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#first it was hannibal
ryoryeonggu · 4 hours ago
Stolen from @alyssaslahey​ lol xD
1. My First Ship: Violate (AHS)
Tumblr media
I watched American Horror Story even before I even knew what the heck ship was. My first thought, apart from “Wow, this Tate guy is really horrifying” lol, was “their love is so beautiful.” Despite being a monster, he truly cared and loved her with all his heart. His relationship was so pure, regardless of their capricious situation, he never once hurt her, respected her and always was sweet and gentle toward her. They were my first and my always OTP.   
Damn, the chemistry was so good that I wish Evan and Taissa actually were together. 
2. Current Ship: Guzmuel (Elite)
Tumblr media
But seriously they have been on my mind lately. Watching a whole season where Samuel endlessly suffering from Guzman being a jerk was totally painful, and the way the writers treated their relationship quite horribly, but the fact that after everything had been going on, they still stuck by and chose each other in the end melted my heart. Their chemistry was so good that even better than the actual gay couple on the show (sorry not sorry lmao) and the actors doing questionable gay things didn’t make it better 😂🤣
3. My Ship Since The First Minute: Cherik (X-Men)
It wasn’t easy for me to be hooked from the first sight, but these men... right on the first time they shared the scene, I already thought, they had to be together.
Tumblr media
Same with Hannigram - Murder Husbands xD 
Tumblr media
4. I Wish They Had Been Endgame: Megstiel (SPN)
Tumblr media
Like everything was right there. Everything was perfect. The chemistry, the ultimate trope enemies to lovers, the love story of an angel and a demon, she loved and cared for him more than anything else, even sacrificed her life for him while she’s supposed to be a fucking demon, he thought she’s beautiful even he’s able to see through her meatsuit, he used “Clarence” - the one she used to call him - as his cover name, The Empty used her imagine to torture him because it knew “who he loved”, etc. 
Then you brought back the empty using Meg’s vessel but not ACTUALLY her and just let her stay dead, then had Cas confessed his one-sided feelings to his long-year abuser before dragging him to hell? WHAT THE F*CK MAN!!?     
5. I Wish They Had Been Canon: Sterek (Teen Wolf) & Klayley (TO)
Tumblr media
I adore Stalia, I really do, but I have been shipping Sterek from the start and wish that the writers actually gave them a chance. Dylan and Tyler had brilliant chemistry, and they had very fun chaotic dynamic in the show. They saved each other repeatedly, cared so much for one another, shared so many meaningful moments and deep connection, to the point that Stiles was actually Derek’s anchor. Seriously we had been queerbaiting till the end but still falling so hard for it :( 
Same with Klayley, with the whole married couple things and wasted potential. Even they did have sex one time, but only just for the baby plot then nothing more than “former one night stand” while they could have been so much more than that. They inspired each other to change for the better and the way they looked at each other was too intimate for just “mother/father of our child” and better than their own love interests. 
Tumblr media
6. Most Of The Fandom Hates, But I Love: Rizzy (Shadowhunters) 
Tumblr media
When she said she didn’t care about sex but only him when he came out as ace, that’s where they got me. I no longer cared about anything else. Just wish they had last longer. 
7. Don’t Watch The Show, But I Ship Them Anyway:  Villaneve (Killing Eve)
Tumblr media
8. I Wish They Had A Different Storyline:  Handon (Legacies)
Tumblr media
They are wonderful as separate characters and together, their soft scenes really have my heart. And their chemistry and their kisses are just like... wow, beautiful. But the fact that the writer just gave them codependent dynamic where they couldn’t reach full capabilities of their own, and their relationship were hated by most of the fandom really upset me. Since they broke up now, I hope both Landon and Hope can develop themselves as a character before finding way back to each other. Because I just want them to be endgame. 
9.  A Background Ship That I Wasn’t Supposed To Ship, But I Do: Golan (TW)
Tumblr media
I wasn’t supposed to care at all about them because they’re pretty toxic, but it was true that they once cared deeply for each other (enough to shot up a house then murder people for the other lol) and I liked the “us against the world” “go gay do crime” kind of dynamic, so yeah xD
10. My NOTP: Destiel (SPN)
Tumblr media
I swear there’re no other ships in the world make me despise than this pairing. Forced fanservice, no chemistry, ABUSIVE AF, even Jensen Ackles himself hated it. Dean had been horrible to Cas for most of their time and for YEARS, took advantage of him, used him, tossed him aside when he’s no longer needed, abused him both physically and emotionally, blamed Cas for everything went wrong in his life, tortured Cas’s son to the point this kid was suicidal and so on, there’s so much things wrong with this relationship that I couldn’t ever count (but if you really want to know then go to this post pls: But the worst part is that the ship justified Dean’s shitty behaviors and neglected Cas’s pain just for that delusional “love” which was clearly one-sided and not even close to a normal brotherhood. So NO! I will kindly send my “fuck-off” blessings to that ship till the day I die.  
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oohlook-thevoid · 7 hours ago
Yes, I only finished DS9 recently. Yes, it took me like 3 years to watch. Yes, I should rlly watch VOY/TNG/TOS. Yes, I'm this 👌 close to rewatching ENT or DS9 instead.
#like I do want to watch the others because like ✨context✨ for some of the newer stuff would be helpful#like TNG I'd probably my priority and ideally I'll finish it before Picard s2 (because lord knows I got confused watching s1)#like yes I know who this character is but also I do not know WHO this character is y'know#anyway I just wish the 7 season Trek shows were easier to get into because man the first seasons are ehhhh#like I'd say I wish they were more like ENT because I watched that real quick but also like I realise it's kinda bad so like :/#I still love ENT the most tho <3#like basically back in the summer after my GCSEs (so this was in like 2018) I was going through a watch things because my insta search feed#said they were gay phase#yeah so anyway that's why I watched v*ltron and gotham (only one of which I actually finished and don't hate)#and I kept seeing about spirk and was like okay I'll go watch TOS but I watched like 2mins and gave up#and my dad saw I'd started it and was like if you want to get into Star Trek I'd suggest ENT because it takes place chronologically first#so like yh sure and we sat down and watched the first couple eps#and originally I was gonna watch it with my dad but I got wayyyy too invested and just kept watching it without him#I can distinctly remember being on a family holiday in a static caravan in (I think) Wales and just being curled up on a chair watching ENT#on my phone#yeah so anyway I watched ENT with zero critical thinking going on because like brain used up on exams and also I loved all the characters#so bad storylines got ignored#tbf tho the other show I watched that summer was Hannibal and I distinctly remember being obsessed with how aesthetic the murders were#yeah but anyway I watched ENT + got obsessed and then tried watching VOY and saw a few eps then switched to DS9#and now like 3 yrs later I finally finished it and turned out re: DS9 my dad was right and it did get more interesting#once the dominion war stuff started#anyway I probably will rewatch DS9 + ENT somewhen but I'm gonna try to hold off until uni so if it goes to shit at least I'll have star trek
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bees-r-good · 8 hours ago
new mads + hugh picture and new spn prequel... we are truly going back to tumblr circa 2013 aren't we?
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byry · a day ago
i have such a low tolerance for horror unless it's abt zombies, but man...i want to rewatch Hannibal (television show); so many jump scares? the gore is fine, but i had to skip some scenes ahah.
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verrmori · a day ago
okay fannibals i was thinking about why hannigram is so appealing, especially to people with relationship trauma like me, and here’s what i’ve come up with. (content warning for discussion of abuse, gaslighting, and manipulation) also i’m sure a post like this has been made in the past, but i’m new to the fandom. also please feel free to reblog and add your own thoughts!
it’s because we can relate to will graham, and we want the same stability in our lives that will believes hannibal provides him with. that may sound crazy, and i’m not very good at speaking coherently, but i’m going to try to explain this by explaining how their relationship is abusive and incorporating my own experiences and feelings regarding those experiences. one thing abusers typically do is isolate their victims socially so the abuser becomes the sole person that the other person relies on. hannibal does this to will. he murders and manipulates others and uses his position as will’s therapist to create distrust towards jack in an attempt to distance will from his peers. as will’s therapist, hannibal is in a position meant to be credible, so will is under the illusion that he can trust hannibal, and hannibal uses this to manipulate and gaslight him. will develops a dependency on hannibal, and hannibal becomes will’s source of security and stability. victims of abuse tend to desire to be seen and understood by their abusers. they tend to want their validation and approval. will chases after hannibal because he wants the sense of security that comes with his presence. he wants to be understood, and he wants some sense of stability. will views hannibal as a safe constant in his life because of hannibal’s manipulation despite the horrible things hannibal does, and that’s why he’s tempted to run away with him. now, here’s where i address the appeal of the ship and why i, as someone who’s been in an abusive relationship, am drawn to it despite it clearly being unhealthy. for me, there’s always been the smallest desire to return to an abusive relationship solely because it’s predictable, and where there’s stability, there’s a sense of security. stability and security are arguably desirable to everyone, but i feel like they’re especially important for people like me and other fans who struggle with mental illnesses. having someone in your life provide you with a sense of comfort can lead to dependency on that person, and i believe that’s part of what happened with will in regards to hannibal. so why do we ship hannigram? because we see that will feels like he knows himself more when he’s with him. because we want to understand ourselves, and we want someone to help us connect with ourselves. we see that hannibal provides will with a false sense of security, and we see how put together hannibal appears, all of the bad behaviors aside, and we want that for ourselves. when i was in my abusive relationship, i understood that it was unhealthy, but i stayed because i felt more like myself when i was with them, and i was also afraid of what would happen if i left. will feels the same, and like i said earlier, we’re relating to will in this scenario. we want someone put together that can help us create structure in our own lives, and sometimes we’re willingly or unknowingly looking past the negatives in a person because we want to believe we’ve found the right one. we want hannibal to be the right one for will because we see how will is reacting to him. is it a healthy relationship? by no means. but it’s appealing.
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primavera2 · a day ago
oh my god… i wrote an essay about hannibal for my application into this program at my school and my professor binged the show after reading it 😭
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shinelikethunder · 2 days ago
fic snippet: mercy is all you get
written for a Hannibal season 2b fic I may or may not ever finish, and I can't for the life of me figure out where it fits. so, making it Tumblr's Problem Now.
"When you fantasize about using these hands to murder me, is it your goal to inflict pain? Or simply to end me?"
Will closed his eyes, sinking into one of those fantasies. At length, he said, "I don't enjoy the thought of you in pain," and sounded almost surprised by that. "But I don't go out of my way to spare you from it. If you just closed your eyes and vanished without having to stare your own annihilation in the face, it wouldn't be right. It's about... "
"Retribution would be a better word."
"An eye for an eye."
"A murder for a murder. When you murdered Abigail, did you go out of your way to spare her from pain? The Chesapeake Ripper showed that much mercy at least to Miriam Lass."
This time it was Will's turn to land closer to the mark than he could know, but Hannibal controlled his reaction and answered carefully. "Abigail suffered no pain at my hands." Will was still playing games of provocation - questions shocking in their brazenness, fishing for an admission overt enough to be used as leverage. To what end, Hannibal still wasn't sure.
"Just like her father, then. Loving right up until the second he wasn't. His idea of mercy."
"Is that all it is to love the creature you're bound to slaughter? An act of mercy?" The question came out sharper than Hannibal had intended. Perhaps it was because he knew what kind of creatures it was in Will's nature to slaughter. Whatever was growing between them, it didn't keep Hannibal from catching the sounds of the axe being sharpened in the distance; he would have liked to believe that their friendship was worth more than its ability to keep him trusting and placated all the way to the abattoir.
"Clearly not," Will answered, "because I doubt mercy will be on the menu when you finally serve me up."
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pendraegon · 4 days ago
wannibal t4t??? PLS tell me more also like im so stoned and forgot the ship name for will and hannibal im sorry i called it wannibal. omg HANNIGRAM
WANNIBAL ASDLFKJASFOIASFKSLAFA you know how tumblr like shows a preview of ur inbox message? all i saw was wannibal and was like. oh god. please let it not be weaboo hannibal i will kill someone.
anyways YES hi! anyways hannibal and will are trans<3 or at least they're both trans in my fics and in my mind mainly because i'm trans and all characters i like are trans by default, but also i think it adds a lot more nuance and depth especially in the whole transformation/deification/understanding of self that seems to be the motif of the show! it also adds an interesting layer in regards to abigail that makes me kind of want to shrivel up like a little raisin. also um. hannibal and will are like. on the opposites of the transmasc fashion scale and it's genuinely so so so fucking funny to me.
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spectrelamb · 5 days ago
as someone who takes interest in art history and preservation, the scene of Dolarhyde fucking eating the Blake piece makes my skin crawl
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The Cult Girl (Hannibal x Female!Reader) pt. 1
This is my first time publishing any of my reader insert work so don’t be too hard on me. Y/N is a psych student that needs a favor and asks her therapist for help. Lmk if you want to see more.
It was an unmistakable conflict of interest, your relationship with Hannibal. He was your therapist, your mentor, your partner, and many years your senior to boot. You recognized this monumental power imbalance. You put on a façade of embarrassment for the people who expected it; people whose proclivities were done in the shadows and therefore easier to get away with. Why should you be expected to rationalize your loving, mutually beneficial relationship to a person who regularly cheats on her boyfriend?
You'd dated men your own age before, and without fail, you always found yourself waiting for them to grow up. Hannibal made you feel comfortable. Both emotionally and physically. You had a side of his bed and a spot in his arms to fall asleep in every night. Given the choice, you could truthfully say you'd never want to leave his arms.
Like many unlikely relationships, it didn’t start out in the most romantic of ways. Clutching your laptop under your raincoat, you hesitated knocking. Your therapist had, of course, seen you at your lowest points and was sworn to secrecy, but this was a low you didn’t want even him to see. Standing outside of his home, in the so-incredibly-not-business-hours dead of night with mascara running down your face. 
You finally worked up the nerve to knock, telling yourself that he was probably asleep and wouldn’t hear you. This rationalization fell apart when the interior light turned on and the door unlocked. Although you’d been seeing Dr. Lecter for quite a while, his presence never failed to intimidate you. Now it was even worse. His severe expression was fixated on you as he silently awaited an explanation. 
“Dr. Lecter...” You lowered your head and fumbled with your computer. You made a point to kiss your last shreds of dignity goodbye before you opened your mouth again. “...could I please borrow a book?” 
Dr. Lecter narrowed his eyes. “I take it by the hour, this is an urgent matter, Miss [L/N]?”
“My midterm. It’s due in...” You glanced at your watch. “Eight hours.” 
“Well you don’t have a moment to waste, now do you?” Dr. Lecter said, a slight upturn in his voice connoting amusement. “Come in. Let’s find you that book.” 
You felt your muscles relax as he stepped aside to let you in. The house was spacious. Much too large for one person. That was really the only thing you could bring yourself to notice before he shut the door behind you. 
“Now what is this all-important book of yours called?” He asked, pulling your raincoat from your shoulders like he always did. 
“It’s called Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism.” You explained, tucking your computer under your arm. “By Robert Jay Lifton.” 
“You’re in luck, Miss [L/N].” His thin lips turned up into a smile. “I have a copy from my own years as a student.”
You breathed an audible sigh of relief. You tensed your muscles and held in your excitement at the prospect of something finally going according to plan, even if that plan was your third or fourth backup.
You followed him into his office, which reminded you more of Belle’s library than any workspace you’d ever encountered. He must have had thousands of books in this room alone.
“It’s a fascinating read, but not one you could finish in eight hours.” Dr. Lecter's voice echoed from somewhere in the office, getting lost in the books. “Even for the most ravenous of psychology students, of which I know you to be.” 
"Hardly." You muttered under your breath. "If that were the case, I wouldn't be begging for help at 2am before the final paper is due."
"Procrastination is only human, my dear." He assured you, his voice drawing closer. "It's common in those with deep-rooted insecurities about their competency."
"Now that sounds more like me." You joked, leaning back on your heels. "Should you really be trying to validate my bad habits? I feel like that's counterproductive."
"Scolding you would be more counterproductive." He corrected. "You've been scolded many times before and you continue your bad habits. Only when we get to the root of your behavior can you begin to reverse it."
He emerged from the bookshelves and handed you a beat-up copy of Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, which you graciously accepted. 
“Thank you so much, Dr. Lecter.” You said, placing your hand over your heart. "I owe you my life."
"I'd hardly equate your life to a used book, Miss [L/N]." Dr. Lecter said. "I feel like, as your therapist, we should talk about why you do."
You looked away, smiling sheepishly. "Maybe sometime in daylight. I've taken up enough of your time as it is. I'll get out of your hair now."
"It would take you more time to get back to your dorm that you could use writing." He said, matter-of-factually. "Write your paper in my office."
You looked at him in disbelief. Your judgment was clouded with energy drinks and desperation. So your usual self-sacrificing polite denial was steamrolled by a very enthusiastic acceptance. "I would be forever indebted to you, Dr. Lecter."
"Miss [L/N]," Dr. Lecter cut in. "You're a student, you need to study."
You didn’t really remember a lot of what happened after you wrapped your arms around his waist, too overwhelmed with gratitude to think if an embrace was even appropriate. It was the middle of the night, so you had an excuse if he shoved you off him. But surprisingly, he didn’t. 
You broke the embrace and gathered up your book and computer. “Seriously, I owe you big time for this. You’re really saving my life here.” 
“Go write your paper, [F/N].” He ordered. “We can discuss why you conflate your academics and your life during our next appointment. For now, make yourself at home.”
And that you did. Dr. Lecter retired back to bed and you spent a solid four hours typing away. An antique grandfather clock kept count for you. When you couldn’t keep your eyes open any longer, you sent the paper off to your professor, editing be damned. You let sleep compel you, comforted by the fact that you didn't have to think about your paper for at least another week before the grading period was over. 
Dr. Lecter’s desk was the most comfortable surface in the world to you that night, because you slept for six hours with only your arms as a pillow. It was the first rest your body had gotten in quite some time. You were gently coaxed awake by the smell of something delicious. 
You followed the smell into a kitchen that could rival those of Michelin-starred restaurants. Dr. Lecter was hard at work, cooking something that enticed your nose. He cracked an egg and looked up at you. “Good morning, Miss [L/N].”
“I’m sorry.” You said, shaking your head shamefully. 
“For?” He asked, fixing his attention back on his recipe.
“Falling asleep.” You dropped your shoulders.
“I told you to make yourself at home, did I not?” He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. This time, he sounded like he was actually going to scold you. “Tell me, do you sleep at your desk at home?” 
“I try not to.” You answer with a shrug. 
“But when you feel yourself falling asleep, you usually put yourself to bed, right?” He continued.
You started to feel a bit stupid. “...yeah.” 
He poked at some sausage links in a frying pan, letting out a sizzle. “You could have taken the couch.”
“I guess I was just to sleepy to think of that.” You explained, preparing to be psychoanalyzed no matter what you said.
“No, you were just too polite to push the imagined boundaries of my invitation.” He concluded, busying his hands with plating whatever it was he was making. His tone was comfortingly familiar. “Miss [L/N], don’t sacrifice your comfort for what you think I perceive to be rude. If I found you rude, you’d know it.”
"I'm sorry." You repeated.
"Don't apologize." He said, reaching for the pepper mill. "I know your anxiety disorder makes you feel like you are a burden. I assure you, you are not. I want you to know for next time that the couch is open. Or you could take the guest bedroom."
You stopped yourself before you could apologize again. You momentarily pondered what he had to say before uttering a quiet but convicted "Thank you."
"You're very welcome." Dr. Lecter slid a plate across the table in your direction. "Eat, my dear."
You didn't need to be told twice. You usually didn’t care for sausage, but reconsidered when you took a bite. The meat was so flavorful and rich, a little noise of delight escaped your lips.
Dr. Lecter smiled, your little moan sending his ego through the roof. “You like it?” 
“It’s delicious.” You put your fork down, your face flush with embarrassment. “Way better than the food at the dining hall.” 
“Miss [L/N],” Dr. Lecter began, putting an extra sausage link on your plate. “If you find yourself in need of psychology texts, I’d be happy to extend my invitation indefinitely.” 
You nearly choked on your eggs. “On god?” 
“Given that you arrive sometime before midnight and perhaps call ahead, yes.” He answered. “Your studies are your life and breath, after all. You would find yourself very accommodated to here.”
This time, you'd really take him up on his offer.
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