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A River Runs Through It.  Never gets old:)

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Sheffield Canal Basin Heron and Fish sculpture by Vega Bermejo

Sheffield Canal Basin Heron and Fish sculpture by Vega Bermejo

I think this sculpture in the Canal basin speaks for itself, the nameplate tells you more.
Sheffield Canal Basin the Heron and Fish sculpture by Vega Bermejo

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I Catch Stars

I sat at the docks and cast my line out, waiting for a bite. Sunset was always the best time to go out to and catch stars. Just when they were waking up and rising to the surface of the inky black sky. If I was lucky, I could catch the first star in the sky. It earned you a wish as was said in children’s stories, and although that may not be true, I still made a little wish holding the star in my hand. Alas, today did not seem to be my day. Another sat upon a dock a little ways away from mine and reeled in a star. He set it aside in a glass jar, a lamp jar if I wasn’t mistaken. The star sputtered around in it’s glass case panicking as most stars do when caught. The lamp lighter, regarded the star for a moment. I worried he was one of the newer ones. That he was seeking to set the lamp permanently. To pin down the star’s many wings into it’s place at the centre of the jar and sell it to one of the many rising towers. To set it in behind coloured glass to light up a picture of some savory food, or a pretty women who probably did not want to be used as advertisement. To my awe, I watched the man lean towards the little jar and begin to sing. He cooed a common lullaby sung by mothers to their children, and he sang as if the star was his own child. The star settled in it’s enclosure like a baby finally falling asleep. He seemed to notice I was staring as he turned to me. In the dark of the night I could not see his face, but I felt his stare.

“Nice to have you back.” he finally said after awhile.

“Me?” I raised my hands in denial. I was no lamp lighter, I only did this as a hobby. I told him as much, but the statement made him laugh, teeth flashing white in the light of his lamp.

“Don’t be so humble. My family loves to watch your little shows in the night sky.”

I flushed and attempted to say something cool or interesting, but at every attempt my mouth opened only for nothing to come out. Eventually I managed a pathetic, “really?” At this rate I’m going to have to find a new dock. I couldn’t come up with anything else to say and returned my attention to the sky before me watching as the colours darkened. With the setting sun, and trying to ignore the awkward silences. Despite myself, I cast a glance to my companion hoping he was no longer staring at me, to my relief, he was looking lovingly at the first star. Perhaps he was about to make a wish. I turned away, giving him privacy for such a special thing, and tried to distract myself by thinking of a different dock I could go to.

“You know, I never believed in the whole wish upon a first star idea.” That roused me from my thoughts. Again I found myself flush with embarrassment. He probably thought it was childish thing to do unaware that I myself performed the act complete with a softly chanted, “Star light, star bright, first star I’ve seen tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.”

Despite my embarrassment, I managed to mutter a simple, “oh.”

“Actually as a kid, I always wished on,” he gestured to me trailing off. “Everyone does it now. They’re viewed as even more precious than the first star.”

I should have been flattered, flushed with embarrassment for another reason again. Maybe that would have been the right response. Instead I felt really confused. I asked, “Why wish on my work? I would have thought it’d be viewed as a tragedy. A beautiful tragedy for those who didn’t understand.” I felt a tug on my line. With practiced ease, I reeled it in, and hauled up the little star into my hands. I cradled it there, warm in my hands for a few more moments watching the swirling colours of gold and yellow as the man spoke up. This time I didn’t lift my head to regard him, but simply listened instead.

“Are you kidding me? We may have called them falling stars, but most people know it’s just the star being released back into the sky. Heck, even my five year old knows. I just don’t know how you make them soar like that. When I release a star into the sky, it simply floats back into it’s place.” I chuckled shaking my head. He wanted to know how. It would be unfair to my sister if I told him the answers so instead I stood up on the dock noting how the fluffy surface swayed beneath me.

“Excuse me.” I mumbled to the man, still refusing to look at him. Instead, I leaned down, whispering to the star in a tongue not known by humans.

Even if I told him, he still would not be able to perform it, but telling him a simple, “please,” was all it took would ruin my sister’s beloved mystery, so I kept my mouth shut, and held the star out before me. It sparked and sputtered to life, bright light so strong it blew my hair back as if I was struck by a breeze. The star leapt from my fingertips and fluttered along sailing down below me and leaving a brilliant white streak across the night sky. I could see the man watch in awe from the corner of my eye, and I wanted to pose, to beam proudly at my work, but as I always did, I simply sat back down on the dock, picked up my line and awaited another bite.

The man waited a while longer. Perhaps he was still staring at me, or where the star had sailed in awe. Perhaps he had returned to managing his line. Whatever it was a few more moments passed in peaceful silence before he packed up, taking his one little star and cleaning up his line.

“Thank you for showing that to me. I wasn’t able to get many stars, but I saw that at least.”

I watched in silent understanding as he descended his ladder back towards the ground much like my stars into the sky. I didn’t even manage to utter a “you’re welcome,” or, “it was no problem” before the ladder disappeared from the docks.

Tomorrow, perhaps I’ll see another human. Until then—

My line dipped once more, I reeled it in and pulled the flickering star into my hands. Again, I softly whispered my request, and sent it flying, hoping that the man could see the “falling star” from where he was.

—until then, I’ll just keep catching stars.

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@kcnhaji​ said.º

Fishing without bait is something he’s used to, but the catch dredged up from the water is not an animal he recognizes. Glossy black scales catch his attention first, then the long whiskers lashing about. Pinching the line above his catch’s mouth Krishna turns in hopes of drawing Lancer’s attention. “Do you recognize this one? I had believed only cats and old men might have whiskers, yet this one proves otherwise!”


     “…” O-oi… he really enjoyed spending time with Krishna and being able to do an activity they both enjoyed was nice and all, but… wasn’t this… wasn’t this a little unfair? They had been here, on the same location, for an equal amount of time, and Krishna didn’t even bring bait even though the Lancer had offered to share. And yet… what sort of wicked magic was this?

     The closest the young Lancer has been to catching something that day was the underwater plant that somehow got tangled with his fishing pole and broke the string. On the other hand, Krishna… just how many had the Ruler caught just in the last hour? Really, the gap between was just too great. And, while the younger warrior wasn’t the type to be petty nor envious’ of others’ little victories, he still couldn’t help it but be dumbfounded. So, rather than reply, for a while he just stared both at the Ruler and the large funny-looking fish they had just caught. At least, he had to give the other man some recognition for not laughing at him or wanting to tease him about his bad luck until now.

     “It’s a prank fish.” After a while, Cú replied in a very serious tone. He looked deep in thought, eyebrows frowning a little without realizing. “Because I feel as if mother nature is mocking me right now.” He added after a while for dramatic effect. Well, at least, the Ruler appeared to be having fun so he just shook his head a little to shake off his thoughts and smiled. “There’s a few bunch of fishes that have barbels but they should be good to eat too, I think. I would say that one is a catfish, but I thought they were supposed to be slightly uglier than that?” And were they supposed to get that big? He had so many questions right now!

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This just came to me Anon.

Instead of focusing on his gun, why not his Stand “Sex Pistols”?

I was thinking, what if Mista had 6 pet Fishes that followed him around and did everything. Not only that but they were 6 Wild Gold Fish.


I couldn’t think of a projectile for Mista, but who says he can’t have pet fishes? You’re probably wondering. “Why doesn’t he eat them? Does he feed them like babies? How long has Mista kept his “sex pistols” fishes around?”

Mista will eat all the other types of fish out there but he won’t eat the wild gold fishes he names after numbers. He does feed them, what ever food he is able to get. He eats half and shares with his “sex pistol” fishes. He’s known the wild gold fishes since he was a young merboy. They would always hang around him because he had food. Mista was impressed that they could kept up with him when it came to swimming.

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Sure Raph is pretty and all but she absolutely plunges head first into bogs to catch some cool toads and giant salamanders, hisses back at crocodiles that chomp at her feet, and by the end looks like a walking pile of moss.

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I wonder if there’s a way to make a mini silicone or other material mermaid tail, like for a doll, so I could experiment with markings and design ideas and work on finalizing my mersona

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Currently I only have that one twitter account!
(tbh tumblr is the only place i publically post drawn art nowadays..)
But if people really want me to open another for drawn art I guess i can make another 👍
The only reason I’m a bit reluctant there is the lack of editing options and the awkward tagging. (and being lazy)
& your english is good!

Meanwhile some ocs man i really should color more… (*saying that every time*)

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i actually felt pretty decent today (even though the side effects were rough last night) so i took advantage of my day off to go on a nice walk through my neighborhood and then was immediately sat upon when i got back home

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psst if anyone would like to write about this or something inspired by this please do id love to read it

(video of me making it down here)

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