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#first of all you have to be with a man
batarangsoundsdumb29 days ago
"dick grayson is gay",,,, okay wow, so you think a straight man can't fondle a guy's butt sometimes- can't kiss his best friend goodnight, can't suck a homie's dick?? heterophobia at its finest
#so surprised that y'all think straight ppl are straight???#the breed of straight boy is the gayest ive ever seen#a straight man WILL suck a homie's dick there ain't nothing gay about it#sexuality is fake#we're all dying. you either fuck or get fucked or like hang out- do y'all like want some crayons to draw with or...? maybe a deck of cards?#we're on a floating rock in space telling each other that straight people... exist#that's fucked up right there#dick grayson's sexuality is 'of course ive sucked a mans dick. had feelings for him. wept softly as i held him in my arms as he died'#tim drake's sexuality is 'bro- haha imagine having a thing for blondes- oh my god 馃ぁ'#jason's sexuality is 'WAIT- there are people out there... who care... about ME...?'#damian's sexuality is 'i found an instagram post describing all of the lgbt flags and now i want to see which colour scheme is best'#damian declaring himself a he/him lesbian bc it has the nicest colour scheme#cass' sexuality is 'violence is not always an option... sometimes it's a cute first date idea'#steph's sexuality is 'BROOoo humans just dropped- look at all these sick flavours'#bruce's sexuality is 'so- as it turns out this person i hate? also someone im in love with'#DUDE his sexuality is 'enemies to lovers'#duke's sexuality is 'you're the light of my life- literally i have like light powers and you're glowing*blushing* no its not a pickup line'#dick grayson#nightwing#these tags are awesome tbh#if somebody doesn't screenshot them and reblog them i SWEAR to god i will get a puppet account and do it myself#batman#batfam#batfamily#dc#dcu#dc comics
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thespineoftherighteous2 months ago
David 'dad' Wymack things
"how did you get into my house?" (said in varying levels of pitch, at various times of the night)
"why did you get into my house?"
"yes you can spend the night" or alternatively : "please, make yourself at home" said sarcastically after child has already made themselves at home
not paying attention to the foxes conversation until he realizes that he was just used as an example of bad fashion choices by the team for Neil ("what's wrong with this shirt?" "er-nothing coach. it's just...not Neil's style")
having a record player in his office and getting made fun of for his music taste
"the kids"
"coach do you like my new haircut?" "hm?" "my hair?" "what about it?" "it's new" *stares hard* "yeah...yeah it's very pretty"
being caught off guard in the midst of a speech by one of their comments that was actually funny and breaking character
on that note- finding out that it's something of a game between them to get him to break whenever they can
"for the last time guys, no we cannot change the team color. yes i asked, multiple times, yes i know it messes with your 'aesthetic', it does mine too, no there's no one else I can talk to"
*stumbles through three other names before he gets the person he's actually trying to talk to*
"coach we brought you those chocolates you like" "really? i- no we're not cancelling practice today, nice try. go get ready. leave the chocolate"
*examines kid closely* "are you high?" "no coach" "your eyes are bloodshot" "yes coach" "...why are they bloodshot?" "long story short, it's exams season and i haven't slept in nearly sixty hours" "minYARD-"
hearing one of the kids casually mention something that happened to them when they were younger or catching a glimpse of scars he had forgotten about and remembering just who they are and what they've gone through and getting angry all over again
*furrows brows*
dressing up for sports banquet and getting "coach? is that really you?" from the boys and "aww coach you look so nice" from Dan and Renee and *stands up, walks over to him, straightens his tie, brushes off his shoulders, wipes away a pretend tear, fake whispers an "I'm so proud"* from Allison. every single time
holding his breath every time one of the kids doesn't get up right away after getting knocked down on court
worrying about them 25/7 but keeping his distance because he never wants to overstep (and asking Abby or bee to make sure one of them is okay instead, if he feels like something is wrong)
recognizing more pop culture references than he'd ever think himself able to, thanks to one Nicky Hemmick
"coach when you were younger did you have..." "how fucking old do you think i am?"
but still uses "back in my day" stories and just gets blank looks and polite nods back
*to himself while the monsters are arguing furiously* "i thought they spoke Spanish..."
"hey coach so i was wondering-" "get your ass back on court"
also literally just "get your ass" for everything: "get your asses showered and on the bus in half an hour" "get your ass out of my office" "stop bleeding all over me and get your ass to abby now"
getting offended by the increasingly transparent attempts at bribery
so. goddamn. many. #1 dad/coach gag gifts (he keeps them all)
"above my pay grade above my pay grade above my pay grade above my pay grade above my-"
additionally: *sees some kind of conflict* *turns around quickly* "not my problem not my problem not my problem not my problem not- oh fucking hell"
visibly thawing whenever he sees the kids bonding or having each others backs at banquets or getting over something or just showing any signs of healing
pacing in front of Abbyy for half an hour while ranting either about the kids or for the kids or on their behalf
"hey you, YOU. come here. how do I take a...a screenshot on this thing?"
replaying "that is enough" and every moment like it that came after in his head
pretending to have a frozen heart but tearing up out of pride on so many occasions: every graduation, giving Neil a side-hug and realizing after how far he came, seeing Neil and Kevin's faces the first time they have a proper holiday, watching Kevin walk out with his queen tattoo for the first time, seeing all the foxes packed together in the lounge freshly showered and exhausted but quietly brimming with happiness and pride after winning at the end of tkm, etc, etc, etc. and, whenever he gets caught: "aw coach you do care, you're a sap" *aggressively wipes face* "shut your bitch ass up, you terror"
*gruff voice* I'm proud of you, kid
*choked up* thanks Coach
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businessbois5 months ago
Eret: 鈥淭he Final Control Room.鈥
Fundy and Tubbo:聽鈥淲hat?鈥
Tommy: 鈥淲hat does this button do?鈥 [presses the button]
i think it鈥檚 interesting that this little thing, both insignificant and incredibly huge gets remembered incorrectly. i don鈥檛 even know if it matters. and maybe it鈥檚 because nobody else in that room was paying attention, maybe it鈥檚 because it鈥檚 a detail that got lost in everything that came next, maybe it鈥檚 because of the animatic, but this is what happened. a lot of viewers and even the cc鈥檚 will say that eret pressed the button. history says that eret pressed that button. i don鈥檛 even know if tommy or eret remember. but eret didn鈥檛 press the button, tommy did.
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worstloki2 months ago
(Un)fortunately I didn't jump on the Marvel train until recently, and I'm a bit confused regarding Loki and the torture everyone keeps talking about? My rough timeline is, after Thor 1 he ended up in Jeff Goldblum's planet,,,,, aaand Avengers 1. I don't know when or why Thanos had him or whatever. Also, does it get outright stated in a movie or is it subtext? My biggest question is what the even fuck was doing Loki hanging out with Thanos in the first place
Welcome!! I do hope you enjoy the movies and fandom!! Your timeline seems to be missing Thor 2, and the chronological watching order should be:
- Thor 1
- Avengers 1
- Thor: The Dark World
- Thor: Ragnarok
- Infinity War
That Loki is/was tortured around/during Avengers 1 is canon! And so is the fact that the scepter he was using through the movie was also influencing him! Both of these are made pretty explicit and shown on-screen, though it's never talked about or referred to again outside of the film, so many people watching casually are likely to miss or dismiss it due to his role as the main antagonist in the film.
At the end of Thor 1 Loki fell into a wormhole, then in that same movie we are shown in the credit scene after the film that he survived, but he isn't exactly looking too good:
Tumblr media
This follows into Avengers 1 and it's typically accepted that it takes place around a year or so after Thor 1.
In Avengers 1 Loki is implied to have spent his time in space with 'allies' (later revealed to fall under the Ultimate Big Bad who is Thanos, someone who can and has used torture on-screen on numerous occasions to get what he wants). The film opens with it being revealed that Loki will be allowed rule of Earth in exchange for the Tesseract (which he has the unique ability to obtain), and is able to use the army his 'allies' provide to complete both sides of the bargain.
Tumblr media
Upon his arrival at Earth he looks and acts disoriented and crazed, attacking agents and using the sceptre he was given by his allies to mind control a few people. He stumbles and can be seen sweating profusely during these scenes as well as contradicts his position through the previous movie that he didn't want to rule. He also uses an oxymoron about freedom and proceeds to leave hints at his plan through the film, but that leads into the theory that he wasn't trying to win with his invasion and is open to interpretation.
Tumblr media
Despite coming from 'allies' he essentially looks in worse condition at the beginning of the film than the end when the heroes have defeated him, including chill non-hostile behaviour immediately after losing.
Tumblr media
Loki is only shown conversing with his 'allies' once, and we are shown he is doing the invasion under duress (threats, physical harm, heavily implied psychological harm) which is why his forced cooperation by them is explicit during the course of the film.
Tumblr media
Deleted Avengers 1 footage tells us that the 'allies' had a telepathic link which caused pain and had him being monitored through the course of the invasion too but those scenes aren't canon canon.
Here are a few other posts about this with gifs detailing symptoms and going into theorizing into what torture was involved because while we know Loki was tortured during the film we're not given many details, and a lot of people deny it. (x) (x) (x) (x).
It's worth noting that this never being explicitly addressed in-canon again has basically resulted in the MCU retconing it years later and deciding Loki was motivated completely on his own with the invasion and was using Thanos to achieve the goal of gaining power because he's powerhungry and has control issues since he was a baby apparently (they also got rid of a few other backstory things of his), but that's kinda not what the narrative Thor 1 and Avengers 1 tells us on-screen, so it's open to however you wish to interpret it and future appearances.
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fuckspn6 months ago
the thing is i would actually be really into an au where dean smith and sam wesson are actual people and not just imaginary personas created by zachariah and they go ghost hunting together but聽鈥渁u where dean and sam aren鈥檛 related鈥 sounds like catnip for closet w*ncesties and i don鈥檛 want them anywhere near my great idea
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sleeping-lilies6 months ago
Tumblr media
did i do this right?
also bonus:
Tumblr media
#i was really conflicted on where to put cass and was about to put her in treason but she wouldn鈥檛 fit so i just went with my first thought#technically jason should be in all of the above but it is my civic duty to emphasize that this boy has never paid taxes in his life#he鈥檚 dead guys he鈥檚 dead he鈥檚 just living on earth rent free#i didn鈥檛 wanna put dami in murder because that鈥檚 too obvious but he didn鈥檛 fit anywhere else so i just chose a cute photo to contrast#for giggles of course#duke i-jumped-off-a-bridge-to-escape-the-cops thomas#and dick i-canonically-said-the-government-can-kiss-my-ass grayson have definitely committed treason#missed opportunity for 鈥渟uck my dick鈥 but beggars can鈥檛 be choosers#steph just radiates arson energy i鈥檓 sorry i can鈥檛 explain#i think everyone else is pretty obvious especially alfie#this man has done everything in life so now he鈥檚 the bats鈥 butler as a side quest#i literally put selina here so she could fill the theft box i didn鈥檛 have her here at first#to be fair anyone can be in treason and fraud it鈥檚 like family bonding for these assholes#ras al ghul鈥檚 crusty ass doesn鈥檛 deserve to be on here but it came to me at 3AM and i couldn鈥檛 stop cackling so now you all have to suffer#even the joker canonically pays his taxes do better ras ur embarrassing us all#dick grayson#tim drake#barbara gordon#bruce wayne#alfred pennyworth#jason todd#cassandra cain#duke thomas#selina kyle#stephanie brown#damian wayne#dc comics#batfam#ras al ghul#mine
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thyfavouritegay22 days ago
Artemis: Physically, yes, I could fight a bird. But emotionally? Imagine the toll.
Holly: Could you even physically???
(Myles and Beckett are being babysat by Artemis while their parents are away and Butler is visiting Juliet)
Myles: So what鈥檚 for dinner?
Artemis, staring at the food he just burnt: Regret.
Artemis: When someone points at your black clothes and asks whose funeral it is, having a look around the room and saying 'Haven鈥檛 decided yet' is typically a good response.
Artemis: I was born for politics. I have great hair and I love lying.
Artemis: If you can鈥檛 beat them, dress better than them.
Artemis: I鈥檇 like to offer you moral support, but I have questionable morals.
Artemis: You鈥檒l have a hard time believing this because it never happens, but I made a mistake.
Butler, Holly, Juliet, and Foaly:
Butler, Holly, Juliet, and Foaly: *Exchanging looks*
Artemis: Well, well, well... if it isn鈥檛 my old friend: the dawning realization that I fucked up bad.
(Artemis at the end of the Atlantis Complex)
Artemis: So apparently the 'bad vibes' I鈥檝e been feeling are actually severe psychological distress
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sootcraft6 months ago
Things (or things I can remember off the top of my head) that Tubbo did during his presidency that I agree were kinda fucked up
Going through Phil鈥檚 stuff while he was under house arrest
Trying to kill Techno without a trial of any sorts/defaulting to execution instead of any other punishment in general
Shooting at Phil after the failed execution
Going back on his decision to not exile Tommy at the last minute (While I agree with his reasoning and that all things considered it was the safest move to make the other cabinet members and Tommy had the right to be angry about it and he ended up playing into Dream鈥檚 hand- which isn鈥檛 his fault, the situation was fucked from the start and I鈥檓 not blaming him for that. Just saying that the Cabinet had the right to be upset by that decision )
Things I think he was justified in doing
Putting Phil under house arrest in the first place since he was aiding a known terrorist
Going after Technoblade and arresting him in the first place (As far as The Cabinet was aware Techno was still out there and still planning on attacking L鈥檓anberg, they had no way of knowing that was retired until they actually confronted him and couldn鈥檛 risk just waiting for him to come to L鈥檓anberg ( which he had in fact snuck into L鈥檓anberg several times and never told the citizens why ) after the initial wither incident on November 16th)
( also I rewatched the part of Techno鈥檚聽鈥淣othing goes wrong鈥 vod where the army confronts Techno聽 (about 35 minutes in ) and they were in fact willing to listen to Techno when he claimed to have changed his ways. Of all people聽Quackity was willing to give Techno a chance to show them that he had changed his ways and said聽鈥淟et鈥檚 do this peacefully鈥. Techno leads them to his bees... and then runs away the second they turned their backs leading to things escalating. Now I鈥檓 not faulting him for panicking and running away because he had no reason to trust them BUT at the same time this gives the army no reason to believe that he鈥檚 really changed his ways, as far as they are aware he could be just trying to escape punishment for unleashing withers in L鈥檓anberg or so he can further plot to harm L鈥檓anberg like Techno said he would the last time they all interacted and it frustrates me that I鈥檝e seen literally no one talk about this.聽
when they catch up to him Quackity does start threatening him saying they can do this 鈥渢he easy way or the hard way鈥 and Techno is the one to initiate the fight, not the other way around. Is he allowed to defend himself, yes of course! I鈥檓 not criticizing Techno鈥檚 character- I鈥檓 more just miffed about how people talk about this event. I鈥檝e just seen people word things to make it seem like the army was the one to attack first when that鈥檚 just not true. The situation wasn鈥檛 a simple black and white one. )
(also also I just wanna say God I forgot how I much I love C!Quackity and how much I miss him- that is all-)
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gunthermunch3 months ago
I honestly need a little lookbook for lucas his outfits are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!
Tumblr media
yeah ofc !!
smug little guy collection 馃尡
a. hair // cap // top // shorts // bandaids 1-2 // boots
b. top // pants (ep) // socks (bg) // boots (ep)
c. cap (bg) // top // skirt (ep) // leggings // socks (bg)
d. top // bracelet (bg) // pants // sneakers
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demonboyhalo10 months ago
not tubbo sounding genuinely confused about skeppy and bad's relationship 馃拃
#confusion around the skephalo mansion (and honestly their relationship in general) is so funny to me when it comes from actual streamers#i remember tommy having a moment like this before where he just...paused and went 'wait is bbh actually gay'#i blame quackity for this honestly. he was the one who first went 'yeah. i think bad and skep are married' and everyone went with it LMAO#and mans did NOT stop there#every stream he does with bad there are SO MANY SUS CLIPS#like- the bit where quackity is pretending to be a girl who wants to date skeppy and bbh gets possessive for?? no reason??#and then bad awkwardly avoiding Quackity's questions about why skeppy donated him 50k#i dont blame tubbo tbh...the relationships of the dream smp are the most confusing part#i think what has caught me off guard is that bad is kinda leaning into the 'ooh am i dating my bf or not?' bit that dnf always does#bad used to be like: i dont have a crush! i just want it to be Very Clear that skeppy is my bff before he's anything to anyone else >:(#but now bad's like: i already have a bonnie to my clyde my heart is taken. you want me to talk about myself? ok so skeppy-#als m.h jxksppal asks ls#bad loves acting like he doesnt know what the things he says imply. but then sometimes he ACTUALLY doesnt understand subtext#so i have no clue when bad is being all 'skeppy is literally all i care about' as a joke versus when he's genuinely being a clingy friend#mcyt#minecraft#ranboo#tubbo#badboyhalo#skeppy#dream smp#skephalo
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jjktojia month ago
ok but like鈥 yuji & geto are very similar鈥 both of them are people who wanted to save people no matter what and they care about innocent people/using your strength & whatever powers you have to HELP others! their partners are people who have rare & powerful inherited techniques who鈥檚 moral compass is based on internal factors and who believe you either 1) can鈥檛 save everyone and you have to deal w that 2) not everyone deserves to be saved 3) you need to save your own self! vs yuji & geto who believed that everyone is worth saving & getting second chances to be better and that life is precious/human LIVES are precious and should be saved! also just in general both geto & yuji are highly trained in martial arts which i found to be fascinating鈥 both are natural fighters and exceptional in that field and also both have a Curse in them (geto w cursed spirit manipulation & yuji w sukuna & possibly being a death painting)鈥 both of them suffered with the idea of if life is even worth living鈥 and both were dealt w execution (gojo had to kill geto & megumi鈥檚 first Real meeting w yuji was possibly having to exorcise yuji)鈥 also. satosugu & itafushi are both boyfriends i just need to say that in general just because it鈥檚 true
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