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#fizz: so there’s that
tonystarkstan · 2 years ago
I understand the argument that Tony having Morgan right after the Snap seems out of character... except I never once thought that Tony and Pepper were like, “So, half the universe is gone and I just lost the kid who was basically a son to me... better get started on a replacement.” I’ve always assumed that Pepper was either already pregnant when they had that conversation in IW but didn’t know it, or Morgan was an accident baby (for lack of a better term) who was conceived, but not necessarily intended, right after the Snap.
That seems a lot more in-character to me. I bet a lot of mixed feelings came with finding out Pepper was pregnant. I bet there was a clash of joy and devastation and “this can’t happen” mixed with “this has to happen.” I’m sure it was an extremely conflicting time for Tony especially.
And then Morgan came and she was what helped Tony pull himself out of that pit of grief and despair, whether he wanted to or not. Because he had to step up and take care of his daughter, even in the face of his grief.
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trolltail · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
finally home and ready for my days offfffffffff
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80sanime · 6 months ago
I’m almost done reading The Tale of Genji (very slowly... I started it last March) which makes me reflect on how the 80s anime film, while gorgeous, saps all the fun out of the source material. Seriously, it’s legit hilarious on top of being ephemerally beautiful and all that. I’ve never laughed as hard at a book as I have at certain points in Genji.
It reminded me of the 80s anime adaption of Night on the Galactic Railroad which was also significantly more cold and abstract than the original story. Turns out they share a director, so there you go.
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muffin-n-waffle · 4 months ago
I really think Fruits Baskets fans might like Horimiya. There’s no animal shape shifting to be had, or even super abusive/dramatic family elements, but it’s just a story about a large group of kids in high school which follows their relationships, whether they just be friends or love interests, and their own insecurities. I’d probably label it as a slice of life romcom, and it’s definitely helped tide me over until the final Fruits Basket season gets here!
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realsophietexas · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
bro what do u want from me, numbers
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alwynswifts · 3 years ago
Just a friendly reminder that Joe left hand prints on Taylor’s soul!!
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jordeclan · 8 months ago
i would just never fall in love with a man who wore boat shoes. rip to blue sargent but i’m different
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neven-ebrez · 3 years ago
If anyone cares I’m now fairly certain Gabriel is our Gabriel.
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creephunter · 8 days ago
It’s only a few days until the movie airs but me and my friend were watching 3 Below the other day and realized a few things about the Tarrons.
So we all know that Fialkov and Coranda aren’t the best parents, and they had in mind exactly what they wanted Aja and Krel to become when they were older, but we realized it might not have been to rule Akiridion-5 together.
In the big sleep (s2ep10) Morando watches the memory of coronation day, in which Fialkov and Coranda are talking about Krel, but not about him becoming King or even Aja becoming Queen, it’s about Krel and Gaylens core.
Tumblr media
[Photo ID: captions of the King saying: Are you sure that Krel is ready for all of this? end photo ID]
I didn’t want to take the time to get a screenshot off my computer so it’s just captions, but when Fialkov is talking about Krel being to young, for what we think is him being the King-in-waiting, Coranda mentions this about Gaylens core.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Photo ID: captions of the queen saying: and that is why, until he is ready, Gaylen’s core rests in the hands of its guardian. End photo ID]
The guardian is the Trollhunter on Earth, first given to Kanjigar and Vendel now protected by Jim, but their talking about Krel’s future and only mentioning Gaylens core, nothing about him being King.
This would also explain why they told the story of Gaylen’s core to them so often, and the reason for Fialkov always telling Krel to focus on his lessons and not mechanics or inventing. Because that was Gaylen’s downfall, the power that he used to create Akiridion-5 from stars was also destructive and corrupted him. I don’t know how to word that one properly.
Anyway Gaylen is a identified as a titan and the movie is referred to rise of the titans and now I have a slight fear for Krel.
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casual-mythologist · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
I love this picrew! There are so many options I could spend all day messing around with it!
@gender-snatched @bitribbles @herenya-writes @t-hoe-s-main @thebestdisappointment @scaredandbored @gum-believable @shoshenek and literally anybody should try it! Also if I tagged you specifically no pressure, you simply came to mind!
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useless-englandfacts · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
it has transpired that our PM doesn’t know how to curtsy
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ketzwrites · 3 years ago
Unpopular opinion; I don’t Magnus’ touch on a Seraph Blade to make the runes glow red. I want his touch to break the runes because he’s heritage is so powerful, angelic runes can’t withstand it.
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qedart · 4 months ago
I'm thinking of doing a short series of Dinluke (+ the whole found family) snapshot from Grogu's Insta/Hologram account.
I just can't decide whether it should be in-universe or based in my Modern AU.
Choices. Choices.
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