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#five years!
theimaginariemuse · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5 years ago we released the #Hamiltunes...and 5 years later, still in the top 5, 7x platinum, & reeling with gratitude. To the cast, crew & fans of Hamilton around the world:
this is yours.
Live theater WILL be back someday.
Please take care of yourselves & each other. Thank you.
~ Lin-Manuel Miranda
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leguin · 9 months ago
nothing makes me feel more aware of the passage of time more than thinking about how please like me stopped airing in 2016, which was five years ago
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elvensemi · a year ago
Fun Fact: You are the person who introduced me to both Tumblr and BTS. I was going to write a sappy message about my love for your writing and this fandom, but I think I've had too many glasses of wine. I'll keep it short and sweet. You're wonderful and I appreciate what you do. Happy belated 5 year Keeping Secrets Anniversary!
OMG. BTS and Tumblr? I feel like I might be more proud of the first than the second... (lol no I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t still love Tumblr :p). 
Seriously though, this is great to hear! Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I remember you from ages ago... possibly even from the old IRC chat, but god knows my memory for names (even usernames) is garbage lol. And I do kind of wonder sometimes how many people I introduced to BTS... it felt like I didn’t know any other fans, and then I converted Kay somehow... and then we went to the concert, and I posted on twitter FROM the concert, and now there’s a k-pop channel in the discord and it feels like half of my friends are ARMY. Crazy! Especially for an old fart like me who’s been around since the Danger days. 
Has it seriously been five years... Life changes and stays the same, huh? 
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MONSTA X’s Kihyun and WJSN’s Bona Reportedly In a Relationship for the Past Five Years
Tumblr media
MONSTA X’s Kihyun and WJSN’s Bona have been swept up in dating rumors.
On April 21st, Sports Chosun reported that the Starship Entertainment labelmates are in a relationship.
The two have reportedly been close friends since their trainee days and began dating five years ago. According to the report, they were very careful about their dates and also went on a trip to Jeju Island with friends recently.
Starship Entertainment has yet to comment.
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nancyjocom · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
I LOVE the Blacklist! turned 5 today!  I took the official plunge into Tumblr just before the season 2 premiere! I joined after I had lurked for months of season 1 lol! I didn’t know what the heck Tumblr was at first, but I didn’t want to miss a thing about the show.  I had figured out this was the best place for spoilers, bts, fanart, gifs! You guys haven’t disappointed!  Thank you for all your contributions that make this so enjoyable to me. Cheers to season 7!
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velociraptor · 2 years ago
listen im not like fluent in the area of parenting but i think there are definitely some standards that you have to meet when you actively conciously consensually make the decision to have a child and calling your child of any age a a brat, bitch, whore, dumbass, shithead, etc in any situation in any form does not uhhhhh meet those standards thank you for coming to my ted talk
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formallyfreya · 3 years ago
Hidge Week Day 6: Wedding
**(A little longer than the others so I’ll put it under a cut)**
Hunk adjusts the vest of his suit in the mirror, looking at it from side to side. This color, it’s alright, isn’t it? A black suit is fine but it’s alright if his vest is golden right? He’s never been able to let go of the yellow, after everything they’ve been through with the Lions.
“Is the cake at the reception area yet?” Hunk asks, his tone worried. “Hope it’s the right one. And the right flavor. Quiznak, maybe I should have made it myself--”
“Calm down Hunk. I’m sure the cake is fine,” Lance insists as he finishes his own tie. Shoots himself a few finger guns in the mirror. “Best man is looking the BEST! Now let’s fix your tie and cufflinks.”
“I dunno Lance, making a peanut butter cake--it’s not like anyone can make it the way she likes it!” Hunk counters and grabs his face in worry. “Maybe we should cancel. Should we? At least, until I can make the cake--”
“No, no, no,” Lance chuckles and pulls his hands off his face. He reaches up and starts adjusting Hunk’s tie. “You gave the recipe to Shay. She’s made it a hundred times. It’ll be great.”
“Is it, like, hot in here? Feel like I’m sweating. Am I? Sweating?” Hunk stammers and takes a seat on the chair while wiping his forehead. No sweat, just warm. “Is it okay that I’m nervous? Like maybe a lot? I’m not going to throw up...probably...but I feel like I could. Oh boy--”
“Calm down, Hunk,” Lance says for the hundredth time today. “You’re getting married, not court-martialed. Now sit still so I can tie your shoes.”
Getting married. He can’t believe this.
If you’d asked him a couple years ago where he’d be he wouldn't have been able to predict that his best friend proposing to him in the middle of a Garrison fundraiser. He was thrilled and immediately said yes of course. She jumped into his arms and he swung her around the dancefloor unable to let go. That was a year ago and now...they’re doing it. They’re finally getting married.
But why is he so nervous? They’ve been together for years now, him and Pidge. It’s not like it’s spur of the moment. There were lots of plans and preparations. No reason to be worried about how anything and everything could go wrong at any possible moment. It’s not like that was something that happened with team Voltron every other day of the week back when they were fighting.
It’s a wedding. A party. A celebration of a union. Not a fight to the death with Zarkon. Or getting brainwashed by the food of Plaxum’s ocean planet. Or swimming in the belly of the weblum. Hunk almost gags at that particular memory.
“Hey now Hunk! No horking it!” Lance warns him and he manages to stifle that precursor to vomit.
“Got it,” Hunk swallows, not looking any better for it.
Lance gives him a sympathetic look and pats his shoulder with a sigh. “Look man, being nervous is normal,” he assures him. “‘Cause everything is changing and it’s exciting and you’ve got everyone’s eyes on you--including your betrothed.”
“Normal huh?” Hunk hods with a nervous swallow. He looks up with worried eyes. “Were you nervous too?”
“M-Me? Of course not!” Lance denies with a flush. “I mean, not to the degree you are--but that was different! My wedding was just team Voltron and some family. It’s not like we invited half of the freaking Garrison the way Pidge’s parents did.”
“So you weren’t nervous at all?” Hunk asks, not feeling much better at all.
Lance’s look softens as he pulls Hunk to stand up. He clips in his cufflinks one at a time.
“I mean...I was a little but,” Lance starts and shakes his head, confidence returning. “All you gotta do is remember that the person at the end of the aisle is the one you love, the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, and everything will settle and you’ll feel this calm come over you.” He pauses and smiles with the memory. “You won’t just feel that it’s right, you’ll know it. And that it’s always going to be right and it all falls into place...kinda feels like lining up the perfect bullseye, feel me?”
“I...I guess?” Hunk nods, still looking a little nervous.
As he finishes the last cufflink there’s a knock at the door. It’s time. Everyone’s waiting.
“Just trust me on this one Hunk,” he says with a wink and a pat. “It’ll be better than you ever hoped.”
He sure hopes so.
Standing at the altar next to his best man and groomsmen, with his hands clasped tight in front of him and toes tapping. He reaches up to adjust his bowtie and Lance promptly smacks his hand so he’ll leave it alone. Then the music starts and everyone stands to watch with anticipation.
The bridesmaids to start. Pidge only had two. Romelle and Allura. They walk down the aisle, looking absolutely ecstatic to be a part of an ‘Earthling betrothal ceremony’. After that the maid of honor. Lance’s sister gladly accepted that role and walks down the aisle to join them.
Next is normally the ring bearer but Lance has the rings in his pockets so no need there. The only one left before the bride is the flower girl. A little arusian with a basket of petals. She knows her job well, tossing out bits of plants and occasionally slipping one into her mouth to snack on as she proceeds. Makes Hunk chuckle a little but then everything changes when she steps out.
Pidge looks so stunning that Hunk initially has trouble believing it’s her.
The hair she’d finally grown out again braided and pulled up high with little white flowers weaved in. An elegant gown, shining white with a one-shoulder neckline. Tea-length to show off her slender calves and ankle-length white gladiator sandals to match the rest of the outfit. She never did like heels much. In her hands is a lovely bouquet of sunflowers, white roses, and baby’s breath tied with a fern green ribbon--that she’s clutching tight to her chest like her life depends on it.
It seems she’s a little nervous too. That is until she sees Hunk at the altar smiling at her. Then her grip suddenly relaxes, as does the rest of her tiny tense body.
The room seems to fall away as their eyes meet across the church. No pews. No stained glass. No guests. It’s just Hunk and Pidge gazing at each other in wonder across an open field of grass, the sun beaming down on them.
“She’s...perfect,” Hunk barely breathes. “Like a Fibonacci sequence.”
“Uh...I hope that’s a romantic as it sounded,” Lance snorts. “Close your mouth Hunk, you’ll draw flies.”
The ceremony goes by so fast and while Hunk hears every word Shiro says as he officiates he can’t take his eyes off of Pidge’s. And the same goes for Pidge. She hasn’t stopped smiling since she started walking down the aisle and even now as Hunk slides the ring on her finger. Hunk’s already getting teary and it makes Pidge want to cry too.
“Hunk Garrett. Katie Holt. These rings symbolize your vows to one another. Maybe they henceforth be a reminder of your commitment and your love for each other for the rest of your days,” Shiro tells them with a smile. “By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife--”
“Now kiss her Hunk--oof!” Lance calls out from the sidelines but Keith elbows him hard in the ribs to silence him.
Shiro chuckles and shakes his head at Lance before returning to them with a soft smile. “Congratulations you two. You may kiss your spouse,” he says.
Pidge practically jumps into Hunk’s arms to press her lips to his which he welcomes wholeheartedly in his warm embrace. Soft, warm, and tasting of sweet honey as he spins them at the altar, the two of them erupting with giddy laughter as the pews erupt with clapping and whistles.
“And now I have the honor and privilege of introducing--Mr. and Mrs. Garrett-Holt,” Shiro announces over the applause and they only get louder as people cheer.
It’s not until the reception is wrapping up that Lance checks in on them. They’re slow dancing on the dancefloor again but the music has long since stopped playing. DJ went home half an hour ago. It’s like he doesn’t want to let the day end. And they look so ridiculously content that he can’t bring himself to interrupt their swaying.
“You know, he was so nervous earlier. Scared that everything was going to fall apart,” Lance says as he helps clear a table of plates and used silverware. “Can you just stack those into my arms? Anyway, I thought he was going to throw up all over my oxfords.”
“That bad huh?” Keith smirks and piles the plates in Lance’s hold. “He looks fine now.”
“That’s cause I told him to remember the person at the end of the aisle loves him,” Lance smiles. “That all that fear and stuff would just...disappear once he saw her.”
“And that worked?” Keith snorts.
“It worked on my nerves when I saw you,” Lance nudges him playfully with a smirk. “Why wouldn’t it work for him too?”
“Come on,” Keith nudges him back. “We gotta get this place cleaned up. With the rate of weddings going on here, we’ll need it next week too.”
With that, the two of them leave with the dirty dishes as the newlyweds continue their swaying on the dancefloor. No one bothers them. They hum and kiss and step together with perfect timing to a song in their hearts. A song they’ll be singing till death do they part.
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batfamfucker · 2 months ago
We don't appreciate the fact that Bruce Wayne is a Kardasian level celebrity enough. Everyone knows him. I want more one shots and crack fic moments where the League (Pre identity reveals) just openly talk about Bruce Wayne in front of Batman.
Just imagine them playing fuck, marry, kill with famous actors and such and throwing Bruce into the mix. And Batman just sits there, silently suffering as he listens to the reasons why Flash and Lantern would marry, fuck, or kill him. He prays they choose kill. They don't.
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bauliya · 9 months ago
I know it's tough for everyone but please, please be extra nice and patient with little kids right now. they're going through so much, we're not going to understand the amount of worldwide trauma these kids have for years, but for context: a five year old who has memories only from the age of three has spent HALF their conscious life under quarantine. they haven't interacted with other kids in person. they've only seen people with masks. they've spent all this time in a home with distressed adults and little stability without truly understanding why. for a massive chunk of their conscious life. so if a kid comes up and talks to you just let them have your attention for a few minutes. don't snap at a child crying or having a meltdown in public, and don't make the parent feel guilty. it's not that difficult to be kind.
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sango-blep · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A litlte redraw of my very first Lena art i posted 5 years (breh???) ago. and bonus rex kisses.
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alatar-and-pallando · a month ago
so many Petfinder/shelter listings are along the lines of “This horrifically malformed dog is 89 years old, in constant pain, will attack any creature larger than a football or smaller than a duck, hates all humans except middle-aged left-handed women named Martha, is terrified of sounds and also the outdoors and also the indoors, and eats only prescription foie gras. He will need an experienced owner. This dog has been waiting for a home for 20 years... won’t you open yours to him? We will reject your adoption application if you can’t give us a reference from your favorite childhood teacher and don’t live on a beautiful 40-acre apple farm in Maine. Adoption fee: $1,000.”
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andromeda3116 · a year ago
So let's talk about the Lost Generation.
This is the generation that came of age during WWI and the 1918 flu pandemic. They witnessed their world collapse in the first war that spread around the globe, and they -- in retrospect, optimistically -- called it the "war to end all wars". And that war was a quagmire. The trenches on the Western Front were notoriously awful, unsanitary and cold and wet and teeming with sickness, and bloody battles were fought to gain or lose a few feet of territory, and all because a series of alliances caused one assassination in one unstable area to spiral into a brutal large-scale war fought on the ground by people who mostly had no personal stake in the outcomes and gained nothing from winning.
On some of the worst-hit battlefields, the land is still too toxic for plant growth.
And on the heels of this horrific war, a pandemic struck. It's often referred to as "the Spanish flu" because Spain was neutral in the war, and so was the first country to admit that their people were dropping like flies. By the time the warring countries were willing to face the disease, it was far too late to contain it.
Anywhere from 50 to 100 million people worldwide would die from it. 675,000 were in the US.
But once it was finally contained -- anywhere from a year to a year and a half later -- the 20s had begun, and they began roaring.
Hedonism abounded. Alcohol flowed like water in spite of Prohibition. Music and dance and art fluorished. It was the age of Dadaism, an artistic movement of surrealism, absurdism, and abstraction. Women's skirts rose and haircuts shortened in a flamboyant rejection of the social norms of the previous decades. It was a time of glitter and glamour and jazz and flash, and (save for the art that was made) it was mostly skin deep.
Everyone stumbled out of the war and pandemic desperate to forget the horrific things they'd seen and done and all that they'd lost, and lost for nothing.
Reality seemed so pointless. It's not a coincidence that the two codifiers of the fantasy genre -- J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis -- both fought in WWI. In fact, they were school friends before the war, and were the only two of their group to return home. Tolkein wanted to rewrite the history of Europe, while Lewis wanted to rebuild faith in the escape from the world.
(There's a reason Frodo goes into the West: physically, he returned to the Shire, but mentally, he never came back from Mordor, and he couldn't live his whole life there. There's a reason three of the Pevensies can never let go of Narnia: in Narnia, unlike reality, the things they did and fought for and believed in actually mattered, were actually worth the price they paid.)
It's also no coincidence that many of the famous artists of the time either killed themselves outright or let their vices do them in. The 20s roared both in spite of and because of the despair of the Lost Generation.
It was also the era of the Harlem Renaissance, which came to the feelings of alienation and disillusionment from a different direction: there was a large migration of Black people from the South, many of whom moved to the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. Obviously, the sense of alienation wasn't new to Black people in America, but the cultural shift allowed for them to publicly express it in the arts and literature in ways that hadn't been open to them before.
There was also horrific -- and state-sanctioned -- violence perpetrated against Black communities in this time, furthering the anger and despair and sense that society had not only failed them but had never even given them a chance. The term at the time was shell-shock, but now we know it as PTSD, and the vast majority of the people who came of age between 1910 and 1920 suffered from it, from one source or another.
It was an entire generation of trauma, and then the stock market crashed in 1929. Helpless, angry, impotent in the face of all that had seemingly destroyed the world for them, on the verge of utter despair, it was also a generation vulnerable to despotism. In the wake of all this chaos -- god, please, someone just take control of all this mess and set it right.
Sometimes the person who took over was decent and played by the rules and at least attempted to do the right thing. Other times, they were self-serving and hateful and committed to subjugating anyone who didn't fit their mold.
There are a lot of parallels to now, but we have something they didn't, and that's the fact that they did it first.
We know what their mistakes and sins were. We have the gift of history to see the whole picture and what worked and what failed. We as a species have walked this road before, and we weren't any happier or stronger or smarter about it the first time.
I think I want to reiterate that point: the Lost Generation were no stronger or weaker than Millennials and Gen Z are today. Plenty of both have risen up and fought back, and plenty have stumbled and been crushed under the weight. Plenty have been horribly abused by the people who were supposed to lead them, and plenty have done the abusing. Plenty of great art has been made by both, and plenty of it is escapist fantasy or scathing criticism or inspiring optimism or despairing pessimism.
We find humor in much the same things, because when reality is a mess, both the absurd and the self-deprecating become hilarious in comparison. There's a reason modern audiences don't find Seinfeld as funny as Gen X does, and many older audiences find modern comedy impenetrable and baffling -- they're different kinds of humor from different realities.
I think my point accumulates into this: in spite of how awful and hopeless and pointless everything feels, we do have a guide. We've been through this before, as a culture, and even though all of them are gone now, we have their words and art and memory to help us. We know now what they didn't then: there is a future.
The path forward is a hard one, and the only thing that makes it easier is human connection. Art -- in the most base sense, anything that is an expression of emotion and thought into a medium that allows it to be shared -- is the best and most enduring vehicle for that connection, to reach not just loved ones but people a thousand miles or a hundred years away.
So don't bottle it up. Don't pretend to be okay when you're not. Paint it, sculpt it, write it, play it, sing it, scream it, hell, you can even meme it out into the void. Whatever it takes to reach someone else -- not just for yourself but for others, both present and future.
Because, to quote the inimitable Terry Pratchett, "in a hundred years we'll all be dead, but here and now, we are alive."
#politics#us politics#optimism#history#humanism#gnu terry pratchett#(i suppose. i do think that i wouldn't be able to think of this in this way without - for example - having read small gods.)#which also sort of illustrates the point? i mean sir terry has been dead five years but his words live on to inspire even now#i've gotten a lot of humbling responses to 'such selfish prayers' that echo that sort of sentiment - and more recently - that just reiterate#to me how important art is in connecting to others#i mean.... i wrote that fic four years ago when i was myself going through a tough time and it may seem like i Had I Together but really#i was writing out what i desperately needed to hear; what i wanted to be told#that's why it is on occasion a little... unfair to aang perhaps (although i think that's more in the writing than the intent)#i was dealing with the end of that kind of relationship - where he wasn't evil and it wasn't bad but we were just *wrong* for one another#and he wanted to get back together and i may even have said to a friend at the time what katara does to iroh about 'i thought he was ready#to be frienda again. *i* was ready to be friends again.'#and especially the last chapter was me writing out what i needed to believe. i distinctly recall thinking 'maybe this is too idealistic.'#before deciding that if ever there was a time for ideals it was that moment. i *needed* the ideals. i *needed* that katara.#and that's clearly resonated with a lot of people and that makes my heart so full i don't even know how to respond#art is how we connect with one another; it's how we survive these trials and help each other through#art is always valuable if only for its sake#i'm trying so hard to get into writing again but mostly what i've been finishing is essays like this. and i suppose that's enough for now#but i need to create again; to express. i have this scream swelling in my chest and it needs to get out and be heard.
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uncanny-tranny · 7 months ago
Some of y'all are truly uncritically transphobic toward trans men and it's kinda disgusting.
I see y'all calling a trans guy's chest "mutilated" or "gross" after his top surgery. I see y'all making fun of our voices, or the way we don't (or can't) pass, or calling our facial hair "neckbeards," or making fun of our sexualities, or just because we're existing as we naturally are.
Trust me when I say trans men see your infantilization of us and how you'll treat us as broken women or how you'll only recognize us but only when we're able to be weaponized. Or how we're erased from history and from narratives of trans liberation.
I see how our transness gets erased to call us gross for being men, or how our status as men is erased to call us confused, broken women.
Transphobia toward trans men hurts the entire community. An injustice for one of us is an injustice for us all.
Please reblog, but don't belittle trans mens' real experiences or our experiences with transphobia.
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bearfacerp · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
CELESTE MONET  → 32  ●  dancer  ●  fire  ●  evanna lynch
breakdown: cece is a sweet canadian angel baby who seems to always get mixed up in the wrong things. she’s been a dancer since she was little, but took up being a sugar baby at the age of 18 to pay the bills. at the age of 27 being a sugar baby became her main thing because she was injured so badly that she had to quit dance for a bit. she recently was able to quit sugaring and has become a dance teacher while also dancing with the new orleans dance company. while she looks like a very sweet woman, she has a knack for affiliating with criminals: her sister runs an underground gambling ring, her fake ex’s ex is a local gang leader, she is sleeping with a gang leader of another gang at times, and the woman she’s infatuated with is very big in the white collar crime rings. 
plots: her biggest thing on the horizon is she’s finally going to open her own dance studio. she’s found the perfect place and is planning on opening a joint jazz and burlesque club up in the upstairs. she needs a staff and a right hand wo/man. she is also really needing a love interest in the near-ish future. someone that shows her what it means to actually be in a healthy relationship
Tumblr media
RYDER JONES  → 31  ●  major league baseball pitcher  ●  air  ●  justin h. min
breakdown: ryder is almost the classic introvert. he grew up in the united kingdom foster care system and kept his head down. he worked hard and was able to earn his way into harvard where he discovered baseball. while he graduated with a degree in linguistics, he went on to play for the majors. he has a hard time connecting with fans and sometimes they think he’s pretentious and snobishes because of it. once you get under and around his many walls though he’s a nice guy. he can be a bit blunt so some have trouble with him because of that, but he doesn’t have a need to be liked. he has his small groups of friends and he’s good with that.
plots: the biggest thing that i’m wanting to explore with ryder in the next year is his dynamic with his teammates, meaning he needs teammates. he is very different than most of the other men he plays with so he has a hard time connecting. the coaches are trying to get the team to be more unified so they can play more like a team and ryder is struggling. exploring that dynamic and ryder being pushed to try and make an effort would be fun to develop him even more. on top of that, with him being greyasexual i would love to see if in the next year anyone can catch his fancy attraction wise or even connect with him in a romantic way (he’s demiromantic) because that’s not something he’s even prepared to hit him
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basementqueer19 · a month ago
*Oliver, very drunk*: Don’t tell Batsy this but I love you
Oliver: You’re the son I never wanted—
Roy: Hey!
Oliver: —expect Roy. I should have adopted him. I wanted him
Connor: Ummmm…
Oliver: Connor’s great to—love that kid. Should have been there for him when he was just a kid
Oliver: They’re all great
Oliver: But you—you annoy the fuck out of Bruce Wayne AND Batman
Oliver: I fuckin’ love you Todd
Jason: Okay did anyone get that on video?
*Mia raises her hand*
Jason: Great, I need to send it to Bruce the next time he annoys me
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