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i had so many tests last week ugh :/ i’m so ready for a break. i’m also experimenting with photo style and editing so don’t unfollow me pls

🎧: hamilton soundtrack by lin manuel miranda

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15th october 2020

day 9 of @myhoneststudyblr’s studyblr community challenge!

what is the worse thing about studyblr in your opinion?

i think the standards of running a studyblr has been twisted. people tell you (or at least they give the impression) that you need to have nice handwriting, the most expensive stationery and pretty notes to run a studyblr. but that’s simply not true.

all you need is a tumblr account and boom, you can have a studyblr. you don’t need to post pretty pictures of your notes (or any pictures at all in fact) to tell people that you studied; you don’t need the most expensive stationery to “fit in”; you don’t even need nice handwriting to run a studyblr.

what really matters is your will to study and better yourself. every other materialistic thing is just a plus, if you wish to indulge yourself, and is not necessary in running a studyblr.

i’ve personally fallen into this trap myself and it messes with your self-esteem because no matter how many new pens you buy or how neat your notes are, you will never feel good enough compared to the “ideal version” of a studyblr.

so don’t put pressure on yourself to “fit in” with the rest by buying a ton of stationery or changing your handwriting or following a certain “aesthetic”. just be you and people will come to accept you for it ❤

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The end of my crunch time is coming. I just have one more assignment that would ordinarily be done by now and then I’ll be back on track for my school assignments. Since I’ve been spending so much time doing 100% studying and assignments, I’ve taken to more reading and doing things with my hands in my downtime. I don’t really have enough time for novels, but I’ve been listening to Poem a Day on Spotify and looking through books in small bursts. The second photo is a page from this book called Women in Science by Rachel Ignotofsky. The book is great, I’ve learned a lot about the history of science in general, as well as important figures I never would have known otherwise. The woman in this photo is Annie Easley, who worked at NASA before it was even called NASA! She developed software for the Centaur rocket and did a lot of other cool things as well.

Fall 2020 Quarantine Challenge: What are you proud of today?

I did some good prep for my exam today! I also managed to do everything else on my to-do list as well, instead of letting the exam prep take up all my time and cause stress.

Listening to: the Bay Curious Podcast episode about the affirmative action proposition in California

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6-12/100 days of mild productivity

right, first of all can we please ignore my awkward claw hand - nobody told me it would be so feckin difficult to hold up a notebook with one hand. studyblr, i love you, but you have betrayed me.

okay SO sorry for doing a lil’ disappearing act on you, but i’m on a mildly productive train to academic mediocrity and i am totally cool with that. plus i’ve been walking a lot.

not gonna give you bullet points for every day of the week because they’re pretty much all the same and not massively interesting.

i’m wondering about doing a weekly post rather than daily for 100 days of mild productivity. rest assured that all my days are at least mildly productive but, because of that, i don’t generally have studyblr tier photos every day. so, in true mild fashion, a weekly post seems more realistic.

have a great (and mildly productive!!) week,

stay safe x

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biology! i’ve really only been doing practice questions for all my subjects since exams are coming up, none of which are ✨aesthetic✨ but i’m excited to document my language learning journey once these big exams are all over!

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Relying on Khan Academy again to learn new concepts. I wish I could personally give Sal Khan an award.

He’s almost singlehandedly taught me everything I wanted to know since I was literally 9 years old. I’m more than halfway done with completing my engineering degree, and still learning from his excellent content. It’s weird/poetic to think I sat in front of the computer and learned basic algebra from him when I was still losing my baby teeth, learned physics from him as an (edgy) teenager, and am learning from him as a nearly-fully-grown-adult engineering student 300+ miles away from home.

All for free.

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Today is the last day of my “observation and record-keeping of seed germination” assignment from my horticulture class. It was very on-brand for my university, we grew corn and beans XD

I’ve learned a lot about ongoing university research through this class and it’s been so exciting to learn about what goes on in the buildings (and even outside! there’s whole research fields! literal fields with plants and cows) other than the engineering ones I’m familiar with.

spell-studies Fall 2020 Challenge: Do you read motivational books?

Sometimes. If they focus solely on the reader the book probably won’t draw my interest, but a lot of motivational books share stories of people who have accomplished cool things. If I’m interested in the person’s story I’ll probably pick it up. A lot of my favorite biographies could be considered motivational, in that sense.

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This could be a fun tag thing? Shout out some media that inspires you and tag some people!

I’m currently studying computer engineering and I’m interested in space systems. I think people who want to know more about those would enjoy:

  • The Innovators by Walter Isaacson, a book about teams that pushed the early days of computing forward
  • Roving Mars by Steve Squyres, a book that tells the story of the development of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers through the eyes of the lead scientist
  • High Score, a Netflix series about early video games and the people who made them

@lastbenchpapers, @aztrolab, @lattesandlearning, @motivatedstingray, and anyone else who sees this, feel free to add on with your own areas!

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