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#first week of college

hello everyone !! i am so sorry i’ve been so inactive! my first week at college has been really hectic ! i’ve made a lot of new friends and everyone who lives on my floor like we’ve created a community n we all hang out it’s a good time. here is the spread i’ve been using this week ! i thought it was really cute but i definitely need more space for each day so i will keep that in mine when i set up for next week. my classes are going well so far and they are pretty fun !! i’m going to try and be more active now that i have settled in a bit !! also the view from my room is GORGEOUS i don’t know how i got so lucky tbh

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Hello everyone, so this week was my first week of college, and what i can say is it’s tiring AF, feels like it’s been a month since i started tbh ahaha 

Everything is so different than high school, i’ve discovered that i should more rely on myself than on the teacher, which is still kinda hard for me, i tried every day when i came back school to review my notes and what i studied throughtout the day (thing i never did in high school), and i’m feeling kinda proud !

I printed some printables to help me get organized through the week and the month which i waven’t used yet bc idk it’s something i’ve never did before and i don’t know exactly what to write down, as in what i should do for the day and all if i have nothing planned, but i’ll figure it out

If someone has any advice to give me it would be great !

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When you casually start talking about a possible future friend as if you guys are best friends and you’ve literally have had two convos…

literally me and Lauren have been talking about this guy for more than 24 hours straight….da hell??????

we are seriously so far in the back of this guys mind that we are non-existent. But here we are, when he is the first thought in our minds..

It’s like we actually have inside jokes with a person who doesn’t even know the inside jokes……..

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Day 1:

I showed up early and sat in the worst fucking spot I could’ve chosen. After the teacher briefly introduced herself we got straight into taking notes, where I was sitting I couldn’t see the bottom half of the projector so that happened. We were put into groups and did intros with each other and had to introduce our partner to the class, although I hate group shit that activity made me a new friend.

Day 2:

Okay so my class starts at 8 A fucking M. Waking up that early fucked me right up but I still managed to show up early. My teacher, is awkward and funny and is the type of teacher everyone wishes they had. Day 2 went better than day 1, no one gives a shit about what you’re doing or wearing. We’re all paying for our education and that’s our main focus.

Day 3:

I got times confused and left my house 7 minutes before class starts, needless to say I ran to class in my sock monkey slippers and managed to show up right on time, and it’s usually a 10-15 minute walk, get to my level. My teacher is amazing and swears and stands on top of chairs. The way that my program is set up I get to sew the same group of people everyday, we’re getting matching sweatshirts with our program name on them.


I haven’t had an anxiety attack at all, the first night away from home fucking sucks, but after that things start to fall into place and now I sleep soundly. Like I said, no one cares about what you’re doing or wearing or how shitty you may think you look that day, so stop over thinking it, as someone who doesn’t make many promises, I promise it’s not as bad as your mind is making you think it is. Spending money on anything fucking sucks, and grocery shopping is a pain in the ass. But in the three short days I’ve been on campus I’ve learned that cereal is my new best friend and making new friends is the easiest thing in the world.

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As a transfer I was super nervous about being at Appalachian State, even though I only live one and a half hours away it was still met with uncertainty if whether or not I would enjoy it here. In this one week I have changed my major, I have dropped 4 classes and added 4 new ones. I have gone to bed at reasonable times, woken up on time, and I haven’t been as homesick as I thought I would have been (don’t get me wrong I miss my family but I really miss my dog). I have learned that the coffeeshop is my favorite place to be because they sell decent coffee with low prices. I have met several new people which has been nice, my roommate is awesome, and App State feels like home. I am so glad I chose to come here and look forward to the next year to year and a half I have left here. 

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1.       High school teaches you that stereotypes aren’t true.  College teaches you that they are.

2.       You will drink, and as long as you don’t overdo it and drink water before you sleep, you will enjoy it and you will want to do it again.

3.       Everyone here has problems.  They’re fucked up and they get fucked up to forget about it.

4.       The fuckboy, the druggie, the girl who seems like all she can do is be pretty, they all have a pretty interesting and amazing story.

5.       Which, following number 4, listen to everyone and what they have to say, whether it’s things about their life or advice they have.  You don’t necessarily have to agree but you’ll be surprised as to what you have to learn from these people that have come from all over the world.

6.       Because at the end of the day, we’re not so different after all.

7.       The hookup scene is real.

8.       The drug scene is real.

9.       Finding some time to yourself every once in a while should be a priority.

10.   Everyone here is incredibly intelligent.  They think on a different level.

11.   Generally everyone here is pretty open minded.  You’ll stick out like a sore thumb if you’re a close minded person.

12.   A lot of sorority girls only know how to be pretty and social and not much else.  Not all are like this, but it seems to be a recurring theme.

13.   Be careful what personal information you spill out to people.  It’s a big school but you’d be surprised as to how fast word spreads around here.

14.   College changes you, if you let it.  And most of the time you should let it.

15.   You end up missing the comfort of high school and some people too.

16.   Don’t try to go out and look for a party too late in the night.  Most will close down by midnight.  The only ones open passed midnight are small ones that you can’t really get into unless you know the people hosting them.

17.   The thirst is disgustingly real.

18.   If you ever want to meet people but are intimidated my big groups, check your hall/floor lounge late at night.  Chances are, you’ll find one or few people still up and willing to make new friends.

19.   You get personal with people really quickly here.  You’ll find yourself sharing things about yourself that you wouldn’t normally share with someone you just met.

20.   This one is pretty similar to number 6, but you’ll find that you’re never really alone in how you feel about things.

21.   Relationships are impossible or ridiculously difficult.  College, especially your first year, is a time you need to use to really mold yourself, learn about yourself, and just learn about the world around you and embrace everything as it is.  That’s difficult enough as it is already when you have classes, a job, clubs, etc.  It only gets harder when there’s someone you constantly have to check back with and keep tabs on.  You have to focus on yourself.

22.   Weight changes happen.  Maybe you’ll gain weight because you stuff yourself with delicious food from the dining commons or maybe you’ll lose weight because you wake up too late to eat lunch.

23.   The butterfly effect.  You’ll find that the little things you choose to do will snowball into a bigger and bigger effect, even if you can’t see it at first.

24.   If you want to happily get through your first year, look at every not-so-good experience as a learning experience.  Change your perspective on things.

25.   When you have a card, you don’t pay too much attention to how much money you’re spending because you can’t physically see the transaction.  So, constantly keep track of how much money you’re spending.

26.   You would think that a lot of students would be about that college bum life and just wear PJs to school, but people here actually dress really nice all the time.

27.   You’re going to feel a bit intimidated about the level of intelligence here and question how you even got into this school.

28.   At the same time, you’re going to meet a handful of people who make you questions how they even got into this school.

29.   Things will happen on their own as they need be.

30.   Secondhand stress is a real thing.  I have genuinely stressed out in place of others.

31.   Always keep tabs on the homework.

32.   It’s definitely possible to get a good grade in a class without a single textbook.

33.   High school habits don’t exactly change.  In some cases they do, but it’s pretty hard.

34.   A lot of people are really friendly here.  Some people will have their own cliques and not want to open up but others will have conversations with you super late at night and invite you to places and genuinely want you there.  You just have to reach out a bit sometimes.

35.   You learn a lot in your first week.  You’re going to learn more in your next four years.

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-Not writing this for anyone specific, just me-

Okay so, I finally got to campus and realized that I left my laptop at home … Freshman tip: don’t do that.  Afterwards, just met with Jose and I think we were just walking around Santa Cruz hall when some guys told us they were making brownies in the kitchen.  From there on, we kinda congregated a group of people together and ended up stealing the seat cushions from the couches in front of Anacapa and sitting on the grass with them and having our little ice breaker while we waited for dinner time.  I don’t really remember what we did after that but sometime after midnight, we got hungry and got nachos from Freebird’s.

Second day was convocation and pep rally I think.  We went swimming afterwards.  I think we just chilled in Jose’s room after and helped this one guy with his laundry.

Third day, went to FT with Alyanna for the mug making social, but they ran out of mugs so we just chilled in the lounge there with her friend.  Afterwards was the desk attendant and res hall council info meetings.  Later that night, there was a dance on campus which was great.  After that, we just walked through the second floor of Anacapa and this one girl had a dance party going on in her room.  I got super hungry after so AJ and I went to DLG for a late night dinner.  I still wasn’t feeling sleepy so I decided to check out my floor lounge and met some pretty chill people who invited me to this barbecue, and I thought why not but it was for rushing for an Asian sorority which I was never really interested in and still really not that interested in, and I felt a bit awk so I asked Alyanna to go with me.

So Wednesday, I can’t quite remember what I did that morning but I think it was the fun and fitness festival.  Then in the evening was the barbecue.  The sorority sisters were all nice and I met a few people, which I guess was cool.  Overall, I’d just say it was an experience, not exactly good or bad.  I met Eriko from the group chat in person though.  Later that night, a bunch of just chilled and did work in the Santa Cruz lounge.

Thursday, classes started.  Even though I didn’t set up an alarm, I managed to wake up exactly an hour before class which was Writing 2.  I went to the rec cen with other Sally to finally get a workout in.  We saw Michael there and badly attempted rock climbing.  After our workout, we got Blenders and just headed back to campus.  Same as usual, a bunch of us just hung out in Jose’s room and met some new people who passed by.  I couldn’t sleep so I went out to the floor lounge but the only people there was an awkward couple so I went down to third floor which had no one.  Finally met a guy named Brian on the second floor lounge who told me a lot about the different personalities of the floors since he did FSSP.  I also met Kristen and Julio who were nice too.

Friday, went to Cultural Anthropology and Greek Myth.  On my way to class, the Christian Fellowship table had the cutest cat and I wanted to stop by but I was short on time.  Kelly and I went to FT for a little bit and then tried going to State Street/Downtown SB but it took us so long, but the shopping area is really nice so I hope we get a chance soon to go back down.  We had a good talk though so I guess the long trip wasn’t too bad.  Went to the soccer game afterwards.  It was fun but it was a frustrating game.  Kelly and I decided earlier that we were gonna go out but it took us a while to find the address of this one place we got invited to, so I messaged Eric if he knew any good parties going on.  Long story, short: we ended up walking around IV until we bumped into some other people and just ended up going to Artie’s place.  Oh and that’s how I met David from the group chat in person which I didn’t even realize until I asked for his Instagram.  Took a few drinks and then we went with David to get his buffalo chicken fries.  I was so worried for Robin because he’s never drank before and we thought he’d be fine because he’s a big guy and all but he wasn’t doing so well when it finally hit him.  We walked back to San Nic after.  I was in the lounge for a little bit and then chilled in one of the dorms with some people for a while.  I was still coming off from the buzz.  I met someone who’s been to Glendale a lot though which is a first since I’ve gotten here.  By the time I left to go to my dorm, I’ve come completely down.  I drank a ton of water, texted Cian for a bit about school and then fell asleep.

Now it’s Saturday, and I’m sitting alone in the floor lounge writing this to just document my first week here.  I’m just waiting until 12:30 rn so I can meet with the others to get lunch.  I know there’s a welcome back concert going on with Vic Mensa today.  We’ll see how things go.  It’s honestly just been a great first week and I couldn’t have asked for better.

Until next time-

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i have to say, not a bad first week at college. i didn’t have any bullshit teachers, its a hell of a lot better than high school, met some awesome and talented people there even a few people i went to school with, and also a really cute girl in my college reading class ;). Great week! i fucking love college yo!

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