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#five hargreeves
number5theboy · 23 hours ago
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➤ Vanya & Five + parallels
[ID: An 18-piece-gifset of Vanya and Five Hargreeves from the TV-adaptation of the Umbrella Academy. The gifset showcases 9 story beats both siblings hit in their similar character arcs where them being isolated, incredibly powerful, and taken advantage of pushes them to become the most destructive, most reckless, most deadly version of themselves - a version that is both abhorrent and liberating to them. End ID.]
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golden-wreath · a day ago
Tumblr media
Bringing these gifs back because I fucking love them
Tumblr media
The way five just doesn’t react when klaus steals his drink😭
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celestial---devil · 2 days ago
Vanya: Five? Are you alright? You look like you didn’t get any sleep at all.
Five: I got a solid five minutes.
Five: Not consecutively, but I’m fine. You’re not even as blurry as I predicted.
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urfaveisunfuckable · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
five hargreeves from the umbrella academy is unfuckable!
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umbrellas-be-falling · 19 hours ago
luther : we need to distract these guys
klaus: leave it to me
klaus: centaurs have six limbs and are therefore insects. discuss.
diego, five, and allison : *immediately begin arguing*
vanya, watching in horror: oh this. i don’t like this. i don't like this at all.
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aye-of-newt · 2 days ago
the umbrella academy as things I’ve said to my roommate
Luther: the only deity to which I will debase myself by worshiping is our divine mother, the moon
Diego: if my partner doesn’t propose with a sword I’m saying no
Allison: there are only a total of maybe six good men in the world and they’re all on thin fucking ice
Klaus: god really is homophobic
Five: existence is a prison
Ben: in my next life I want to be a mushroom so that I no longer have to experience consciousness
Vanya, directly after a full mental breakdown about work and how stupid/inadequate she feels and while still actively crying: but the milfy butch manager came in at the end of my shift and she looked really hot
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cries-in-espanol · 2 days ago
real talk: imagine allison and klaus starting an instagram account for mr pennycrumb and five objects to it but that doesn’t stop them from posting pictures of pennycrumb in a beret
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black-coffee-beats · 2 days ago
Allison: Do you have feelings for Y/N?
Five: No, she's just important to me and I worry about her.
Allison: ...So, you have feelings.
Five: Feelings of concern.
Allison: Those are still feelings!
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simplyso-spooky · 2 days ago
coffee date
Tumblr media
five hargreeves x gender neutral! reader
warnings: pure fluff, sweet five <3, mentions of apocalypse & end of the world
word count: 393
(sorry its so short lol)
For once, everything seemed to be calm in the Hargreeves’ siblings life. No one was hunting them down, there was no apocalypse, and the world wasn’t ending.
You and your boyfriend, Five, decided to go for some coffee. After all you had been through, a date sounded nice. The both of you settled on Griddy’s Donuts, since it was Five’s favorite spot.
When you arrived at Griddy’s, you opted for a booth, wanting a bit more privacy than the counter could offer. You ordered your preferred drinks, Five going for black coffee and you going for your favorite beverage.
You sat in silence while waiting for your drinks, deciding that the calm, quite atmosphere was nice. You can’t remember the last time you had a silent time like this, it was much needed.
“Here’s your coffee.” The waitress spoke, interrupting the silence.
“Thanks.” Five responded. The waitress gave the two of you a smile before returning back behind the counter. “This is nice.”
“It really is. It’s so,” You said, pausing trying to find the right word.
“Yeah.” You agreed with a laugh. Some may find it odd how two of you thought a run down coffee shop on a Tuesday afternoon was the peak of peace. But after all you had been through, it really was the most calm you have felt in a while.
“I’ve really missed this,” Five said. “I’ve really missed you.” You giggle at him, not too sure what he means.
“What do you mean? We’ve been together for, what? Four years?”
“Five years.” Five corrected you. You and him had met when he joined the commission, the both of you being assigned as partners. The two of you were the best assassins that had ever existed, so when you left all hell broke loose.
“Has it really been that long?” You laughed.
“Yes,” Five leaned over the table looking in your eyes “and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” Heat quickly rose to your cheeks, your facing buring out of love for the boy sitting across from you.
Quickly, you returned to your drink, not wanting to look Five in the eyes. You gaze out the window, watching all the different people going about in their separate lives. You suddenly feel Five reach for your hand from across the table.
This coffee date was perfect.
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*ೃ༄  © simplyso-spooky 2021. all rights reserved.
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caitimetravels · a day ago
she's insignificant
chapter 7: beware her imagination
the umbrella academy x (fem) reader
disclaimer: i do not own the plot/storyline of the netflix tv series and i do not own the umbrella academy characters.
warnings: mentions of blood and guns.
y/n hummed calmly as she sat crossed legged on her bed. she flipped the next page in her book, ignoring anything sounding from outside her room. she didn't care what her family was doing at the moment, she needed space after the last meeting. she stared at the book in her hand, spacing out. 
she imagined what it would be like if she wasn't adopted by reginald. would she have grown up in another country? maybe her first language would have been different. would she have made friends her own age? she certainly wouldn't have been 16 now if she hadn't been adopted.. but she also wouldn't have known her siblings. they would all be in separate countries, living separate lives. she wouldn't have spent all that time with ben and vanya. she wouldn't have stressed over klaus, wouldn't have cried over five's disappearance. wouldn't have argued with luther and watched diego overcome his stutter. she wouldn't have watched allison's movies with such pride. she wouldn't have known any of them. 
she didn't think she'd trade any of the trauma for a normal life. she loved her siblings.
however, her mind wandered back to allison's words, "we owe each other that." since when did they owe each other anything? they had all left her in this big house for years alone and nobody seemed to have cared before. why did an impending doom mean they owed each other anything? allison was just annoyed that the vote wasn't on their side.
she was pulled from her thoughts by the sound of gunshots. she heard a grunt and a loud thud. what the hell was going on? nobody had guns, right? 
she stood quickly, pulling her door open and rushing down the stairs. as she rounded the corner she practically skidded down the last steps only to pause as a woman in a pink mask was chucked beside the man with a blue mask who was already on the floor. her eyes widened, who were these people?
"who the hell are these people?" the woman hadn't noticed her yet, lifting her mask to speak. the man uttered something she didn't catch and suddenly they both caught sight of her. "where is he?!" the woman jumped up, mask back over her face and gun raised. y/n heard the yelling of her siblings, running away. the woman begun shooting at her and that was when y/n finally moved.
she ran down the final steps, rushing to find somewhere to hide. she practically threw herself behind a pillar, shouting as a pain erupted in her side. she breathed heavily, glancing down at the blood now soaking through her shirt. that's gotta be bad. she hissed and heard the two assassins turn away, shooting at her siblings now. she looked around for an exit but knew she couldn't make it away with the shooters still standing there.
as they split up she noticed vanya walking down the stairs.
"hello?" she rushed down the last few steps, seeing no one around. "guys? is everyone okay?" 
putting pressure on her wound, y/n came out from behind the pillar, grabbing vanya as she walked into the parlour. she pulled her back and out of the way of an attack from the blue masked man. he swung a morning star towards them and y/n pulled them both to duck before vanya was smacked across the head, pulling them both onto the table in the middle of the room. 
y/n grunted in pain, holding her stomach but raised her arms when she noticed the man going for another swing. she laid herself in front of vanya, hoping to block the hit. luther called out just as he was about to hit them again. 
"hey, asshole" the man instead went for him. 
y/n didn't stick around to find out how their fight went as she heard more gunshots. she pushed vanya up, hiding her behind a wall and telling her to stay quiet with a finger pressed to her lips. she then ran off, hoping to help whoever was getting shot at in the kitchen.
she paused in the doorway, noticing allison hiding just under the pool table. she ran up behind the assassin, taking her chance to tackle her to the ground as allison swung a cue stick out to trip her. gunshots sounded out as the pink masked woman tried to get y/n off her. the woman rolled over, squishing y/n to the floor. she shouted loudly in pain as her bullet wound was pressed against. allison gets up to help her, rounding the table to kick the gun away before any more damage can be down to her sister. the assassin, angered, uses the broken cue stick to attack allison. they fought hand to hand for a while before allison received a slap across the face.
diego walked in a moment later, noticing allison laying on the table, lip bleeding. 
"think you wanna rumour this psycho?" he taunted, and she glared up at him, touching the blood on her lip.
"i don't need to cause this bitch just pissed me off" allison turned, ready to fight again only to pause. both diego and allison watched in surprise as y/n stood, hands out and eyes black. her hands glowed a bright white light and her expression was one of pure anger.
"leave my family alone!" she spoke, deathly calm. the pink masked woman froze, glowing a softer white than y/n's hands. she dropped the cue sticks, unmoving from her spot however. diego smirked slowly, realising what she was doing. she was controlling her.
the pink masked woman begun walking towards the gun allison had kicked away. she raised it to her head slowly..
but it didn't last as y/n was far too fatigued and her body weakening the more blood she lost, the last thing she could do, knowing she wouldn't be able to do much more was make sure the gun was out of reach. she then collapsed to the floor, powers fading quickly. her two siblings raised their fists again, ready to fight as the woman picked up the cue sticks again.
"we just want the boy" she snarled, walking towards allison.
"oh, well in that case-" she ran forwards and they fought again.
y/n felt numb, her hands were tingling softly and her head pounded. what the hell did she just do? she couldn't find the strength in her to move, she just wanted to rest but she knew she couldn't close her eyes. she noticed the fighting, could hear the sounds but she couldn't pay much attention to it.
"c'mon" diego stepped over, pulling her to her feet. with both siblings supporting her they made their way back out to where luther was fighting the man with the blue mask. they found him lying on the floor after a loud thud and the man had walked away. allison left y/n's side to try and help luther up. diego leaned her against the pillar, checking she was okay to stand before helping allison's lift luther.
"come on, luther, get up" 
"you gotta cut down on the fast food soldier" diego teased, heaving with the effort to lift their brother. luther was the first to notice the woman with the pink mask, standing on the upper level. she cut the line holding the chandelier up and luther shoved his siblings aside to avoid them getting hurt.
"luther!" allison called, watching as the chandelier dropped on him. the lights smashed to the floor and the masked people escaped.
the three siblings watched luther slowly stand, his shirt ripping off and revealing his hairy, muscular upper body. it was to the point he didn't look exactly human anymore.
"holy shit" diego murmured, shocked.
luther stared at allison for moment, taking in her reaction before storming past diego up the stairs. she then noticed vanya in the doorway to the parlour, walking over. they both stared at each other, shell shocked.
"did you know?" vanya asked cautiously, referring to luther.
"no.." allison frowned. as diego moved to check on grace, y/n now slumped on the floor, having fainted. the stress on her body too much.
y/n woke up with a pounding headache. she was still on the floor. 
she stumbled into the parlour as she heard shouts. she noticed diego first, he was yelling at vanya who sat on the couch.
"no, you could have been killed!" he jabbed a finger towards her aggressively. "or gotten any of us killed.." 
there was a pause as allison looked up at him now from her spot on the table, "she is a liability" he then walked away. 
"allison?" vanya knew what she was thinking. he was right.
"i think what he's trying to say.. is this kinda stuff is dangerous" she was defending him. "you're just-" 
"not like you" vanya finished, bitterly. she nodded sadly as allison doesn't disagree before standing and walking away.
"no that's not what i- vanya wait!" allison stood up too, following her.
"vanya" y/n gently holds her hand, still disoriented.
"let her go" diego called from his seat on the couch. vanya smiled softly, pulling her hand from y/n's grip before stepping out. as she closed the door behind her y/n turned on diego. "it's for the best"
"let her go? diego we cant-" she stepped into the room, nobody noticing yet that her shirt hadn't been that dark at the start of the day.
"the only reason you still protect her, eight, is because she didn't write shit about you in her stupid book" he glared up at her now.
she scoffed, "stupid book? diego, if its so stupid then why so you care so much? you need to get over it"
"oh shut up with your bigger person act, you wouldn't be defending her if she wrote about your worst moments" he laughed sarcastically, standing up to hover over her.
"worst moments? oh god, diego your worst moment is right. now." she jabbed her finger into his chest and he took a slight step backwards. "did you ever think about why she wrote that book? she wanted you all to be empathetic, to see how wrong you all are but you've all got your heads so far up your ass i don't think you have a single empathetic bone in your body! do you even care about our family? do you even care about me..? you're all.. ass.. holes" diego frowned as she begun to sway, voice getting unusually weak. he quickly grabbed onto her as she collapsed.
"what's wrong?" allison stepped over, gasping as she noticed the blood on y/n's shirt. "mom!" 
pogo stepped into the room, "come quickly"
as pogo fixed her up, bandaging her they thought about what she said.
did they care?
tag list: (if your name is crossed i couldnt tag you) @rxses-and-reverie @lostgreekgod @on-yourmark-99 @bicyhot1 @navs-bhat @midnightmystic @shawkneecaps
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fivecentric · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The way five walking straight into a battlefield in such a trance  
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umbrellas-be-falling · 20 hours ago
allison: where are you going?
five: to get ice cream or commit a felony, i’ll decide on the way there
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