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livelovecaliforniadreams · 5 months ago
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drcouts · 6 months ago
I wanted to be skinny
So bad so so
Badly I
Starved myself because
Fancy magazines told me
That I would be
Ugly un
Wanted if I
Ate too much
Chocolate ice
Boys used to call me
Lovely chubby
Girl and I
Cried over
Covergirl magazines as I
Couldn’t understand why I
Couldn’t fit in
Maybe I was too
Wide and too
Big but I was too
Made me feel like a
Potato and all I could
Think of was
Eating more
French fries — no
French kisses
For me because I was
Too fat to
Fit in — they
Made fun of me and
That was ok as
Long as I
Could starve myself
So I could
Fit in on a
Cover of an
I starved myself so
So much that I
Became the
Invisible girl and
After all all this
Struggle with my
Weight was
Not about me wanting to be
Seen and
Wanting to
Fit in — it was about wanting to
Become so so thin I would
Become in
Visible and
No one could ever
See me.
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dk-thrive · 28 days ago
I’m the one who worries if I fit in with the furniture and the landscape.
You always belonged here. You were theirs, certain as a rock. I’m the one who worries if I fit in with the furniture and the landscape. But I “follow too much the devices and desires of my own heart.” Already the curves in the road are familiar to me, and the mountain in all kinds of light, treating all people the same. and when I come over the hill, I see the house, with its generous and firm proportions, smoke rising gaily from the chimney. I feel my life start up again, like a cutting when it grows the first pale and tentative root hair in a glass of water.
― Jane Kenyon, “Here” in Otherwise: New and Selected Poems (Graywolf Press; August 1, 1997)
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veone · a month ago
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calebs setting down off screen and i want to show them in the future.
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11fflower11 · 10 months ago
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a-path-by-the-moon · a year ago
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elizabethanism · 3 months ago
“And these marginalia—what other word is there for them?—are the substance of the text, by not being allowed to fit in. One can proceed like a ghost along corridors and find that doors are closed to one, and then what good is being invisible?”
— John Ashbery, from Flow Chart
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romanian---goddess · a year ago
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mysticsapphicsblog · 6 months ago
hhh mini rant but i feel like at the moment i have this false positivity thing over my emotions, I'm trying to cover up my potential sadness by keeping myself busy and trying to be positive.
i still don't really have any friends at uni but I've started going out on my own a lot because why not. and like, i wish i hadn't had such high expectations for university. I remember saying to my therapist last year that uni was going to be a great experience for me and like, yeah the learning is great and I'm quite good at it.
but something my lecturer said yesterday has been bugging me; he said that uni is an enriching experience, the learning is important but building social connections is just as, if not more, important. and that really struck me because, no matter how much i throw myself into my studies, I'll still be missing one of the key elements of this experience.
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lukewarmoverthinker · a month ago
in case you haven’t noticed i’m weird, i’m a weirdo, i don’t fit in and i don’t want to fit in
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halloweenyyyy · 2 months ago
You know how we always find somewhere to fit in? To have a group of friends that like you and you like them? Not to have the feeling of being the odd one out? How does that feel? To actually have somewhere to fit in? It would be nice, and not feel like you're still the odd one even in a large/small group, to feel like I'd fit in. But I never do, and when I do it's just temporary. It's like I never truly belong, I'm only there because people might feel bad, or I'm a friend they wanted to tag with them. And when I do get friends sometimes they're toxic, or lack the want the continuation to actually make conversion and it gets awkward. Although I'm sad, that I might lose the same friend I reconnected a few months ago due to a situation. Sometimes that's why they say be more prepared to mourn over a living person, than that of someone who's passed.
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idiotdotdotdot · a year ago
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dk-thrive · 25 days ago
But I had no language for this kind of thing, didn’t even know the term “code switch.” I walked around distending, an impassable hair’s breadth between the woman I was and the one I had to become.
Ingrid Rojas Contreras, The Man Who Could Move Clouds: A Memoir (Doubleday, July 12, 2022) 
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crissynotkristy · 3 months ago
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borderline-itsfine · a year ago
I was created from this world, just not how it’s meant to be, I am made of movies and series from TV.
I am part of all my friends, my family and acquaintances too, even if I’ve met you once, I could act the part of you.
I’m people I admire, I’m people that I don’t, I’m people that I’ve liked forever, I’m people that I won’t.
I don’t know who I am, not when I’m alone, I need someone to mimic, I don’t have personality of my own.
I know that I am from this world though I do admit, even though I act like you, I know I do not fit.
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spidderboy · 7 months ago
encanto is a great movie, great music and representation <3
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koelnpoetry · 10 months ago
Why do I try to fit in when I just wanna go home?
Sasha Sloan - Normal (Sad Girl, 2018)
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