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number5theboy · 21 days ago
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➤ Vanya & Five + parallels
[ID: An 18-piece-gifset of Vanya and Five Hargreeves from the TV-adaptation of the Umbrella Academy. The gifset showcases 9 story beats both siblings hit in their similar character arcs where them being isolated, incredibly powerful, and taken advantage of pushes them to become the most destructive, most reckless, most deadly version of themselves - a version that is both abhorrent and liberating to them. End ID.]
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shizuoi · a month ago
❤️love train! Send this to all the blogs you love! Don’t forget to spread the love!❤️
Tumblr media
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feralnumberfive · a month ago
❤️love train! Send this to all the blogs you love! Don’t forget to spread the love!❤️
Ahhh thank you!! I also hope that you're doing well! 😊
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hargreeving · 8 months ago
for the umbrella ask game! 💄 📣 ⚡
💄 What’s your favourite Allison moment?
— Probably every fight/action scene Allison had. She’s such a badass when she’s fighting. But topping that was in Season 2, Episode 1 when they were having a meeting for the sit-in, then Mason entered the scene which ended with his face on the ground (of course with this, was the sit-in at Stadtler’s, that scene, chilling.)
📣 What’s an underrated scene you wish more people appreciated?
— I’m not sure if these scenes were underrated because I’ve only been here for a few months. But on the top of my head,
Vanya and Sissy’s Last Scene (”So, what, you’’re scared of me now? that what this is?”).
Allison’s letter to Ray.
Vanya and Diego’s soft sibling moment.
⚡ You have to live with one of the Hargreeves’ powers for a day, which one do you chose and why?
— Vanya’s powers, definitely. Vanya doesn’t know the extent of her own powers and I wanna explore that. I might have to move somewhere isolated and away from the city to avoid uhh...hurting people.
Thank you for the ask! You’re my fav five-vanya-klaus blog! <3 I hope you’re doing well!
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cemeteryklaus · 6 months ago
⭐️ put this star into the inbox of your favorite blogs. it’s time to spread positivity! ⭐️ (thanks for the chats, buddy!)
Ahhhhhh thank you!!🥰🥰
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iridescentides · 8 months ago
heya, dia! for the ask game: write a book with, read a book to, hit with a book. let's do some minor tua characters! the handler, pogo, annnnd claire?
AH HI ARTEMIS thank you for sending this 💜
for legal and moral reasons i cant hit a monkey or a child with a book so by default, hit the handler with a book, write a book with pogo bc he seems smart and well-read, and read a book to claire bc she is a kid
send me a modified fmk and i will love you forever
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ogaferoga · 9 months ago
happy birthday, tess! 🎈🎉❤️
thank you artemis!!!! 🕺😎🕺
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thelosthargreeves · 10 months ago
🍃🌺🌙If you receive this you make somebody happy. Go and send this to ten of your followers who make you happy or somebody you think needs cheering up. If you get it back even better 🌙🌺🍃👉👈 (btw love the holiday sidebar!)
aw tysm have a great day! this is so sweet:’) 
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supernovaa-remnant · 8 months ago
🎻 👱‍♀️ 👖 🔮 for tua ask game!
🎻 What’s your favourite Vanya moment? How to choose one? I really like all her scenes as the white violin, but I think one particular moment that stands out to me is when she apologized to Diego. She still had amnesia so she couldn’t fully grasp what she was apologizing for, but I really liked that step forward, and I’m really hoping for some apologies in season 3. 
👱‍♀️ Are you team Turn Grace Off or team Keep Grace On? I’m team Keep Grace On. I really like Grace’s character. I think that clash of her not being able to go against her programing and her love for the children is interesting, and I can’t help but wonder what little gestures slipped under the radar of her programming. Grace was having problems during the first part of the first season, but I wonder if there was a way to “fix” that part of her programming without turning her off first. 
👖 What’s your favourite outfit of season 2? Allison’s outfit in the season finale(as well as the opening fight). Part of the reason I like it so much is definitely the gloves. I think all of Allison’s outfits are fabulous, but I really like this one. It’s a bit flowy as well, which is something I definitely enjoy. 
🔮 What are your predictions for the show? Oooh. A very good question. I haven’t done a lot of serious speculation, but I am expecting some Hotel Oblivion. I’m predicting that there won’t be another apocalypse. I know some people are hoping Five will cause the apocalypse this time, and as cool as that may be, I think the apocalypse story line has run a bit dry. I feel like it’s been resolved. Something I think would be cool is if they can’t actually get back to their own timeline because that’s the timeline doomed to have an apocalypse. I think the loss of Claire could play a factor into it because Allison will want to do anything to get back to her daughter, but the apocalypse might be the only thing that awaits them.  Another prediction(more like a hope) is Diego and Vanya training together, and Allison and Five team-up, and more Luther and Klaus interaction! 
Thank you for the ask :)
TUA Ask Game
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capinejghafa · a month ago
Tumblr media
7k celebration & thank you!
first of all, thank you, also kind of wild that i reached this milestone. i truly appreciate to you all for just always being so kind and your comments (tags) always makes me smile. my mutals and followers just make being on here so much better, so thank you. to celebrate i wanted to do gif requests!
rules: must be following me | must reblog this post 
also, i primarily gif for the umbrella academy and shadow and bone. 
send a  💙 + ship (romantic / friendship / familial - no incest) / scene / character / quote 
i also wanted to take a moment to thank quite a bit of my mutals who have just inspiration, who’s blogs i love, and/or have been encouraging me irl. i really appreciate you all so much :)
@lilapittss @zavens @seance @inejz-ghafa @safinss @kazs-rietvelds @riietveld @rorigilmore @shaensss @crowbrekker @crow-club @ketterdarn @seance @allisonchestnuthargreeves @fivehargreve @pepperf @himbohargreeves @habibialkaysani @fivevanyaklaus @jameszmaguire @evakant @ogaferoga @panlyra @probiepanikkar @iridescentides @judsonryder @srslyimwriting @clarabosswald @924inlegend @wanderingrookie @marvinetta @housedanvers @cupcakesandtv @ofthedirewolves @inejsghafaa @el-hoppers @phantomofhogwarts @charlesxsavier @luciehercndale @maccahawk @ledomasdaniels
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number5theboy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Five: *says anything* the universe, coming after him with the baseball bat of dramatic irony:
[ID: A twelve-piece gifset, six rows of two, of Number Five from the Umbrella Academy, showcasing times his words came back to bite him in a dramatically ironic way. Row 1: 13-year-old Five insists he is ready to time-travel. He then immediately strands himself in an apocalyptic wasteland for 45 years. Row 2: Five, back with his family, bluntly tells Vanya that she’s ordinary. Later he is almost killed by Vanya’s powers, powerless to oppose her. Row 3: Five says that Hazel’s presence proves that the apocalypse is off. Not even 24 hours on, Five has to watch the world end twice in the span of ten minutes, in 2019 and in 1963. Row 4: Five bests Lila in a fight, calling her “entirely average”. It turns out that Lila is anything but average, and she gets the upper hand against him in the finale fight. Row 5: Five explodes at Diego for trusting Lila, saying that he’s “the Oswald of this story, the goddamned patsy” in her scheme. Of course, Five was the patsy in the Handler’s plan all along, the fall guy for a high-profile assassination, similar to Lee Harvey Oswald. Row 6: Five sarcastically asks whether it’s too late to be unadopted. The finale twist is that Reginald unadopts the Umbrella Academy. End ID.]
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shizuoi · 6 months ago
💗 Send this to the 12 nicest people you know or who seem to have a good heart and if you get 5 back you must be pretty awesome 🌿✨ 💓💝💖💓💝💗💝💓💖💖💓💗
artemis im  ♡♡♡♡♡♡ ahhhh you’re the best!!!! thank you for making my evening (even though you sent this like 4 days ago dsjklafbdkhgs)
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was tagged by: @fivevanyaklaus and @shizuoi​ to post my gifs before/after i color and sharpen them!! <3
this scene was so dark and i tried my best to do something about it:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this scene was SO YELLOW:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
look at the difference!! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
haha geraskier:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i don’t know who to tag, but i love getting tagged on these posts :’) 
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feralnumberfive · 8 months ago
interview tag game
rules: answer questions and tag x people you are contractually obligated to would like to get to know better! tagged by @fivevanyaklaus (Thanks a bunch!)
name: Pine (not really but shhh)
gender: Female
star sign: Sagittarius 
height: 5′6
time: 3:38 am CST
birthday: December 21st
favorite bands: The Beatles, AJR, Mother Mother, Panic! At The Disco, Rare Americans, ELO 
favorite solo artists: John Lennon, George Harrison, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga
song stuck in my head: Heart Of Glass by Blondie 
last movie: Wonder Woman 1984 
last show: Ghost Adventures 
when did i create this blog: October 1st, 2020
what do i post: The Umbrella Academy stuff 
last thing i googled: Josh’s Frogs. It’s the company where I got my Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. I’m tired of my fish dying on me so if that keeps happening I’m just going to get another cockroach
other blogs: @becauseitsmurderbynumbers It’s my Prodigal Son blog and I have a personal one but I don’t want to share that
do i get asks: Yes, and I love them all!
why i chose this url: Because I love Five being a feral old man
following: 82
followers: 506 on this blog, which is amazing. Thank you all so much. I love you all ♥️
average hours of sleep: Oh geez probably between 7-9 hours. I usually just let my Fitbit track it for me, which is usually around 7 hours. I am a horrible sleeper though
instruments: Bb clarinet, Bb bass clarinet, Eb contra alto clarinet  
what i’m wearing: Matching purple cat pjs with a lavender colored EAA sweatshirt and fuzzy socks 
dream job: Pilot of some sort. I like the idea of being a cargo pilot though 
dream trip: Going back to Seattle and or Oak Harbor, WA. I love it there
favorite food: I’m just going to say pizza cause I honestly don’t really know
nationality: American
favorite song: Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns
last book i read: The Making of The Umbrella Academy 
top three fictional universes i’d like to live in: HTTYD, Yellow Submarine/Pepperland, Star Trek
tagging: I'm tagging some of my newest followers :] Of course if any of you don’t want to do this you don’t have to at all @singingcroissants  @kingcharon  @baslliisk  @sxlkyicing  @autistic-zombie
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cemeteryklaus · 5 months ago
💗 Send this to the 12 nicest people you know or who seem to have a good heart and if you get 5 back you must be pretty awesome 🌿✨ 💓💝💖💓💝💗💝💓💖💖💓💗
Thank you babe!!💕💕
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iridescentides · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
hi friends! what a fucking year am i right??? not to sound cheesy but tumblr was genuinely such a safe and warm space for me this past year. there is no way for me to adequately explain how important the friends ive made on this site have been for my emotional wellbeing in a time when ive been largely isolated from my irl friends/activities. throughout 2020 this has been a place i could turn to confidently for encouragement, support, and good conversations. thank you all so much.
i wanna first give a special shoutout to the two amazing discord groups im a part of: Creatorhub and the GCWCA. through Creatorhub ive met so many incredible gifmakers, learned so many cool new things, and received so much love and support. in the GCWCA i get to gush about disney channel with people who really Get It™ and we all make each other laugh and smile. two amazing groups who have filled my year with so much joy.
so here it is!!! a friend appreciation post!!! to clarify: this is NOT just a laundry list of every single one of my mutuals (even though i do appreciate all of my mutuals) because i feel like that would be lacking authenticity and missing a personal touch. this is an appreciation post for a select group of people who, through their presence on my dash, kind messages, or just general support and enthusiasm, have noticeably positively impacted me in 2020. the people who i log onto this site for. people who i love to check on to see how theyre doing even if we dont talk that much, people who make my day by sliding into my inbox or DMs or tagging me in posts, and people who inspire me heavily with their creativity and passion. TLDR; if youre on this list you should feel special because you are!!!
a few extra special bud shoutouts before we get to the main list:
miranda @lizzie-mcguires​ for being a super supportive, very fun friend to me this year. you are so funny and kind and i dont know if you know exactly how much our friendship means to me. thanks for being one of my biggest cheerleaders and validating my niche disney opinions and introducing me to big time rush 😂
sima @filthyjanuary for being literally the funniest and most relatable person alive and just generally being so easy to talk to. you deserve nothing but good things in life 💙
saint @dindjharin for spreading unconditional love, support, and kindness. i cherish every single message you send me and each gift you have made me. im so glad we met this year.
emma @candicepatton​ BESTIE for being the sweetest nicest bestest person on this whole site, and for making my entire day with your tags and messages!!!
hiria @hiriahb for being my longest standing friend on this site. for showing so much enthusiasm in our conversations and talking to me so in depth about music. youre seriously the best and i cant even imagine tumblr without you.
other friends i appreciate so so much:
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currentlyonstandbi · a month ago
i was tagged by @katsstratford , thank u for the tag bestie 🙏❤
rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better!
three ships: i’m not huge on ships and have crippling observer effect when you ask me questions but uuuhh, Eve/Villanelle, Matt/Elektra, and Dick/Wally (i’ve been getting back into DC content lately don’t look at me)
last song: la paura del buio - måneskin
last movie: the suicide squad (2021)
currently reading: delusions of gender by cordelia fine
currently watching: the amazing spider-man on netflix (andrew garfield my beloved 💕)
currently consuming: nothing, it is well after mealtime where i’m at lmao but i might make tea (milk+honey a crucial ingredient)
currently craving: brownies and deep-dish cookies from a little bakery in my city!
i’m tagging @rainbow--rumpus--partytown @milfjaster @fudgemutt @golden-wreath @the-aro-ace-arrow-ace @thewhiteviolesbian @dykefive @fivevanyaklaus and @feralnumberfive and anyone else who wants to do it!! no pressure though, only if you want 🤗
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ogaferoga · 9 months ago
a 2020 note
2020, right??
I lost my job after a thousand months of furlough, moved out of my flat, moved back into my flat, got a new job, and rejoined tumblr in September. At the time I thought oh no, what am I doing?? HOWEVER I am SO glad I did because the truly amazing people on here have made the past few months so much more bearable. so here’s a note with as much sentimentality as my cold empty heart will allow as we near the end of this terrible year:
to my followers: i dont know what you are doing here but i love you all marta, i love seeing your tags and replies and comments, yall are weird and great and i say this with the intensity and sincerity of robin williams in good will hunting: i appreciate u and hope your 2021s are capital g Good
to my gif-making/artisting/meta contenting/meme generating/text post creating mutuals: you are all SO talented, so inspiring, and overall just lovely people, and whether we speak regularly or just like each other’s posts or just side eye each other’s content thru our dashes and think god not them again, i love u all! shouts out to a few of you who, whether you intended to or not, amused and/or inspired me significantly in the year of 2020: lizzie ( @number5theboy ), artemis ( @fivevanyaklaus), myra (@andyoudoctor), ren (@timelessthirteenthdoctor), @i-seeaspaceshipinthe-sky, @evakant, @klaus-is-the-real-number-1, @albossharuland, @cowboyklaus . i send u all the magical internet wish of a wonderful 2021 <3
to the tua fandom: from the feral five gang to the s3 abba contingent to the swede stans thank you for your existence, i may not understand you but i am glad you’re here saying wild shit to remind me that no matter how hard i try, i will never understand the internet. may tua season 3 arrive in a timely manner and give each and every one of us our very specific s3 wishes
Happy 2021 to all!!!!!
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