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I wish I could say I’m sorry for this but I’m not
To celebrate 501 followers on Tumblr (I technically surpassed 501 followers several days ago but OH WELL) I decided to do a 501st themed post for my mini Clones + Office quote series!! The altered quote popped into my head a couple weeks ago and I scrambled to put it in my notes app at like 2am sksjdjshs please enjoy the glimpse to the inside of my brain
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My boy
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Happy Fives Friday! 
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say with me, rex deserves a raise. 🔫 [ideia from: this post]
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The squad 💀
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Fifth Time’s the Charm
Pairing: Fives x female reader
Rating: M/E Explicit
Warnings: swearing, SMUT with explicit depictions of sex, oral sex (female receiving), p in v sex, unprotected sex (be safe in real life people)
Author’s Note: This is a joint project with the amazing @samrubio The art is her spectacular work and the writing is mine. I hope you all enjoy!
Fives Tinder Profile - Art by samrubio
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Fives, 26
ARC Trooper, Grand Army of the Republic
You know baby, once you go clone, you’ll never be alone 😉
1 parsec away
Books | Museums | Foodie | Animals | Dancing | Fitness | Holofilms | Grab a drink | Pod racing
1.83 meters tall
Hello beautiful! I’m a fun-loving guy who’s excited to meet you. When I’m not working hard to keep you safe from the Separatist threat, I’m ready to show you a great time. I spend so much time surrounded by my brothers that it’s always a real treat to spend time with a lovely woman. I love having new experiences and I hope you’ll be interested in showing me the places you like to visit. I enjoy a night out on the town, twirling you around a dance floor just as much as a quiet night in, cuddled up on your couch. I’m a true giver, your enjoyment is my enjoyment. Swipe right, sweetheart and I promise you won’t regret it!
Favorite Song: Butter by BTS
“Come on General, you promised to help me, you’re the only guy I know who’s got a woman, you know I just wanna find what you and Padmé have, you must have been a slick one to win her heart,” Fives cajoles.
“Alright fine, Fives, only because getting you a date will get you out of my hair,” Anakin agrees and plops down next to Fives where he’s sprawled out on the floor next to his bunk, comm in hand as he creates his profile.
“Ok, first, how old are you?” Fives inquires.
“26, wait, why do you need that?” Anakin looks at him exasperated.
“Well, I can’t put down that I’m 11 now, can I? But we look like we’re the same age so that’ll work,” Fives explains, “Ok, next, what are hobbies that women like?”
“Um, well, Padmé likes to read, she has a ton of books, oh, museums, she always wants to go to museums, and um, food? She always has these elaborate menus planned when she entertains,” Anakin looks a little sheepish as he can’t really admit to Fives that he has next to no experience with women.
“Oh, put down ‘animals’, women love it when you say you like cute animals,” Jesse pipes up, “You know I took that picture with a tooka and women can’t get enough of it.”
“You’re supposed to put down what you like to do Fives, not just what you want women to hear,” Dogma jumps into the conversation too.
“Oh, ok, ‘dancing’ because I’d like to take her to 79s and uh, I like to workout so how about ‘fitness’?” Fives suggests, as he receives several nods, he puts those into his profile too.
“Put ‘holofilms’ and ‘grab a drink’ because those are good dates,” Tup has wandered over to help out too now.
“Hey, put ‘pod racing’ too, Padmé loves watching me pod race,” Anakin states proudly.
“Ok, I think that looks like enough,” Fives says, “Now for the ‘get to know me’ part, I wanna sound fun but not too douchey.”
“Good luck with that,” Jesse laughs and thumps Fives’ shoulder.
“Shut up!” Fives lobs a boot in Jesse’s direction.
“Alright so I wanna have some compliments, let her know I’m up for letting her pick what we do… um, what else?” Fives wonders as he types.
“Oh, the letting them pick what to do is good, women just want to tell you what to do, mostly,” Anakin agrees, thinking of how Padmé shot down his last three ideas for a romantic date night. Who’s to say that watching a Gamorrean wrestling match isn’t romantic?
“You gotta put in something that alludes to sex but doesn’t actually talk about sex,” Jesse tells him.
“What? Like a code or something?” Fives isn’t sure what he means.
“Nah, like something that’s a little suggestive but could be interpreted in a couple different ways,” Jesse wiggles his eyebrows as he says this.
“Ah, gotcha, hmmm… Oh! I know!” Fives types some more, “Who knew you were so good at this?”
Jesse just looks smug, “Hey sometimes you just got it.”
“Lemme see what you have,” Anakin reaches for the comm and reads it over carefully, “Ok, yeah, this is good.”
“So hit submit already and let’s see these ladies,” Jesse tells the general.
“Hey, we’re finding me a date, not you,” Fives retorts, getting his comm back from Anakin, “Alright, here goes nothing.” He hits submit and hears a celebratory ding as his profile has now been added to the app.
He starts to review the different profiles that pop up, he has a wide smile on his face as he looks at each one and then swipes right.
“Are you just picking all of them?” Anakin asks, a little taken aback.
“They’re all so beautiful and they sound so sweet, so yeah,” Fives says.
Tup has been looking over his shoulder the whole time, “They are really pretty, maybe I should make a profile?”
“Do it and we can double date,” Fives urges
“Oooh, look at her,” Jesse points to the comm at another woman whose profile is now displayed.
“She’s gorgeous, and she’s a page at the senate so you know she must be smart, oh but she sounds friendly too, and look, she likes a lot of my same hobbies, she’s perfect,” Fives gets a goofy smile on his face as he reviews her profile. He touches the star symbol, “Definitely a super like!”
You hear a ding on your comm and see the notice that you have a super like on Tinder. Intrigued, you decide to open the app and see if you can figure out who it might be. So far, this app has been more of a disappointment than you originally hoped. You’ve had four dates from here, all of them disastrous. Yet still, your hopeless romantic heart keeps you on there, still trying. You scroll through the usual group of politicos and administrators that you always seem to match with thanks to your job with the Galactic Senate, but then you land on a clone trooper profile and see the little animation indicating that he’s your super like.
“Ooh! Who’s that? He’s hot.” Your roommate Lila glances over your shoulder at your comm.
“A clone trooper named Fives, according to this we’re a perfect match,” you tell her, a little skeptical sounding after your other results with Tinder.
“Not just any trooper, an ARC trooper, that means he’s top notch,” Lila points out.
You peruse his profile more carefully; he sounds a touch cocky but sweet underneath it all. And as for his holos, whew, he definitely has it in the looks department. That one of him with just his helmet has your jaw dropping open to say the least.
“I’ve never dated a trooper before,” you mull it over, “But might be a nice change.” Deciding to take the chance, you swipe right.
Almost immediately a chat notification from Fives pops up on your comm.
Thanks for swiping right, beautiful!
You’re welcome, thanks for the super like.
My pleasure, it’s so nice to meet you.
It’s nice to meet you too. So, you’re an ARC Trooper? What does that mean exactly? Also thank you so much for your service to the Republic. We all owe you so much.
It stands for Advanced Recon Commando, it means I go on the more dangerous or challenging missions. And thank you, sweetheart, that’s so nice of you to say.
Wow, that’s impressive!
Thank you, but it doesn’t sound as impressive as working for the senate. You must be really smart. Smart and gorgeous!
Awww, thanks, you’re making me swoon with all those nice compliments.
I’m glad, sweetheart. So, is it too soon to ask you out? I have to be honest this is my first time on here and I don’t know how this usually works.
No, it’s not too soon, honestly, I think I’d rather meet in person sooner anyway, see if we have chemistry in person.
That’s great, I’d really like that. Are you free tonight? I’ll take you anywhere you’d like to go, honey.
You pause for a moment, doubting yourself. Is it too soon? Should you talk to him for a bit more first?
“Oh, come on, what are you waiting for? Go out with the guy, besides who knows how long he’ll be here on Coruscant? You don’t want to miss your chance,” Lila has been hovering the whole time, making encouraging comments during your whole back and forth with Fives.
“Where should we go? I’m so hopeless at this,” you tell her.
“There’s that page party,” she suggests.
“Eh, that might be too loud for a get-to-know-you date,” you shrug and try to wrack your brain for ideas.
“Take him to Café Momo, Jax and I are going there tonight, and we’ll be your stealthy backup just in case,” she replies.
Do you know Café Momo? Do you want to meet me there at 19:00?
That’s perfect! I’ll see you there. Until then, beautiful 😘
“Yay!” Lila does a little happy dance around the room.
“I’m glad you’re so excited,” you laugh at her enthusiasm, although inside you’re feeling just as thrilled.
“I am, it could be the start of something great!” she declares.
“I guess fifth time’s the charm, eh?” you joke.
“Ha, because he’s Fives? You’re a riot,” she dissolves into giggles.
“Come on, help me pick out an outfit!” You tug on her sleeve as you drag her into your room.
“Success!” Fives punches the air, excited.
“I can’t believe how fast you got her to say ‘yes’,” Jesse sounds impressed.
“Hey, some of us have got it and some of us don’t,” Fives responds, smirking at his brother.
“Whatever, idiot, better go scrub that ass of yours so she doesn’t get repelled by your stink,” Jesse retorts.
Fives sniffs at his blacks, “Hmm, good idea.”
You arrive at the café with Lila and her boyfriend, Jax, but you wait five minutes outside after they enter so it won’t look like you brought friends with you to your date. No reason to make Fives feel intimidated right from the start. When you’re ready, you take a deep calming breath and say a little prayer to the Maker before going in. You spot Fives right away. He’s in his uniform with his helmet sitting on the table in front of him and he’s clutching a bouquet of pink flowers in his hand. He looks charmingly nervous as he spots you and stands up.
“Hi, beautiful,” he greets you with a wide smile, “These are for you.” He thrusts the flowers in your direction and winks at you. He’s even more good looking in person and that has to be the nicest smile you’ve ever seen.
“Wow, thank you, that’s so nice of you, no one’s ever actually brought me flowers on the first date before,” you tell him, taking the bouquet and returning his smile. It’s a sweet old-fashioned gesture and one that you appreciate more than you thought you would have.
“Really? Well, I’m glad I’m the first,” Fives steps close to pull out a chair for you to sit down. You wonder if all the clone troopers are this well-mannered, did they have etiquette lessons on Kamino?
After a server droid comes by to take your order, you settle in and make the usual first date small talk with Fives. It all seems to be going well, until you realize you’ve been doing almost all the talking, telling him about where you grew up, your friends, and your job. You figure you shouldn’t let the conversation be too one-sided so you decide to ask him about the hobbies from his profile.
“So, are you reading any good books?” you ask, hoping to see if you have similar literary tastes or to see if you can get a good recommendation for something new.
“Oh, um, nothing right now, it’s kind of hard sometimes to keep up with a book with my missions and all,” Fives looks a little sheepish as he tells you this.
“Oh, sure, I get it. Well, do you have a favorite book or author?” you try again.
“Uh, I like mystery books? I’m not good with titles, what about you?” he seems a touch cagey as he answers and then appears relieved when you start talking about your favorite romance writer. You’re a little disappointed in his lack of a good answer, but he’s listening to you very intently as you describe your favorite series, and he asks several questions about it so at least there’s that.
“I’ll have to check out those novels, they sound very romantic,” he tells you, and he looks so sincere that you believe he really will.
“Well, what’s something else that you enjoy, oh, I know, you mentioned museums in your bio, are there any in particular that you like?” you look at him expectantly.
Fives gives you a slightly panicked look as he replies, “Art? museums?”
“Are you sure about that?” You’re not quite sure why he seems so nervous talking about his hobbies.
Fives nods and smiles again.
“Well, is there a type of art you really enjoy?” You’re starting to feel a bit annoyed; it shouldn’t be so hard to get him to talk about himself.
“Paintings are nice,” he tells you. You wait for him to elaborate, but he doesn’t say anything else. You sigh internally and think of what else you might talk about.
“O-K, um, what else… uh, what about holofilms, have you seen anything good lately?” you ask, searching for something relatively easy to talk about.
“Oh, yeah, uh… there was that one about the girl and her boyfriend… uh, you know?” Fives looks at you almost desperately as he describes what has to be the most generic holofilm ever.
You let out an audible sigh now, this isn’t going well. You can’t tell if it’s him or if it’s you. Maybe he doesn’t really want to tell you anything about himself. He might just be looking for a quick hook-up like so many others on the app. This is starting to feel like your other bad dates, and you look away for a moment, trying not to show him your disappointment too directly.
Fives watches your face and can see you’re totally frustrated with him; he’s blowing it and he’s not sure what to do. The whole reason he wanted to try dating for real was to find something more than the usual one night stands he’s had in the past. Those were basically random hook-ups with any woman who gave him the right look in 79s. But you seem different, you wanted to go out with him not just because he’s decent looking but because you thought he shared your interests. Before he knows what he’s doing, he just blurts out,
“I’m sorry, I’m an idiot, I have no idea how to act on a first date, I had my friends help me write that bio because I wanted to meet a woman who liked to do all those things, because they sound like a lot of fun, and well, I haven’t had a chance to do that kind of stuff, it’s just my life is all GAR and the war, and I’m great at my job, but I want more, you know, I want someone who can show me that stuff, I wanna find someone who likes teaching me about it all, someone who can show me that it’s all worth fighting for.”
After that monologue, Fives looks at you with an open and honest expression that makes you want to tear up. All of your earlier frustration with him is gone, instead your heart breaks for the man in front of you who just wants to have a little fun in his life, and he seems to want to do it with you. Gently, you place your hand in his and you give it a little squeeze. He looks at you with hopeful, puppy dog eyes.
“Fives, why didn’t you just tell me that from the start? I like what you said just now, and all I really want is for you to be honest with me,” you reply. You smile at him, and your eyes are softer now.
“I figured you wouldn’t be interested if I didn’t have hobbies that you liked and I don’t even know if the app would have shown me your profile if it didn’t consider us a ‘good match’,” he looks a bit ashamed and he scratches the back of his neck sheepishly, “I just wanted to go on a real date for once with a smart and pretty woman, someone really special, like you.”
“You think I’m really special?” you ask, touched that he thinks so.
“Absolutely, sweetheart,” Fives tells you and he squeezes your hand to punctuate his words.
“Thank you, Fives, that’s very sweet of you to say,” you pause as your throat is feeling a little tight, “No one’s ever said anything like that to me.” You smile at him and look into those gorgeous golden-brown eyes of his.
“Well, it’s about time someone told you so,” Fives gives you a wink and another million-credit smile.
“I think you’re special too,” you say, feeling your face heat slightly as you look at him.
“Yeah, there’s only one of me in three million, sweetheart,” he chuckles.
You laugh with him, and you think about how much fun it could be to show this sweet soldier around Coruscant, let him experience your little slice of life.
“Do you want to do something else tonight?” you ask.
“Sure, what did you have in mind?” Fives looks eager.
“Well, there’s this late-night art museum we can go to,” you tell him and watch some of the eagerness slide from his face.
“If that’s what you’d like to do, I’m happy to take you there,” he responds politely.
You laugh again, “I’m joking with you, silly, just wanted to see your face.”
“I’d still take you if that’s what you want to do,” he insists, sweetly.
“I think you would, wouldn’t you?” You give him an appraising look and smile, “Nah, you wanna go to a party instead?
“Yeah, I do!” His enthusiasm is back and with a subtle nod to Lila and Jax, you collect your things and head for the door.
The party is your typical overcrowded apartment bash with no food and too much alcohol. People are here to just let loose and relax after a long week at work, and thinking more about what Fives told you, you’re glad you decided to bring him here. In his uniform, Fives is an automatic celebrity, and everyone is thrilled to meet him. He kindly poses for various holos for people’s social profiles. You watch him amused as he seems tickled by the attention; you suppose he’s not used to being a novelty. After shaking hands and doing several shots with his new fan club, you decide you’re ready for some one-on-one time with your date and you ask him to dance.
“Oh yeah, I’d love to, honey!” Fives takes your hand and leads you over to the area that has been designated the dance floor. It’s crowded so you’re dancing really close to him. He puts his hands on your hips, guiding them slightly to move with his.
“You have good moves, Fives,” you lean in closer so you can speak right into his ear. He takes advantage of that to put his arms around your waist and hold you tight to his body. Even pressed up against his armor you can feel the strength of his body beneath it.
“So do you,” Fives tells you and he lazily grinds his hips into yours.
You smile up at him and see he has this sexy little grin on his face, a bit cocky, but the confidence he has is attractive.
“You have a great smile, Fives, and you’re really handsome too.” He’s been so generous with the compliments to you tonight, you feel like he should get to hear how attractive you find him.
You swear you see a slight flush cross his cheeks as he replies, “Thank you, gorgeous, I’m glad you think so.”
Fives is having an incredible time, after he was so sure this date was heading towards disasterville, it’s now turning out to be better than he could have imagined. He chalks it up to you being so sweet and understanding. Thank the Maker you were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt! He holds you close as you dance and he’s subtly moving you over to a darkened corner of the apartment. With as crowded as this party is, it’s easy for him to get you backed up against a wall. He looks down at you and he leans in, resting a hand next to your head while the fingers of his other hand trace your jaw to your chin.
“I’d like to kiss you,” he says, his eyes darting to your lips before they look deep into your own.
“I’d like that too,” you reply, a touch breathless already as he looms over you all big and broad, and you tug him in closer with a hand on his waist. Fives closes the distance between you and captures your lips with his. His kiss is soft and tender at first, but when his tongue brushes against your lips and you open your mouth, the kiss quickly turns fiery. When you finally break apart, your face is heated, and you feel almost drunk from the passion of his kisses.
“Do you wanna come home with me?” You hear yourself ask him.
“I’d love that, if you’re sure?” Fives cups your cheek in one of his large hands as he looks at you to be certain this is what you really want.
“Yes, I am,” you tell him, and you kiss him again, showing him how much you want it.
During the short airtaxi ride to your place, you and Fives share a few kisses and you both let your hands wander a bit. Normally you’d be embarrassed to be so forward in public, but there’s something about Fives that makes you not care at all. It’s fun and sexy and you just want to enjoy it.
When you finally get into your apartment, Fives wastes no time in pushing you up against the door as soon as it’s closed so he can kiss you more passionately now while also trying to find the entrances to your clothing. You put a hand on his chest and pull away from his lips for just a bit.
“Hang on there, trooper, we just got inside, let’s go to my room, first,” you tell him with a soft chuckle.
He nudges your nose with his as he kisses you once more and then says, “Can’t help it, you’re just so sexy.”
You take his hand and lead him to the bedroom, this time though you both take a moment to look at each other. His eyes are shining at you, and he looks so handsome with his lips slightly swollen from your kisses.
“You’re so beautiful, and smart and funny, I’m just so happy to have met you, thanks for giving me a chance,” Fives says as his hands cup your face.
“Thanks for giving me a chance too, Fives,” you reply sincerely.
Fives kisses you again, softly this time, before he steps back so he can remove his armor. You watch with eager eyes and a small smirk pulls up at the corner of his mouth.
“You like what you see, sweetheart?” he asks as he slowly peels his skin tight black undershirt from his body. You gawk openly at his well-muscled chest and defined abs.
“You’re the most incredible looking man I’ve ever seen,” you tell him and without thinking your tongue comes out to wet your lips. You can’t tear your eyes away from him as he shimmies his pants from his hips, and you see him in all his well-endowed manly glory.
“I’m surprised your helmet was big enough to cover you,” you quip at him.
Fives laughs at that, and then winks at you, “Just barely, baby.” He looks you up and down suggestively.
“Do you want me to make love to you with your clothes on or do you think you might take them off too?” Fives jokes with you and your mesmerized expression. You laugh at your own thirstiness and then make quick work of your own clothes until you get down to your bra and panties and Fives catches your hand stopping you.
“Let me take these off,” he says, his voice sounding huskier than before.
With practiced ease, Fives unhooks your bra one-handed and then slowly slides the straps down before removing it all together. He leans down and kisses across the tops of your breasts as his hands come up to cup you. Tenderly his kisses trail down your chest until he sucks one nipple into his hot mouth while his fingers brush over the other, working it into a tight bud. Your fingers card through his hair and you let out a soft moan. Fives nibbles lightly on your delicate peak before switching to the other and repeating the same delightful stimulation. His free hand has started making its way down your body, and when he slides his fingers into your panties and gently rubs light circles around your clit, you let out a mewling sound and your legs wobble from how amazing it feels.
“Maybe you should lie down for this next part?” Fives suggests as he drags your panties down your hips and off your legs.
Eager for more of his wonderful touch, you climb up on the bed and spread your legs to make room for him in between. For a moment, Fives just stares at you and then he crawls onto the bed, slotting his shoulders between your legs so his face is right in front of your pussy. He smiles up at you, giving you another wink before diving in to lick a path from the bottom of your damp folds to the very top where he swirls his tongue around that sensitive nub. You let your head fall back and another moan passes through your lips. You swear you can feel Fives smile against you as his mouth explores every inch of your cunt. His tongue, lips, and teeth move against you in such a way that you are trembling from the sheer pleasure of it all. And when he sucks your clit into his mouth hard, you arch your back and whimper loudly in your pleasure.
“You taste so delicious, sweetheart, I can’t get enough of you,” Fives tells you before flicking your clit with his tongue. While all you can do is moan his name in response, he starts circling your entrance with his fingertip. Gradually, he slides one long digit into your tight passage, pumping it deep, before he carefully adds a second finger.
“Mmm, you’re so wet for me, I’m going to get you nice and ready to take me.” His fingers are moving faster now, and you can feel your pleasure mounting, his fingers and mouth pushing you closer and closer to your climax with each movement. Finally, Fives sucks hard on your clit again and curls his fingers to brush on that special spot and you’re falling apart for him. You tug hard at his hair as you cum and cry out his name so loudly the neighbors are sure to hear it. Tenderly he licks at you as you return to yourself and when he pops his head up to look at you, he looks almost drunk with pleasure himself.
“That was amazing, Fives, I’ve never had it feel so intense like that with someone for the first time,” you confess, and then you grab at him, “Come up here, I wanna make you feel that incredible.”
He scoots up the bed until he’s lying next to you, he props himself up on one arm to look down at you with a lopsided smile, “You’re already making me feel incredible, sweetheart, just seeing how responsive you are to me makes my night.”
You’re about to scoot down the bed to return the favor, but he’s already rolling over on top of you, caging you in between his large arms. He dips his head down to kiss you again before moving to kiss your neck. You can feel him hard and throbbing against your thigh. You slide your legs up around his hips and tell him, “I want you, Fives.”
Fives groans as he finally pushes himself into your hot, tight, wet heat. He goes slow because he knows how large he is, and he doesn’t want to hurt you. Maker though, you have him so hard and excited he has to grit his teeth to keep from embarrassing himself like a shiny. He closes his eyes just for a moment as he eases back out of you, and then opens them to look into your beautiful face as he works his way into the hilt. When he’s all the way in he holds himself there letting you adjust to him. You look overwhelmed so he softly kisses you again distracting you. “You’re doing so well, honey,” he praises you before kissing you again.
The feeling of Fives stretching you open is sublime and you gasp as he’s finally all the way inside you. You wait for him to start moving, but he just stays there, kissing you. You listen to his tender words and then you rock your hips against his and squeeze your inner muscles tight around him. When he lets out a low groan, you feel a surge of feminine pride.
“You feel so good, Fives, but I want you to move, please,” you implore him.
Fives responds by gliding back out of you slowly, keeping only the head of his cock inside you before he thrusts back in, faster this time. When you moan out in bliss, he smiles wide and starts to set a steady pace.
“Oh sweetheart, you’re so good, take me so well, and so damn pretty too,” Fives sweet-talks you the entire time he’s pumping into you. It’s like he knows exactly how to touch you and what to say to make you swoon for him, the way he angles his hips has him hitting the perfect spot each time and he keeps whispering the sexiest things in your ear. When his fingers find your clit again, you’re throwing your head back into the pillow and arching your neck. Fives takes advantage of that to nibble and kiss your throat all while continuing to thrust into you.
“Fives! Fuck! You’re gonna make me cum again,” you cry out to him.
“Good, that’s it, honey, let it happen, let yourself go for me,” he tells you as he watches you.
As much as he loved pleasuring you with his mouth, now he has a front-row view to see your lovely face as your orgasm overtakes you. He watches every little expression cross your face and he’s simply mesmerized by it. He’s so far gone in watching you that his own climax is almost a surprise to him. His hands grip your hips tightly and he holds you close as he fills you with his release. He feels a sense of total contentment flood his body and he gently rocks his hips riding out the last flutters of your orgasm.
“Fives, that… was… phenomenal… you’re phenomenal,” you’re still panting as you drift back down from your high. He stays deep inside you as he rolls to his side and clutches you to him.
“You are the phenomenal one, sweetheart,” Fives says before he kisses you again. He stays wrapped up in you for a few minutes before carefully pulling away and heading to your ‘fresher. When he returns, he has a warm, damp cloth and he tenderly cleans between your legs as he continues to tell you how wonderful you were.
When he comes back to the bed, he hesitates for a moment until you motion for him to get back in. He lets a happy sigh out when you snuggle up to him and place your head on his chest. Your fingers are absentmindedly drawing little patterns on his skin.
“Would it be alright if I stay the night?” Fives asks, his voice hopeful.
“I’d like that a lot,” you tell him.
He beams at you and starts to play with your fingers, “I really like you, and I don’t want this to be just a one-time thing, I want to spend more time with you, if you’d let me.”
“I feel the same way, Fives, how much time do you have here on Coruscant?” you ask.
“Three more days,” he says.
“Well let’s make them the best three days ever,” you vow to him and kiss him sweetly before you drift off to sleep.
Four days later, you’re standing in a GAR hangar trying to say good-bye to Fives. You’ve had an incredible time with him, and you can’t believe all this happened because of Tinder. You feel like one of those urban fairy tales that girls always tell each other. He even made a show out of deleting his profile in front of you so you would know he was serious about you.
“Remember you’ll send me a comm at least once a day if you can, right?” He’s asking you.
“Yes, of course,” you promise.
“And don’t be shy with the holos,” he tells you too with a cheeky wink.
“Same to you, handsome,” you reply, “Besides now that your profile is gone on Tinder, how can I see all those great pics?”
“Oh, didn’t you check my contact info in your comm?” He raises an eyebrow at you.
You open your contacts and scroll to his. Not only has he added a bunch of photos for you, including those original ones, he’s also made some changes to the contact text. It now reads:
             Fives, ARC Trooper Boyfriend
             Notes: Hobbies include hugging, kissing, touching, and loving you
As you let out a happy ‘aww’ sound, he pulls you to him, bends you over his arm, and kisses you passionately.
When he breaks the kiss, you tell him, “You know, Fives, I think this is going to work out perfectly, according to your hobbies, we have so much in common, we're a super match.”
“Oh, you know it, sweetheart!” He laughs and kisses you again.
Thanks for reading!
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spicysucculentz · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
today was senior skip day but instead of doing anything interesting I sat outside and drew Fives. a day well spent
pls ignore how horrendous the portrait in the top right is I haven’t drawn a face in months
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waterlily707 · 2 months ago
What do their wings look like unfurled all the way?!
Tumblr media
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sleepy-tog · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Clonetober Day 5: Favorite Duo!
If y’all know anything about me, it’s that Fives and Echo are my top favorite pair of clones. I just love them a lot dude. They deserve the world.
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bobas-tea · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
A little Fives practice based on the vibes of @book-of-baba-fett 's A Lucky Hand
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zen-doodles · 7 months ago
Goodbye Ain't Forever. Fives Fanart Piece
Tumblr media
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anchorsnook · a year ago
Tumblr media
Here's an illustration I'm actually really proud of. I penned this last semester in my sketchbook, but finally decided to digitally color it in. If you like it, I post more consistently on my instagram @comicoffii
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drawingkatherines · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
pov: fives and echo have telekinesis because they’re arc twins
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useless-info-for-hours · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I stay drawing clones
This time it’s fives <3
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pinkiemme · a year ago
A date with Fives
A/N: POV Fives takes you out on a date, I added a little Drabble to go with the drawing!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fives had been planing this “date” for days. He called it a date, while you laughed at him and refused to admit you actually thought it was a date too.
So when he finally goes to you, stripped of his armor, dressed with his blacks and some jeans, you start to get really nervous. He flirted a lot with you, but you tried to think nothing of it, he probably flirted with everyone. Despite of your tries, everytime he looked at you with that blashful smile of his, your heart skipped a beat.
So when he came to get you, giggling to himself and grabbing your hand on your way out, you couldn’t help the way you bit your lip anxiously, a welcomed knot forming on your stomach. 
After a while you both arrive to someplace stunning, a giant ice field with the most amazing mountains surrounding it. You can hear people laughing and having fun trying to ice skate.
You turn around to ask Fives how did he know about this place, only to find him with his arms extended and the most big smile on his lips, his eyes full of happiness an another emotion you weren’t ready to decipher just yet.
You laugh and grab the hand he now extends towards you, and you crash on his chest when he tugs you to him. You can feel his laugh rumbling against you, and you’re sure you couldn’t feel happier.
Maybe you throw your arms around his neck, and maybe your breaths mix for a moment, your heart skipping a beat or two, and then he kisses you, letting you feel his smile against your lips.
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candycorncrave · 3 months ago
If you’re up for a request, could you please draw some more Kix? I absolutely love how he looks in your style! 💙
Tumblr media
TYSM FOR THE REQUEST and I'm sorry I didn't get to this sooner! Tumblr buried it in my notifications pfft. I hope these are to your satisfaction! We love our space pirate medic
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frankiescap · 7 months ago
Tumblr I give you a gift.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you for listening to my Ted talk.
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caitibroon · a year ago
Call me Fives.
Tumblr media
Finally finished painting my favourite trooper, he was a lot of fun 🖌❤
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waterlily707 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Hmm life could be dream 
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