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lunasariel · 3 days ago
I should warn you that while I personally enjoyed the show, if you’re only watching for the cute heartrender couple they are very much background characters. Delightful! But not a ton of screen time.
Ahhhhh good to know, thank you! :D
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qqueenofhades · 10 days ago
17 for helnik?? <3
fleurdufeu asked: 63 for helnik?
Anonymous asked: Uhm so if you still accept prompt requests (damn these time differences, my sorry european ass didnt see the prompt post till now), could you do #43 for helnik pls: “You have no idea how much I want you right now.” 💙
17. “I can’t sleep, can I stay here?”
43. “You have no idea how much I want you right now.”
63. “I am home.”
The distant whine of Spitfires and Lancaster bombers in the sky, heading across the Channel as they do every night to tangle with the Luftwaffe, has become akin to a soothing lullaby. How else would they sleep, Nina thinks, except to this strange howl that is almost comforting, the promise that they have a better-than-even chance of not dying in their beds tonight. Not when it's October 1943, and the world has been coming apart at the seams for almost four years.
That is not to say that she isn't unbelievably lucky to be here. She is. She knows full well the horror that is unfolding back home in Leningrad right now, at least when news manages to make it out from behind the siege lines. She is stationed in London as a member of Soviet intelligence, and since the British and the Russians are, of course, allies, she has been welcomed in particularly by the deputy head of MI6's Section Five, Harold Russell "Kim" Philby. Nina is responsible for running a covert network of informants across Europe, trying to keep Westminster apprised on how the Soviets are holding out on the Eastern Front, and other such responsibilities. It's good for a tiny apartment in the Blitz-battered East End, a more-or-less guarantee that she will get to eat once a day, and an utterly obnoxious tall blond Norwegian roommate. Matthias Helvar.
Matthias is, of course, also a spy, and the two of them didn't break protocol and tell each other their real names until after they had already been stationed here for almost eighteen months. His country is presently occupied by the Nazis and run by a man whose name will become synonymous with "craven collaborationist": Vidkun Quisling. Matthias himself runs a ring of Scandinavian informants and tries to recruit sympathizers inside Norway to join the anti-Nazi resistance. Since it would be improper and attention-grabbing for a young couple, especially a young foreign couple, to live here together otherwise, he and Nina are posing as husband and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Trassel.
The furniture on the table rocks as a particularly heavy Lancaster rumbles overhead. Nina twiddles the dial on the radio and tries to concentrate on copying down the transmission on her one-time pad. It will make its way via a byzantine network of sympathizers to the Soviet high command in Moscow -- some things that the British know Nina knows, and some things they don't. That is how this works.
Another boom out there in the darkness. She grimaces, struggling to still her shaking hand, lights a candle since the power is at best unreliable, and finishes her work. Then she gets up, hides everything away, and goes upstairs. Climbs onto her narrow bed, pulls up the scanty covers, and tries to sleep. She can't.
After almost two hours of tossing and turning, Nina gives up. Climbs out of bed, crosses the creaky hallway, and knocks. Quietly, though she doesn't think he's asleep either, she whispers, "Can I come in?"
A pause. Then. "Yes. Of course."
Nina bites her lip and enters Matthias's equally small garret of a room. He's sitting up on his bed, trying to read a cheap paperback book, but he puts it aside at the sight of her. "Is everything all right?"
"I can't sleep," Nina says. "Can I stay here?"
Matthias blinks owlishly. No matter how good they have gotten at playing an ordinary married couple to their neighbors' eyes, they've been careful -- perhaps a little too careful -- at maintaining private boundaries. Not that anyone would be surprised if they didn't. They're young and otherwise unattached, it's war and everyone is clinging onto whoever they can find, and it's not like Nina isn't interested. Truly, Matthias has no idea (or maybe he does, and is pretending otherwise) how much she wants him right now. Just to hold her, if nothing else. To keep her close in the dark, and tell her that this will end.
He moves aside, and she squirms into his bed. He's large enough that there's not really room in it for him, much less her, but he gallantly does not protest when she edges onto his lap. He wraps his arms around her and rests his chin on her hair, and Nina lets loose a shuddering sigh, tracing her fingers on his broad chest. His breath catches, and he gulps. She looks up, and their eyes meet.
Slowly, ever so slowly, as if he is holding something fragile and perfect and lovely in his hands, as if he can't believe it's there and has to take care not to frighten it, Matthias says, "Nina...?"
"Shh," she whispers. "Shh. Just kiss me."
For once, for bloody once, he does as told without arguing. He bends his head, as she fists her hands in his rough blond hair and pulls his mouth to hers. They kiss and kiss in almost-silence, in their lonely attic kingdom in the middle of a broken world and shivering city, on a long dark night that seems, in more ways than one, as if it will never end. And yet, be all that as it may, much as her heart still lies in Russia and always will, Nina Zenik is not unhappy.
Don't you want to go home? he asked her, the other day. She knew the answer, but did not say it. Yet now, she does, and it is not London that she means. Not a place, but a person.
I am home.
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qqueenofhades · 11 days ago
40 for darklina?
40. “I wasn’t lying when I said that I loved you.”
Alina doesn't want to look over at the other half of the bed, since she knows full well what she will see when she does. Instead she lies on her back, staring up at the starless sky of the black velvet curtains, fighting a feeling of intense pleasure and intense -- not disgust, not exactly. More like exasperation. It's been a month of this, she knows that it has to stop, and yet it feels like nothing she's ever known when she's with him, when he's with her, in her, their powers mingled and their communion thrumming through the antler still embedded in her body. But she owns him as much as he owns her. That's always been the case, and if she crooked her finger right now, he would come. It's an undeniable power, and Alina Starkov is a little drunk on it.
She turns her head a fraction and looks at him, the long elegant lines of his body, his naked torso pale and vulnerable-looking in the shadows. He's breathing hard, wracked and wrecked, as she can feel the echoes of their lovemaking thrumming down the ineffable bond that yokes them together, sometimes against their will and sometimes as if it can never be close enough. She can never quite decide.
"Aleksander." Her voice is soft in the dimness. Too soft, given that she's meant to be kicking him out. "We have to stop doing this."
He rolls over and looks at her with those dark, liquid, ancient eyes, his hair still tousled from where she ran her fingers through it and yanked his head down to hers to kiss her harder. Well, that expressive face seems to say, she's certainly mixing her messages. At last he says only, obliquely, "Do we?"
"Yes." Alina sits up, drawing the covers over her breasts, even though it's not as if he hasn't seen them. "It's... too complicated. For Ravka. For the Grisha. For.... us."
She lists the reasons that might actually move him, the causes he might still care about, in whatever is left of that old, dark, broken heart. He doesn't move, as she can see the air arranging itself in small coruscations around him. Then he nods once. "Fine. If you say so."
As he's getting up, Alina is already aware that she doesn't want him to go, wants to call him back to bed and ask him to stay the night, stay forever. But they're still enemies, at least officially, and she can't give into it. She watches him dress. He will not need to leave by the door, will simply evanesce the way he always does. But before he does, he turns to her and says, "Alina."
She tries not to shudder at the sound of her name in his mouth, the way nobody but him speaks it. "What?"
His eyes transfix her. She might be the only light in the world, in all of eternity. "I wasn't lying when I said that I loved you."
And with that, before she can answer -- before she can possibly think how -- as ever, he is gone.
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hemipta · 11 days ago
Cassian is just in one movie, Rogue One which I love but be forewarned it has a sad ending
oh thank you for the heads up! i appreciate that ^_^ im usually late to seeing movies but maybe i'll check it out this weekend
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qqueenofhades · a month ago
Top five ships?
1. Flynn/Lucy (Timeless)
2. Jaime/Brienne (GoT)
3. Flint/Miranda (Black Sails)
4. Frank/Karen (MCU)
5. Joe/Nicky (TOG)
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marv-llous · a month ago
Ok ask meme! D, G, Z?
Tumblr media
@fleurdufeu and anon thank u!!!! i love u guys <33. im just gonna do this for got bc i’ve done this before with other fandoms
A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s): braime, gendrya, sanrion, sansaery, jorleesi, and actually most ships ft jaime or sansa lol
B - A pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind: probably sansan bc i never thought of sansan as romantic in the show but i can see it when i read it. also jaime/cat because when i went back and watched that dungeon scene again there was so much sexual tension there and it’s like whoa where did that come from lmao
C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will (be nice): i think hating the tw*nc*st is a given, especially considering i am a twin myself and i am about to be the same age cersei was when she married robert.
D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t (again: be nice): idk uhh im not really that huge a fan of jonsa? i prefer jonerys and some ppl will probably hate me for that but i just like jon and sansa better platonically. but im fine with reading it and stuff its just not my first choice. otherwise
G - Do you remember your first OTP, if so who was in it: in the show my first one was probably gendrya or tyrion and bronn bc they had a nice thing going LMAO
L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves (chars you’re neutral on are fair game, as are chars you dislike): for chars i dislike, i absolutely adore the way cersei was written. i hate the things she does but i LOVE who she is. shes a bad bitch who doesnt give a fuck about any of you. she is The Bitch. love that for her
M - Say something genuinely nice about a ship that you don’t ship (or its shippers, or anything related to you): jonsa might not be my first choice but i can see why it would be for others! their reunion was really heartwarming and when they forgave each other for all the stupid things they did in youth it was really sweet and i was like aww guys now kiss <3, and i was as angry as sansa when jon went and bent the knee to daenerys dont get me wrong
O - Choose a song at random, which ship or character does it remind you of: mirror by bruno mars was the last song i listened to bc its an epic song really does remind me of jaime a lot, all his insecurities and the other things he hides to be strong, stuff like that
Q - A ship you’ve abandoned and why: hmmm none yet really
R - A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships: bronn/jaime was absolutely canon at one point. bronn spent more time in jaime’s ass during the dorne plot than cersei spent in his ass for an entire lifetime, you can’t change my mind.
U - 5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms: um im only doing one fandom so ill just do five faves! jaime, tyrion, brienne, dany, and margaery!
V - 3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms: im only doing one fandom so i dont think this works...ill just do some of my side ships for got as well! theonsa, jonerys, and jaimsa!
W - 5 favorite ships and 5 kinks you like best for said ships: ill just do five kinks for braime bc i havent really read much smut for my other ships. anyway praise kink pegging hair pulling bondage and consent kink because theyre filthy good
X - top 5-10 characters who are yoUR PRECIOUS BABIES AND YOU WILL DIE DEFENDING THEM: oops i just did this hAHaH well ill do it again bc now it says 5-10, whoops loophole! jaime, tyrion, dany, brienne, sansa, cat, arya, margaery, olenna, sandor hehe
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essenceofarda · 4 months ago
Sketch suggestion! Faramir and Éowyn happy in Ithilien
Tumblr media
while doodling this I could only think of this:
Tumblr media
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firstdove15 · 6 months ago
hello! for the shipping ask, 1 and 4, and then 36 for the ship of your choice :)
Hey hey! ❤️💕
1) List 3 shipping tropes you love
I have plenty I love too 😂 Let's seeee...
- Love epiphanies. Whether it's dramatic or lowkey, I love watching someone realize they're in love. It's fun. XD
- Amicable Exes. It's just refreshing. More people still being friends with people they break up with. Just because it didn't work out doesn't mean it has to be hostile.
- Interracial couples. I grew up with a lot of interracial couples in the family, so I always get excited when I see (well-written) interracial relationships in media.
2) One physical aspect of a ship that always gets you
Height difference! I'm absolutely weak for height difference!
36) Describe one example of comforting after a bad day
Hmmmm. I would imagine if Akane had a bad day and it wasn't anyone's fault or anything (e.g. just bad luck), Ranma would spar with her to get her mind off the problem. And if it is because of someone, he'd just do what he does in canon: face them head on for her honor. 👏🏾
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marv-llous · 7 months ago
I think you’d like Buffy if you wanted to give it a try. It’s definitely dated, but a lot of fun. Also Anthony Steward Head’s character is a very tired British man charged with protecting and guiding our magical superhero girl protagonist and is also the high school librarian as his day job. (And lol everything about Buffy would give Uther hives)
oh my god this sounds so good....THANK YOU FOR THE REC @fleurdufeu i never thought i’d be saying this but i might be thinking of watching it. i have friends at school who watch it and i’ve seen some gifs. honestly tho i’d watch just for anthony stewart head he’s a precious man and i love him <3
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margridarnauds · 8 months ago
2 and 12 for the shipping meme?
2. List 3 shipping tropes you don’t love
1. Any Two Guys, specifically in cases where it ends up dominating fandom. “Why didn’t the creators do this?” I don’t know, maybe it has to do with you clinging onto the two of them standing side by side, giving the two of them characterization that they never had, and then getting upset at the source material for not matching up. (Bonus in cases where it’s boosted over M/F options, calling them “straight” even if the shippers are in fact bisexual, or when it involves actively getting rid of female characters because they “aren’t interesting.” I don’t want to say the Les Mis fandom. But the Les Mis fandom.) 
2. Related but oh-so-subtly different from it: The softification of couples who, in canon, are assholes, or, as I prefer to call it: The Song of Achilles Effect. Traditionally though not exclusively associated with M/M, it also has a F/F equivalent in terms of F/F ships being watered down and purified to the point of unrecognizability. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand the desire to not have to deal with the less-wholesome parts of your OTP (I ship couples who have, canonically, tried to kill one another, have SUCCEEDED in killing one another’s families, and have, on occasion, tortured one another. I GET IT, sometimes you don’t want to deal with the full ramifications of your faves being themselves), but I still want some trace of THEM to exist, otherwise, you might as well just have Any Two Guys. I don’t CARE how Pure™ and Soft™ they are, give me some reason to be INVESTED in them. And, as above, bonus for cases where it actively turns the two characters into unrecognizable versions of themselves while ALSO shitting on M/F options and/or characters of the opposite sex in general. (I am equal-opportunity in my ability to rip fandom for its general biphobia. Equal. Opportunity.)
3. Soulmate AUs that roll off of the expectation that “Okay, you’re soulmates, now you’re TOGETHER.” Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Soulmate AUs. Love them. But I’ve seen cases where people being hesitant about throwing themselves into a relationship immediately are vilified a little because How DARE you not go for True Love, when, really, they barely know this person. My overall take on a soulmate is.......kind of like “Someone who you really, really vibe with and who is going to be SOMETHING to you, simply because of that level of vibing, but that doesn’t automatically equal a loving, committed romantic relationship.” 99/100 times, that’s exactly what I’m going to write it as, but I do want it to very much be the characters’ CHOICE to enter into a romantic relationship as opposed to “DESTINY”. 
12. List 3 ships you currently love
1. Margrid Arnaud/Philippe Égalité (Marie Antoinette) 
2. Ronan Mazurier/Lazare de Peyrol (1789) 
3. Bres mac Elathan/Sreng mac Sengann (Cath Maige Tuired Conga) 
Bonus: Haytham Kenway/Shay Patrick Cormac (Assassin’s Creed), goddammit. 
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bobcatmoran · 9 months ago
I am having so much trouble listening g to this omg. Also the guy who’s like “Trump is like the Wisconsin Badgers they’re smart and tough” is the most em art thing I’ve ever heard someone from my state say
I’m grateful that I’m watching this on PBS, which regularly cuts away for long periods of time to have rational people discuss what’s being said. I don’t think I could take this undiluted.
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alwayskaysanova · 9 months ago
Psst. Regarding your tags on that Aldhelm x Aethelflaed post. The Last Kingdom is good, I recommend it.
it’s definitely on my to watch list, quite a few people have recommended it to me and from trailers i’ve seen it’s definitely my type of show
i just need to finish my supernatural rewatch in time for the finale first haha
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daniwouldnever · 10 months ago
Ok Immortal Wives prompt: something set when they’re both dreaming of each other but haven’t found each other yet, you know with Yearning.
This post was sponsored by Y E A R N I N G
Back then, the world as they knew it was considerably smaller. Still, most people didn’t get to live long enough to see even a fraction of it. Andromache, older than all the people she ever loved put together, had travelled through most of it. However, since the dreams started, her whole world, and her conception and perception of it had been drastically transformed. 
She started by believing the dreams were a random occurrence. They were a desperate creation of her lonesome subconscious, a friend that wouldn’t leave her. Next, she started to believe these were visions of a goddess. It made sense, the woman was of extraordinary beauty. But there were no messages, no lessons, challenges or ways to communicate with this goddess. It was partly her last hope and latest option, but mostly it was wishful thinking when Andy started believing this woman was real. 
That’s when her search began, when the world felt suddenly bigger and stranger than ever before. Regardless of all her knowledge of the world, Andy could never tell where exactly this magical being was. Whenever she reached a familiar place, the dreams showed her elsewhere.
At this point, Andy wasn’t sure which nights the dreams would be just that, or if they would turn into nightmares. Because more times than she could count she had seen the other woman die, had felt her die. Andy knew she’d never get used to waking up startled after a knife pierced through a throat that wasn’t her own but felt like it.
Sometimes though, the dreams would be peaceful, and that could be just as bad, if not worse. Because even asleep, Andy could feel herself reach out, could feel the deep want in her to just touch this woman, to connect, to be seen by her. Just as she’d start to feel the dreams drift away and her consciousness take over, she’d used whatever effort she could to just slip back in, to go back to her, to the woman of her dreams. She desperately wanted to stay with her, to sleep forever if it meant she wouldn’t be alone.
Waking up was the worst part. Waking up alone, waking up reaching for her. Waking up calling for her, for Quynh, a name she didn’t know how she learned but that now it felt as true as her own. Some days, Andy would wake up with a scream tearing through her throat, a sob breaking up her heart. She’s known loneliness, she’s been alone most of her life, but she’s never felt as alone as she did then, knowing that there was another option. She had never wanted anything as she’s wanted this woman. 
Her days were spent traveling until her body couldn’t take it anymore, and sleeping as much as possible, forever searching for the woman, for the dreams of her, her company, her deathless presence, the smile that felt bigger than this world, as if it was calling for her and only for her.
When the dreams and Andy’s surrounding started to catch up with one another, when she finally caught the first sight of a lonely silhouette stumbling through the desert, Andy’s heart skip a beat, and then another, her legs threatened to give out. It seemed like finally, finally, her greatest wish, her most desperate need, the one dream that has give meaning to her existence for so long, it was finally turning into a reality, into the most beautiful woman she’d finally have the pleasure and privilege to hold, hopefully for eternity.
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bedlamsbard · 11 months ago
U and O for the star wars ask meme?
U. Favorite Planet?
Ryloth. I definitely wouldn’t want to actually live there, but...well...Twi’leks.
O.  Favorite Droid?
Chopper. I am but a predictable Rebels fangirl. Also, he’s relatable.
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dreaming-skeleton · 12 months ago
I do recommend you do the last two episodes of season 1 of Rebels. They’re A Lot.
thanks for letting me know!!
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cosmonauthill · a year ago
Oh my GOD you get so many bullshirt anons
lol tbh! i’m p used to it by now so mostly I post them for amusement and entertainment purposes :D
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cosmonauthill · a year ago
Any new clone wars commentary you want to share? I’m really enjoying your takes even when I don’t agree 100%. I dunno, I just love liveblogs.
Well, I’m about to start typing up my notes bc I can’t write any more this evening and I’m sure I’ll find a number of ridiculous things when I review!
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cosmonauthill · a year ago
Oh so you got to the one where pirates capture DOOKU, Obi-Wan, and Anakin! Whats’s your opinion on Hondo?
I’m always down for pirates!
Shame the show is so fucking racist tho, isn’t it?
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marzipanandminutiae · a year ago
What’s your very favorite era of clothing? How about jewelry? I think mine are Western Europe High Medieval and the Hellenic Mediterranean/Middle East respectively.
For clothing, the early 1870s. For jewelry...honestly, probably also the early 1870s. Possibly the 1860s and 1690s as well. Your girl loves a good Stuart crystal.
Yours sound interesting, too!
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marv-llous · a month ago
Also notp and favorite season for TLK and GOT?
@fleurdufeu i dont deserve you <3
tlk: fav season is season 3 probs bc they managed to cram a lot of storyline in there and condense it without it taking anything away from the final product, there was so much that happened! notp is finan/uhtred bc i just dont like it, also uhtred/aethelflaed is Not What They Wanted It To Be
got: fav season hmm...probably season 3, 4, or 6. it’s hard to decide. they all have some excellent storylines so i really can’t complain. as for my notp jaime/cersei is just The Worst :/
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