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#flash family
  • Diana is the only JL member who can keep the batkids in line
  • Barry was supposed to babysit alone, but Bart and Wally tagged along and that’s how they wound up ordering $600 worth of pizza
  • Zatanna keeps them entertained with magic tricks
  • Hal threatens to construct a giant cage around to Manor to keep them from sneaking out
  • Oliver tries to cook them chili, but Dinah stops him
  • Arthur cries when he finds Alfred’s recipe for calamari
  • In the beginning, J’onn tells the kids if they don’t behave, he’ll send them to Mars. That backfired and everyone started behaving as badly as possible because they want to go to Mars
  • Plastic Man plays hide-and-seek with them
  • Clark brings his kids along and it goes great until he finds Kon dangling Tim from a hundred feet over a tiny trampoline with Damian and Jon cheering from below
  • In hindsight, leaving Billy to babysit wasn’t a great idea…
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Thad: *curled up in Wally’s side* I hate school.

Wally, putting down the control once on the news: bad day huh? You want to talk about it?

Thad: no, I don’t want to right now.

Wally: ah, where’s the others?

Thad: Jenni, Bart, Wally ii, and Avery are going to the bully’s house with Slade pickings up the twins, barry said he’s going to stop them… but then Iris stop him and told me to come over here.

Wally: god we are influence by the bats and arrows, okay what do you want for dinner?

Thad: can we have pizza?

Wally: we sure can.

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Bart’s sleepover.

Tim: ah Wally’s apartment, I haven’t been here for a while!

Kon: smells like he’s cooking too!

Cassie: *knocked on the door* yeah, but why are we here instead of Barry’s home?

Tim: Iris is sick and Wally just being Wally took everyone so they didn’t have to worry about getting anyone else sick or them needing them.

Cassie: aw that’s sweet yet creepy you know this.

Tim: Gotham gets boring. *Shrugs*

The door opens.

Bart: you guys made it! Come on, come on, come on! *Goes behind kon slow ass and pushing him*

Kon: my legs… they’ve stopped… working

Bart: you’re so mean!

Once inside Bart showed them his room that had Jaime in, then went to help Wally with the Thad get his hand unstuck from the jelly jar

Jaime: Tim. Kon.

Tim and Kon: Jaime.

Cassie: okay that’s for the sexual tensions now why can’t we go to that one room?

Tim: that’s Dick’s room.

Cassie: but wouldn’t he share a room with Wally?

Tim: no that’s his ‘im not in the mood for help but don’t want to be alone’ room. Only one can go in is Wally.

Cassie:… I see.

Jaime: I see that face, don’t ask Bart to go in there.

Cassie: but I’m curious!

Bart, coming in: curious about what?

Cassie: Dick’s room! Have you been in there?

Bart: I haven't… LET’S GO!

Cassie: yes!

Jaime, Tim, and Kon: no!

Kon could not use his power (at the moment I forgotten the way it’s spelled or even it’s shorten name-) in time to stop Bart and everyone explore the room, it wasn’t as interesting as they hoped except they know Dick has a diary but they didn’t touch it even though it killed Tim not to know more information. After that everyone went back to Bart’s room, they had fun… jaime and the other two boys were left to sleep near Bart but Cassie swooped in to cuddle with them making the others hella jealous.

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Lois Interviews…

The Flashfamily

Lois: So, you have a ‘Flash Museum’, why?

Flash (Jay): That’s a funny story, so the rogues were-

Flash (Barry): No, it was the Reverse-Flash-

Flash (Wally): Actually it was just after the crisis on infinite earths-

Impulse (Bart): Well it existed pre-flashpoint but-

Impulse (Irey): It didn’t after but it came back-

Kid Flash (Jai): Which makes our already confusing lives more confusing.

Kid Flash (Wallace): You’re telling me.

Flash (Barry): What I think we’re saying is, the people of Central City have shown so much support for us across who knows how many worlds.

Impulse (Bart): About 8 or 9 worlds actually, not counting other timelines.

Flash (Jay): I mean back when I first became the Flash-

Jimmy Olsen: Uh, Lois we have to go or we’ll be late for the next interview.

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Ok, ok

Wally sacrifices himself (again) and is stuck in the speedforce (again) but not to worry! He’s immediately found by his lightning rods, his family!


Thank goodness for Bart! That lil rascal saw the beginnings of another crisis and said ‘Not again, DC!’ He pulled his family into the speedforce where they’d be safe from the crisis and the inevitable reboot!


Bart was like… “Potentially lose Max and the rest of the Flash Fam in a reboot?!? I think the fuck not, try and get us in here DC!”

(also Kid Flash has the same idea, wait out the crisis in the speedforce…. Smart kids)


Now unfortunately Jay Barry and Wally have to go be heroes….. Dang it

I’m hoping the old 'a flash must die in every crisis’ rule gets broken this time

Don’t kill them dc



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(spoilers for the newest Flash issue)

We have Jay telling the Flash Kids not to time travel (iconic) (looking at you Bart)


Then we have the girls interacting (!!!!!!)

And Pied Piper is getting married to the Captain!!!


And then!!!

Henry and Max grilling together…. You go you funky dads


Finally, Iris says what’s on all of our minds


Go get him Barry! You bring our boi back!

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