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hiccstridshipper19 · 5 months ago
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Hang on! You’re doing great :)
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incorrect-httyd-quotes · 6 months ago
Ruffnut: I wonder what my name would be if my initials were switched.
Ruffnut: Tuffnut Rhorston.
Snotlout: Jnotlout Sorgensen.
Fishlegs: Iishlegs Fngerman.
Hiccup: Whatever, I never liked this game anyways.
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Hiccup: This is a mistake.
Tuffnut: A mistake we're gonna laugh about one day!
Astrid: But not today.
Fishlegs: Oh, gods, no, today's gonna be a mess.
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moimoiiluvarts · a month ago
Tumblr media
Oh please ignore the hands, I seriously need to learn how to draw them, anyways ... Angry Fishlegs ಠ ೧ ಠ
And it is so dirty I realised..welp ignore that too..ಠ∀ಠ
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jennahuh · 4 months ago
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Httyd cuddle puddle
Listen, i loved this gang and i still do! The day i stop loving httyd is the day i die!
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ach-seal-beag-gearr · a month ago
Imagine: book!hiccup at Hogwarts.
Hiccup so worried about what his dad will think when he and Fishlegs are sorted into Hufflepuff, and all the other Vikings are sorted into Gryffindor and Slytherin
Hiccup smuggling Toothless around in his robes and somehow befriending Mrs. Norris and the giant squid
Fishlegs loving History of Magic because it’s so boring and safe and gives him great ideas for his poetry
Meeting Camicazi by accidentally stumbling across her planning a prank with Peeves
Sneaking out with Camicazi to join in practice their swordfighting mitigate the damage
Bringing the Windwalker to Hogwarts and letting him live near Hagrid’s cabin
Discussing dragon-raising tips with Hagrid and introducing him to Windwalker
Hiccup being blown away by all the books in the library and trying to stay there for hours
And sweet mercy, all the hair-raising, toe-curling misadventures where they almost die and the teachers are none the wiser
Just, httyd book characters at Hogwarts
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