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1. Maybe I’m just crazy.

2. Is that my shirt?

3. I’m not wearing that.

4. Sorry, were you sleeping?

5. You look really tired.

6. Stay safe. I love you.

7. It could always be worse.

8. Relax. Listen to my heart.

9. There’s no place like home.

10. You seem so scared. Why?

11. Nothing is wrong with you.

12. You become what you believe.

13. Never forget about your passion.

14. Actions speak louder than words.

15. Memories are sweet. Cherish them.

16. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

17. Are you flirting with me?

18. If there’s one thing the world needs more of…

19. I’ve got one word for you: sing-along!

20. Where did that clown come from?!

Send a ship and a prompt number, and I’ll write about it. If you don’t ask anonymously, I’ll credit the ask with your Tumblr name at the beginning of the writing. This post is all I got for now, but more will be on the way.

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Ultra Ball was a card that debuted back in the Dark Explorers set and quickly became one of those that was reprinted every once in a while so it would be available in the game. It was an Item that made you discard 2 cards from your hand, but you then got to search your deck for a Pokemon and put it into your hand. 2 cards was a bit steep, sure. Getting a Pokemon with no restrictions was worth it. Bonus points for decks that could make use of cards in the discard pile, such as M Manectric EX and Night March. Almost every deck used a few copies of this since getting the right Pokemon out was a necessity in almost every game.

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Trick Shovel was an Item card that let you look at the top card of either player’s deck and either discard it or return it to the top. Its most notable use was for disruption, as it was a quick way to make it less likely that your opponent could draw something important if you had already forced them into a small hand. It did have some synergy with N and Judge due to this, and it was seen occasionally, though not in large quantities, every once in a while. Trick Shovel didn’t always do much, as it could find a card that wasn’t worth doing much with or you could discard a card and run into something you’d rather not have drawn instead, meaning that it was a bit of a gamble. It was a nice 60th card in decks running disruption, at least.

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Startling Megaphone was made as a clear answer to a trend in the game. It was an Item that had you discard all Pokemon Tool cards attached to each of your opponent’s Pokemon. Getting rid of things like Float Stone, Muscle Band, Fighting Fury Belt, or even a G Booster could be huge, especially since it hit a bunch at once. It was generally an upgrade to Tool Scrapper, which rotated out soon after the release of this card anyway. It wasn’t in every deck, as there were space considerations and sometimes you’d want to use that space on an Item that helped you set up or maybe even some of your own Tools, but it was still rather common. Startling Megaphone could change a game if someone was relying too heavily on the typical Tools.

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if ur still taking them... 28 pyroscout 🥺

pyro tf2 said trans rights and scout tf2 said disaster bi rights and the team said queer rights and that’s what’s up, sis. (warning for discussion of past transphobia and other queer issues)

#28: First kiss.

It wasn’t that Scout was all that surprised to have Pyro end up as basically his best friend. He’d secretly been hoping that he’d get to be friends with a few of his coworkers when he’d taken the job, and Pyro was pretty close to him in age and shared a few of the same interests as him so it wasn’t unreasonable to expect to get along. It was just…

Maybe it would be more accurate to say that it was a little bit of an honor.

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3. Beatriz (Fire) is very passionate about kisses and loves to give and receive them. Wally isn’t great at first but she gives him a chance to get better.

They also made it a goal to kiss at every major Landmark in the world.

4. Wally calls Bea “Hot Stuff” and his spitfire. Bea calls him her lightning in a bottle and “Querido” (Dear)

6. Wally uses his speed to rush over to Fire’s place often. They like to cuddle Inn the couch and watch old movies. She lays in his lap and sometimes falls asleep like that.

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Something was up. Romantic dinners were something they never did. They couldn’t go out anywhere for dinner dates because Pyro couldn’t take his mask off in public and neither of them could cook anything more complex than mac-n-cheese. So the fact that Scout had cleaned his room to set up a fancy (fake) candle-lit dinner, undoubtedly getting help from either Heavy or Spy with the food, was pretty suspect. Pyro was excited for whatever it was.

The dinner was good, Scout had definitely not made it by himself. They talked throughout it; Scout fidgeting with nervousness, Pyro doing the same except with excitement for whatever this might be leading to. The anticipation was enjoyable in way but also a bit maddening. But finally, at long last once they were done eating…

“So, uh… you’ve probably figured out by now that something’s up,” Scout said. “You might’ve even guessed what I’m doing, it’s… kind of obvious.” Not to Pyro, but interrupting to correct him would only make the reveal take longer. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while and uh… finally decided to do it. So, um…”

He shifted to kneel besides Pyro’s chair on one knee as he pulled something out of his pocket. Wait! Was he about to… “Will you marry me?” He was!

“Yes!” Pyro said, nodding before even looking at the ring Scout was holding towards him. Maybe he should’ve been expecting this, especially with how much he wanted it. “Thank you!” He accepted the ring. It was gold and fancy and expensive looking… and it had a fire pattern engraved on it! He placed it on the table for now so he could tackle Scout with a hug, sending them both to the floor but who cared? “I love you!”

Scout chuckled. “I love you too.” He kissed him.

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