarification.

It was nice, and you didn’t want it to stop. You were so glad to call Zuko a friend.

a/n: this fricking sucks I’m sorry

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Some things got in between me and updating so it took a while but I’m back :) This part is mostly so I can skip to the good parts honestly so yeh I jsut want my zuko moments

Premise: A story where you, an ex-fire nation soldier, find out about Zuko and Iroh’s teashop in Ba Sing Se while traveling with the gaang. Believing that also Zuko can change you decided to give them a chance. Upon doing so you made an agreement with Iroh that you would keep their whereabouts silent as long as you can keep an eye on Zuko by working in the shop.

Prologue, Part 1, part 2

Part 3:
A lot had happened in only a couple days time. You had gone searching for Appa down at Lake Laogai, the place where all the brainwashing happened. The fight that had erupted with the Dai Li had been fatal for Jett and left some of you wounded, if not physically- mentally. Your wrist was a little messed up, covered in bandages after one of the soldiers had been able to strike it with a rock, hitting the same spot you had hurt when you had the encounter with the creepy guy at the teashop. You couldn’t move your hand much, but nothing that wouldn’t be fixed over time.
No one knew how Appa got back to you, but he had somehow escaped and found Aang. The next step was to let the Earthking know, and get his trust… After another fight with the Dai Li you had been able to get to him and, eventually, convince him of the scheme that they had been running in Ba Sing Se and so you gained his full support.

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yes! I’ve been thinking of a plot for this one for a hot minute! I hope this is up to your standard, thank you for requesting zuzu as well <3




warnings: overuse of italics, fluff idk

word count: 692

music recs: grow by conan gray, little league by conan gray


You thought about Zuko often, you really did.

You’d seen him once since his banishment, just a year before the Avatar returned. Since then, you had been hiding out in a small village in the Earth Kingdom colonies.

You’d received many threats from the Fire Nation. The most recent, however, was from Princess Azula.

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I have a headcanon that jin had to ask zuko out multiple times because he is extremely oblivious to flirting. because of his fucked up family life, he can’t imagine anyone actually liking him as a friend, let alone as a boyfriend, so he interprets everything either as a neutral statement or a threat.

Attempt One

Jin: so lee do you have a special someone?

Zuko: I value all of our customers

Jin: I meant, you know, like a partner or something

Zuko: our tea shop is too small to have any business partners at the moment. If you’re proposing something, I could have you talk to my manager

Jin: w…what

Attempt Two

Jin: is it hot in here or is it just me?

Zuko, thinking: oh shit is she catching on that I’m a fire bender? Oh fuck oh fuck quick think of something to make her leave

Zuko: do you wanna go out?

Jin: finally! i thought you’d never a—

Zuko: because we have outdoor seating if it’s too warm inside

Jin: … are you serious?

Zuko: of course. I’ll move your tea for you

Zuko, thinking: fuck that was close

Attempt Three

Jin: hi lee! do you think i can take you out some time?

Zuko, thinking: fuck so she knows that i’m a firebender and she wants to kill me??? but what kind of murderer asks their victim if it’s alright to kill them? is she trying to mess with my psychologically? oh shit what do i do fuck fuck fuck fuck fu—

Iroh: he’d love to go out on a date with you!

Zuko, thinking: ohhhhh that’s what she meant

Zuko, thinking: wait no i’d rather die physically than socially

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