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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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more doodles


Not gonna lie, I love Rottweiler and I love drawing him. I don’t know why this is what I doodle because I did this at 11 pm


Hot take y'all: Flamingo looks adorable with a 50s dress.


Here’s Night Angel and She is in Vaggie’s outfit for no reason. I absolutely love these doodles.

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A few friends and I headed around town for the evening. I didn’t know The Flamingo Casino has a wildlife habitat where they feed their own Flamingos. (Flamingos in the desert, weird.) It’s a cool little spot. I kind of feel bad for them being in such a small area though. Most of the times I’ve seen them has been in Florida, in these big open areas. I didn’t look around too much but the wildlife habitat here is surrounded by buildings. Not much I can do right now I suppose. Anyway, I have never had the chance to find or capture a wood duck shot until I came to this habitat. I wish I could say I got some good shots of the flamingos but they all seemed to be sleeping. I was happy enough to walk away with these at least. This is a male wood duck standing next to a female. I love the colors of them. Dark, yet colorful. Also, here’s some sleeping flamingos. September 2020

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A day at the zoo 🦍🦒🦜😊😎🤗
@sunset_pic_collection (hier: Zoo und Aquazoo Schmiding)

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