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#first of all: rude
braingobbrbrbrbbrr · 6 months ago
Me casually watching iasip when Dennis tells Charlie “you were popular the way a clown is popular”
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rozhevisny · 18 days ago
I remember when my classmate asked my birth chart and was like "ohhh you have aries rising! explains why you're so weird sometimes" 😀
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pathetic-pisces · 7 months ago
My mom said Pasta hasn’t scored bc I’m not eating spaghetti before games like I used to
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foxmagpie · 12 months ago
3 and 8 for surviving a three hour roadtrip
3. Read a passage from your favorite book
I apologize but I nerded out and read a whole chapter because my favorite passage (where the kids write letters to Helena’s mom) relies so much on what came before it. Also this book is why my username is foxmagpie, so there you go!
8. how to survive a three hour road trip
a nine-step answer by yours truly
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glare-gryphon · a year ago
It’s wig snatched by a deck of cards hours.
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salsasnarkk · 3 years ago
can’t believe neo yokio is advertising a 2nd season when it’s just one hour long special
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major-trouble · a year ago
Finally got my commission from @theshitpostcalligrapher​ framed so here it is:
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You can absolutely see it pretty clearly over my shoulder in zoom meetings.
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hoziersgf · 6 months ago
emma's first time getting moonstruck: is rude to her father's party guests, gets a little handsy with byron, eats a ton of fish
cleo's first time getting moonstruck: gains siren powers and sings to a bunch of teenage boys
rikki's first time getting moonstruck: burns emma with her powers, sets half of mako on fire, literally roasts zane from the inside out, near insists on being left alone on a desert island which is still somewhat on fire, loses consciousness almost entirely in the moon pool, has an actual mental breakdown,
#that's on being a traumatized teenage girl i guess!#i like how for emma and cleo the first time they get moonstruck their personalities sort of change to the opposite of what they usually are#so emma is normally quite controlled and disciplined but during her dad's party she is rude and acts out and is completely out of control#cleo at least in season one is pretty shy and withdrawn so she becomes a siren who is at the centre of everyone's attention which she loves#for as long as the moon spell lasts at least#but then for rikki... god. i don't even know. so much goes on in bad moon rising it's hard to even pin down what the writers were going for#it's pure chaos and i mean that in a good way#like presumably the rikki in the show does share those insecurities and a part of her believes she is a malevolent and destructive person#who deserves to be alone. but then her powers are out of control AND she kisses zane and it's like. what were they even going for here?#because her expressing her neuroses and anxieties is probably a manifestation of how she truly feels. but her kissing zane almost comes out#of nowhere. and then we know she's freaking out about setting everything on fire and highkey is hating herself in the moment#but then in the last scene when she's talking about her kissing zane on mako she's like something weird happened. something out of control.#which makes me feel like *shifty eyes emoji*#can i again just talk about how much i hate that all the girls kiss their love interests under the influence of the full moon.#but also when cleo's like 'i don't even want to THINK about what rikki would do to zane under the influence of the full moon' lollllllll#.txt#h2o just add water#h2o#h2o: just add water#cleo sertori#emma gilbert#rikki chadwick
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zivazivc · 4 months ago
Hi, uh, I saw you respond to a post with ,,Ja" in the tags, and I was wondering if you speak German? If not, that word just exists in multiple languages, I guess
sjhfbdjkbvfhbvjfh why do i keep getting these asks? now i'm mad i deleted the older posts with them DX
'ja' DOES exist in other languages. i can think of at least 5 from the top of my head.
the 'ja' in that post was meant to be a yes in slovenian which is my mother tongue (which is one of the smaller languages of europe so i thought it was appropriate). as for german, i speak just enough that i know how to order ice cream when i go to austria lmao
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galaxina-the-pyro · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ngl, this episode makes me wonder if Ferb was always aware of Isabella’s crush or not - cuz somehow I doubt he’d intentionally butt in on Isabella’s attempt at spending some alone time with Phineas if he knew what was going on. Not that he necessarily WAS, he just seemed uncharacteristically…clueless? Idk, I just think about this a lot.
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