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#first week

Entry 6

Tomorrow strikes the end of my first week here on St Hodag. With that in mind, today has been a bit emotional.

Walking around this island, my island, our island, it makes me proud of all the accomplishments we made. I wonder what our second week will bring, or even our third…? What about a few months from now??

One can only guess.

Here’s to another great week!

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Entry 5

Today Renee and Wendy preformed a small concert for our community. It was amazing! They have such great voices. I wish more people showed up tho…

I learned a few recipes too. Built a new garden, found an island full of pink and purple mums, made a new dress. There wasn’t much on my plate today.

I did go to Harv’s island and took some photos with models. The whole process confused and bewildered me. But Harvey seems like a nice guy. Benjamin I think is moving in tomorrow. That will be nice.

Anyway, that it for today. I’m probably forgetting something but oh well.

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Entry 4

I learned how to customize things. Thanks Tom nook!

Also Fauna just moved in today. We use to be neighbors back in an older town, glad to reconnect with old friends.

Guliver washes up on shower, but I quickly helped him out. He needs to take lessons or smthing.

Wendy gave me a bike. I also made a shirt to match with hers.

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Entry 3

Wendy is very sweat. The museum is breath taking. I got a season pass so I can go in free anytime. Great grand opening!

Renee and Genji both wanted to join in on the action as a Resident Representative, and gave me some items to put around St Hodag.

Additionally, my friend over at Far Harbor has some amazing stuff happening. One of her villagers (Ellie) gave me a diy for a grass skirt! Because far harbor is across the national date line, I got a few April bugs and fish (that blathers both hated and loved)

Looking forward to tomorrow and learning about ho to customize my furniture. Anything to give this island the charm it needs!

Tomorrow I’m going to post pictures.

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Yesterday Blathers came to Saint Hodag, he’s so smart! I gave him a few specimens I found on the island. I forgot what I gave him, oh well. 

I also had so much fun with my friends from Maui and Far Harbor. We went to each other’s islands and played hide n seek in their museums (somehow blathers was everywhere at once???)!

Today was the grand opening for the Nook store! I had so much fun helping the twins! Tom Nook also had me make a bridge and reserve space for new villagers (I wonder who’s gonna come!). 

I’m still working on getting the furniture for the villagers to move in.

O And Genji showed me how to react!

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Hi, internet! I finally have wifi here at Saint Hodag and now I can blog! 

So excited to start this adventure. I first arrived at Saint Hodag on March 19th, 2020 at 11pm. But as of this morning, I have a full-fledged house (which is where the wifi comes from)! A lot has happened these past three days tbh.  

Follow this blog if you wanna hear all about it! I’ll post patterns/pro designs I make (i make a lot of them). In fact, a few are in my profile image! 

I’ll write more soon.

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So it’s Friday so I’ll post an update.

The first two days went swimmingly. I got shit done mostly chores.

Wednesday I had some serious ADHD kick in. I was doing chores and stuff but my brain was going to mile a minute. I really struggle with prioritizing tasks. And then when my husband came home he reminded me that I was supposed to make a decision about dinner and make something. I have done a whole bunch of other productive things but didn’t do that. Feels bad man.

Thursday I got a little off-track. I did not have 15 to 30 minutes without screens. However I did have a social event where I did stay off of my phone most of the time. So it kind of counts? My biggest goal with this is to not be wasting a ton of time on my phone but I could be doing other things. Being out and social is a rare thing for me and I counted as self-care.

Today I did 20 minutes of being off my phone. I did some chores. But I think I need to start taking days to do self-care stuff. I totally get that cleaning and keeping a calm house is self-care. But I don’t want my brain to start associating this time with housework only. And then fighting with my brain every time I need to do this because oh that’s chore time. 

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Just in time for the hormone crash 5 days post partum….

We were finally discharged last night around dinner time. Baby girl put on a bit of weight (still at -9.3% from birth) and the LC came and confirmed an obvious tongue tie, limiting her tongue going past her bottom teeth (moderate). She agreed that it is the likely cause of the feeding issues and is confident that correction will put us back on track.

Tomorrow at 630am we have the consult with the dentist that does the surgery and it can be done same day! Then her first family dr appt for weight check. We’ve been doing a combo of breast and pump/tube feeding. Since it’s getting cut so quickly, LC said bottles (paced feeding) are fine but we can continue tube feeding (tiny tube with holes taped to our finger, then she nurses on our finger) to get and keep her weight up. Hopefully the cut fixes it all!

In other news, she’s adorable and we love her to death. After years of TTC, the goal became getting pregnant so actually having a baby is just…mind boggling. I’m still terrified of being a horrible parent or screwing her up and I just sit there. I hope it goes away soon. Our animals were thrilled to see us and pretty much ignored the baby. Dog licked her a couple time but that’s it. Cats have checked her out but aren’t worried of her screams and act as normal.

But, enjoy some cute photos.

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So it was my first week back at uni this year, I was only in two days but it was nice to be back on campus. I’m gonna miss this place when I leave, but for now I’m going to make the most of everything on offer! One thing I noticed straight away is they changed the recipe for the chai latte in the campus cafe and I dont like it any more so I’m gonna have to find a new drink, ah well :(  

Anyway, on Wednesday we had the societies fair, which I helped out at. I’m helping to run the pagan society this year as finance officer, and I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m sure it’ll be fine :/ the fair went great though! We had quite a few people interested and it was great meeting new people (plus we got a free box of jammy dodgers from the breast cancer awareness stall so yknow, thats a win!) also there was a poster sale on outside so I got an massive art poster for £4, thats going on my wall above my bed I think.

Thursday was our first official day back, we just got our timetables and our lecturer Sarah went over feedback from last year and some improvements to the uni and things like that. We also finally get our own studio space to work in! It’s just a little desk with a metal grating behind it for pinning things too, but I am very excited to start making it my own. Me and my friend have already talked about getting some plants in (I have about 20 aloes at home now cus they keep multiplying to I might bring a couple in to spruce the place up a bit)

The university has a “smart hub” now where all the fancy tech has been moved too. We have self service laser-cutters, a 3D scanner and printed and a risograph printer (finally! I’ve been so excited about that haha) I cannot wait to try them all out.

This weekend I’m focusing on getting as much done in my sketchbook as I can. I am a bit behind on it as I had a somewhat hectic summer (I was working at camps more weekends than I wasnt!) so its a bit of a mad rush now, but it’ll be fine I’m sure! I can’t wait to get started on our new projects next week!

(Also I should be getting some new badges soon, very excited!)

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Hey, so I landed last Friday, so I’ll start with Saturday. I got the idea from @psychedaboutstudying (Esther) who had done a similar post about her first weeks as a PhD student, but mine is a bit more ramble, far more mundane and less…professional?

I get points for trying right?


  • Woke up at 6 am, with no jetlag because I didn’t sleep more than 3 hours in flight (it was a 21 hour flight) thanks to the two kids trying to scream their way to the US of A.
  • Worked up the will power to go out for groceries, walked 15 minutes to a Safeway, lost and confused with how to cross the road, bought a lot of fruit, forgot the rice.
  • Planned out where to buy what from based on price comparison (I’m serious, I had a lot of time on Saturday, I sat and went through three sites).
  • Worked up to the courage to reach out to the people in my program, and had someone to meet almost every day of the week. I felt so awkward and uncomfortable leaving the house and seeing other people I had never seen, and knew that if I didn’t make the effort to meet people, I would be lonely and bored in the house.


  • Took the bus here for the first time, was so confused, but I had luckily asked a local about it on Saturday, so I somehow managed.
  • Took the bus to the nearby Target to buy myself some rain shoes, bought these cute boots!
  • Slept from 12 pm to 6, called some friends and family and then slept again at 9.


  • Met someone on campus, had coffee, so I finally tried to befriend someone.
  • I used the bus to the campus for the first time, so that was great.
  • Finished submitting my transcripts, getting my ID card and setting up my bank account.
  • Met a whole bunch of the PhD students in my cohort- all 4th year and up. It wasn’t at all a planned meeting, I was originally going to meet two of them separately (one planned in advance and the other randomly cropping up) and then everyone just came to the same office and we chatted.


  • Went to understand the insurance programs and took a tour of campus
  • Met a random phd student and hung out with him, a pre doctoral student I had invited to lunch and someone in my own program for a couple hours
  • Procrastinated on getting my phone number


  • I wanted to get my phone number done today, but haha jokes on me, apparently I was going to spend the whole week outside, meeting other people
  • Met my immediate senior for coffee, discussed the program, his advice, etc.
  • Met the two other girls joining my program (though different track) for coffee. Then took them to meet two girls who are in the building the three of us are going to live in next week.


  • Went for day long orientation session
  • Finally got my damn phone number


  • Went to an international student intro session where we got all the boring details of being an international student, like legal stuff we need to remember. 
  • Met a few people, but stuck by the guy I had met from the campus tour
  • Went to my new office and worked there for a couple of hours on my project
  • Met my childhood friend after 15 years
  • Went out for drinks with the girl from Monday and her friend, found a gem of an Irish pub with live music and had so much fun
  • Went to a local drive thru that is really famous


  • Didn’t exit my house or do anything
  • Ran out of groceries and spent the day trying to motivate myself to go get food, only to exit the house on Sunday

Ask me anything you want, about my new life, my first week, etc.

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notes on attending uni on a caribbean island

- we have such a nice year round garden and ya’ll some of us are wearing flipflops to class. it’s nice that the mood is informal, yet the program is vigorous.
- the student body is so interesting. at least for law, there’s tons of 18 year old kids, but also full time working adults, ages ranging from 20 something to 60
- i think this has to do with the college fees being relatively low and the uni being very open for already established professionals
- there’s a parliament member in our class. tiny community things.
- one thing i’m struggling with is studying in a colonial language, albeit they are being understanding with us about needing some time to get used to it

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26.08.19 - 02.09.19: First week (+1 day) completed! Pros and cons as follows:
+ Lecturer is really charismatic
- First thing on a Monday morning is not the place for a charismatic teacher 0.o

+ so far so good, we’re only covering two of the topics I’ve already covered in my last psych qualification.
- Right now we’re going over the basics, which of course I already did last year. So it’s pretty slow right now

+ Lecturer is young and really really nice. Uses current, good quality memes.
- No cons yet. 

P R O B L E M   S O L V I N G ,  W O R K I N G   W I T H   O T H E R S.
+ Lecturer seems chill. Class content seems to be a pretty chill class. I don’t expect much work from it.
- It’s an hour-long class I’m not sure how much she’s going to be able to fit in there…

D E V E L O P M E N T A L   S K I L L S
+ Topics seem interesting (crime through the ages, research methods, and Project work)
- It’s a merged class in a stuffy lecture theatre, with triple the amount of my normal class.

C O R E   S K I L L S
+ This is basically just communication, which is cool. 
- No cons yet.

+ I am allowed to use my own laptop for this class, hallelujah.
- It’s an hour long, which is concerning.

E N T E R P R I S E 
+ This is the community project class. I’m pretty excited about it because I like organising things.
- It was the only full-on class the whole of the first week. I am concerned as to how full on it’s going to be mid-semester (it only runs until christmas)

+ Lecturer is also my Enterprise teacher and my group tutor
- No cons yet as this class replaces my Enterprise class after christmas.

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