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Teacher greets students, by having them choose which greeting is most comfortable for them.
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Sonic and Tails post-fight fist bump (IDW Sonic #43)
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positivexcellence · 2 months ago
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J2 | Charlotte 2021
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disfordevineaux · a year ago
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“Recent events have inspired a change of heart.”
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baltharino · 3 months ago
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♡ Galio + Fist Bumps ♡
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Challenge Of The Super Sons #14
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Lando Norris & Carlos Sainz Jr. | Saudi Arabia GP 2021 - ©Kym Illman
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charthanry · 8 days ago
Prediction: There will be a fist bump in EP12 (long read)
Tumblr media
We all know that the fist bump is PatPran’s thing- in flirtation speak it’s practically a hug for them. There’s been a fist bump in nearly half the series.
EP1a: They fist bump on the agreement that Pat will back off on beating up Wai if Pran gets Wai to publicly apologize.
EP1b: Their we're now even fist bump is interrupted by Professor Pichai.
EP3a: They fist bump after they race up the stairs and Pat coos if Pran wants a rematch he knows where to find him, but if he misses him- to just come in. Pran turns it into flipping Pat off but I think it still counts, lol.
EP3b: We get an actual handshake as Pat convinces (manipulates) his engineering gang to help with the bus stop rebuild. IMO, if they were alone as with all their other fist bumps, this hand shake would have been a bumpin’ of fists too, but since they had an audience it became a more formal handshake instead...as men are aught to do, lol.
EP4: They do the bro (pfft) handshake in the stairwell of their dorms after successfully manipulating their friends to compete with the bus stop rebuild assignments. This isn’t a fist bump per se but it’s so funny how Pran shakes off the sting of Pat’s grip afterwards that it deserves a nod.
Tumblr media
EP6: The whoever falls in love first loses, sealed with a fist bump.
EP10: The stairway declaration of love ends on a fist bump.
EP11: They fist bump on the agreement that whoever mentions their families first loses.
There may be others that I’m forgetting, but my point is we know that fist bumps are their thing and they don’t go around fist bumping other people willy nilly either so it means something to PatPran as if the gesture is symbolically reserved just for each other.
So... this got me thinking (putting on my clown gear) how the show could call back to the fist bumps in the finale without giving us any 2gether PTSD. 
Here’s how I think it could play out: (under the cut to shield those who don’t subscribe to clownfoolery).
The fun (crack) scenario:
PatPran see each other at their high school reunion. Assuming this takes place at their actual high school; after an awkward meeting of the eyes they navigate the space around each other aware that they’re not alone and in fact surrounded by people who fully remember their high school rivalry. Finally, after some forced socializing and reminiscing amongst high school peers, the party begins to wind down, Pat looks around and notices Pran gone. And goes looking for him.. where else but on the school’s rooftop...
Once there, Pran who is alone, without turning around says:
Pran: Took you long enough.
Pat: Not my fault, you know those assholes are longwinded with their remember whens.
Pran: *rolls eyes fondly* Why is it that every single one of their stories involves you?
Pat: (struts) Babe, I can't help it if I'm both hot and popular.
Pran: (finally turns around wearing a smirk) More like all those school pranks came from that head of yours.
Pat: And smart too..Damn, I'm an entire package.
Pran: (laughing) Can I pay you to be less confident?
Pat: The amount of times you've said that, I should be a rich man by now.
Pran: You are a rich man.
Pat: I knew you were after me for my money-
Pran: -and your body, don't forget that.
Pat: So when the day comes when I'm dirt poor and sporting a dad bod-
Pran: (smiling with barely concealed heart eyes) I've been counting down to that day.
Pat: (laughs) Asshole.
Pat: (eyes sparkling) Let's compete, whoever gets the dad bod first loses (holds out fist, a wedding band is visible on his ring finger)
Pran: Deal (moves to bump fists, a wedding band is also visible, but instead of a closed fist he pulls Pat in with an open palm wrapped around Pat's fist and kisses him).
[Likelihood of becoming canon: zilch, nada, zero. 0/10 chances in case it wasn't clear. 😭]
Tumblr media
Scenario B: the angstier route (but really wrapped in gooey fun anyway).
At the same high school reunion. All things remaining the same, Pat goes to look for Pran on the roof.
As Pat approaches, Pran's back visibly tenses. They stand there quietly reacclimating to sharing the same space again.
Both: How-
Pat: You go ahead.
Pran: No, you, I insist.
And because Pat always lets Pran win.
Pat: H-how have you been?
Pran: I've been..(pause) okay, you?
Pat: (looks at Pran in that probing way he does but to Pran's credit, he doesn't look away and meets Pat's fierce stare straight on).
Pat: (audible release of held breath) I'm guessing your okay is the same as mine, which is to say not okay at all. (Looks at Pran meaningfully).
Pran: (resigned sigh) What do you want me to say, Pat?
Pat: (after several silent beats) Say that you've been miserable too. That you wake up everyday with a huge piece of yourself missing. That this has been the worst few years of your life. That you're done with barely getting by. That you still-
Pran: (tears silently running down his face)...Yes.
Pat: Yes? To which part?
Pran: All of it.
Pat: (lets out another audibly held breath) Well, where does that leave us?
Pran: (looks at Pat for several beats, seemingly having reached a decision within himself). I'm back in town, staying with my parents until I find my own place. Maybe we could try...
Pat: (considers) You could move in with me.
Pran: (defeated) I don't think my parents would agree to that. Besides isn't that moving kinda fast?
Pat: (serious) What's fast? We've already lost 3 years, 6 if you count the first time we were separated. I'm ready to make up for lost time, aren't you?
Pran: (resigned) Pat.. you can't just- the reasons for us being apart still exists, as much as you want to will them away. This is our reality.
Pat: So you're saying if our parents weren't an issue, you'd say yes?
Pran: That's not realistic, Pat. This is a situation where love doesn't conquer all.
Pat: (smirks) Are you quoting Virgil to me right now?
Pran: (confused) What? Who the hell is Virgil?
Pat: (laughs) Doesn't matter, not important. But I need an answer, Pran.
Pran: What was the question again?
Pat: If our parents' feud was no longer an obstacle, would you still want this? (gestures between them)
Pran stares and stares at Pat. A full minute passes.
Pat: Oh man, I feel like shit now. You have to think that hard?
Pran: (long sigh) You know it's always been you for me. I just don't see how it's possible. We have to live in reality, Pat. Not some make-believe ideal world where if you try hard enough you can change people's mindset.
Pat: (confident) This is where you're wrong. I've been busy while you were gone, (shrugs) I guess I needed the distraction.
Pran: (skeptical) What do you mean?
Pat: I meant that I needed to keep busy so I don't spiral from missing you.
Pran: No, you idiot, the part about me being wrong.
Pat: Oh that (proceeds to brush off imaginary lint from his shirt to build the suspense).
Pran patiently waits while rolling his eyes at Pat's dramatics.
Pat: (nonchalantly) I created a patent, one that improves both our families businesses one hundredth fold.
Pran: (smiling, in awe and proud but also not surprised at Pat's genius).
Pat: Your dad was the inspiration and helped spearhead the project.
Pran: (shocked) What?!!
Pat: (beaming) Long story short, your dad and I are besties now. Korn is very miffed about that btw.
Pran: WHAT?!!
Pat: (smiling) So you see, your very capable man solved everything while you were away slumming with who knows what. Also, I want Nong Nao back, I know you stole it. Thief.
Pran: Back up, so you managed to win over dad, which I still need the full story of, but more importantly what about mom? Dissaya wouldn't have been easy to turnaround.
Pat: Oh she wasn't. (Proceeds to pick at the invisible lint again).
Pran: (frustrated) Dammit, Pat!
Pat: (laughs) We can thank Wai and Pa for opening that door. Wai arranged a sit down between your mom, my mom and Pa on neutral ground of course. The truth of you saving Pa all those years ago came out, there were lots of tears. Buckets full. Mom bowed to your mom thanking her for raising such a considerate and brave son- to dive in and save Pa- without second thought. Needless to say, there were lots of Pran the hero talk yadda yadda yadda (waves hand dismissively and chuckles).
Pran: (stunned) How did mom react?
Pat: She was.... receptive. Pa can be very persuasive and she learned from the best so between her and mom, Dissaya was fiercely outnumbered.
Pran: But what about your dad?
Pat: (absently runs his hand through his hair) Dad was royally pissed that mom and Pa met with your mom behind his back, there was lots of yelling. Then he learned of your heroics (smiles softly) and mom put down the hammer and said she would leave him if he didn't go and make it right with Dissaya and told him to just look at Pa and imagine the worst case scenario, if you weren't there at the right time and place- or if you had let their feud color your decision to save a supposed enemy. Mom emphasized that you, me and Pa were innocent in all of this and shouldn't have to pay for the sins of the father, literally. And that it's gone on long enough and she won't be a quiet enabler anymore.
Pran: (stunned) Wow.
Pat: (takes a breath) It took dad a long time but he finally relented and apologized for what he did to your mom back in school. It wasn't an immediate reconciliation by any means, your mom had a lot to forgive, and to this day, Dissaya and my dad still go out of their way to avoid each other but it isn't as bad as it was before. Your mom has lessened the eye glaring at least. It's a start anyway.
Pran: Why did no one tell me any of this?
Pat: (sheepish) That was the deal I made with your mom. She said she wouldn't interfere with us again, if you still wanted me, her words not mine, on the condition that you came back on your own terms. I couldn't go chase after you and bring you back. You coming back to me had to be a choice you made for yourself.
Pran: (speechless) She said that? That it was my choice?
Pat: Yeah we totally bumped fists on it too.
Pran: (laughs) You did not!
Pat: (laughs) (pause) (clears throat) (pauses some more) (nervous) So, Mr. Parakul, what do you say? Move in with me? You have to say yes.
Pran: (seriously considers) Do I really have to give back Nong Nao?
Pat: (accusatory) I knew it! You little thief! And hell yes, you do.
Pran: Hmm.. then no deal.
Pat: (whine) Prannnnnn...
Pran: If you relinquish all rights to Nong Nao now and into the future, then maybe I'll consider sharing a bathroom with you.
Narrator: And because Pran always wins when it comes to Pat.
Pat: (acting fake defeated) Fine, you win. Deal. (Holds out fist to bump).
Pran: (holds out fist but pulls it away at the last second) I've got a better way to seal the deal. (grabs Pat by the neck)
Pat smiles wide and leans into the kiss. And finds himself home at last and if the kiss tastes a little bit salty from their tears neither of them mention it.
End scene.
[Likelihood of becoming canon: maybe 0.5/10? Lmao. It was fun going down this rabbit hole though.]
Tumblr media
Holy crap! This was long. OMG 🥴😱 I'm really, really sorry 😞 this got away from me. If you've read up to this point, I commend your tolerance for clownfoolery.
*Let it be known that Wai's involvement in helping Pat mend fences with Pran's mom in no way makes up for Wai's past deeds. I will forever hold that against him. For me, he's Wai the Weasel, the Waisel if you will. He can earn back the boys trust but never mine. He's as good as dead to me. He's just a convenient plot device that I will use and then happily go back to ignoring his existence. Yes, I'm bitter and I like it here.
**I know Pat calls his dad 'Papa' in the subs but every time I started typing out papa it made me think of Papa Smurf and I just couldn't do it, guys. I really tried. So dad it is.
***The patent Pat creates involves hand waving engineering but I'd imagine some type of app that allows for easier measurements of supplies and estimations of costs. Again, hand waving science here, folks. It captures the attention of Logtech (the company PatPran pitched the eco bus stop to) who wants to finance the patent and Pat pulls in Korn and Wai to handle the administrative and logistical side because he can't be bothered. This is why they're all working together in the preview. Okay? Lol.
****The big reveal of Pran choosing to save Pa as a catalyst for Dissaya relenting on their relationship was her recognizing that she screwed up badly in his upbringing, so bad that her sweet, brave boy felt he had to hide doing something so noble from her. And it made her reexamine all the other things he had to hide from her. This made her acknowledged that she was already halfway to losing him if he stopped being so open about his life with her. The condition that Pran chooses Pat without any knowledge of Pat's efforts in fixing their situation was her way of giving Pran back some of his agency. She wanted Pran to choose Pat for himself not because he was beholden to anything else. So basically the opposite of not being with Pat because of her.
*****Boys, you've earned your freedom to love and I'm 😭😭😭.
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'Reconciling with DAP' means the blue hand and red hand fist bump in the OP's... Not just representing Renga hands but also Foreshadowing Renga make up!
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New Renga Reconciliation icon
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andtails · 5 months ago
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Sonic and Tails fist bump.
From the Sonic Chaos fan remake: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2018/08/sage-2018-sonic-chaos/
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J2 | New Orleans 2021
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Look at the lowkey fist bump between Gene and Ace ❤💙
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- Cuelga tú
- No, tú.
- No, tú, tontorrón.
- No…
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