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I decided not to weigh myself for awhile. It’s messing with my head too much. I felt so good and lean this morning and I KNOW if I got on the scale and the number didn’t go down, or if it went up it would have fucked me up and stressed me out.

SO, instead im going to continue working out 5-6 times a week, eating well, watching my portions and drinking a lot of water and hope my body does what it’s suppose to do. Maybe ill weigh myself once a week or something, or if I find a difference in my clothes, then i’ll weigh in.

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After what feels like years of conversations, planning, and ideation, NerdyFits has finally started to take form. NerdyFits is a vlog, produced by Caleb and his wife, Amanda, that chronicles their fitness journey. Caleb and Amanda are both nerds who love their video games, comic book movies and shows, D&D, and so much more!

How they will integrate these things into their vlog is still in the works, but for now they have made an introductory video to NerdyFits, introducing themselves, what they want to do, and how they are going to do it. Join them in these trying times and laugh at their completely outtake-less first video!

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So I spent three songs practicing my shimmies. (Who else times everything through songs instead of in minutes or hours?) And then after that I couldn’t help myself; I started another one of Cassey Ho’s workout series. This one’s called 12 Minutes to Toned, and it starts with arms, which I’m relieved about because my core still hurts from all the ab and oblique work she’s made me do. The hardest move for me for today was the Up Up Down Downs, which I did on my knees. Hopefully soon I’ll have a favorite Blogilates move. LOL. Tomorrow we’ll be working on thighs. Do you have a favorite workout move?

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So growing up I was pretty obsessed with Billy Mays. First off, he was from “the Rox”, second OXY CLEAN legit rules and thirdly - Dude turned being Willy Loman into being a TV star. The guy will always be a legend in my mind. Anyway…Today’s video is my take on being a TV SALES PITCH person and yes. I invented the product. Paging, Shark Tank! Paging, Shark Tank! (fun fact: I hope to die in a shark tank).

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The fitness YouTuber: So this is another video for you, make sure you check out my protein shake recipe, look at this yoga mat company, promo code for my leggings, my fitness journey, house plants that give me vegan superpowers, ancient workout from Chinese warriors below, another video next week featuring—

Me, frantically skipping ahead: wurkouuuuut

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