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I hit a new highest weight in November at 268, but I’m officially back down to 260!! Here’s to getting back into the 250s!

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January 16, 2021

Workout: flash card cardio and a walk

I really didn’t want to get up this morning. With the snow and two sleepy cats, who would want to leave a comfy bed. Finally pulled myself up to my gym late morning for cardio. Which was…intense. This afternoon I put together some pipes for my home made pull up bar. Hopefully my fiancé will put it up for me tomorrow.

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No running yesterday to rest the nagging left knee discomfort.  Tonight ventured out in the neighborhood for a 6 mile test run on the knee.  It felt better, and that’s all I needed today.

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Typical Saturday night of drinking and dancing around my kitchen in my underwear while my cat judges me immensely.

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T*mblr: We are not pro Ana. If anything, we are anti Ana.

Also T*mblr: Just a reminder, we looked at your profile and chose this ad just for you, fatty 💕

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Day 300 Gymless: LEG DAYYY

(We got kettlebells!!!!!!!!! 😍)

3 sets:

10 deadlifts

20 single leg deadlifts


10 Squats

20 lunges


20 kickbacks

20 single leg glute bridges


Then I went for a long walk to loosen up and get some low-stress miles in today.

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