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Made an even more simplified Commodore 64 graphic. The OG 70’s version. 

I’ve been really enjoying exploring different vector style in Adobe Illustrator. It really allows me to deconstruct ideas, and find challenging ways to simplify them. Problem solving at its finest. 

Now onto more vectors!

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Remnants of Me

It is my hope

That in every corner

Of that flat,

There are remnants of me.

That the left over clumps

Of mascara,

Still stains your pillow.

That your shower drain

Is still clogged

With my long brown hair.

Lip stick stained mugs

Still lie on your kitchen counter

And my poems still occupy

The fridge door.

There is my blood

On your hands,

And my skin

Under your nails.

My heart

It lies beneath the floorboards,

And it will beat

Louder – louder – louder!

This Tell Tale Heart

Will not be silenced.

This flat is a crime scene,

And everyone will know

What you’ve done.

I am a fucking poltergeist.

And it is my hope,

That in every corner

Of that flat,

There are remnants of me.

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