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I’ve got an apisto that has dropsy pretty bad, I’ve been treating w salt and haven’t seen any improvement, and yet? The apisto is acting completely fine. Appetite, swimming around normally and just generally ignoring his pineconing and bloat 😬 I hope he gets better

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awwww thank you SO much!!! you are such a sweetheart and I’ve so loved chatting with you here now and then. I hope you’re having a wonderful day TOO <333

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I do low-key have moments where I’m like hmm I wonder why I stopped seeing my mutuals posts and its because I follow. 1400 people. I guess I’m glad Tumblr has a notifications button at least

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Fisto – Fishing and Hunting Hobby accessories store XD Template

Fisto – Fishing and Hunting Hobby accessories store XD Template


Fisto – Fishing and Hunting Hobby accessories store XD Template
14 page.
Based on 1170px grid system.
Full width: 1920px.
Clean & Modern Design
Easy and customizable XD files
XD Files Included
05-Product grid_1
06_Product grid_2
07_Product List
08_Product Single
09_Shopping cart
11_Blog List


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Dimps was the developer, but Sega/Sammy was the Publisher back in the day.

It’s worth noting Rumble Fish 2 is still visible on Dimp’s Japanese webpage, though they haven’t done anything with the IP in years.

This was their older webpage, originally.

I do certainly wish Dimps would revive that series (or at least port it to Steam).

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so pixar is making a movie about two boys who have a secret that they share with each other and hide from everyone else so people don’t think they’re weird. i wonder what that could possibly be an allegory for…

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promo maybe ??

hi !! you can call me mod kiki ! requests have been kinda slow (??), so i thought id make a promo post !! you can find more info in my carrd, but ill try to summarize here !!

my sources include genshin impact (currently my fave !), jjba, banana fish, studio ghibli, and more ! im also open to other sources, dont be afraid to ask !!

i can do wallpapers, icons, twit / tumblr layouts, and more !

tags under the cut, feel free to rb even if you werent tagged ! its much appreciated <3

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I haven’t touched this tank much in two weeks and the “dwarf” water lettuce… uhhhh grew

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I am sobbing, absolutely sobbing for my boy Reki. Someone needs to give him a hug right the fuck now

Bones studio why must you hurt me this way

Sad skater boy hours

Don’t hmu. Only the real ones know


alexa play can you feel my heart 😭

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i know i say a lot that i’m not really a Lyrics person because i can’t hear words, but oh man oh boy jethro tull lyrics are making me go so insane i’m listening to everything ian is saying and yelling and shaking my fists (in a good way) like. so true king!!

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