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#five seconds of summer

Clap your hands if you miss baby punk Luke Hemmings


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Obscure request.. does anyone have any picture of Ashton in a black and white plaid shirt?? I’ve had half an image of it in my head all day and I’ll know the picture if I see it I just can’t freaking find it and I’m 99% sure it’s from the same day as this one


Any help would be fabulous coz idk if I can sleep knowing it’s out there and I’m too dumb to find it

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Interviewed by a fan | Luke Hemmings

Summary: You interview the band and acquire yourself an admirer. 

Request: @mundrakes hiii i’m probably annoying lol but do you think you could do another luke hemmings write where you get to interview 5sos as a fan (you won a contest) with a radio station and michael, calum are on your left and luke and ashton are on your right and you’re kind of in the middle….you get to ask them questions and stuff and luke can’t really seem to keep his eyes off you and is constantly joking with you on the side lol sorry this is long!! end it however you’d like ♡

Word Count: 1.3k 


A/N: I hope you enjoy this imagine and that it was what you pictured when you requested! I don’t find any requests annoying so please feel free to send any others to my inbox. 


Your hands were sweating considerably as you continued to read the questions you had written out on your phone. Being given the chance to interview your favourite band of all time was an incredible privilege but also ridiculously nerve-wracking; you were not only about to meet a band who had been entirely influential in your life but also because your celebrity crush was on the other side of the door and you were finally going to be able to meet him, have a photo with him but also have entire conversations with him. 

After five minutes of waiting, you were finally escorted into the room that five seconds of summer were situated in. They smiled at you upon entering and promptly introduced themselves; you went to shake hands with them but were pulled into a hug by Ashton, then Michael, then Calum and finally Luke. Your breathing was rather rapid as you realised what was actually happening. You pushed yourself onto the high stool that was placed in the middle of the 4 men and quickly pulled out your phone. 

“Hi, I’m Y/N and I have a couple of questions to ask you guys if that’s ok?” Your voice somehow came out as confident and strong as you smiled at the four men you admired so much. They all nodded enthusiastically, and each spoke some sort of agreement. You smiled back at them, muttering a quiet thanks before glancing up from your phone to make eye contact with Luke. You instantly blushed causing him to smirk slightly. 

“Most importantly I wanted to ask… How are your dogs?” They all chuckled, Calum began to tell you how he missed Duke, Michael following up with an amusing story about Moose, then there was a pause. “Luke, how’s Petunia?” You encouraged Luke to speak up about his adorable dog that honestly, just increased your crush on him. 

“You know her name?” He seemed surprised by your knowledge and you were glad to learn that they were unaware how much of a fan you were. 

“Yea, honestly I think it’s your pets that makes me such a big fan!” You joked causing the four talented band members to laugh, Luke smiled widely, appearing glad that you enjoyed their music. He then went on to question which of their songs were your favourite, you answered before quickly steering the questions back onto them. 

Throughout the interview you continued to ask questions, receiving insightful answers from Ashton whilst Michael, Calum and Luke seemed to be averting every question and just making jokes. Luckily, as you were not a real journalist, you were amused by their antics and laughed along. 

The band was thoroughly enjoying your interview with them and were positive that it was their favourite interview so far on their press tour. They were shocked however, at how obviously Luke was attempting to flirt and make you laugh. I mean it was working, you were blushing quite a lot and giggled at his jokes and answers but they hadn’t seen Luke flirt with a girl since his breakup, they smiled at the younger man and were ready to take the piss out of him as soon as you left the room. 

After a further ten minutes of asking questions and joking around the band, the five of you stood up and said your goodbyes. Once again, you went around giving each member a hug, Michael then Calum, then Ashton and lastly, Luke. As you gave Luke a hug, he squeezed you more tightly than the other members, it made your heartbeat more quickly as you wished you could stay and interact with them a bit longer. As you waved and headed out, Ashton realised that Luke wasn’t going to make the move that everyone thought he should, he called you back and you turned back to look at them. 

“Sorry, I just thought well, you said you were a fan and I think I speak for all of us when I say,” Ashton nudged Luke subtly, “that we thoroughly enjoyed this interview, it’s definitely the best one yet. So, what’s your twitter or your Instagram and we’ll follow you?!” You squealed internally at this news, you smiled brightly before proceeding to type your username into Ashton’s phone that he had held out towards you. 

They thanked you and promptly wished them a goodbye, before heading out again, sending a wave their way before exiting the room. Once outside the room you allowed yourself to do a little happy dance and a jump for joy. You couldn’t believe that your favourite band had followed you on twitter and Instagram. 

Ashton gently hit Luke over the head as the other three members of the band turned to look at the lead vocalist. 

“What?!” Luke seemed concerned as to why everyone was looking at him, he ruffled his hair and waited for his bandmates and best friends to explain. 

“Dude, you clearly fancy her! Why do you think we got her username!? We’ve not seen you flirt like that in ages, you’ve got to message her!” Calum decided to just spell it out for him, knowing that Luke would never admit it himself. Luke sputtered for a bit, considering whether to deny it or just accept the truth. After a couple of seconds of incoherent mumbling he muttered a quiet yes causing a cheer from his bandmates.

When the boys got into their car, Luke sat in the back staring at his phone. He continued to write and re-write his message to you, but he couldn’t decide what to say. Eventually he decided on a simple ‘Hi, I really enjoyed the interview today! X’. It took him nearly two minutes to decide whether or not to put the kiss on the end, but he decided on it in the end. Once he had pressed send, he spent every couple of minutes looking at his phone hoping that you’d have replied. 

He finally saw you had replied when he got back to the hotel, saying a quick goodbye to everyone he rushed to his bedroom. For the rest of the evening, the two of you messaged back and forth. It continued until early into the morning; when the two of you finally said goodnight to one another, it wasn’t before you had swapped phone numbers and texted for a while. 

The two of you texted each other nearly every second of the day when you could, the two of you joked and flirted, neither of you being able to stop smiling when you saw a message from the other. Every evening when Luke got back to his hotel room and you had finished all your work, you would facetime one another. 

This went on for three weeks before Luke finally asked you out on a date, from there the two of you went on a number of dates for the next month and a half. Some were formal dates like going out for dinner or going to an activity like ice skating or seeing a movie, some of them, however, were really chilled as you got takeout and watched movies cuddled up to one another. 

It was on your fourth movie marathon that Luke finally got the balls to ask you to be his girlfriend, it had been a long time coming and you had launched yourself at him, muttering a yes before pressing your lips to his. The kiss you shared was built up of months of tension, both romantic and sexual, it was a release of how much you liked each other; you could see yourself falling in love with him, and he felt the same. So, as you sat on the sofa together, lips pressed together, you were ready to start a relationship with a man you admired and cared for deeply and Luke, Luke was ready to invest himself in a relationship as much as he did in his music. 

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this and that it fulfilled your request! As I said, please feel free to send any other ideas to my inbox!

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Fuck. Fight. Repeat. - L.H.

Alright, let’s do this. 

I know it’s been a while, but I’m gonna try and start writing more often. Feel free to let me know what you think and what you want to see! Inbox is always open :)

This isn’t really based on much, just an idea I’ve had for a while


Word count: 1341

Warnings: drugs, alcohol and a few swear words

Summary: Y/N and Luke are exactly who they should be. Party crazed, in love with fame and each other. Their lives are a vicious cycle: Fuck. Fight. Repeat. But that’s the way it should be, right?


My head was pounding. There were so many people in the room I could barely breathe. On my right, y/n’s doing a line. On my left, a sweaty body thuds onto the couch. Two seconds later, some groupie’s climbing on top of him. She’s never invited, but she always seems to find a way in. I’ve never seen her leave with the same guy twice. The music’s thudding and it’s about to make my head explode. That’s when it hits me - this is my band’s goddamn party and I don’t know half the people here. That’s the price you pay for fame I guess. I need some air, I can’t do this.

Just as I’m about to get off the couch, y/n snaps me out of my daze.

“Babe. Baby. Over here. Luke? Luke! Oh my god, would you just pay attention to me for once!”

Right. This is my party. I’m supposed to be into it. I have a gorgeous girl by my side and I can only seem to focus on anything but her.

“Sorry baby, too many people here. What were you saying?”

“I was gonna suggest we get out of here but I’m not sure I want to go anywhere with you if you’re just gonna be like that.”

“Like what princess?”


Oh no she did not. She knows how much I hate it when she does that. I get up, just to fuck with her of course. I won’t actually leave, I just need to get a bill out of my wallet for um.. reasons. 

As if on cue, she gives me the most disappointed look in the world. I can only laugh - she’s so predictable. I milk it for a couple more seconds, turning away from her for dramatic effect. I finally grab my wallet, pull out the bill I need and lean over to kiss her. Just a quick pec, not some PDA overload. Not yet at least.

When I pull away, she’s caught on. I’m in party mode. I sit back down and take my time rolling the bill into a little tube. 

“Cut me a couple lines, won’t you princess?”

She flashes me a grin, she’s loving this. 

She’s a bit of a perfectionist, so I know she’ll take her time making sure the lines are even. I take the time to loosen up. Our parties go hard until the sun comes up, so I know I’ll be here a while. I pour myself my first shot of the night - I told myself I’d stay sober until 3am, but there’s no time like the present, right? Besides, 1:30 isn’t that far off from 3.

I glance over to y/n. She makes this scene so much more tolerable. The way her eyes look in the smoke-filled room makes her look so alive. It almost makes me forget how much I’d rather be at home. 

“Ready baby?” 

She snaps me out of my daze again. She’s got a little blow on her nose, but it only makes her look more enchanting - takes away from the illusion of perfection she tries so hard to maintain. I lean in to kiss her again, a little more intense this time. My hand gets tangled in her hair, and the other finds it’s way to the all too familiar crook of her neck. I almost forget I had lines waiting for me on the table - and who could blame me; she’s irresistible.

“Thank you, princess,” I say as I pull away. 

I lean over the table and make y/n’s hard work vanish. I never understood why she was always so persistent about having neat lines. It’ll be gone within the minute anyways. 

Now we wait. Just a few minutes until I’m who she wants me to be. My hand slips around her body and rests itself on her waist, and my head falls back into the couch. No matter how much she pushes me to be this party animal I have absolutely no desire to be, I can’t seem to walk away. Even when she screams, cries and tries to shove me out of the door, I stay. Without fail, we fuck the fight away in the morning and I go back to being wrapped around her finger. 

It’s kicking in now, little by little I feel the adrenaline rush begin. I down another shot and take in my surroundings one last time. Won’t be long until I’m a drugged up mess. I move my hand off y/n’s waist and take her hand instead. This couch is getting boring. The conversations are so mundane and repetitive. I want to party. 

I stand and pull her up with me. I keep her hand clutched tightly in mine and guide us to the bar. She gives me a few reassuring squeezes, she thinks it makes the pressure of appearances fade - ‘grounds me’ she says. I think it’s bullshit, nothing could ever take that away, but I guess it’s nice to know she’s there. 

We’ve reached the bar, and the crowd of drunks waiting patiently for their next fix surrounding it parts instantly for us. Perks of being one of the hosts I guess. We walk up to the bartender. I try to avoid eye contact with the crowd, I know everyone’s staring and I know y/n’s living for the attention. 

“Whiskey smash for me and a vodka soda for the lady please.” I didn’t even have to ask, we drink enough for me to know what she’s in the mood for. 

“How’d you know?” y/n’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts yet again. 

“Lucky guess princess”

She takes a seat and I follow suit. From there, we drink, we socialize, we smoke and we do a couple more lines. Okay fine maybe more than a couple. It all blurs together. Faces become one and I slowly become less and less aware of the words leaving my mouth. 

Just as she’s about to finish her 5th drink, I get up behind her and wrap my hands around y/n. I kiss the bottom of her neck and slowly make my way up to her ear. When I feel her earring hit my cheek, I bite her ear gently. 

I need her. Now.

“Ready to get out of here princess?” I whisper into her ear. I go back to kissing her neck while I wait for an answer.

She moans softly and tilts her neck to give me easier access.

“You done being boring baby?” 

That actually gets me to laugh a little.

“Come on let’s get out of here. I’m dying to see what’s under that little dress of yours. You know what seeing you in red does to me, princess. I’m almost certain you wore it just to tease me. I need you baby.”

That seems to do the trick. Suddenly, y/n’s on her feet and more eager to leave than I’ve ever seen her. She barely stops to say goodbye to the guys and her friends. I already know it’s going to be a wild night. 

The drugs are fading, and I’m mentally preparing to begin the cycle.

Fuck. Fight. Repeat.

It’s the same every damn time, but I can’t resist. She has a hold on me, and she knows it. 

Fuck. Fight. Repeat. 

As we walk outside into the blinding flash of the cameras, I know exactly where the night’s headed. 

Fuck. Fight. Repeat.

We get in the cab and head home. I can barely keep my hands off of her, she just looks so damn good. 

Fuck. Fight. Repeat. 

Leading her into the bedroom, I know what my fate is, and I love it.

Fuck. Fight. Repeat. 

I basically tear her dress off her body. I can’t contain myself much longer.

Fuck. Fight. Repeat. 

It’s always the same damn thing, but I can’t ever seem to get enough. I need my fix, and she needs hers. 

Fuck. Fight. Repeat.

And so the cycle begins. 

Fuck. Fight. Repeat.

No complaints here. 


Again, let me know what you guys think! I’ll write a part 2 if you guys want it, I have so many ideas for where this could go. 

Masterlist is here if you wanted to read some more! I know some of the links don’t work and that’s because they’ve been taken down. I’m working on appealing them right now. 

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march-april song challenge: day one

day one: a song that you discovered this month

When I first heard this song, it caught my attention immediately when Luke sang

Shout out to the old me, And everything he showed me, Glad you didn’t listen when the world was trying to slow me, No one could control me, Left my lovers lonely, Had to fuck it up before I really got to know me


Originally posted by indigotonight


rating: 10/10, it was an 8, but it’s meaningful so two extra points :)

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