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#first time
soundsofpleasure · 15 hours ago
Your best friend asks how much you have sex, and she’s taken aback by your eager response. Lord6th's script. by Junebug0
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momochi-owo · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@zutaramonth day 1: momtara and dadko  + a Bebe 
 It’s my first time participating please don’t be too harsh on me :’), I used watercolour brush this time, for better interpretation.
I kinda rushed this one I’m really sorry
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nasa · 6 months ago
ICYMI: New sounds from Mars dropped! Turn the volume up to hear our Ingenuity Mars Helicopter flying on the Red Planet.
Captured by our Perseverance Mars Rover, this is the first time a spacecraft on another planet has recorded the sounds of a separate spacecraft. In this audio track, Perseverance used its SuperCam microphone to listen to the Ingenuity helicopter on April 30, 2021 as it flew on Mars for the fourth time.
With Perseverance parked 262 feet (80 meters) from the helicopter’s takeoff and landing spot, the mission wasn’t sure if the microphone would pick up any sound of the flight. Even during flight when the helicopter’s blades are spinning at 2,537 rpm, the sound is greatly muffled by the thin Martian atmosphere. It is further obscured by Martian wind gusts during the initial moments of the flight. Listen closely, though, and the helicopter’s hum can be heard faintly above the sound of those winds.
Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space:
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albed-hoe · 2 months ago
Hi, I really loves your works. It's really good read them.
I was wondering if I could get Thoma x (sub) shy!m!reader having *ahem* their first time? They just cuddle and kissing until Thoma realizes reader is 'hard' ?
☆Thank you☆
I'm Sure
Characters: Thoma x Male Reader
Word Count: 1630
A/n: Yeah…👁👄👁
Tumblr media
The light of the moon shone through the small opening of the curtains, draping itself across the two of you. You were both lying down in bed, Thoma facing you and you facing him, loving gazes and fleeting kisses being exchanged between the two of you. You talked about anything and everything, topics as simple as how your day had been, or what was bothering you. Eventually, Thoma boldly declared his love of your eye color, reveling in your flustered reaction from the compliment.
“Th-Thoma, stop that.” You muttered, looking away from him and trying to make yourself smaller.
“Aww, you’re so cute, [Y/N]! Come here!” He pulled you flush against his body, putting one of his legs between yours and wrapping the other over you. You froze when he shifted between your legs, him not noticing your reddening cheeks or growing arousal.
“Thoma… P-Please, you know I don’t like attention like that.” You tried diverting his attention.
“We both know I won’t stop until I get a kiss. Come on, [Y/N]! Gimme your lips!” he exclaimed, puckering his lips, and closing his eyes. His leg kept subconsciously rubbing between your thighs, only making you unbearably turned on.
“Th-Thoma, I- Help…” Upon hearing the strain in your voice and feeling a particular hardness against his leg, Thoma snapped his eyes wide open, a blush beginning to grow on his face as well.
“Oh! I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… Do that!” He pulled himself out of your embrace, embarrassed, standing off the bed and turning away.
“I-I’ll take my leave now! You can use the bathroom if you want to. It’s right there.” He began making his way to the door when you jumped out of the bed and ran after him.
“Thoma wait!” You squeaked out, grabbing his wrist before he could reach the door. He turned back around to be met with you looking up to him, face beet red. You almost immediately looked to the floor out of embarrassment.
“P-Please help me…” You whispered to him. His face was now almost as red as yours as he realized what you were asking him to do. “I-I want my first to be with… You.”
“[Y/N]…” He lifted your chin to make you look in his eyes. His expression was now calm, looking at you with adoration. “Are you sure you want this?” You thought about this being your first time, then the answer came to you when you saw the look in his eyes, assuring you he would take care of you in every way possible.
“I’m sure, Thoma.” You breathed, before he slowly leaned in to capture your lips in the most passionate kiss you had ever had. You let go of his wrist to grip both hands on his shirt, as his slowly roamed across your torso.
“A-ah…” You moaned lowly when he slid both hands up your shirt, beginning to caress your hardening nipples.
“Take this off for me please, [Y/N].” He whispered beside your ear, making you obediently take off your shirt while he took off his.
For him. Damn, you’d do absolutely anything for him. He had you wrapped around all his fingers, at this point. After both your tops hit the floor, Thoma began making his way back towards you. Your hands almost automatically began roaming across his chest as you gawked over his muscles and scars.
“*Huff* Woah…” You breathed, making him chuckle. He began kissing your neck, making his way to your collar bones, reveling in your low moans as he went from one shoulder to the other. He began working on his pants, letting them and his underwear fall to the ground, exposing his fully erect length. Making his way back up to your lips, he began palming you through your shorts.
“Th-Thoma!” You squeaked, already lost in the pleasure of his hands working through your clothing.
“Y-You look beautiful, love…” He huffed, beginning to undo your pants, letting them and your underwear pool at your feet. Your length sprung out in the air, already leaking, and demanding more attention. Thoma didn’t waste a second on running his hands up and down your length. Each stroke made you weaker in the knees, almost making you fall to the floor. The only thing avoiding that in the moment was Thoma’s strong arm, wrapped around your waist to hold you up.
“[Y/N]… Don’t be shy. You can touch me too.” He said, offering you a genuine smile. Your breath hitched in your throat when you looked down at his length. Barely mustering up the courage, you reached out and began stroking the underside of his cock with your palm. You flinched upon hearing a low groan but were reassured when you felt a kiss just beneath your earlobe and a quiet ‘it’s okay’.
After a while of standing, Thoma pulled away and chuckled when he heard you whine and saw your desperate expression, begging for him to keep going.
“It’s okay [Y/N], just gimme a second.” He reassured, opening a drawer in the nightstand to pull out a bottle of lube and a condom, the sight of both objects making you embarrassed. Thoma made his way back, sitting on the edge of the bed.
“Come here, dear.” He said with a smile, his arms outstretched to you. You obliged, straddling your legs over his lap while facing him. He poured some lube in his hand, lathering up his fingers and turned his gaze back to you.
“Alright dear, this may hurt a bit, but you have to trust me. I’ll go as slow as you need.” He said, his expression turning serious. You nodded in understanding, flinching at the foreign feeling of a finger entering you. Thoma placed gentle kisses against your shoulder, as he pushed his finger deeper in you, trying to loosen you up as slowly as possible.
When you were used to one, Thoma added another finger, then two, stretching your entrance as much as he could. The moans you were letting out were definitely not helping him keep his control. He then curled his fingers forward, hitting your prostate and sending your hips forward as you let out a loud cry of pleasure.
“Th-Thoma! I-I’m gonna-!” As he felt you tightening around his fingers, he pulled them out, making you let out a loud whine, your hips bucking forward in an attempt to cum.
“It’s okay, [Y/N], lie down on the bed for me.” You nodded, crawling your way over to the middle. As you turned around, you spotted Thoma rolling the condom down his length and pouring more lube along it. Seeing him stood in the middle of the room with the moonlight casting shadows across his body must have been the most beautiful sight to have ever graced your eyes. You snapped out of your trance when he was hovering over you, looking at you lovingly.
“Everything alright?” He asked, earning a nod of approval. “Alright, this may hurt a little, but trust me, it’ll feel better soon.” He told you, taking his length and lining it up at your entrance. You flinched, feeling him push the head inside, sighing as he continued sliding his length into your ass. Hearing you squeak when he bottomed out, he looked back up and kissed the crown of your head.
“Let me know when I can move.” He said, kissing you on the lips next. You took a few seconds to catch your breath and adjust to his girth before finally looking back up at him.
“O-Okay. You can m-move.” Having your full trust in him ignited a flame within him that seemed to strengthen your bond together. He began moving slowly, earning small gasps and moans from you as you adjusted to his thrusts. The sight of you beneath him with tears in your eyes had him holding himself back from going feral on you.
After a few minutes of slow thrusts, he felt you loosening around him. He began angling his thrusts upward, hitting the head of his cock right against your prostate, ripping loud moans from your throat. He stopped thrusting to slide his arm under your back and lift you back up, making you sit on his cock while facing him. Thoma grabbed your hips with one hand, gripping your dick with the other while looking up into your eyes with pure love.
A few minutes passed with you bouncing up and down on his length, when Thoma felt himself reaching his high.
“Th-Thoma, I’m close!” You whispered, making him speed up his thrusts and his strokes.
“M-Me too, [Y/N]… Can you cum with me?” He asked, earning your nod of approval. The lewd sounds of skin slapping against skin and your moans echoing across the room were driving him crazy, making him lost in pleasure.
“Thoma… I’m… I’m gonna- AHH!” You screamed, squirting your cum all over his chest, while he filled you up at the same time. His loud moans kept pulling more ropes of semen from your dick before you began coming back down from your orgasm. You looked back down at your boyfriend with hazy eyes, kissing him deeply as you felt his cum leaking out of you.
You let your head fall into the crook of his neck as Thoma pulled out of your ass, making you let out a small moan at the feeling of being empty. With his cum running down the back of your leg, he picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist and he made his way to the bathroom.
“Let’s get you cleaned up with a nice, warm bath, how does that sound?” Hearing your hum of content, Thoma laughed and kissed your cheek, your lips pulling up into a small smile.
Tumblr media
Um, anyways! Daddy Thoma!!🤪 Intimate sex is just… Ugh🥴
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minteyeddevil · a month ago
(I am starting a series based on a few requests I have gotten on having a 'first time' with the demon Brothers! Each piece will be with a different brother until they all have one. :) Just bare with me as they may all take a bit to get them out! Thanks to those who have sent in request and I hope these come out well!)
First Time: Lucifer
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Of all the demons, humans, and angels in the three realms, he knew you could pick someone far better than him. With the way he has treated you since the first time you stepped into the Devildom; he was not worthy of this choice. He didn’t feel worthy of being this choice.
Yet, here he was, being pulled into your arms, as your eyes seemed to shine only for him. Your soft lips pressing gently against his own as you hummed and he tried his best to contain his feelings for you.
He hadn’t gotten used to being loved by someone the way he was loved by you, so every little thing you ever did for him, he cherished it as if it was his last gift in the world. Your love letters left by the cup of coffee you fixed for him every day. The little notes you would leave on a pack lunch you had made for him; all of it he cherished, just as much as he cherished you.
He was strict and stoic, a man of a monster as so many lesser demons, and even his brothers, had called him before; he honestly did not see what you saw him to come this close to him. But even he couldn’t deny the attraction that he held in his heart, and even soul, for you.
Your arms were locked around his neck, as your lips were sealed with his own. He took in every soft whine and whimper you made, as his hands trailed along your sides. When he pulled away from you, he noticed your eyes half lidded and lips puffy from his work; it made you all the more desirable to him.
He took his time undressing you first, laying you bare before him so he could inspect every nook and cranny of you. He wanted to memorize every little detail he could see of your skin, and leave his own marks behind to indicate who you would soon belong to.
He kissed his way down your chest, along your stomach, and came to rest between your thighs. He planted several kisses to your inner thigh, before placing a kiss against your sex. He felt you jump at the sensation, and raised his head to look at your face once more.
You could see the worry in his eyes, and you shook your head to dismiss it.
He bowed his head once more, planting a few more kisses on your skin, before using his thumb and forefinger to open you for his tongue to draw tight circles at your entrance. He felt your muscles tense, and held you fast as he kept a slow pace with his tongue. When his fingers moved to replace his tongue, drawing small circles at the taut hole, he felt you pull away from his touch.
He lifted his head once more, the worry back in his eyes. “Do you wish for me to stop?”
You took a deep breath and shook your head, though you gnawed on your lower lip. “No, I’m just…still not used to it…”
“I understand, my love,” he said, planting another kiss to your inner thigh. “I’ll be as gentle as possible.”
He moved from his spot for a moment to grab the little bottle off the nightstand, and settled back down with it in hand. He bowed his head once more, lavishing you with his tongue as he pressed a finger once again to your entrance. He felt your muscles flutter as he wound a finger tip around your hole, pressing in slowly. When he felt that you didn’t pull away, he pressed a second finger in, groaning slightly at how your muscles seemed to tighten around the appendages, pulling them in ever so slightly.
He removed his fingers, and opened the small bottle, applying some of the lubricant to your entrance. His fingers slipped in with greater ease, and he noticed your back arching as the warmth seeped into you.
He removed his fingers from you, and reached for the condom pack under his pillow, opening the packet with his teeth and free hand. (He had figured since this would be your first time, that the use of one would be ideal. The last thing he wanted to do was fill you with worry.) He rolled it along his shaft, and positioned himself against you once more. He leaned over you, pressing a kiss to your forehead as he shifted your thighs to allow him to rub his tip against you.
“Are you ready, love?” he asked, his breathing almost in pants.
You nodded, bracing your hands on his forearms as he returned your nod, slowly pressing into you. You felt your walls stretch achingly so, the pain a little more at the forefront than the pleasure. He pressed in a bit deeper, making you tense and cry out a bit, gripping at his arms to stop for a moment.
Your legs wrapped around his back, keeping him against you, as you adjusted to his girth. You could feel his heart beat pounding against your chest, as you loosened your grip on his arms, motioning for him to continue.
He rolled his hips slowly against you, only pulling out so far so he could push right back in. The dull pain melted into pleasure as your walls fluttered around his cock, making a groan escape him.
His pace sped up when he felt your legs tighten around him, a hand snaking into your hair as the other kept your waist pinned beneath him. He whispered your name over and over as he planted hot kisses to your neck, feeling his cock begin to swell inside you.
“I can give you so many more nights like this, if you allow me.”
Lightning seemed to crash behind your closed eyelids as you felt a bubble build and burst in your middle, making you tense completely around him, gripping on to him for dear life as he rolled his hips into you over and over.
You felt his hips begin to stutter against your own as he tensed above you, feeling a new warmth gather in your lower belly. He finally let his body collapse atop yours, and you reveled in the warmth from his flushed frame.
“That was amazing, Lucifer,” you sighed against his ear, and you felt him chuckle as his arms wrapped tightly around you.
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howdoyousleep3 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Rating: Explicit (E) Pairing: Daddy Steve & Baby Bucky Word Count: 3.1K Tags: Developing Relationship, First-Time, Subspace, Dirty Talk, Safe Sex, Anal Sex, Crying, Daddy Kink, Kink Discovery, Kink Exploration, Size Kink, Age Difference, Dirty Thoughts, Porn With Feels A/N: Y'all...when I tell you I was an emotional wreck while writing this...🥺 You know I had to go with the OG and you know I had to take it way back, way way back, to the beginning. Why not share the first time the word Daddy was shared between them? This is meant to follow this story, all fitting into their series, which can be found on my masterlist. I hope you love. 💜
Tumblr media
Bucky knows he’s crying.
He knows he’s one hitch in his breath away from sobbing and there isn’t a damn thing he can do about it.
“Sugar? You alright? Yeah? Gimme words, Buck. Need words, baby…”
Bucky knew it in that bar a mere three weeks ago and he knows it yet again in the present—
This is a moment he is going to remember for the rest of his life.
And just like in that bar, just the same as three weeks prior, he knows something else to be true—
He is in love with Steve Rogers.
Bucky feels the noise leave his throat before he hears it, that grate against the front of his throat, long and drawn out, shaky. Words are what Steve wants though, and Bucky has this unexplainable urge that is growing more and more familiar to be good for Steve. A hand on his hip, a pull of the skin there, damn near pulls the words out of his mouth as well.
“M’good,” is what he slurs, sheets beneath his bare skin so soft he nearly aches in overstimulation, the pleasant ache from Steve’s fingers mere moments before grounding. But it’s nothing compared to the gentle way Steve treats him, touches him, guides him. Nothing will ever compare to Steve.
“M’so good, Steve,” he murmurs after a steady sigh, tries again to sound more convincing and aware than his first attempt made him sound. He does sound quite out of it, feels it, feels like the inexperienced lover he is here underneath Steve. He would feel dreadfully embarrassed if it weren’t for the single fact that Steve seems to enjoy the state Bucky is in, the way his head swims and the way his limbs feel like they’re made of stone.
“Fuckin’ hell,” he purrs into Bucky’s cheek, pursing his lips there before scattering more of the same wet kisses down his neck. Steve feels heavenly on top of him, isn’t afraid to let Bucky feel the presence of him, his size and his weight and his muscle. Bucky feels the spit that’s collected in the corner of his mouth, an effect of spreading his legs to accommodate for Steve to settle between them. Bucky doesn’t dare get started on the line of Steve’s bare cock heavy on his hip.
“You always go this sweet, Buck? When you get under somebody?” Steve asks, whispers, and Bucky whimpers, immediately shaking his head.
“No,” he states as firmly as he can. He wants, needs, Steve to know that nobody has ever made him feel this way. He reaches seemingly blindly for Steve’s cheeks, for his face, tilting his own head up to meet Steve’s lips messily. “Nobody...nobody has ever made me feel this.”
So much for playing it cool.
He’s been running from this shocking feeling of falling head over heels, sprinting from it, while also simultaneously making his best attempts at dragging their last few dates out in hopes of savoring their possible last moments together. Bucky has been so afraid of guarding his heart, of protecting himself from surely getting hurt from the perfection that is eligible bachelor Steve Rogers, that he hadn’t realized the worst had indeed occurred. He is in love.
He’s been hesitant to share this moment with Steve, has been worried of the repercussions of it, but it has genuinely become unavoidable. Bucky desperately wants to have sex with Steve. He has been patient with Bucky, adoringly so, hasn’t pressured him or pushed him into doing anything Bucky didn’t feel comfortable doing. It’s been a magical three weeks of smiling at his phone, of getting hot and heavy outside of his apartment door before saying goodnight, of surprise deliveries and planned evenings out.
Bucky hasn’t stopped thinking about this moment for the entirety of the three weeks he’s spent knowing Steve.
“I...fuck, I’d love for you to come up, but—” Bucky had managed to gasp out between kisses in the passengers seat of Steve’s car after their first date, head swimming from the feeling of Steve’s hands on his neck, his face, of that beard rubbing against his skin.
“No buts, Buck,” Steve had whispered between neck kisses so tender they had Bucky’s eyes rolling back into his skull. “Nothin’ to worry about, no need to rush. C’mere— gimme a proper goodnight kiss…”
Bucky aches for this man. And after tonight’s date, one so charged from the moment Steve picked him up from his apartment, Bucky wants nothing more than for Steve to finally, finally, be inside of him.
“You sure do know how to make a man feel special, sugar,” Steve purrs into his mouth, chaste kisses following his words, big hand sweeping and squeezing down Bucky’s side. He’s barely holding it together. He can’t cry, can’t keep crying— how embarrassing. From the first finger Steve gave him to open him up, Bucky’s been holding back the waves of emotions inside of himself. By the third finger, there was nothing containing said emotions anymore.
“I sure hope I make you feel as special as you make me feel,” Steve whispers, hand moving to cup the back of his neck, squeezing there, pulling Bucky from his head with another weak noise. Steve’s eyes are so emotive, so clear and steady, and Bucky has never wanted to get lost in someone so much. “You ready, honey?”
Bucky’s whine is out of his mouth before he can stop it, same with the spread of his legs around Steve’s waist. He’s hungry, is greedy and syrupy, hands slow to slip around Steve’s hips, to run up his back. Bucky can’t remember what he was waiting for, why he was so hesitant to share this moment with Steve in the first place. He nods his head, reaches up with a hand to run his fingers along Steve’s bearded chin, his bottom lip, watching them dance along the older man’s features as if he’s not the one controlling them.
“M’ready, Steve. Please…”
“You’re sure?” Steve asks again, pursing his lips against the pads of Bucky’s fingertips gently. “We can wait, we can...fuck, there are so many other ways I can make you feel good, Buck. Been thinking about’chu for weeks, you know this. Can—”
Bucky is quick to cut him off, fingers moving to run back through the hair at Steve’s nape, head shake harsh.
“No, Steve— want you to fuck me,” he starts quietly, mindlessly, saying the words he’s wanted to say for three weeks now. Steve’s reaction to them is delicious, has Bucky’s dick throbbing underneath Steve’s stomach, has the corners of his mouth curling up. Steve lets out a noise similar to the one he let out when he stripped Bucky of that last piece of clothing, when he first put his mouth between Bucky’s legs, when he slipped his first fingertip inside of Bucky.
It’s a noise that Bucky feels deep in his chest, one he wants to have ringing in his ears for days on end. It’s a noise that has Bucky wanting to keep talking in order to pull more of them out of Steve.
“Been…been thinking about you fucking me for weeks, have...have touched myself thinking about how good you’d feel inside of me…”
“Fuck, sugar. You…” Steve mumbles, nipping at Bucky’s bottom lip before pulling back. “You thought about me?”
Bucky’s noise isn’t pitiful this time— it’s ragged. His mouth drops open, his heart rate kicking up once more as he watches Steve lean back and reach for his discarded pants on the floor. Just like Steve’s noises, Bucky knows he’ll never grow used to Steve’s body, if he’s lucky enough to have that chance. Steve is powerful, body a full representation of that, of the hard work he puts into his physical health. Looking at Steve’s broad form, the way tightly-packed muscle is spread throughout it, Bucky’s hindbrain tells him that Steve is a provider, could protect Bucky and keep him safe, and that is every bit appealing as it is arousing.
“I thought about you,” Bucky repeats dumbly, legs still spread as he watches Steve rip open a condom wrapper with his teeth. “I thought about...a-about how good I know you could make me feel, about how I just knew you’d fuck me better than I’ve ever been fucked before.”
Steve makes a hungry noise, one that alone confirms Bucky’s assumptions— Steve is indeed going to show him something he’s never experienced before. Bucky is slow to blink as he watches Steve work the condom over his cock, eyelids heavy as he watches Steve fill that rubber out. Bucky wishes it weren’t there, wishes he could have Steve bare. His cheeks burn hot at his own thought.
“You think about me like this? Us like this? What’chu think about, baby?” Steve husks out, voice raking up Bucky’s spine, and his emotions are building up in such a way again it has him having to work for his answers.
“Thought about how big you are, how I’m gonna feel you for days—” Steve purrs again, reaching for the bottle of lube and smearing a bit onto the tip of his cock before moving to settle between Bucky’s thighs once more. “— and how much I wanted to feel achy for days.”
“Yeah? S’that all?” Steve whispers as he reaches for Bucky’s thigh, bringing first one and then the other up to his shoulder, lips brushing against Bucky’s with eager tenderness. His breath hitches when he feels Steve’s hand guide the tip of his cock towards his prepped hole, when Steve settles in even further to Bucky’s body, as chest to chest his thighs caught between them will allow. Bucky works for his next few breaths, deep and shaky ones as his mind somersaults a few times at the sensation of Steve moving him, pushing him, placing him right where he wants him.
“Thought about...about how safe you’d make me feel. How you wouldn’t mind that I don’t have much experience…“
The moment Steve’s cock catches his rim, Steve’s hand is on the nape of his neck, holding him in place. Bucky feels vulnerable, feels raw and open, like he’s showing Steve the inside of his chest, his heart. Steve nods his head when he hears Bucky’s words, noses nudging, breaths mingling. Bucky’s gasp is much heftier than he wishes it to be when the tip of Steve’s cock slips past his rim, when Steve is finally and barely inside of Bucky.
“Thought about how good you’d take care’a me,” Bucky breathes, eyelids slow to open, words slightly slurred together as he reaches for Steve’s face once more. “Thought about you making me come, what it would feel like to make you come.”
Words seemingly don’t come easy for Steve in this moment, and instead Bucky drinks down his throaty groan as he pours it into Bucky’s open mouth, Bucky hungry for it. Another slide then, that blissful push that has Bucky head falling back into Steve’s grip, has his thighs clenching around Steve’s thick waist. It leaves his throat entirely accessible and Steve takes full advantage of it, lips coming together to suck right underneath Bucky’s ear.
“That’s it, baby,” Steve whispers gruffly, fingers squeezing at Bucky’s nape. “Lemme in, lemme in this pretty body.”
Something happens to Bucky then. He knows this moment was going to be one of great importance, one where there would be no turning back, but it feels different inside. His insides resort to the feeling he got at the beginning of this night, one where they felt like they were trying up and float away with Bucky in tow. His head swims with no clarity to be found, Steve’s lips on his cheek, his mouth, making it more and more difficult to seek the light at the end of this tunnel.
Bucky isn’t sure what this feeling is but he likes it.
When the tops of Steve’s thighs meet the bottom of Bucky’s, when Steve is so balls-deep inside of him he swears Steve’s cock is in his throat, he sobs. There’s no other name for the noise he lets out, no other way to describe it other than anguished, a noise he’s never made before. Steve sucks it down nonetheless, welcomes it with a shaky groan of his own, one accompanied with a tight grind of his hips like he can’t get enough of Bucky already.
It’s mindless, the way he babbles wordlessly, the way he can’t seem to close his mouth as he opens his eyes to find Steve’s kind, deep ocean ones there waiting. And Steve encourages it, nods his head as he pulls his hips back, seemingly wants to keep watching Bucky lose his mind.
He was right— this moment is life-altering. He has the fleeting thought that this feeling is just the result of good dick, but it is but a fleeting thought; this is much more than good dick. This is an experience. There was before sex with Steve Rogers and there is now going to be after sex with Steve Rogers. Bucky feels safe, feels cared for, feels cherished. Steve’s hips roll smoothly, sensually, move with deadly accuracy and so goddamn deeply that Bucky’s teeth ache.
And the whole time Steve doesn’t pull his eyes away from Bucky’s own. His words barely register to Bucky, every other filtering in through the haze of Bucky’s brain.
“So fuckin’…sweeter than sugar. Meant for this…Never seen somebody.…so good…”
It’s so much. It’s everything.
It has the word slipping to the tip of Bucky’s tongue before he can stifle it in full—
Bucky is yanked from the pleasant spot within his head in an instant, eyes wide as he finds Steve looking back down at him, hips not faltering or pausing at Bucky’s apparent misstep. If anything they turn sloppier. Where Bucky thinks he’ll be met with a look of distaste, he instead watches on as Steve nods his head eagerly.
“Yeah, Buck— Yeah,” is what he pants, knees digging into the mattress, hand on the back of Bucky’s neck coming around to brush back the hair stuck to Bucky’s forehead with sweat. Bucky is quick to shake his head in response, gasping.
“No, no didn’t mean…no…”
Steve nods his head once more, slow and encouraging and persistent, much like his hips, his lips pursing against Bucky’s open mouth.
“If you wanna say it you should say it, sugar.”
“Steve,” Bucky whines, hands scrambling wildly at the older man’s back. “It wasn’t…I didn’t mean it, I—”
“You’re feelin’ so much and it makes sense you’d want to say it, want to call me—”
“It was…was an accident. S’not…not somethin’ I wanted to say,” Bucky tries weakly, eyes fighting to roll back into his head at the rhythmic slip of Steve’s fat cock in and out of his achy hole. He does want to say it. He’s wanted to say it for weeks now, the entire time Bucky has known Steve, feeling as if Steve encompases the word wholly and entirely. And with Steve holding him this way, fucking him this way, telling Bucky outright that what he’s secretly wanted for so long is okay?
How is he supposed to hold it in?
Steve kisses him once, twice, three times more, all while maintaining eye contact, all while cradling Bucky’s face in one large palm. Bucky’s bottom lip trembles. Steve nods his head again.
“C’mon, baby. Tell me who’s makin’ you feel all those things, who you’re lettin’ love on your pretty body like this…”
Bucky’s breath hitches, fingers digging into Steve’s back. The word reappears on his tongue. Steve nods his head with an added edge of eagerness, fucking into Bucky with such newfound vigor, Bucky’s body bouncing with every harsh thrust.
“That’s it, Buck. Say it, want you to say it,” Steve whispers into Bucky’s mouth, voice so low and deep he feels almost like he’s hearing it within. “Who’s fuckin’ this sweet little hole, feedin’ this greedy thing like it’s never been fed?”
Bucky’s sob is louder than the word itself—
But neither are as loud as Steve’s groan.
“Oh, Buck. There it is, there it is, sugar.”
Steve’s voice is laced with relief that Bucky feels within himself. He takes Bucky’s thighs, leans back and wraps them deliciously around his waist before leaning back down, before caging Bucky in with both arms.
“Say it again,” Steve demands then, hands in Bucky’s hair, hips snapping against the underside of Bucky’s ass. His lips reach for tears Bucky was unaware he was shedding, pursing them tenderly where they track down his cheek. Bucky doesn’t hesitate this time.
“Daddy,” he whines, a long and drawn out moan following it. It feels good to say it out loud, like it fits perfectly within this moment and with them. Steve doesn’t even have to tell him to say it again. Bucky mewls.
“Daddy so...fuck, y’feel so good, Daddy. Oh my god…”
“Never seen anyone prettier than you, Buck. Than this. Fuck, baby. Your body was meant for Daddy wasn’t it?”
Bucky’s moan rattles his teeth.
“Meant for Daddy,” he babbles, gasping. “Meant for Daddy, been waiting for Daddy. Gonna...fuck, Daddy might make me come.”
Steve growls, throwing his back into his thrusts in a way that has his stomach rubbing against the tip of Bucky’s angry dick.
“No no, sugar— m’gonna. Daddy’s gonna make you come.”
Bucky nods his head in blind agreement, suddenly too far gone to pull words together to respond.
“Daddy lives to make you come, gonna make you feel this good all the fuckin’ time, Buck. Any time you’ll let him, any time you want him— Daddy’s gonna make sure you feel so fuckin’ good.”
Bucky scrambles for Steve then, brain going foggy again, clarity becoming difficult to maintain as he chases his climax, as Steve feeds it to him so intensely and eagerly. A loose hand on the front of his throat, big enough to span it in full, keeps him tethered yet shoves him there.
“Tell me who I am when you come, sugar. Tell me who I am to you.”
Bucky’s never heard Steve sound so desperate, so aggressive. It makes his toes curl it’s so yummy. And when he feels himself crest over that last edge of anticipation, that last bit before his orgasm that makes his spine draw tight, makes his breath catch in his chest, he squeals the only word in his head, the only word that matters now—
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broken-depressed-hearts · 2 months ago
Something no one tells you is how much you can regret your first time. Damn I do
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vampireoutofbusiness · 5 months ago
"Just you and me"
Pairing: Peter x Fem!Reader
Warnings: smut. oral; male receiving, literal sex, sub!peter if you squint or you can keep your eyes wide open, he's still fucking adorable
Synopsis: After dating for a while, you and peter decide to have sex for the first time, and peter, like usual, is very nervous
a/n: this is just- what am I doing with my time
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*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
You and Peter had been dating for almost a year and hadn’t gone all the way. Your time alone was spent making out and watching the stars. That, or binge-watching some show while shoving food in your faces.
It wasn’t like you hadn’t talked about sex before. However, it wasn’t an initiative conversation, just a “What if”. And you didn’t hesitate to make sly jokes about doing something together.
“If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head?”
“The word of the day is legs, let’s go to my room and spread the word,” “Are you made of sugar? Because that ass is pretty sweet, Parker,”
To which he would become unbelievably red and try to sputter out a reply.
It was fun to tease him and the team did it all of the time. Making funny remarks about how nervous Peter got around you recently, although they never went as far as you did.
Maybe a joke here and there about why you both were late to breakfast or happened to leave movie night at the same time, but nothing so blunt.
Peter had been pretty antsy lately. He really wanted to have sex with you and then some. The boy wasn’t sure how to go about it. Nervousness flooded through him every time he considered it, worried you would reject him. He’s always been attracted to you, duh, but recently, thinking about you in contexts that were beyond inappropriate.
He thought about how gorgeous you look without anything covering you. He’s seen you in a bikini or briefly in underwear, but never naked. He wanted to bury his head between your legs and feel your thighs pressed to his temples.
You’re two eighteen-year-olds, in love, and very much horny. You found yourself lost in your thoughts which normally include Peter looking up at you while you ride his di-
“Y/n?” Steve waved a hand in front of your face, breaking down your thoughts.
“Yes,” you shook your head to clear your thoughts.
“You’ve hardly touched the waffle on your plate,” he chuckled and took a sip of his coffee.
“Right, I was just thinking about…” you looked around the table at the others and then at the bottle of syrup, “I should get some peanut butter,”
“Peanut butter?” Bruce questioned as you got up from the table.
You nodded, making a B-line for the kitchen.
“Don’t knock it until you try it,” you let out a nervous laugh and started looking through the cupboards.
These occurrences happened often, some recoveries of yours were better than others.
Peter, however, becomes a stuttering mess if someone interrupted his thoughts about being in bed with you.
Now, you sat with Peter’s head rested on your stomach, cozied up in your bed. You lost Rock Paper Scissors so Star Wars: The Last Jedi was playing on the TV. The only light in the room, besides the flashes from the screen, was the moon shining in through your window.
You leaned down, placing a soft kiss on Peter’s forehead to which he hummed happily. Before he could maneuver his way for one on the lips, you backed away, a smirk on your face.
“Hey,” he pouted, flipping over and scooting closer to you on your lap, “not fair,”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you bit back a smile and threaded your hands through his hair.
“Playing with my hair will not distract me from the great disservice you did me,” he pulled himself up so that he was level with you.
“You sure?” you whispered against his lips, moving a hand to his upper neck, a sweet spot of his.
You closed the gap between the two of you. Suddenly, Peter forgot all about the movie he got to pick, your fake disagreement, and literally anything but you and your lips.
You rested a hand on his jaw, guiding him which he loved. Your tongue slipped into his mouth making him moan into the kiss and he rested his hands on your waist, squeezing a little.
It quickly became heated, your free hand moving down his chest. He pulled back from the kiss, barely taking his lips off of yours.
“Can we uh…can we-,” he tried to sort his thoughts before asking the question.
“Yes, baby boy?” You smiled, pretty sure you knew what he was going to ask.
The nickname alone made him hard and you hadn’t even touched him.
“Can we…” he whispered, trailing off and turning to look at the window he suddenly found interesting.
“Peter,” your voice was stern but kind, “you want to have sex?”
He turned back to you, a look of worry in his eyes.
“Yes? No?” You chuckled at his reaction, ignoring the doubt in your mind.
“Yes,” he answered quietly.
“Okay,” you pulled him back to your lips but he stopped the movement.
“So you want to have sex wi- with me?”
“Of course I do,” you cupped his cheeks and smoothed over his smile lines.
Peter wasn’t sure he would make it this far so he had to process it.
“I don’t know- I have no idea how to-“ his voice was frantic and he took his hands from your waist, covering his face.
“You don’t need to worry about messing up, Peter, it’s just you and me,” you took his hands from his face, rubbing your thumbs over his knuckles.
He looked into your eyes, his own were full of innocence and love for you. He nodded and you moved to the side, patting the spot on the bed next to you. He followed directions and laid next to you.
“Now,” you straddled his waist and leaned down closer to his face, “just let me take care of you…relax,”
Peter let out a sigh and loosened his muscles. Like you said, it’s just you and him and there was no reason to be nervous. But he was because what if he fucked up or you didn’t like him after- no. He stopped his negative thoughts, knowing that you being in control would help.
First, you grabbed the remote and shut off the movie, before tossing it elsewhere.
You kissed his lips, slowly, savoring his taste, sliding your hands up and down his chest. Your hands found the buttons of his flannel, taking your time with each one.
You both sat up and you got him out of it, along with the white t-shirt he had on under it. Now his upper body was completely exposed. It felt silly but he tried to cover himself. You’d even seen him shirtless before, but in this context, it made him more self-conscious.
“Hey hey,” you took his hands in yours, “I want to you see you and your beautiful body, pretty boy,”
He blushed and you could see it from the moonlight.
You pressed a hand to his chest so he would lay back on the bed. Your lips found his neck and you left sloppy kisses down to his pecs. You kitten licked one of his nipples, making him whine. Good to know.
You gave them both attention before kissing down his torso, leaving marks that you’d enjoy seeing again days later.
His breathing got heavier the closer you got to his crotch. You searched for his hand, intertwining your fingers to show you are still there. He squeezed yours and let out another deep breath.
You used one hand to unzip his jeans and started pulling them down. He brought his hips off of the bed to help and you let go of his hand to bring them all the way down his legs. Your hands found his thighs and you gently rubbed them, placing soft kisses on his skin.
“Wanna see your dick in my mouth, Parker?” You smirked and he eagerly nodded, a little stunned at your obscene words.
See, consent is sexy.
You slowly pulled down his boxers, repeating the process you did with his jeans.
Now he was completely bare in front of you. Every part of him was glistening and you couldn’t wait to touch him.
“You’re gorgeous, Peter,” you smiled at him, and once again he was blushing because of you.
“Could you maybe- only if you want- can you take off your top?” his voice was hesitant and he looked up at the ceiling.
As if you would deprive him of your boobs. Maybe next time.
He looked back at you when you brought your hands to the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head. Peter sat up and his fingertips ghosted your sides.
“Can I?”
“Go for it,”
And he did, his confidence faltering a little when he only fumbled with the clasp. You bit back a laugh because you could tell how hard he was focusing.
“This is harder than it looks,” he said, complete seriousness on his face.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get better in time,” you smirked and reached a hand behind you, pushing his away, and unclasping your bra.
His breath hitched when he saw your boobs. He’d seen boobs before, you think he hasn’t watched porn??, but yours were the most amazing thing he’d ever seen.
You took his hands and put them on the new attraction, squeezing. A smile spread across his face and pressed his lips against the space between. You took your hands away, figuring he could take it from here for now.
Peter ran his thumbs over your hardened nipples, completely mesmerized by your chest. Instinct told him to use his mouth so that’s what he did. His lips wrapped around your right nipple and you threw your head back.
He silently celebrated your enjoyment and continued his task, sucking on both of your boobs.
You pulled him off by his curls, a whine leaving his mouth before you pressed your lips to his. He immediately opened his mouth, your tongue dominating his. Your hand trailed down his torso before reaching his dick, your thumb running over the tip.
He whimpered into your mouth as you started jerking him off. This was better than anything he ever imagined. You, actually being here, touching him and making him feel good.
You brought yourself backward, leaning down and slowly licking up his shaft. The hot, velvety skin hitting your tongue while he moaned at the feeling.
“Good boy, let out all of those pretty noises,” you wrapped your lips around him, moving up and down, his dick hitting the back of your throat.
“Oh my- fuck- y/n, you-“ he threw his head back into the pillow, whimpering at the feeling of your mouth on the most sensitive part of his body.
You popped your mouth off, spit running down your chin. You looked hot.
“Where do you wanna cum, baby? On my tongue? On my-“
“Your tits,” He whined, breath shallow, ready for the sweet feeling of release.
“Keep your eyes on me when you cum,” your voice was warm but it sounded like a command.
He nodded while you continued to play with his dick. His orgasm hit him like a truck, he was silent before letting out a loud whine. He tried his best to keep his eyes on you, especially to watch his cum spread across your chest.
“You look so pretty during your orgasm baby boy,” you leaned down and he felt your boobs and his cum pressed against his chest. He was hard again already.
“You’re really good at- at that,” he squeaked out and you kissed his forehead. His innocence was adorable.
You got off of the bed and pulled down your pants, underwear following. Now you, too, were completely naked.
“You’re the most beautiful woman ever,” he told you, eyes running all over your body.
“This woman needs to find a condom,” you winked and bent down by your nightstand to search your drawers. You knew you had a box, just in case this were to happen. You also grabbed a tissue, wiping your chest and his.
You finally found it, grabbing one and ripping it open with your teeth. Hot.
“Oh- I can put that on-“ he started but your hands were already wrapped around his dick and you pulled the condom over it.
You got on top of him and ran his tip between your folds. He watched carefully as you teased him.
“You’re sure about this, babe?”
“Yes,” he nodded and rested his warm hands on your thighs.
“Remember, you can tell me if you want to stop, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, okay?”
“Okay,” he smiled at your concern for his comfort and ran his hands up and down your thighs.
You slowly sank down and he moaned at the feeling of your warm core consuming him. He couldn’t believe he waited this long to ask. Or at least, try to bring it up and have you complete the idea.
You adjusted before you started rocking your hips and he squeezed your legs. He felt amazing, his dick hit your g-spot and you moaned at the feeling.
“Oh my god,” you sighed as he let out a whimper, watching your tits bounced and head fall back.
It wasn’t long before the both of you felt the knots in your stomachs tighten, ready to unravel.
“I’m- I’m gonna cum, y/n/n,” he locked eyes with you and you had so much lust in yours.
“Me too, baby,” you gestured for him to sit up, helping him.
You pulled his chest flush against yours, pressing a kiss to his shoulder as you continued to rock your hips. He could feel your hot breath against his neck until you pulled back, making eye contact again.
“Cum for me,”
He felt his dick twitch, and you tightened your pussy around him. He once again let out a whine, much louder this time. You watched his face contort as he got lost in pleasure before you came as well.
Your orgasm washed over you before you came down from your high and Peter held you close.
“That was amazing,” he grinned up at you and you chuckled because, yeah, it was.
You ran a hand across his sweaty forehead and through his curls. God, his sex hair was hot.
“You have to pee,” he said, helping you off of him.
“How do you-“
“I read that you have to pee after otherwise, you could get an infection. Oh- a shower too. I’ll help you since you’re probably pretty tired- if you'll let me,” he wrapped an arm around your waist as you got of bed with him.
“That’d be great,” you kissed his cheek and started walking to the bathroom together.
“Thank you,” he told you, squeezing your bare hip, “for everything,”
“Same time tomorrow?”
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wangxianficrecs · 12 days ago
So Why Not Crack Your Skull When the Mind Swells by greenteafiend
Tumblr media
So Why Not Crack Your Skull When the Mind Swells
by greenteafiend
E, 14k, wangxian
Summary: Lan Wangji detects the curse trying to curl through his heart meridians like smoke. A love curse, then. It must have been cast remotely somehow to have found him in his bed in Cloud Recesses. No matter. Lan Wangji crushes it easily, enveloping it in his spiritual energy, and then squeezing. Curse averted, Lan Wangji closes his eyes and goes back to sleep. He thinks no more of it.
Two days later, Wei Wuxian arrives in Cloud Recesses.
Or, Wei Wuxian is cursed to feel terrible pain when he and Lan Wangji aren’t touching.
My comments: This story serves up exactly what you want with this trope! ;D
post canon, post CQL, curses, proximity curse, touch curse, pining, so much pining, hurt wei wuxian, (when he isn't touching lan wangji), empathy, (lan wangji feels wei wuxian's emotions), lack of communication, case fic, getting together, drunkenness, communication, love confessions, first kiss, first time, hair brushing, doting lan wangji, light angst, hurt/comfort, @greenteafiend​
(You may wish to REBLOG as a signal boost for this author if you like – or think others might like – this story.)
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whyennwhenyouareyn · 5 months ago
Jealous Loki
A/N: This was so fun to write omg
WARNING: Never written a headcanon before 🤷‍♀️
Loki getting jealous would include...
Tumblr media
– Am I the only one who feels Loki would get jealous pretty easily?
– This poor boy has basically been neglected half throughout his childhood, so he simply can’t stand it when you look at any man besides him.
– It could be triggered by anything – someone flirting with you or you even glancing at some guy.
– Sometimes people would flirt with you just for the fun of it.
– Once you and Loki were trying to enjoy a quiet day out when the guy at the counter typed in the last of your order.
– You’d asked, “What does it cost?”
– Perhaps you should have just asked how much it was for, because he just winked at you and said, “Twenty bucks and your number.”
– Though you’d scoffed, you could feel Loki’s body stiffen up beside you.
– He glared at the guy throughout your meal, unblinking, and finally, you just picked up your leftover drink and dragged him away before he could murder the poor guy.
– Another ‘memorable’ incident would be when you two went out to the town park to relax and you met one of the guys from work.
– At first, Loki didn’t think much when you waved but when you went over to ‘say hi’ and didn’t return for a solid five minutes, he began losing his patience.
– You and your guy-friend strolled over to the bench where Loki was sitting and you attempted to say goodbye.
– The guy, of course, evaded a farewell by stretching the conversation further.
– Loki lowkey (hehe) sat there with his arms and legs folded like an angry child and a pout graced his lips.
– You noticed this and it took all your willpower not to burst out laughing.
– After a while Loki couldn’t take it anymore and he just stood up before speaking (much more to your friend than you) “Love, I don’t feel so good, can we go back?”
– As you walked back, you smirked at him, “Somebody’s jealous.”
– “Shut up, you flatter yourself too much,” Loki snapped, but he was smiling and you giggled, snuggling into his side.
– “You’re my one and only, okay? Nobody’s going to steal me away from you.” you reassured.
– Loki sighed, “I know, love.”
– “Then why are you still pouting?”
– “I’m not!”
– “You are!”
– “Not!”
– “Are!”
– “Not!”
– “Are!”
– “NOT!
– “NOT!”
– “ARE – wait, what?!”
– And you both eventually burst out giggling and it’s cuddles for the rest of the day!
A/N: Plsssssss I never wrote a headcanon before, I hope this is okay!
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New hobby? Maybe. Just learning? Absolutely. My very first self tie, mermaid style. Surprisingly not horribly uncomfortable.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kueble · 2 months ago
Will You have Me?
For @writinglizards.
18+ under the cut. Warnings: Intersex omegas, knotting, mating bite (minor blood), 2600 words
There is an old saying that a lone omega is like a tree without a forest.  Jaskier never felt like that would describe his life, but apparently tonight is a night to get melancholy. He stares into the flames of the fire and watches the smoke trail into the night sky.  Even the stars have each other, while he’s left alone in the dark.
He may not be physically alone, but Jaskier has never felt so lonely since he left the safety of Oxenfurt’s stone walls.   Geralt spends each day by his side, but he is always so careful not to touch him.  Jaskier’s skin feels like it’s calling out, begging for even the simplest brush of a palm against his arm.  He’s heard of touch-starved omegas, but never thought he’d become one himself.
Jaskier thinks longingly about cuddle piles with Priscilla and Essi.  Even though he is a beta, Valdo joined in often.  There’s nothing like just sprawling across a friend’s lap and letting them pet your hair for a bit.  What he wouldn’t give to have Geralt’s thick fingers on his scalp.  Geralt clearly has no problem with touch when it’s necessary, though. Sadly it’s the middle of summer and there’s no need to push their bedrolls together to keep him warm.  He sighs and tries to think of a better excuse.
His mother would tell him that’s what he deserves for traipsing after an emotionless witcher like a lost little pup.  She is wrong, though.  Geralt is full of emotions, brewing just beneath the surface.  Society writes witchers off as emotionless beasts, but they’ve never seen him smile as Jaskier from across a tavern or hand him their last blanket on a cold night.  No, Geralt isn’t the problem here.
Jaskier is, and it’s killing him.
The fire pops loudly, and Jaskier lets out a small squeak, jumping at the noise.  Geralt turns his attention to him, raising an eyebrow from across the campsite.  He has his back against a log and has been busy mending a tear in one of his shirts.  Jaskier remembers seeing him come back to the inn, his armor in tatters and his chest covered in blood.   Thankfully it was mostly superficial, but Jaskier nearly went feral at the sight of him.
Jaskier swallows down his emotions, reminding himself that Geralt is not his to look after.  Because that would solve all of his problems, wouldn’t it?  They work so well together, setting up camps and chasing each other across the continent, that it would only make sense for them to bond.  How many nights has he spent laying awake staring up at the stars and wishing Geralt would give him a sign he was interested in such a thing?  Even a little hope would give him something to hold onto.
“You seem off,” Geralt mutters, breaking into his thoughts.  Jaskier shrugs but doesn’t bother smiling.  He wraps his arms around his chest, hugging himself in a desperate attempt to feel better.
“I will push through it,” Jaskier tells him, even though the desire to beg for more is so thick his throat nearly chokes on it.  When did he let himself get this pathetic?  Surely he should have noticed somewhere along the way?  Does everyone just wake up utterly in love and completely useless over it?
“If you’re sick, we can stop in the next village,” Geralt offers, his face softening as he smiles at Jaskier.  A fresh wave of longing hits him right in the chest, and he digs his fingers into his arms to ground himself.
“Not sick,” he says with a shake of his head.
“Obviously you have something to say,” Geralt says slowly.  He sets the shirt and mending supplies next to him and gestures for Jaskier to join him.  The walk across the campsite is the longest he’s ever faced.  Jaskier stands in front of Geralt, his pulse echoing in his head, and decides to just go for it.  There’s no point in fucking around any longer, not when his body is making him feel so needy.
“Can you,” Jaskier whispers, unable to meet Geralt’s gaze, “Can you just hold me for a little bit maybe?”
“No,” Geralt spits out quickly.
“Oh, er, alright then,” Jaskier giggles awkwardly, not sure how to fix this moment.  Of course he would let his stupid omega tendencies get in the way of the best friendship he’s ever had.  Geralt is absolutely right to not coddle him.
“That’s not,” Geralt grunts out, running a hand over his face.  “That’s not meant to be rude.  I just...I can’t do that for you right now.”
“Because I’m weak?” Jaskier asks softly, almost curling up on himself.  His emotions are out of control, and he can almost feel the need to be touched, to be held, to be comforted.   This is worse than when he goes into heat, because at least he can find a willing partner for that.  Geralt won’t even look at him right now, and it’s making him ache even worse.
“If I touch you, I won’t be able to stop myself from touching you all the time.  I’ll want more.   I’ll...I’ll want to have you, to keep you. I can’t do that to you,” Geralt murmurs, his voice barely more than a whisper.  Jaskier gasps and stares at him, his brain trying to catch up with what he just heard.
“Geralt, that’s all I’ve ever wanted,” he admits, kneeling in front of Geralt.   He holds out his hands, palms out, letting them hover in front of Geralt’s chest.  He wants nothing more than to close the distance and hug him, but it has to be Geralt’s choice.
“You don’t mean that,” Geralt says, tilting his head as he sniffs the air.  Jaskier decides to throw caution to the wind.  Everything he’s sought is hovering right in front of him, if only he can get across how much he needs this; needs Geralt.
“Listen to me.  I want you.  So so much.  Touch me, take me, keep me.  Mate me,” Jaskier pleads, growling in a way that would make any alpha proud.   Geralt looks startled, his eyes wide as he stumbles over his next words.
“Fuck, Jaskier. You can’t just say that,” Geralt chastises him, glancing to look somewhere over his shoulder.
“I can and I will.  So I must you mean it?  Will you have me?  Or do I need to find a way to get over you?” Jaskier asks him, suddenly feeling braver than he ever has.  Stepping on stage in front of a crowd is nothing like this.  His heard is rabbiting in his chest, threatening to break free, and he knows his life hinges on the alpha’s next words.
“I want you more than anything.”
“Then claim me,” Jaskier orders, and it sounds like a challenge.  Geralt growls low in his chest and looks him up and down.
And then it’s like something snaps in him.
Geralt lunges forward and crushes their mouths together, using so much force Jaskier nearly falls backwards.  He grabs onto Geralt’s shirt, clenching his fingers in the fabric, and holds on for the ride.  He always imagined their first kiss to be chaste and hesitant, but this is anything but.  Geralt is like a wildfire, and Jaskier’s burning in the flame, his whole body lighting up as their mouths slide together.
He whines into Geralt’s mouth, nipping at his bottom lip until it’s swollen.  Geralt shoves his hands under Jaskier’s shirt, stroking over his lower back and growling when he shivers in response.  It almost feels like the edge of a heat, like he’s about to slip into that foggy desperation, and Jaskier wouldn’t care if that were true.  He’s - hopefully - about to be mated, and he ought to be losing it a little.
Geralt seems just as lost, his broad hands mapping Jaskier’s body at a feverish pace.  Jaskier is so turned out he can’t think straight, can’t focus on anything more than how soft Geralt’s lips feel against his own.  His cunt is pulsing and he can feel it growing slick as their tongues slide together.  He rocks against Geralt, his stiff cocklet grinding against Geralt’s hard length.
“I won’t take you in the first time in the dirt,” Geralt grunts out against his cheek, and Jaskier just chuckles at him.
“Is my threadbare bedroll that much better?” he asks, giggling when Geralt grumbles and nuzzles their cheeks together.
“You deserve a real bed,” Geralt argues, but Jaskier won’t have it.  He’s waited too long to drag this out any further, and he’s not afraid to play a little dirty.
“I deserve your knot, Alpha,” he murmurs, reveling in the way Geralt growls deep in his chest.  He moves before Jaskier can even wrap his head around why he’s suddenly off the ground.  Geralt walks them across the campsite and sets him down at the foot of Jaskier’s blankets.
“Last chance,” Geralt warns, which would have more effect if he weren’t trembling.  He’s clearly as wrecked over this as Jaskier is, and Jaskier loves him even more for it.  This isn’t a quick fuck or a hastily made decision; they’re both well and truly mad for each other.
“I aim to keep you forever,” Jaskier tells him with a smirk.  
And then they’re moving again, mouths colliding as they both scramble to undress.  It’s a complete disaster, both of them trying to strip the other without separating.  In the end, Jaskier pushes him back and yanks at his own clothing, gesturing for Geralt to do the same.  He’s waited years for this and he’s not about to put it off for lack of coordination.
“Let me,” Jaskier can feel his cheeks heat up, suddenly shy as he looks at Geralt.  There’s a strange urge in the back of his mind, and he feels weak over it.  He never expected to want to do this, but it feels right, so he wets his lips and smiles awkwardly at him.
And then he drops to the bedroll, getting on all fours and presenting like some kind of nervous maiden.  He angles his hips up and spreads his thighs, giving Geralt a good look at how wet he is.  His cunt clenches around nothing, begging to be filled, and he feels another gush of slick dribble out.  He whines, but the sound if lost under the howl Geralt lets out.
He’s on Jaskier before he can blink, caging him in and surrounding him.  All Jaskier knows is the heat of his body, the woodsy scent of him as it pours over him.  He tilts his neck to the side, and Geralt whines and brushes an open mouthed kiss against his scent gland.  That only makes him wetter, his poor cocklet throbbing as he arches back and tries to get more.
Geralt reaches down and trails two fingers through his folds, the obscene sound of it echoing through the clearing.  Jaskier whimpers and lets his head hang down, focusing on the gentle brush of Geralt’s calloused hands on him.  He brushes his knuckles along the underside of Jaskier’s cocklet, and Jaskier’s arms threaten to give out because he’s shaking so much.
“Next time I plan on eating you out for hours, getting my fill of your sweet slick,” Geralt growls against his neck, and Jaskier keens and presses back.
“Want that,” he whines, “But now I need you to fuck me...mate me.  Claim me, Geralt,”
Then there’s hands on his hips and Geralt thrusts into him, not bothering to go slow.  They both know he’s dying for it - can smell the thick scent of his arousal hanging in the air - and he’s practically dripping right now.  Jaskier moans and shoves his hips back, giving as good as he gets.
Fuck, Geralt is so big, so thick, and Jaskier is glad they’re bonding tonight, because he’ll never be able to be satisfied by anything less.   Geralt seems to be fighting a losing battle to move slowly, his hips stuttering as they slide together.  That won’t do at all, so Jaskier braces himself on one arm and reaches back with the other, grabbing Geralt by the hair to spur him on.
“Harder,” he manages to spit out, even as his lungs are gasping for air.
Geralt growls loudly, his chest vibrating with it, and starts to fuck him in earnest.  He doesn’t let go of his hair, trusts Geralt to hold him up as they rut together.  Geralt spreads his knees wider, thrusting deeper in a way that makes Jaskier cry out.  He’s never been fucked this good, never felt like someone’s cock was in his chest because they were hitting him so deeply.
Jaskier’s cocklet bounces as they rock together, slapping against his stomach and spreading pre-come across his skin.  He feels strong and weak at the same time, like he could do this for hours or pass out at any second.  It’s all he can do to cling to Geralt’s hair and brace himself while Geralt slams into him.
“Close,” Geralt grunts out before licking up the column of Jaskier’s neck, flattening his tongue on the scent gland there.
“Shit,” Jaskier whines, his eyes starting to water as Geralt plows into him.   “Need it...knot me.  Mark me!” he shouts, his voice cracking over the words.
“Omega,” Geralt says low and rough, and Jaskier feels it down to his fucking bones.
“Alpha,” he keens, tilting his neck so Geralt can finally claim him.  He knows they sound like a bad romance novel, but it feels so right that it can’t be wrong.
He comes with a howl the second Geralt bites down, his fangs breaking skin and binding them together.  It’s a rush, so intense that he would collapse if Geralt didn’t wrap an arm around him and drag him into his lap.  He holds Jaskier up, teeth still sunk in his neck as the blood flows around his mouth.
Geralt digs his fingers into Jaskier’s hip and grinds up against him, hissing as his knot bumps against Jaskier’s entrance.  He’s soaked now, wet down to his thighs, and his prick is still half-hard even though he just came.  He reaches up and wraps his arms around Geralt’s neck, holding himself up so Geralt can grip his waist with both hands.
And then his knot pops in, and Jaskier’s whole world explodes as he comes again.  His vision darkens and he lets out a weak sob as Geralt spills into him, his knot locking their bodies together.  He’s never felt this full, never felt this loved and cherished.  Geralt is whispering praise against his bond bite, but Jaskier can’t focus on the words.  All he knows is that he’s pleased his mate, and he’s high with it.
They slide down onto the bedroll, and Geralt rolls them onto their sides so he doesn’t crush Jaskier.  Not that he would care.  He’s blissed out, mated and knotted and completely gone for it.  Geralt keeps flooding him with come, little spurts as he grinds his knot into Jaskier’s cunt.  His cocklet is finally soft, but he’s lost track of how many times he’s come.  Time has no meaning as they lay there locked together.
The last thing he hears before he lets sleep claim him is a soft, “mine,” whispered against his hairline.
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minteyeddevil · a month ago
First Time: Belphegor
(Beta read by my sister @neokogirl💜)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You let it slip to Belphegor one night, when curled up in bed with him in the attic, that you had never been with anyone in the sexual sense before. He broke out in genuine laughter at first thinking you were playing with him; who in their right mind would give up a chance to be with you? But when you didn't laugh in return, he blinked a few times and took on a serious look.
"I'm sorry, (Y/N), I didn't mean to make fun," he offered sincerely, "I just didn't think anyone would give up the chance to be with you in that way."
"Well, it's more I didn't feel right with anyone before."
"'Before'?" He felt his pulse begin to speed up.
You smiled gently at him, a warmth radiating off you skin as you took his hands in your own.
"I feel the most at ease with you, Belphie. I...I would really love for you to be my first."
He smiled genuinely at you and leaned forward to press a kiss to your lips, pressing you back onto the bed. "All you need to do is tell me when, (Y/N). I would be more than happy to make you feel good."
It...didn't end up being that same night. You panicked when things got heated, and asked for a bit more time. This did lead, though, to much deeper kisses and heavy touching from his end, showing he would be ready for you whenever, and tried to help you feel comfortable. He was eager, but didn't want to rush you.
When the night finally came and you told him you were ready, he locked you up with him in the attic so that no one would bother the both of you. He was excited, his body practically vibrating as he pulled you to lay on the bed, pulling you into a deep kiss.
His hands buried in your hair, holding you close as he licked your bottom lip, begging for access to your mouth. You moaned softly at the feel, allowing his tongue to explore the cavern of your mouth, and he moaned in turn as well, leaning you back on the bed.
With a swiftness, he removed your shirt, leaning forward to capture a pert nipple in his mouth and gave it a generous suck. It made you press up against him, and he groaned around the bud at the sensation of your middle pressing against his own.
He sat back to remove his jacket and shirt, undoing his jeans to let his throbbing cock loose. He took your hand and placed it on his shaft, having you pump him and get a feel of what was going to be inside you soon. He wasn't very girthy but made up for it in length, and your mouth watered as you looked him over.
While you were working his cock, he undid your jeans front, helping you shift up off the bed to wiggle out of them and toss them to the side with his own as well, before placing your hand back on him. His fingers began to run along your rib cage and down your stomach, tickling you slightly before making you gasp when he reached your sex. His fingers worked you in time with your hand pumping him, before pressing further and finding your entrance. He took those fingers and coated them with his saliva before pressing them back, drawing small circles on the taut hole.
"I'm looking forward to making you feel good, (Y/N)," he mumbled against your lips, kissing you once more as his fingers continued their circling.
You whimpered at the odd sensation, enjoying it until one finger slipped in, making you gasp yet again. The stretch felt odd at first, especially when he added another finger, but it soon eased into pleasure as he pumped the appendages in and out of you. You kept your hand pumping his cock as well, smearing the precum on his tip with your thumb and watched as the skin glistened where you rubbed.
"Liking this so far?" he asked, almost teasingly so.
You nodded. "Y-Yes, very much so."
"Ready for the next part?"
Another nod was given, and he soon replaced his fingers with the head of his cock, pressing it slowly against your entrance. He leaned further over you, grasping both your hands in his own as he slowly pressed in, watching you face to gage how slowly he should go.
Your mouth fell open in a silent gasp, eyes fluttering closed as you adjusted to his length. He bottomed out quickly, as he had done his best to prep you and gave slow, shallow thrusts to begin with, making your toes curl at the feeling.
Being filled with his cock felt strange at first, but great at the same time. Soon you were rutting your own hips against his, silently begging for him to do more. He obliged and pulled all the way out of you, only to press right back in fully, making you yelp. He couldn't help but chuckle at the frustrated expression you made, but took mercy on you and did shallower thrusts to let you feel every vein and ridge of his cock. 
"Feel good?" he mumbled against your lips.
"Y-Yeah. Please...keep going," you whimpered in return.
He gave you a smirk as his tempo revved up, his thrusts becoming harder with each one after the other. Soon you began to feel your limbs tingle and go almost numb, a new sensation taking over the faster he fucked you. It both scared and thrilled you as it began to build harder and harder, until something in your middle snapped and all you could feel was something you could only call euphoric.
"Belphie! Oh--Belphie!"
You called his name over and over as he continued to pound into you through your high, until he stilled for a moment, pulling from you quickly to pump his cock and cum in ropes along your thighs. Your own name left his throat a few times as well, until he collapsed next to you, pulling you into a tight hug, not even bothering to clean either of the two of you up. 
You could have sworn he had fallen asleep with how silent he was, until he cleared his throat suddenly.
"So, how was that, (Y/N)? Did you...enjoy it?"
Was he nervous all of a sudden? You could hear it in his voice and it made your heart flutter for him. You were over the moon that he cared about you so.
"It was amazing, Belphie. Thank you for being my first."
"You don't need to thank me," he said behind a yawn as he nuzzled his nose into your hair.
"Just promise me you'll only ever share that part of you with me from now on."
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purrhwa · 2 months ago
BESIDE YOU — kang yeosang
GENRE — fluff (?), smut.
yeosang has been your friend for 6 years. you've liked him ever since you two first met, but he never showed you enough affection to lead you to think that he feels the same way.
dom!yeosang x sub!reader
a/n — this is fr my first time writing smut and imagine itself so don't expect a lot </3 im down for criticisms and suggestions, requests are open!
Tumblr media
for all the bad days, there's always that one little guy who cheers you up. he always manage to make you smile even while crying - he's the best.
you two had been friends - best friends for 6 years, and you had a crush on him since. however an unexpected day came, yeosang found himself confessing to you.
out of blue, really. he never showed any kind of affection that would lead you to think he likes you, he had never crossed that line. yes he's flirty, but you've known him for too long for you to not get used of them.
too shocked, you rejected his feelings.
oh, what a big mistake you just did.
simply by telling him you're scared of commitment, yeosang sweetly assures you that it's fine, he's not gonna force you. but just as you turned your back to him - you knew he finally let the tears out that he's been in holding the whole time.
now you lie in your bed, wide awake, eyes puffy. it's currently 9 pm and you had been crying for the past 2 hours for stupidly rejecting the guy you've liked - no, loved, for 6 whole years. who in the right mind would do that?
one thing you know is that you hurt him, and your friendship will never be the same ever again. you feel your eyes water as yeosang's sad eyes appear in your mind for the nth time, but he forced a smile to say he's okay, which he's certainly not.
before you knew it, you found yourself running towards his house as the rain pours above your head. you're ready to risk it all just to apologise, although you don't really have a plan on what else to do when you get there.
tears streamed down your face as you run with all your might - so desperate to see him already. it didn't take you long to reach his house as its lucky pretty near your's, you loudly knocked to his door while crying out his name.
"yeosang! yeosang please open the door! please!" your desperate cries booms into the area along with the heavy rainfall. you hear loud footsteps of someone running before the door you're leaning on opens, resulting you to fall over.
however, yeosang was just right there, he caught you immediately before you hit the floor. you continued to cry as you hug him, in which he hesitantly receives, hugging you back.
yeosang lifts you lightly to make you step inside so he could close the door, you quickly following so, not releasing him from your grasp. "hey, what's wrong? you're soaking wet, did you run in the rain?" he worriedly asks as he feels the hoodie that's soaking wet and your cold neck against his skin - your hair dripping wet as well on his arms.
all you did was sob, crying loudly while repeatedly saying sorry to him. he could feel tears forming in his eyes as well as he couldn't get you to stop crying because usually, you would look up to give him a chance to show you his ridiculously adorable pout to make you smile. he gulps a lump on his throat before holding your shoulders, removing you from his hug but you head remains low.
"why are you apologising?" he asks softly, which finally made you look up. yeosang's heart clenched as the redness of your eyes greeted him, so you were crying that bad - something he wasn't really expecting, judging from the reaction you showed him earlier. he swipes his fingers against your face to wipe the tears under your eyes with his thumb, then his hand keep your stray hairs away. you try to form your sentence but you couldn't answer him properly - nothing is coming out of your lips. your hiccups got worse which caused you to look away.
that's when you realise yeosang isn't wearing any tops, all he has is a checkered black and red pajama. his hair is as well, dripping to his shoulders. he seems like he's in the middle of putting his clothes on when your banged his door. you couldn't even look back at his eyes anymore as your face heats up.
he pursed his lips before speaking, hands letting go of your shoulders. "wash yourself before you catch cold, you can use the bathroom." he says as his hand made its way to your back, rubbing it to possibly calm you down. you nod and slowly walked towards his bedroom, knowing that he has a bathroom connected to it. you closed the door behind you and took the towel hanging on the chair before entering the bathroom.
you quickly washed yourself, good thing that all the products he has in the bathroom are unisex as he knew damn well that you do everything like you're in your house whenever you come over, you found yourself smiling weakly.
once you're done, you wrap the towel to your body and exit the bathroom. a sudden reality check happens to you as you realise that your clothes are wet and you have nothing to change into. you had hung your clothes, but you're not about to wait for it to dry before getting out.
defeated, you take the hoodie on his bed that he probably prepared for him to use earlier, then taking a pajama from his closet. you quickly get changed and dry your hair as much as you can in a short span of time with the towel before putting it back on the chair, hanging it.
you reached towards the door knob and twist it, hesitantly pulling it to get out of the room. you step out, only to be greeted with yeosang lying shirtless on the couch, patiently waiting for you to finish. you mentally cursed at yourself, of course you just had to close the door to his room.
"i-i didn't have any clothes to change into-" before you could finish your excuse, he chuckles. "you look cute." he says, smiling. his clothes are definitely way too big for you. his hoodie is like a dress to you and although it goes down above your knees, you just couldn't leave it like that as you have no underwear. the pajama is on the next level, however. you seem like you have loose sock on as you walk with it - it brushes to the floor.
you could feel your heart race against your chest, his genuine smile never failed to give you butterflies. he stands up and started walking towards his room - but you call him.
"yeosang." your voice almost cracked.
he stops, looking back at you. "yes?" you turn to look at him with your puffy, and again, teary eyes. "i have to get-" he cuts himself before walking towards you hesitantly. "are... are you okay?" he asks again, even more gentle this time. his voice was softer than ever, and he only has it whenever he's genuinely worried.
you look at your feet as you fiddle with your fingers. "i'm sorry for earlier." you hear him sigh in front of you, making you look up to him.
"you know, i already said that i won't force you, i admit that i was a bit hurt - but i'm in no place to force your feelings and tell you to like me back so please, don't apologise for it again, okay?"
and at that very moment, you knew you fell harder for him.
without thinking straight, you pull him into a kiss. yeosang was of course, shocked as his eyes widen, but kisses back shortly after your held his face in place when he tried to pull back, closing his eyes. however, yeosang managed to pull away after a few seconds, looking away. "we shouldn't be doing this. please don't lead me on-" before he could finish, you smash your lips against his again. hands hanging to his neck, you stand in your toes in a attempt to match his height, but you couldn't so you jump and wrap your legs around his waist, his hands flies to hold you, keeping you from falling as a reflex.
yeosang gave in, unable to let you go as his and your lips moved in sync, he leans further and deepens the kiss. he's definitely going to regret it later, but he can't stop the feeling.
you could feel all types of emotions while being held in his arms, his lips kissing yours, but what's more important is that you know - you know you're making yourself clear right now.
yeosang starts walking towards the bedroom, lips never leaving yours. he kicks the door open and places you on the bed, supporting your head as he lays you down. he hovers on top of you - but he stops once again, leaving you confused.
"why are we even doing this." he chuckles, head dropping. he knew he got caught with the moment, so he starts moving back, standing up. no matter he wants to keep going, he doesn't want to do it just because you two were carried away.
"because i love you!"
you thought you had already made yourself clear, but maybe not. he was surely taken aback as he froze - but he shakes his head. "you just feel bad - you're not about to lose your virginity just to someone."
you are still a virgin, and yeosang knows that.
"i'm not lying, and you're not just anyone to me." you're desperately try to make him stay by saying how you truly feel. you know how much honesty means to him, so you're sure he'll at least be tempted, if not fully give in for it if he believes you.
"are you sure?"
you nod your head.
he pauses, before he clasps his hands. one of the pros of knowing each other for years is that you two can read each other's faces very easily and identify if you two are lying or not and right now... he seems to understand your feelings. "then," he pauses for a second.
"there's no turning back now." he immediately got back from his current position and passionately kisses your lips, his hands tracing your jaw, going all the way down to your thighs - your hands tangled on his hair to deepen the kiss.
yeosang moves to you neck, sucking your skin as his hands squeezes your breast left breast. "tell me when to stop, okay?" he says before lifting the hoodie from your stomach, his lips leaving wet kisses all over. his hands moves to pull down the lose pajamas, immediately slipping his hand to your pussy - he chuckles after finding out you wore no underwear. "how can you just go around wearing my clothes but not wear underwears? you don't know how hard it was for me to stop myself earlier."
he exclaims but you roll your eyes, the weak and vulnerable side of you slowly fading. "says the shirtless one."
he pulls it all the way down, throwing it on the floor. all he did was tsk before he spreads your legs. "so wet." he says while admiring your gushing heat. biting his lip, he moves in between. you let out a gasp as you feel his finger rub against your clit up and down. he watches your reaction while he rubs it faster - getting entertained by the moans that slips out of your soft lips.
he replaces his fingers with his mouth not so long after and starts licking it. he plays with your bud before blowing hot air - which didn't fail to make you feel like youre on the edge already, although you two have only been on it for a minute or two.
yeosang looks at you. "do you want me to do it or you do it yourself?" he asks against your heat, causing you to nod while knitting your eyebrows. "i'll do it." with that, yeosang nods and gives your clit one last kiss before sitting next to you. you get up from your place and began to rub his clothed hard crotch.
you run your hand through his abs. you've seen it before, but you just can't help it but gush over it everytime. you pull his pajama with his boxers down, his dick wobbles the moment it's been freed from the cloth, causing you to giggle.
yeosang raises an eyebrow. "what are you laughing at?"
you continue to giggle while looking at it. "it's like a toy, i love it."
he sighs and roll his eyes, leaning back at the headboard. "so naughty for a virgin." he says under his breath, but he isn't complaining either. although he has no idea when you got so kinky, he's thankful you're not completely innocent.
you shrug, rubbing his cock up and down before licking it, then taking it to your mouth. to bob your head and suck it a little, circling your tongue around after. you feel yeosang's eyes on you which only motivated you to keep going - and you did, leaving him a groaning mess.
honestly speaking, he wasn't expecting you to give him a blow job - let alone for him to think you're good at it. he wides his eyes as you sucked him a little harshly. "is this really your first time?" amused, yeosang pats your head. he combs your hair with his fingers before holding them up gently to keep them out of your face.
you feel you cheeks heat up, but tried to keep it cool. "yeah, but i've watched a couple videos online to at least see how it is you know." yeosang just nods, well, you do have a point. if it wasn't for the situation, he would've been laughing while constantly saying 'you wanna get laid so bad but you havs no dick to suck' but welp, guess the thought has been thrown down the drain - it's not true anyways anymore.
you take him again, fitting as much as you could into your mouth, your hand continuesly rubbing the remaining. you start to rub it faster, earning another deeper groan from the male. you look at him who's eyes are closed, sitting in a slightly uncomfortable way, you push him backwards and that so he can lean comfortably - causing his eyes to flutter open.
he looks confused, but you just smiled at him. you started of by sitting on lap, facing him as you lift yourself and line his cock to your hole. you slowly push yourself down to his dick, yeosang immediately holding you body for support as he closely watches your movements. "you can hold into my arm." he says, glancing at your face and you nod, holding to his shoulders instead.
you were getting impatient of yourself so you just pushed yourself into him all at once while holding onto him, wincing at the pain that shoots to your body. yeosang bites his bottom lip - it's so tight. he thinks, while you close your eyes - burying your face to his hot neck.
"does it hurt too much? should we stop here?" he asks, rubbing your hips. he feels good, but what about you? you shake your head. "it does hurt - but no, please let's continue. you're just... really big." yeosang breathes out after hearing your sentence, barely nodding as you slightly lift yourself again.
you slowly bounce to his dick, him gripping your ass and guiding you. you let out muffled moans but he shakes his head while saying; "you don't have to keep it down - no one will hear us." and for that, you moan his name. "ugh- y-yeo-yeosang! ah-" you look down at yourself since you felt pain again - sighing as you see the redness all over. "it's bloody." you say, removing yourself from him and wiping it away with your hands but yeosang pulls you back, eyes lingering on your lips. "it's okay baby, don't mind it."
you didn't say anything for a second before you found yourself nodding slowly, hesitantly getting back to your position. his hands found their way back to your cheeks - gripping on them again as you push yourself back to his cock.
by time, the pain subsided and was eventually replaced with pleasure - giving you no reason to stop yourself from moving faster. you cup his face and kiss his lips hungrily and he kisses you back immediately while you bounce in his lap.
"i love you." he breathes against the kiss.
the sounds of your skins slapping against each other filled the room, and you two wouldn't have to worry about the neighbours complaining as the rain is really strong that it's pretty much loud enough to distract others.
you struggle to remove his hoodie from yourself as you couldn't just let go of his lips and of course, he notices your attempt movements. he lifts the hem of the hoodie, removing it to your arms then lifting it over your head before throwing it on the floor, too.
you seem to not get enough of his lips that a simple 3 second breath break felt like forever to you as you found yourself whining over the loss of the contact to yeosang's lips. he chuckles, leaning again to fill your neediness.
he rubs your clit to distract you which caused you to squeal from the pleasure, you feel your orgasm coming already. you tighten your walls around his cock and he groans, knitting his eyebrows.
you try to hold it back but you can't and don't know how to, so you tell him almost immediately. "y-yeosang i'm gonna cum!" he simply lifts you up, removing himself from you and you squirt all over him, collapsing against his cheast.
"was that fun?" he asks, peeking over your face and wiping the sweat on your forehead. you nod while breathing heavily, mouth gaped as it rests against his now sweaty cheast. yeosang taps your hips lightly for you to move aside fist - you did and he stands up to grab wipes on his desk, then coming back to wipe you.
you thank him and made grabby hands, calling for him to lay beside you - until you realise something, you put your hands down. "you didn't cum though?"
he chuckles and shakes his head, putting the box back on its place. "this is about you, don't worry about me." but you glare at him, causing him to lift both of his eyebrows. he walks back towards you and you pull him, not for a hug but to push him down against the soft mattress beneath you two.
you swiftly moved in between his legs and pump his dick with your hand up and down. despite feeling worn out as its your first time, you can't just leave him like this. "you don't have to-" he wasnt able to finish his sentence as you began to suck him. he was wasn't expecting that, again, causing a hiccup to escape his mouth.
it's funny to see his sass from minutes ago disappear whenever you take him. almost as if he was expecting nothing - like nothing at all from you. were his expectations that low? the thought itself made you mentally click your tongue, but if you were him - you wouldn't expect anything either way.
your trace his vline, then your hand found his balls - you squeeze them. he moans, throwing his head back. you started pumping him faster, bobbing your head as you circle your tongue around him again. you pull away and rub his sensitive tip, before licking it.
"i'm gonna-" he whispers an 'ohhh' when you pumped him even faster. "i'm gonna cum." he tells you under his breath before he starts milking all over. you see him collapse, laying back down on the soft mattress. you crawl yourself to his side and lay down and he hugs you, snuggling in between your breast. "i feel much better, thank you princess." he breathes out while you found yourself playing with his hair.
he looks up, tightening his hug around you. "so... can i be your boyfriend?"
the question got you giggling. you bop yeosang's nose and comb his wet hair from sweat, he pouts. "of course! what kind of question is that?"
he smiles cutely.
"sleep well baby." he says, before leaning in to kiss your lips softly.
you both drifted off to sleep with smiles plastered on your faces. such an eventful day, definitely one to remember for a long time.
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meowniee · 3 months ago
Kim Doyoung - First (part 2)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Female Reader (Virgin) x Kim Doyoung (boyfriend)
Genre: Romantic Smut
Word Count: 3,5k
Warnings: oral (f) | fingering (f) | loss virginity | penetration | protected sex | established relationship | petnames (sweetie, love, babe) | praising (f)
Synopsis: Doyoung was your best friend since high school, where he was your senior, until one day he confessed his feelings for you. He’s always very thoughtful and affectionate, always saying that you should wait his time to try new things. And now you’re ready to have your first time with him…
~~ First (Part 1)
"Yes... I want some... more... of that"...
Doyoung brushed his fingers gently over your lips, looking at you deeply. He was also ecstatic to have given you pleasure. You were radiant with your cheeks flushed, muscles relaxed, hair a little messy. He had thought about that day many times, thinking about every part of your body he would kiss, every sound you would let out of your lips and how you would react to his touch. But now, nothing he thought came close to this moment. He ran his fingers gently over your body, tingling your skin wherever he went, soothing your body that was still recovering from its first orgasm. You reached for his lips, sighing at the touch, wanting more than he'd given you. He slipped his tongue into your mouth as soon as you parted your lips, pressing your hands to his body and pressing against his. It was getting harder and harder for him to control the urge to jump on top of you and feel your heat around his cock. But he didn't want to rush the moment and end up hurting you. He wanted you to make the most of it while he prepared you to receive him.
His big hands were all over your body, making you feel all his presence in you. He pulled one of your legs over his and you froze for a moment. “Not yet, babe… We need to do a few more things first”, he whispered, chuckling softly at your reaction. Sliding one hand between your thighs, he began to circle your clit again, very lightly, igniting pleasure once more. Your body was already sensitive and this time everything seemed more intense. You could still feel your inner walls pulsing. He was moving so slowly and so smoothly that it felt like torture. Without meaning to, you pushed your hips up, looking for the friction your body craved. It was a subtle move, but Doyoung notices everything. He left your lips, lightly sucking on your tongue, trailing kisses down to your jaw. “If you feel pain, you just need to ask me to stop, right, sweetie?”, he whispered in your ear, leaving little kisses. You nodded, not quite understanding what was going on. You only noticed when he lowered again between your legs, but now letting your thighs rest on top of his shoulders. He lay there, head resting on your thigh, stroking your skin, eyes closed. You were overflowing with feelings for him. He was always very thoughtful and affectionate to you, but today he was especially cute, making you feel even more special. You brought a hand up to his head, smoothing his hair out of his eyes, stroking his forehead. For a moment you forgot he was there, between your bare legs, with his mouth very close to his intimacy, but it didn't last long as he began kissing your thighs, rubbing his cheek between one point and another. He blew between your legs, making you gasp, and reminding you of what you were doing. Right after the cool air, you felt his warm tongue open your wet folds. He placed a finger at the entrance, just teasing you as his tongue worked around your sensitive spot. Your body was now warm again, that feeling in your stomach burning. Your breathing was heavy and ragged. The imminent movement of his finger there only turned you on more. He reached out to your hand and held it, fingers intertwined. You felt his finger begin to move around your warm entrance, just like before, a little in and out. Without stopping his tongue, he looked at you, waiting for you to give the signal so he could continue. You nodded, your body eager for the sensation. With his free hand, he went back to stroking your thigh, his tongue making a circular motion, drawing your attention away from any pain you might feel, as his fingertip slowly entered you, inch by inch, pressing the path between your walls.
It was a whole new feeling and it took your breath away. He watched intently as you squirmed under his touch. He let his finger slip out, and then in, slowly, as you got used to it. He growled against you, the vibration running through your entire body. Your body was on fire, beads of sweat appearing on your temples. Your thighs lightly closed against his head. “Let them relaxed for me, babe” he said between licks. He increased his finger pace as he felt you tug on his hair, pushing his head closer to you, holding his hand tighter. His breathing was also labored and you could feel it in your core. He curled his finger inside you and it made you jump. This time he didn't take his finger off you, but started rubbing at a specific spot, making you go crazy. More and more high-pitched moans escaped you as you felt the pressure build again. Your muscles contracting, your breath hitching, you were almost falling off the cliff… But he left you there, hanging on the edge, waiting, as he took his finger off you. He positioned himself again, but this time with two fingers, on your entrance. Your eyes widened with stretch as he painfully slowly pushed his fingers into you. He was watching you, taking in every detail of your face, every movement your body made with the new sensation. He kissed your inner thigh when he finished putting his fingers inside, letting you get used to the size. You fell a little bit more…full? Your walls were now very tight and you could feel his movements much better, your insides pulsing around him. He slowly pulled his fingers out, pushing in with a little more pressure later. Your legs trembled with pleasure. Doyoung was sucking you harder while his fingers kept pace a little faster. You could feel him opening them up inside you, pushing against your walls, stretching your core further. You couldn't take it anymore, the pressure in your stomach was getting stronger. It was different from the other one. You were much more panting, sweating, unable to hold back your moans. Your body twitching as you tried to keep your legs spread around his head as he asked. Your fingers tightened on his hand more and more. Your hips were moving with his fingers, pushing up, looking for more pressure. This time he didn't hold you, letting you move freely. He was delighting in your body, incessantly kissing you there for what felt like hours, tongue never tiring. You held your breath for a moment when you felt him curl his fingers inside you, squeezing at your most sensitive spot, rubbing with more pressure. You arched your back and threw your head back as you felt the wave of heat wash over your body. With a loud moan, you reached your climax, closing your legs around his head and squeezing so he stays there and doesn't move. His tongue stopped, just slowly sucking on your clit as you came out of your high point, his fingers slowing but prolonging the sensation as much as they could. All the sensations in your body surfaced. The smell of candles was all over the room. The heat of his body lying between your legs. The soft fabric of the sheet on your back. Everything seemed more alive than ever. You didn't see him move, but now you had your head on his chest, his arms firm holding you in a tight hug. He was leaving little kisses all over your face as a hand stroked the back of your head. “You did so well, love. You took it so well”, he whispered in your ear. Your body was subtly shaking in his arms as you tried to slowly catch your breath.
You tried to move your legs, but the unexpected friction on your still sensitive clit made you moan softly. You continued to squeeze them slowly, tightening yourself in your boyfriend's arms. The pleasure of your last orgasm was still there and you didn't want it to go away. Your knee was rubbing against his groin, too close to his cock, making him growl softly. “Doyoung…”, you moaned, “I… I want you…”, you said softly, a little embarrassed that you were asking for it, but not being able to wait any longer. “Are you sure you want this now?”, he asked, kinda surprised, looking into your eyes. “Yes…”, you nodded. “Give me a minute then”, he kissed you on the lips and got out of bed, heading to the bathroom. You heard him opening a drawer and pulling out a package. You can clearly see his defined back and his broad shoulders, little nail marks dotted his neck and you thought he might be mad when he saw it. You didn't even notice when you did it, and you don't think he did either. He came back with some golden packets in his hand and a tube of something you couldn't identify. He stopped at the side of the bed, near the headboard, leaving things there for a moment, leaving only a small golden packet in his hand. He ran a hand through his hair and you could look down on his body. He was also a little sweaty, with his hair all messed up, and little dark marks on his pants, near where the end of his erection was pressing. You didn't know men could get wet like women. Well… maybe not the same, but still wet. The half light in the room brought out every contour of the muscles in his chest and abdomen, and you couldn't control your mouth opening in front of your boyfriend's perfect view. You reached out your hand to reach his hip, gently touching the side, down to his thigh and back again. You let your hand slide right up close to his erection and stopped, looking at him, waiting for confirmation that you could touch him there. Until today, you've never seen him like this… so hard. He always controlled himself around you, not wanting you to feel a duty to satisfy him because he was turned on. You were very curious to feel what it was like to touch him with your hand… You let your hand rest on his cock, over his gray sweatpants, pressing lightly into the palm of your hand, feeling the firmness, feeling it throb. He took a deep breath, slowly closing his eyes. He waited a lot for this moment and your small hand was perfect there. You stroked his entire length, feeling the shape. You closed your fingers around his size, earning a guttural moan. He took your hand and led it to the waistband, gently sliding them inside, helping him lower his pants to his thigh, where they ended up falling to his feet. He wasn't wearing underwear and his cock straightened as soon as the pants released it, getting hard up. You've never seen one so close. He looked… big… not that you could compare… but you wondered if it would fit inside of you. It was much thicker and much longer than two fingers. He let you look at him with curiosity for as long as you wanted, without disturbing your moment of discovery. He grabbed your wrist when you reached out to take his length, kissing your hand tenderly, "I won't last long if you do this", he explained, sitting down on your side on the bed. He leaned back against the headboard and pulled you onto his lap. Your legs wrapped around him, just like you guys started tonight, but now both of you were unclothed. “I'll teach you how to properly put on a condom”, he began, holding up the packet so they could both see. “First, you need to open it carefully. Never with teeth or anything else. It might tear”, he tore the side carefully, slipping the condom off and discarding the packet. “You need to find the right side to put on. Then you hold the end…”, he said, holding the end and twisting the rest, down to the head of his member, “… twist and unroll it to the end”, he finished, holding the base of his member and stroking a few times slowly.
You have watched the entire process carefully. He looked very relaxed as he explained to you how to put a condom on, but his gaze changed when he looked at you. His eyes were full of lust and desire. He caught your ass with an open hand and pulled you closer to his body, pressing your chests together. Your arms were resting on his shoulders, fingers lightly resting on his neck. He kissed you, a calm but long kiss, full of passion. With your foreheads pressed together, you both yearned for the next moment, taking a deep breath, controlling the urge burning inside each other. “Do you want to do this or do you want me to guide you?”, he asked, lips very close to yours, a thoughtful look on your facial expressions. "Do this for me…please", you whispered. He pulled you even closer, making your whole body lean against his. His arm pressed down on your back, hugging you and also making your hips buck slightly. His other hand caressed your cheeks, keeping your face close to his as he gazes tenderly into your eyes. You felt him adjust himself, taking his hand from your waist and slipping between your legs, and then you felt the tip of his cock against your warm entrance. He didn't try to push, just stood there, teasing you, slowly rubbing his head against you wet hole, moving very close to your clit, looking into your eyes, subtly enjoying the fact that you were fidgeting on top of him. You froze when he pressed into you a little more. You felt the pressure build on your walls, much greater than when he put his fingers in… and you knew he hadn't entered yet. He removed his hand from between your legs and placed it on your ass, flat, gently squeezing it down so you could feel how he would control his movements. You looked at him and nodded, giving him permission to begin. He gently pushed your ass with his hand, pressing down, very slowly, slipping inch by inch into you. You were holding your breath while feeling the walls of your pussy expand as you went down his length. Your fingers closed around his shoulders, eyes narrowed. He started giving you little kisses all over your face while stroking your cheek. “You're doing so well”, he praised you softly. You took a deep breath, realizing you were running out of air, letting your head fall to his neck, hugging him close to you. A soft, high-pitched moan came from your lips near his ear, making him gasp and stop. He was twirling his fingers in your hair as he stroked you slowly. “How are you feeling babe? Is it too much?”, he asked gently in your ear. "I am fine. It's just… it hurts a little and… it's too big…”, you said, panting, not moving, trying to breathe more slowly to ease the discomfort. “We're almost over”, he whispered softly in her ear. “h-haven't you put on… it all?” you asked, shocked, making him chuckle softly… “not yet…”, he whispered back, biting your earlobe. He found you so cute and tiny there in his arms, struggling to fit his cock inside you. “Kiss me”, he commanded, finding your lips as you lifted your head from his neck, pulling you into a deep and hot kiss. Tongues tangling in wet motions. His hand in your hair tightened, deepening the kiss even more, while the hand on your ass began to stroke softly. The contrast of movements relieved your attention from the pain between your legs. He lightly pulled your hair back, leaving wet paths up to your neck, where he began kissing and biting gently, probably leaving little marks for the next day. You barely noticed when he pushed your hips down again, penetrating you even more. Now it didn't hurt, but your walls were on fire. You didn't know if it was from pleasure or the feeling of being enlarged, but it was starting to feel so good. He wasn't going so slowly anymore and the descent didn't seem to end, and for a moment you wanted to cry. Tears rolled down your face as moans spilled out of your mouth. A mixture of pleasure and pain. He sighed deeply as they both made it to the end, with his whole cock inside you. Your walls squeezing him in all directions were making him very excited, but he wanted this moment to
last as long as possible. “Tell me when I can move, okay?”, he whispered, biting close to your ear, kissing the tears that rolled down your face with the intensity of sensation. "I think you can...". He slipped out of you slowly, then back in again. Your eyes rolled and your mouth opened at the sensation of immense pleasure that flooded your entire body. Both sighed at the movement. He kept up a slow pace, feeling you all around him, hot and wet, sliding so tight. You couldn't think of anything but the feeling of him moving in and out of you, your body pressed against his, closer than ever. You were feeling full… apart from the fact that you really were full from his cock. The moans started to fill the room as you got used to its size, feeling more pleasure with each movement, each breath. That knot in your stomach felt again…this time much faster and much more intense. You weren't able to hold it anymore “Doie… I'll…”, you tried to say between your moans. "Yes, love, I know. I'm close too”. He increased the pace of his hips and pulled your lips to his. You two were a mess and couldn't fit the kiss as you were both overwhelmed by pleasure, but your lips stayed close, feeling the vibrations of each other's moans. The grip on your ass tightens and you could feel his cock harder, pulsing, inside you. He pressed your body closer to his and it caused his cock to hit your g-spot, knocking you over the edge. He tried his hardest to watch you as you melted around his cock, but your orgasms were synchronized and his eyes rolled with pleasure. He felt you come undone around him, your walls tightening as you moaned his name in high pitches, your body shaking on top of him, while he came inside of you. He stroked a few more times before stopping, prolonging the feeling of both of you even more as you both caught your breath.
You remained there, panting, trapped in each other's arms, enjoying the most intimate feeling you've ever had. He stroked your hair while caressing your back with his other hand. You couldn't… nor wanted to… get off your boyfriend's chest. “I love you so much, Y/n”, he whispered, kissing your forehead, brushing away some sweat-soaked hair. "I love you too, Doyoung". You felt his cock softening inside you as his heart began to beat in its normal rhythm. You were feeling on cloud nine now. Your whole body was a little numb. “Do you want to shower or cuddle now?” he asked fondly. “I don't want to get up. I want to sleep like this”, you mumbled. “We need to clean up first. I'll be right back”, he kissed your forehead and placed you gently beside him on the bed, taking care not to hurt you. He went to the bathroom, took off the condom, knotted it and threw it in the trash. He grabbed a small towel from the bathroom cabinet as he let the hot water in the sink heat up. He returned with the damp towel and wiped your thighs gently, being careful not to rub against your sensitive clit. He left little kisses all over your thigh when he finished, closing your legs and laying you down on the bed, covering you with the soft blanket. He grabbed clean clothes from the closet and helped you into a comfy t-shirt while he put on some sweatshirt shorts. He blew out the candles and snuggled under the covers with you, pulling you close to his chest, hugging you tight. "Doie…", you called him, pulling your head away from his chest so you could look him in the eye. "Thank you… It felt so good". He kissed your lips softly. "I liked it too. You took me so well, sweetie. I'm really proud of you”. You were pretty tired and his compliments relaxed you even more. You started to blink between dream and reality. “You should sleep now. Tomorrow morning I will prepare a hot bath for you”, he whispered, softly kissing your forehead. “Can I ask you something?”, you asked, eyes closed, almost asleep. He nodded. "Can you teach me how to please you too?" Your voice was almost fading away, eyes closed, almost asleep. “We can talk about this tomorrow. Now let's sleep”, he said, smiling as he watched you drift off to sleep. He kept stroking your hair and taking care of you until he was sure you were asleep. So he let himself fall asleep with you in his arms.
~~ First (part 3)
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