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#fishing pictures
gayarsonist · a month ago
have you considered that posting your shitty mspaint drawings on here and getting hundreds and even thousands of notes for them is disrespectful to actual talented artists who can barely get 10 likes on their art. just something to think about.
i'm not posting it for notes
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historieofbeafts · a year ago
Taking a break from standard operating procedure to post some legitimately good historical art, because I felt like looking at fish mosaics from Pompeii and maybe you do too?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These are both from the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli collection [MANN 120177 & MANN 9997 respectively] and one of the coolest things about them (aside from the obvious appeal of fish mosaics) is that they were found in different houses despite the visual similarity.  I recommend checking out their wikimedia pages for higher-res images, because they’re even more impressive in close-up!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dailytommy · 4 months ago
can i please get some wholesome c!crimeboys for the soul?
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they're at an exotic petting zoo! phil's taking the picture
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ambrosehouseofwax · 2 months ago
Do you have any grey hairs-? I would assume with your whole… operation… it would be very stressful so even at a young age you’d get some graying hairs, but yours seems to be as silky black as ever. Do you dye it?
I'm going a little grey at the temples, and they're strewn throughout my hair. The dye mostly covers it. Bo doesn't have as many greys as me, but I have my own theories about that. I think there may be a little dye involved at his end, but thus far he's been secretive about it. I don't have any solid evidence, beyond being genetically the same person as him.
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