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I remember when my goal was to get my 5k times under 30 minutes, and I was stuck at running them around 32 minutes 😤

Now, my average is between 28 and 29 minutes 😊

My new goal is to get it under 25 minutes. I know I can do this, because I have met my goals before.

I don’t have a 10k goal right now. Well, unless you count trying to get home alive a goal…😅

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“Every workout is better than no workout”

That’s what I tell myself before every workout I do because that way I won’t be disappointed in myself.

There will be bad days, there will be days when exercising or running will suck, when it’s too hot or you’re too tired or you just don’t want to. But that’s okay. As long as you remind yourself that every workout is better than no workout, you won’t be disappointed in yourself, instead you’ll be proud of going out there, of putting your training clothes on and trying anyway.

Every workout is better than no workout. Remember that to avoid disappointment and frustration because that’s what will trigger a binge or make you give up again.


I went out for a run today even though it was raining. It was a good run. I actually enjoy running in the rain because less people are outside and for me running is easier when it’s not that hot. Also it makes you feel super cool like you’re the main character in a movie^^

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i know I literally said yesterday that I would lift today, but I forgot that it’s cardio day! I prefer doing outdoor cardio running around the neighborhood before work rather than the treadmill.

I remember being 19 and making a new years resolution to feel confident to run outside with just a sports bra on and being really hesitant to do so. Well look at me now! 5 years later and definitely not as lean as I was at that point, but it’s all about the confidence baby.

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Managed some exercise this morning! Woo! Did a 30 minute body attack video and then a short 15 minute body balance one. Felt good, hopefully getting into the swing of things. After trying the free 2 week les mills trial I’ve decided to continue on with the subscription. I enjoy it and it’s a quid cheaper than my gym which even if it opens next Saturday, I shall not be going to for quite some time. I do fear when climbing walls might open though because to be quite honest temptation will be very strong.

In unrelated news, I was speaking to one of my older brothers yesterday and I think he’s moving out of London next year and possibly back to the Isle of Man. It was a really awkward conversation because he has the exact same feelings towards the place as I do and he doesn’t want to go to but his wife wants to. I think having a new born baby has made her want to be close to family and it’s probably a nicer place to grow up than London. I can understand his wife’s thinking but apparently she made a pros and cons list and it went in favour of London so she angrily ripped it up and thew it in the bin. I do have genuine concerns about him moving back home. He has a few health problems (he’s had to have a kidney and pancreas transplant for a start) and he’s in the best care where he is. In the IoM however… well… if you have cancer you have to travel to Liverpool to get chemo. In a serious life threatening accident? You need to be airlifted to a hospital in England. Soooo yeah…

Does anyone else hate where they grew up? I dunno if people who grew up in cities wish they grew up in the countryside for example. I have very little love for small seaside towns. Here’s a picture I took a few years ago, look how hideous it is 😂


Anyway, well done if you read that ramble, HAPPY THURSDAY!

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It’s been a while since I posted anything personal and I’m sure some of y’all are wondering where I’ve been on my WLJ.

Wellluhhh I’m pregnant 😂 so my journey has stopped for the time being. Right now I’m focusing on my health & eating good foods that won’t make me gain any unnecessary weight. The weight loss part will pick back up in January. But In the mean time I’ll continue to post all the health and fitness things to keep you guys on track! ❤️❤️❤️ y’all! 💋

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internship is going well, my wrist has been hurting quite a bit, though, so I hope that will get better soon.

Austria FINALLY joined the #loveisnottourism movement and I will be able to see my boyfriend in a short month already!! I can‘t believe it. Last week I was literally despairing bc I felt like I wouldn‘t be able to see him till next year. which taught me again- never give up; good things take time.

fitness-wise it‘s been an okay week. I haven‘t been to the gym, but I‘ve been running and working out at home and skating a little. when working the late shift, that is all I really can do, I don‘t have the energy to do both, gym and massaging for 6+ hours.

hope everyone’s feeling good today 🌞

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