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#five nights at freddy s

Elizabeth Afton was born with schizophrenia and it worsened the more she grew up. She was extremely paranoid and jealous of her father, considering her mother a threat to the point where, at only five years old, she snuck in her brother’s room, stole his wooden bat, and ended her with it. Maybe the child’s death was a blessing after all.

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Here’s something for you all!

A fusion between Scrap Baby and Elizabeth [TFC]

Hope you like it!


(I used Elizabeth from the coloring book for reference btw)

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Me knowing dead way that I’ll never be as good as the tumblr or any artists:


Me supporting them anyway cause I like their content:

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Practicing on sitting positions, and for once Freddy is not being a pervert to his Foxy

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Michael: I thought you were bae. Turns out your just fam.

Vincent: *sob*

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Emma introducing Tyler to Baby

If you didn’t know, Tyler is Emma’s childrenhood friend

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Helpy but he has Catbug’s VA

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Helpy but he has Catbug’s VA

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I think I figured out the idea behind Balloon Boy skins! 

1. Remove eyes

2. Big empty smile

3. Remove nose

4. Done

I also had some fun with some more doodles :D

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