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Today, I’m grateful that I have money to pay all of my bills and help my family.

Today, I’m grateful that I woke up in a warm bed, next to my wonderful boyfriend, on soft pillows, in a safe place. ( I feel like we take our safety for granted sometimes. )

Today, I’m grateful that it’s my Friday because let me tell you— I am tired 😭❤️

I’m doing my best ✨

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1 - mug of caffeinated tea or coffee

- chores around the house (clean, feed cat, etc)

3 - 000 steps on average (please read notes below)

- hours of a hobby of choice (streaming, art, reblogging here, reblogging to my main account, etc).

- days of  fitness (Just Dance, Pokémon Go (this leads usually to husband and I going for a walk), etc)

- o’clock wake up, meditate + journal

7 - o’clock shower & eat with husband aka @heavyliftingginger

- breaks from computer or hobby (stretch, refill bottle)

- cups of water daily (more is always encouraged)

- o’clock sleep (or less than 10 hours sleep)

Keep in mind this list is “MY” Daily 10 as of late October and November 2020, not anyone elses (it is possible to have similar or same list that someone else has though). If you want to make a list of your own Daily 10 to keep you acocuntable? Perfect! This concept was inspired by a list I reblogged which can be found here. There will be a newer list for myself as I see what works for me.

3k steps on average is a good starting point for me. (I’m not fully stable to walk too much. At times, I get very dizzy, lightheaded and sometimes black out). I do have a doctor appointment coming up to check my heart and hopefully get more of a diagnosis (the doctors here have done so much more than my doctors in America did).

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Let’s not touch on the two margaritas and the spiked cider I drank last night, which made waking up for a run with my group a little difficult. (Those drinks were entirely necessary)

It was a chilly 61 this morning and I decided to wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt. And it only got colder from there! I was comfortable while running, but stopping and drinking coffee, then walking home was a little rough. Sometimes, running in the dark is great and sometimes it is sad. I’m not sure where the switch is, but there is one.

I’m glad to have gotten out—I have a million and three things to do today, and at least I did my run first.

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My hips have always thrown me off. I naturally have a thigh gap when I’m thin because of my hips, but they also make me feel so wide.

So much more work to do.

I’d like skinnier arms and some weight off my stomach/hips/thighs.

I’m far gone in this by now… trying to be reasonable and still have some balance with food but the desire to restrict and over exercise is major 😫

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